Not Another D&D Podcast

by Headgum
Comedy #93Improv #4

Welcome to the campaign after the campaign! Three unlikely adventurers attempt to right the wrongs caused by a party of legendary heroes who screwed up the world while trying to save it. DM Brian Murphy is joined by Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner for this D&D play podcast. 

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  • T69urner
    Pretty dope
    Ugly cried for an hour after campaign one. I’d say it’s decent.
  • Sharnettea
    OMG Gold!!
    I found this podcast through Dimension 20 Adventuring Academy. So good! I have only listened to the first episode, but it’s enough to know that this will be my greatest podcast love for the next long while. I can’t believe how funny this first episode was and I cannot wait to hear more. Pure Gold!!!
  • surethang123
    Like Reading your favorite book
    Naddpod is such a great D&D podcast. Has you feeling like you’re sitting in a room with your friends as you laugh along, cheer and hold your breathe to the magical misadventures of the Band of Boobs. Recently became a Patreon after listening to almost 100 episodes twice. Now I’ve got their after show podcast to enjoy again
  • bookwormchris
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast so much! All the hosts are entertaining, yet the story can still be heartfelt and emotional. Episode 100 is among my favorites. I’m really excited for Campaign 2 to arrive, but I’ve found the Hot Boy Summer to be really fun in the meantime.
  • xsoulon
    Absolutely amazing
    I’m new to the world of podcasts but these guys are great! They strike a beautiful balance between comedy, drama, and heart wrenching anguish. I’ve never played D&D personally, but the story telling and role playing here has been an absolute delight! I wish the best for these guys and hope that they can keep making these podcasts for a very long time to come.
  • literaltrash23
    Literally the best podcast
    I recently finished binging the first campaign. I went in with no idea how to play dnd and now I know more than some of my seasoned friends! The writing and improv acting is just brilliant. I’ve legit cried over this podcast multiple times. Moonshine Cyben is my absolute role model; my latest dnd character is an homage to her. I legit feel like these characters & actors have become my friends even though we’ve never met. I’m hoping they come to Chicago for a live show if the world ever allows it again, so I can meet them in a Moonshine cosplay. Whether or not you know anything about dnd, I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to everyone I meet. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. There is never a dull moment in this podcast. Truly outstanding!!
  • PsychoticPineapples
    Absolutely amazing! My first DND podcast and I love every minute of it. If you are unfamiliar to DND, try this podcast out. I’m almost certain you won’t be disappointed.
  • FrogmanBlack
    The most entertaining podcast on air.
    I’ve been listening since the show first came out. This show has been so fun to listen to that I’ve been re-listening to the first campaign from the start while I wait for new episodes to come out each week. Emily, Jake, Caldwell, Merph, and all of the guest are hilarious beyond belief. Not gonna lie, cried a couple times too. The music is a 10 out of 10 and all of the content is amazing. I can’t tell y’all enough how great this show is and how much joy it brings to my life. Thank you all so much!
  • Senrusho
    Not just another DnD podcast...
    This is my first review on iTunes, I’m not normally the type to write a review of anything but NADDPOD is just too good not to shout about it from the rooftops. NADDPOD is just the best DnD podcast out there. Want to feel all of the emotions from soul crushing sadness to thunderous joy and everything in between? Listen to NADDPOD. It will make you feel things.
  • TheCrickNasty
    The show Slaps
    The show Slaps.
  • icyeolf
    It’s amazing I’m not good at righting (0 . 0) (つ▀¯▀)つ. (@ - @) (u - u) (- _ -) ( >•<) ($-$) (•.•) (^•^) m(@益@m)~ I dunno I just wanted to wright a review sorry sorry sorry sorry
  • BigDave9000
    Just real solid
    This is basically the Rebecca of podcasts.
  • Lexxie T.
    Emily is an Amazing DM!!
    The Mavrus Chronicles are incredible and I’m loving Emily’s DM-style! For anyone not subscribed now is the time to check out the short rest because there’s SO MUCH cool stuff hidden in this mini-campaign!
  • almedah
    A good and cool pod
    Yeah yeah i like the podcast and all i’m just here to say that i’m obsessed with the fact that “Duncle Caldwell” is listed as a guest... just makes me laugh every time i see it :-)
  • Sir Doug the 1st
    Great show
    These guys do a great job of making you laugh and weaving a story. Love the characters and creativity. Plus they’ll shout you out, so how cool is that? -Doug T
  • Joe fashow
    Solid show
    The only podcast I listen too. Never played DnD myself, I just love these guys.
  • billymaroux
    This is the only podcast I know without a weak link on the cast. You’re all completely insane. Please continue. Much love.
  • JoyLev
    Emily and Murphy are a powerful couple
    I truly can’t believe how fast 100 episodes went and now I’m a patreon and couldn’t be happier. I watched d20 before this and fully did not expect to love Jake as much as I do within episode one. Caldwell was born to play Beverly and my heart swells for that good boy. This game is creative, funny, and Murph really does a fantastic job world building and letting his players “break” the plans made and to perfectly roll with it. Emily’s compassion that she continually downplays is endearing to the umpth degree and Caldwell enjoys himself in a way that feels like these aren’t podcasters, actors, role players— they’re just friends having fun in a world that I get to enjoy vicariously too. This foursome works way too hard for anything less that 5 stars y’all. And I’m too excited for the continuation of Hot Boy Summer!
  • whagdjwbd
    Beer Somalis
    It’s called a cicerone (certified beer server)
  • Trav747
    Great D&D Pod - Highly Recommend
    Absolutely love this D&D podcast. So easy to get into and enjoy. Great group (DM and PCs) who are always “keeping it light” and bringing the funny. Great role players all. It’s well edited to boot, so there isn’t a bunch of dead time when people are rolling or going to the bathroom. Just discovered the NADDPOD a few months ago, so I’m not very far along. However, I do want to mention something hilarious from the episode I’m currently listening to... NOT a spoiler, I swear! In episode 41 released on 29 Nov 2018, the gang talks about The Grinch movie incessantly while in a battle and for the longest time I was like, WTH? Why are they talking about The Grinch movie constantly? They even mention that they had talked so much about The Grinch that they couldn’t think of any other movies in theaters. That’s when I realized that the CGI Grinch movie must’ve come out around the time they taped the episode and the entire scene made so much more sense. My favorite part of the entire exchange (which goes on for minutes) was when Caldwell made the comment about how he couldn’t wait for when people “two years from now” listen to the episode and wonder WTH they’re talking about. Welp, it officially happened. I was one of those people. Love the show and I look forward to the day, months (years?) from now when I catch up to the current releases. If you’re looking for a solid and funny D&D podcast, look no further. Murph, Emily, Caldwell, and Jake, thanks for the laughs and keep killing it!
  • LePumphouse
    The fun of dnd
    They really bring the fun back into dnd, with light hearted rules-adjacent style of play. Extremely entertaining, and the short rest pateron is worth every penny.
  • Skulljester
    One of the best
    A favorite dnd podcast and overall comedy podcast
  • b rnyjejnnruj ue
    great show
    keep up the good work
  • Jabberwock and Calooh Callay
    The only podcast I like more than this one is it's companion podcast, The Short Rest.
  • celaenos
    Love it
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. It might actually just be one of my favorite pieces of media in general. The cast is lovely, funny, charming and really determined to tell interesting and hopeful stories. I’d check out anything they did, honestly. I cannot recommenced this podcast enough. 🍄👏😘
  • McDevy
    Three episodes in & you’ll never look back
    Hilarious, emotional, infinitely creative. The Naddpod team grows as players. Both mechanically & through invested character role play. Murph does an amazing job at the helm of this rollercoaster of an epic. The world expands extensively, but the characters only grow more rooted in the setting. The scope of the story is epic, but it piecemeal approach to world build, never distracts from the characters, laughs, & action. Whether you love comedy, improv, fantasy, or just good old dnd mechanics, there is enough here for everyone to savor. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Huge fans of this podcast & these people.
  • arlonaut69
    two epic campaigns and counting!
    NADDPOD has to be one of the funniest and most heartwarming actual play podcasts out there, which I genuinely believe anyone can enjoy. Campaign One was just legendary due to the wonderful DMing of Brian Murphy and chemistry of the players! A perfect blend of lovable characters, epic plot, and brilliant goofs. I was honestly surprised by how much I loved Trinyvale, since Campaign One holds such a special place in my heart. The tone of the campaign is totally different (often compared to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), but Caldwell Tanner's DMing is chaotic and brilliant, and I think the Trinyvale Triplets may be my favorite PCs of any AP podcast. With Emily Axford's summer campaign, I'm immensely excited to see what comes next from the Two Crew!
  • TomasitaOshiro
    It’s too late for a shoutout, right????
    Truly my favorite podcast of all time: got me into dnd and got me though quarantine. Shoutout to the 2 crew!
  • defintely not the dev team
    I love you guys
    Thanks for the goofs :)
  • BMO3729
    Characters to Life
    The love and care these four people pour into their characters really brought them to life for me. They’ve done something special
  • Cu clash clan
    Sooooooo good
    NADPOD has everything you can ask for in a D&D podcast. Great humor, storyline, world building, and phenomenal cast of characters. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS!!! You will not regret it!
  • BBsk8
    So upset
    Can’t believe ****** died: 10/10 series. Would pay to watch as an animated cartoon.
  • CBSundance
    Gnomes, Etc...
    ...just checked myself on an internalized hatred/skepticism of gnomes that has come from binge-listening 52/100 episodes of the Band of Boods in July 2020. This is my life now and it’s fine.
  • Mdulook
    Just finished campaign one and loved every second of it! But you know now I’m addicted so I became a patron for the short rest
  • MCR 5 evah
    Non stop listening
    All I can really say is the comedy is amazing. I am only on the sixth or seventh episode but I can already tell that it is amazing. It reminds me a lot if the adventure zone. Bev is best boi and I ship him with Erwin so much. Love this podcast and it’s getting me through quarantine. ❤️
  • RoyalRed715
    Earned a million stars!
    Been here since day 1, and my god, there isn’t a better way to spend your time. I love everything. You all deserve the world. You’re incredible, this is incredible. I love this!!!!
  • Quarantini Martinini
    My Quarantine Savior
    Thank you so much for keeping me entertained with all this time at home! I’ve never played D&D, but I’m super excited to play someday because of this. They taught me the most important thing about the game; don’t take it too seriously. Each play is a puzzle piece and they all work perfectly together. ALSO EMILY IF YOURE READING THIS, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE OLOGIES PODCAST. I FEEL LIKE YOU AND ALLIE WARD WOULD BE BEST FRIENDS. YOU'RE BOTH SO ENTHUSIASTIC, HILARIOUS, AND WHOLESOME, IT’D JUST BE THE CUTEST MEETING EVER. Much love ❤️
  • N_A_K
    Love it
    What a great show
  • mzgoel
    Best Actual Play Podcast
    I am prepared to die on this hill. The world building is truly beautiful, the comedy rocks, and the NPCs are very endearing, but nothing and I mean nothing can measure up to the campaign 1 PCs. The band of boobs is outstanding. This characters are multifaceted and wonderful in their own light, but together, they shine. Hardwon, Moonshine, and Beverly are three character archetype that could have been annoying beyond all belief. A vain, stupid human fighter, a horny southern/Appalachian Druid, and a boy-scout goody-goody paladin sound obnoxious as hell. Instead we have three of the best DnD characters of all time. Moonshine might be one of my favorite characters from anything. And they fit together stunningly. I loved the finale, it felt large-scale while still being them, murph was excellent at keeping stakes in high level DnD, and it almost felt like a modern day LOTR. I cried a lot. I think Trinyvale is hilarious and ridiculous and I love it a lot. I cannot wait for Campaign 2
  • Pidge2345
    Best D&D Podcast Out There
    I have to be careful when I watch the band of boobs because they will have me laughing out loud during every episode.
  • Ollie Rambo
    Best D&D Podcast (My Opinión)
    So I have to say that your podcast is legit my favorite out of all of the ones that I have heard. Around 10 D&D relevant. I would have more to say if I had just watched your finale, but I watched it a bit back a small time after the twitch stream and it was amazing. Including many many of the episodes prior, it was amazing. Honestly the whole story from a baby dragon to an angelic goddess was amazing. Quick notes DM - I am most proud of your for your creations, and putting up with your kids. You provided just the right amount of suspense and competitive reality to your PCs even if they didn’t like getting even the slightest of NPCs touched. Tip my hat to you sir. Duncle - I like your story for its great power of quirkiness. It is fun and appreciative of the goofs. Give us all the goofs!!! Hard One - Both of your characters are great and I really like how you really go into the characters with your contagious laughter. Pulling in quick chuckles that you have are amazing. Good work on the improv too. Bev T - I am very happy for your character being so righteous, religious and yet able to embrace his sexuality and mistakes able to be created in D&D. To me you did have inspiring speeches except when you made inspiring speeches. XD The goofs where amazing! Moonshine - Perhaps it is because I am more reserved, but I had to get used to your character and sexual deviance. At the end I ended up really liking your character and understanding the best of being a free spirited crick elf. The self sacrifice for everyone is very inspiring and your new character is very funny. I like your improv too. So many giggles. Thank you for reading my review. Keep safe and good luck!
  • SocialJusticeBard
    Too Funny and Engrossing to be Allowed
    My husband hates this podcast. He’s never heard it, but I get so engrossed that I listen with my AirPods all night and wake him up shaking the bed by trying to hold back laughs.
  • Stoopidappnowayjose
    These folks have so much fun! I love the unique story idea, and the fun and interesting characters everyone has built. So glad I stumbled onto this gem! All I can add is that Emily’s song at the finale made me cry so hard I had to pull over. ❤️
  • 3:00am challangles
    My heart
    Ep:91 I cried and I cried at so many of theses episodes ughhhhh my heart
  • JodiDobinsky
    The Perfect Balance
    I listen to a lot of real-play podcasts, but due to having way too much free time during quarantine, I was all caught up on all the other ones and needed another show to add to the mix. Someone on Reddit recommended this and I am so glad they did. This show has everything I look for in a real-play podcast: humor, creative dming that I can try to emulate for my own games, a good story, and solid audio quality (this one might seem weird, but it plays a huge part in if I’m able to stay engaged with the podcast). I’m also amazed by the sheer amount of episodes they’ve managed to make in a relatively short time.
  • Legogenius86
    Already hooked
    I was referred to this and im only a few episodes in from the beginning and im so hooked! I know im going to binge this for sure! Love moonshine!
  • corbzi34
    i love it
    almost as good as a congo bongo island campaign
  • for whom it may concern
    Best podcast ever
    Writing this at ep 29. As soon as [REDACTED] was defeated and the flashback started I cried till the end of the episode, Brian put so much emotion in the backstory and left me begging for a redemption arc. In the end, she who has no hospitality, had the most hospitality of them all.
  • larrysDOZEN
    I love this podcast and the crew
    Great pod I am not a bot
  • Txviachicago
    So fun but...
    Long time listener; such a fun show and cast. They might ease up on all the trinyvale episodes though....
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