9 to 5ish with theSkimm

Business #74Careers #6

The work advice you need, from women who’ve been there. Every week, join the co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, as they help you get what you want out of your career by talking to the smartest leaders they know.

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Recent Reviews
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    As a long-time fan, I cannot say enough good things about theSkimm and 9 to 5ish in particular! Carly and Danielle do such a great job of sharing their wisdom and I love how they lead meaningful conversations with other amazing women who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • HPodcast
    Hosts could be more self aware
    The way the hosts talk to women guests of color is alarming. On the Dean James guest episode, the host’s tone and assertion was a bit rude and was also noticeably different with white guests. The host’s question: what would you say to POCs navigating the process due to the ‘environment’ was also odd. POCs have the same experience of alienation at top companies as they will at top institutions. The lumping of class and color during that segment was also clunky and lazy. Nice podcast episode topics but poor execution
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Carly & Danielle, hosts of the 9 to 5ish with theSkimm podcast, highlight all aspects of careers, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • londonxrose
    Motivational and Inspiring
    I like that each episode is only about 30 mins. It’s a nice quick dose of interesting strong women. Great range of guests from all types of work, which I appreciate.
  • megan@podcastingyou
    Priceless Content
    Carly and Danielle do such a good job covering a variety of topics. Their guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired!
  • nicole6399
    Best episode yet with Kristen Welker!!!!
    Best episode yet with Kristen Welker!!! Loveeee hearing from influential, successful women
  • iKidYouNot22!
    Doses of inspiration & empowerment!
    I am L O V I N G this Skimm series of interviews from an exceptionally-curated community of powerful women leaders. Each episode narrates like an intimate, fireside chat with a strong female/mentor-like figure. The founders, Carly and Danielle, are skilled at asking the poignant & pointed questions that draw listeners deeper into each story. This series has inspired me in crafting my own story/personal ‘Why’, and contains anecdotes and doses of wisdom that leave me feeling inspired & empowered every time.
  • Stacy_Greene
    Don’t waste your time
    These girls are just annoying and bad at this. They are also so out of touch, and terrible listeners and questioners. It is so frustrating to continuously see people who may have a successful company think it can translate into everything they do working well. Not podcasting. Not for these girls. Save your time and skip it.
  • sophia-vasquez-20
    Yes! So empowering
    This show rocks. For anyone feeling up or down at work, this really helps me.
  • dope boy fresh
    Fave show
    I love skim from couch I was worried it wasn’t coming back when you took a break in December ! Love this show so much the episode with the Shine founders is so good, same with Kara Swisher
    Keeps getting better
    I’ve listened to this podcast from the very beginning, and it has instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in me. I’ve learned so much from listening to every single episode. Carly and Danielle are astute interviewers, and I’ve constantly been impressed with how tightly the episodes are edited. I agree with some previous reviews that there was a period of time in the middle when it felt like all of the interviews were with privileged young white women and there wasn’t much diversity in the stories/voices. However, it seems Carly and Danielle have taken those criticisms to heart and have really expanded the types of women and stories and careers they represent through the show. Thank you! And keep up the good work!
  • CaliPodcastListener
    So good!
    This show is a new fave. Thanks skimm!
  • BeccaSKJ
    All things skim
    This show is so good and helps me with my own career. Also love skim this
  • WENCO Sally
    Truly Inspiring
    The Bethany Frankel interview has by far been my favorite to-date. I appreciate her blunt authenticity more than I though I would!
  • NickiMina
    Has started to get a little redundant and/or uninspired…
    I’ve been a long time listener of Skimm’d from The Couch after falling in love with listening to the show’s insightful and interesting guests. Unfortunately, the show has gotten a little boring within the last year, almost as though they’ve run out of interesting people to interview. Recent guests just haven’t had the spark necessary to really captivate my interest. With that being said, there are some great past interviews that I’ve listened to more than once! It’s 2020, so I’m willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt and attribute this to being a temporary lull; hopefully, that proves to be true. In sum, start with the older episodes for optimal listening and go from there.
  • LBGTL22
    Brilliant women talking to other brilliant women
    Skimmed from the Couch has introduced me to so many amazing female voices from every industry. I’m so thankful I got into the podcast. I have read so many books by guests and feel like they have enriched my life incredibly. Thank you!!!
  • MsStonem
    Favorite new show
    This has become my favorite new show in quarantine. And the guests are amazing. I feel like I walk away smarter every time after listening. Thank you Skimm!
  • Caroline Dee
    Editing issues/ sound issues
    I like the show but it’s distracting how poorly it’s produced. I find this with a lot of skimm podcasts. Some indie podcasts I listen to sound much better! Not sure what’s going on. (I know they may be remote right now but so are most of my podcasts I’m listening to!)
  • Liz1678
    Really insightful
    I love this show. The conversations are fascinating and full of meaning. Also- you definitely get tips on your own career, which is a huge bonus. I always feel so empowered after I listen.
  • untrainedwisdom
    Insightful interviews
    I love that this show exists. The hosts do a great job of interviewing a variety of women, and the lessons learned from guests are all unique and meaningful. This podcast is a great listen for any woman who strives to be better at what they do.
  • Michelle in New Orleans
    Just Started and am Obsessed!
    The hosts are very good and interviewing and listening. Top-notch content for female professionals. I feel inspired and smarter after every single episode so far.
  • Sruw
    I have listened to every single one of these podcasts. I never, ever, write reviews. The podcast with Abby Wambach is absolutely the best conversation I have heard in a long time. Abby is inspiring, real and holy moly, she is a bada$$, not just on the field! Great job Ladies! I can’t wait to see who you will have on the show next.
  • gnatt1
    Inspiring listen
    This is a great podcast. Carly and Danielle interview inspiring women in all industries. They share the struggles and triumphs of success.
  • nicky-d-skimm
    Really great
    This show has been a great resource to me as I think about my career. The last 8 months-1 year of the show has just been outstanding and I’m excited for more episodes
  • Pastshelfdate
    Skimm'd dives deeper than most.
    They say they're skimming, and maybe they are, and I'm just catching up with them. I'm mildly autistic, and people in general are more of a mystery to me. I've tried that much harder to learn, but I"m sure I'm behind in learning. Still I'm impressed that these two young, white girl hosts have had so many older guests, and women of color, on their show,and let all these guests really talk about themselves, that in the year or so I've been listening while I clean at work, with my phone on my hip, not seeing their splash page photo, I forget they're white. With my non-hyper, daydreaming attention deficit, I don't recall names well, and I can't think of theirs, but that's another point in their favor. They make their episodes about their guests. They show the tip of the iceberg of women in business, and we get to listen to experiences that can guide our own efforts. Again, with my ADD, I can only recall daily and weekly routines well, but I've always been left with an impression that more neurotypical listeners could get a lot out of this show. Please give them a listen or three. I think you'll be glad you did.
  • MusicLover1616
    Really impressive
    I think this show hits the nail on the head when it comes to career conversations. I also appreciate that they’re trying to include different types of stories and focusing on women who didn’t start by having it all.
  • tearkay
    Almost Great
    I love the hosts and the women that are being interviewed. However I wish there was more diversity in women being interviewed. This podcast could be the example of an inclusive space for all women. But right now it is just a space where white women give other white women high fives and advice.
  • CamilleBarreto
    Not particularly compelling
    Listening to someone’s story of success launched by inheriting a billion dollar conglomerate simply isn’t my definition of an interesting podcast episode. I have no issue whatsoever with inherited wealth and 100% applaud someone’s accomplishments in continuing the legacy. However, it doesn’t play out well for listeners looking to enrich their lives, IMHO. It’s a pity because there are so many possible stories out there to explore of fierce determination, a go-getter mindset, or overcoming adversity with a positive outlook. I hope the host focuses on keeping up the good work from many prior episodes!
  • dhdhrhdbfbbxjxjc!
    Entertaining but a lot of privilege
    I was a staunch supporter of this podcast and I think what the founders have done is truly revolutionary. Go young women! What I find frustrating is that almost all interviewees are either from privileged backgrounds and/or when to the top schools. I'd love to see more women who have had humble beginnings and went to non competitive colleges.
  • KelseySW
    Favorite new show
    This podcast is one of my new favorites. They talk to powerful women and get tons of career advice that’s really applicable to lots of women. A great listen!
  • ThenewSkimmobsessed
    Such a good place to find confidence and inspiration for life, but more specifically in the work place. They bring on such inspiring women and the women offer such great advice on all things about being a woman in the workplace!
  • BrownEyedBeauty83
    In general I like this podcast....
    But as other reviewers have mentioned, the hosts interrupt and interject their thoughts too much. Danielle and Carly try to hard to seem like they are seasoned business women instead of accepting and embracing where they’re at in their careers. Carly and Danielle, you are incredible women who have accomplished so much already but you still have a lot to learn from your guests. Learn to listen better and this will make your podcast and careers better.
  • Sara_Podcast
    Love this show!
    This show is one of my favorites to listen to when I need career advice or inspiration. The guests are impressive but so relatable at the same time, and it's cool how conversational and real the show is.
  • blue is for girls
    Stop interrupting!!!
    Let the interviewee finish a sentence please!
  • Lyddies
    A must-listen for women in leadership
    This is a great listen for anyone, especially females, who are interested in learning from other women’s professional experiences. A great opportunity to avoid making mistakes that other women have made along their career journey. Inspirational and motivational, this podcast will help develop you into the best boss or entrepreneur you can be. The perfect tool for hustlers and over-thinkers.
  • MiniMP77
    Love this podcast!
    I love everything about this podcast - the incredible female entrepreneurs, the Skimm founders (love their hosting style) and everything in between. It’s inspiring, informative and witty. I have never EVER left a review for a podcast before so that in itself says a lot! Highly recommend it.
  • Sk2179
    Love it, update the titles though!
    Love this podcast and listen to it weekly! I do have some feedback on the title of the shows- while trying to find the episode I want to tune into, it cuts off the guest’s name. It would be helpful to the audience that the guests name is first and then the quote about the episode is second. Most people who are busy and working while tuning in, like myself, want to know who is on the show/who you are interviewing so that they can choose the episode easily without having to click on the actual episode under “more details”. Hope this makes sense! Also, would prefer less questions and more conversation!
  • amandabette
    Love this podcast!
    The hosts are very down to earth and this podcast has so many interesting stories. I always take away something. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is some guests are very dry, which isn’t really the girls’ fault. A great listen
  • Meshell4029
    Very informative and addicting!
  • Kimbowee206
    I’m so grateful for this podcast. Getting to hang out with powerhouse women that would otherwise feel inaccessible, and hearing their real stories, is incredible. It always makes me think and makes my day! Thank you ladies!
  • Karlet R.
    Always on point
    I love the interviews, the information and the much needed girl time I get by listening to Skim from the Couch! So good 🥰
  • nessa0486
    Wanted to love it
    I like the whole premise of this podcast and I really wanted to love it but I found myself extremely uncomfortable because the interviewer often cuts off the person she’s interviewing. I understand time restraints and not wanting people to ramble but it made me uncomfortable because I thought it was disrespectful to the very interesting people she’s interviewing.
  • bmsliu
    Good podcast but they keep interrupting the guests?
    I love hearing about women's experiences and the founders of the Skimm do a great job of bringing these stories to light! They're also pretty short so it's nice to digest each episode easily. As a woman working in tech in Silicon Valley, this is right up my alley for my commute :) The main thing I can't get over is that they (or maybe just one of them? Not sure which one) KEEP INTERRUPTING THEIR GUESTS! In many episodes the guest will be answering a question, and the hosts will just cut them off and start asking a totally different question. In the middle of the sentence, not even when they're wrapping up a thought. A few times you can tell it startles the guests and they kind of just roll with it, but that seems really weird? We would like to hear what the guests have to say, please stop cutting them off 🙏🙏 Other than that I really enjoy the idea for this podcast and the content it presents!
  • 2188hrh
    Can we Skimm the titles?
    I like this podcast but can’t stand how long the titles are. The company is all about making relevant news convenient, quick and concise but having a long quote that you can only see the first few words of hardly creates the same experience for podcast listening. Sometimes this makes me Skimm right past this one to How I Built This.
  • ChrissieSkimmbassador
    Episode titles
    I love the Skimm'd from the couch podcast, have been listening for years! But could you please put the name of your interviewee in the episode title? I've found it difficult to remember unfamiliar names and when I'm interested in doing more research, I can't find them. Perhaps you could put the name first, then their quote?
  • coffeeNcommandos
    Yes!! But room to grow
    I love this podcast!!! So nice to listen to on the way from work. Love love love!! I do wish you brought on some non enterpenuirs. More like people who are the best at a job they didn’t create and how they got there. Top at companies. Expert at A topic etc.
  • alyssjean
    I love skimm’ed from the couch
    Thank you for your authenticity and for the valuable lessons shared here!
  • hjyrhtiotd
  • JustSayingJenna
    Superbly Done
    To the co-founders of The Skimm: Please, continue to provide women with these much needed informative and motivational interviews. One reviewer didn’t understand the importance of knowing where a person began in life and simply wanted to “cut to the chase”, so to speak. Often times success is a journey, with a less glamorous beginning. It’s been wonderful how the podcast highlights the various beginnings that helped influence and mold each CEO/Co-founder, etc. and the various paths they took. It’s refreshing. Listeners: 5 stars. The conversation flows. I like when they throw in a tidbit of background info for us listeners or get the interviewee to elaborate on a “wait, you can’t just say that and move on” line. The co-founders of the Skimm know how to ask a question so you as the listener are completely engaged from start to finish. You’ll start dreading shorter commutes. 😄
  • LMoore051917
    Hands down my favorite podcast!
    Seriously y’all are badasses and I love all the interviews! Each one is so inspiring and motivating! Thank you for putting in the hard work and creating the skimm!
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