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(Apple's Best of 2018) In-depth conversations with people at the top of their game. Jordan Harbinger unpacks guests' wisdom into practical nuggets you can use to impact your work, life, and relationships. Learn from leaders (Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban), entertainers (Moby, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dennis Quaid), scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye), athletes (Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk) and an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to spies and psychologists.

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  • gigorgei
    Impactful and Inspirational
    Just started listening to the show early this summer, found it through my YouTube algorithm as Jordan interviewed some of the best authors and strategic figureheads in the world. Definitely has the more nuanced, educational, and philosophical discussions that I’ve heard on a podcast. If you are looking for deep discussions and content aimed at evolving your character, this is the one.
  • John Door Smithinstein
    It’s okay.
    I like being able to take an afternoon nap. This show helps me fall asleep super fast. And then I wake up at the end. It’s sort of perfect.
  • F/V Frontier Explorer
    So many good episodes! Keep ‘em coming Jordan.
  • sbf54
    “Skeptical Sunday” The title says it all!
    Pretty good podcasts until it comes to “Skeptical Sunday” episodes Not real convinced that the statistics given on most of those shows are real or not. Complaining and retching over leaf blowers, fireworks, lawns and cheap clothes just sounds all first world “” stuff. “Can you stop working here, I’m trying to do a Podcast!!” Had no idea more gas is spilled filling up lawn mowers than lost at sea from tankers! How does anyone come up with that as a fact! Weekday shows 5 stars, Friday show …not so much…. Sunday show…pretty bad.
  • LQ222
    One of favorites
    Great show with a variety of interesting subjects and guests. Jordan has a great ability to think quickly during interviews, asking interesting and deep questions so I learn with each episode. Jordan and Gabe are insightful and wise without being cheesy or preachy.
  • adambein
    Every Introvert Should Consider Mr. Harbinger's Networking Course!
    My friend Al had his nose buried in his books all the way through high school, a REAL university all the way through his Bachelor's, then all the way through BOTH of his Master's degrees. Now? Al can't get a job because he was so introverted he made ZERO connections-and hiring runs along specific lines: Degree, demand, skillset, AND connections. For those of you who are naive; People get jobs via high school connections, college/university connections, alumni association connections, rehab and recovery connections, religion and sexuality connections, via country, language, and nationality connections, athletic and activity connections, and previous work connections. If u were sooo introverted that u have few connections you need Jordan's podcasts and course. Sign up for Jordan Harbinger's course and listen to his podcasts. If ur an introvert you can't afford to not. They are free and Jordan teaches and guides you along as you safely connect with people. This is essential for employment. Jordan Harbinger: Great podcasts, great instruction. #TeamHarbinger
  • Susanwr
    A Podcast to Share with Everyone!
    I first heard of the Jordan Harbinger Podcast on the Al Franken Show. It sounded very intriguing, and so I listened to a few episodes that sounded interesting to me. (They were!) I followed the pod cast right away. I enjoy the interviews with the variety of fascinating guests that Jordan finds. I have shared episodes with family and friends, and have purchased several books authored by guests of the show. I learn something new listening to each and every podcast whether it’s the Skeptical Sunday topics (Recycling was an eye-opener!), Feedback Friday, or an interview with a guest. There’s something that would interest just about anyone on this podcast, you just have to look! (The search options make it easy to look specific episodes up if you like! - Thanks for that too!) Thank you again, and keep up the great work! Susan PS: A recent favorite was the interview #896, with Captain Max Hardberger. Wow!
  • Gerry Scannell
    Longtime Listener
    I’ve been listening to Jordan since at least 2014. His interviewing skills have continued to improve over the years, which is rare with so many podcasts produced these days. From my perspective, he’s always been very good at reiterating a concept or idea of a guest so that the listener can digest it well. Relating to topics in his life when possible helps me grasp what the guest is talking about as well. The caliber of guests on The Jordan Harbinger Show has consistently improved too and I can’t believe the show is approaching 1k episodes. Everyone can get value from this podcast!
  • Sheli Z.
    Super smart and motivating!!
    I love this show! Have followed Jordan (and crew) for a long time. Always challenges the guests to bring their honest stories and passions. I learn so much each episode....just the best!
  • JockLaCoqGrande
    Informative and Entertaining
    Love this show, I listen to almost every episode, great informative episodes through the week and entertaining feed back friday episodes but my favorite are the sceptical sunday episodes. This is my second favorite podcast, second only to the Joe Rogan Experience. Love the playful banter between Jordan and Gabriel even the tangents that are more toward their personal life and nothing to do with the topic of the episode. Definitely a must listen to podcast for on the drive to or from work or while working. Thanks for keeping my paperwork days interesting by listening to you guys while I do mind numbing paperwork at work.
  • EAF21
    This is one of my favorite podcasts!
    I have been listening to the Jordan Harbinger show for a few years now and what I love about is that Jordan is always taking on controversial topics that most hosts and shows are way too afraid to address because of how polarizing they can be. Jordan is always so eloquent and thoughtful with his questions and responses. I don’t know how he manages to make his thoughts come across so effortlessly, because if it were me, I’d have to put hours and hours into forming and summarizing the way he does. I don’t always agree with everything I hear on the show, but I like that! It makes me question my own thinking. Sometimes it forces me to reframe my position on things, and sometimes it strengthens it. There are all types of topics during the week and a sort of “Dear Abby” ‘Feedback Friday’ every Friday that is part comedy, part serious, but almost always stranger than fiction. Give it a try!
  • skatzzz123
    Terrific Show
    I feel that Jordan has been my friend on the radio for the past 9 or 10 years. I have learned so much from Jordan. He has a wide variety of guests but always interesting. His Feedback Friday shows are the best. Jordan and Gabe give thoughtful advice sprinkeled with a little bit of humor. I have a few podcast I listen to and Jordan is on my don't miss list.
  • Duke the Puke
    Perfect for hungry minds.
    Jordan covers so many fascinating topics with his guests and research I can't get enough of it. I love the rabbit holes it will send me down after an episode to learn more about a topic or guest. With nearly 900 episodes to choose from you're sure to find something interesting.
  • Tjthescott
    I don’t miss a show!
    This is a great podcast. Jordan and the team do an amazing job booking guests that you want to hear from. Jordan’s interview style makes all us other podcasters want to grow up to be like him and Jason’s production magic sets the standard of quality. Thank you team Jordan for going all in to give the audience something great to listen to and learn from!
  • JWDWong
    If I could listen to only one podcast
    The Jordan Harbinger Show would be my choice. No questions about it. Topics are incredibly diverse. His interviewing skills are superb! Feedback Friday is not only thoughtful but also funny. Love the interaction between Jordan and Gabe. Their laughter brightens the last work day of the week. I’ve been listening to Jordan for a long time. Not only he does not disappoint, his podcast has actually helped me survive a very difficult chapter of my life several years back. Thank you, Mr Harbinger. You are doing good work.
  • jfkfidiisisidifirrieifigifi
    The best thing you can do — for YOU
    Subscribing to The Jordan Harbinger Show is — without a doubt — the best thing you can do for YOU. I used to feel like the 24 hours a week I spend commuting was a waste of time. Since being turned onto JHS, I find that time to be the most productive portion of my day. Maybe not for my job — but for me. Who needs a shrink when you can just listen to JHS? Jordan is a master interviewer — so much so that I find myself enthralled in guests and topics I normally wouldn’t care much about personally. And speaking of guests, the list is one of the most impressive and comprehensive I’ve found. There is — literally — something for everyone. Whether it’s true crime, self-help, under worlds you never knew existed or A-list celeb, you’ll find an episode on something or someone you’re either already passionate about or have always been curious about. TLDR; the Jordan Harbinger Show hits the spot and checks all boxes & I would (and do!) recommend it to anyone looking for a podcast to dive into.
  • Bksj199
    Jordan Harbinger Show
    Wildly informative, and surprisingly comedic. Longtime listener and this is my go to podcast on all trips in the car farther than 1 hour away, and when I’m cleaning the house. Great listen, haven’t found a bad episode yet.
  • 1This2is3a4scam100009
    They’ve lost their way
    I am one of the LONGEST listeners ever, was there with Jason, who I dearly miss, I’ve written into the show before, followed, subscribed, reviewed, was there BEFORE Jordan became the Jordan Harbinger show (when he was with those annoying bros and was the clear and only star of the show), and what breaks my heart is he doesn’t seem to care about an important faction of his listener base anymore. Saying that a small and mighty group of people are now giving him zero star reviews without ever listening to the show is really dumb and narcissistic, and to be completely honest, I think you’re being down right nasty to a BIG portion of your ride or die fans. You’ve had some vocal people on one side of the political spectrum, which I totally agree with, as you say, we all live in echo chambers these days, it’s important to hear all sides of an issue, and we rise by lifting other people up, but you’ve never once interviewed anyone on the other side of these whackos you’re giving a platform to. I’m not mad at ya, but please, please, please, keep the show even! We rely on you! We come to you for UNBIASED information, and It’s all clearly leaning in one way these days. Do you really not see that? And like, hey, pop off, do you’re thing, but don’t act like you’re giving every single voice a chance here. You are TOTALLY doing what you say you’re against and belittling a lot of fans who know you, and grew with you, and love you, who just happen to have a problem with this new lack of balance.
  • Asuka W
    Learning so much love this podcast
    I love how wide topics Jordan covers in this show! Impressive that Jordan diligently reads every book the guest wrote. No wonder his interview is so good. I have gone back to the beginning and listened all shows and recommended to dozens of people.
  • markg out
    The right path
    Jordan doesn’t give advice, he shows you a mirror. This is the podcast that helped me tremendously with various projects I wanted to complete, but was having trouble. Self help is cliche, this is more like self improvement, how far can you go in life? Jordan helps you get to where you want to go. He helps you find your path. Jordan’s podcast has ‘dialed in’ what so many people ignore in life. This show is a hidden gem.
  • CFM68
    Lively and informative
    Lively and engaging show on a wide range of topics about people and/or society. This is one of my favorite podcasts because it is most likely to surprise me with something I didn’t know, or didn’t even know it existed. Also I enjoy Jordan’s irreverent sense of humor. Episodes run long because Jordan covers a lot; they don’t ramble. Some topics are dark, but Jordan’s humor keeps it light enough to stay with the content.
  • Gilas Darnellis
    Awesome show!
    I only ever listened to one podcast before & heard Jordan’s show advertised with an interview with the audacious Frank Abagnale so listened to that episode & was hooked! My God now I have about a dozen podcasts I listen to! Thanks Jordan lol! He’s a great interviewer, very knowledgeable & obviously well travelled and most importantly always super prepared. Such interesting topics and guests from pickpockets, con men & arms dealers to educating us about topics such as homeopathy…love it! Keep up the great work Jordan!
  • Noram88
    Always rich content with interesting guests and topics
    Jordan’s show continues to receive accolades for good reason - he’s simply a great interviewer who books A-list expert guests talking about a wide-variety of fascinating topics. Even if I’ve not heard of a guest before, or think I might not be interested in the topic, once I start listening I’m always hooked for the entire episode. Have a look through his huge library of past episodes and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Bronx3166
    Marc Andreessen & Sam Harris
    Really enjoyed this spirited conversation with Marc! Jordan has a quick witted, self deprecating, and very likable sense of humor. Oh and one thing — as for your post episode Sam Harris comment. Yes we can’t stand him. Jordan strikes me as the kind of guy who if he got something wrong would own up it and take the loss. Sam Harris on the other hand disgraced himself by refusing to admit he was wrong. It’s been truly disgusting to witness. Keep up the great work Jordan!
  • ebinNYC
    Great Podcast and Great Host
    I’ve been listening to the Jordan Harbinger podcast for about a year. His guests are some of the most interesting people I’ve ever heard. Jordan is great at teasing out in depth info, and facilitating some great conversations. On Fridays, he and his co host Gabe Mizrahi, take listener emails and offer their feedback. They have some great takes on various situations and I always find it helpful. His starter pack of shows is a great place to start to get the vibe of the show. Personally, I love the ones about spy craft and espionage. Jordan has traveled the world and has a unique perspective about world events. I enjoy his take on a lot of world events since he has been to many of the countries in Europe and Asia. Give him a listen, you won’t be dissapointed!
  • Tracyclare27722016
    Best of all
    I listen to about five podcasts every week, and all the other podcasts except for the Jordan Harbinger Show start to exhaust me. Jordan’s engaging, witty, bright dialogue with his guests makes the show compelling. Even when the guest is an expert on something that does not particularly interest me, Jordan’s ways of speaking with them makes the topic something I want to learn about. This is remarkable, because I have to be on top of a lot of information in my life, and getting any new information can be daunting. Not with Harbinger! He is truly the best of the best in podcasts. He also presents a variety of types of interviews, from the ones he does with people who have expertise in a particular topic to the write-in advice column he and Gabriel respond to with compassion and humor (great combo) to the debunking of pseudo science. I can get enough of all the other podcasts, each of which I enjoy, but I can never get enough of the Jordan Harbinger Show. I mean it!
  • Mahjong Mama
    Interesting, useful, even funny
    I really enjoy the show. The guests that they manage to get often come from different backgrounds and careers that you wouldn’t hear about in most places. On Fridays they do a write in answer type show that is very well done. They are very respectful to the people that write in, except when they’re having a lot of fun at their expense! seriously, I’ve gotten some very good perspectives, listening to how they respond to their listener's letters. I highly recommend this show to anyone looking to learn a little bit more about the world around them from some very good guess and an excellent host.
  • KimmyFears
    Episode 892 was spot on
    Hey Jordan and crew, episode 892 talks about everything I’ve been saying for several years now. I am writing this and giving you 4 stars because I have a bad feeling that you may have received some hate mail. I enjoyed this podcast and felt it was balanced and informative. Why is it so hard to grasp that I can be mostly conservative but want marijuana legalization! Hahahaha Honestly, I miss being able to have good quality conversations about current events without someone being offended. I appreciated your conversation in this sticky subject and I feel the only way to change our direction is to have these conversations! On a lighter note, my daughter shared your podcast with me several months ago and I’ve been listening ever since. Thanks for creating thoughtful and fair content! Kim F
  • EJames KC
    Surprised accidental listener
    I happen to stumble upon the Jordan Harbinger podcasts when I was hoping to learn more about a particular individual that Jordon had interviewed I listen to the two-part podcast and then found myself keep listening to all the amazing guest. I then listen to feedback Friday skeptical Sunday and a variety of other interesting guests that he had on recently as well as some from the very beginning great show love how clean the podcast is and I can listen to it with my kids in the car.
  • Coach Looking for Guidance
    The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast - A Must-Listen for Personal Growth and Worldly Perspectives
    As a long time listener but first time active participant, I must say that The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast truly inspired me. Out of the handful of podcasts I regularly listen to, this is the first one that I have ever written in or reviewed. Not only did the podcast teach me a lot about the world, but it also provided me with a new perspective and outlook. I was impressed by how Jordan and Gabe used my Feedback Friday question and made me feel understood and appreciated. Their insights have forever changed my life and I am grateful for the work they do. I highly recommend The Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast to anyone who wants to learn, grow and gain fresh perspectives on the world. It is a must-listen for anyone who wants to improve their life and expand their mind.
  • crazycatkatie
    Always interesting and educational
    As an educator of 27 years, I must highly recommend this podcast to anyone wishing to sharpen their knowledge and continue learning. Jordan’s topics are so well chosen and timely, and his questions are ones that invoke critical thinking. Myriad topics presented energetically and always interestingly, I feel like my brain is on supercharge every time I listen. Furthermore, what this podcast offers every Friday is one that I can’t wait to hear. The thoughtful advice that Jordan and Gabe dish out to anonymous writers is balanced and practical. They show sensitivity while also finding humor when they can. The advice is timely and respectful. Thanks, Jordan for all you do to make this my daily go-to podcast. Never boring, always educational, definitely add this one to your queue!
  • joyw08
    The Non-Partisan Information and Entertainment We Need
    The Jordan Harbinger Show is the podcast version of a late-night show that I would stay up every night to watch. Every week he interviews 1-2 guests who are subject matter experts in their field, and the diversity of fields and guests is unmatched. Some are entertainers, some are scientists, some are politically-adjacent figures, so there’s something for everyone. I admire his commitment to not highlighting specific topics and political views; that being said, be prepared to be unhappy with the views of at least one guest. That is truly the hallmark of a non-biased production. The library is huge, the guests are entertaining and educational, and the Feedback Friday tea is piping hot.
  • Shauna NI
    Word of the day
    Lot track of the content because one word was used so frequently that we were laughing out loud snd counting how many times we heard it: NUANCE. Was used much more by the guest but then Jordan chimed in and nearly matched the use. Was this deliberate?
  • Thomasw_lrd
    Great Show
    I loved the old show, the new show is even better. Jordan does a great job of interviewing guests, and you can’t tell he is passionate about the subjects.
  • stepher521
    The Jordan Harbinger Show
    This is truly my favorite podcast and I listen to a TON of podcasts. Jordan has the most eclectic group of guests. Some of my favorites are former mafia members, psychopaths and those who study them, and social activists. He is thoughtful about who he interviews and clearly does his research beforehand. His willingness to discuss sensitive topics, even with those who he may disagree with, is impressive. Jordan is always respectful, never ever glib, but he will inject a bit of levity when needed.
  • kage14141
    Love this show. I’m a long time listener and love the variety of interesting guests that Jordan brings on the show. Jordan and the team really know how to ask questions that will dive deep into the minds of his guests to understand their thinking while keeping the show interesting and entertaining. Would highly recommend.
  • ARaelene
    Enjoy this show
    Large variety of topics and knowledgeable interviewees. I appreciate when Jordan explains why they don’t interview on topics or how they ask questions to help prompt no only further discussion but to help laypeople better understand
  • Alec Maggio
    10/10 definitely recommend
    I like the range of guests Jordan has on. Also, even if I’ve seen a guest on a million other podcasts, Jordan tries to make his interview stand out and it shows. Feedback Friday and Skeptical Sunday are always informative and helpful as well.
  • the_ladyloo
    I know a little about a lot now
    In the large sea of podcasts this is one that I come back to over and over. Jordan does a great job interviewing a wide range of interesting individuals - prompting/ helping the guests highlight their experiences. I’ve learned so much and draw on the information all the time as conversation starters when out to dinner or networking.
  • Brianhilson
    Interesting topics and engaging host
    I’ve been listening to Jordan Harbinger for about 15 years now over several podcasts. His current podcast is the most consistently informative and entertaining I’ve come across.
  • runner061
    Learning about the world around me
    As a middle aged adult, I look for reliable sources of information to educate myself and build common sense. This show is it. I started listening because of Feedback Fridays, where the hosts take questions and offer advice backed by licensed therapists, attorneys, etc. Jordan Harbinger also does long interviews with a variety of guests. These are eye-opening and thoughtful conversations that teach me about human behavior, current events, and even current human rights abuse that the news just doesn’t seem to cover. Glad to be a listener.
  • Joshua Preston
    Refreshing, hilarious, and non partisan
    Frequently find myself laughing out loud at this show. Refreshing to see how non partisan and reasonable this is to listen to whether you’re left, right, center, etc.
  • NashVegas23
    Great Listen!
    Been following Jordan for a while now and love the variety of topics, guests and content. He brings all kinds of kinds onto his podcast and always asks the questions I’m wondering - love his interview style, gets straight into it, and let’s his guests talk.
  • if fgiinbftuj
    So many thinks!
    I love this show. It covers such deep topics and in depth subject matter but in a way that is understandable to anyone. So enjoyable. I am currently going back and listening to alll the past episode’s. Can’t get enough. Jordan is thoughtful and open minded and asks the questions we all want answers to and seems to truly care about his audience - their feedback, opinions, and suggestions..
  • Dmdtx1954
    Thank you for a great source of information.
    I love your show and admire how you keep it informative without getting political. It’s a refreshing break from the divisive world we live in today. Not an easy task but you manage it very well. Keep up the good work and everything will fall into place for you and your creative team..
  • 2.0 speed for 2x listening
    ABL always be learnin’
    There is something in every episode that contributes to my podcast shares at work. Feedback Fridays may be my favorite episodes because of the different perspectives Gabe and Jordan offer. You will not be disappointed if you give it a listen.
  • G9461
    Very Solid Podcast
    This is a podcast for serious people. As we age our minds become more fixed, so for many people they never learn new things. This podcast pushes you to consider new topics, from real experts, with real facts. It is clear that Jordan thoughtfully chooses subject matter experts to discuss topics and issues that many people do not consider. In addition, Jordan’s interview style makes you feel as if you are listening in to an interesting conversation rather than a lecture. If you crave mental stimulation this is the podcast for you!
  • sc00000
    All Around Great Show
    I discovered The Jordan Harbinger Show a couple years ago while listening to another podcast. I listened to it once and it quickly became the one podcast I don’t miss. Jordan has a well-rounded selection of guests, from an undercover ATF agent to former drug dealers, scientists, and pro-athletes) and discusses a wide variety of topics with those guests. It is evident that Jordan does a great deal of research prior to his interviews as his conversations are very intelligent. He is not afraid to interview people coming from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. I never fail to learn something from each episode regardless of whether or not I agree with what the guest is talking about. This has become my “go-to” podcast. I highly recommend everyone check it out.
  • dbienenf
    Wide variety of guests. Jordan’s personal exepriences give the podcast a very personal feel. Personally, I delete the Feedback Fridays and rarely listen to Skeptical Sundays, but I’m amazed at the sorts of people he gets and the engaging way he converses with them.
  • Philly girl 2
    Range, wit and insight in a show that’s packed Tight!
    I’m so impressed with the range of guests and topics covered on the show. Conversations are deep impact with content, but good energy and the time goes fast. Topics reflect on the past and give us a peek into the future — maybe that’s why God named the host “harbinger“!
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