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What we don’t know about American history hurts us all. Teaching Hard History begins with the long legacy of slavery and reaches through Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement into the present day. Brought to you by Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) and hosted by Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries and Dr. Bethany Jay, Teaching Hard History brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of scholars and educators. It’s great advice for teachers and good information for everybody.

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  • BlakeKahan
    So much value here
    Thank you Dr Jeffries, and all of your co-presenters, for such a valuable resource! Our homeschooling family is in your debt. I was finally moved to write a review while listening to your renditions of classic TV themes from the 70s-80s—ah-mazing 😄Thanks for keeping it smart, real and entertaining. Love what you’ve created here!
  • annabelleOMG
    Wonderful information and “truth telling” in history. Much needed!
  • GlennWatson
    Let me save you some time
    “White people bad.” There, now you can skip this podcast and spend your time more productively listening to the many fantastic history podcasts out there.
  • Omar Muhammad
    Disguised Political Indoctrination
    Mostly opinion being presented as historical fact
  • Daze no loaf
    A gem for everyone
    Get information that gets you too thinking. Definitely good to have a pen and paper for notes and secondary searches into the topics. Love the delivery!
  • Obrownahan
    Not just for teachers
    Great listen for anyone who wants to de-colonize their learning!
  • Mr.Rhombus
    Supportive & Essential
    A deep heartfelt thanks to all who make this podcast possible. As a new teacher, I am anxious about my ability to give my students the learning experiences they deserve. This podcast is encouraging and masterfully created. Its structure and content are the kind of engaging and critical lessons I aspire to teach. I feel connected to the American education community when I listen to scholars from around the nation discuss how they teach our hard history in their classrooms. Dhanyawada!
  • Shark_Meat
    Amazing resource & podcast!
    An incredible resource for educators - I wish my teachers growing up had listened! And a fascinating and thorough listen for anyone who wants to learn more about these crucial topics.
  • bdupuis31
    Elementary Teachers
    I have recommended this podcast to all of my colleagues at my school. This is such an important podcast for anyone teaching American history, but especially those in k-6 because that is where myths about America get cemented.
  • andcelinasays
    Simply Amazing
    This is truly one of the greatest resources for a social science teacher. Not only are the podcasts incredibly well researched and interesting to listen to but the resources and the instructional ideas are priceless. Listening to this podcast has a really informed and bolstered my instruction.
  • RayFink
    A valuable resource even if you are not a teacher
    I’ve been listening since season 1 and have learned so much. I feel blessed to have found this resource. Hasan Kwame Jeffries takes us on a historical journey —one that my 45 year old self has desperately needed. Thank you Professor Jeffries.
  • $ boy
    This podcast should be required for every educator—especially K-12 teachers—in America. Beyond that, this is essential listening for every American. We cannot move forward and make a better America without understanding how this country was built and how we continue to benefit from slavery today. This podcast is brilliantly constructed and deeply informative—it’s compelling and I’m grateful to all who brought it into being.
  • shermonno1
    A must listen for anyone who wants to dig deeper!
    While I am not an educator not a student at the moment, I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and what it offers in helping understand history in a different light. It doesn’t hold back on presenting information that is oftentimes intentionally omitted or watered down in society and institutions at large. At the same time, it does its job in emboldening educators to teach even “the hard history” in a way their students can learn, relate and understand. For this, it works for any and all. Highly recommended.
  • Rowharder
    A must-listen for Educators
    This is a must-listen for anyone who teaches American History, but also anyone who wants to do better, in terms of understanding our past and reshaping the future. I will be sharing with my colleagues and social media groups and I hope they really choose to give it a go!
  • SpeakToEQ
    Awesome Lessons for us white privileged teachers
    Wow. I have just been introduced to my white privilege. What a wonderful podcast to amplify what we have missed, guide us to stop harming, and put an end to the blindness we have perpetuated.
  • DaPancake
    More please
    I enjoy this podcast immensely and can’t wait for more fresh episodes!
  • Stephanie M D
    Thank you
    Thank you for providing me with the tools and knowledge to better teach my diverse classroom. When we know better, we do better.
  • J. Murphy-Swanson
    It’s Given Me Purpose
    A while ago I realized I wanted to be a teacher. Shortly after that, I realized I wanted to be a History Professor. As I’ll be going to college soon, I set out to do research on history. After running into this one and realizing the different methods educators put on “hard history” is truly amazing! If your interested in methods on teaching or just knowing more about African America history, look no further!
  • louis hartman jr
    Extremely enlightening
    To be a mixed man with black and white races, I face a biased opinion on how to teach young people about the TRUTH to slavery. The conversation the Professor had with his daughter burned my chest... the silence after her response to learning of slavery broke my heart. Hands down every episode was very educational.
  • PolloGis
    Amazing and Necessary
    Every second of this series on Teaching American Slavery is brimming with incredible knowledge; it is knowledge no one can take away from you and knowledge you will be moved to share as far as you can.
  • CosaXiKZ
    Powerful. Professor Christy Clark-Pujar is incredible.
  • College student A
    Great Podcast with GREAT Info
    Well done with credible research explained in simple, straight forward, easy-to-teach ways that will reach your students.
  • Ms. Library Lady
    Fascinating and helpful
    I am captivated by this podcast and am listening to all the episodes and listening again to several because there is so much to take in and absorb. I’m learning so much that I didn’t growing up. So glad to have this resource to help change my teaching. Thank you and please keep up this important work.
  • Spmrks
    Wonderful podcast!
    Great production with clear and concise delivery of information.
  • CM Frustrated
    Essential to Teaching Slavery
    There has been no better resource for a teacher when they approach the sensitive topic of slavery. The insights provided by the various historians have shaped how I will teach the subject as well as provided insights on how the nation as a whole was complicit in the institution of slavery. Even more helpful are the historians who provide examples of how a teacher can use various resources in the classroom, justifying each document for its historical value.
  • Articulate Indian
    Important and accessible
    This is historical thinking at its best, taking a complex subject when there’s little room in classrooms to understand the complexity, and asking us to slow down and think through a lot of myths and assumptions about the subject, but also about teaching the subject.
  • Michelle and Doug
    Love This
    One of my top two favorite podcasts; but why won’t my two favorite episodes play?
  • btzalel
    Minerals for the already nourished
    I grew up in an environment where the kids saw presentations by historians like Lerone Bennett Jr, and John Hope Franklin, and not all the presenters were men, either. Nevertheless, even after a few heavy periods of reading African American history and and thought that was written by Blacks in other world regions, I always take pleasure in learning more, particularly in times like this when America’s future (not to mention everywhere else) really feels like it’s in the balance. This series is one of the best series I have ever run across, whether in print or spoken words. If you’re a teacher, check it out. If you are a citizen of any background who really wants to understand America’s Black history with depth that will further whet your appetite, check this out. I am listening to the whole series start to finish, something I’ve never done with any podcast.
  • dakaraifl
    Great podcast for all interested in the art of learning
    I’m not a teacher; I’m just interested in my slave history. I’ve learned a lot, and look forward to continuing to explore this topic, while learning ways to explore and discuss this topic with my children and god children.
  • SoundsLike08
    Stellar resource for young people and adults alike
    Obviously, this history needs to be taught more frequently and more thoroughly. This podcast is a fantastic resource! Kudos to the producer and scholars involved.
  • Ash the no bash
    So informative and an amazing resource
    This is such a great resource for help with teaching. I wish there were more resources like this that give you great primary resources, techniques, ideas, and courage to tackle tough topics.
  • Sarah009jj
    Amazing resource!
    This podcast is not only an amazing resource for teachers, it is interesting & necessary information in its own right. Do yourself a favor & listen!
  • Jamie in West Virginia
    Listen Up!
    I'm a social studies teacher in rural West Virginia. I've revised my entire approach to my subject matter (government and U.S. history) because of this podcast and the resources available through the Teaching Tolerance website. Thanks, folks!
  • barberchicago
    Vital for teachers of American history
    I’ve listened to the first four episodes of Teaching Hard History and will definitely continue this journey. I am excited to share my learning with my PLN on Twitter and in my school. The leaders of each session are incredibly knowledgeable and I am grateful to them for sharing their wisdom and their sources with us.
  • Merigoround
    This is Excellent!
    Thank you for providing this podcast. I just finished episode 3 and I feel like I’m learning so much. Not just in terms of educating other but in educating myself. I thought I was well educated, but I had no idea how much history was cut out. I am a white woman who believe in Black Lives Matter and see how necessary this education is, especially in these trying times but I’m hopeful that this education of ourselves and our students will work towards overturning institutional racism. I’m hoping that further episodes can help me understand how to approach conversations as a white person to be education, helpful and above all not be insensitive or perpetuate any stereotypes. Thank you!
  • cfstaley
    Fantastic resource for educators
    I’ve enjoyed this whole series. I first heard about it on the Cult of Pedagogy podcast and started listening right away. As a school librarian I’m very glad to have the recommended sources to use in the study of American slavery. I’m hoping another Hard History topic you will tackle will be treatment of indigenous Native Americans. Thank you so much.
  • Meme123$
    Slow down
    Bethany Jay needs to slow down a bit; she talks way too fast for a podcast. Otherwise, great podcast.
  • missjenniferanne
    A Must Not Just for K-12!
    This should be a required podcast not just for K-12 educators, but also for public historians and museum professionals. Historic sites and museums usually completely leave out the enslaved people’s narrative, so listening to this podcast could greatly help learn the tools to integrate their narratives into interpretation and programs.
  • GonzJenn
    This podcast is so well-done! I'm learning so much, not just about our country's history, but about how to teach these topics with sensitivity, depth, and integrity. This podcast is a must-listen to anyone who teaches American history.
  • Technology worker
    Inspiring and insightful for teachers and lay folk
    I have listened to all 8+ episodes and have learned a lot as a lay person. I have shared this podcast with many teachers, book groups, and friends. The episodes provide unique approaches by a variety of educators to talking about the issues of race in the US. It helps me educate myself about the facts and in turn I’m better prepared to have factually accurate and thoughtful conversations with Co-workers, my children, clients, and others. Thank you and please continue to create these podcasts.
  • CivicsEngaged
    Remarkable work
    This work benefits adults and students and helps teachers take their game to a new level. I appreciate the expertise shared and new avenues for teaching this important part of American history AND current world issues. Thank you SPLC!
  • Li'lmom
    Teaching Hard History
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. It’s a very well done look at a piece of history that many of us have little considered. Thanks for the good work!
  • AriTheWarrior
    Very Important
    This is a wonderful and carefully curated podcast that delves into integral American history. Great tool for students and educators alike.
  • bbobnyc
    Thank you for creating this great resource. Very helpful across the board.
  • MolW
    I just listened to the first episode and it was extremely well-done and informative. I teach 8th grade and just this episode includes several tips for teaching the material in class. Every teacher of U.S. history should listen to this! I’ve already downloaded the framework put out by teaching tolerance, and I’ll be downloading the primary source docs and sample lessons as well. I’m looking forward to continuing to refresh my own knowledge so that I can more effectively teach about slavery in my classes. Thank you for this important podcast!
  • Brad Austin—Littleton
    Great resources for teachers!!
    I've already listened to all three that have been posted. These are fantastic resources--full of great information and useful teaching ideas. Thanks!
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