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You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again.

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Recent Reviews
  • Vyfyttxfufudfy
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. Smart and practical knowledge and advice backed by science on a variety of relevant topics. A quick listen.
  • SoCal Wolverine
    One of my favorites
    This podcast is a fountain of good information. I eagerly look for new episodes.
  • hmerino13
    Best and most useful content I’ve heard in a while
    Just listened to the episode on authenticity. This was such a great combo of clarity and nuance. Brightly and appealingly offered, it was fun while offering super useful advice and illuminating points of view. I’m in love with this podcast.
  • Joenewsguy
    Excellent podcast for all of us who have had jobs and helps us to understand why people act the way they do.
  • anna@nomoresleepless
    Love it
    Love the podcast. I’m eagerly waiting for more episodes to come out.
  • Surf Safe
    Take the good advice
    I’ve listened from the beginnings and I’m pleased each time to hear ideas explained so well to the point and in a manner that I myself have been provoked to act and make my own changes. Thank you for the good advice. Greetings from CA, USA.
  • Patrick Hackett
    Adam Grant = Good
    Adam Grant seems like a genuine guy, making it easy to listen to his podcasts (or read his books). I guess it doesn’t hurt that the content is informative and useful to reflect on too..
  • Estherslunchbox
    Engaging Topics and Practical Advice!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, but none have been as helpful as Work Life. The storytelling is fantastic, the topics are engaging and the advice is practical. I do a lot of thinking on my own, a lot of reflecting on my actions and the actions of others, and reading on how I can change my perspective or take steps to make my life better and the experience of those around me more positive—this podcast helps me do just that. I am so grateful for this wholesome content! Thank you, Work Life!
  • Joey 2050
    WorkLife in the Pandemic!
    This was an amazingly compelling podcast! Astronaut Scott Kelly’s approach to the world we are living in was wonderful. I am about to share this with many people! Thank you!
  • firefox2013
    Pertinent topics but long ads and ego!
    Adam chooses great topics, brings relevant examples/guests but there are hints or overtones of ego that gets in the way of great conversations.
  • ed108649
    Pretty good
    Informative and entertaining with the best ad integration I’ve ever heard. They’re like mini episodes. Adam occasionally shows an ego or won’t admit his guests have better ideas than him.
  • Erd_6
    Work Life
    Best podcast out there by far. Insightful and fun. Changed how I view things. This is my favorite podcast!
  • outfield9
    One of the best podcasts I’ve heard for navigating work/life harmony.
  • Devonshire916
    Interesting, but overly political at times
    I was initially intrigued by this podcast and started with the very first season. I liked the concept, but by the end of the first season I noticed a transition into social justice warrioring and over politicized viewpoints on subjects. The other thing is the adds. I don’t care to hear about people who are “transitioning” to another gender. If I want to listen to stuff like that, I’ll go somewhere else, but I was here for the data driven reasoning. I’m disappointed in the virtue signaling.
  • Catresss
    *Meta-Procrastination* - put off something and listen to Adam's podcast on Procrastination 😎
    I've studied a lot on procrastination over the years. I like Adam's approach and perspective on the topics he chooses because he debunks a lot of the typical assumptions and theories out there. The Procrastination episode is a good case in point. There's a lot that's been said about Procrastination but it never felt right to me so I figured there was something abnormal about me. The research and experts Adam presents match my experience. So either he's brilliant or Ive got agreement bias, or both. The one thing that I'll add that I've recently discovered is that some of my procrastination is because I don't have the right info yet. (not sure if it's just me, but I think maybe not.) This doesn't apply to all issues/specific areas of avoidance. Like why the everloving hell are the Christmas-turned-Easter gift boxes to my adult sons still not shipped yet? It's May. It ridiculous. But.....! Whenever I have a problem to address, and I don't address it, I avoid it....i tell myself it's because the answer or data hasn't presented itself to me yet. If I can go to a quiet place (bedroom or walk or massage table) and just sit, slow down and wait, often an answer occurs to me that fills the gap. Then I can move on. I think this is where the cliche 'I need to sleep on it.' comes from. Anyway....I recommend meta-procrastination. Put off something you need to do while listening to Adam's podcast on procrastination. 😎
  • MandiCakes0320
    One of my favorite shows!!
    I just really enjoy this show. The production is great. The topics and presopective really speak to me and they have motivated change and growth in my personal and professional life. I'm always excited when new epsidoes are released.
  • Cmr1783
    Helpful and insightful
    Thank you for such a helpful and insightful podcast. I really appreciate when I find a thoughtful, practical and entertaining podcast. You have taught me a lot, much of which I have or am trying to implement. The suggestions are easy to use (at least for me) and are presented in such an entertaining way. Keep up the great work!
  • a2z24
    All time favorite podcast!
    I’ve listened to a lot of different podcast but this one I can listen to over and over. So much great information! This podcast makes the world a better place. Not just opinions but back by data and is the opinions of experts. I wish more leaders in companies would listen to it. I recommended it to anyone who will listen to me. I can’t get enough of it! I look forward the next episode every week! Thank you for doing this valuable work!
  • Rainystate
    Great guests...Adam...stop interrupting!
    Generally, I enjoy this podcast. Adam has interesting guests, many of whom have been guests on other podcasts I listen to. I listen to the guests, for the guests’ insights. One of my favorite is Esther Perel and I was very excited to see she was guest on a special episode. She is interesting, very well spoken and her insights into relationships are fascinating. Unfortunately, Adam repeatedly cut her off and interrupted her responses to his questions. It was incredibly annoying and disappointing. A good podcast host asks good questions, then allows the guest to answer. Come on Adam. You can do better.
  • Manny CR
    Please interview John Ioannidis of COVID-19
  • Introvert Intrapreneur
    Useful. Engaging. Sometimes annoying.
    Adam and team do a masterful job choosing topics and guests. Useful insights. Even the ads are educational. Adam's "logic bully" personality (here I am borrowing from a former student's comment in one podcast) ... or perhaps it's hyper enthusiasm with a touch of narrow mindedness ... can be a bit annoying at times.
  • tinydancercat
    Why so argumentative
    Relevant topics and great guests, but Adam why do you come off so combative? Let your guests speak and express their point of view. Not everyone has to think like you and your perspective is not always right.
  • Mare LR
    Great show
    I love this show! Adam is a great host: interesting topics and guests.
  • JESChemEngr
    I absolutely love all the WorkLife episodes but especially the one with Esther Perel. This episode brought out an introspective look at who I am (the autonomy to the nth degree!) but also an understanding of others. I believe that I am pretty tolerant and respectful of others, but can be even better when I understand the cultures and behaviors of others that were discussed here. All of the WorkLife podcasts go into great depth and provide excellent examples. If you want to understand you, your coworkers, and social relationships, this is a great podcast presented with expertise and humility of the host, Adam Grant. And one of the most notable features of WorkLife are the ads. This is the only podcast on my list that I don’t press the fast forward 30 seconds button!
  • youmsma
    Adam is funny, brilliant, curious, and bold! I really enjoy the variety of topics and the focus of helping people broaden their understanding of how they can make the workplace better. I just want more episodes!!
  • nbkoiww
    Good but
    Do you have sinus problems’s annoying
  • Noriaki2013
    Feeling fortunate
    To be able to listen to Work Life by Adam Grant while taking a walk after a day of working remotely. Grateful that I can work from home, make small contributions to the economy and have opportunity to learn and develop. Thank you for introducing Cautionary Tales by Tim Hartford too!
  • KindnessMattersIL
    Start with the Criticism episode!
    I just finished the Criticism episode focusing on Bridgewater Financial Group. I was listening to it as part of a podcast group- it was assigned reading essentially, and the premise (criticism/negative feedback) made me tense and the focus (hedge fund managers) made me think it would be boring. Instead, it was extremely thought-provoking, well-told, and fun to listen to! The narrative was clear and the examples were specific and engaging. I look forward to learning more about work from this podcast!
  • Dr Ruth G
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast of all time. Adam Grant is using this platform to expertly explain why things are the way they are at work. I find myself hanging on to every word. Brilliant!
  • Reneesmyrealtor
    WorkLife podcast
    I heard about Adam on the EntreLeadership podcast and I had to listen to his WorkLife. The first one I heard was about procrastination and I love it! He’s very interesting and poses questions to his guest that made me think, learn and grow. As an educator and Realtor, wife and mother, time is precious to me and this podcast really helped me. I can’t wait to listen to more! Thank you!
  • emxen12
    Hands down BEST business podcast!
    This is the most creative and interesting business podcast that I’ve heard. I look forward to each episode, as the topics are both relevant and personally helpful. Also, the commercials are some of the best advertising I’ve seen...almost every single time I forget that I’m listening to an ad during the commercial. Genius marketing.
  • mini_horse
    Working from home
    Im sure this is forthcoming but it would be great to have a Work Life regarding the working from home life many of us are suddenly facing.
  • HStrombonist
    Fantastic Podcast
    All of the content is top notch and it’s the only podcast that has ads I'm happy to listen to. Usually I skip them because they are all scripted bs across the board. I think the real difference is the focus on individual people’s experiences and the challenges they have faced. I’ve even looked into applying at a couple of the companies Adam promotes so clearly they’re effective ads.
  • BCO Bulldog
    Enjoying Podcast
    I have been putting in a series of reforms in the workplace for the last year and just came across this podcast, which is a nice supplement to my efforts. Also have enjoyed hearing you include many of the same authors I’ve read. Looking forward to listening to earlier shows.
  • Ohcrap the First
    Thank you thank you!
    Such good storytelling, great structure, teaches important things while entertaining.
  • Girl on Pleasant
    So glad you’re back!
  • kelly from Lbc
    The ads feel manipulative and lessen Grant’s credibility
    I enjoy much of the substance of the episodes but the “I’ve personally chosen these sponsors” device feels like an overt marketing tool that degrades my confidence in Professor Grant as a narrator.
  • Dr. Sanchez Lira
    Business Owners Pay Attention!
    I am a psychologist, who used to consult for organizations, but now I own a couple of businesses! I used to be knee deep in research but now my time is spent with employees. Adam has the best evidence based, interesting, applicable podcast for owners or managers of any kind. I am so grateful for all the work he puts into them. As a former consultant I know how much work must go into each and very podcast he produces. They are thoughtful and jammed pack with actual hard data. I love them! Thank you Adam! You are a talented speaker who puts the work in. Thank you!!!
  • BLA0423
    Relevant and relatable
    Adam is incredibly talented at articulating ideas about improving work environment experiences. It’s my new favorite podcast.
  • Jonny Balboa Senior
    Entertaining and Applicable
    Very entertaining, and for the most part applicable.
  • Matt H. Watts
  • TraciJo65
    Love this podcast!
    I am Learning so much from this podcast!! If you are working, or will ever work, and want to do it better, this podcast is for you! Adam is a joy to listen to, is so knowledgeable in his own, but an expert at finding the right people to sell excellent ideas on how to work better and happier! Thank you Experts in Experts with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman for turning me on to one of my new idols!
  • Cruzeiro is the best
    By far my favorite podcast. 100% evidence based.
  • MuskieJuls
    So applicable & relatable!!
    I’m kind of obsessed with this podcast (could also be that I’m an org development nerd) Either way, Grant identifies challenges & issues that affect the majority of organizations & offers such interesting examples in his treatment of the topic. Love how the sponsors/ads are connected & integrated. My new favorite!
  • Busybooklover
    Articulate, discriminating and real. Not just for work!
    I find the content has life value, not just work. I started at a current episode and jumped back to listen to “how to like criticism”. No regrets.
  • A meathead
    This podcast is genius
    I absolutely love this podcast AND the way you do the commercials! Absolutely genius
  • Klenng
    I am a 25 year old, learning what my next step is in my career. Do I want to continue with my employer, should I move to a different industry to challenge myself? Who knows, but what I do know is that in the recent years I am more eager and excited to learn about psychology and my WorkLife is something I want better insight of. Very happy I listened to the Armchair Expert podcast with Adam in. Great podcast!
  • Tore fear
    Just listen
    This is a fantastic podcast if you want to put your WorkLife and any issues that arise there into perspective. Definitely recommend! I just wish there were more episodes!
  • Ellenmarietanner
    What about all of us in the helping fields??
    I love everything about Adam, his research and this podcast, except 1 thing... There’s a large sector of the population and their work life that gets little to no attention in this bustling field of work place culture and organizational psychology and planning, the public and social sectors. I am a woman working as an occupational therapist and have spent 15 years working in education, healthcare and bits of time in nonprofits. These are setting dominated by women, working hard to do good in the world, and quite frankly struggling to feel seen, heard, valued and appreciated in their work life. These are settings that desperately need attention to improve organizational structure and culture, but no one doing the research seems to be studying or applying existing research to the places that perhaps need it the most. I’d love to see/hear more about how all this great research applies to this large, critical and largely forgotten portion of organizations, employers and employees. My hope is to help play a role in transforming the work lives for my fellow helpers/givers in this lifetime. Thanks for hearing me out and for the amazing work you’re doing! It all resonates so much!
  • Podry21
    Game-changing perspectives
    Just listen to it
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