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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

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  • tammy sunhine
    Basket weaving
    That’s not sure if it’s our age because I’m about a year from your age. But the first word that came to mind basket weaving for the class that meant nothing in college. And I’m from Texas so it’s definitely not the same part of the country
  • philly doone
    This nasty woman listens to your show on long walks! What a joy your dialogue was with HRC!!! Y’all killed it! Flowtastic!! Thanks so much !!!
  • BBoyz#1fan
    Love, Love, Love
    These two are such a great pair and INCREDIBLE interviewers, both are excellent and asking smart questions and bringing out the best of the people they interview, you can’t help but fall in love with anyone they talk to. They are also beyond respectful with the way they talk too/about people and do a great job of playing each others a devils advocate. By far my favorite podcast and I am always looking forward to the next episode.
  • Rainers Ray
    Awesome stuff
    I found this podcast randomly and just listened to my first episode with guest Chris Hardwick. Dax and Chris were so much fun to listen to and I’m kicking myself for being so late in getting onto these podcasts. Dear Dax if you read this please let me know if you are still looking for that referenced restaurant t -shirt for mouth full of south.. I’d like to track it down and mail it to you to show my appreciation for your words of wisdom. Thanks Vinny
  • areyouseriousclark
    The very best.
    Who gave this anything less than 5 stars? You must be tired or have too many children.
  • Theydontwantmehere
    Fact check is just a waste of time
    Great interviews, but the self serving fact check that barely even talks about the episode has become UNBEARABLE. 90% of what they talk about doesn't need to be recorded. Get back to an actual fact check PLEASE!!
  • unicorn514
    Read your reviews
    Not sure if reviews are being read as they’ve seen to have gone hill in the past weeks. I thought the Leslie Odom Jr. handled that preposterous interview with grace. I don’t know how he didn’t try to slap them both through his Zoom or wherever they were. When he was trying to explain his FAIR process to negotiate and then Dax DANEDDDDDDD to talk about Kristen and say how much money he told her SHE should ask for...I about fell out of my seat. How obliteratingly disgusting. I lost sooooooo much respect for Dax after that. Yes I KNOW what he meant as women aren’t paid as much in men in all industries (that’s right little Hollwoodies, you aren’t the only ones that matter), but this interview was not about Kristen or Dax: it was an interview about Odom. He was using this platform and explaining how experience in this racist country. And Dax decided to compare his life to his white wife’s very privileged wife’s. KB and Dax are doing just fine in terms of money. Cringe-worthy. And then Monica tried to flatter him with a story about how Kristen knew he’d be famous after she already was famous? What? Shut. Up. I also agree with all the other reviews that Dax (insincerely) fawns over the guests too much and interrupts them. Although he has gotten better in the past few months. And Monica.... No one has ever explained whyyyy she’s on this silly podcast or how she’s been able to hitch her wagon to this rich famous family’s (I think I used that same phrase as another review) but it’s so odd. That’s all I can say. And stop talking about your stupid pee baby! If Monica could also stop diagnosing actor’s lives and behavior, that would be great. I also about fell out of my seat when she did that to SEAN PENN. holy! Told him why he acts the way he does. Again Sean was so gracious and just took it politely. She’s down that countless other times to. Let’s remember she was a theater major, not a psychology major. Why do I keep listening? For the guests and comedians and experts. To learn something from them if I can. I’m all set with the interviewers’ opinions at this point. I also thought Jon Bon Jovi handled Dax’s assumptions amazingly well. Dax kept trying to insert himself into the equation to align his thoughts with Jon’s life and Jon also politely just said..Noo..I don’t think that's it. He was a great INTERVIEWEE to take those immature questions on. I think Dax and Monica both need to start to learn how to ask non-leading questions. I do give them some slack because clearly they are not expert trained journalists. I think I would be more fine with Monica if she didn’t act as if what she said was truth or law. Phrase it in the way of an opinion, not a statement and I think it will go a long way. She continues to ask in interviews an analysis of her own making worth no thought or fact to back it up. Will keep listening too as long as all the money talk goes away. You are FINE and yes you own it as you should, but that’s good for now.
  • Kcer917
    Entertaining & educational
    I love this podcast. Dax and Monica are so honest and true to themselves. They have guests on who teach and enlighten the listener, all while having fun. Before I know it, the hour is up and I want more.
  • Muy Sharona
    Sell Out
    The Clinton interview was a horrible fluff piece. Nothing about a thousand people emails that would each be a crime. Nothing about the accusations against her husband. Just more of how did it happen. Ah you stopped running 2 months before the race ended.
  • Samwam1619
    A Winner!
    This is by far my favorite podcast! I find the interviews a mix of informative dialogue , super interesting, hilarious and inspiring. Your ability to make a connection with your guests in an honest and real way translates wonderfully to your audience. You ask thoughtful and super intelligent questions having clearly prepared for each interview. I look forward to Monday’s and Thursdays! Thank you!
  • Keepn-it-real
    Wait... so now someone who finds Hilary Clinton unlikeable is a misogynist? I’m a confident accomplished woman and even after listening to the episode (because I have an open mind and can tolerate hearing a different perspective) I still don’t like her. Monica - you should grow up and try it sometime.
  • KatReviews2020
    Conversations, Interviews, Ideas
    This podcast is so entertaining and surprisingly informative. Tons of great content and well produced
  • kait_marae89
    Hands down the best podcast
    Dax and Monica are the best interviews. They make their very famous guests feel at home and safe, which makes the interview feel natural. This podcasts makes you feel like you’re sitting right there with them. It’s real, raw and hilarious. If you listen from the beginning you will catch up on all the inside jokes that carry on through other episodes. You can’t go wrong with this one!!:)
  • <3ALWAYSn4EVERxo
    10/10 recommend
    Really good interviews. I feel like I learn something new with each podcast. I love the people they get on.
  • LPinkansas
    Must listen!
    Been listening to Armchair for over a year now. All podcasts are compared to Dax.
  • jenn.barn
    Came for Dax, stayed for Monica!!
    This is the perfect podcast It feels so chill Dax is great Monica is great And the guests usually are cool
  • heyjude215
    Wonderful podcast
    Dax Shepard is one of the best interviewers around today.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Crosby,
    Who will save your soul? 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • BethE in WI
    Smart, funny, entertaining.
    Thanks Dax and Monica for giving me some great entertainment, education, and laughs through this crazy year ❤️
  • mcCap24
    Dear Monica
    YOU ARE PERFECT!!!! I’ve been listening for only a few months, maybe since March or April. I appreciate your input! And when I go back to the early episodes I’m thinking why is Monica not saying more? In my head I think KB told you to speak up! & also told you to tell Dax to STOP INTERRUPTING!!! JC! Monica I don’t care that you are a woman and non- white, I care about your thoughts and views on this podcast. Dax, I like you also, however I love KB bc of VMARS. Peace
  • big ole fan 111111
    Love this podcast
    Love the conversations Monica and Dax facilitate. And I love Monica’s POV, whenever Dax says something a little off I think, “wellllll” and then Monica says “wellllll” and calls him on it in a kind, conversational way. She articulates my thoughts constantly. Thank you Monica!
  • Jessica J.W
    5 stars for Dax & MONICA
    I love this podcast so much. I am a 25 yr old and commute back and forth 1 hr each way to work so I have this on REPEAT! I get so much great content from Dax and Monica. I even bought an armcherry shirt!! Love everything about this podcast
  • Shellieirikdkdk
    Good but not the best
    Love who he interviews, don’t love that Dax talks about himself so much.
  • The real Moocakes
    Feeling a little Daxy right now
    I feel like I wanna kick someone’s a**! Where is Monica’s picture in the host section? I want to see her little circle too. I was coming on here to write some brilliant piece of review work that would be lauded across all platforms, screen shot (or is it shotted?) and reproduced into viral memes, when I saw the one & two star reviews. My ears turned red. So mad at the snobbery, the rudeness, the egos let loose. Gag me with a pitch fork! This show is fan-freagin-tastic! Dan and Miniature are the best of the best of people on Earth. Real deals. They are doing something about changing this world and the little “star” energy among us. They embody the true tenets of all your live, laugh, love whitewashed farmhouse wood signs. My life is better with these two every week.
  • Fasiculata
    Thank you
    For over two years I have been listening to your podcast. I’m a fan. A fan of the format and style. A fan of Dax AND Monica. A fan of the discussions and the honesty. An overall fan. Thank you and please keep them coming. It’s how I decompress at night.
  • AnnevarRavenna
    I’m new to this podcast (BUT LOVE IT) and listening as I drive from Florida to Utah… My father majored in philosophy and psychology and LOVE the daily doses of which I am missing in my day to day interactions.
  • loveuguysforeva
    love you Dax & Monica
    I love this podcast. I’m constantly learning from it. So thankful
  • 𝙴𝚟𝚊🐠
    Merçi !!!!!
    Thank You !!!!! For finding you guys when the World is spinning underneath my feet like a windmill. Your conversations brighten my day every morning as I am walking my all black German Shepherd called Finnegan. I walk through Nature like through a painting of a certain calmness while listening to you talking, commenting, evaluating, laughing or wondering... Thank you again for the gift of Hope 🎁
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    Update— there’s been some new formatting and the rapport since quarantine has been great 👍🏻. I really enjoy hearing Monica’s contributions to conversation, she’s extremely intelligent, articulate, and fun. (She also puts Dax in his place 😋 jk). Dax is reall smart and insightful as well, and seems to connect really well with his guests on both an empathetic and intellectual level. 🙌🏻
  • MrsDukie
    Dax voice
    Hey! PSA if you turn on 1/2 speed your Matthew McConaughey voice turns 100000c sexier!
  • klay13579
    Love for MONICA
    The hate for Monica in these comments is horrifically sexist and unnecessarily vicious! She’s a human being and a massive part of making this show successful. Also Monica and Jess Love Boys is hands down the most impactful podcast I have ever listened to and I can’t thank Monica enough for sharing her story! Some people may listen to the podcast and relate more to Dax’s energy but I hope Monica knows that many of us relate to HER and feel connected to the conversation because of her presence.
  • gigi12121212
    Dan and miniature are my faves ; fact check is the best part!!!!
  • Bummed..☹️
    I am so embarrassed..
    I wrote a review regarding speaking too fast which I’d like to rescind. Turns out my phone settings had changed which affected my sound. Once it was reset everything was normal again. So, it was my fault and I apologize. I truly enjoy your show and all the awesome guests, hence my initial frustration. Don’t ever stop, please.. ✌🏼☺️
  • VGarcia92
    Armchaired and Dangerous!!
    YES YES YES I’m so excited for this series! Also love both Dax and Monica ❤️❤️
  • Jude roi
    toi thic
    mong ra nhieu hon nua
  • hallypow
    No more Monica
    Her contributions to conversations are cringe worthy. As time goes on the more vocal she is becoming vocal and the less I want to listen.
  • atgraves15
    My Favorite New Addiction!
    So I am 45 (46 next month) and for the first time in my life I am commuting more than 10 minutes to work (an hour each way to be exact.) I started listening to podcasts to break the monotony and found this gem! It’s equal parts informative and HILARIOUS. I ADORE IT! It keeps me laughing so I don’t fall asleep lol! (Did i mention I’m a nurse and work nights?) Thank you Dax and Monica!
  • Mdoaba
    Such an awesome podcast
    I’m so glad I was recommended this podcast, I love listening to Monica and Dax and their range of guests makes listening so engaging. I also LOVE Monica and Jess Love Boys!!
  • VLH2525
    Monica is the best!
    This show is so real and I love listening to it because they talk about the hard topics. Also Monica is a national treasure!!! People are so rude. Move on and DONT LISTEN if you don’t like it, I think she keeps Dax in check and is essential to the show.
  • Cara Parks
    Daniel Ricciardo
    Great interview!
  • Crankyxp
    Well he’s back on them, when I heard the episode of him breaking sobriety and then the amounts of how much he was taking blew my mind as my self have fought the same fight...this guys got real issues with those amounts and his choose on what he takes. Lost almost all the respect i had for him
  • vkstavrakas
    Tristan Harris
    Loved this episode! Got off of Facebook and Instagram back in May, a week turned into probably forever. Best self care decision I ever made. I am still a podcast addict though and wish there was a more direct way to communicate to my favorites (like you guys!) when I have really enjoyed something since I am no longer in the same space as a post about a new episode that I can comment on, but I guess these are the trade offs🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyway, YES TO LEON BRIDGES or maybe Gary Clark Jr. or Jon Batiste from Colbert’s show!! Love you guys, thank you for your light and honesty!!
  • karlieflood
    Simply the GOAT
    This podcast makes me happy every single time I listen to it. Also, if you need another Monica, I volunteer.
  • bgj cc'd gh Dr hbvfbbds
    Monica, please, mic off!
    I love Dax, I enjoy most of the guests, but Monica is unbearable. Why can’t she just stick to editing and stop talking? I’m pretty sure 90% of listeners ignore “the fact check” simply because they don’t want to listen to her. And it’s not a great fact check anyways. Most of the time she’s still wildly uninformed and anybody can google things and read for themselves. If she’s that close to Dax as she likes people to think she is, then she should do him a favor and become a silent partner.
  • plantstnalp
    So much Truth
    Love this podcast! It’s raw, informative, entertaining, funny. I learn, I laugh, I cry ... it gives me all the feels and I’m thankful that I have y’all during this time! Keep up the good work!
  • There also
    Poor Dax
    Dax has been indoctrinated into the liberal cult of thoughtless clowns.
  • Jomacm04
    A podcast I get excited for every week
    I have never rated a podcast before despite being a constant consumer. Figured I would start it off with one of my very favorite podcasts. A lot of people I know listen to podcasts like these based on the guest. This show however never disappoints. Often I find myself googling who their guest is during the podcast but regardless of how well known they are to me the episodes always deliver. Dax always finds a way to make the person super relatable and the relationship he fosters with each and every one is impressive. On top of that the relationship between Monica and Dax is one that I assume we all envy. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone with varied interests.
  • RoryMaryStewary
    Listen to the Feedback on Monica
    I cringe every time Monica talks, she comes off as so self involved, uninteresting, and delusional. I’m not sure why she always has to bring everything back around to her but it takes me out of the conversation and is frustrating. I was just going to deal with it, but then she seriously equated herself to Michael Jordan because of some championship high school cheer thing. I feel like she has something on Dax and Kirsten that’s why they keep her around. Please go away.
  • Ddot Sille
    Sorry about your injury last night playing the Vikings but maybe now Nick Foles you can spend more time on this podcast I’m really starting to like! Thanks!
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