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(Apple's Best of 2018) In-depth conversations with people at the top of their game. Jordan Harbinger unpacks guests' wisdom into practical nuggets you can use to impact your work, life, and relationships. Learn from leaders (Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban), entertainers (Moby, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dennis Quaid), scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye), athletes (Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk) and an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to spies and psychologists.

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  • josernoya
    One of the best podcasts
    This podcast is excellent. Jordan is amusing as an interviewer but also really smart at asking the right questions and keeping the hosts entertained while they share really good advice about their professions or life philosophies. This podcast always gives me three things: (A) actual usable information that I can use for work, (B) teaches me about human relations and life decisions; and (C) I always have a good time listening. Thanks Jordan, keep them coming
  • Kinshuk007
    Must listen
    I came across this show around an year back as one of the apps recommendations based on my listening history and have been hooked ever since! What I particularly like about the show is that they have a wide breadth of interesting individuals. Where else can you find former criminals and productivity experts on the same show. The point here is that there is something to learn from each one of these people and you would be surprised at some of the insights that come out of these interviews. Another feature that I love is “feedback fridays” where Jordan and Gabe dissect complex life topics as they answer listener questions. All in all, this is right mix of insight and entertainment packed in one show. Don’t miss it!
  • •jR-007thats me
    Gracias jordan muy buen show
    Guys this is the show the everyone should be listening, I had followed Jordan since the old show and this new show it’s way more better the that old one I highly recommend this show...
  • LGer JBir
    My new favorite
    This is the most interesting, educational and eyeopening podcast I have found. My husband and my parents are hooked. Thanks for putting this good stuff out there! Also, I would like to add how much care, attention and time Jordan and his co-host give to their listeners. I submitted a Feedback Friday Question and received a thoughtful and helpful response from Jordan. I feel special and honored to have been part of an episode. This show is unique and special.
  • DaWoodster61
    Mike Rowe foundation
    I would be interested in listening to a show where you had Mile Rowe as a guest to discuss the skills gap and why we need more people to go into the trades and not college. There is money to be made and not everyone is cut out for college. Too many outlets make college sound like the only route after high school dooming many students. Let get the message out there about options other than college.
  • parrot 5576 23467
    Amazing show
    This is one of my favorite podcasts thank you!
  • P.S.III
    An all around amazing podcast!
    Thank you for doing the leg work on finding this very interesting information!
  • LaGrange mom
    Loving this show that helps me grow
    This podcast is smart, innovative, and has something to appeal to just about anyone. The interviews have a way of connecting the audience to the guests in unexpected ways. I have been a fan of talk radio for years and there is less of that around these days. Podcasts typically don't connect with the audience like live radio once did, but this show is the exception to that rule. One of the features I like best is that Jordan plays clips of past episodes and gives the show number so you can search and listen to previous guests. This has quick become my top choice every night and I have shared multiple episodes with friends and coworkers. Keep up the great broadcasting!
  • Keepcoach
    Makes my hour commute easy
    I listen to this every week on my commute to work. I love the variety of guests from all walks of life and backgrounds. Very enlightening and entertaining. Great mix of seriousness, information and comedic relief. Keep them coming. I look forward to to them every week.
  • BluMoon777
    I think the show is excellent! My favorite part is that you can tell that Jordan is genuine and sincere and his conversations seem so natural.
  • Rap Rocks!!!!!!!!!!:)))))
    Consistent quality
    This podcast entertains and also provides actionable takeaways to apply to everyday life. Jordan’s interviewing skills are top notch. Bingeing past episodes is highly encouraged!
  • SR71Slaya
    Love love love this show!!!
    I listen to this show on the commute to and from work every day! I love that I learn something new every single episode. I’ve already been able to apply things I’ve taken away from the show into my every day life. I’ve yet to listen to a boring episode. They are all so fascinating! I love this show so much!
  • Kiana Gus
    Podcast You NEED in Your Life
    I never knew there was a podcast out there like this. And let me say, EVERYONE should listen to Jordan. Seriously!!!! Every time I listen to an episode I can’t wait to tell someone what I learned!!
  • OnlyKingBoy
    Captivating & Informative
    The Jordan Harbinger show is a great podcast for anyone who is curious and is looking to know more. The guests this team has brought in to interview are like no other. Jordan asks questions we are all thinking or hadn’t even thought to think about! Give it a listen especially if you are someone always looking to better yourself and increase your knowledge.
  • Matthewk24
    Jordan has a special touch to his interview style that is very engaging and enjoyable. The guests are often surprised by the insight and depth Jordan goes into while interviewing. The Feedback Friday shows are also very informative and enlightening. Give this show a try and I promise you will not regret it.
  • Debs eye
    Every episode unique
    Every episode provides something new to learn or in-depth understanding of WHY and how the world works
  • Lauren Kepler
    Get ready to challenge your mind in the best way!
    This is the podcast I’ve been needing for longer than I’d like to admit. With everything going on in the world, and all the confusion about who to believe, it’s so refreshing to hear such grounded conversations. I’ve been struggling to cope with everything from the racism conversation, this past election, my anti-masking/anti-vax/Qanon believing family members. I’ve started asking myself if I’M the crazy one, but this podcast has helped me dig deeper and challenges my thinking in the best way. In ways I didn’t even know I needed to be challenged. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to pretty much anyone, because even if you think you know so much—there’s still way more to learn. Expand your thinking, get uncomfortable, and get curious!
  • Tyro240
    So many intriguing guests and topics
    I love coming away from this podcast each week with the beginnings of a rabbit hole into the topics discussed. The insights are mind blowing and I always come away with a couple of things to ponder and study further. Love the work put into each episode and getting on a personal level with the guests.
    The man
    Solid show, awesome dude, great content!
  • jlpirock
    Food for the Brain
    If you are the type of person who wants to grow in knowlege, personal insight and be entertained at the same time this is the podcast for you. You will look forward to the next podcast after going back and listening to the entire calolog because I know you will. Jordan is a special guy. He listens to his guests and actually does his homework. He allways asks the questions that you would want to ask and the questions you didn't think of expanding the conversation. Your time will fly buy and you will feel very very satisfied. I promise.
  • Pissedatprimos
    Entertaining and Informative
    The Jordan Harbinger show is one of the best ways to use your time. Delightful stories from a huge variety of guests are side by side with useful advice and deeply informative shows. Jordan and his team deliver high quality product at a stunning pace. Several times a week they delight your ears with an impressive variety of people, stories and entertainment. What are you waiting for? Ditch the fake “influencers” and give this gem a try.
  • Camille Virginia
    An absolute favorite - smart, witty, incredibly insightful
    Jordan is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. He once mentioned he spends 15+ hours researching his guests before they come on to ensure a great interview, and it shows. He asks just the right questions that elicit incredible insights and stories, sometimes that the guest has never shared with anyone else. He holds space for their answers and the interviews feel like you just happened to overhear the most interesting side conversation at Starbuck ever. Highly recommended.
  • So17528526089
    My go-to podcast
    This is my favorite podcast. The host assumes an intelligent listener and the topics are always super interesting. The guests are people I would love to have a conversation with and this is the next best thing, particularly since Jordan often asks the questions I find myself wanting to ask. One thing I love is that I find that Jordan as an interviewer is very consistent with who he is as a person on feedback Fridays, for example. He lets just enough of his personality play into the conversation to keep it engaging without ever taking over. He has a strong sense of identity and never seems intimidated by the guests; that said, his self-deprecating sense of humor keeps it light. I would be hard pressed to find a person I think wouldn’t like this podcast.
  • Puckme
    Ready to learn? Ready to broaden your horizons?
    Ever since being introduced to the Jordan Harvin show I have learned all kinds of interesting information that I would not have dreamed otherwise. Jordan breaks things down and then easy manner of understanding gives you show notes for each episode to make the learning that much more indelible. I highlyRecommend a podcast, Jordan is down to earth well traveled and really gets the mostOut of his guests. It is amazing his ability to communicate with his listeners answer questions, and just take time thanks for all you do Jordan
  • Kimtisha
    Top-notch podcast. If you only listen to one podcast, let it be this one. You'll come away a better person.
  • cjl2441
    I’d love to not have to hear ads for The Jordan Harbinger Show of half the podcasts I listen to.
  • Mystic TMark
    Five Stars
    I’m hesitant to rate anything five stars, but I think the Jordan Harbinger show has earned them. The work that goes into the show can be seen in the quality programming. The guests are knowledgeable in their areas. I have found the episodes on cult influence very useful. I hate waiting for the second part of two part episodes, but the two parters are always worth a listen.
  • w00dew
    Love The Variety
    Always pleasantly surprised with the variety in Jordan’s shows.
  • Sofia_etc_
    Insightful, entertaining, & educational all in one
    This is genuinely the best podcast I listen to - and I listen to a LOT of podcasts. The magic of the show is that it entertains you but also educates you in the process. I find myself learning new things and referencing them in conversation and sometimes for school and work I look back on episodes to reference the thinkers (in my own academic/scholarly work). I find that this is an educational podcast but it just doesn't feel like it - it feels more like an entertainment show! Keep up the good work on this show!
  • binarytempo
    One of my new favorites
    I found out about this podcast from Darknet Diaries and it immediately shot up to the top of my podcast list. The interview style creates such great conversations and the variety of interviews are so interesting. I’ve listened to some episodes with guests I never thought I’d be interested in and I always end up enjoying them. Add this podcast to your favorites, you won’t regret it!
  • JDubbsIII
    There’s a lot to like about Jordan’s show, but to pick a favorite I would say that I love how at the end of his episodes he recommends an episode from his catalogue that you’ll probably enjoy as well if you liked the one you just listened to. Big help effortlessly cherry picking his back library. Thanks Jordan!
  • Cletus Polk
    Try One Episode and You’ll Know
    Finding a good podcast can seem daunting in this world of political animosity, confusion, and nonsense programs. The Jordan Harbinger Show will lower your stress while informing you across a range of topics. There is always something interesting here. Some examples: Real stories of a master counterfeiter. Improving emotional intelligence. Building your network to succeed in work and life. On Fridays, Jordan and (calmingly voiced) producer Gabe Mizrahi answer listener questions, frequently enlisting advice from experts. It's a great way to end the week. Check out the STARTER PACKS, a collection of the most popular shows from the 550 (and growing) catalog, and you'll know if this podcast is right for you. I highly recommended the Jordan Harbinger Show.
  • Shirleygirlky
    Great variety of topics, guests, and practical advice!
    I’ve been listening for about a year, and really enjoy the variety Jordan has on his show. Jordan keeps the topics and the guest selections interesting. I listen to 5 or 6 podcasts regularly, and this is my favorite, because of the practical advice, & variety. I always learn something!
  • Luke Ptacek
    My Number One!
    If you listen to only one podcast, why not this one? I’ve never been left wanting for more entertainment or more practical impact on my life! Jordan’s interview style makes it hard to listen to the same guests on other podcasts; he really knows how to bring the best out of everyone. Truly the most interesting conversations with the most interesting people!
  • leeleeloo79
    Best podcast ever
    This is by far the best podcast out there! I’ve listened to the show more than a year now and love every single episode! Interesting and diverse guests and fascinating interviews!
  • living to 100
    Very positive experience
    I’ve listened to a couple of Jordan Harbinger’s interviews. I’m finding them to be very practical and energizing conversations. No hooks, just useful content.
  • Dr Ruth G
    Interviews of top thought leaders
    It is refreshing to hear such engaging interviews with the preeminent thought leaders. The host, Jordan Harbinger, clearly does his homework before interviewing these guests. The interview goes beyond the ordinary and takes you down interesting twists and turns.
  • Big Al 717
    It’s for you. I promise.
    The show has such a wide range of guests and topics that there is something you will enjoy, I promise. If you want to be well informed on a wide variety of topics you might not find yourself, if you want to deep dive into social science and human behavior, or you want to hear advice about real people problems, it’s all here. If you try it and don’t like it, please try another one. Check out the starter packs on the website for advice on best episodes or search for a celebrity you know, or book you like and I bet they have done an interview on the topic.
  • Nelly1Stunner
    The BEST podcast out there
    This show is amazing. I always feel inspired when I get done listening. I enjoy hearing the interesting stories from all the fascinating guests Jordan books. After listening to a few episodes I’m hooked and this is definitely the first podcast I go to even when others I follow have new episodes.
  • buttasshat
    Insightful, thoughtful, and always intriguing
    Definitely my favorite podcast that isn’t true crime 😅 the interviews throughout the week are so intriguing and there is a plethora of them. Feedback Friday is also great with thorough research and thoughtful wisdom. Five stars for sure!
  • Wizards rule
    A narcissists guide to self help and bettering yourself
    The Jordan harbinger show is a podcast un-like other podcasts you’ve listened to. Jordan (the host) states frequently that he wants to bring interesting people on the show and have interesting conversations with those people and use their expertise and combined life experience to pass on their combined knowledge to you (the listener) and possibly teach you something new every show. Even with an ambitious mission statement like that, the show succeeds and accomplishes everything they declare. This is especially highlighted in their Friday show where they take questions from their listeners and offer advice and help for fans of the show in especially tricky situations, that can range from dating problems to identity issues, college life, problems in the workplace and everything in between. The show shares opinions from people of all back rounds and walks of life which is especially refreshing in today’s age. While the show truly is a gift and tries to “help” it’s audience it’s done through a narcissistic, hypocritical and egotistical host (Jordan) that “shoehorns” every conversation/ episode with his own privileged life experiences and insecurities. Unfortunately for the show which is almost always extremely informative and helpful it can more often than not find Jordan complaining or bragging about his life and how he feels/ felt about certain things and certain times in his life which hardy ever adds value to the conversation. This is a repetitive and constant pattern and almost guaranteed to be in as many episodes as him selling his own “help products” or his guests book for 15+ minutes. Ultimately while the show has a host who can be abrasive, hypercritical and/or insensitive at times the show offers enough knowledge and content that I would wager anyone could learn something from after listening to many episodes. As long as you can tolerate a host who frequently comes across as doing the show for his own self massaging reasons and some minor but not uncommon editing snafus, you will enjoy a wide variety and plethora of knowledge and maybe even learn something about yourself.
  • roundwhitetablet
    Love this podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. This is a quality product. The interviews are packed with interesting stories, different and fresh perspectives, narratives, knowledge and wisdom from thought leaders, influencers and disruptors. I appreciate that this show is not about rah rah, or perpetuating extreme views, propaganda. This show has a lot of value for anyone who is trying to get to a better place in their life, career, or relationships, irrespective of what stage they are currently in. I look forward to listening to new episodes every time I get into my car. When I’m all caught up with new episodes, only then will I listen to the music I’ve been foregoing because of how good The Jordan Harbinger show is. Keep them coming, Jordan!
  • Joshnd80
    By far, one the best out there
    I love this podcast. If you like listening to other peoples’ experiences and learning something from them this is the podcast for you. There is always something new to learn. Jordan also has great worksheets to go along with most of his podcast so that you can really retain the information you hear. I recommend this to friends all the time.
  • jamiekeb
    Love it
    I love the different guests that aren’t on the other podcasts like T-Pain! Love his positive outlook and he is so funny!
  • hetd
    Great content and great hosts
    I have listened to the show from the start. It is the first thing that I listen to each morning as I take my daily walk. Jordan consistently dives deep with his guests while creating a fun atmosphere that creates conversations which are much better than typical canned responses. I never know on a daily basis whether the guest will be an A-list celebrity, author or other intriguing person.
  • LLuvCoolJane
    Will Stors
    I really liked this guy until he started talking about Prince Harry. I was born in the USA and have consumed decades of information, including popular culture of all types, my whole life. So I know a thing or two about a thing or two. Mr. Stors showed astonishing ignorance about a VERY complex topic, Sussexit. His feelings are clearly hurt that Harry decamped with his wife and young son, amid ridiculous racist treatment of his wife by the British press and the Royal Family. Think about it, Jordan. In 2021, Dax Shepard interviewed Harry, as did Oprah. Since Harry is sort of your neighbor now, you could listen to both interviews, as well as watch his bit with James Corden. It would be great to have you interview Harry, maybe you could help explicate some of the misconceptions dogging this couple from across the pond.
  • sammibrumm
    Just listen to it - it’s SO good!!
    One of my favorite podcasts. Full of info that I didn’t know I wanted to know about topics I would never seek out myself. Loved the episode with Drew Binsky! Great host, great content, 100% recommend
  • mcs5807
    First review given for a podcast
    This podcast is great. They do a great job of getting amazing minds on the show from all different backgrounds. I love that they try to keep politics out of the show (as that gets in the way of being open minded sometimes). Being able to listen to other perspectives and listen to how other intellectuals process information and things happening in their life is something that invaluable and you get it here for free.
  • Ben Wasden
    Good variety of guests
    Great variety of guests and a very objective host. In a world of hyper politics it’s a relief to have a podcast that stays away for that all.
  • lindsay3456
    Great range of interviews
    Jordan has a great mix of guests—former military, celebrities, etc and there is always such a great takeaway! Tons of great tips to help at whatever stage of life you are in, and he just keeps getting better and better!
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