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  • Dirk of Downtown
    Feedback Fridays are the best!
    Jordan and Gabriel are so wise and offer helpful, nonjudgmental, solid in an entertaining manner. It’s a podcast I look forward to every week. Thanks you guys!
  • Abdurraheem Syed
    The best show I ever saw
    This is the show which you want to see in your teenage life. But I came late, I’m in my early twenties and this show has helped in my communication and networking to such extent that I would never thought I would achieve. Some people are blessed to have great communication and networking skills but I didn’t. This should helped me develop that and helped me bring the change which I ever wanted. Jordan’s story is exactly the way I use to be, before his summer internship. Thanks Jordan for everything!!!!!
  • Chi-Town Foo
    Love this show
    I love this show. The variety of guests that come on the show helps open my eyes to different topics and different points of view. Feedback Fridays are my personal favorite.
  • Charly510
    Truly enjoy Feed back Friday
    I really enjoy the Feedback Friday episodes as they are issues from real everyday people and Jordan and Gabe show true concern and care for their followers. The guests Jordan interviews are insightful and sometimes funny depending on the topic. I recommend the podcast to everyone.
  • rbcats
    #161 Caesar Millan Interview
    My most favorite so far.
  • AlexNeist
    Jordan is awesome, a pioneer in the podcast world. I love his natural ability to talk with guests. Dont miss his networking course either 💪🙌
  • orcak17
    I learn something every time!
    I love this podcast because I always learn something! Aside from Jordan being a great interviewer, I enjoy the range of topics and guests. It really has helped me take a different perspective on so many things!
  • mutinyluv
    Incredibly Entertaining Resource!
    I don’t know how you guys do it? Every once in awhile I’ll just be so captivated by these interviews or even the question/answers on feedback Friday and then I am so impressed with myself for listening to such quality... then, as if, you guys are inside my head you interview another fave author or someone just totally amazing! The list is just too long, but thanks for such great mind nutrition! Thanks Jordan, Gabe, Jen and Team for being my sanity!
  • ann36477
    Incredible Insight
    Jordan provides insight into complex issues without passing judgement, especially during Feedback Friday. I love listening to the show on long road trips, it calms me down and helps the time pass.
  • Mlucian53
    Great show
    Jordan always has unique guests who bring insights to a variety of fields! Great show all around
  • Michael mastrucci
    The mental stimulation I’ve been looking for
    I’m open to just about any sort of medium when it comes to podcast topics, but being mentally stimulated and taking deep dives into true-life facets is one I favor over most. Jordan is a fantastic host that has awesome guests on to discuss various interesting topics. I always look forward to breaks from my every day routine for this show!
  • Westoverk
    The best Podcast I’ve ever listened to. I am hooked!!
    I never was someone to listen to podcast. Then I rolled across The Jordan Harbinger Show. I listen every day, the stories are all so great and I learn so much just from these amazing and inspirational stories. Thank You, Jordan!
  • Codermalex
    If you only have time for one podcast…
    This is the one to go with! Any person in the world will find something useful in here.
  • drivinlivin
    Very informative and interesting!!
    This is certainly the best a-political podcast out there. There is a huge variety of intelligent guests, and Jordan provides the absolute greatest context to every talking point. I can't explain how much this podcast has helped me overcome my narrow minded views and see the world through a more comprehensive lense. I would like to say a very big THANK-YOU!! to Jordan and his team for all the great content.
  • Rate star123456789
    Great Interview Show
    Got turned onto this podcast as I was looking for longer form shows that I can have on in the background and this is that but also way more. The interviews are really insightful and do give you something to go off of and apply in real life.
  • mshep21
    My favorite podcast!
    Anyone looking to better themselves needs to actively listen to this podcast. This isn’t a show of motivational speeches or guests pushing their latest book. You’ll hear incredible stories, learn new topics, and expand your knowledge on things you thought you knew.
  • Windyhasstormyeyes
    Incredible Podcast
    Discovering the Jordan Harbinger show has improved my overall quality of life. All of his guests come from very diverse backgrounds and it’s very interesting/entertaining hearing from them and how they have gotten to where they are. Each episode has something you can take away from it and apply to your own life to better yourself. Jordan is also a great host. He keeps it real and is very candid. Highly recommend.
  • imj2022
    Clear and concise
    I’ve been listening to Jordan for about 6 months now. I greatly appreciate the value he provides in the diverse guests he has on the show. Also, the questions he asks always seem pertinent, as well as what I think would ask and like to know. Thanks brother!
  • treborob
    By Far My Favorite Podcast!
    I look forward to each episode because it’s like being in a conversation with a good friend. Jordan’s light hearted demeanor and quick wit help keep things fresh and interesting, and he asks great questions which has helped me learn a ton. My knowledge has increased, my perspectives have broadened, and his guests and topics are just plain interesting. On the rare occasion I don’t recognize one of his guests, all it takes is a couple of minutes until I’m fully engaged in the conversation. And Jordan’s natural talent makes it feel effortless, The only thing that would make the show better is if I were actually part of the conversation. Maybe one day! Thanks Jordan, Jen, Gabe and the rest of the team for the great content and for helping to keep me curious.
  • Young Fan9
    One of the best
    I've been listening to Jordan's podcasts for the past 6 years, and this show remains one of my very favorite podcasts. He always has interesting guests who have experienced parts of the world that aren't covered anywhere else. Plus Jordan's interviewing style always helps you come away with applicable life skills, especially how to think for yourself and relate better to others. Great show!
  • Tim Woosley
    Top notch!
    You can tell how much Jordan cares about the person and topic he’s covering. He really knows how to interview well. Keep up the great work, Jordan!
  • jpbechard
    A true hidden gem w A+ guests
    Asks all the questions id want asked. Hidden gem of a self-help worth progress & importance of listening. Thanks Jordan
  • Kelly Shred Fit
    Jordan & Team Delivers ! Amazing Content Here!
    This podcast is so good that when my phone deleted my first 3 paragraph review, I stayed the course and rewrote it. 😐 👍 I have been following Jordan since he began as a cohost on a separate podcast. I followed him through his transition into his own podcast and have not been disappointed. I recommend this podcast to anyone who seeks self development, behavioral science research, and super fascinating conversations with people from all walks of life! Jordan is real, humble, funny, and entertaining. I truly appreciate his candor in his personal and professional experiences and how they drove him this far. In addition to his weekly shows, I also enjoy his feedback Friday with cohost Gabriel Mizrahi. Their advice is actionable, researched, and they consult professionals where needed to provide the best possible feedback. My 2022 goal is to participate in his free 6 minute networking courseWhich he credits for his own successful relationships and connections. Thank you Jordan, Gabriel, and team, for all the amazing and actionable content you deliver !
  • Reendream
    You had me at “become a better critical thinker”
    I love the guests and topics… really thought provoking and relevant for the world today. More.. yes please! Keep up the great work 😊
  • Heathermgalyen
    Incredibly Inspiring
    The Jordan Harbinger Show is such a consistently great listen! I've found that a lot of podcasts who have new guests on a regular basis can sometimes lack the energy and a lot of the episode quality relies on the guest, which can make the episodes a hit or a miss... Jordan brings the energy and inspiration into EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! It is clear that he does his research and, as a listener, I haven't been left with that feeling of "why didn't they ask this question?" Instead, every episode leaves me feeling energized and empowered. Great guests, great content, and great host! 10 out of 10 would recommend!
  • pageantgirl
    Great Show!
    I have learned so many new things from this show. I love all the different perspectives and Jordan's open minded approach to interviwing his subjects. This is quickly becoming my favorite pod!
  • Ms. TMT
    I am NOT a psychopath
    Love all the learning I get from Jordan!! Recently listened to the Thomas Erikson episode and learned I am not a psycopath, but I know a few. This is just one topic I have enjoyed learnig more about when listening to Jordan's podcast. Thanks, Jordan!
  • John K NV
    Good Pod
    Thought I would give this a listen after Adam Carolla recommended it. Very insightful, inquisitive and engaging. One of my new favorite podcasts.
  • AT.Tucson
    Don’t sleep on this Podcast!
    A few months ago, I had never heard of this podcast, and now I find myself trying to find extra time in my day to listen to all of the amazing content that Jordan puts out. Audio quality is always crisp, and the guests are so diverse, that there is literally nuggets of wisdom for everyone. Major props to Jordan, and his team of people that keep this show running day in, and day out.
  • ZandraNaik
    Feedback Friday is Essential Weekly Listening
    Been listening to the show for the past 3+ years. Amazing interviews with various guests yet feedback fridays are more than essential listening for people of all ages, professions, and background. The advice is sound and completely rateable at times. Very refreshing and entertaining to listen to every week!
  • dennisb123
    Worth it’s weight in gold
    This podcast is exactly what it promises to be. If you’re looking for a constructive way to tickle your ear drums look no further. The tools Jordan and his team provide are 100% applicable to everyday life and give you at chance to get some reps in for situations you otherwise wouldn’t find yourself in. One of the highest ROI decisions I’ve made in a long time. Oh and sign up for 6 minute networking, that stuff is magic!
  • Anthony V Codispoti
    Best Podcast Content I’ve Found
    Jordan gets the most amazing guests on his show. As I’ve listened to more of his content I’ve come to understand that he’s been doing podcasts almost longer than anyone. And its obvious in the quality of his interviews. He asks great questions and keeps the interview really moving. So I’m never bored or twiddling my thumbs wondering when he’s going to move onto the next topic. Funny, smart, and he’s genuinely trying to help his listeners improve their lives with his content. Fantastic stuff.
  • yssyoyo28
    Unlearn and Learn!
    Excellent podcast I recently discovered through Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. Jordan is a great interviewer and his guests are extremely interesting. I strive to be as sharp, thorough, and engaged as a listener and speaker. Some of my favorite episodes so far: 559, 594, 597, 555, 548-549, 533, 524 5/5 recommend
  • dmsr1968
    Just started listening to Jordan’s show, and I'm hooked! Jordan’s interviews are second to none! The topics covered, the style of interview, and wisdom imparted are unparalleled. His humble approach is refreshing. It’s clear that he’s using his own networking techniques to attract thought leaders to his show. This ability to connect with the experts on a personal level draws out invaluable insights and drops their guard. Well worth the listen! There’s so many great episodes, I can’t list all my favs. Yet, Sammy “The Bull”… who knew he’s so likable?!
  • Ali Schu
    I’m glad to know that you are a fellow member of the tribe. Alison Schuback
  • Amsterbell
    A Cut Above the Rest!
    Finally, a podcast that makes you think, want to take notes, and always leaves me wanting more! Jordan and his team have put together a great podcast and you can tell they work hard at and love what they do! Jordan is a great interviewer and asks all the right questions.I always look forward to Feed back Fridays with Gabe and Jordan and have found them to be very helpful with things I deal with in my own life. Keep up the great work team!
  • nicklarry925
    Too valuable to skip
    I found this podcast while looking for a way to connect with like minded individuals, and I’m extremely happy I stumbled upon Jordan’s podcast. The way he interviews people and the quality of guests he has on makes you feel like you have a personal coffee meeting with the individuals. Jordan’s brand of intelligence and humor is right up my alley and makes the interviews fun to listen to. I’m a new listener and my only wish is that I had found this one sooner. Cheers!
  • Always cleaning somethin
    Jordan Harbinger podcast
    I love this podcast and got my husband hooked on it and he got his brother hooked as well! Please keep up the good work! Especially love your podcasts about Psychopaths and narcissists since mine and my husbands ex’s were both! Also love how you help others without expecting help in return. Usually good people always want to return the favor and it makes for a better world!
  • shemuga
    We all need great advice and this delivers
    Stay with me for a moment: From time to time, you may run into a LinkedIn post or YouTube video with really great advice on navigating life, business, relationships, yourself. It’s usually one of these and typically the outlier information shared by the channel/person. Then comes the Jordan Harbinger show and wow!! All these slices of your life covered in one podcast! The show is high quality in sound and in their interview skills. And just when you think “that question doesn’t apply to my life”, you get advice that translates to your life. To Jordan and team, I appreciate your hard work and high level content.
  • 麦酒おおおお
    Self Education
    Great interviewer that goes out of his way to give you advice how to apply advice that he gets from the guests he interviews!
  • RandoPC
    The fee for this show is …
    That you have to listen to an obnoxious number of advertisements that disrupt the flow of the conversations. I go back and forth with “is this guy just a huckster” and “wow this is a really insightful guy that helps bring out the best of the people he interviews” overall the ads and product pushing are super annoying but it’s not enough that I’ll stop listening because some of the conversations are really exceptional and allow you perspectives and insights into human behavior you may otherwise miss.
  • Tony B from Idaho
    Excellent content, conversations, inspiration and education. Great work. Thanks!!
  • gabblake
    Great show!
    It has quickly become my favorite podcast! I tell everyone I know about it! I love that every show is a different topic aaaand you learn from the interviews! Whatever your interests are you’ll be able to find episodes that go along with them!!!!
  • Beowulf06
    What you need to hear
    I am not someone who listens to podcasts. Or at least, I didn't used to be. Earlier in this year, the founder of my company suggested that I listen to an episode. Ever since then, it has become a part of my weekly routine. I have grown as a person and as a professional. I can honestly say that I don't believe I could have come out of the struggles I encountered this year (as well as I did) without the advice and stories that I heard on this show. I am eternally grateful.
  • Brett Burton
    Loving this podcast!
    I’ve really been enjoying this podcast. I started a few weeks back and am now tearing through the archives. I enjoy how much practical information is delivered from the guests and how I’m generally left feeling positive and motivated. I also signed up for Jordan’s free networking course and despite being a little lazy about keeping up with it, I’ve had some amazing successes immediately. I know that sounds hokey but I swear he’s onto something.
  • fore80
    Great show after great show.
    Jordan and crew continue to deliver the goods. There are numerous episodes for anyone looking to up-level virtually anything in life. The library is chalk full of gems. Personally, I gravitate towards improving my communication and learning from the stories of the guests; Mike Rowe and Sammy The Bull are couple favorites. How can I — a regular guy — learn from someone like Sammy The Bull? Well, believe it or not, he is a master storyteller. The way he structures and delivers each piece is executed with effortless mastery. The man has more than a few natural gifts. I hope Jordan keeps doing the show for many years to come.
  • Zeeby123
    Amazing Podcast!
    This podcast is absolutely amazing and very insightful.
  • realestatefinancialfreedom
    Life Opening show
    Jordan asks the best questions of his guests that brings out best in them. I always pick great nuggets along the way I can implement into my life. He is also funny please give it a listen.
  • Bummed7811
    Great Content
    I always enjoy hearing Jordan and his guests perspectives!!
  • Ryan_Hartford
    Just great!
    To be transparent, I’ve been working with Jordan for the past two years as his photographer. While working with the show I’ve seen Jordan diligently prepare for interviews, read books written by his guests to gather interesting questions and even ask for feedback on what his listeners may be interested in - even though he seems to have a clear understanding. He obviously cares to create an environment and show that will add value to peoples life and has a humble approach to it. I even take with me things I’ve learned from his previous podcast and before I personally knew Jordan, that has helped me get further in my career and build long lasting relationships with my other clients as well. With every show brings interesting stories and guests that I take bits out and relate them to my own life and experiences. Jordan has a fantastic podcast and I am so grateful to be involved in it to the capacity that I am. I highly recommend the show which I would put up there with one of the bests.
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