Not Another D&D Podcast

by Headgum
Comedy #76Improv #3

Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast. 

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  • Lmwavedreamer
    Wonderful 🤩🤩🤩
    To those who made this podcast: Thank you for taking the time to make this podcast! I’m only on episode 25, but I listen constantly. All who are a part of this have made a very hard time in my life so much lighter. I laugh all the time. Also, I’ve always wanted to play D&D but never had friends interested in it. You have made me feel as though I am playing with all of you. Thank you again! To those interested: Incredibly entertaining, fun, engaging, and just plain wonderful! Well produced. Action filled.
  • Kyunn2264
    for making my books real Murph
  • JJ of the Spotted Breeches
    Band of Wet Spots
    May your Breeches ever be clean and your sword lacking rust. - JJ
  • NinjaNolie
    Best podcast ever
    I love this podcast it’s a 10 out of 10 best dnd podcast I have heard ever love it love it love it
  • MastaEli
    Strait up the best podcast
    I love this podcast. Im always looking for an excuse to put headphones in my ear and get lost in a new adventure. Murph is an amazing story teller and has created such exciting and fun twists. While Emily Jake and Caldwell are hilarious and very very true to their characters. Sometimes I forget that they aren’t their characters! I’ve laughed, I’ve gasped, I’ve been shocked and bewildered as the choices and decisions made in this first campaign get shaped into an awesome tale. (I’m only on the first campaign and cannot wait to finish and go to the next). Hope anyone who reads this will join the Band of Boobs to Bahumia!
  • rywilson, lover of Dnd
    Boring, frustrating, and disappointing
    (TL;DR at the bottom) Now, I’ve only listened to the first two episodes, but I shouldn’t need to have to listen to a boring beginning for the possibility of interesting things to come. The situation, setting, and roleplaying are all interesting! I love how the town has more problems than just the ‘main quest’ conflict, and I love the player’s characters. But the combat. So first they fight some threatening guys in the bar. Alright, coolio. Then, started on their quest in full, they fail a stealth check against a scouting party behind enemy lines. Two frog-men attack the group of three players. Why would they?? It’s obvious they would die. And then one frog-man is killed and the other doesn’t run away, instead choosing to stay and fight suicidally. Alright, so both of those combats made sense to exist. And then they fight a big SNAKE that they came across in the quicksand!! WHY! We don’t need more combat just for the sake of combat! Especially when everyone is bad at it: -) the DM roleplays enemy decisions poorly, e.g., being suicidal and not taking advantage of things. -) the barbarian of the group not using Rage. This is just ridiculous. -) the DM and players alike have a mindset of combat always having to end with one side dying. Which makes for very boring and repetitive combat. TL;DR (Read the above bullet list about combat) The roleplaying and situations are interesting, but the combat is too often and has felt like it was there just for the sake of combat. It’s disappointing because it has so much promise but the combat ruins it for me. Listen to TAZ or Dungeons and Daddies instead… and if you want a realer Dnd game rather than Dnd podcast, listen to Just Roll With It or Critical Role.
  • crickateer for life
    My favorite band of boobs
    I have been listening to the since episode 30 of first campaign. I absolutely love you guys, I listen to old episodes to fall asleep and I’ve relistened from the beginning twice
  • holyskizzy
    My favorite dnd on podcast! Fantastic storytelling and a hilarious crew.
  • hiiiiisitmeballs
    Don’t like it but pheas accent is mha
  • Ian1225
    I’m obsessed
    I never thought I would enjoy listening to people play D&D BUT I WAS WRONG! After friends recommended this podcast, I have been binging episodes from the beginning. The players are pretty talented and I laugh out loud a lot. Highly recommend!
  • Bearitonecub
    I love you, eat a rat, f you.
    Kaloo Kalay!
  • Crimmy Sun
    Like hearing a story from your friends, about your friends
    Strange level of relatability with the story telling and character development. Everything is flawed in the perfect way.
  • Last Friday Knight
    Love their storytelling!
    Been listening to all of eldermourne, and enjoying every minute of it. I enjoy their antics and I feel like they’d be an absolute joy to play with. Thanks for the entertainment and laughs!
  • Crypto the Protogen
    So… I haven’t listened it yet.
    I’m righting this before I listen to it, so I’ll probably make another review talking about what I like about it. Others say it’s good, so I hope I enjoy this.
  • Stickbug288
    So good
    I am absolutely obsessed
  • LeaveAScar
    One big review
    Great podcast, but needs more scoops.
    Eat, Pray, NADDPOD
    Oh my gosh SUCH amazing storytelling. If you’re just arriving, “Hot Boy Summer” is short, sweet and hilarious even if you don’t know DND. But Campaign 1 is my life rn. After episode 13 it becomes HIGHLY bingeworthy, just the best dang storytelling out there, so stick with it! Whether you love DND or don’t know what it is, give this podcast a shot.
  • Kael Da Whale
    I love this podcast
    I listen to this when I am in 🛏
  • DomesticWookies
    Caloo caleyy
    Love the band of boobs great podcast keeps me sane at work
  • Abbydooda
    great intro to d&d and also just a laugh out loud listen
    I knew only the basics about d&d but this makes me want to get into it! The entire cast and guests are hilarious and it is so fun to learn and adventure along with them! Definitely have laughed out loud at work multiple times.
  • montsole
  • unknown odin
    The podcast that rocks your socks
    Great characters,great DM and a great set of stories what more could you want
  • Laike189
    An Amazing Show
    Words can not express how amaizng this show is. The crew never fails to put a smile on my face. Sincerly, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • -Atomsk-
    I love these guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Susan B Hayle
    The highlight of my day
    I started listening very recently after I finished fantasy high ( hoping for more). I listen while at work and it helps get through the day. I recommend listening during the dull and boring parts of the day! This band of boobs is hilarious. I’m also very new to DND and I’m as learning a lot. I am in my first ever campaign and I’ve gotten some inspiration from them.
  • lovlyneko
    I have laughed so many times
    Amazing podcast. It’s well edited, the players and DM are both smart AND hilarious, making it endlessly entertaining. You never know what’s going to happen next. Even linking an NPC to a characters mom is no guarantee, and that’s the beauty of D&D. There is a well balanced blend of role playing in the game and fun between friends. The only thing is, I have developed this problem, after listening for awhile I start to develop moonshines accent. And now people are confused when they meet me for the first time. If there was one podcast I wish I could afford to support on Patreon it would be this one.
  • Maddeg687
    Best D&D podcast
    You can really tell how much the two crew (murph included) love each other. The vibes here are perfect and the storytelling is so good. Don’t pass up this podcast!!
  • QuattleWaddle
    I can’t stop laughing!
    Just started listening to season 1 during my delivery driver job! I am smiling and laughing so much that when one of my coworkers passed me on the road, they asked what I was doing because they’d never seen anyone have that much fun driving! HILARIOUS! 😂
  • liizardqween
    <3 best podcast ever
    i love the two crew more than life itself
  • kitteh_aeiou
    I am subscribed because I play DnD with my boyfriend who I love more than anything and this is his favorite DnD podcast, and it is my favorite too! So out of love, IF you all still do a shoutout for ratings.. I devote my shoutout to Zurich/Zeddell/DM of the Summer Road from Calliope, his favorite Rogue
  • Niossim
    Truly not another D&D podcast
    The absolute best podcast I've ever listened to.
  • koolmanion888
    Best podcast ever
    This is my favorite podcast the four voice actors are hilarious and there chemistry is absolutely wonderful it’s really fun to listen to I highly recommend
  • geylfling
    if you love ttrpgs... none the best podcast of its kind. endlessly funny. <3
  • alyssashaw22
    This podcast has seriously gotten me through so much. Being able to listen to these beautiful humans play such a dumb and fun game is everything to me. Murph is an excellent DM and the crew is able to tell hilarious, heart wrenching, real stories that are just second to none. I am so thankful for this podcast, if it ever ends I would be so upset. Thank you all for all that you do❤️
  • williamnorton
    All around great
    I’ve re listened to this podcast at least 6 times by the far the most entertaining DND podcast and the best part they didn’t let it go to their heads either they cast and guest are just as humble and entertaining as episode 1 also MORE Donkey Kong
  • smellie31773
    You don’t have to play DND...
    To LOVE this show. The cast is incredibly creative and has the best chemistry. The storytelling is seamless and has honestly made me both laugh and cry (... although laughter is the more frequent reaction). I don’t really listen to other podcasts anymore. Feeling grateful I’m only on ep. 85!
  • the yeetman69420
    I have one thing to say
    BEST PODCAST EVER!!! Both campaigns are amazing
    i have listened to 20 or so different dnd pods and this is the only one that keeps me entertained.
  • adventureshark
    Murph Made My Books Real
  • Ekhodj
    What’s fantastic show!
    I needed to update my review: This podcast has one of the most creative and delightful group of people I have ever heard. I honestly feel like I know you guys and hope you get to come back to Atlanta for another live show soon. Love you guys and Callooh Callay!
  • 1009926144189363uu
    Unbelievably good storytelling
    The crew can weave a yarn. They tell full, 3 dimensional feeling stories that run the gamut of emotions.
  • JDNocs
    as for grandma
    why not give them the feat magic adept warlock it gives you two cantrips and a spell
  • rocker1010101
    I miss when I had 50 episodes to catch up on
  • Nonpeople person
    The content I was looking for
    If you like D&D, College Humor, or chaos, you too will find the content you need right here. I’ve only just started, but this is some great stuff. And hey, I love PawPaw’s shoutouts. And PawPaw.
  • AllieFlowers
    The BEST
    This is the podcast that made me stop listening to all my other favorite podcasts because I just want to listen to the Band of Boobs forever. Seriously, the best D&D podcast out there, my favorite group dynamic of any podcast.
  • lauradoeslaps
    Always a CH fan, found out about this from watching Dimension 20. So fun and bingeable with my favorite cast members!
  • IceRicer
  • toolongerror
    Thank you Two Crew!
    I’m so grateful to have found this podcast; the campaigns are lovely, the humor is immaculate, and the drama is compelling. Murph is a brilliant DM, and when Axford and Tanner guest DM the level of enjoyment is as brilliant. The player always have creative moves up their sleeves and Hurwitz is very good at hitting things. Thank Melora for the Two Crew!
  • Amir Hurwitz
    Best DND podcast you’ll ever listen to
    The chemistry between the hosts is amazing! They are incredibly funny! The DM always comes up with new beautiful worlds with rich history!
  • dumbbug
    Best podcast on the internet.
    I look forward to listening every Friday. Thanks for all the laughs
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