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News comes at you fast. Join us at the end of your day to understand it. Today, Explained is your all killer, no filler, Monday to Friday news explainer hosted by Sean Rameswaram and featuring the finest reporters from the Vox Media Podcast Network and beyond.

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  • Fgffjfhv
    Music is too much
    Love the content but the music makes it hard to listen and stresses me out. Dial back the music, it’s too much!
  • bubu_anti_asian_hate
    Hateful Discrimination to Asian
    Olympics should be nothing about politics but you pour dirty water onto it with your pathetic discriminative perspective.
  • Kid Midas
    Lacking in basic human empathy
    Is a Panic at the Disco joke title really appropriate for talking about an ongoing global pandemic that has killed millions? I’d prefer it if you dropped the goofy / quirky attitude for certain topics which deserve a more respectful tone.
  • lisaolisaolisa
    So lazy, so sloppy
    ... and with "I don't know if you can call it an animal if it's an invertebrate," it fully devolves into ignorable entertainment.
  • olivejuice678
    Don’t play Britney’s music!
    Love the show and have been listening for years, but I am honestly shocked that the production team made the choice to include Britney’s music when you guys know very well that ALL of the revenue she is getting from the rights to HER music is going to Jamie!!! She is not getting that money! This is so hypocritical and the optics of this really undermines your reporting on her struggle for her freedom. I wish you would have followed Tess and Babs’ lead on this, they have not included any of her music on their podcast for this reason. Free Britney!
  • Reviewer 105272156184380
    Love your voices
    Don’t listen to the mean comments I love the way everyone talks shoutout Sean’s vocal fry
  • I must be old
    Vocal Fry
    Love this show-just can’t listen when the narrator has a serious case of vocal fry.
  • androo88
    Surprisingly touching way to report the news
    The most recent episode of pandemic postcards was extremely touching. I am an American who moved to china to do my dissertation research in 2019, and then fell in love. If I go back to the US then I will not be able to return to china in the near future and this might lose my boyfriend. But it has been two years away from my family and my father has had recent health troubles. I am currently in a weird and emotional limbo period. Hearing other similar stories was really powerful! Thank you Today explained!
  • Around there
    Rachel Nichols
    It is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
  • sfncar
    you get F for history
    There are not words to describe how bad this drinking episode is. I knew it was trouble when “America was drinking from the very beginning” was about Plymouth — that was 1621, Virginia was settled in 1607 and by 1621 was already on the way to slavery. I’d suggest you go back to school.
  • NikolaiGranakov
    Vox Rocks
    Love this podcast, it’s one of the best out there
  • CJ Alicandro
    My daily news
    I know Vox doesn’t really need my review but I figured I’d leave one anyway. This is my go-to daily news podcast! Variety of topics presented with good editing and sourcing. News presented in a way that doesn’t make me want to explode into ribbons.
  • Nítido357
    A must for anyone who needs an explanation on the topics discussed
    Sean and the crew are phenomenal at finding the right pitch and tune (they often use tunes and snippets to accentuate the information being shared) to deliver their brand of explanatory journalism. I also truly am thankful for Sean or the guest hosts' ability to humanize the topics and be as serious as the story calls for. For this former journalist and current educator, this is the type of podcast that I wish everyone would listen to.
  • M Liu-S
    Enunciation and intonation matter
    All reporters are easy to listen to except Emily Stuart, who needs to work on her intonation.
  • MollyMcilroy
    Bish, don’t kill my vibe episode
    …is awesome. As no-longer-a-catholic-but-they-won’t-let-me-quit, you did a great job explaining the church’s latest attempt to avoid doing any real work to help real people, while treating President Biden’s faith with respect. Well done, as usual.
  • Juno Todd
    Best News Show
    You all do an amazing job. Keep it up. Thank you!
  • JGLevi
    Big on gimmicks, short on understanding. Show on NYC ranked voting was emblematic of this. I left with a cartoonish understanding of what each candidate stands for in the mayors race. Certainly not enough to inform my rankings. On ranked choice voting, a lot of cute stuff about Coney Island snack candidates. No understanding of how the outcome of the simulation with and without ranked choice. All in all this podcast is not worth the time. Disappointing from Vox which I thought emphasized explanatory journalism.
  • hanxthre
    Qmom ep was terrible
    Blk folks rights up for grabs and y’all joking and clowning around, placating this idiot and her idiot son… waste of my time
  • nearasapin
    The Kardashians/ who cares?
  • Adammmm
    Getting more neoliberal
    Ranked choice voting is a “confusing mess”... Pete Buttigiege is fantasized as our future president... the bias is getting annoying and it’s irresponsible. I’m sure some find this podcast too liberal, but the real problem is just how much it’s all based on opinion.
  • The.Joglekar
    Subtly Hilarious and Wickedly Informative
    I can't get enough of this show, Sean and Co. provide so much information through their interviews and presentation of material -- plus half the time I'm laughing at the snark 🙌
  • Oripah
    Important international stories
    Keep up the great work especially with your coverage of world events.
    Myanmar episode
    I am disappointed that you have left out the recent imprisonment of American journalist Danny Fenster by the Myanmar military in this episode. Danny’s family has not heard from him since this happened 10 days ago. This story needs to be told so they can bring Danny home safely. Please consider adding this to the episode.
  • KateriLeigh
    I mean i agree with all of this but why is there a screeching child yelling at my ear at random intervals? It literally makes me jump and i cant do it. Id rather read the transcripts tbh.
  • hwill2005
    MY DAILY WARMUP! 20/10!
    I love love love this show! I listen to it every morning while getting ready for work and it gives me a GREAT slice of info to start my day and also puts me in a good mood (you guys make me literally lol sometimes). But most importantly, I think you guys pick and choose the BEST guests and experts to interview and they always give a well-rounded, well-informed opinion on serious topics that I couldn’t wrap my head around before. Anyway, love your show, I’d love to come to a live taping one day in DC!
  • sayporkypig
    Too much background noise
    The background music and sounds while people are talking is ridiculous. It’s so distracting as to make it unlistenable. I’m out of here.
  • AGMontreal
    America and Israel
    Literally the most biased thing I’ve heard. You should be shamed of your reporting.
  • Viking1961!
    What I need to know in a way I understand. Thanks Sean
  • KriKri1990
    Binging Today Explained
    I just spent a few hours catching up on a bunch of missed episodes and although I’m up on the news (because I listen to a lot of podcasts daily), none are as good as Today Explained. Your approach is informative and entertaining, and your empathetic take on the world around us is refreshing.
  • kpprimo
    Oh wow yikes
    I believe the term is straw man argument. I like this show and find the topics fascinating. But the consistent distillation of far right conservative views as representative of just under half the populations view seems disingenuous. We listen to the diversity and variety of experiences and views by those who are liberal, but then fail to listen to our opponents with the same patience and interest. I think the arguments and opinions of this show could be made stronger by increasing its diversity of voices even more.
  • luxpermanet
    Amateur reporting, no depth
    Seems to concern itself more with making the info palatable and entertaining than delivering substance. Nearly all reporters sound barely old enough to drive. Cannot take any of what they are reporting seriously. Far better to rely on public radio stations. Waste of bandwidth and time.
  • Mike in Potomac
    Drops late
    Your show is categorized by Apple as Semiweekly, vice Daily. As a result, the iOS Podcasts app updates it hours after you publish it.
  • jack mcquack
    Two episodes were poorly researched
    Listened to two episodes and found the content poorly researched. Some factual inaccuracies in one story about the housing market could create problems for listeners - if they act on them. I would suggest the reporters find knowledgeable sources about the subject matter instead of leaning on their reporters’ understanding.
  • Halea1@2
    Love this show
    Great episode. Same feelings here. Renting, would to buy but can’t in this crazy Spokane, WA housing market!!! And shout out to Pullman. Go Cougs!
  • jj-1990-sz
    Cheesy transition
    Please drop the redundant and cheesy transition....
  • Face.Hacker
    Proud Boys
    We are NOT racist! Our national leader is Afro-American and we have people of color in most of our chapters around the country! Everything in this podcast is a lie! You are slandering the name of many Americans who love their country! We are a drinking club that love the United States of America! When we use the the term chauvinism, we are using it in its proper term “ Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country; fanatical patriotism.”
  • MangoTheGoat
    Vocal fry, up talk :(
    I love the content of this podcast. The reporters are obviously intelligent but they sound the opposite with all the vocal fry and up talk. It sounds as though they are questioning what’s coming out of their mouth. It’s terrible. There are sound effects or music added that don’t fit in; they break up the show and are jarring and interrupt the show. I keep trying to listen to this podcast but cannot get through even half each time. It’s grueling. Why has this become so popular with many podcasts I used to enjoy but no longer with the valley girl, fry, up talk, and filler words?
  • Vince VW
    Earth week
    Loved their earth week! It was great to have a themed week on such an important news topic.
  • Steve Kimes
    Good daily focus
    Smart and funny, great combo
  • Seefereemuz
    Love the earth month episodes! Informative and entertaining 🍄
  • Carfield76
    Just bought Taylor Swift’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
    Today Explained is my daily podcast even being “stuck” overseas now. I was very touched by today (4/8) story about Taylor Swift and the bullying she and many artists faced in the entertainment industry. I love the early works by Taylor and today I bought the new version and will remove the old version from my App music. I agree with the hosts that her new version shows a growth and perhaps is closer to what she wants in the first place. Support artists!
  • bluetexas123
    Gave Up
    Harvey twice, The Bachelor episode, and Emily... can’t listen anymore. I give up.
  • Jamie AnneMarie
    Hearing What You Don’t Want to Hear, But Need T
    I’ve just finished the episode regarding gun violence and the Atlanta and Colorado mass shootings and I want to thank Sean and the Team for the courage it took to create an episode that I’m sure they knew was going to make A LOT of people upset, but was absolutely what we needed to hear. I so appreciate the way this show often forces listeners to hear a new perspective and challenges their own assumptions or opinions, even when it’s uncomfortable. Thank you for this, Today Explained Team, it’s uncomfortable, but the important stuff always is.
  • bbbbbbbbccccccmmmmm
    It is what it is
    Just watch the first 4 minutes of the movie Idiocracy then apply that to the subject matter discussed...and it’s pretty entertaining.
  • Lola Luffnaigle
    Engaging Format
    The host is engaging and the stories are always explained in a way that even I, a non-news-buff, understand :)
  • Vichenn
    Biden’s Big F**** Deal!
    Liked the show! I like Emily. She explains things slowly and clearly. Makes it very easy to listen to and understand. 10 thumbs up!!!!
  • lamrasy
    It has been a year, thank you!
  • studenf
    Don’t bait and switch topics to sell a new show
    Great show otherwise, but that wasn’t cool.
  • dridgo
    Content okay. Presentation, not so much.
    As a reporter, Emily Stewart may be okay, but her Valley Girl vocal cadence, where her sentences/thoughts end on a very annoying high note, is hard to listen to. If she is going to be a successful on-air commentator, a speech class is in order. Throw in a good measure of overpowering, distracting music/sound effects and you have a podcast that’s more annoying than good. I found I would start listening to an episode, with high expectations, but, most times, had to tune out part way through. I’ve finally unsubscribed.
  • S_NB
    Can’t Stand Emily Stewart Voice
    Like the content, can’t stand the vocal fry. Usually if I listen at 1.5x it can mask the fry, but not Emily’s voice. She’s driving me to not be able to listen it’s that bad.
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