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You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again.

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  • Cruzeiro is the best
    By far my favorite podcast. 100% evidence based.
  • MuskieJuls
    So applicable & relatable!!
    I’m kind of obsessed with this podcast (could also be that I’m an org development nerd) Either way, Grant identifies challenges & issues that affect the majority of organizations & offers such interesting examples in his treatment of the topic. Love how the sponsors/ads are connected & integrated. My new favorite!
  • Busybooklover
    Articulate, discriminating and real. Not just for work!
    I find the content has life value, not just work. I started at a current episode and jumped back to listen to “how to like criticism”. No regrets.
  • A meathead
    This podcast is genius
    I absolutely love this podcast AND the way you do the commercials! Absolutely genius
  • Klenng
    I am a 25 year old, learning what my next step is in my career. Do I want to continue with my employer, should I move to a different industry to challenge myself? Who knows, but what I do know is that in the recent years I am more eager and excited to learn about psychology and my WorkLife is something I want better insight of. Very happy I listened to the Armchair Expert podcast with Adam in. Great podcast!
  • Tore fear
    Just listen
    This is a fantastic podcast if you want to put your WorkLife and any issues that arise there into perspective. Definitely recommend! I just wish there were more episodes!
  • Ellenmarietanner
    What about all of us in the helping fields??
    I love everything about Adam, his research and this podcast, except 1 thing... There’s a large sector of the population and their work life that gets little to no attention in this bustling field of work place culture and organizational psychology and planning, the public and social sectors. I am a woman working as an occupational therapist and have spent 15 years working in education, healthcare and bits of time in nonprofits. These are setting dominated by women, working hard to do good in the world, and quite frankly struggling to feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated in their work life. These are settings that desperately need attention to improve organizational structure and culture, but no one doing the research seems to be studying or applying existing research to the places that perhaps need it the most. I’d love to see/hear more about how all this great research applies to this large, critical and largely forgotten portion of organizations, employers and employees. My hope is to help play a role in transforming the work lives for my fellow helpers/givers in this lifetime. Thanks for hearing me out and for the amazing work you’re doing! It all resonates so much!
  • Podry21
    Game-changing perspectives
    Just listen to it
  • pgm60640
    Interesting content, if sponsor-heavy. But: Boo! Podcasts are not done in seasons. That’s something else. A podcast is a modern-day radio show. Boo.
  • Andeev
    My new favorite podcast!
    And potentially my North Star for a career path?! I have a business degree and have always loved psychology. I’m a bit ashamed that I wasn’t aware of organizational psychology before now. I can’t wait to learn more about I/O Psych, and to keep listening to Work Life!
  • CarrieBab
    I just love the diversity of work topics. I love the way he approaches the ads as well. Definitely binge-worthy.
  • Simply in the Flavor
    Binge Worthy
    I discovered this podcast recently and haven’t stopped listening. Fascinating perspectives - and instantly applicable insights. Bravo!
  • CCB107
    New favorite!
    Really impressed with the production quality, humor, and valuable takeaways. My new favorite!
  • nattyhill
    Great Podcast!
    Love this show! Listening to it again.
  • Bucky 48
    Crazy impressive
    I like this podcast so much. The way the sound queues are edited. A snippet from a guest and then relatable discussion from Adam. When I listen to your podcast I fill similar to when I am at Disney World. Everything is so efficient. Generally speaking the whole podcast is efficient and relatively simplistic in its delivery. “Logic bully” I will never forget that.
  • jessecmt
    10 stars
    I’d rate this higher if I could. It’s very accessible, very relatable. It’s helped me through a very dark time in my life.
  • JenAriel
    All around awesome show
    Informative, thoughtful, fast-paced & well produced. I’m a therapist who specializes in life/work balance and recommend this podcast to all my clients. Keep up the great work. Even your ads are fascinating!
  • The Big Dude
    Looking Forward
    I’m looking forward to your next season. When will it happen?
  • 50 year old white woman
    Inspiring practical perspectives
    As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the modern common speak economics. Very inspiring!
  • Fan of good podcasts
    Insightful and lively
    Thoughtful guests and insights that make you think. The podcast does a great job of pulling in guests who have great stories to tell.
  • Theeshaw
    Easy to Listen
    Adam Grant has totally changed the way I work at home and in the workplace. He is very informative and makes concepts easy to understand and applies them to ensure comprehension. I’ve recommended this podcast over and over again and look forward to season 3 in 2020.
  • MultiLeg
    Doesn’t believe in learning disabilities??
    Just listened to the latest podcast, no option to give private feedback. No such thing as learning styles? I guess learning disabilities are made up. If you took a hard look at the evidence and research, it would say that dyslexics are just as capable of learning from written information as auditory, right? Just another “expert” who makes sweeping generalizations to be “provocative” rather than actually trying to understand nuances of the human condition. Is he just annoyed at something a student said to him? So his way of handling that is a podcast refuting decades of research on learning disabilities with “a study?” Cool.
  • MileHighDevs
    Interesting and generally well-grounded look at the stuff right in front of us
    Would you listen to a guy who claims that he's a great observer of the real world, but who can't tell you what kind of car he drives? Then you're in luck! This is your podcast. Mr Grant is fixated and infatuated with finding the hidden misconceptions about our professional lives, which is both a super power and an Achilles heel. When he is right, he is very very right, but when he is wrong, he is horrid. But never not interesting. Like podcasting peers Malcolm Gladwell and Sam Harris, he's been right so many times that the 20% of the time that he is wrong are obvious to everyone but him. (Best example: his repetitious argument against different learning styles, which he smugly tries to demonstrate by asking people to visualize or act out a French accent. He never explains why demonstrating a french accent has anything to do with actually learning French. And languages are in fact one of the best examples of different learning styles producing different results. ) But here's the rub: the times in which these folks are wrong are actually the most interesting episodes. Summary: Not a total waste of time. I need to give him credit for doing a lot of background work. But I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that no one is still quoting this work in twenty years.
  • Jen Shoshana
    Amazing podcast!
    Adam Grant’s work and commentary is so thoughtful and sharp. I enjoy listening and also sharing with my kids and colleagues. Thank you for such helpful, fun content!
  • Hyatt Fan
    More insights from Adam
    His work translates well in the podcasts. He is thoughtful about subject matter and guests.
  • Kingdom Heiress
    Applicable information
    I wish there was a way to dialogue or give feedback about each episode. I’m probably going to listen to these over and over again.
  • MC KYT
    Production wise, hands down the best podcast I’ve listened to. Music is great, content is great, even the ads are GREAT. Overall phenomenal.
  • massgoogel
    I love every episode.
    It is so rare that I find a podcast that I love every single episode; this podcast, however, is an exception. Thank you! I welcome the difficulty of choosing an episode; keep challenging me!
  • HR Newbie
    I’d like to hear more!!!
    When is your next show or season coming out?!?
  • nwguy40
    Great information!
    Just a great story on how to take and give feedback. Thank you!
  • Loribear789
    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love the ads
    Not surprised at all that Adam Grant’s podcast is thoughtful and interesting with an awesome variety of topics, but the ads are really what got me! They’re so emotional and amazing, I... love them? Never thought I’d see the day!
    Work Life Rocks
    I love the sheer brilliance that Adam Grant guides everyone! I love Work Life.
  • Brian McElfresh
    Favorite Podcast
    Grant is insightful and always interesting!
  • Patrick PJK
    Grant is excellent, keep up the good work!
  • bholck
    So well put together and provides practical information.
  • Jkyle Delacruz
    Informative as it can get
    Adam Grant’s voice clings in the back of your head with the passion for improving.
  • Ric AZ
    Getting better at work
    I started listening to Adam on my commute about 3 weeks ago and quickly realized that I can learn a few tidbits about improving my own interactions at work. It is easy to listen to, very relatable stories and the topics are interestingly unusual.
  • KTups
    Everyone should understand and practice this. Imagine how much we’d all grow...
  • JGBENN78
    It makes sense!!
    I absolutely love this podcast and listen to the episodes multiple times to soak in the facts. Very well researched data, it’s interesting, and very entertaining.
  • wayneman22
    Useful and Enjoyable
    While seemingly a business management podcast, the lessons and messages apply to many aspects of life. Commercials on many podcasts are a necessary evil. The commercials on Work Life are more like a mini podcast episode. I like listening to them!
  • LaneyCon
    Fantastic and fascinating
    This was/is one of my favorite podcasts. Where has it gone? Has it been cancelled? (July 2019). :(
  • Iota's
    Informative & Addicting
    I’m not even that interested in business but this podcast is addicting. It offers evidence-based information that is highly entertaining. And the ads are actually incredible! Great to hear about the amazing things some of these companies do.
  • cf367
    Informative podcast
    As a worker in the new corporate world , I find this podcast extremely helpful & informative. It brings to light discussions that effect everyday workers as well as those trying to climb the corporate ladder. I can’t wait to see what work evolves into & this podcast gives you a sneak peak at the ground breakers / disrupters shaking industries up.
  • Izzy.Ox
    Love it!
    I’ve found this podcast very helpful and it’s fun to listen to!
  • Lyd1024
    I really enjoy this pod cast. Adam Grant is awesome!
  • everlyb gail
    Work relationships
    Best podcast series for work relationships.
  • fujiapplepi
    Amazing and Facinating
    Wonderful podcast. Adam Grant is a great host and the topics are fascinating.
  • capt10bananas
    Truth about a 9-5
    This show is all I have been looking for. Working at a corporate job you hear a lot of how you should be because that was it decided. I love how this show talks about the truth and the new way work should be.
  • Johnny Jay 4
    Really great. Would love to see you profile a successful group in the health sector (especially academic medicine). One thing about a specific episode (perils of following your passion): would have loved to have seen you give credit or a token hat-tip to Cal Newport somewhere, as he popularized the concept earlier this decade with his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Otherwise, amazing episode.
  • IPleader
    Helpful and through provoking
    I’ve found Adam Grant’s podcast to be a refreshing look at many of the challenges that I face within my daily work and organizational culture. His data, evidence and stories have challenged me to think harder about how I can influence my own mindset as well as others. Great advice on just about any topic related to work!
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