Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

Crafts #15

The Simple Handmade Everyday podcast is where I talk about living a creative, intentional life. I like to chat about quilting, knitting, what I'm reading and watching, and even a little bit about keeping a cozy, organized home.

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  • PalomaQuilts
    Love this podcast
    I have been a loyal listener for over a year, and have sincerely enjoyed listening to Kristen talk about her latest tea discovery, quilting segments & her book and television suggestions. I am now totally hooked on the Louise Penny, Inspector Gamache series and have read several. 😊 I apologize for not reviewing this sooner, but I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to leave a review. Thank you, Kristen.
  • lauracinindy
    New favorite podcast
    Found my way to this podcast thru Sherri McConnells A Quilting Life podcast. Throughly enjoying listening as I quilt each night.
  • APerry61
    Thank You!
    I always look forward to this podcast. Kristin does a great job reviewing books, television shows/movies, etc. She talks about normal real life experiences. I’m interested in almost all the subject matter, so I never skip sections. Thanks for what you do, it’s appreciated.
  • lavendarviolettes
    Love this Podcast!
    I just found the Simply Handmade Everyday Podcast and I love it!!! I live an hour from town in the country(in southern Oregon), so I really enjoy listening a bit longer podcast. I enjoy everything you talk about! We could so be kindred spirits, as Anne of Green Gables would say!😁 Don’t change a thing.💕 Paula Duey Myrtle Point, Oregon
  • sewongray
    Informative hand made life tips!
    Thanks for your podcast on making a home, and the quilting content is especially loved.
  • busymomma
    Love it!
    I don’t love podcasts I guess it’s because I feel like there’s enough talking everywhere and when I have time for audio I don’t always want to hear people’s voices. This podcast Kristen was amazing! I can’t wait to listen to your backlist of the other 68 podcasts! That is 68 walks this summer! My goal for summer is to spend more time on myself as well-and listening to you was like tea with a friend!! Thank you!!
  • Bella71
    One Of My New Favorite Podcasts
    I only recently started listening to Kristin’s podcast, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. She and I have very similar interests and personalities, so it is like listening to an old friend. If you are into quilting, knitting, and reading, then come and nerd out on this podcast!
  • Quilter CrossStitcher
    Lovely voice and interesting topics.
    I am a new listener but love listening to all her topics and she has enlighten and expanded my horizons on several topics. Love the homemaking ideas and organization. The quilting ideas and book reviews are very inspirational. This podcast is like sitting down with your best friend and having an afternoon chat. I listen to her when I sit down to cross stitch.
  • amyquilts21
    Quilting chat and so much more!
    One of my favorite podcasts! Look forward to every new episode and recently re-listened to many old episodes. Love the variety of topics- quilting, books, homemaking and more!
  • 1234bubbles
    One of My Favorites!
    I love your podcast! I listen while I am sewing and it’s like visiting with a good friend. Kristen has tips for quilting, knitting and home care. She reviews shows and books she’s reading and watching as well. Her show notes are a great resource for all of the content she discusses. Every Monday I can’t wait to see if she has a new one. I know it’s going to be a good week when I get to listen to her podcast. Thanks Kristen!
  • Lyndaathome
    Such a comfortable listen!
    I am a new listener & subscribed immediately after my first listen. I am now going back & “binge listening” to past episodes. Lots of inspiring content (backed up by a great blog) & feels like a nice chat with a friend!
  • Marian Bodin
    Love your podcast!
    I always listen to your fun and inspiring podcasts while I’m sewing. It’s like having your best friend with you. I love all of your topics! So happy to hear you will be getting your sewing space back soon! Saw your before and after hair on Facebook, you look great!
  • gloriasgoodness
    I love listening to Kristin’s podcast as she creates a little escape into her world of teas, books, TV shows, and quilting. It’s nice to hear a voice that you begin to feel you ‘know,’ and look forward to hear her next updates. I love hearing about her book and TV reviews and suggestions, and have been pleasantly surprised when I enjoy the same, though not always, but when is anything ever 100%? And to top it off, her quilting knowledge is also a big plus!
  • wilfulgreen
    Nattering on... & heads up 😜.. in what world is 50+ going grey “early”?? The voices in my head out perform this
  • MonicaMaeG
    Very Inspirational
    I just finished listening to your most recent Podcast. Listening to your inspiring stories, book choices, current projects, etc is very inspiring to me. I look forward to tuning in whenever you have a new episode. It’s kind of like sitting down with a friend (except I can’t respond haha) But I can tell you would be the perfect friend to sit down with in person with teacups in hand and have a nice long visit. So thank you 😊
  • NancyH1211
    This is a fantastic podcast!
    Listening to this podcast is akin to having a good talk with a friend. The topics transition easily from home & family to quilting and crafts, then to books and shows. I’m off to join the Facebook group & subscribe to the blog...
  • Shasta Chick
    Favorite podcast
    This podcast is one of my favorites! I grab a cup of tea and feel like I’m listening to a friend! Kristin shares interesting content that I can relate to. I always look forward to the next episode!
  • tmccmc
    Always an enjoyable visit
    Time flies when visiting with Kristen. I enjoy catching up on what she’s drinking, reading, watching, and quilting, plus hearing about the lovely California weather when I’m shivering up north!
  • megan161
    A great getaway
    I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. I work in a hospital laboratory which is extremely stressful and tiring at the current time. It is such a nice getaway to be able to sit and stitch and listen to Kristin talk. It helps to relieve my stress and think about something else. So thank you very much for doing this and know that you are doing something to help out the rest of us during this pandemic!
  • Deemadoma
    A cozy listen!
    I love listening to this podcast, especially for the good tips of what to read and watch, keep up the recommendations, please-A Place to Call Home was lovely. I’m a quilter and crocheter, but truly anyone who has a love for all things cozy will enjoy Kristin 😀
  • Leafsaver2
    Thanks for being REAL!
    Love listening this podcast. It’s like we’re chatting on my back patio with a cup of tea talking about real life (but not the hard stuff!). She has numerous interests from quilting and crochet to gardening, reading and staying healthy and talks about the ways she balances those. She makes it OK to not finish a book of you don’t like it, change plans at the last minute to accommodate family or friends and try new things!
  • Momof3grads
    Like a conversation with a friend...
    I look forward to this podcast each and every time. It’s like hearing from a friend and this friend likes what I like. Thanks for sharing your life!
  • marpar410
    We could be friends
    Just found your podcast. We could easily be friends. Love the combo of topics covered: quilting, knitting, family, home. Enjoy listening on way to work. I started with episodes from last year just to catch up. Thanks for sharing. -knotsewbusy
  • carrie liz
    Perfect blend of quilting, housekeeping, tea and more!
    While on my twice-weekly commute if 1.5 hours, I’m always happy to catch up on your latest podcasts! Your gentle, comforting voice is soothing in this stressful time, and I’m often jotting notes to myself on book or movie titles you mention. As a fellow tea drinker, I love the image of sitting together while being inspired in my quilting and housekeeping. Thanks, Kristin!
  • dannymimisews
    All the quilting—so good and life stuff too!
    One of my favorite podcasts. As a quilter, I so enjoy getting absorbed in your process of what goes into a quilt for you. And the life hacks, books, and show recommendations are just the icing on the cake.
  • Gibby560
    Came for the quilting stay for the organization
    Kristen has really upgraded my life! I follow her cleaning schedule, read the books she recommends and watch the shows she talks about. This is full lifestyle podcast. Thanks Kristen!
  • EHamHobbies
    I have loved binging this podcast. I listen to it on the way to and from work each day. Kristin’s voice is so soothing to listen to. I love hearing about all of the different topics. I might even start drinking tea after this!
  • quilt crazy hiker
    Easy listening
    So glad to have found this podcast. Such an inspiring and illuminating conversation. Love all of the topics discussed! Like sitting with a friend.
  • Gina Marie 69
    Like an old friend
    I feel like we could sit down with a cup of tea and talk for hours. Love the quilting, organizing, and making tips. An absolute ray of sunshine in my day.
  • Marsha.sewhappy
    Easy listening
    Have been enjoying this easy listening podcast from Kristin for awhile now and each episode is like hearing from a friend. Kristin shares the ups & downs of life at home with her family while trying to find time for hobbies like quilting & reading and the general trying to keep a busy life in order. Look forward to each episode!
  • Jhardgrave
    Chatting with a Friend
    I’m really enjoying this podcast with Kristen. She has great suggestions for quilting, homemaking and reading, etc. I, too am obsessed with Inspector Gamache and love all the Bristish mystery shows. Love listening while I’m sewing!
  • skdfjsdkfjie
    Comforting and Helpful
    I love listening to Kristin talk about her (our) hobbies and homemaking. It feels like a chat with a friend. So comfortable and interesting.
  • Bev on Cape Cod
    Love the podcast
    I enjoy your podcast! I have the same taste in books and shows. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on them. I’m a big Louise Penny fan. Went to a small town over the border in Quebec and felt like Armand was nearby!
  • Lindabrammer
    Great podcast
    I am always looking for a great quilting podcast. So glad to have discovered this one. All of Kristin’s topics are right down my alley. I’m looking forward to going back and listening from the beginning. Thank you Kristin, for sharing your life with us. I was missing some of the quilting podcasts that have gone away. This is a great one. Kristin, I love hand sewing the binding, too!
  • JMJ765
    Love this podcast
    I truly love this podcast. I went back and listened to every episode from the beginning during this pandemic. Felt like having a friend with me in the sewing room. My son lives near you in CA so I love to hear about the weather and the flowers (he never shares that!). Thank you for taking the time to record this podcast and share these snippets about your life. Makes me feel a little happier about these tumultuous times we are currently enduring.
  • Angy bids
    Simple Handmade Every Day
    I love Kristin’s podcast. She is very friendly and down to earth and she has a very nice voice to listen to! She gives lots of practical sewing and quilting tips, recommendations for fabrics/notions/books etc that quilters and sewists will find interesting also. I enjoy her house keeping tips, books and movie recommendations too. Give this podcast a listen if you are interested in these type of things!
  • love4popculture
    Comnforting , sharing, relatable
    I absolutely love Kristin's podcast. She has a lovely voice which is calming and makes me feel as if I am listening to a friend. Her quilt talk is top notch, realistic quilts not just art quilts as so may make. She also talks about other hand made projects; crochet or knitting. Book recomendations and sometimes tea. Wonderful! Thank you! Exactly the balm I need to sooth my soul during these trying times.
  • KiddsNLove
    Great podcast.
    Frances from Off Kilter Quilts recommended your podcast and I am so grateful. Your podcast is just what I’ve needed. So much of what you said is what I’ve been feeling. Thank you.
  • tomokonc
    Thank you!
    I love love love your podcast. I have been listening for a good while, but this is my first time writing review. Thank you for lifting my spirit up during this unsettling time! I look forward to your podcast!
  • verygerry
    Look forward to hearing a new podcast
    I thought about you during news of CA fires. I didn’t know if you were near any. I’m glad you were not too affected but it sounds like you were in certain, scary ways. Just the possibility scary. I hope the weather improves, with what is needed—like rain. I enjoy hearing your book news, quilting news, homemaking tips and more. I will look up your FB page. Another review-I was so glad to see a new podcast. I love your podcasts. Love the links you lead us to also-and movies, books, all kinds of things. I’m in MD and our governor just issues a more definite stay in place law. We started that a couple weeks ago, as many did. Am about 70 miles fro Washington, DC. Sounds like that area-us too?- is to get impacted a lot more. It is very scary. We have family in NC and PA, mostly. Stay safe. Thank you for your positive words.
  • Danaminusone
    A Cozy Listen
    Love this podcast! I always come away feeling inspired & uplifted. Thank you!😁
  • CraftyRobin
    Wonderful listen for quilters or creative people!
    Kristen has a wonderful way of inviting you into her life with her quilting exploits, her life as a busy mom and wife and modern woman, and her reading and viewing adventures. She is practical and funny and all too human, like all of us. Thank you for sharing your life!
  • HappyStitches
    Love it!
    Just discovered Kristin’s podcast, and I feel like we’re best friends! I love all her recommendations, her calming voice, and her life updates. She’s such a creative force, and I enjoy her sharing her endeavors with others. Definitely will be tuning in with a cup of tea each episode.
  • OC Quilter & Crafter
    Enjoyable Podcast
    I just discovered this podcast and really enjoyed listening to Kristin. Love all the different topics. I actually felt as though I was sitting down for a cup of tea and conversation with Kristen.
  • Tonna Marroni
    So relaxing to listen!
    Kristin, I love your podcast. I look forward to listening to your thoughts, reflections, and ideas on sewing, quilting, knitting, books, and home. It's just like going to a friends house to share a good cup of tea or coffee, but instead I am usually driving somewhere in my car with smile. Thank you!
  • Carannbu
    Great podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast! There’s always recommendations on books, movies and tv shows. Also great tips on homemaking and of course quilting.
  • Cottage Gardener
    Simple. Handmade. Everyday.
    What a delightful podcast! Everything about it is fantastic. The content is excellent...uplifting and informative. I listen to past episodes again while anticipating future ones. Kristen’s podcast makes my simple everyday a happy day.
  • gigi in SC
    Always waiting like an old friend to hear from you! So enjoy all the segments! Thank you ❤️
  • 123BrickyD
    Look forward to each episode!
    I just love this podcast! I love the topics. I love Kristin’s voice and sense of humor. Each episode makes my heart happy ❤️
  • gotedwardcullen
    Loving This!
    One of my favorite podcasts. So happy to see this podcast - it’s great!
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