Not Another D&D Podcast

by HeadGum
Comedy #66Improv #2

Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast. 

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  • Hdkslhdjdk
    Best podcast I’ve listened to.
    Hands down best podcast. The story’s are great, characters are funny. 10/10 would recommend
  • esmecompost
    Loved it
    I just started listening to this show on a whim when I read someone's post about their favorite podcast and instantly fell in love. Just finished bingeing the first campaign. Amazing story telling and acting. Great character development, I got very attached to the characters. And for someone who has never played D&D, I enjoyed how much I learned about the game, you all found a good balance of discussing game mechanics without it being overwhelming. Thank you for a great show!
  • idontwanttotellthemmyname
    Mind blowing in all respects
  • FUN master😀
    The Best
    In my opinion, literally the best podcast on the earth!
  • SamoanAaron
    Nat 20
    This podcast is fantastic I’ve been binging at my job and I laugh so much my coworkers probably think I’m insane only in the shadowfell saga and it’s so good love the band of boobs keep making great content please!!!!!!
  • Gnarwaffle
    My Favorite Podcast
    It’s a mostly funny D&D podcast with enough seriousness to create a cohesive story that doesn’t get old.
  • hwrintheshire
    Historically Inaccurate
    So I just started this on the overwhelming recommendations from various folks, and overall I’m enjoying it. But there’s one thing I need to say. As a Canadian, I personally offended by the mis-representation of Tim Hortons. Is their coffee garbage? Yes. But how dare you call Timbits “donut holes”. They transcend that. They are moist, donut-y perfection. How dare you besmirch their name. Other than that, 5 stars.
  • Lisagna
    D&D and comedy, a perfect match
    Do you like jokes? Do you like adventure stories? Neat, you’ll love NADDPod. Led by an incredible dungeon master, three masterful comedians explore a weird and wonderful world together. The storytelling, the music, and the way the gang play off one another is really special!
  • BookWorm22728
    Hysterical, Engaging, and Your Next Obsession
    So I’ve never listened to a podcast before NADDPod. My friends have their own and I’ll tune in for some episodes, but I used to think I wouldn’t enjoy podcasts. Cut to: I get a new job, and the commute is 40 minutes. I figure I’ll give podcasts a chance what with 80 minutes in my car need of killing every day, and my friend suggests I give this one a shot. Not knowing a thing about the podcast, or even Dungeons and Dragons, I dive in. Best decision I could have made. I’m only halfway through and I know I’m glued to this story until the bitter end. I’ve been on an unforgettable journey of goofs and glory, of literal dungeons and dragons, of mushrooms and mayhem, and of comedy and craven scoutmasters. The shape of my steering wheel has contoured to my fingers from how hard I must’ve gripped it listening to these champions fight for peace in a wonderful and frightening fantasy realm, and bust my gut with laughter as they do it. It’s been 2 months and I have listened to it on every car trip and even while I mow my lawn, or do laundry, or lay in my bed. I. Am. Hooked. 10/10: would recommend even to my deceased grandma who told me Dungeons and Dragons was for Satanists
  • kcorbz
    A grand old time!
    A perfect balance of whimsy and fantasy. Sprinkled with pop culture references and cooked over a bed of high stakes. A praise worthy addition to the multitude of D&D podcasts available. Also the episode are normally perfectly portioned for an hour of downtime. Get a plateful young’ns!
  • Bustajibb
    Rule of Fool
    You’ve probably heard of the Rule of Cool. Well, NADDpodcast goes by the Rule of Fool, or so I like to call it. It’s more of an improv comedy narrative LOOSELY based on the fantasy of D&D. Fun and silly, but can get a little over the top for people who like a more serious campaign/story. I listen in short stints and have fun listening but after a while the silliness gets a little much and I’ll have to take a break.
  • JDNocs
    Loving the series
    Started 4/28/2020 and have been marathoning since. Moonshine has become my favorite next to Paw Paw
  • Livin22
    Episode 78: Motor-sickle? ITS MOTOR-CYCLE! Hehe. Wonderful show nevertheless. It always puts a smile on my face!
  • VajSlayer89
    Best d&d podcast ive listened to
    Super funny and the story is just as good
  • djturkey
    Perfect balance of action, comedy, & fantasy
    This crew is hilarious, inventive, and sincere when it counts. Don’t know D&D? No problem! Start from episode one to join the Band of Boobs on an adventure that will give you all the feels and challenge you rethink how podcasting and storytelling interact. I’m so happy this wonderful story is out in the world, and will be forever.
  • Bassninja
    Favorite Podcast
    Nonstop hilarity, a genuinely moving story, just my all around favorite.
  • duskmoon22
    Wow, this show is great
    Look, You should listen. This show is life changing! Please listen. You won’t regret it.
  • kingkong573.05
    You should do a Luna campaign
    You know, where Luna (the werewolf) is an NPC and the players are her “pack”. Just an idea. EDIT: it’s the three tree, not the three cree
  • Pimbles the Bread Boy
    I enjoy this show
    I’m bad at writing reviews, but this is a good show. Listen to this good show.
  • oncampaign
    For actual dms
    This is the only actual play podcast I can stand to listen to. They attempt to use and create house rules, raw and collaborative storytelling like a traditional D&D game, but each participant is such a master storyteller that they elevate it to listenability
  • SteelState
    This is by far the best and most entertaining podcast I have ever listened to! Great people too!
  • aseventhhorcrux
    This group of incredible people will take you on a breathtaking journey. Not only are they talented comedians and storytellers, but they also stand on the right side of history. Good job, folx, I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Appalachiaaan
    Thank you for your public and financial support. This is why I love you guys.
  • Yuhklufxcgdsdgjcgh
    Heck yeah. Love you for the donation match
    Much love and respect to your show and you.
  • LadyLanza
    Love these guys
    In troubled times, D&D is the purest form of escapism. Add these amazing comedians/creatives, and the most hilarious antics ensue. Get on their Patreon to support the podcast and get lots of bonus content, where the hilarity continues! I couldn’t imagine my day to day life without Murph, Emily, Caldwell, and Jake. You guys are the freaking best.
  • DnD Review
    Why are you still reading reviews?
    Listen to this amazing show already!
  • unicorn on the cobz
    Nat 20 podcast!!!
    Amazing campaign! I couldn’t stop listening to this podcast. The overall story arc was amazing, as was the character development! Brian Murphy does an insanely amazing job bringing his world to life, as well as Emily, Jake, and Caldwell , bringing their characters to life. By the end of this campaign you feel like you know and care for these characters. Every episode is a laugh. Keep it up guys!
  • Beast mode1234
    Best podcast out there
    This is my absolute favorite actual play dnd podcast I’ve heard yet. Critical role has absolute nothing on these guys. The podcast of filled with emotions that you can’t find in another podcast. I just finished episode 100 and I cried when it was all over. Brian Murphy is an absolute genius. He has a way of getting you emotionally invested in the campaign. The world he created was put together with so much thought from the very first episode. Sad to see this quest end but can not wait to see their next adventure! Callooh Callay!!
  • GXBarnett
    The perfect way to get through whatever you’re going through
    This is the perfect cure for the quarantine Note: This is the perfect cure for the quarantine, NOT for COVID-19 itself!
  • calefootball56
    But this is ridiculous
  • Varkad1234
    I just want to say this has been an absolute joy and a privilege to be a naner-fly on the wall for the adventure. -AJ
  • Kirsten Jeffs
    End of campaign One
    My tears have flooded the creek. This podcast has filled the silence of many dark nights, given me friends and adventure. Stories to tell others and even story prompts to get past writers block. I’ve binge listened to it on my graveyard shifts and given me many laughs and tears. I’ve had co workers look at me weird when I laughed or cried. And honestly I’m not ready for it to be over but like any good book or show it’s permanent in my heart and memories and I can re listen any time. I am excited for what’s to come and I am definitely gonna spread the word like moonshine’s spores and let the love for it grow
  • 8JRG8
    Liked it so much I was willing to pay them
    Liked it so much I joined their monthly subscription on Patreon and I’m a single father of a teenage daughter. That is basically the opposite of being rich. But the entertainment value was cheap at the price and truly a great escape!
  • _Tricky_Trav_
    This ain’t your MeeMaws DND Podcast
    This is by and far the best DND podcast I’ve heard. I listened the the end of campaign 1 today and it was beautiful. This really isn’t just another DND podcast, you sit down and you feel like your at home. Feeling every victory and every devastating loss that comes through out the story. I loved DND before but this is what taught me to appreciate just how magical it can be. I’m just looking forward to the next adventure.
  • Allspice72
    Pure magic
    The characters the gang crafts and the stories they tell have simultaneously made me laugh out loud and cry. Come for the goofs stay for the story.
    I’ve been enthralled with the campaign from the day I found it. I thought you guys were funny in your college humor campaigns, but THIS stands on its own! I cried hard when it had came to an end, I didn’t want the awesome opossum magic train to end! But will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Emily, Brian, Caldwell, and Jake for all the memories, tears, joyful times and entertainment!! Callu Killeigh!!
  • JediPeart
    Absolutely Superb
    I’ve been a faithful listener since the beginning. Murph, Emily, Caldwell, and Jake are like a part of my family now. I loved Critical Role, but it was an overwhelming time investment. When CR campaign 1 ended I tried campaign 2 but it was just too much. Then I found my Band of Boobs! It was the perfect blend of DND, RP, and comedy. Real “Ol’ time” radio. I’m a Patreon subscriber and also highly recommend that for the bonus content. Love you guys! Calloh Callay!
  • SJHPhoto
    Best Podcast, Story, and Cast!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time and it ALWAYS makes me smile. The cast is amazing, I watched them in College Humor back when I was in college, watched Caldwell on Drawfee, and when I found this, it was more amazing content! The story is written so well I’d call it masterful! You can’t help but love every one of these people. I can’t wait for what comes next!!
  • Minor Gonzo
    Not a Better DnD Podcast (in existence)
    honestly one of the greatest pieces of storytelling i’ve ever heard. i can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys, only up from here!
  • jeffbowl
  • LiteratureLesb
    Wouldn’t be me without this
    This sounds super cheesy and overdone but honestly?? Where would I be without this podcast?Certainly not DMing my own campaign with friends during quarantine. I recommend this show to people CONSTANTLY, even if they have no experience with D&D. It’s a great way to learn about the game, a lovely story, and more importantly you feel like you’re part of the gang when you’re listening. It doesn’t feel like reading a book, no, it’s more like spending a couple hours with your friends Jake, Murph, Emily, and Caldwell. The laughs are many (and so are the sobs but shhh you gotta listen to find out why we’re all crying) and new episodes are always the highlights of my week. So if you’re on the fence, hop into episode 1 and let the ride begin! You won’t regret it.
  • pugmaster365
    My god
    The ending song man I cried
  • Kira-Jones
    This show at the beginning always made me laugh it was entertaining and goofy. The characters were a lot different than what I was used to but I loved them. Now it’s a beautifully written heart wrenching story with characters that I’m painfully attached to. They’re all growing and becoming real heroes. I’m always trying to get friends to listen. An entertaining rollercoaster of a story, lovable goofball characters, guests that work so well, just...there’s nothing you can’t love. I hope more people get into this because this show deserves so much love. And now this campaign is over and...I cried. Literally sobbed. I didn’t realise how invested I was until they signed off and the song started playing. Hours I spent listening to the goofs trying to make my days and walks to work better and for hours they didn’t disappoint. I don’t think I could ever thank you all for the amazing work you did, for how much you inspired me to work on my own campaign where I hope to do the same. I want to make my players fall silent in awe, to make them mad, to make them laugh and cry. I want them to drive me crazy with their cockamamy schemes. I want to put something beautiful in the world like the Band of Boobs did. I’m happy to say goodbye to my old friends. I’m excited to fall in love all over again with the new campaign. I’m honoured I’ll get to be here and see what amazing things they’ll do.
  • cvireia
    [loud unintelligible sobbing]
    10/10 would be obsessed with again
  • Nexus2992
    I never write reviews...
    But for this show, I’ll make an exception. The DM skills of Brian Murphy are effin awesome. If you’re an aspiring DM, listening to this guy is a great way to learn. He knows when RAW trumps RoC. And he knows when RoC trumps RAW. The game is about the story; it’s never about the rules. Brian knows this and it shows. Emily is just an amazing player. Same with Caldwell. I can’t even give the words to express how much I love listening to them do some crazy stuff. And then there’s Jake. Man, you have really come a long way. From a true newb to a full-on veteran of immense proportions; you, sir, are an example of just how fun you can really make the game. Thank you all for this awesome rollercoaster story. I can’t wait for the next campaign.
  • Butchurpete
    Definitely worth your time.
    I have never played DND, though have always wanted to. This podcast made me want to play so much more. The entire cast including the guests are amazing. The story is simply magical, the characters are wonderful and deep. I’ve listened to almost the entire 1st season twice already. And I know in the future I’ll hunker down and listen to it a third time. I have had a ton of laughs and shed a lot of tears(mostly happy tears) over this podcast. I highly recommend to any and everyone. Even if you don’t care about DND, the story and characters alone are worth listening for.
  • Brevbins
    By far the most invested I’ve ever been. Sucked into the story telling, the atmosphere, the goofs, the laughter, the zingers, the one liners, and so much more. It’s by far the best dang podcast out there and needs all the love forever. Thank P for this band of boobs.
  • Olineinator
    Love this for you!!!
    I’m not sure if anyone reads these anymore, but this is the reason why I started to play D&D. This podcast is hilarious, and is a wild ride from start to finish. To the band of boobs, ( that name alone should help you listen to this podcast) thank you for all the shenanigans and emotions that I’ve felt. Here’s to another DK special. (It actually happened). As a plus there are hundreds of one liners that caused me to roll around on the floor. Hope y’all enjoy and Callooh Callay!
  • atramento_cor
    This podcast has become a safe place I turn to when lonely, depressed, etc. The characters feel like close friends and loved ones to me and I cannot praise the show highly enough. It has made me laugh, cry, feel love, and even shown me it’s okay not to take everything in life so seriously. The final episode was intensely satisfying and I spent the whole episode covered in goosebumps or fighting back tears. Absolutely a wonderful and wild ride that I would (and do) recommend to everyone I meet who likes a great story.
  • dominiozpizza
    In the end
    As campaign 1 has now ended I can say 100% that anyone will love and grow attached to these characters like I have and I know campaign 2 will as well
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