Second Life

Business #69Careers #9

Join our host, Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr, as she chronicles the career changes that can come at any age in our podcast, Second Life.

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  • upstate-vc
    Kat von D
    I just unsubscribes when I saw the new Kat von D episode. Anyone who gives a platform to that racist anti-vaxxer does not get support from me. Gross.
  • VCA09
    Obsessed !!
    Can’t get enough and look forward to each new podcast! Thank you Hilary!! However, I think interviewing indie companies (once in a while) that you or the listeners find inspiring would be great and motivating! We always hear so much about people once they “made it and are successful”, but interviewing people who are in the midst of it all is never spoken about... that can me so inspiring to people bc these people are actually going through the emotions of “building a company”.
  • katesback241
    Inspiring, Informative, Easy to Listen
    I can’t get enough of these interviews! Love the interview style, where Hillary makes it all about the person she is interviewing, occasionally bringing her own experience into the conversation. I spend a lot of time sewing and get super bored, so I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts. I listen to them as soon as they come out, and find they inspire me to keep going.
  • tanyah-hope
    24 and learning
    I absolutely love this podcast! I just started it today to feed more of my ongoing podcast obsession. I adore Reese Witherspoon and she’s a major part of my inspiration to take on a producer hat someday lol (still working on my acting career). It was such an excellent interview and the one on Sallie 😍! What a thought provoking interview. I have so many ideas especially in non-profit work, so it was really cool hearing her story! This podcast is not only amazing for women wanting to jump start a second career later in life, but young women still trying to build a first! Especially for someone who has so much passion and plans in a variety of fields.
  • Lewatle
    Highly recommend
    Hillary is a thoughtful and considerate interviewer. She engages deeply with her guests and makes sure that the audience follows the topic, clarifying and providing definitions to industry terms as needed. I’ve been inspired by many of the stories and have learnt a lot. Hilary comes across as a kind and likable person and it helps that she’s also knowledgeable. Thank you Hilary
  • Greysen Friedman
    Best Podcast!!!
    This podcast is fantastic!!! I am so inspired to take my business to the next level- I feel so empowered by these interviews!!!
  • S Anna Ballard
    So motivating!
    This podcast has been exactly what I needed to get the courage I needed to start my business, and the inspiration to keep going every day.
  • Becca2354567
    Mostly inspiring
    This is one of the few podcasts I listen to regularly (HK’s voice is so calming to me). I would love to see less celebrity interviews and more people that started out as regular people, more diversity in interviewee and industry. Taking each interview into a deeper dive of real issues and struggles (like Nicole Ricci and her drug abuse) would be truly inspiring and something anyone can glean lessons learned from.
  • LaurenLanzo
    Epic Podcast
    First of all, this is a great podcast! I love that she has guests with all different backgrounds and stories. Some of these woman (who I haven’t heard of prior) have totally different career paths than me but I always find ways to connect to them, their message, their lifestyle. The guests that I already know and follow on Instagram I admire even more because I know their story in depth. Overall, I love this podcast I’ve been listening on my commute to work for weeks. I highly recommend, I’ve learned a lot from Hillary and her guests!
  • smsbos
    Could/should dig for more out of guests
    For every good episode of this podcast there are episodes like the Nicole Richie one that just rubbed me the wrong way. I am a big follower of NPR’s How I Built This which I find fascinating because of the real depiction of entrepreneurship, good bad and ugly. (Check out the Dave’s Killer Bread episode and his story) Nicole’s interview didn’t touch upon her struggles with drugs and I found that a disservice to listeners who only heard a sparkly story of an ex-figure skater turned reality show personality then designer/actor. Hillary asks the same questions at the end about what to tell your younger self etc and gave her an opportunity to share more and instead Nicole offered up some lame answer. Mistakes shouldn’t define people but I do believe they should be shared if you are on a podcast about your life that is meant to inspire.
  • SHEiMA
    Check out the episode on Ellen Bennett!!
    I laughed. I cried (don’t tell anyone). I learned so much about a world that I respect so much - the world of hospitality and fine dining. I love that the principles learned in hospitality have been used by Ellen in her business of Hedley & Bennett. Tune in. You really shouldn’t miss this energy! 🤩🤩🤩
  • carolemabry
    A go to
    I love the podcast. I just finished my favorite episode so far on Sallie L. Krawcheck.
  • wewhocinbetween
    Love this pod
    Such an empowering podcast!
  • Cari*
    Binging Second Life
    So enjoying this podcast.....favorites thus far Christina Tosi, Jen Atkin, Karla Welch, Rachel Zoe, Baby2Baby women and the incredible founder of June & Oliver ..... Hillary Kerr you voice, questions and repartee are perfection........I am telling every woman I know or meet to listen to the podcast there is so very much to cull from this!!!
  • ginginmule
    Seriously the best
    I love this pod so much!! We missed you Hillary but love seeing pics of your beautiful family on social. This pod is so inspiring! Each one is better than the next! Keep ‘em coming!
  • khurliman1
    So good..
    My first review ever but I’m such a fan I had to figure out how to rate and review. For any woman wanting inspirational advice on creative careers- this is the place for you. Hillary has the best guests and asks the exact questions you’re thinking next. She herself is a powerhouse of know how who arguably has the most perfect podcast voice you will not tire of.
  • Sm2rb
    A new favorite!
    I listened to a few episodes in season one if I knew of the person being interviewed, but I became a devoted listener during Hilary’s maternity break when the “best of” episodes were being replayed. I am loving season two! I am not an entrepreneur but I do manage a large group of young people and so many of the guests speak to their struggles in managing a team as one of the most challenging aspects of growth. I’ve gotten so many great tips and ways to view difficult situations that have helped me in my job. I can’t wait to listen to upcoming episodes!
  • styledxangelica
    Guest request
    Obsessed with this podcast. Helps me stay driven to live for my passions & keep pushing towards my dreams. I’d love to hear my idols, Jill Jacobs, fashion stylist on the podcast!
  • Wenlev
    Cindy Copabanco
    Went to college with Cindy. Loved to hear her journey and advice. Great show. Thanks for awesome content.
  • Evaisawsome
    These bores manifest nothingness into uber-nothingness. I was not inspired to hear how bigwig Eva was called up to her “Second Life” by another bigwig, dumping her 4 month old infant for empty gains. Not interesting in the least. Plus, for someone so bright & educated she sure used the filler “like” a lot. Elitist and dull, no thanks.
    This podcast is by far my favorite. Hillary asks great, pointed questions. While people may say this pod focuses too much on “privileged” individuals, I think there have been a diverse group of women on the pod. From Black, White, Asian, and Latina... and while certain people can’t help that they’ve had help or a leg up in their careers. It’s clear that every single one of these women pursuing their “Second Life”, hasn’t had an easy road to get there. Not every single things needs to be politicized. Hillary is an excellent host. She seems to understand a lot about her interviewee prior to. Most of these women I had never heard of and it’s gotten me curious about their products, or accounts i might normally never try to give attention to... IE; Outdoor voices, The Shade Room, Lord Jones.
  • Chel Chanelle
    So very good
    I love this podcast in general, but the Angelika Nwandu interview was painfully relatable. As a young woman riddled with doubt and insecurity, but still striving for her dream, Angelika’s candidness was so very comforting. So often, entrepreneurs speak from a place of being over the insecurity, but her honesty about the ups and downs of life in general were quite refreshing.
  • Jennifer Burt
    My fav Poscast
    Hilary is the best interviewer and gets the greatest guest. Truly inspirational.
  • RoryMaryStewary
    I Can’t
    I want to love this podcast but Hillary Kerr is so distracting. She comes off as so fake and tries way too hard. Her overly dramatic and effusive intros, as well as laughing way too hard at things that aren’t that funny are distracting. It’s too much.
  • Móni Nickname
    What happened
    This podcast used to be sooooo good. Now for the last 2/3 months they are replaying interviews with the same people and not saying they are replays. Like y’all really ran out of inspiring women in a YEAR? Laughable and sad. Maybe step outside of the mostly privileged white women y’all like interviewing, there are so many inspiring black and latinx and other identifying women out here doing it.
  • laylay137
    Absolute Favorite Podcast 🖤
    This is my all time favorite podcast, and the only one I consistently recommend to others! LOVE HK!
  • Recycle Freak5
    Really Inspiring!
    As a person in their mid twenties and looking for my second life. I find this to be the most inspiring resource. And even the episodes I didn’t think I could relate to I ended up loving! Thanks!!
  • nhp13
    Love this podcast!
    I don’t know if binge listening is a thing, but I can’t stop listening!! This podcast is amazing, giving honest advice to every stage of your career. Can’t recommend it enough!!!
  • Song234
    Love this podcast!
    I listening to this podcast everyday on my way to college and I really love this podcast! ❤️
  • Stella Weinbrenner
    So inspiring!
    I love this podcast! ♥️♥️♥️
  • mtnmama
    Absolutely fascinating and inspiring
    These women are so inmpsiring and entertaininhg and brilliant. Its a real pleasure listening to their stories. Love this podcast. It's my favorite for now. Until I finish listening to every one of them. If you're a woman and you're stuck. Listen to these women and listen to the guts and glory they put into their lives.
  • LCD6
    Love this podcast!
    I so enjoy listening to this podcast when I work out. There is a great diversity in guests and host Hillary Kerr asks the questions I am asking myself as I listen. The stories of women pivoting are so interesting and inspiring. I always share the episodes with my daughter who is about to embark on her first career search. The guests’ mindsets are positive and I love the idea of mistakes actually being learning moments. It is fascinating to me to learn how people make things happen when they have no previous knowledge or experience in that particular endeavor. Love this podcast!
  • laurenispissed
    Out of touch
    There are great things about this podcast—importance of drive and hard work, inspiring women—but so much of the conversation revolves around opportunities available only to a select set of women, typically middle-to-upper class and white. Conversations about internships, access to education, access to mentors are had without consideration of the limitations seen by a much larger majority of us that are inhibited by our gender, color, and class. I ask: learn more, think more, and generally wake the F up.
  • mmarymac
    Best Podcast Ever
    I am constant talking about this podcast! This is so inspiring, and gives you an opportunity to get to know story’s and feel inspired from people you might not hear otherwise! This is the most inspiring podcast, as someone who strives to be an entrepreneur this motives me, especially the female focus!
  • ding_dong_plant_head
    Blind privilege across the board! So wild... thought this would be a pod about real women making shifts in their lives but nope- it’s Erin Foster giving herself mad props for turning down a beachfront apartment that her dad bought her. Tone deaf.
  • SndtrkFan3
    Truly inspirational.
    As someone who aspires to open her business, this podcast is exactly what I need. Educational, informative, and interesting. Love it!
  • sdietz9
    Most inspiring podcast
    I love this podcast so much, the only complaint I could ever have is that I would love longer episodes!
  • cvizza
    Thorough and inspiring
    Love this podcast. Hillary is amazing!
  • Sfgpgirl
    Like to fall asleep to this podcast...
    Because it’s similar to reading the style section of the Sun paper. Most of the guests are in fashion launching a collection or line of makeup. The likes of Soul cycle founder or the super expensive vegan food delivery startup. Yes, the majority are elitist and no one is solving global warming or cancer on here, but after listening to 15 mins of self admitted college flunky Aurora James and her “LIKE this LIKE that” coupled with the awful upspeak intonation, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Hillary is great. But if you are expecting second lives of female rocket scientists you will be disappointed.
  • Dezzie MH
    Support and Inspiration to start again!
    I so love this podcast. Hillary does a great job of pulling out the stories of amazing accomplished women to find out what created their success. I am inspired by every one. Thanks Hillary for this pod, it is giving me the fire I need to move to my #secondlife.
  • ecwilliams87
    Inspiring podcast!
    Many of the guests are inspiring and have very diverse backgrounds and interesting stories... I loved the interview of Anatasia. However, others, like Jennifer Meyer, are not relatable at all and not worth a listen... changing the questions and conversation depending on the guest and her background might help make every episode relatable, insightful, and engaging.
  • rachelle boylan
    Intentful and intelligent
    I love listening to Hillary’s conversations with her guests. She always has very intelligent questions that are organized and flows into the conversation piece nicely.
  • AnnElsCar9
    Finally! Smart conversations with women
    Thank you!! In an Instagram age where women are reduced to their looks and beauty routines, this restored my faith in humanity. Such a smart host asking smart questions and the guests are so inspiring. I just started listening and am looking forward to all the important conversations I know are to come.
  • knvasquez
    So inspirational
    For a younger woman in her career, I love knowing my path can go in so many directions. Thank you for all the inspo!
  • ahshshsjamavdv
    Mostly inspiring
    I feel compelled to write this review after the latest episode. I am a female owned and run business so this pod has been amazingly inspiring and is listened to while we work. There is truly nothing more inspiring then the ladies who started from nothing (like us) and I can almost be certain that these are what most people come here for. I am completely turned off by the celebrity, extremely privileged stories that are hardly a second life... more of how can I take advantage of this massive platform I’m on, opportunities of buying their way to the top. Absolutely not inspiring! I hope this can be taken as constructive critique to your next season of this podcast. Because I do truly like most of these stories. I hope you take into consideration of opening up your platform to other races, background, and more stories beyond fashion! Let’s hear the people at the bottom who are working their a** off to achieve their second life.
  • Nikkilynn86
    The business founders have amazing stories. Starting with their back story and business concept. We hear first hand about the development and almost inconceivable growth. Each episode is a roadmap of trials and successes.
  • Britt draper
    Highly addictive and so inspirational! How could you not love this podcast?! I love listening to the stories of successful people and this is made even better being successful women.
  • CreoleLa
    So insightful and inspirational
    I feel like I’ve lived many lives and am in a transitional phase as I embrace growth. I’m in my mid 40s and I can feel the shedding and the yearning for new. I am familiar with change and transition and am no longer afraid but excited to see how I evolve and what comes next. This podcast is truly right on time and is just what I need in this physical and emotional time. So grateful to have come across this!
  • Chickadee7
    Awesome insight into interesting people doing inspiring things! Great guests and comfortable conversation.
  • Anjsingh83
    As a woman contemplating her next career step, this is such an inspirational and insightful podcast. Interviews are so crisp and clean and ask for specifics which is so informative and eye opening. Love it.
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