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(Apple's Best of 2018) In-depth conversations with people at the top of their game. Jordan Harbinger unpacks guests' wisdom into practical nuggets you can use to impact your work, life, and relationships. Learn from leaders (Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban), entertainers (Moby, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dennis Quaid), scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye), athletes (Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk) and an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to spies and psychologists.

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  • 1148orange
    My go to podcast for luminary wisdom!!
    The Jordan Harbinger Show offers a wealth of knowledge to anyone seeking personal and professional growth. With a diverse array of top luminaries and a charismatic and enlightened host, it provides its listeners with actionable insights and practical strategies they can immediately apply to improve their lives. This show is a must-listen for anyone aspiring to live a more flourishing and optimal life.
  • MJD 83
    Top rated podcast.
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost a decade now, and it might be the only survivor on my pod list besides the JRE that has lasted that long. It’s the eclectic mix of guests that have managed to keep my attention, combined with Jordan’s very entertaining style of delivery. It’s truly a standout winning combination. I also appreciate how Jordan manages to somehow remain mostly apolitical and is willing to challenge narratives from all political factions in search of truth…..such a rare and precious commodity anymore. If you are wanting some fresh, open minded and entertaining conversations with an interesting mix of guests, I can’t hardly recommend another podcast more!
  • andreasdoesart
    Best podcast out there!!!
    I’ve been listening to the show for years now, can’t even remember how I first found the show but about 6 years ago I started really trying to better myself and found podcasts as a great outlet to learn from and started listening. The Jordan Harbinger show is my absolute favorite podcast and I look forward to it every week!
  • Muppetlabactual
    Amazing podcast
    Ask for critical thinking regarding topics which brings a breath of fresh air. Feedback Friday are treat just to hear Gabe’s roast.
  • P.S.III
    An all around amazing podcast!
    Thank you for doing the leg work on finding this very interesting information! Addendum: My wife and I have started using the pod as part of my son’s homeschooling curriculum. And I have seen an amazing amount of growth. Thank you again!
  • Jay Weis
    Highly Recommend
    The strength of Jordan’s podcast is its versatility. Over the past week I used this podcast covered everything from nuclear war scenarios to career advice. Jordan is always well prepared for his interviews and gives his guests leeway to convey their ideas. Appointment listening in my household for sure.
  • TayFreebs
    Long time listener - one of my favorite podcasts!
    I have been listening to Jordan for almost a decade (since his prior show) and it is truly one of my favorite podcasts. Jordan and Gabe are super relatable and it feels like a conversation with a friend. The topics are incredibly varied and I often learn things I have never even thought about before. I have recommended many episodes to friends or family over the years and listening has opened my mind to alternate viewpoints on topics I thought I already knew a lot about. Jordan‘s interview skills are also incredible and I find myself thinking about the way that he prepares and asks questions in my day-to-day work. Big fan here and cannot recommend highly enough!
  • vdandekar
    Smooth and informative
    Have been a fan of this podcast for a while. The presentations are a master class in cultivating conversation that is shares information and tells a story at the same time. It truly feels like you are part of a very inviting yet private chat with each eclectic guest and for each superb topic!
  • Dristyle
    The Jordan Harbinger Show
    Jordan is an excellent interviewer because he makes each interview a conversation making it feel like you are sitting around the kitchen table with them at a get together. With a wide range of experiences that includes travel throughout the world, Jordan’s show is both informative and entertaining. My favorite is his “Feedback Friday” episodes. The format has listeners write in problems while Jordan and his producer Gabriel give advice. The chemistry is very clear between these two making the show entertaining.
  • S_Tank
    Love the show!
    Jordan does an excellent job letting the guest speak, while also asking the right questions!
  • Luckiirish
    More Annie Jacobson
    Annie Jacobson episode should be required reading for all US citizens, residents, and service members. The Skeptic/al Sunday with Andrew Gold about bottled water…. CHOICE. 👩🏻‍🍳 💋 🤌
  • high5six
    Really enjoy this podcast
    I really enjoy Jordan’s interview style. It’s the right amount of I don’t know curiosity and intelligent back and forth with the guest. I really get so much from this podcast and am very happy I found it. I got my wife hooked on it too.
    Five Star content
    I’ve been a listener for almost four years, and Jordan and his team have consistently given high quality information and content. I have learned so much from the guests and the show.
  • CobraKishon
    Love the show
    Started listening a couple of weeks ago, and I’m loving everything about the show. I wrote an email for feedback Friday and I got a detailed and helpful response the next day. I’m definitely going to share this podcast with people I know.
  • runswithscissors74
    Smart, Funny and Addictive!
    I’ve been listening to this show for a couple of years now and it has definitely risen to the top of my favorites list. I have never been disappointed in an episode. The guests range from award winning scientists, to Colombian drug operatives, to war correspondents to music industry moguls. Not only is there a ton of relevant important information presented, but the show is presented in a way that feels exciting to listen to. No one is talking over each other or being interrupted. There are times when things get a little tense, because there are big issues on board and Jordan isn’t afraid to try and set the record straight, but it is always done respectfully and responsibly. Jordan is also really funny which at times can add a little lightness when it’s needed. Also, if you just like to listen to some tea or feel better about your current life situation, you can always listen to the episodes with Gabe where they discuss a random letter writer’s awful predicament. I really can’t say enough about this show. I recommend it to everyone I know.
  • Hereforit67
    Useful information
    If you are looking for a podcast that is interesting with useful information that could save your life or your wallet etc., this is it!
  • Whoaman2014
    So much education!
    I love these guys. I learn so many things. They have opened my mind. And Jordan knows when to throw in a well placed joke!
  • Chickencoopdwell
    Great advice
    Very practical and very informative. Love the sense of humor.
  • emzg1
    Needs more than just 5 stars!!
    I highly recommend this podcast! It offers a perfect blend of humor and thought-provoking content, presented in a compassionate manner. Jordan's podcast features an incredibly unique and diverse range of guests. You never know what to expect next, and that's what makes it so captivating. I tell everyone I know that they must give this podcast a try, because I know they will be hooked as soon as they do!
  • Cece LA
    Well done
    Jordan Harbinger's podcast is a treasure trove of insightful content. From thought-provoking guest interviews to engaging segments like Feedback Friday and Skeptical Sunday, each episode offers valuable wisdom and practical advice. Some of my personal faves: interviews with Adam Grant, Jennifer Cohen, Dr Tasha Eurich; Cannibas (Skepical Sunday); She’s Losing Sleep Over a Dangerous Creep (Feedback Friday). Whether you're seeking personal development tips or simply enjoy intriguing discussions, this show delivers consistently. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and leave a wee bit wiser! Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their mindset and skills
  • Stork1998
    Interesting and educational
    Let me start off with this. I very much enjoy your show. I’m a sixty-something guy and learn something every show.
  • Marismom
    So Much to Love
    This quickly became my favorite podcast. There is so much great content, but Feedback Friday is what I look forward to the most. Jordan and Gabe address some pretty serious topics sent in by listeners. They offer advise and provide helpful resources while somehow making it lighthearted, heartfelt and…hilarious!
  • Jiggyy23
    LOVE this podcast!!!
    Such a great show. I’ve been listening for a couple of years now and am totally hooked. It’s unlike any other podcast out there. There’s such a wild mix of interesting topics and guests, and whether I think the subject is interesting or not, I’m always learning something new. The host, Jordan, is incredible. He’s always engaging and endlessly entertaining. I often find Jordan as fascinating as his guests. I love the little personal stories he shares here and there. They’re hilarious!
  • Cr33perboy
    Love Feedback Fridays
    I listen to the show primarily for the feedback Fridays. While yes I do listen occasionally to the other episodes as well, I like the feedback Fridays because to me they are the most relatable and I get the greatest amount of insight on life through those episodes. I also wrote in and they responded giving me insight to what I can do in my situation which I’m very grateful for!
    It’s A Blouse Gabe!
    Gabe your story about the interviews were great. The shirt you were wearing is a blouse! They have buttons on the opposite side of a man’s shirt. nothing wrong with that, but just thought you should know if you don’t already. Or maybe you do who the judge!
  • 063031
    Jordan Harbinger
    This podcast is refreshingly non political. Jordan has a large variety of guests and a varied library of topics. I laugh, I cry, I am intrigued, I am informed, I am entertained. What more could a person want? Thankyou!
  • ethan_Ab
    Appeals to all audiences
    Jordan has really honed his skills and provides a great platform for interesting guests to expound on experiences / ideas! Jordan and Gabe are super entertaining, kind and leave the politics out. It’s refreshing and fit for any one!
  • pciaobella
    Never a dull moment
    I love the premise of this podcast and all the interesting insights and perspectives on things I’d always wondered about! I especially love Feedback Fridays and appreciate the good advice mixed in with humor. This podcast is perfect for my every day - getting ready for work and commutes home - and I swear I’m smarter now 🤣
  • Sýnin sees all
    Insightful, fair, and brainy.
    I heard about this podcast through another channel and thought I’d give it a try. I binge listen while I work grave shift, and I’m hooked. I love the topics Jordan has to offer, and feedback Friday is always a good time. I love how he is interested in the wellbeing of his listeners, and offers advice and support for them. I’ve learned so much through this podcast, and Dark Jordan is the best. <3
  • Jordan Harbinger Junkie
    Best Podcast - For Critical Thinkers
    I’ve been listening to the show for several years, mostly for the long-form content of the regular shows, but the other features Jordan is always rolling out like Skeptical Sunday where he deep dives into a specific topic are good too. I’ve tried a few other podcast but nothing else comes close, Jordan’s episodes are focused, concise, detailed, and just the right length. You can tell he does his research, and his questions pull out the expertise and perspectives of a variety of guests and experts. The full episodes are the best, with a variety of guests discussing their areas of expertise. These help with critical thinking and better understanding these timely and complex topics, and just like Jordan says of his 6-Minute Networking course (also a worthwhile framework to build and maintain your network in good times, for the bad times): “You’ll be in smart company where you belong!”
  • T.truncatus
    No time for any other podcast
    I have thirty five other podcast in my library; however, this is the one that I mostly listen to. It makes up for about twenty five of the others. It’s positive, encouraging, entertaining, informative, and helpful. I feel that this crew is trying to make this world a better place. They give insight into areas that we don’t even consider because most of us don’t tread outside of our own comfort zones. I’m thankful for their insight, and how compassionate they are for others. 👍👍
  • meggiesulli
    Must listen-Must SHARE
    I have loved this podcast from the first time I heard it. You feel like you understand yourself and the world a little bit better. The way Jordan asks questions and interviews his guests is second to none. I have told anyone that will listen about this show and I will continue doing so. Keep up the GREAT work, Jordan. I’ll be listening.
  • Mshollyw00d
    This show has so much to offer
    I discovered this show last year and have been obsessed ever since. There is a wide variety of subject matter to keep things interesting. Jordan always books the most fascinating people, and the interviews are well thought out. The Feedback Fridays are entertaining (although there have definitely been some “doozies”) and I’ve learned so much from the Skeptical Sundays. I find myself checking for new episodes nearly every other day. When there isn’t something new, I find one in his collection of nearly 1000 previous episodes. In a world full of sound bites, short form videos, and hot takes, Jordan is a breath of fresh air.
  • Pgm1
    One of my absolute favorites
    This is a great show. Jordan is always very well prepared for guess interviews and he's got a great interview style that elicits maximum information from his guests. He interviews people from such diverse backgrounds and covers a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time. Many of his episodes are very impactful, especially when he dives deep into mental health topics. I highly, highly recommend this show!
  • SaxonJeff
    Love the high quality long-form format
    Jordan and team deliver high quality fact-based podcasts with experts on a huge variety of topics. So much of news and entertainment now is focused on catchy headlines and light on the details, but this show's long-form format allows ample time to dive into specifics. He is well spoken and adds some humor to make the podcast interesting.
  • KMichM
    Love This Show!
    Listen to this show every week, and my husband and I really enjoy it during any road trips we take. We’ve found ourselves talking about multiple episodes that really stuck with us! Love the insight found in feedback friday.
  • WastingTime1111111
    Learning about all kinds of cool stuff
    I truly had no idea I needed to learn about how child slavery is ubiquitous in the chocolate business, or hear from an undercover cop in a motorcycle gang. I truly can’t recommend this enough. You don’t only hear about these amazing stories, but Jordan really pushes to get actionable advice out of each guest. This gets my highest recommendation.
  • Charlie Sweetwater
    Informative….Entertaining…Enjoyable…Eclectic…These are just a few of the reasons I have become an avid listener of the show. Jordan let’s the guest make their point and share their story. With the audience. He does this in a manner that will leave you wanting to know more about the guests story. Listen once and you’re going to find yourself listening time and time again on the treasure trove of stories in the library of shows.
  • Sorenhigh
    My go-to podcast
    I sew for a living and recently gave up watching TV. So I started listening to podcasts while I work and this one has been my daily go-to for a few months. I like to scroll through and choose a random episode and so far not one has been disappointing. I’m a huge fan of feedback Friday, and have been lucky to get some insight from their answers for my own personal questions. I also find their responses both entertaining and helpful. I’ve bought many books who’s authors have been featured on the show; I never would have had I not heard the interview truthfully. I do judge a book by its cover! And title 😅 so the interviews have helped me do less of that. Thanks for the many hours of information, entertainment, and advice.
  • Jason Presagio
    Come for the interviews, stay for the doozies
    Gabe and Jordan really bring the house down with their banter and advice. The interviews are amazing and some of my favorite podcasts. I'd love to explain more but a dirty diaper awaits. To be continued.
  • Geo62!
    Learn Something new every listen
    The Jordan Harbinger Show is a fantastic show. I listen to topics I never thought I would have interest in, because Jordan has knowledgeable guests who are also interesting. And Jordan knows just what to ask. On Fridays he incorporates Gabriel Mizrahie (sorry if I mangled that Gabe) intro the episode and they have very funny banter before and during listener letters. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to The Jordan Harbinger Show!
  • SuperStewCrew
    Apple podcast review
    I find the Jordan Harbinger Show to be very informative, and enjoyable. He covers a wide variety of interesting subjects (social, finance, psychology, world politics, etc), and does "deep dives", consulting with experts in those fields. I've learned a lot through following his show. I like the easy flow and humor in the discussions. I recommend giving the Jordan Harbinger Show a listen
  • Shell97o2ie
    Multi-faceted information
    I listen to a lot of podcasts… mainly true crime.. how I found the Jordan harbinger show, well I don’t really know. What I like about it is it different information, Jordan doesn’t have a particular ax to grind on one topic.. nor do you listen to the same crime with different authors.. probably my favorite part is the feedback Friday… but I do appreciate hearing about things/people/places I wouldn’t normally think about
  • K J Jones
    The Podcast I will Never Leave
    So I have been listening to Jordan in some podcast form since 2014. First Podcast I ever subscribed to. First Podcaster I ever really an invested in. First Podcast in my list of any suggestions for anyone who wants to be better in any facet of life. You can tell he cares about the quality of his content. He makes sure his listeners get real value from all of his interviews. Not only that Jordan and his team are equally invested in the listeners feeling connected him. I kid you not if you email him he WILL respond with a quality response, not some automated nonsense. The ads and sponsor are even decent! My favorite episodes are his deep dive and rants about scams and MLM. He does not play when it comes to exposing those who take advantage of other! Love this show!!
  • Shea.Marie
    Great eclectic podcast!
    I love thé Jordan Harbinger shows. Jordan does insightful interviews with an array of interesting people covering a range of topics from self help and psychology to crime and terrorism to science and technology. It’s like an all you can eat buffet for your brain. Check it out!
  • JVJoyner
    Smoke Free Rogan
    This podcast is Joe Rogan without the politics and weed. The host is highly intelligent and insightful with a knack for finding fascinating guests. Certainly worth giving a shot if you’re looking for a good show with variety.
  • Liberty V Justice
    Jordan and Gabe give a unique perspective on life. They make me think about things in a way that I never thought about them before. They are a rare breed, intelligent, funny and cool. They're lots of fun to listen to. But they will also open your mind and teach you about life. And their BOLD honesty to the call- in guests will EMPOWER YOU to speak the truth that others don’t want to hear but NEED to hear if they are going to heal! That is love! Honesty, when it’s something someone doesn’t want to hear--THAT IS LOVE! And not many people will be honest with you about the changes you need to make in your life. Just like when I was on my way to gaining that 250 pounds. Gram said “Stop telling me you hate your fat stomach if you’re gonna keep eating that cinnamon toast with sugar” GABE AND JORDAN ARE love! It’s so rare to get the truth about ME so I LISTEN TO THEM AND I FEEL SMARTER, STRONGER AND EMPOWERED (WITH LOVE!!) Thanks for opening up my mind, so I can be less judgmental and MORE helpful
  • Mimi-Mya
    Let's Do This
    Great format, both engaging and comfortable, like a new friend that feels like an old friend. Most of all, it is super important to stay current on culture, politics, science and economics. Jordan and Gabe do this with the best guests, balance and humor, making this over 60 woman looking forward to every episode. Keep going, guys.
  • Hannah456!
    Very informative and entertaining
    This is a great podcast! I trust this podcast because Jordan invites guests who are experts in their fields, so I know I am not just getting some random person’s crazy opinions. I also really love that there are guests from a wide range of beliefs and opinions. While I may not always agree with each person’s opinions, I learn where they are coming from, learn to respect differing opinions, and become more educated in the process.
  • Live From Tokyo
    Great practical insights
    The interview was filled with practical tips as well as the logic and research that backs up the effectiveness. Pretty much standard fare for Jordan’s interviews.
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