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by Headgum
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Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast. 

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  • MichaelSkar
    Truly the best of all the S and D podcasts…great chemistry and the perfect balance of true D and D and humor. This show is reliably entertaining, across all campaigns and DMs!
  • MelancholyFolly
    On episode 20 and can’t wait to listen to more!
    What a wonderfully funny D&D podcast! I’ve loved every minute of it, and, though it might take me a thousand years, (actually around 482 hours (yes I did the math)) I Will catch up to the latest eps! 100% recommend if you’re looking for something a little more light hearted. [edit] To be entirely honest, I’m really disappointed. I had reached the end of campaign one and, yeah, it had some side eye moments (looking at you “crick knots”), but it was overall good! Then I start Trinyvale and Jake’s new character is covered in TRIBAL TATTOOS, is from THE JUNGLE, knows TALKING GORILLAS, and ONLY RECENTLY learned what a SHIRT is. Literally I’m not crazy right? That’s, like, *really* bad right?
  • Cerulean Lollipops
    Love it
    Fantastic dnd podcast with a hilarious cast. I’m also obsessed with D&D Court!
  • crappapaul
    Fun characters in every Campaign. My favorite episode is 99 in the first campaign. Love the ducks. Helps to pull me out of a bad day when my depression acts up.
  • Bethanyrooster
    Love love love this
    My favorite DND podcast I've ever listened to. It has comedy, heart, drama, and adventure. The campaigns are well thought out (thank you, Murph!). The players work hard but also make me laugh often. I enjoy all the spin offs as well. You four are hilarious.
  • Becker99
    The best
    I’ve been playing dnd for upwards of a decade and listened to this podcast from the beginning I have to say NADPOD has been and is my favorite dnd story I’ve relistened this podcast from start to current at least 10 times over the years and it’s still funny and incredibly entertaining. Thank you cast of NADPOD for an amazing time y’all are the greatest
  • star wolf 101
    DK country full campaign!
    Murph could play all the games and make the 4th campaign in Kongo bongo. He could even use elements from the Mario movie in it, please Murph the specials deserve to be more than that. I listen to the DK special’s multiple times a year and they are amazing!!! If you can’t do that, then please, make a beyblade special, it would be amazing.
  • Shania Strain
    So good
    Thank you guys for such an amazing show. The energy is always electric. I love you all. Caldwells random jingles, seeing Jake being a dnd newbie and really getting into it was so cool, and being amazing at it, and EMILY! Emily you’re the best. Your laugh makes waking up and commuting to my dumb job worth it as I put the show on every morning. Murph, you’re too much of a hardcore DM tho. Jk, I love you too! Appreciate all your work guys, truly!
  • Frostieae
    Love these guys and gal.
    I fell in love with Murph and Emily on Dim 20, add in guests of the rest of the crew at times Zac Oyama, Lou, Siobhan, etc. Murphs DM style is great added with the chaos of Emily and Caldwell and the comedy of Jake. Shows the best. Been thru Bahumia, Trinyvale, Hotboy Summer…currently on Eldermourne.
  • Popo Neeno
    Very solid
    I’m grateful to the pod for helping me get thru the beginning of the pandemic when I had nothing else to do. The vibes of the first season were great and even though I never really found the crew that funny, I liked hanging with them.
  • Call Me Sarah
    Binge this!
    Caught up on some other popular DnD shows, looking for something to keep me company on a long road trips, I decided to give this a shot, and it’s so good, y’all! Emily is the most brilliant ttrpg player; she brightens every table she sits at and her outside-the-box thinking is genius level. Murph is a quality storyteller, hitting the emotional beats, throwing in surprises, varying up what’s going on at the table, as well as playing up the lols. Caldwell and Jake are hilarious and clever as heck. I am loving this show. Highly entertaining.
  • john.mchugh
    I was so charmed by the current campaign that I’ve gone through the backlog. I’ve binged Eldermourne, then Campaign 1, and now I’m into Trinyvale. There isn’t a better cast to spend your hours with
  • ChiaraCGP
    Piss Positive Podcast
    Sure, Worlds Beyond Number is breathtaking but would they do an extended bit about the benefits of piss?
  • scantly
    Love the laughs
    DND court is great. Love the newest season.
  • cdp007
    I just can't do it. That chick's laugh is beyond annoying. It would be one thing if her awful laughter was in response to something truly funny but that isn't the case. That chick guffaws at anything. Total podcast killer.
  • virtualbri
    One of the all-time best Live-Play Podcasts
    Murph, Emily, Caldwell and Jake are in one of the best RPG podcasts of all time bar none. Silly at times, serious at times, and always touching and enjoyable. It's the game the rest of us would wish we were in. Patreon extras are even more entertaing with wrap-ups, book reviews and my favorit "Dungeon Court" where they rule on D&D game issues. I don't think Brian Murphy get's the credit for being an amazing DM that he deserves. Listen and you'll see.
  • Alec__4
    Amazing podcast
    I just got done listening to dungeons and daddies and I was looking for something equally as funny and omg I found it you guys are sooooo funny!!!I have lots to catch up on lol
  • Ashrob1515
    Great to get through work!
    This is a great hilarious podcast to help get through the work day until I start cackling. Just started this podcast I am in love with all the characters and their development! If old Cobb dies I will be sobbing at my desk!
  • Dekus cute gf
    I love D&D
    I love you guys so much I always listen to every new episode and if you don’t post I normally just listen to a old one or my favorites
  • domo819
    Simply the Best
    The best and most entertaining dnd actual play. And I watch/listen to them all. Humor, heart, and non stop gold coming from these incredible improvisers. Murph is a world class DM. I have listened to all current campaigns and all their extra content on Patreon. Live shows are a blast so go see them when they are in your town. Thanks NADDPOD
  • Redseaturtle4
    I just started listening to this podcast but it is already entertaining and I plan on binging every episode that is out right now.
  • Kael Da Whale
    I rated 4
    I rated 4 because the episodes are really long like one of them are 3 hrs 44 minutes like that is too long for me
  • KittyH__
    Amazing Content for a D20 Fan
    I came here after I got through a lot of the Dimension 20 campaigns, as I’m sure a lot of people did. At first I was worried I wouldn’t like the podcast format as much, but the vibes are absolutely immaculate and I’m obsessed. One big bed!!
  • Shelby409
    Awesome show
    Can’t wait to hear if you guys still do shout outs when I catch up to current. Murph please shout me out as Big Barry 6
  • jedavies
    Love the PF2 intro
    Like many I’ve been contemplating a leap to PF2, and I’m super impressed at the comprehensive research Emily did into the system. It sounds awesome. I’d love to hear the group make characters and play in the system.
  • sirxpent
    We are we are!
    Been listening since y’all were only about half way through Campaign 1 and I’ve been completely caught up for probably a year. It’s a great show with great members and sometimes guests. They all work together laboriously to create such vivid stories and environments. My heart gets pulled this way and that almost every episode. And when it’s not I’m laughing my butt off. Please keep creating what you wish, I’m sure you have a cult following now that would listen to even Jake attempting to burp for a whole hour.
  • SlipperyCraig
    Excellent storytelling and comedy
    One episode had me laughing so hard I needed to pause the podcast and stop to breath, and then less than an hour of gameplay later I was crying. I’ve sunk a staggering amount of time listening to audio rpg content and NADDPOD is a masterclass of improve.
  • serenityplusone
    Love this!!!!
  • bmorelicks
    For the bow string noise
    Shout out to the choochoo & 2 crew. If your on the fence about trying this show then JUMP. The talent here is pure gold, all around. As a new DM and just really discovering D&D last year I have used this show to get a few family members into trying to play and now I DM every couple of weeks. To the four of you and anyone behind the scenes making this happen. THANK YOU
  • GoldJedi
    Fun and surprisingly informative
    Shout out to the Two Crew! This podcast has been a real funny and delightful listen with an unintended side effect; it helped me better understand some of the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons! I look forward to each episode of “Dungeon Court” where they take a deep dive into people’s squabbles and debates at the table.
  • AllBigToes
    So much fun!
    Definitely a show for adults. Dungeons and Dragons experience is not necessary to enjoy this show, but you might take 15 min to read the basic rules to understand the mechanics of why they do what they do. I started listening because my son and I started playing and I wanted to be more familiar with the game. I was hooked by the humor, but I stayed for the story. Murph is an amazing world builder, comedian, voice actor and story teller. Emily, Jake and Caldwell are incredible improvisers, comedians and voice actors. They are having so much fun, I wish I could play a campaign with them! It is impossible to pick a favorite character, because they will each own a piece of your heart by the time you reach episode 100.
  • Rotemikmik_
    Gotta say I was kinda not sure in the first episodes but now I’m on episode 13 and loving it and probably gonna listen to the whole thing
  • hannibal123
    Love it!
    Great story! Funny!
  • SteveElliott
    The show and the hosts. Sorry.
  • Shake84
    Great comedy and improv!
    Paw paw would tell you ‘reeer reer reeer reer rereer reeeeer Reer’ and you’d believe it! Worth the listen.
  • chair,
    i love this podcast <3
    hi :)
  • Real person review not fake
    I have never written a review for anything but I will for this podcast.
    I wouldn’t consider myself a dnd-er. When my friend asked me if I would like to listen to the first episode of campaign 3 with her on a long car ride home, I was doubtful, since I had alway felt that watching dnd was a waste of time and not something I would ever care for. I can now say that it has been almost a year of me following along with this podcast and campaign. It has brought me so much joy and laughter and I am so happy my friend shared it with me. Listening to it has never felt like or been a waste of time for me :) It’s so funny, I love this podcast and it has become something I look forward to every week, but I don’t even play dnd.
  • Hgofofcjxmn
    You are in for a laugh.
    I am 30 something episodes into this podcast and I can’t get enough of it. Great storytelling and interaction between the everyone involved! Keep up the great work!
  • Rebar zžž
    Sleeper favorite
    What naddpod lacks in the weird creativity of the first 2/3rds of TAZ Balance & Amnesty, and the overall quality of dndaddies, they make up for in lovable characters, collaborative play, and just fun. Overall I think the best of the genre - glad I gave it a listen!
  • Circlepit 831
    The Best!
    This is such an amazingly funny podcast, I’ve been listening for years now!
  • ClanEli
    I feel bad
    Been listening since the start, I love this podcast you guys are amazing. Sorry took my so long to tell you
  • Dukelelaney
    Thanks, 2 Crew
    I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been hopping from dnd group to dnd group, for a while now cause of college and now just life. Listening to NADPOD seriously feels like I’m at the session surrounded by laughing pals. Murph is a fantastic DM and the group weaves incredible stories together. I’ve watched all the casts previous work on college humor and D20 and they bring it even more here in their sessions. In some of my toughest times I’ve put on NADPOD and was able to get out of my head, and long solo road trips become less boring and less existential. These guys absolutely rock. If you’re a D&D player or just watcher this is the podcast for you. Thanks Emily, Murph, Caldwell and Jake for good laughs, good stories and a great time!
  • vaguelyjim
    Thumbs up
    Hands down the best d & d podcast I’ve listened to. The dynamic and charisma between all four of them is amazing and I’m still on season one. I’m so impressed with the story telling and their ability to have me laugh and cry in the same episode. The world the dm has created is full of memorable npcs that all sound different and are unique. Truly a very talented group!
    Comfort food in podcast form
    I’ve been listening to this show for years and the hosts are the most hilarious and fun people! They have amazing chemistry and work together so well. One of my favorite things has been seeing Jake grow as a player. He’s gone from knowing very little about the game to quite the experienced player! I’ve been learning with him along the way, and while I know people made jokes about him not knowing the game super well I think he is an incredibly good story teller in this medium as well as amazing at creating characters. He’s an amazing comedian, but also plays some of the most heartwarming moments in this podcast so incredibly well. Emily is one of the most astounding players I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen her in campaigns here and in dimension 20 and every game she is a part of is brought to a whole new level. Her knowledge of the game and skills at strategy are unmatched. She’s spectacular at thinking outside the box without ever breaking it. In fact, I’d say what she does is take the box, do some kind of crazy origami with it, and hand it back intact and unbroken but more complex and beautiful than she found it. Her creativity and skill at strategy really speaks to more than just her talent as a player, but also her creativity and intelligence as a person. (Honestly she’s so cool and I really look up to her). Caldwell is amazing at breathing life into characters. He puts so much emotion and life into these characters they feel like people I know more than characters from a story. He’s incredibly talented at creating the perfect ratio of comedy to sincerity. He knows exactly when to crack a joke and when to keep things serious, and how to keep everything flowing just right. Hes also REALLY good at knowing when to take the spotlight, and when to hold it up for his co-hosts, not something everyone knows how or even wants to do. I think it’s an overlooked skill in most media. Murph is honestly one of my favorite DM’s. This whole party of rambunctious players are always throwing him curveballs and he knows how to roll with every one. There’s never a moment when the pacing or flow of the story feels off or directionless. Everything is so well balanced and flows perfectly, no matter what unexpected plays he’s presented with (something that happens a lot with Emily in the game). He’s also very good at knowing when to let a goof play out and when to draw the line. His story telling is honestly amazing. The whole thing feels effortless and well coordinated, if you couldn’t hear the dice rolling you’d never know it included any improv. I love the whole cast. After years of listening to their voices, through huge life changes, moves across the country, friends coming and going, listening to these friends gather round and hearing their familiar voices as they joke and create together is an incredible comfort wherever life takes me.
  • Axeface68
    I wish the girl didn’t the she was the main character and would quiet down
  • uhhhhwill
    Just what we needed!
    I absolutely love this show! I’m fairly new to D&D, but I’ve been interested in the game for as long as I can reserve. It’s basically the progenitor of all modern RPGs. So listening to a group of people with mixed experience learn to play the game, and learn to work as a team, inspires me to do the same! Looking forward to DMing my first campaign, which I’ll be using the Rick and Morty vs D&D set to start since it’s lore I’m familiar with.
  • Stuart Fornsel
    Absolutely Awesome
    It’s 100% ENTERTAINING! Not nitty gritty D&D but WOW what a show. I wish I could play like them! Heavy on both humor AND character development role play. 11/10 would recommend.
  • fogd he
    fogd he
    fogd he
  • MSUcatz1
    For the podcast algorithm gods
    To future podcast lister. If you read this, and listen, after enjoyed the show you must comment and 5 stars. Give ‘em a reward for the hard work they put into the episode.
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