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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

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  • SammanthaW
    Better & better
    This podcast is great and it’s gotten better as it goes ( I have been listening to one episode a day since December so I’m binge listening enough to notice) there are some WILD reviews on here that seem to think this podcast would be good/better without Monica and I invite them to check themselves. So sorry that a young woman offends them but she edits the show! It doesn’t exist without her! She is also smart, funny, and engaging and if you disagree please spend 2 hours of your week doing something else besides hate listening to a podcast that is meant to expose our common humanity and give you an opportunity to show your ignorance on the internet. 5 stars, great listen and v entertaining convos with Dax, MONICA, and guests.
  • Elvis. presley
    Elvis is the king of rock & roii
    HE is THe best in ALL Aerses ,.
  • Cjs26333
    Informative, interesting and entertaining!
    I listen to every episode whether I know the person they’re interviewing or not (and usually come away even more interested). I love that the format allows guests to open up on their own terms and discuss things they haven’t necessarily talked about in other interviews, and there’s always some great takeaways no matter the topic. This show is a great way to learn about people and things you wouldn’t have thought to explore before!
  • joebekks
    Love the podcast, but...
    ...I am tired of the Monica and Jess podcast on the feed. It’s a terrible podcast and I hate having it automatically downloaded to my phone. It’s made me not want to listen anymore.
  • ralphiefrey
    Love the Show...LOVE MONICA
    I’ve been listening since the beginning. Love the show still and LOVE Monica. If you’ve been listening since the beginning you know Monica is critical to keeping Dax grounded...which he acknowledges that he needs. Keep up the great show!!!
  • CMilnes
    Love Monica!
    That’s it. That’s the review.
  • SARS9876
    Love Dax
    I love Dax’s interview style. Not forced- has good conversational style and enjoy the guests... even when i have no idea who the people are :) I don’t care for Monica. She comes off as privileged and sheltered. Reason for the 4 stars.
  • Benolla32
    My favorite podcast ever. Hope y’all do this for the next 20 years
  • 11monstruo
    Dax should let guests speak
    How egocentric to not let guests even finish a sentence and make everything about himself. Dax might want to sit in front of a mirror and talk about himself all day but I frankly am not interested.
  • Stef2121
    I have a feeling you’ll read these now that you know they’re here. Please know we LOVE you. The people with negative things to say always sound louder. You be YOU.
  • MaudeGunne
    Mic levels
    Maybe if the mic levels could be adjusted? Monica is always 5x louder and I have to decrease volume when she speaks. Could be an east fix to keep Dax and guest and Monica at same level so it’s less irritating.
  • NoHSara
    Still a 5! Even though...
    The fact check with Monica at the end. I’ve tried to listen, mostly because Dax tried to sell it so hard by saying it’s his favorite part. And I think that’s what he’s doing. He’s trying to sell it . Because it’s pretty much terrible. She seems sweet enough, but no. Just hack that part off. Please.
  • qxz113
    Proud to be an arm cherry 🍒🍒🍒
    So down to earth, real, and thought provoking! And adding M&J❤️B was such an awesome treat. Thank you Dax, Monica, Wobby Wob, Jess, guests, and more!!
  • MaxwellACAB
    Love it BUT
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning, I love it! But this most recent episode in the fact check was painful. Monica must really bored to get bent outta shape about Dax saying he’s having fun in quarantine and saying it’s braggy for dad to y’all about HOW HES STILL PAYING HIS EMPLOYEES AND PAYING THEM MORE DURING THIS CRISIS. I love Monica but this is too much, smoke some weed.
  • HeatherB504
    Already an armchairy and now OBSESSED with Monica and Jess!
    Thank you thank you thank you Monica and Jess for being so vulnerable and sharing your stories! This is my favorite thing I’m listening to right now. You are both so inspiring and relatable and you’re helping me on my own dating/love journey. Can there please be more than 10 episodes??? ❤️🤞
  • Kate Reviews podcast
    Arm Cherry 🍒🍒
    I highly recommend this podcast. I love the guest, even the experts on expert. Dax and Monica do a fantastic job of finding interesting people to interview and have extremely intellectual and thought provoking conversations. I enjoy listening to Dax and Monica’s friendship and love how Monica calls Dax out on his BS. Dax is highly intelligent, and of course funny. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know, so much so that my husband has started calling Dax my boyfriend when we all know if I had a pretend boyfriend it would be Momoa (sorry Dax!) Please consider OKC on your next live tour. Would love to see the show live.
  • shelbwoo10
    MONICA!! 💜
    First of all I love everything under the Armchair Umbrella and love listening to all the people involved in making these episodes! Secondly, Monica you are amazing. There is a reason the fact check is also my favorite part of the episode and it’s your banter with Dax! Stay wonderful! 🌟 P.S. Love both yours and Dax’s laughs they are contagious and make me laugh!
  • mar ie123
    Had to lower my rating
    I LOVED this podcast when it started. Listened to every episode, told everyone I know to listen, loved it. I keep trying to listen to it these days and I can’t make it through even a few minutes.
  • Tay1628
    I so much look forward to Monica and Jess Love Boys episodes. Dax and Monica shows are great too, don’t get me wrong, but you guys are so open and willing to talk about some of the very most personal topics. I admire both of you, and think you are wonderful. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Mika510
    Such charming hosts and a variety of guests
    I love this podcast! I hate seeing the negative reviews about Monica! She’s so great and I love hearing what she has to say.
  • cindystreb
    Monica and Jess Love Boys
    I love this podcast! I have loved all the episodes and the perfectly selected guests. It’s fun and thoughtful. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • ambward🥓
    Obsessed with Monica and Jess
    I think I may be the first person to listen to M&J LB when episodes go live! Such chemistry and vulnerability! Keep up the great work❤️❤️❤️
  • Beehappy52
    Monica is awesome! ! Her laugh brings me joy!
    I’m a huge fan of Armchair Expert with you and Dax! Ignore the haters and just be YOU!!! And... never change that laugh!
  • leannaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Monica & Jess
    Monica is a breath of fresh air whose laugh makes me smile. I read all these reviews saying she needs to go? She is the glue that keeps this podcast going and keeps Dax in check! (I’m in love with you, Dax) I love their friendship and the fact checks are my favorite part of the episode (unless they spend 30 minutes arguing instead of bantering). Thanks Dax and Mon for the great interviews and MAYBE CONSIDER giving us a gift of a third episode one week 🤞🏻 updating my review: I LOVE JESS - the addition of “love boys” is the perfect 3rd episode addition that I needed! I hope after this short series is over you guys add another Monica hosted series!
  • armchairlistener
    Stop having Monica and Jess automatically download
    Love armchair. Not interested in Monica and Jess’s podcast. Y’all need to stop having that automatically download on this feed
  • MegArmCherry
    Love Monica!! ❤️❤️
    I have really enjoyed the vulnerability of Monica during the Love Boys segments. It has made me appreciate that much more of her and every episode. She’s my favorite! And hearing Tom Silver download those positive thoughts during the hypnosis was great. She deserves to feel beautiful! His words warmed my heart-really hope it stuck with her ❤️❤️
  • wangarie
    LOVE Armchair Expert
    And I mean LOVE. However Monica is becoming annoying. I don’t listen to hear her.
  • chattanelly
    Arm cherry
    I’ve been an arm cherry since y’all started! Love learning more about Monica and have continued to love the regular show! Thank you for providing thought provoking and interesting interviews. I haven’t been disappointed yet! PS please come to Chattanooga TN!
  • pkrahl
    Monica & Jess
    I need you two to start your own podcast permanently. I love Dax too, but Dax needs to find another co-host lol
  • Emilyjoyhops190
    I love Monica
    I appreciate her willingness to open up about relationships, her health, and her own insecurities. We’re seeing her grow and evolve this Spring, while she’s dealing with her changing health. So beautiful. Thank you Monica!
  • Wille2
    Love what you guys are doing! Thank you. And well wishes Monica on your medical journey. Take care you guys
  • sharperbam
    Love Dax AND Monica
    Incredible conversations that I feel I am in the room listening. Keep enjoying the work, it shows!
  • Clarkfam11
    Monica and Jess can’t End!!! We need you!!
    Please don’t end this series 😭
  • J£nn3o
    Edutainment! Educational and entertaining
    Love listening to this podcast! I always learn something and get a few laughs. On a serious note I wish I could get a message to Monica. Since they don’t publish an email address I’ll just leave it here: Monica, please get checked for Lyme disease! California is now considered an endemic area and it can cause seizures and over 300 different seemingly unrelated symptoms. It’s commonly misdiagnosed and overlooked. I recommend getting a DNA connexions test ASAP.
  • kendallcboyd
    Ignore the haters!!!
    This is far and away my favorite podcast and something I look forward to every week. I always leave the episode with some new information and perspective. Love love love you both Monica and Dax, keep doing what you’re doing!!
  • klh811
    ❤️ Love them ❤️
    I love this podcast! I am a stay at home mom right now and this podcast keeps me sane! Monica and Dax are BOTH wonderful to listen to. Idk why people are so rude and have hateful things to say. The conversations and debates in this podcast are what makes it interesting! I love having my point of view changed and challenged by listening! Thank you!
  • hanahkayseymour
    I work nights mostly alone and this is my go to every night while I’m cleaning! I love Dax and Monica so much ♥️♥️
  • Funkycheetah
    Dax and Monica!
    Dax is incredible and Monica rocks!! Love them both.
  • car0car0car
    Looking forward to driving
    I don’t like driving, but long drives mean I don’t have to stop listening mid episode. This show has been a comfort during a lonely time and I’ve had so many laughs. Thank you Monica & Dax for sharing your friendship with us!
  • MeLiSsAh...
    Completely in ❤️
    I love me a whole lot of Dax! I swear we would be great friends. Him and Kristen are so real and I love them for it. Keep on doing what you do best and if your ever in. Vermont...😉
  • Carol BB fan
    I quit listening because of Monica
    I can’t stand Monica.
  • CarolD❤️sM&J
    I love this mini-series! Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope all the knowledge and challenges aid you in your quest to find partners! I just wish we had “fact checks” with M&J! It would’ve been an awesome way to share what each of you were thinking after each guest and just prior to your challenge execution. I think it would’ve helped M to get her mind right and stay open for all her dates! Also, I’m being greedy and wish you would’ve pulled a Netflix and released them all at once, so binge-worthy! 😘
  • mommacrees
    Monica & Jess Love Boys
    This is so good. I just finished episode 7, what a good one. Love hearing the progression you are both experiencing. It’s so difficult to peel back that onion. Can’t wait to hear the next one. By the way this needs to continue past 10 episodes. Love you! Momma Crees
  • hellomynameisS
    Good mix of humor and information
    Dax’s humor and his intellectual curiosity is a perfect mix. The only thing that bothers me is when he says, “Monica and I’s...” But if he cleaned up that grammar, the universe would be complete. And Monica is the perfect complement to Dax. Great show!
  • Elouise Smith
    This podcast gives me hope.
    Please keep doing what you are doing!! You have no idea what this podcast means to me and for all the haters, MONICA WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL!!! You too, Dax.
  • CVLeh
    I’ve loved this show since day 1 and didn’t expect to like the Monica and Jess series but I have totally enjoyed that as well! My favorite podcast for sure.
  • Llvgirl
    I love Dax, Monica, & Jess!
    I recently began listening and I’ve listened to everything. This show is sooo awesome. Great insight! Real conversations! Absolutely LOVE ❤️ I absolutely LOVE and adore Monica and Jess love boys too!
  • steven mayes
    Great content and dynamic between host and guests
    Just discovered this show not knowing it was Dax at first and thought the dynamic was so great and the conversations flowed so well!
  • PaulinBrooklyn
    Great podcast generally but patti stranger is the definition of awful
    Prior to listening to the half hour or so of the patti stanger episode I could endure, this would be an easy 5-star rating, but her awfulness is so profound it brings down the rating of the other 50 episodes I’ve heard to crap. She is a bad imitation of Senator Sanders (not a favorite of mine to begin with) without the intelligence or compassion. Monica and Jess are good but should not have let this freakshow speak without much more pushback. UPDATE 3/26 - raised one star to three after listening to the Ester Perel episode. She didn’t yell or “act” once compared to that freakshow patti stanger (whose signal to . noise ratio is zero and without whom my rating for the overall podcast would be 5; suggest you delete it from your feed and archives)
  • AveryBowers10
    This podcast is my favorite one of all! Dax and Monica are a great duo and I love the way they bounce ideas and thoughts off each other. The guests they sit down with are so fascinating and I leave feeling as if the world is getting better through deep and meaningful conversations like the ones they share. I love it!
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