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Halloweenies® is a monthly podcast for fans of all horror franchises. Each season, co-hosts Justin Gerber, Mike Vanderbilt, Dan Caffrey, McKenzie Gerber, and Michael Roffman slice through an iconic series one movie at a time. In 2018, they started in Haddonfield, Illinois with Halloween. In 2019, they dreamed through Springwood, Ohio for A Nightmare on Elm Street. In 2020, they roasted mallows at Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th. Now, in 2021, they're heading to Woodsboro, California for a Scream. As always, there will be tricks, there will be treats, and, yes, there will be blood.

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  • MMyers4Life
    Halloween Kills Trailer
    Hi guys! I’ve really enjoyed your work reviewing the Halloween franchise but I was disappointed to hear just outright smear tactics on this one. The title itself we knew going in suggested the death count and rampage would be unlike anything we’ve seen. If you were trapped in a cellar and set on fire and manage to survive are you all really suggesting Michael and/or you shouldn’t be enraged and want to kill anything that moves? The 2018 movie outclassed all previous Halloween sequels and the idea of the town trying to rally as one to bring him down is something we’ve not yet seen. Spare me the Halloween 4 drunk idiots driving around in pickup trucks for all of 3 minutes. I enjoy your work, but on this one I respectfully disagree. That being said I hope you enjoy this movie and I anxiously await your review.
  • Colin B. Nels
    H Kills
    How about after Michael kills the first 3 firemen outside - The Man in Black shows up with his Tommy Gun and mows the rest of him down. And it’s Wynn.
  • RasAlGhul
    A whole hour devoted to bashing a movie they haven’t seen.
    I’ve been enjoying this podcast (especially when covering the Scream franchise), but you guys spend an hour bashing a movie trailer to a movie you haven’t seen? Why waste your time AND ours? I should’ve stopped listening after 20 minutes, but I foolishly hoped it’d become something worth listening to. Do better. On a different note, the negative reviews on them because they put down Trump supporters is hilarious because Trumpsters deserve to have their stupidity mocked and put on display.
  • keenerfangs
    l cannot say enough how happy l am that l found this podcast! They are true fans of the genre and their excitement, honesty, and nostalgia really comes through in their retrospectives. I’m immediately a fan!
  • JayJayRose1
    I Heart Halloweenies
    Halloweenies is an entertaining, relevant, and in-depth podcast. The content is well researched and discussed with a little fun thrown into the mix complete with really great hosts. It’s an awesome podcast for horror fans that enjoy modern perspectives and those that are able to comprehend the layers between the genre’s flaws, progress, and all the important stuff in between. Highly recommend!
  • Dbatarse
    Too SJW now
    Was a huge fan back in the day, but its all woke sjw political nonsense now. I liked it better when it was just about the horror and not about alienating opposite political views.
  • crazystarwarsfanboy
    5 stars
    Brian Scott. Horror movie fanboy on Twitter here. So glad I found this podcast. Amazing breakdown of horror movies. All facts no fluff. Just well thought out opinions. Great interviews. A must listen
  • josieh
    The podhosts doth protest too much, me thinks
    There’s something really off putting about an all white podcast poo pooing the racial politics of Scream 2.
  • FabulousMelB
    Hooked from the start!
    I discovered this podcast last week, and have already made it through Season 1! Love the thoughtful conversation with some humor thrown in. Super interesting! Can’t wait to hear the rest!
  • AnthonyVeeSays
    My favorite pod!
    As a huge horror film nerd (especially with slashers)- I can’t get enough of this pod! All four franchises they have gone through have been amazing thus far- loved the idea of Randy’s Recs in between Scream episodes also! Will definitely be checking our their Patreon also- horror fans give a listen!
    So quick to criticize these new Halloween movies, why don’t you get David Gordon Green, Andi Matichak, or Chritopher Nelson on, to defend the movies? Pretty easy to criticize something, when you never have any confrontation.
  • Gore444
    Too long of a gap between Scream episodes. Please keep unrelated non-franchise content to patreon.
  • Rock mastrangelo
    I’m a halloweener
    I love this podcast. Listening to these in depth reviews has made me go out and purchase a ton of vintage horror dvds. Thanks
  • Adam87EC
    Great podcast
    Even better than 2009’s The Irishman
  • Makaveli94187
    What once was a great show.
    These guys do their homework on a movie. First couple seasons were good but this show has sadly just become a soy boy, SJW, snowflake podcast. Everything either has to do with LGBT or politics even when the content of the movie doesn’t even relate. They also state that we all should respect others opinions but they constantly just bash Trump supporters. It’s just incredibly childish. They’re men in their 30’s pushing 40’s, they just need to do better.
  • tommycostas
    My new favorite
    Gotta do George Romero’s “dead” franchise
  • GabeTough
    Good: Long shows - Bad: annoying voices
    Halloweenies have great content and in depth reviews that can go sometimes 3 hours which I enjoy. The cast do their homework and for the most part know what they’re talking about. Now these guys have the worst voices for a podcast. They all make the weirdest noises and sounds that are heard clearly thru the microphone. Jenn is a added bonus addition to the Weenies. And beware of their Twitter account if you are not a Biden supporter.
  • res781
    Italian Giallo films
    You should review all the 1970’s Italian Giallo films that inspired Halloween and Friday the 13th. John Carpenter said Dario Argento’s Deep Red inspired parts of Halloween and Twitch of the Death Nerve has death scenes that they literally copied in Friday the 13th.
  • troyscardigan
    The Quintessential Horror Podcast You’ve Been Searching For!
    Having never really listened to a podcast prior, I walked out of a movie theater in 2018 after viewing David Gordon Green’s, HALLOWEEN, desperate for some discourse. One thing led to another, and I found myself hard-searching Halloween-related key words in the Apple Podcast app. Then, lo and behold I discovered HALLOWEENIES— the name was fantastic and they had a 2+ hour episode on what I had just seen. So, I sat down in my uncomfortable dorm chair, pressed play, and have been eagerly awaiting each month’s new episode ever since. [But then I became a Halloweenies Patron, which means a lot more content, so you should become one too] With extensive dissections of classic and modern horror, Halloweenies leaves no nook and cranny unexplored. If you’re searching for a podcast with episodes/hosts that are as enjoyable and enlightening as the very films they discuss, then Halloweenies is a no brainer! Thanks for making me fall in love with podcasts, Halloweenies!
  • Nick Maneman
    Great Pod But...........
    Just discovered this podcast and I do enjoy it, but episodes can get way too long.
  • spacesuit
    I hate to admit it.
    Halloweenies is the most fun podcast to listen to on my commute. Even trudging through a brutal Chicago blizzard to the train is kind of awesome when I’ve got a new episode to play through the ‘ole airpods. May they never stop. Amen.
  • Mmmirzqd
    Great Fun
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Always fun, always entertaining. This podcast is just an overall good time!!
  • Bartimus_Prime
    Deep Diver Perfection
    Halloweenies is my favorite podcast. Each episode a fantastic deep dive into a film in a legendary horror franchise. The guys, and their guests, always manage to be informative and entertaining. You might think a 2 hour+ show on the lesser entries of the HALLOWEEN series would be boring, but you’d be wrong. Can’t wait for the upcoming SCREAM season.
  • Miggymack
    Love this series
    Addendum 2: this show is 5 star quality and if you vote otherwise, you’re a NARC. Addendum to original review: this podcast is, in fact, a better podcast than the Irishman. I can say that with 100% honesty! In 1997, the weekend before Halloween, I watched 1-6 in a row in one night. Up until then, I was a Freddy kid, but after watching the entire series in one night, I became team Michael. To find out there’s a group of guys my age 30 minutes away (I live right by the Indiana border), who have the same love and adulation for the series was amazing. Like them, I too would love to see the continuity of Thorn come back!!
  • WIllis-McGillis
    Scorsese, eat yer heart out....
    What's unquestionably better than Martin Scorsese's 2019 epic "The Irishman"? Well, quite a bit...but one of them is the Halloweenies Podcast! If you like horor, if you like genre, if you're between twenty and forty and have a complicated history with movie monsters - this is your haven. Halloweenies does more than discuss the legacy of longstanding horror franchises, it puts them under a high powered microscope and examines the devil in the details. The personalites is where the podcast really comes to life as each one of the hosts becomes like a character unto themselves. Refreshing to listen to. Like returning to your college days when you and your buds would put a sleezy tape in the VCR and share in the community. Better than "The Irishman" but hopefully, not as good as future Scorsese epics.
  • Get Out Noaw!
    This podcast is better than Martin Scorsese’s 2018 Netflix’s The Irishman
    This podcast is better than Martin Scorsese’s 2018 Netflix’s The Irishman
  • Seaneech
    Fun podcast
    I have found this podcast a while back and listened to all the episodes. It is a really fun podcast. If you’re a horror fan, you will love this podcast. The hosts are great and love the segment titles. Give this a listen, you will not be disappointed.
  • jewels1510
    Favorite podcast
    I love this podcast and look forward to it every month!! I enjoy everything you guys have done so far! Keep up the good work 👍
  • DalePeterson
    The Best
    The in depth reviews of all the series so far have been great. While I disagree with them on them in more then a few movies from each season, I love that they give real reasons why they dislike or like what they do.
  • Adam Socha
    Great Podcast!
    I stumbled upon this podcast when I wanted a Halloween: H20 podcast (don’t judge!) and have been hooked ever since. Entertaining, informative and VERY detailed. I really like the length of the podcasts (probably avg about 2.5 hours each). Can’t wait for Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X! Highly recommend!
  • RagtimeRyan
    Waaaay better than the Irishman
    I’ve listened to the first season twice. I’m a huge fan of “the Big 3” and listening to this podcast is like hanging out with friends I never had. I love every episode and eagerly await new ones. Thanks guys!
  • wilky1986
    Top of the line stuff.
    WAY better than The Irishman...gotta say.
  • Fenster2368
    Great podcast
    Very knowledgeable hosts , very entertaining. Anyone who can name drop Taso Stavrakis knows what they’re talking about lol. PS, Justin is hilarious.
  • Keith Ryan
    accidentally found this looking for podcast about Halloween and Michael Myers. I really enjoy it, almost through the Halloween portion of it. I see some reviews don’t like the time but I love how they give time to everything concerning the movie. I hope they do Scream also. 1 complaint I saw that is true is that the main host cuts the others off to make sure they stick to talking about things in the format he wants but I appreciate sticking to a structure. If you like Halloween, I think you’ll love these guys. I’ve not heard the others yet but I have no doubt they do as well on Nightmare and F13 also.
  • Liam Loomis
    Best Podcast for Horror Fans
    This podcast is great..it reminds me of listening to my older cousins talk about horror flicks growing up. I was a huge fan of the Halloween franchise before listening to this pod, but these guys really taught me a lot about the Nightmare/Friday the 13th franchises in a humorous but insightful way. I also admire their bravery for rightfully tearing apart Halloween 2018 (Dr. Sartain putting on Michael’s mask is one of the worst movie-going experiences of my life). These guys (and Lara) are hilarious, especially Justin. Now I know that Michael Myers is 21 and “one of them was Annie!”..keep up the great work guys, I appreciate all that you do
  • TheRuralJuror.
    Great Pod for Horror Fans!
    I absolutely love this pod! Each episode is packed full of in depth info about each movie they cover. They started covering Halloween first then went to Nightmare and are now on Friday the 13th. I can’t wait to see what they cover next! I love a pod that runs long because I’m often playing video games while listening and it’s nice to have a nice long podcast to listen to. Love each host, love the segments, and the jingles they come up with. I still miss hearing “Ooooooh Paaaaul...”
  • ChicagoKevin81
    Great podcast
    Stumbled upon this podcast and it’s very worth your time if you’re a fan of major horror franchises. Caught up on Friday the 13th and am now making my way through the Halloween season and each episode is full of tidbits and interesting analysis.
  • JD619/214
    Great show
    I don’t always agree with the guys but I do love the podcast. I love how they talk about all the platforms the movies are represented. I didn’t know about the Halloween movie books and comics and now I can’t get enough. Keep up the good work.
  • MarkYelton49
    Great listen
    Excellent show and perspective.
  • RayG927
    Snooze fest
    This has got to be one of the most boring horror podcasts ever. The episodes are way too long. Their are way to many side conversations. The hosts are trying to hard to be funny and fail at it. The lead host is annoying and I feel like he doesn’t let other hosts speak in order to stick to the schedule of the podcast in the order that he wants to discuss things. I tried giving it a chance but it’s just so boooorrrriiiinngggg!
  • paul serone
    Too much politics/trump deranged syndrome
    Could have sworn I was listening to a horror podcast because of my love for the genre...but instead it turns into soy boy beta liberal b.s. start a political podcast if that’s your passion. Don’t bait n switch horror fans with your trump deranged syndrome nonsense. Moving on
  • CrashMellie
    A Great Find
    After listening to “In Voorhees We Trust” and looking for their podcast on the Halloween franchise (which doesn’t seem to exist?), I stumbled upon this great little find. I like the format, deep dives and stories. More ‘killer’ content and especially love the interviews they’re able to conduct with the greats. Looking forward to delving into the other franchises they’ve covered beyond Friday. Meant to start with their coverage of the Halloween franchise but the Friday episodes were too good to wait.
  • angelogonzalezjr
    Great and Entertaining Deep Dives!
    Discovered this podcast looking for Nightmare on Elm Street podcasts and can now say it’s become one of my favorites! Love the deep dives into the minutiae of the movies. Good work, keep em coming!
    Great podcast covering the big 3 (so far) horror franchises. I enjoy it more than The Irishman.
  • BigRob8409
    Junk Monkey MIKE Vanderbilt
    I’ve really enjoyed this podcast more since MIKE was added! Keep up the great work!
  • Ultimate Drool
    Classic pod cast
    The only podcast to ever make me legit laugh out loud by talking about former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie for 2 seconds. Also better than Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman for this reason alone.
  • Reformed Baptist
    4 hour ep 1
    Yes their first full episode is nearly 4 hours long on one of my favorite movies Halloween 👻 🎃 a very worthy listen
  • feuganeo
    Worlds greatest Horror Podcast
    If you grew up loving horror movies and analyzing scenes, then this is the podcast for you. I still go back and listen to older episodes. I am a lot like the Halloweenies, it takes me back every time I listen, like Mike R, my parents didn’t care what I watched as a kid, I was always introducing my friends to Halloween, friday the 13th, etc. when I first found you guys, I couldn’t believe there were other horror junkies like my self. Justin, Dan, Lara, mike R, Mike v, Mac, and any other special guests I left out, I just want to personally thank you for putting this podcast out there. I am in the car a lot for my job, and this has helped me get through some tough decisions. The Halloween season was great, I felt the same way about hallowgreen as 90% of you, sorry dan, But the lead up to these kinds of movies is great, another thing I agree with. I don’t mean to ramble on, but the nightmare season was amazing as well. Now the Friday season has been excellent so far, please if you are a horror fan this is the podcast for you, for Christ sake I would listen to these guys break down the sound of music. I look forward to the rest of this season and whatever is next. Once again thank you for doing this, I know recording these episodes is not a piece of cake, especially during the covid lockdown, but that still didn’t stop you guys, stay safe and I look forward to what’s to come for the Halloweenies.
  • alexpk19
    Wrap it up box
    I feel at times specifically the current run of the Friday the 13th series the host and spec. guest can get caught up in themselves and can often speak off topic for at times 5 minutes a clip. Your witty and your well versed in film.... that’s awesome but I feel some of the guest rarely get enough mic time . Sometimes it can take roughly 30 minutes before the first act of the selected film is even discussed. Get better at editing down or purchase a wrap it up box.
  • Doctos Subs
    Actually enjoyable, unlike The Irishman
    My brother told me about this podcast because of the Friday season. It’s been the best part of quarantine, and I’ve loved watching all the movies, both from this and past seasons, after listening to their respective episodes.
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