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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

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    Feb 25, 2021 – 01:23:37
Recent Reviews
  • brydlun
    Always makes me laugh
    I love this podcast. It makes me both think and laugh. Dax and Monica are both so smart and so funny. Perfect personalities together and they have great guests.
  • KazinChina
    Stay on iTunes
    I guess I won’t be listening when you move to Spotify. I live in China and can’t set up a Spotify account, even with a vpn on.
  • The_Zeppoe
    Great show! INTERVIEW AMANDA KNOX!!!
    love your show but you should totally interview Amanda Knox and her husband. She’s a miraculous person and they could use the exposure for their podcast. They deserve it.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Crosby,
    When you jerked off Wooderson did you use your right or left hand? Did he finish in your mouth? 🕯 God bless the Glitz Machinist (Dax) and the future governor of Texas. 🕯 🕯Toxic Tw@ts🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Nikki Lyss
    Love it but….
    Love it. Dax is awesome and so willing to explore avenues and see all sides… Monica sometimes seems a little one-sided, especially on things that differ from her beliefs.. like when she makes fun of other religions…. But hey I’m still listening :)
  • LemonDrop I90
    Dax steals the thunder from each guest
    I used to listen to the podcast consistently but its very obnoxious how Dax constantly brings the conversation back to himself. I’m sure it‘s easy to relate to many people but cmon Dax let the guest speak their story! We’ve heard the stories of your tics/OCD/addiction/step dads. The conversations have almost become a format of repetitive speech about Dax’s life 🙄
  • cantdindisbeyalot
    Worth many listens
    Intellectually stimulating, funny, great to listen to while cooking, exercising, etc. Thought provoking good stuff.
  • prisz
    Wtf… and NO to Spotify
    Somehow when I went to write a review… it was already written for me. First: I love this podcast and you two. SO… whoever's idea it was to gift a prewritten review.. should be fired. I went to Spotify to sigh up … it’s all about selling the “ premium”. Shady. I hate that. SO… Even though I love u guys… Spotify needs to reconfigure they’re sign us so not “3 months free”…. Nobody wants to deal with that. It’s a scam. Love you but Spotify seems shady…. Maybe need need to get the memo…. Nobody likes shady
  • Shebsterstar
    Huge fan
    Very insightful, funny, random and simply awesome. Love being able to “get to know” celebrities and other experts on such a casual and vulnerable manner. Love it!!
  • Hwww1111
    Love it!
    One of my favorite podcasts. I don’t listen to every episode. It just depends on the guests, but I thoroughly enjoy the ones I listen to!
  • Jazzdlg
    Okay I really enjoyed this podcast when they first started out. I don’t know what it is exactly but it just hasn’t been hitting the mark for awhile. 1. You need to bring on a more diverse set of guests from Hollywood. How many times must we hear the story of another white actor. Come on Dax if you’re looking to dive deep into people’s upbringing then you really need to make an effort to diversify your guests. 2. I’m sorry I’m just not the biggest fan of Monica. I know she’s your friend but she just doesn’t have the right charisma for podcasting. She comes off a bit guarded and inauthentic. That’s not to say this podcast isn’t good it’s just not great.
  • rooosick
    Jessica Biel
    “Had a baby during quarantine “?? Don’t you mean had a secret baby to save your marriage after your husband cheated on you. 🙄🙄🙄
  • DeannaWVU
    Chris Bosh
    The Chris Bosh interview was excellent. I enjoyed learning about his story and the journey he continues to create. He’s truly a class act, and I am looking forward to reading his book, Letters to a Young Athlete.
  • hjrich19
    Losing a subscriber
    Really disappointed Dax is selling out and going to Spotify. To be honest, there are only so many times you can listen to him tell the same stories over and over again to guests. I’ve enjoyed this podcast from the start, but the move to exclusively be on Spotify is the nail in the coffin for what’s been a downward trajectory for Armchair Expert.
  • bowie161
    Wanted to like this but...
    I can’t stand his pseudo intellectual baby voiced sidekick Monica. She’s such an arrogant, facetious, joyless person. Love Dax but the tone of these podcasts is like listening to drunks ramble on at a bar. Boring. Unfunny. Obnoxious.
  • alexnim92
    Great podcast
    Wow I love this show, very relatable to someone in a program. Hilarious and informative and Monica is so charming and beautiful!!
  • Flight Attendant Rob
    Every Episode is Great!
    It’s amazing how many interviews I listened to even though I either had zero interest in the guest or thought I’d dislike the guest only to be captivated by the personal stories and personalities of the people being interviewed. Now I’m going back and listening to all the episodes that I skipped early on. Great stuff!
  • musicgirl743
    LOVE the show. Disappointed about Spotify
    Taking the podcast off….Podcast app. Very disappointing. I subscribe to Spotify, but exclusively listen to podcasts on the Podcast. Will really miss listening to the shoe :(
  • fastcarxx
    zero stars for moving to spotify
    what, like you need more money? this won’t benefit your audience in any way and is painfully transparent. oh well ✌🏼
  • cuur
    Slightly bummed
    I really enjoy many of the episodes but I will not be making the move to listen on spotify. I use a different music streaming app (tidal, who pays their musicians much more ethically) and use apple for my podcasts out of convenience.
  • RNPurp
    Best podcast
    Honestly I was shocked at how much I love this podcast! Dax is so down to earth and just real. Monica is great as well. Together they make for interesting conversation, and different points of view. They get me through the work week! Pretty funny at times too.
  • Second Variety
    Celebrities are the last people on the planet any intelligent person should give a fig about their viewpoints on any given subject. Listening to them ought to be for fun only. However, it is quite possible in the way a large swath of society is still currently giving much credence to celebrity fame that Dax may at some point end up hosting a popular star seeking political election. It’s crazy making that celebrities don’t know squat about what it takes to run a town, city, state or country but win simply based on pumped up promos to increase their fandom. Dax, for future consideration, please do your country a favor and eschew interviews with celebs who want to segue into politics. In the meantime, the just for fun celeb viewpoints are keeping your podcast on the top list.
  • parker177
    Embrace your individuality
    I enjoy this podcast but I see a common thread in all episodes I have listened to so far and it’s that Dax is always looking for similarities between himself and his guests. I understand that at times they may have gone through the same but it really takes away from the guest when the host is constantly giving his two cents on everything and saying “The same happened to me!, “We could be brothers!” We like you Dax and so do your guests, no need to try to fit in with them! Be unique!
  • sseif9
    Too much psychology
    Blah, blah, blah, I’m an addict… Blah, blah, blah self discovery… Blah, blah, blah..... Dax has so much potential and there are snippets of his interviews that are really truly interesting and intriguing and where we learn unique tidbits of the interviewees life. And even occasionally, the life lessons and introspective deviations are somewhat helpful. But if you listen to Dax enough, you’ll start to get a little annoyed and overwhelmed with all of the psychobabble and constant reevaluating of every thought that he and his guest has ever had since childhood right up through the day of the interview. Just ask the people about their life and their story and get off of your constant fascination with how flawed you think you are. We get it. We’re all in the same boat. It’s not anything special or unique. We’ve all got issues, but we don’t listen to your podcast to try to solve them, we listen to your podcast to be entertained and find out funny and cool stories about people who live completely opposite lives of our own. I get what he’s trying to do, and genuinely appreciate the effort. But it’s just too much and too often. And when that is the case, it has the opposite of effect of what DAX is trying to accomplish
  • Guest3806
    Five Stars for Podcast, One Star for Moving it to Spotify
    I very much enjoy this podcast. The guests are interesting, Dax does his research, and it’s generally insightful. However, I am very disappointed by the move to strictly Spotify. I don’t know what is in it for them, but as a listener I think taking a podcast off a popular app is a crummy move. You may lose a listener rather than Spotify gaining a subscriber.
  • Jojoagramonte
    Love you guys!!!
    This podcast is SO frustrating to me because all I want to do when I listen to it is be right there with you guys having these amazing conversations about the messiness of being human. Thank you thank you thank you for doing what you do. Your authenticity and vulnerability is revolutionary and it makes the world a whole lot less lonely.
  • Tooth fairy101
    New fan
    I love this podcast. Dax and Monica are gifted interviewers who have a knack for connecting with their guests and their audience. This past several months have been a time of enormous personal upheaval for me. Listening to Dax’s openness about his struggles and also having the input of such interesting guests has truly helped me work through a painful time. Thank you for that.
  • carolAnnCCo
    5 stars
    I really like this podcast. I might be biased because I live in Royal Oak Michigan and I think DAX is from there. I love when I hear him talk about his mid western upbringing. Can relate. We are the same age and I actually know a lot of people that know Anne Bell as well.
  • strflip
    Long time listener lost
    I’ve loved this podcast for a long time and the guests you interview are top notch. However Monica no longer adds any value to this podcast, she’s immature and selfish which does not make a good interviewer. I much preferred the early days when you would barely hear from her. Now with the switch to Spotify I’m out.
  • Wildbilliam50
    Spotify 😢
    I actually just started listening to your show and love it. I hope apple podcast is able to keep your old episodes as I will not be heading over to Spotify. I am 10 yrs sober and I really like how open and honest you are about your life, your marriage, and your sobriety. You will be missed
  • #$!*@
    Cut out the ads… please!
    Cut out the ads… please!
  • armchairargonaut
    Intersectional joke
    Intoxicating nonsense readily instilling neo Marxism and a distasteful spirit
  • to the right across from atm
    Total circle jerk with him and his celeb pals, support podcasts that aren’t run by multi millionaires. He tries to relate to us but he can’t.
  • strunkinitup
    Dax, Monica, I’m not sure why I’m writing this review like an office email but here we are. I love your podcast. I love how you both challenge one another. Yet, can still be soulmates. We can all learn something from that. Dax, your interviewing process is simple as you thread a connection with your guests. No matter who you are or where you’ve come from we all have a connection and relatability. Keep it up, ya’ll. Mucho amor! 🤍
  • Mathguy2718
    Bad move to Spotify
    I like the show, but I won’t be able to listen anymore. I like to listen to my shows on Apple podcasts while I run but now this one won’t be available. Podcasts should be available on all platforms, not exclusively on one. This is a poor decision that will lose this podcast a lot of listeners.
  • brandwijn
    Susan Stryker
    Dax!! If a person takes hormones from an early age and for a long time, there may not be any difference between their body and someone who hasn’t!! Por exemplo: If a person who is assigned male at birth takes hormone blockers, never goes into puberty, starts estrogen early and continues on estrogen for years - they don’t have a competitive advantage over a cis woman! You at least must consider the possibility that it needs to be explored. The answer is more nuanced than just “trans woman compete in female sports = not fair!”!! There are many variables. Also if trans women must accept forgoing the ability of “carrying a child” (the glory!!) they should just, then, accept that they must forgo the olympics, too? They sacrifice social security, bodily safety, employment opportunities, acceptance, workplace advancement, so much more - why do we need to sanction them being denied even more?? I listened to this episode because I, too, am not as knowledgeable on this subject as I should be but you came off as a little tone deaf here.
  • Urboycabrera
    Mila kunis
    Go listen to the mila kunis episode. Dax is a creep.
  • Colbyscott15
    Armchair Novice
    Armchair Expert is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Monica and Dax are transparent in their lives that creates an environment full of learning. Often times you feel as if you are in their attic. Lots of laughs, tears, and hard topics that help us listeners become well rounded individuals.
  • TAB_9000
    Monica: Fix your voice
    I generally enjoy the banter between Dax and Monica, but Monica really needs to watch the vocal fry. It's something I find especially triggering and I often have to shut it off, especially when I'm listening with earphones. It's a really Valley Girl type of affectation. She may not realize she's doing it, and I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she's not doing it on purpose, but once you hear it, you can't unhear it, and it really grates.
  • BrownEyedBeauty83
    I will miss this show!
    I won’t be following Armchair Expert to Spotify but I enjoyed this podcast while it was available on Apple podcasts. It was one of a few podcasts that got me through the worst job I’ve ever had and for that alone I will be grateful.
  • wolfboi86
    Dax and transphobic comments
    I absolutely loved Susan Stryker on this podcast and reveled in the several mic drop moments where she destroyed Dax’s perspectives on why trans women should not be allowed in Olympic sports. She illuminated that Dax’s position, which he claims is about protecting women, is actually about protecting cis women exclusively and inherently denies that trans women are women. Dax’s subsequent defensiveness was hard to listen to. Dax, please continue to do your homework and when trans people call you in for your problematic ideas, LISTEN.
  • thomasladder
    dax is an amazing interviewer and i really appreciate his honesty and vulnerability. i could honestly listen to him talk every day for the rest of my life. monica, however, doesn’t fit for me. it reminds me of a big brother whose mom made him have his little sister on his show despite contributing nothing and being albeit a little annoying
  • Who Rules The World!
    Love Viggo. Being 1/2 Danish I can relate to temperament... I do like these interviews but...
    No disrespect now Dax, but as an unseen "friend" there's a bit too much of your "my history is..." As listeners, we know your history as you mention it so often, w ev. Episode... so maybe a little less would be therapeutic for us listeners, too, because we listen for escape, which is therapy, which is what you are all about.... Helping... Yes your survival is very relavent, but it's heavy, and wow do we want to get away from daily doses of "heavy," in my view. I do love your humor and insight.
  • SFoutcast
    Not their best
  • mdawg7777
    Not making the Spotify switch
    I have loved this podcast for years, but I can’t manage all of my podcasts on multiple platforms. It’s too much. So just like with Brene Brown’s podcast (which I also loved), I guess this is goodbye.
  • MontanaMike89
    Great podcast
    Love the hosts and guests on this show
  • HipMarye
    Dax is all that!
    This has fast become my favorite podcast. I feel like I know Dax and Monica and that we are all old friends sitting down for a chat. Dax is intelligent and relatable and Monica is bright and has the patience to put up with Dax. I love their guest and subject matter. Keep it simple, accept what you can't change, and listen to this podcast!
  • Nannybec
    Favorite podcast of all time
    Dax and Monica being you the best and most fascinating interviews on the podcast circuit. Also, both are funny, relatable and people with which you would want to be best friends.
  • Planner-to-be
    This is one of my favorite shows, but I am extremely disappointed to hear they are moving to Spotify. On the most recent episode they said “it’s just a matter of clicking one icon or another”. Not true!! I listen to about 30 different podcasts. I subscribe to all of them and simply play whatever is in my feed. I straight up can’t add Spotify into my routine at this point just for one podcast, so for listeners like me it’s pretty much a fact that the show is just ending. If you ever switch back to Apple podcasts I will update this review and continue listening, but until then, adios, it’s been fun!
  • KikiFortin
    Starting to get too political
    Monica complains about the dumbest things. She sounds like a child. This podcast used to be so good but Dax has fully drank the kook aid and is kissing the lefts ring
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