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A show that covers the ideologies and philosophies of the modern hunter while touching on key ideas like conservation, our value systems and how to construct a better public image. A recurring cast of top hunting voices help drive the conversation and keep things pretty damn interesting. Part of MeatEater, Inc.

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  • A- Stamey
    Love the episode with the (Landry’s ) good to hear the live episode!!!
  • ElkHuntingTroutGrower
    A show that expanded my vocabulary
    I’m new to podcasts, and I feel like Ben has truly hooked me on listening to them. I binged all of the episodes over the last month or two and have deeply questioned my own beliefs on hunting, found that I’m okay not being okay, and learned that it’s okay to have differing opinions, as long as we all are willing to listen. I’m thankful that I found THC and plan on listening until Ben decides to quit. Phil you’re awesome too!!! I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you want to be entertained and want to learn more about hunting than just how to find an animal and how to dispatch it.
  • backpacker04
    Getting Worse
    The corny, gimmicky intro is getting longer and worse by the week; sometimes lasting over an hour. Use of the F word is obnoxious and very odd at times. When they actually get to it, and talk about hunting related subjects it’s a solid podcast. Just very strange to me the direction this one is going.
  • JoelWadeWalters
    Ben is made even better with Eagle
    I have been a consistent listener for some time and have always enjoyed Ben’s podcast. Adding the segment with the Latvian Eagle has made a it even better. Keep up the great work!
  • Pepperoni Jabroni
    Solid show
    Ben is hilarious and as usual another great show from MeatEater. Listening to episode 139 and would absolutely love to have an Ask The Eagle podcast or Hunting and Fishing with Janis.
  • Kburgert
    Mixed thoughts
    I have mixed thoughts on THC. I absolutely love the guests and interviews. Most hunting shows tend to be an echo chamber of things I’ve heard a million times, so I welcome the opportunity to hear from vegans and other atypical hunting podcast guests. Even if I disagree, it’s fun and engaging to hear different viewpoints and the debates that ensue. That said, I’ve gotten really tired of the opening segments, which have lasted more than an hour in some episodes, and rarely last less than half an hour. A lot of it is completely irrelevant and seems to be about Ben trying to be a “personality.” He also tries really hard to make Phil a personality (nothing against Phil, I just don’t see why Ben tries to make him such a big part of a show about a topic he’s not into). All in all, I do enjoy the show and will continue to listen. Just wish Ben would focus more on the interviews and less on his own segments.
  • BamaSleeper
    Foul Language....Not for children.
    The content of the podcast is good. However, I listen to outdoor podcasts with my 10 year old. Frequent use of the “F” word has driven me away from this one.
  • svpdoc
    The Tom Brokaw interview was amazing
  • rxkyle29
    Listen to episode 82, get you fired up..
    Love the podcast mostly ... Pretty sure old’ Gilbert has some CTE from that bear attack.. that guy is so out of touch.. but
  • vandalpride
    Top Notch
    Great podcast. My favorite hunting podcast. Keep it up Ben.
  • Adam Helvie
    Amazing podcast!
    I listened for the first time episode 135. What an amazing podcast, with a wealth of information. Easy 5 star rating
  • bull trout outdoors
    Give it a listen!
    If you enjoy the outdoors in any way, shape, or form, then this podcast is for you! Ben and Phil are f#$%ing hilarious! Plus, they care a whole bunch about public lands and conservation! Keep it up boys 👍
  • Bryant Helvey
    Thanks for tying agriculture to hunting
    Ben and team- thank you for the regenerative agriculture interviews- really ties the importance of our food system to hunting to ethics. Great interviews with great people.
  • MarkTCO71
    I appreciate your willingness to discuss the current social climate in our country right now through your podcast. Unfortunately many view the recent events only through a political lens. Furthermore, nearly all hunting podcasts I listen too are admittedly far right leaning and routinely express their political views through their work. Yet, I cannot find any of them who have addressed the race issues dominating our world right now. Your interview with Charles Rodney was fascinating and also courageous knowing the political makeup of a large part of your audience. It would have been easier to ignore as many have done. I am disheartened by the extremely inflexible views on both sides and you continue to give me a role model of open mindedness and compassion for all people.
  • Dtmdffh
    Thoughtful content
    Ben does a great job of taking on the sticky more nuanced subject in the outdoor with incredible tact. The humor and banter in the show also equals it’s journalistic quality.
  • Bydbudv
    Get to the point
    An hour and 15 minutes in talking about what they’re gonna talk about. Just get on with it already.
  • emma20001112000
    Great podcast
    You guys are doing such great work, I love listening to your podcasts. You did a great job on the latest bear attack story. So proffesional and you presented it in a great way. Keep making awesome stuff!
  • Mavaeil
    Good. Longwinded.
    Good podcast. When listening to shows that are stated as interviews I’ve found that the lead up is far too long. Take the Bohn bear story for example. 1.5hrs of blabbing before getting to the interview. That’s absurd. Otherwise, all good.
  • cowboy chanc
    Why we are here
    just want y’all to know.. the only thing that keeps any of us coming back for more. Is Phil’s poetic voice, as he describes his crap in the woods.. and bear attack story’s.. keep up the good work. Team Phil all the way!
  • pissShooter
    He is right
    Holy crap yes sexy voice
  • Jenbart dvm
    Thank you!
    I absolutely loved episode 122 - I appreciate you having these thoughtful, in-depth discussions with people that may not agree with the hunting lifestyle. Thank you for your professionalism and for providing thought provoking content. I am a veterinarian and I am continually having an internal dialogue regarding my love of hunting. In contrast, I also laughed so hard I cried when listening to the Tiger King episode. Please keep up the amazing work!!
  • Duckpluck
    Thanks SO much Ben, guests and Phil for helping us all through this tough time! Look forward to Friday’s Tiger King Review but I will not listen till I have my robe on and beverage in hand , probly a ‘Caucasian’
  • OleMacDonald
    A podcast that gets outside of the comfort zone.
    This podcast is the best of the hunting industry as a whole, not just amongst those of The Meateater collective. I appreciate how Ben invites guests with opposing or different views, brings on biology and research, and in general helps paint how many shades of color the outdoors can be. It’s not just another podcast about how to kill things or just a bunch of friends hanging out. I understand the appeal of those podcasts because it makes the listener feel like they are in the room and are “one of the guys”, but I tune in because I care about honest conversations. Please keep providing them.
  • Matt_from_PA
    Rabbit hunt in Maryland
    I enjoyed the rabbit hunt episode with Charles. Very entertaining and informative.
  • trailheadtotoe
    THC is unique, smart, funny and informative.
    Keep it up Ben! Nice work. It’s needed and appreciated. G
  • RyDawger69
    THC - The Hottest Crew
    THC is a fun and positive podcast that brings a unique energy to podcasting. Listen to these guys to increase your mood and knowledge on all things outdoors. -Hunting Paradise
  • Dojjjjjaaaa
    THC rocks!!!!!
    At the top of my list of best podcasts. Witty, funny, and a great learning experience.
  • Hank Stickly
    5 star
    Is good
  • porker34
    Review entry
    An engaging collaboration of a desired and admired crew of Hunting and grunting outdoorsman, selecting and collecting the desired and admired wild creations of the world. rschmitt34 - Instagram
  • Butchcassidy7
    The Hunting Collective
    A very good podcast actively engaged in the ethics of hunting and also shakes things up between serious discussion, listener interaction, and fun group dynamics. This is not a strategy and tactics podcast. It is about conservation, ethics, and the beauty of the world experienced by hunters. Ironically, I originally started listening just for the theme music, when I got into the podcast they changed the music. But such is life. Give the podcast some time and I think you’ll appreciate it the more you listen.
  • BSO'Hare
    5 stars!
    Oh, hey everybody! Get ready for some deep discussion Get your ball cap, (the one that says "Hushin") Not really, though, you won't need that here But you could pick up some First Lite gear! If you don't fancy open minded talk, Or hearing about grizzlys, encountered while on a walk Then maybe find another 'cast Your stay at THC won't last But if you want to philosophically wax, And Learn about Pittman-Robertson tax You've found a great place to be, With Ben O'Brien, and the folks at THC I'ts an eclectic show, with different guests, (Barrie K Gilbert, not the best) They'll stir your thoughts and make you chuckle, Some have cried, and some have buckled People from all walks of life Great guests and hosts, very little strife. So grab a white claw, settle in For Ben and Phil, with the help of Corinne It's a great thing, unlike peas For sure, 5 stars to THC! @bowhuntmuledeer
  • Superdave_29
    The anticipation for new episodes is palpable
    This show has it all, great info, comedy, drama, controversy. My favorite podcast. Sup Phill.
  • wiscooutsoorsman
    An ode to The hunting collective!
    I was driving in my ford When I became quite bored When I came across this podcast My boredom did not last The show was quite insightful And oh so delightful My drives will never be the same And Ben and Phil are to blame From bison and turkey and deer There is nothing that they fear From vegans and peta To John Cena? Their show is the best As that I can attest! Gram:ryanbertram
  • dylan drinkard
    Find’em and Grind’em
    “Be strong and be true” Ben is here to Podcast for you. Phil fills his lip with mini-green chew, not always one but sometimes two, so he can keep his energy up to Engineer for you. This 5 star review is honest and true because I tune in weekly with the THC crew. Now send me my nockers and meat grinder, Thank you @wvtriple_d
  • Lizz77
    THC Review
    THC is a must on your playlist its for anyone who may read this Discussions on ethics and many lessons Especially when Dr. Phil is in session Phil's mustache became a symbol of power THC is a great listen in the shower Its also a great listen in the bathroom Its like being in a hunting chat room Just be careful in the bathroom I always remember When I heard Joaquin Phoenix's speech I almost zipped up my Schmenzer Insta @m26greg
  • Beesly123
    THC For The Soul
    If your looking for a podcast that’s objective, And gives you perspective, You’re at the right spot With The Hunting Collective Ben always has a treat With the people he greets, This guy even had a chat With folks who don’t like to eat meat Guests from Seattle to Dallas, Along with Janice Putelis, Speak wisdom on the podcast, Filling your cognitive chalice These talks of ducks and of deer And backcountry beer, Are made possible through the help Of Phil the Engineer THC fills my soul And sometimes my bowl, And thanks to this podcast My life is now whole @gusorviston
  • sugahcain
    5 out of 5: Join the THC hive
    This show is five out of five Listen to it while taking a drive Or listen to it when drinkin a beer I recommend #87 if you’re all about deer Finally a voice to make hunting sound smart But also a simple place to laugh at a shart Yes, that’s a Not So Sharp Moment in #93 Ask yourself — Would a groundhog rather be fat or free? These are the important questions being explored Props to NWTF: wild turkey populations restored Phil isn’t human. He is just an engineer. So he’s real dang good at setting up the gear Vegans from the Bay, Ben’s willing to meet But we gotta know is this “chicken” made from soy or wheat?? Instagram: @sugahcain
  • Wingmanchris
    Mustache recommended
    The Hunting Collective is a podcast that’s indeed one of a kind; for hunters, anglers, and outdoorsman alike it’s a great find. The quality of the recordings is pretty hard to beat; the digital mastery by Phil is quite the audible treat. Subjects discussed range from conservation to hunting public lands; and with the buttery smooth tones of Ben you soon all will be fans. A mustache is not necessarily required to listen but one is recommended; however if you agree with the host then that rule should be amended. This is not just another one of those grip n’ grin shows; with this colorful cast of characters anything goes. Debating conservation ethics and outdoor news events; in a long form discussion that simply just makes sense. Collaborations, interviews, and special guests are abound; there really is no other outdoor podcast like it around. So pull up a seat and have yourself a listen; you truly don’t know what you’ve been missin. @wingmanchris518
  • Bewley3
    Find’em & Grind’em
    If you call yourself a hunter, and admire the constellation Orion, You owe it to yourself and the species you pursue, to listen to THC with Ben O’brien. @amandaring1 (Credit to my husband who doesn’t do social media)
  • @Katroneondarocks
    Ode to THC
    Every week I sit & every week i wait For my weekly dose of THC which I eagerly intake Sitting at the airport, waiting for my plane Listening to Ben & Phil with hunting on my brain They always keep it cool & they always keep it real Even if their guest starts yelling with great zeal They're doing a great job, I really think they are But I think the talk of star wars has been taken way too far Try giving them a listen, I highly recommend You might even like it oh so much & start telling all your friends -Katrina @Katroneondarocks
  • tripleRwoods
    Best review 👀
    The hunting collective is raw Like a black cherry white claw Sometimes it gets a little crazy Like when they talked to Barry (Gilbert) I sure hope they don’t turn vegan If they do I’m leavin 😆 inatagram: @tripleRwoods
  • chillywilly1978
    Episode 44!👍
    Roses are red Violets are blue Who the hell is phil?
  • @RealMattSears
    Episode 100!
    (Since I’m listening on Valentine’s Day let’s keep this giveaway 3 short and sweet.) Roses are red Violets are blue I’m watching Django Phil don’t forget to feed Mango Or... Roses are dumb Ben’s a new dad If Ben can sleep Ben will be glad Cheers boys, @realmattsears
  • leonard_hofstadter
    THC: The Haiku Collective Phil the Engineer Grab yourself some more White Claw Learn to kill a deer That one guy named Phil Behind the curtain he was Human he became Plant based meats a lie Coyote bites kid in face That sucker must die THC Podcast Doc Phil Medicine Woman Skimpy McWeak-Stache Vegan butcher shops Stop pretending to be meat Soy can’t take the heat We thank thee Ben O Calm down Phil, we love you too THC great show They formed a Podcast The like which never been seen Its name, THC For reals though: This podcast is awesome. There hasn’t been one episode that I haven’t enjoyed. Mr. O’Brien has created a great platform to hear and be educated on the various perspectives, philosophies, and ideologies connected to hunting. He has given life to an engineer, formally behind the curtain, named Phil. If you enjoy hunting, fishing, animals, conservation, great stories, naming mustaches, giveaways, and think eating real meat > “plant based” have found you’re podcast. Instagram: @jimmiegwatkins
  • Stefanb1556
    If you were born to hunt horn, Listen to this podcast porn. @stefanb13
  • paddyboy89
    Ode to THC
    On comes the tune ‘...old number seven’ And I’m headed into hunting podcast heaven Always engaging and forever entertaining, ‘Benny and the guests’ never have me complaining Even Phil the engineer, having had no hunts of his own Provides content and laughs, so I’ll throw him a bone From episode one to one hundred you won’t find a miss You could even say they’re all Ben’s greatest hits If you’re looking to learn or to laugh, or just gain some perspective Look no further than The Hunting Collective @PMLahlum on Twitter
  • Tbo.nv
    Looking for a podcast with a great emcee? Well look no further, it’s THC. If you wanna debate skiing or trappin beavers, head on over to Jani and Stevers. Fun facts to impress your pals ? Maybe tune into trusty Ol’ Cal. If you think about whitetails from dawn till dark, you’ll probably want to listen to Mark. Looking for stories and hunting assistance? It’s time to check out cutting the distance . But the best on the network from my prospective. It’s Ben and Phil with The Hunting Collective !! tbo.nv
  • Gabetogs
    Review from a non poet
    The hunting collective gives you quite the perspective. They cover in detail an array of topics, and they give great rec’s for gear and optics. I’m an adult onset hunter trying to learn skills, and hopefully the future holds ethical kills. I work on a large ranch which is where I listen, even with 10 hour work days my brain still glistens. Kerrville Texas is where I reside, and even here the THC podcast cannot hide. Subscribe to this and get much smarter, without this and meateater you make life harder. Everyone should listen and share with their kin, open all ears to Phil and Ben. @gabetogs
  • grantscalf
    The Ovation of Producer Phil'ee
    There are strange things done on the podcast run By the men of the MeatEater mold; The Hunting Collective has secret tales That would make your blood run cold; That podcast studio has seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Will be my spark of creative artwork In creating Producer Phil’ee. - @grantscalf
  • JTS Flybox
    Loving the content
    This show is the best, I love his collection of guests, From scientists to authors, They are all truly scholars. At the rate they are going, The show will be flowing, All the way to the top of the charts. Happy 100, @jts_flybox (instagram)
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