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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

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  • nottystrut
    Keeping it real
    Love how Dax owns up to his past mistakes and legitimately gets real with every guest almost immediately. He deals with and talks about every day worries that all of us have, whether we like to admit it or not. The Fact Check with Monica is pretty hit or miss, though. Sometimes it adds to the episode, but a lot of times I stop short because it goes off into subjects and aspects of their lives that hold no interest with me. Only thing keeping this from a 5 star.
  • nkaur48
    I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to write a review
    I’m absolutely amazed by this podcast every time I hear an episode. I think it’s just getting better and better and I genuinely don’t get tired of listening to Dax and Monica or hearing their thoughts on such a wide arrange of topics and guests. Their thoughtfulness and ability to have fun is really precious and they must be protected at all costs. P.S. Bring Tony Hawk & Padma Lakshmi!!!!!! 🤘🏽
  • unicorn514
    Read your reviews
    Not sure if reviews are being read as they’ve seen to have gone hill in the past weeks. I thought the Leslie Odom Jr. handled that preposterous interview with grace. I don’t know how he didn’t try to slap them both through his Zoom or wherever they were. When he was trying to explain his FAIR process to negotiate and then Dax DANEDDDDDDD to talk about Kristen and say how much money he told her I SHE should ask for...I about fell out of my seat. How obliteratingly disgusting. I lost sooooooo much respect for Dax after that. Yes I KNOW what he meant as women aren’t paid as much in men in all industries (that’s right little Hollwoodies, you aren’t the only ones that matter), but this interview was not about Kristen or Dax: it was an interview about Odom. He was using this platform and explaining how experience in this racist country. And Dax decided to compare his life to his white wife’s. Cringe-worthy. And then Monica tried to flatter him with a story about how Kristen knew he’d be famous after she already was famous? What? Shut. Up. I also agree with all the other reviews that Dax (insincerely) fawns over the guests too much and interrupts them. And more on Monica. No one has ever explained whyyyy she’s on this silly podcast or how she’s been able to hitch her wagon to this rich famous family’s (I think I used that same phrase as another review) but it’s so odd. That’s all I can say. And stop talking about your stupid pee baby! If Monica could also stop diagnosing actor’s lives and behavior, that would be great. I also about fell out of my seat when she did that to SEAN PENN. holy! Told him why he acts the way he does. Again Sean was so gracious and just took it politely. She’s down that countless other times to. Let’s remember she was a theater major, not a psychology major. Why do I keep listening? For the guests and comedians and experts. To learn something from them if I can. I’m all set with the interviewers’ opinions at this point.
  • THE GOD BOI 647
    Love the show. Also, to all your jabs at those of us who choose to live in states like Minnesota (and love it here), go back to the Tom Brady episode and conversation about the importance of “grit”. It is a critically important factor to success, and we have GRIT!
  • Tkd_Gal
    TB12 is the GOAT!
    Best interview so far. It was hilarious to hear Dax become a fanboy. To the reviewer who said Brady is anti-LGBT, what? Go eat 🤬, you troll.
  • Dmck90
    Always informative and entertaining
    One of my go to podcasts all the time! Guests are always interesting and Dax and Monica do a great job week in week out!
  • art_history_teacher
    I enjoy this podcast, especially because of Monica. She deserves equal billing for her contribution.
  • Japesmd
    Wanted to add some guy names
    Your shout out to thankful fans was a list of ladies. I wanted you to have a guy’s name to add! Im hooked on the intelligent, witty, thoughtful, open-minded discussions that seem fleeting in our great country. Keep fighting the good fight! John
  • allnamesaretakrn
    The guests make it
    Somehow every episode Dax really steers the conversation and even the questions to his guest back to himself. It is interesting sometimes but other times I wish the guest had more time to share about themselves and their work. Please stop taking up so much space Dax.
  • twocentsy
    Monica’s he he he giggle
    Way too contrived. Makes the show seem phony.
  • Leea's Iphone
    Great job Dax
    Enjoyed Brady and Keith Urban interviews!
  • Melinda DLT
    I started listening to this but had to unsubscribe because Dax fawns all over literally everyone, yet never lets them finish a sentence so he can talk about his favorite subject, himself. Monica contributes nothing except her horrible laugh and gives Dax someone else to fawn over. Ugh.
  • madfave3456
    Dax needs better interviewing skills
    I don’t see what the point of having so many fascinating guests on if they’re just gonna end up talking about Dax the whole time. He’s constantly interrupting really interesting stories with personal anecdotes, shifting the whole interview (basically a glorified conversation) away from the subject and onto Dax’s own experience as a father/husband/actor/writer/whatever. I didn’t come here to learn more about Dax Shepard. I came here to learn more about the guests he has on. But he just can’t seem to give himself up.
  • dieselturbo_ge93
    My absolute favorite podcast
    My absolute favorite. Look forward to it every time. Dax is an incredibly talented interviewer and so articulate. Monica seems to have found her voice. I look forward to the fact checks now :)
  • Oldest Broad
    Used to be an every day listener, but . . .
    Used to love, love, love this podcast and recommended it to all of my friends, but within the time of this pandemic, I tired of the "potty" talk and the unnecessary foulness of the language. A little bit goes a long way. Tried listening to the Monica and Jess podcasts, but those were uninteresting and tasteless - and I'm an old lady who loves to listen to Dan Savage. Dax is a really intelligent man, and I would be back in a flash if I thought he would let his many positive attributes shine through. I have remained subscribed to Expert on Experts, but I haven't been listening to most of those podcasts, because I am just turned off at this time. Dax, if the foul language is okay for your listeners, why didn't you talk like that with Bill Gates? I love the Dax who shows his intelligence and not his insecurities. That guy is really interesting.
  • juggrmnbvcf
    Keith Urban
    I hope Dax will be inspired by Keith, A man who speaks so respectfully about his wife and has grace in speech and manners. Dax. Please stop being foul mouthed reminding us what a scum bag you can be. Grow into grace and new refinement. And Monica. You don’t have to lower your standards to seem cool. You have great guests, however, you are determined to bring some scum into the Frey... it can still be fun without that. I hope you take this advice.
  • ktostidos
    Love this podcast—great humor and super interesting topics. Highly recommend!
  • Christy5414
    Rare Interviewing Talent!
    Dax and Monica have a talent for having unique conversations with their guest and relating to them without it coming across as prescribed or overbearing. I’ve found countless books, documentaries, and opened areas of my opinion I would have never expected. They do an incredible job of curating they’re guests, and bringing difficult topics into the conversation with out the exploration getting combative or frustrated. It’s truly a unique discourse that you don’t see everywhere (unfortunately). Keep up the hard work- that’s for keeping my brain on fire for the last two years!!!
  • SandK38
    Just One Thing...
    I love this podcast. Since it’s a celeb doing the interviewing, it’s not the same stupid questions interviewers think audiences want to hear from famous people. The ‘one thing’ is Monica serves NO purpose other than an awful, nails on the chalkboard cackle. Its a miserable distraction from the conversations. Let’s mute Monica!
  • wellmef
    I’m out
    So I actually loved this podcast in the beginning even tho I never understood why Monica was there. However I’ve heard twice now how you actually think people that rape children just have a different sexual orientation. No wonder people hate Hollywood. GOODBYE!
  • Ali11576
    Amazing interviews with an inspiring recovery twist
    Thank you for the amazing interviews and thank you for being so open about your recovery. I can’t tell you how much of what you share resonates with me five years into my recovery journey. Just know that when you share your quirky thoughts and stories there are many of us who are screaming “me too!”
  • KimIsTaken
    Wow!! Some of these other reviews
    It seems like some people are calling you too liberal and others are bashing you for having people like Brady on. Crazyyyy!!! Love the podcast enjoy listening to it every week. It’s nice to learn more about people and get insights on their rise to success and their life in general. As a crazy liberal I even listened to Brady even though I disagree with his politics shocking!!!
  • Ivy A
    Too much weird bs
    I used to listen to this podcast all the time. But, i got tired of hearing Monica say she protects Dax from saying things that would get him in trouble - he is a grown man and should figure that out himself and set an example for other men-he uses Monica in a immature way. Its gross. They say they are really into “the truth “ but they dont talk about anything real about the weirdness of their dynamic-how often he completely trashes his wife and seems to always be all over his assistant turned “soul mate”- too much bs for me-i just want to hear intelligent conversations without so much extra weirdness.
  • kirkus4
    It’s the best
    I love this podcast, and the hosts. I love hearing their honest opinions - and their interview choices. I am very happy with this podcast.
  • morganbarkus
    Gratitude from a road warrior
    I loathe commuting, so of course I took a job that requires 1000+ miles of road time each week. I listen to audiobooks, make calls, listen to podcasts, and then listen to more podcasts. Armchair Expert is by far my favorite podcast. It’s the ONLY podcast that I don’t fast forward through the ads because they’re funny, authentic, and different each time. I laugh, I learn, and I’ve downloaded many episodes so I can listen again when I’m caught up in current episodes. Thanks, you two, for conversation that feels so real I could be sitting there with you.
  • MsMellyKat
    It’s like the armchair is in my living room
    This is my favorite podcast! I feel like the armchair is in my living room and I’m in on the joke. I find myself starting conversations with “the other day Dax was saying...” 😂Thank you Monica and Dax for bringing thoughtful conversations into this time and space!
  • Mandylou M
    I love your show! I listen in the car on my way to and from work each day. You guys are always suggesting books to read or naming books you have read. By the time I get to work I have forgotten the names. Could you guys please make a list somewhere of books you suggest for reading? Thanks!
  • kkd1515
    Dax please let your guests talk.
    Dax never lets his guests talk enough. Such great guests but he is always groveling trying to make himself look smart and it's exhausting.
  • 1847773
    Dax isn’t a good interviewer
    He gets some interesting guest so I gave it 2 stars but I can never get through an entire episode due to Dax’s incompetence. Fluff questions, kiss butt praising, nothing of importance revealed. Boring is giving him too much credit. Just one ex-listener opinion.
  • maguhow
    I have loved this podcast from the very beginning. I love how open and honest Dax is, and I love Dax and Monica’s relationship. This podcast makes my commute to work go by so much faster!
  • flutterflies
    Used to be a fan
    I’m a big fan of Dax from his Parenthood days and used to be a regular listener of this podcast, but the episodes haven’t been enjoyable for me lately. Particularly, I’m not a fan of some of Monica’s comments and her occasional fake laugh. On the Angela Duckworth she said it was surprising that the poor kids at the school were Asian. Really terrible thing to say. Also why bother asking Bill Gates his favorite color? Pretty cringey
  • camhoy
    Too Political
    Dax & Monica need to remember they live in a liberal bubble in L.A. We elected a conservative president so that should clue them in to the fact that not everyone agrees with them. I have listened since the 1st podcast with KB and really enjoyed the show. However over time it has been getting more left leaning political. I want entertainment not Hollywood’s political opinions. I’m unsubscribing.
  • Dontplayiswear
    You try so hard to act centrist, but whenever you want to fit in you show your true colors. You admit you’re very ignorant, so just don’t talk about them in the way you do. You embarrass me.
  • LGBT “Armchair” dude
    Really? Tom Brady?
    Why give time to a shallow, anti-LGBT, over-paid cheater/jock? Why?
  • waxahnwaxoff
    Tom Brady interview was revolting
    Brady is a polarizing figure for the way he has bumbled into politics. Your interview was disgusting and it was embarrassing to listen to you fall all over yourselves trying to be his best friend
  • cbroome18
    Dax and Monica are like family
    This is the best podcast ever recorded. I love these two and their debates and their love for each other and other humans and they’re just all around wonderful, smart, and hilarious ❤️ #armcherry4life 💪🏽 🍒
  • Sgt Swanson
    Awesome cast. Even the co-host who’s laugh is a cross between a baby goat and Janice from Friends
  • RoyalLubin
    Sometime Dax gets so excited he speaks quickly and hard to follow...great show though.. maybe have him be more Monicaess 😉😊
  • Dfales
    Stop pandering to Monica!
    It’s obvious you censor your comments on your own freaking show while Monica “”Ponica” tee hee is chomping at the bit to correct you and tell you how stupid and out of touch you are for actually being willing to LISTEN to another point of view. Even though she is annoying as can be, she too is entitled to her opinion, but stop letting her lead the opinion portion of the show. Total turn off. Almost as bad as her fake laugh. Only done so she has “a thing” Different note: Tom Brady “interview” was beyond disappointing. Dax. Step up. You won’t be Stern doing this...
  • Jana-Oregon
    Absolutely the best interview yet. Great job, Dax! I can’t hate TB. Even if I want to, lol. The has done it like no other. Dax! You just know what to ask! Whether it’s science, cars, athletes, social science, you name it. You are a wonder!
  • AmyW23
    Really really interesting conversations but please let guests finish their train of thought before injecting your own similar story (which are valuable and i like hearing them but the interruption gets distracting). Congrats on a great show!
  • cstan
    Too many white dudes
    I used to love this podcast but it feels like every week now it’s yet another white dude waxing poetic about being in the entertainment industry and it’s super disappointing.
  • 8906735
    Russel Wilson
    That’s the next podcast
  • Lenny Cast
    Listening to Dax & Monica is the absolute best!
    I love this podcast. Definitely one of my favorites and they have the best guest list (:
  • medicmom3800
    One of the best podcasts out there..
    I can’t say enough good things about these podcasts...I didn’t even know I was a podcast person, but I devour these daily (I am behind the times and have a lot of catching up to do!) The talk is real, often raw, truthful, funny mixed with serious. The rapport between the hosts Dax & Monica as well as with their guests is genuine. Take a won’t regret it!
  • Rob at work
    Listened to the Rob Cordry interview. Terrible, made it through 5 minutes. It was just Hollywood people telling each other how special all the other TV and Hollywood people are. “He’s the best, he’s special, they’re amazing!” Ugh.
  • App KO!
    Great Podcast
    Dax is da man Just kick back and be entertained
  • swagah007
    Great show
    Love this! You guys are awesome. Thank you!!
  • James.Jenson
    Silver Linings
    Dax cares more for his assistant (and kids) than his own wife and it bums me out whenever he makes that clear, which is at least once an episode (see fact check sections). He gets a lot of great guests and asks fairly good questions but all said I probably listen in spite of him.
  • jjlane
    Nadia 2.0
    I appreciate your conversation with the Christian community. However, she’s too close to your echo chamber. As a recovering fundi, it would be nice to bring someone in that could argue with her. You and Monica could moderate. THAT would be delicious and different and helpful.
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