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Halloweenies® is a monthly podcast for fans of all horror franchises. Each season, co-hosts Justin Gerber, Mike Vanderbilt, Dan Caffrey, McKenzie Gerber, and Michael Roffman slice through an iconic series one movie at a time. In 2018, they started in Haddonfield, Illinois with Halloween. In 2019, they dreamed through Springwood, Ohio for A Nightmare on Elm Street. In 2020, they roasted mallows at Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th. In 2021, they solved crimes in Woodsboro for a Scream. Now, they're heading into the woods to battle The Evil Dead. As always, there will be tricks, there will be treats, and, yes, there will be blood.
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Recent Reviews
  • MoisheKapoil
    Too much filler
    I listened for ten minutes to their podcast about Army of Darkness and basically heard a group of guys talking about how old they were when they saw the movie, and other topics of little substance. I came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time if I wanted to learn about the movie beyond what I already knew, so I turned off the podcast.
  • Dr. Michael Sowinski
    Lots of negativity
    They don’t seem to like much about the franchise’s they claim to be fans of. They are very defensive of toxic fandom, which seems to be there comfort zone.
  • Freshprince1107
    Too political
    Liked it but political talk in it turned me off. I want a horror podcast not politics. Also don’t dislike Star Wars but they talk about them as much in the episodes.
  • thank me later...........
    Great Podcast (better than The Irishman)
    Would love a series of episodes filling out each season that focus on non-franchise movies from the decade that the seasons subject is rooted in. (i.e 90s for Scream, 80s for Nightmare). The hosts know so much about horror, that would be a fantastic way to talk about the history of horror at large.
  • 4321 gameing
    The absolute best podcast!
    I love the Halloweenies! I am considering moving an hour away from work so that I have more time to listen to the podcast to and from work. You guys are the same age as me and I feel like when I’m listening that I’m right there with you all. Keep Up the great work.
  • Epicfilmguys
    One of the best Horror podcasts around!
    If you’re looking for a quality Horror podcast, look no further. Halloweenies is the movie podcast that gives out the best candy to Trick or Treaters. The love of Horror is immense and always entertaining.
  • GLantern1123
    Love this show.
    Kind of found this later then I should have. I was looking for more in-depth Halloween review and someone that shared similar thoughts on Halloween 2018… I didn’t like it. Went down the rabbit while and now you guys have replaced my other horror themed podcasts. Also probably helps we are around the same age. Keep up the awesome work and I’ll keep listening.
  • CrimsonWright
    Halloweenies rock!
    Been a listener since the very first season. Love the hangout feel that these guys have. Just a bunch of friends hanging out talking horror movies. Never gotten into the Evil Dead series but will watch along with this new season. Can’t wait.
  • tonywhee
    love this pod
    love the show!!! its such a fun listen!! so much detaill into the movies i grow up with!!! please i would love a episode on twin peaks!!!! fire walk with is a very horror!
  • Bryan G489
    Love the show. Newer listener. I think you guys should do podcasts on the Final Destination series or even Child’s Play leading up to the show Chucky.
  • Buddy Grace
    Makes every horror movie better
    After falling in love with these guys from the Nightmare on elm street series, I started branching out to other movies. They always do a great breakdown and their love of the fandom shines though. It’s insane the knowledge they have on these movies, and soooo much fun to listen to them.
  • js923!
    Love this podcast. I’ve been listening for years now and highly recommend it. If you like horror movies this is for you
  • Sportswagly
    Do you like scary movies?
    Then listen to this podcast! I challenge you to find a more in-depth podcast about horror movies.
  • Mark Mazzuca
    Solid 4 Star Podcast
    That’s a joke, 5 Stars listen everybody….
  • Kenyata D.
    Horror in Detail
    This is one of my favorite podcasts out there! These guys are really good at going into the fine details of the movies they discuss. Maybe I am a little bias because they are my age but some of the jokes and references they throw out there put a smile on my face! I really love the 2+ hour episodes! Check them out
  • 2aguyalso
    Best horror movie podcast
    I learned about Halloweenies from another poscast and am glad i did. I have listened to their take on Halloween 2018 and went back to their first podcast.....covering the original Halloween. For me, it is refreshing that they don't swear with every other sentence.... they are articulate and intelligent in their discussions and very entertaining..... you have to be when you are spending close to 4 hours discussing one movie. If you like horror movie discussions this is definitely a podcast to follow. Keep up the good work....
  • robocopslameson
    Beyond informative! As entertaining as the movies themselves!
    Love this pod. The hosts go real deep into each film they cover, and offer equal reverence and critique, and are unattainable of an absurd bit or some harsh honesty (sorry David Gordon Green). Let these folks make Halloween Ends and maybe we’ll get a movie actually worth talking about
  • Joe Wapo
    Despite the title, really seem to hate the Halloween movies…
    I really wanted to like this podcast. I downloaded all of the Halloween movie shows to listen to at work. Made it through this selection, but I must admit that it was quite a chore. The guys rag on each movie relentlessly (aside from the first 3) and it makes me wonder why they would name their show after a franchise they mostly despise. There is little to no balanced critical discussion, no intelligent insight, nothing other than venomous diatribes. I also can’t get over how much two of the guys sound like Anthony Jeselnick and Adam Carolla (just less funny). A few of the other negative reviews also mention their SJW persuasion, which I found funny, because after the majority of a single episode seemed devoted to Jamie Lee Curtis’ political viewpoints, I could’ve sworn they were more conservative leaning. Either way, I don’t typically waste my time writing negative reviews, but after listening to constant negativity over 8 or so episodes, it must’ve worn off on me.
  • ortizpapelbon34
    Love it
    Great podcast for horror lovers
  • JOEbaFett402
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Listened to this podcast nonstop in October. It really got me into the classic slasher movies. It was also a ton of fun to watch all the nightmare and Friday the 13th movies then immediately turn on the podcast to hear the weenies’ thoughts. I know it’s not exactly a classic “horror” franchise, but I’d love to see them do the final destination series for next year. I loved those movies and think a rewatch and listen would be great.
  • Bobby Hellmo Brake
    Don’t mind me
    I’m just hear to read salty reviews from people who liked Halloween Kills and people who had lobotomies. Oh wait, that Venn Diagram is literally just a circle.
  • Tanner "Tramer" Gold
    Best slasher fan podcast!
    I’ve been listening to this group since 2018 and I’ve loved every minute. They’re thorough in their coverage of the movies they discuss and you really learn about these movies that you love. Everyone has their own opinions and they’re fun to listen to. If you’re a slasher fan, LISTEN TO THIS SHOW. Each episode makes me want to re watch movies I’ve seen dozens of times. Keep up the great content Halloweenies! 🎃
    Jamie Lee Curtis can’t watch a break
    Just subbed to the Halloweenies Patreon and I’m always thoroughly entertained listening to these guys talk about classic horror franchises. It’s always informed and researched analysis mixed with personal takes that makes it super intriguing. Even if I disagree with the constant rants regarding most Jamie Lee Curtis starring Halloween films, they’re always fun to listen to. Five stars for the content and a bonus pumpkin for the fact I have a crush on Michael “Myers” Roffman.
  • tommycostas
    Halloween kills
    I thought the movie was good . Great special makeup effects. Michaels mask looked great. While I’ll admit the evil dies tonight line was beyond lame , all these movies have corny moments(yes even the original). Love the podcast but lighten up…it’s not an Oscar contender we’re talking about here
  • isentBillyGillN64games
    Sartain All-Stars Podcast!
    I enjoy all of their perspectives on horror. (I rounded up to 5-stars because they get a little too critic-y at times. However, I have listened to each Halloween pod at least twice during quarantine because they’re worth revisiting and I’m a Shapestan)
  • JakeVanks
    Less Time and More Vanderbilt
    These hosts clearly know a lot about horror. I keep coming back but every episode needs to about 30 minutes shorter and the convo needs stronger moderation. If I took a shot every time they said “we will talk about that later” I’d be dead 20 minutes into an episode (with another 2 hours left in the episode) Shout out to Mike Vanderbilt who has the exact right vibe for being a horror podcast host. No personal details, a wealth of trivia, and a jovial attitude enhanced by his South Side vibe.
  • Dbatarse
    Too SJW now
    Was a huge fan back in the day, but its all woke sjw political nonsense now. I liked it better when it was just about the horror and not about alienating opposite political views. Just listened again in 2021 and nothing has changed just got more liberal far left trash.
    *5 Sartain Mustaches*
    I always enjoy this podcast. I rate it a solid 5 Sartain mustaches. Additionally, I must note that this podcasts achieves what it sets out to do more effectively than The Irishman.
  • Cbeezyyy
    Entertaining but…
    I do love this podcast. I think the deep dives and analysis of the movies are interesting and highly entertaining. There is something almost soothing about listening to the in depth commentary. I do think sometimes they are a little negative and contridict themselves by saying that things are not simplistic enough with the newer Halloween films and that’s why they (the new films) don’t “work” but in the same breath chastising people for not trying something new or going a new direction. There are complaints about the newer films not creating a sense of atmosphere. “you don’t feel like you’re in Haddonfield” is a constant theme alongside “it was a direct copy for the original” which makes me feel like they are complaining for the sake of complaining. It feels like sometimes they won’t allow themselves to just enjoy a movie. I would LOVE to see a movie written, directed and produced by this team. I feel like it would be the perfect Halloween movie. I will continue to listen because overall I do find it enjoyable
  • RasAlGhul
    Quality has DEFINITELY gone down.
    I mistakenly thought this podcast reviewed horror films, but it’s just a group of friends who banter back and forth nitpicking the most asinine, ridiculous aspects of horror films that one wonders whether they like ANY horror films. I wonder if the nitpicking is just their way of one-upping each other for the best puns and quips. YAWN
  • seradjcha
    Worse than watching the Irishman twice
    I want to say right off the bat that Halloween Kills has obvious flaws but I’d rather watch the Irishman twice consecutively than listen to these guys dunk on it for nearly 4 hours. Even in the section they call one good scare because it’s used to highlight the moment they liked the most they used it as a chance to continue to drag out their unfunny Dr Sartain meme. They legitimately treated garbage like resurrection and Halloween 5 with more respect and it rubbed me the wrong way. This is coming from a longtime listener.
  • paul serone
    Too much politics/trump deranged syndrome
    Could have sworn I was listening to a horror podcast because of my love for the genre...but instead it turns into soy boy beta liberal b.s. start a political podcast if that’s your passion. Don’t bait n switch horror fans with your trump deranged syndrome nonsense. And you can’t forget their 🥴 “jab” talk and their fear of the politicized flu. No thanks, moving on betas
  • RyanYoung04
    Banter is lame and irrelevant. Instead of discussing with an open mind movies and how they may relate or the messages they convey…the podcast is just “this movie wasn’t made the way I want, it’s dumb.” It’s hard to listen to lackeys mock a studio financial decision when they have zero experience with studio financial decisions. The name of the podcast lives up to to the people talking about it.
  • franktank4409
    Why call yourselves the Halloweenies???
    When I heard there was a podcast, for fans of the franchise, I was stoked. A few episodes in, they start to put it down. I had to stop listening because they start putting the films down while worshiping the other copycat franchises. They should change their name because I feel like they don’t deserve to call themselves this. I would have rated 0, if I could.
  • vlcroft
    My favorite pod (seriously)
    The banter and tangents are the best part, I learn so much about these movies I love. Gets me through the work day!!
  • Thunder_Cat92
    Oh That’s Fantastic!
    New listener, and I am so happy I have finallyfound a podcasts about the movies I love and listening to the breakdowns are so great!
  • EddieHernandez1986
    Best Horror Podcast
    Been listening since 2019!
  • PJacobi781
    Extremely entertaining deep dive
    This is a very consistently entertaining podcast with a great crew that goes above and beyond with detailed analysis of (largely) 80s horror classics. The chemistry between the hosts is great and reminiscent of conversations you would have with your own friends . Highly recommended!
  • FabulousMelB
    Hooked from the start!
    I discovered this podcast about a month ago, and have already made it through every episode! Love the thoughtful conversation with some humor thrown in. Super interesting! Can’t wait to hear the rest!
  • markman73
    Franchise Deep Dives
    They go into great depth on all of the franchises that they cover. The discussions of each film are always fun and entertaining.
  • lukeliv47
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast and the effort you all put into it. I learn so much each time I tune in. Would love to listen to a “Best Halloween movies” episode (not the franchise, but the best movies that are set around Halloween or best embody the Halloween spirit). Cheers!
  • MMyers4Life
    Halloween Kills Trailer
    Hi guys! I’ve really enjoyed your work reviewing the Halloween franchise but I was disappointed to hear just outright smear tactics on this one. The title itself we knew going in suggested the death count and rampage would be unlike anything we’ve seen. If you were trapped in a cellar and set on fire and manage to survive are you all really suggesting Michael and/or you shouldn’t be enraged and want to kill anything that moves? The 2018 movie outclassed all previous Halloween sequels and the idea of the town trying to rally as one to bring him down is something we’ve not yet seen. Spare me the Halloween 4 drunk idiots driving around in pickup trucks for all of 3 minutes. I enjoy your work, but on this one I respectfully disagree. That being said I hope you enjoy this movie and I anxiously await your review.
  • Colin B. Nels
    H Kills
    How about after Michael kills the first 3 firemen outside - The Man in Black shows up with his Tommy Gun and mows the rest of him down. And it’s Wynn.
  • keenerfangs
    l cannot say enough how happy l am that l found this podcast! They are true fans of the genre and their excitement, honesty, and nostalgia really comes through in their retrospectives. I’m immediately a fan!
  • JayJayRose1
    I Heart Halloweenies
    Halloweenies is an entertaining, relevant, and in-depth podcast. The content is well researched and discussed with a little fun thrown into the mix complete with really great hosts. It’s an awesome podcast for horror fans that enjoy modern perspectives and those that are able to comprehend the layers between the genre’s flaws, progress, and all the important stuff in between. Highly recommend!
  • crazystarwarsfanboy
    5 stars
    Brian Scott. Horror movie fanboy on Twitter here. So glad I found this podcast. Amazing breakdown of horror movies. All facts no fluff. Just well thought out opinions. Great interviews. A must listen
  • josieh
    The podhosts doth protest too much, me thinks
    There’s something really off putting about an all white podcast poo pooing the racial politics of Scream 2.
  • AnthonyVeeSays
    My favorite pod!
    As a huge horror film nerd (especially with slashers)- I can’t get enough of this pod! All four franchises they have gone through have been amazing thus far- loved the idea of Randy’s Recs in between Scream episodes also! Will definitely be checking our their Patreon also- horror fans give a listen!
    So quick to criticize these new Halloween movies, why don’t you get David Gordon Green, Andi Matichak, or Chritopher Nelson on, to defend the movies? Pretty easy to criticize something, when you never have any confrontation.
  • Gore444
    Too long of a gap between Scream episodes. Please keep unrelated non-franchise content to patreon.
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