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You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again. Produced in partnership with Transmitter Media.

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  • DrVanNYC
    Learn a lot from Tara
    Thanks for great content Adam. I really enjoyed what Tara said. My one request - take her advice to heart- I almost stopped the episode near the very beginning because your words actually put me on the defensive. The joke, about living under a rock - makes me feel belittled and then my energy goes to being defensive. And starting the episode as Tara as someone who has accomplished so much and been driven all her life - perhaps the rest of us haven’t had such drive forever , which might be most of us, need to feel valued and powerful. Being lost is common and finding strength in that might be the most valuable. Learned a lot from Tara. Keep exposing us to great people!7
  • JohnInGeorgia
    Excellent Podcast!
    Take the time to listen especially if you’re a person with influence at your job! I’d love to see more content on how companies can better empower employees to address mental health. Eg sick time balance separate from PTO or flexible in office, or gym deals, or low cost therapy sessions
  • picabolab
    Dislike the new direction
    Good for Adam for branching out into new territory but I personally dislike the broadness of topics and preferred when the podcast on just work trends, management, and I/O psychology topics.
  • luna$panda
    Absolutely love Adam!!!
    Thank you so much Adam for making my day! Thank you for believing in the underdog!
  • ITwastoken
    ChatGPT Episode
    Dear Adam, After listening to the ChatGPT episode you hosted with your fellow professor and the ex-Amazon executive, I have to say that you'd come across as a snub. Nobody doubts your intellectual capacity, but your narrow and haphazard evaluation and reaction to the Adam-like prompted ChatGPT response of simple playful questions made me shake my head. I seriously think you are one of those who overestimate themselves, as brilliant as you may well be. Perhaps you are right and you're so brilliant that the system response feels “insulting to a such brilliant mind”. Or perhaps you came across as defensive and agitated for no apparent reason. Your other line about your “brilliant superior editors friends” sounded defensive or over the top. I tell you one thing, anyone, anyone with half a brain, like your guests, can see that what this system is capable of doing is extremely impressive. And by the way, part of those answers do sound like you. If you feel they're cheese, that ought to tell you something about yourself. Also, ChatGPT answers are evidence-based buddy, you simply need to understand what is used to base the answer. In that category alone, the system proved more nimble than you. You just need to take into account the audience and the possible context into what/where the question is asked, and it is easy to understand the answer. Anyhow, just your visceral and defensive reaction left much to be desired. The guests were great though. They obviously get it and didn't sound offended or scared of the program. Maybe, just maybe, you ought to think about that. Introspection I believe it is called.
  • Nefret74
    Mix in more of the sciencey episodes?
    I’m guessing the original format of this podcast took way more time and effort to produce, but it would be great if we could sometimes get shows in the old format. I found that combination of style, approach and thoughtfully synthesized expertise from a range of perspectives to be so helpful and informative, with so much value and insight packed into just half an hour, I often ended up listening to episodes more than once. As another reviewer said, there are already so many one-on-one interview shows out there…
  • Jaime Torch
    Ear Candy and Application
    I’ve been an Adam Grant fan for years, devouring his books and attending conferences where he keynotes. I appreciate that the same thoughtfulness, preparation, and humor that go into those mediums is also applied to his podcast. I now look forward to hard Tuesday morning track workouts!!! I know I’ll learn some interesting things that can be applied to Work/Life and help me make sense of the human condition.
  • Jhallieusa
    Relevant and Witty
    I stumbled upon this when looking for something else and ended up listening to nearly every podcast in the series in one weekend. I just couldn’t stop listening. Every single one was so interesting. Even if the titles didn’t capture my imagination, the content certainly did. Adam is funny, interesting, and spot on in his assessment of just about everything.
  • Buda Boss
    Do yourself a favor and listen to EVERY episode of this podcast. Thank my later.
  • Meitghkk
    Not learning anything
    Obnoxious and useless. Unsubscribing now.
  • Chill4health
    Thought-provoking conversations and applicable strategies
    As an executive and team coach, I have been following, experimenting with, and questioning Adam's ideas and books for many years. Like everyone, myself included, he has blind spots and biases, but those pale in comparison with the power of the insights he offers and questions he raises about how we work best, what raises or lowers our motivation, and how our workplaces are evolving or need to evolve. I may not agree with every episode, but always take away a new idea or approach that can help me better understand the landscape and the issues that the people and organizations I coach are facing. Right up there with Hidden Brain and How I Built This as a favorite podcast.
  • Dr. C3
    Expansive and Relevant
    Definitely one of my top five podcasts. Through Adam’s interviews, I am exposed to perspectives I would never have realized.
  • Greggam
    From research to talk show
    The podcast has gone from insightful research and discussions about work life to a talk show. One or two interviews is great now it is just another podcast about nothing.
  • Lala1865
    Missing the original Work Life
    There are so many podcasts where interviews are the main focus. No one person is that interesting to devote a full podcast to in my opinion. The new format loses my interest quickly and has lost the dynamic and original edge that Work Life had. The original merged science with social in a very entertaining way. There were several actionable or thought provoking take aways each episode which I appreciated. I like to learn and grow my perspective - the old Work Life was one of my favorites for that reason. I don’t get a lot of out of 1:1 conversations - no matter who is being interviewed. There’s no science there - just one person’s experience/perspective.
  • Christy029197
    So many great insights
    Each episode is so insightful and explained in a way to draw parallels to every day work life. Adam and his guest provide a roadmap of how to make work more enjoyable not just for me but my team as well
  • East Coast Adventurer
    Thank you for your work!
    I love this podcast. You can find me listening and nodding along in agreement. I get so excited to share my favorite episodes from this podcast with my community. Keep up the great work!
  • JCdoodz
    Thoroughly Enjoying This!
    I really enjoy this podcast. It gives me a new perspective on work and has helped me navigate situations that have arisen while working.
  • run_amanda
    Thoughtful and actionable
    Love the topics covered, the guest stories, and the the research brought to every episode. This show is committed to bringing practical solutions to everyday workplace challenges. A must listen for leaders and team members alike.
  • next business woman
    Recent episodes missing
    Recent episodes are missing when you click on “See All”. (iPhone) Where did season 5 go?
  • Khem Raj Sedhai
    One of the best podcasts
    I love listening podcasts when I get a time, and I listen frequently. This is one of the best podcasts I ever listened, and thus, I rated with *****
  • @MichaelUnbroken/
    Insightful and Impactful
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • Blaze Fowler
    This show is intriguing. Somehow, Adam Grant keeps an encouraging, open-minded friendliness in his voice through every interview. His kind manner allows each person to open up and share struggles, personal stories, and purely unique perspectives. I love learning and living vicariously.
  • KatWey4444
    Honestly, you can’t…
    go wrong with Adam Grant.
  • Allie 🐊
    I was a bit annoyed by the assumption that everyone with low EI would “not care” about others and thus would be more successful or productive (low sunken cost). I work with 18 and 19-year-olds who are still identifying their emotions and practicing expressing themselves. My students' lives are more chaotic and thus are less productive when they don't understand or have difficulty perceiving how other people are feeling or perceiving themselves. They don't just not care.
  • Pd Mutti
    The other Malcom Gladwell
    Such a smart dude. Upbeat & interesting every time. Love this podcast
  • Prefer not to put a nickname
    Good content and topics but…
    Please talk slower Adam! This could be a much better podcast if you speak at the same pace as your guests.
  • Aluisious
    38 minutes of boot licking
    Just listened to the great resignation episode and after 30 minutes pay was never mentioned as a reason to leave a job or accept another offer or something to be addressed to retain employees. Instead they talked about how you can make your resignation, should you choose to be one of the 70 percent of people who will regret it later, as smooth and gracious a process as possible for “your organization.” Also a 5 minute add for LinkedIn encouraging people to try to be influencers on the platform, and an interview with a consulting manager who lost her whole team and then decided to fix that by interviewing the one girl who stayed because “you can talk to the angry bitter losers who leave or you can talk to the hardworking people you can count on who stay.”
  • kimalevy
    Has long been a favorite
    And keeps getting better!
  • vern mihill
    Love this!
    How do you not love Adam Grant? When I discovered “Think Again” it neatly articulated observations that I noticed literally everywhere in our society. Adam had me impressed with his ability to communicate those thoughts. Since then, Ive read his books and am now eagerly awaiting more content from Adam. One of the smartest people I’m aware of. (And the gentle ribbing of Malcolm Gladwell is fun too!)
  • Capitolan
    Disjointed, shallow, and smug
    I’m surprised a podcast affiliated with TED has so little to contribute to the universe of discourse on this subject.
  • lupe07sp08
    Best Podcast For You Commute to Work!
    I listen to it on my way to work and it never fails to help me feel more confident; AND it helps me be a better peer, team member, and leader. I would love to see an insight about ADHD in the workplace, as it is so common and often times overlooked.
  • MissDYam
    My 2 cents
    My companion on long brain storming walks! All his podcast are good food for thought and the beginning of many good conversations with my folks…
  • Realtor user
    Mediocre even though it’s Adam Grant.
    I’ve really enjoyed Adam Grant interviews in the past. And I’ll listen to long podcasts. I started by listening to the episode with the author of “The Fault in Our Stars,” and his new book and podcast series. If you can’t grab someone like me in the first 15 minutes, neither of these guys have any business having podcasts. How incredibly boring and a waste of oxygen. Note to Adam Grant: it’s so great hearing you boast about all of the amazingly wealthy and successful people you know - if they’re not interesting I don’t care!
  • Asna Alevla
    “Toxic Positivity” - does it exist?
    I enjoy most the individual podcasts and learn- which is great! In the last episode of sad days, I did not like the use of toxic positivity. I believe it was used incorrectly and believe that we all need positivity and joy in our lives.
  • bmanning2
    Love the show, but...
    The content is excellent of course, but please consider hiring a voice coach. It has helped so many very good professionals trying to share information in the podcasting space.
  • Heather Bo
    Great Content!
    Adam gives voice to a wide variety of knowledgeable guests. This podcast has that magic mix of entertainment and useful information- truly enjoyable show!
  • Camille Virginia
    Always an amazing takeaway - or five
    I've been a fan of Adam's work for years. If you want smart, timely, refreshing advice for work / life in general, this podcast is for you. Adam doesn't shy away from insightful, in-depth, vulnerable questions and topics, which is so refreshing . Between his sharp interview skills and interesting guest experts, it's impossible to NOT come away with a fresh outlook on your own life - and tools to make it even better.
  • gp_w00d
    Great perspective with actionable info
    Take something from every episode. Enjoy Adam's interviews. 100% recommend.
  • @Joy4444
    Fresh, Comprehensive, Relevant, Applicable
    I could write this review in adjectives alone. Bottom line, the innovative direction of the advertising is masterfully incorporated into the podcast providing lessons, stories, inspiration and food-for-thought on the theme of the show. I listen on the way to work to mentally prepare for whatever current work issue I’m experiencing. I listen on the way home to process the day. I realized that I invest 60 to 90 minutes each day in being a better person at work for others and it is making my work experience better and allowing me to grow in ways I should before I learn the growth lesson in a painful way. Oh and Adam’s delivery is natural, humorous and even vulnerable. Thank you, Adam. Your work here enhances my work life experience.
  • SomerHackley
    Great perspective for executive recruiting
    There are so many opinions on LinkedIn. Not many are based on data. My opinions are based on years of interviewing and placing executives, but alas, not a huge data set. To see similar opinions stated as fact in Adam Grant’s work, I can’t tell you how rewarding that is. If you haven’t listened to the podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant, I highly recommend it. I’ve been following Adam for a while. He is constantly citing facts and case studies from the top of his head, a human Science of Work search engine. In the podcast he pulls information together through guests and stories to make concepts actionable and relatable. There are many things I only recently admitted out loud. About five years ago I stopped doing video interviews. I found that I was getting so much more out of audio-only calls. I was paying better attention, listening, responding, and focused on the things that mattered. I felt this was going against the grain, but I saw better results so stuck to it. I recently listened to an episode called “How Science can Fix Remote Work” where Adam Grant said that audio is a better tool for assessment than video. I’ve been telling people that the #1 rule of answering “what are your compensation expectations” are sharing your compensation expectations, which not everyone agrees with. I’ve been telling candidates not to dodge the question or throw it back and ask for a range. I also have been telling candidates to present multiple options that all work for them. In “The Science of the Deal” episode Adam Grant backs this up! If you’re looking for another angle on how to think about work or hiring, I highly recommend WorkLife. What he says works, and it’s based on research, not just opinion. And I happen to think he’s right.
  • karrie1027
    Big Fan!
    This is by far my favorite podcast of all time…and I listen to a lot of podcasts! I’ve come to really admire Adam Grant and will pretty much listen to every podcast he’s on. He’s relatable and his presentation is smart and funny. The topics he covers are not only interesting, but also seem timely in a ripped-from-the-headlines type way. But what I love most is that he’s consistent in his views, while being open to other people’s opinions. Definitely worth a listen (listen to all of them - they’re great!).
  • Janzikins
    Mind-blowingly great podcasts and books
    WorkLife by Adam Grant has given me extraordinary insights into people, work, and the world, in general. Listening to his podcasts has enriched what I do and how I do it in so many areas of work + life. The immediate takeaways—being kind and doing good are not fruitless and stupid; commercials/advertising can go beyond the usual enticements of sell, brand, and amuse—they can go deep into the story of how and why, for starters. Of course I had to order Adam’s books and watch his Ted talks. The books are gems. I’ve slurped them up and tell all the thinkers who care that I encounter about his work. Everything about Grant’s work speaks to me of integrity, humility, curiosity, and service. Thank you, Adam Grant. -Jan Levie
  • I❤movies
    Go to April 19, Building an Anti-Racist Workplace
    No matter what side you are on, just listen. You will learn something, big or small. 51 minutes out of your life.......who doesn’t have that right now? This year sucked for everyone. Make this world the one you want you and your loved ones to experience.
  • Ottootto2
    Move on
    First few seasons of the show were great. Now Adam’s all tied up in knots negotiating current Marxist movements. And he’s not even putting up a struggle. He’s given in entirely. He’s finished. He’ll never contribute to American discourse again.
  • ThePlaywright
    Spot On
    I want every white American interested in moving this country forward to listen to this podcast. The conversations are nuanced and sometimes uncomfortable but always honest and authentic. Bravo! Keep going.
  • Jamesawake
    Getting Very Political but Helpful
    I used to love this podcast as it connected psychology with the business world around me and made sense of a lot! Rather frustratingly (and like everything else these days) Adam is getting more and more political with choosing topics or stories to include to illustrate his points. It’s just frustrating and, I would argue in a podcast about psychology in the workplaces, unnecessary.
  • Unukulele
    Interesting but sexist
    Super relevant topics about work but I can’t stand the host’s sexist behaviors. He often puts into question women’s opinions, and not so often men’s.
  • hrlady2
    I really enjoy this podcast. As someone in HR it resonates with me, provides practical advice. Keep it up! :)
  • Tim from NC
    Agenda Town
    Used to enjoy his work. Now it’s all left leaning propaganda. Pandering to sell books. Disappointing.
  • jjoblumer
    Almost Love It
    While I love a lot of Adam Grant’s ideas and find him very him very engaging, he is bit too “woke” for me at times. I like a more centered, balanced host that avoids group think and questions their own “side” just as critically. It was fun when Megyn Kelly challenged him a bit on her podcast.
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