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The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.

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  • Sniper 934
    Mike drop
    Great podcast. 72 and the previous episode that defund the police came up the point u made is spot on. If there were no law and order some normally law abiding citizens would start purging the likes of anifa and there ilk
  • RS 3409
    Episode 72
    Mike, excellent job as always. While some of the functions we do (cop for 40 years in Phx) seem counterproductive, especially when trying to have a positive affect on the public, most of us are not traffic Nazis. Most cops see the bigger picture and choose to focus on the crimes affecting the neighborhoods in which we work. Thank you for allowing Kyle to walk us through those issues and then allowing him the time to speak to the larger issues.
  • Dme4800
    Episode 68 is one of the best I have heard
    Such honesty and thank you so much for blowing up the urban legend regarding how we are supposed to feel when we shoot a bad guy. Some kind of moral crisis? No! High 5 that u smoked a dirt bag and pushed back against extremism. Makes me feel hope in this era of political stupidity with a person suffering from dementia in the White House as our president. Wish I could convince at least one of these falsely elected idiots to read a history book... Keep up the good work
  • white belts matter
    Mike, love listening to your podcast. Jocko is too much and some of the other SEAL podcasts are adhd and annoying. You do it right. Great questions and I love how you do your homework on guests. Keep it up. -Hunter
  • VilkingBadAss
    Genuine Content
    Mike, I’m a physical therapist and listen to your podcast when driving to my patients homes. Please keep up the good work!👍 Best regards, -Joe
  • LMM3025
    Excellent Podcast! In my opinion this is the best all around “SEAL” podcast out there. A good mix of discipline, mentor ship, humor, guests, and Mike just seems like an all around good guy.
  • jmachain
    I stumbled across this podcast during the pandemic. I was a marine, but not recon or special forces. I must say This podcast is the best I’ve listened to including Joe, the I don’t care about being shut down by Spotify, Rogan podcast. Mike you motivate me to run in the bitter cold or entertain me as I have beers. Yours amazing sir! Keep up the amazing work!
  • mattyweb23
    Very well done, authentic podcast.
    Just got turned on to this podcast from back co-worker, I’ve listened to two episodes so far and I’m super impressed by Mike and his interview style and talent and of course the awesome guests who have put theirselves on the line and are here to l tell their stories. I look forward to listening to more.
  • 208 Tokarev Cowboy
    40 Mike
    Dogs, Guns, & Meat say no more
  • bhshsjd
    Mike Drop
    Bi-partisan, honest, and hilarious podcast. Keep em coming!
  • Dumbassdan18
    Good stuff
    This is a great podcast!
  • Weridefast
    Keep it up
    Always a great interview Mike!
  • Saber_Boxer
    What journalism should be
    I did not expect retired enlisted sailor who runs a dog training business to be oneof the few examples of professional journalism out there today. This podcast is a breath of fresh air from the partisan news shows. Mike’s first act was defending our country as a Navy SEAL. His second act is running a solid dog training business. His surprise third is this solid podcast.
  • Hagie1
    Amazing show
    Always great content! Outstanding!!! Thanks Mike.
  • G261
    Mike is great. Love hearing all the stories and how he relates things back to the dogs.
  • proslaw
    Great podcast! ALWAYS look forward to the next Mike Drop!
  • Kirby TJ
    Love it
    Very topical and interesting conversations Mike has with his guests. I listen to them at work and they're great on long road trips. A lot of interesting perspectives and view points offered on this podcast. Learned a lot of things by people who were there and not someone who read about something happening
  • tyeaz76
    Mike drop
    Awesome podcast!
  • bmelching
    Awesome show! Can’t get enough of them
  • MICHAELwaters1992
    Unexpected Surprise
    I’ve replayed Mikes experiences on Jocko to multiple people. I love his voice and experience. I was ABSOLUTELY surprised when I discovered he had his own podcast. Stuck ever since. Could not turn away
  • wileyx33
    More stars
    I can’t find more stars to rate this appropriately.
  • Sullery
    Great Podcast
    One of the best podcasts out there, with very interesting guests.
  • NashVegas18
    Hands down my favorite podcast
    Mike’s podcasts are my go to when driving or running. If you’re into this genre, this is the podcast for you. Great work Mike! Keep them coming.
  • Gravelshovel
    Mike Drop is the modern age He-Man.
    In a world lacking of male models Mike picks up the ball and gets it across the goal line. Good guy with great great guests and topics.
  • revisionistcrap
    One of the best interviewers in podcasting
    Just right amount of structure, gives guests the time and space they need for meaningful interviews. Would like to see him interview some folks at the national level in politics. Funny, smart and irreverent. Love the “choke yourself” references. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. If new and looking for where to start, try the Eddie Gallagher interview.
  • MaximusPug
    Awesome podcast
  • austinkat2188
    Mike is the man... period.
  • vlsmds
    An awesome podcast for patriots
    Mike is real, blunt and not concerned about your feelings. I love his intellect and wit, but more importantly his love and devotion to K9s. God Bless You Mike!
  • Dillon Linn
    The best
    It’s like Grandpas old war stories only with current day badasses🤘🏼🇺🇸. The special forces stories keep you wanting more and more!! Thanks to a ManChild from the always underrated state of Iowa🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • TV Frogman
    Epic interviews.
    Mike, its a toss up between yourself and Shawn Ryan. These are on my list top podcast on this subject manner. So to show respect to you both, I'll call it a tie. Id also like to just say "THANK YOU" for all you have done ( On the battle field, And off) And all you continue to do. Also your support of the DOD, and the LE world in training working K-9's. These dogs do such a fantastic job, And have often given there lives to save there human counter parts in battle, And what you do to allow some of these warriors to live out there days. All in a safe place with dignity is testament to how you SIR are a good human bieng.
  • SuperSonicNionic
    Great Station
    Great show, interesting conversation of real life human experiences
  • hoofdoc1969
    Number 1 podcast
    This is one of the only podcasts I absolutely cannot stand to miss... best guests, best topics and I love the long form interview
  • willy_jo_mac
    Great Podcast
    Awsm in depth interviews. Keep it up!
  • Niko660
    Keeps me entertained on night shift
    Probably the best show. Between this and the Shawn Ryan Show, you can’t get any better.
  • Red Weasel
    Great show
    I’ve listened to a bunch of these and they’re great. My kids enjoy them as well. Thanks Mike!
  • coveman00
    Great Listen
    Great show to listen too
  • AYB₪
    Incredible format. Interesting and informative. Can't get enough.
  • Mr. Mossman
  • Soopah_Troopah
    Great show.
  • Dog man 773
    True hero
    I came to this because Mike Ritland said he had a show on here. I can’t stop listening to his pod cast mike drop. I love training my Belgian Malinois we have a lot in common. Mikes interview skills are second to none. Great job Mike
  • TonyC916
    Great podcast!
    Extremely informative and entertaining with some grit. Truly a place for people to learn something by experts in various fields and trades sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • hanzo_L
    Love it
    Great show. Love the unique perspective that he brings to the subject matter.
  • Tyghdshjh
    Mike Drop
    Top notch content
  • til9valhalla
    Very thankful for the documentation of the history of my fellow brethrens’ lives who have given for myself and family to live in peace here in this wonderful part of our world. Thanks for the podcast Mike.
  • McSweeney538
    Great podcast
    Mike is a top notch interviewer. Great guests!
  • JackJr86
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Love the Mike Drop podcast. I like the fact that it’s a real hours long. You get to know the person Mike is interviewing.
  • Goldseeker17
    More Please
    Thanks Mike.
  • BB234A
    Great Podcast Mike!
    Looking forward to all your podcasts! Read all your books and will be letting the boys know another great podcast cleared hot!!! 🤙🏽
  • AK907406
    Great podcast, awesome guests, even better stories.
  • dang3rclose
    Mike Drop
    Squared away
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