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by Headgum
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Welcome to NADDPOD! Join Dungeon Master Brian Murphy as he leads players Emily Axford, Caldwell Tanner and Jake Hurwitz on a comedic, actual-play adventure through the realms of Bahumia and Beyond. The show also features a score composed and performed by Emily Axford.
This team has created a variety of D&D campaigns, as well as numerous other series such as DUNGEON COURT and 8-BIT BOOK CLUB. They also occasionally hit the road and roll dice live on stage.

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  • Jackie pockets
    Hilariously funny and moving
    This show hits me in the giggles and the feels. They walk the line between serious and goofy so well and the running bits are legendary. Shout out to Emily, probably the most entertaining dnd player out there. Love you guys
  • glennn with three n's
    Just subscribed but theres one problem
    Majority of the short rests are showing up before their corresponding episode
  • Samvdubbin
    Absolutely pay for the add on for the short rest
    This is my 3rd time going threw all the seasons and the short rest is making it double the laughs then the first two times around. Absolutely worth the 5 bucks if you are starting out and enjoying… Just get the add on and listen to it the way dice christ intended.
  • not a thing but a dog
    Absolutely incredible
    The group has amazing chemistry, and listening is a pure joy. Emily Axford is the greatest D&D player alive.
  • Csb022802
    Love these guys
    I love the craziness of the entire gang but I would love a shoutout from moonshine
  • Redditandfood
    Inspiringly good
    i’m well versed with dungeons and dragons at this point, i’ve played many many sessions, watched and listened to many of the large dnd actual plays in the TTRPG space. out of all of the APs i’ve experienced over my time, NADDPOD is one of the best i’ve ever listened to. the cast is stellar, effortlessly funny, and amazing at the game. Murph as the DM is so amazing its inspired me in my own storytelling in home games. if you’re on the fence about giving this a listen, you will not regret it.
  • aosmitty13
    The best DND comedy podcast
    So many creative people on this team! I love the different shows each month, from DND court, to 8-but book club, to the main story. While I love everyone on this show, Emily is by far and away the best player and DM on this show. Hot boy summer and twilight Santorum are amazing and her PCs are both entertaining and incredibly effective! I recommend this podcast to everyone, even if they don’t know anything about TTRPGs
  • Erin zombie ownr
    The most creative group
    I cannot get enough of these guys! If you love heartfelt adventures, silly catch phrases, and unique storylines, look no further! They hold to DnD rolls in such a fun way and create a world where you feel like you’re right there with them. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us NadPod!
  • Ap0ll016
    My Favorite Podcast
    Read the title. I don’t subscribe to any other patreons, I don’t have any other podcast I listen to as much, legitimately has helped shape who I am today. Great cast, great chemistry, great stories, great laughs, it’s all great.
  • Randall Endenburg VIII
    GOAT DND Show
    It’s Critical Role, but more comedic and not 12 hours long. Far superior, great podcast, inspired my career as a DM.
  • GracefulManatea
    I am so behind in every other podcast I listen to and I’m only on episode 79 😬 started listening two months ago to brush up on my DnD knowledge while working on a one shot with some newbie friends. Safe to say, I’m hooked.
  • fnfboii13
    Not another bad dnd podcast
    I’m on episode, it’s rly good
  • AllBigToes
    So much fun!
    Definitely a show for adults. Dungeons and Dragons experience is not necessary to enjoy this show, but you might take 15 min to read the basic rules to understand the mechanics of why they do what they do. I started listening because my son and I started playing and I wanted to be more familiar with the game. I was hooked by the humor, but I stayed for the story. Murph is an amazing world builder, comedian, voice actor and story teller. Emily, Jake and Caldwell are incredible improvisers, comedians and voice actors. They are having so much fun, I wish I could play a campaign with them! It is impossible to pick a favorite character, because they will each own a piece of your heart by the time you reach episode 100.
  • Chris in Denver
    Hilarious and helpful (maybe?)
    I was interested in learning how to play D&D. Either this show will make me very experienced or super terrible. Either way, I had fun along the way.
  • Togaen
    Best podcast ever, but, for the love of God, Murph, clear your throat... especially on the Short Rest. Jeez Louise.
  • Terp2b
    Late to the Party
    I’m late to the party on NADpod, but I’m so glad I got here. Laughing along with you all makes my hour long commute feel much shorter! Don’t know if you’re still doing character shout outs and I’m still in season one so this might be too far back to go for a shout out but the seagull, the bear and the rat working on the airship in episode 14 deserve their own spinoff maybe a honey heist? lol if I earned a shout out, I’d want it from them
  • supersoccer70
    Best dnd podcast I have ever listened to
    I have been listening to this podcast for a year or two now and I haven't stopped since. It is hilarious, emotional, and downright nuts, but that's the way I role. I have gotten so many laughs out of this and listen to every new episode hours after they come out. Just subscribed to naddpod+ and I have to say it is completely worth it. Thank you so much all of you hosts for the wonderful times I have had listening to this. PS: Honeysuckle is the best character in the entire campaign!
  • Concussed81
    Amazing cast!
    The entire cast is incredibly brilliant and funny. Special shoutout to Emily Axford for being a chaos gremlin in the best possible way. Everyone’s wit, quick thinking, story telling prowess, and just overall charm makes this a podcast I keep returning to.
  • Xander Herrick
    Wasn’t even into D&D when I started listening. Now, one of my favorite things in the world.
    I started listening to NADDPod in 2019, didn’t know much about D&D. I’m now a loyal Patreon supporter, religious listener, and have developed a love for D&D. Super, super funny, but also a level of collaborative story-telling that will have you deeply invested into characters, and plots as much as any movie or book I’ve ever experienced.
  • checktest80
    Love it!
    They have a great sense of humor, and a good mix of gaming and comedy.
  • Elijah of OneDoorLand
    Incredible story, funny deep and like hanging with the best buds in the world
    I’ve listened to NADDPOD for countless hours now and enjoyed every second of it. One of the best actual play DnD shows out there. Incredible radio comedy-drama (well edited, excellent music, but still feels natural) Amazing improv “theater of the mind” style gameplay. Perfect mixture of number crunchy gameplay with hilarious off the wall rule of cool mania. Surprisingly deep, made me cry many times. Naughty at times, but always with such great heart at their core. Highly recommend subscribing to the patreon and listening to short rest plus Emily’s DM campaigns on mixed bag. Can’t thank you all enough for the magic you have brought me in my life. Came from dimension 20, but now I’m a naddpole for life.
  • Drdodie
    So entertaining!
    I’ve never played D&D, but I’m finding this show so fun to listen to. Makes me want to become a player. Such a laugh. Highly recommend!
  • Revolutionary15
    I cannot stop listening!
  • dont want a nickname apple
    I love you, eat a rat
    Best live play you’ll ever listen to.
  • Harrison Bodrie
    Fun and lore and more
    The whole crew put on an amazing show. With the Murph as the Diligent circus master. Loved all the campaigns and all the side content as well.
  • guy in da hat
    5 STAIRS
  • Kato621
    Thank you!
    I’ve just recently gotten into DnD and have learned a lot from playing your podcast on my commute to work! You guys are hilarious, and I’m honored to have seen you in Court Lawderdale! Don’t worry Jake, I’m sure you’ll become a true Justice at some point in the not distant future!
  • J-Milly
    Obsessed with you guys
    I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this podcast! It’s seriously taken over my podcast listening life. Because of the plethora of episodes, every other podcast has been cast aside! I’ve been a college humor fan from back in the day (Jake and Amir 💕) and have followed it’s evolution (Adam ruins everything), but this and dropout TV are a whole other level and I love it for everyone involved. The story lines are fantastic, you are all SO funny and clever and silly I have literally lol’d on the train into work and gotten stares from regular folk. I’ve been playing dnd with my family since 2018 and my fiancé proposed to me via a DnD storyline! DnD has a very dear place in my heart and you guys have only made it stronger. Thank you and please never stop!! With deepest reverence, Jules
  • scantly
    Love the content, confused by the unplayed content
    I thought all your content became paid conte t because all of a sudden there was a lot of unplayed, premium content that I needed to pay for. The. I realized you’ve added your pattern content to Apple. I would be super happy if your content was also added to paid subscriptions.
  • Robiticus
    Five stars
    For the homestar runner references alone
  • mokehnokeh
    this podcast i love all seasons literally my favorite podcast it awesome funny dramatic sad it has everything that should be in a d and d game its so creative
  • judydrench
    Most creative and innovative DND podcast
    Murph truly pushes the boundaries of what DND can be as a vessel for entertainment with beautiful storytelling, incredible improv, and brilliant character design. The crew as a whole has some of the best comedic synergy of any comedy group I’ve ever had the pleasure of being an audience to.
  • Tt9!!))554//::
    Funniest DnD Podcast
    The latest episode was so funny, keep it up my OG jousters!
  • ndndjudi United
    Jag and the other guy in a
    The first time in a year and the only time we could get the hotel room for a little while to eat and then I was
  • Molliekay
    Fun Times
    Love this podcast! It’s such a nice change of pace from what I usually listen to. The crew keeps me laughing through an entire episode. Keep it up!
  • Jam23504
    Just started
    I just started to listen because two ogs from D20 are here. I will say I’m loving the party dynamics and the laughs keep coming. Keep up the amazing work. Love to hear from Moonshine and paw paw.
  • Tetziquati45
    Amazing and inspirational
    This is one of the most inspiring DMs and player core. They balance humour and serious role playing and the DM has an amazing interwoven story that really makes the players shine. 11/10 for me
  • Daddy V Popping Grandpa Pills
    5 stars
    The podcast that introduced me to the world of D&D. One of the funniest episodic stories I’ve ever heard. Complex stories with funny characters and moments. If you are interested in D&D and you’ve tried it give this one a shot.
  • DylanNoPants
    Best actual play podcast ever made.
    This isn’t a joke, it really is.
  • Nickname/Pawa123456789
    My go to podcast ever single day. Every one is so funny.
  • Audrey ❤️♥️
    Re listening
    I am falling in love with the characters all over again
  • The_Doorman
    4 episodes in and loving it
    I would die for Paw Paw
  • Willow in
    Amazing podcast, annoying interruptions when moonshine speaks
    Once I noticed it, I realized it happens several times in each episode. Super disheartening for sure. I would give this 5/5 stars cause I really enjoy this podcast, I haven’t finished every episode yet so I’m really hoping they recognize it and fix it in the episodes I haven’t listened to yet. Dungeons and Dadies’ DM Anthony Burch actually called himself and everyone else out in a great lighthearted way for interrupting Beth constantly IN an episode!
  • Emmybeeloved
    Paw Paw Approved
  • Dee Cea
    A Treat With Every Update
    The only thing that consoles me about getting caught up on campaigns, is the excitement I get tuning into episodes as they come out! 10/10 💝💝💝
  • $howt!me
    Love the show!!
    I had found this and started off from the beginning. Loved playing D&D when I was younger so I’d thought I’d give it a go. Very solid podcast and the campaigns have been enjoyable. Especially love it when y’all go off the rails, really makes it funny. When I had finally caught up to the current episodes around a year ago, I got bored waiting for new content to drop, so I went back to C1E1 and started all over again. Currently back up to Eldermorne episode 30 I believe. Just listening in truck while I’m driving and working. Hope you guys continuing for a while as I enjoy it tremendously.
  • Frostiqueen
    Delightfully hilarious!
    I am enthralled by this podcast! Each character that is brought to life by these amazing people is delightful!
  • Shadediaz
    Laugh Out Loud Funny
    This podcast cracks me up! There is a little bit of everything; humor, love, friendship, humor, competitiveness, randomness, humor, hotcakes, brown leaves, possum, and of course a whole lot of good humor. I listen to this as I’m delivering the mail and it makes me laugh out loud and brings joy to my day. Thank y’all for not taking things too seriously, while also pushing a sincere and heartfelt narrative. This is a great DnD podcast if you like to laugh. I’d love a shoutout from Beverly, he can award me (Shade) the “Laughter is the greatest medicine” badge- One which he has clearly earned himself! :)
  • Gryffindorgirlie499
    too much fun!
    this show is an all around great time to listen to, and will also destroy you. it’s the best.
  • ChefJonji
    Absolute joy
    Great chemistry between all the players, and Emily Axford is simply a treasure of a player and improv talent. Caldwell is such joy to listen to and Jake brings the bro love in full. Led by there benevolent DM Brian Murphy this is quickly become one of my fav dnd podcasts.
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