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Here at Transformation Church we believe in Representing God to the lost and found for Transformation in Christ. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and multiplying church committed to progression not perfection. We are led by Lead Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd.

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  • FalconLova
    ALL GLORY TO GOD, and Mr. Todd 🙏🏻 I come from a Lutheran church in a small town and transformation church helped me branch out and show me that I don’t need to just listen to my pastors sermons or just one specific form of Christianity. Michael Todd gave me exactly what God knew I needed because he’s preaching right from his word! Lord thank you for showing me that I don’t need to be bias when it comes to consuming Gods word, I just need to make sure I’m truly listening. Lord I believe, help my unbelief!!
  • Hannahbearlovesthisapp
    Glory be to God!
    I want to start out by saying that I’m so thankful that I found this podcast. This church has inspired me so much in my walk with God and has given me hope. I thank God everyday that people like you exist. You’re an incredible group of people, and I pray you continue to shine the bright light that God put in you. Thank you TC, and God bless! -Hannah from Nebraska 😊
  • Jramseur13
    I LOVE TC!!!
    TC brought me back to God. I want to say thank you to all of the leads here, especially Mike Todd! Your sermons get me through so much and I have felt my spirit and mind being transformed through the good word of Yahweh that you preach! I have to say I look forward to listening, I even go back and listen to the old messages. They are JUST as good as the recent!! God bless the world, God bless TC!
  • luswepo 1
    Awesome ministry & God is pleased!
    I listen to this multiple times a week. I believe that God is truly pleased with Transformation. This church rePRESENTs God’s hands, feet, and heart.
  • belle Joe
    GOD is good !!!!!!!!!!!
    Life changing sermons !
  • cheyenne byrd
    Hi my name is Cheyenne Byrd
    I am only 15 years old I want to give my life to God
  • JayTheSensei
    I love tc
    I was starting my journey listening through all these messages at work and they stopped working which is sad ): but I feel like it was a sign from god saying will you be loyal and faithful and follow my lead and give glory to me when there is no one in your ear repeating to do so every second of the day or it could be the enemy trying to stop me from getting closer to god either way it was a real eye opener so while I’m sad that I cannot listen to these messages I’m glad that I’m growing closer to god without them but I hope they get up and running as soon as possible! Glad I can still watch them on youtube!! God is really working through you guys and that you so much for everything you guys do to bring the gospel to the people ❤️
  • .......!....!....!...
    Episodes Not Working!
    I’ve just really gotten into these! Started at the beginning and now no episodes will play for me!!!! How can I fix this????
  • JadaLatrelle
    Everything Is Different Now
    Thankful that Michael Todd hears from God. My life literally has been completely TRANSFORMED. The messages that he teaches are so practical yet so powerful. I’ve never felt like this with my walk with Christ.
  • yasmineh2012
    thank you !!
  • Ediths Grand
    Thank you
    Transformation Church is the PERFECT name ... i recently have been connected back in the church setting and couldn’t find a “perfect” fit. TC and the way Pastor Mike teaches is everything I have been missing in my journey to find God again. Thank you by day I am being molded by the MOST HIGH.... 💫❤️
  • Shawnna 45
    Thank you Michael Todd for being a great man of God the words God has been sending through you has really really changed my life
  • NextLevelFaith
    But God!!!
    To be transformed through little to no effort on my part is earth shaking. God I knew I needed you I always have but the way Michael Todd breaks things down to help me understand you more...Lord I am listening. Lord I repent from all my sins! Lord please forgive me! I am here only because of your mercy on my soul! Lord please don’t give up on me! I am transforming! Thank you Transformation Church
    Transformation Church is actively amplifying the spirit of Christ through personal experience and saving lives in the process. I locked in after hearing “Mark My Words” from the Anchored series. Gods word has helped me as I walk out of this season into a new bold, right life. It’s a lifestyle. The podcast gets me through work. The scriptures get me through the day. The playlist keep me plugged in and CHARGED UP!
  • Old school music guy
    What the people need in a timely manner.
    I’ve been following and listening to Pastor Mike since 2020. Since I watched the “Relationship Goals” sermon series, I haven’t looked back. In a time where I was dealing with mental health, depression, anxiety and turmoil, Transformation Church has been a game changer. Growing up in church through my teenage years up to my late 20s, I was hurt along the way. I felt a change was needed to rebuild my faith and have the Word “represented” to better my understanding. One of my cousins introduced me to Pastor Mike and I have been listening to many services as possible. I’ve learned about “Crazy Faith” and was able to connect with the pastoral staff. If you’re in need of a change of pace, I recommend Transformation Church..
  • Monnie2012
    Transformation Church
    I’ve been listening to all Pastor Todd messages s since I heard GOD Speaks! Gives me motivation!!
  • Michelle Alyssa
    Awakenings 🌅
    Thanks personal relationship with Yahweh & being able to listen to Michael Todd... really helped me see the walls I kept putting up. On the way to work I’ve had breakdowns from how much Yahweh is using you to break chains. People who have negative reviews to say are only in places on envy... pain... resentment... & being unable to really face their true problems which has nothing to do with Michael Todd. You’re just a reminder of what & where these people would love to live your life. Would love to be in your position but everyone has the heart or is fit to do why your called! I’m continue to pray over you & your family! Shalom! 🙌🏼🙏🏻🤍
  • Cali n Tre
    Life Changing 🙌🏽
    Pastor Mike has such a genuine spirit! So transparent and so relatable in everyday life and situations! I cannot thank God enough for finding him and the Transformation Community. They have helped and are continuing to help me shift/pivot my life for the better! ❤️ Many Blessings to Michael Todd, his family, and my Transformation family! ✨
  • Alex_Rene' 12
    Transformation Nation Baabbyy
    If you don’t listen to TC what are you doing with your life? I mean come on now the way this church all the pastors leaders and worship team etc represent God is truly amazing!❤️ God is working through this church & I truly love it!
  • fortyH8ts
    Favor from above....!
    I’m new here and am loving it...🙏
  • 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓰𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓽
    One of the Best
    My husband got me to listen to Pastor Mike Todd a few years ago. Every since then we haven’t missed a beat together. I’m always sharing with my family and friends. You rock. Keep on keeping on.
  • mzzejz
  • classof2k19)
    I came here because of a youtuber and come to find out this podcast is amazing if you didn’t have before come listen to this podcast the pastor is awesome and I love how he speak the word of God that i need in my life I’m glad I got recommend it to this podcast by youtuber and started to listen to this podcast last Sunday and his words are amazing and also pastor mike transfer my life into something better as I started to listen to this podcast
  • no_posers_20
    Life changing
    Pastor Mike is a living example of God’s grace and the blessing that come with following the Him. He’s inspiring to both new and old believers. I’m so thankful for all this church does in Jesus name. They’ve been helping me keep hope alive during this difficult year and constantly remind me how loving and compassionate our God is.
  • kang_kang95
    Pastor Mike always has a great message! His energy is amazing! I’m telling you, if you didn’t have faith before listening to the podcast, I can guarantee you will have it after listening! If you already have some faith, you will have CRAZY FAITH after listening to Pastor Mike’s messages! I love this podcast!
  • the editibg queen
    I have been so blessed by this entire experience
    I have been following TC for the past few years and I can’t get enough. Faith and faith and faith. Thank you Lord ! For everything you’re doing at Transformation Church.
    Great podcast has influenced my heart and helped me build a foundation on my faith .
  • Megan_2
    This podcast has totally transformed my life! I listen to this podcast at work. It definitely makes my shift go a lot faster. So thankful that I have found it.
  • Tnallen128
    Pastor Mike, your Forgiveness Series is an on time word for the Body of Christ at large. Be encouraged and stay on course Pastor, because God is going to use this series to set a generation free from the bondage of unforgiveness!!
  • greenturtle bluefish
    Faith Series ✨
    Micheal Todd you are truly a inspiration like you are truly blessed . I wish prosperity over your life . Thank you for doing what God is instructing you to do ❤️
  • churchgirl1919
    This is great
    I listened cos I need a message that can really help me at this moment. I don’t know how he or anyone knows this whole message is true, but I really thank God for him.
  • sallyrr16
    Great messages
    The messages are great and very relevant. I’m pushed to be better in my walk with God and reminded that everyone goes through the same stuff that I do. I’m super pumped to hear the rest of the series on forgiveness. It would be nice if there’s a bit more mic control. Particularly on the latest episode (the first on forgiveness), I was listening in my car and had to constantly adjust the volume up and down because either I couldn’t hear what the pastor was saying or when he spoke up it was so loud my ears were hurting. It didn’t make it very easy to listen to.
  • christ166
    Best pastor ever and best church ever
    So I was introduced to Micheal Todd and TC Church by an old case manger but really fell in love with TC church when COVID-19 hit the USA. Thank you Pastor Micheal for this message and all of your messages!
  • JIVera
    Spiritual Battle
    His last good sermon was Marked, that he preached at Elevation. The real reason God didn’t want Todd and Fertick to meet is because Steven is a false teacher. Whatever happened when they met, destroyed the calling Michael Todd has. Steven Fertick is a cancer to ministers he comes in contact with. I hope Michael Todd returns to his roots and disregards any “advice” Steven Fertick might have poisoned his mind with.
  • ForTheLoveOfJesud
    Every one needs to listen to this podcast and series! Get grounded in the right principles and real the right manual ✝️
  • SheetzMcQueen
    Pastor Mike Todd is energetic and words reach the heart
    Listen to the entire podcast and allow it to sync with your own story. It reached me at the perfect time. Praise God! Keep preaching over Podcasts! Thank you for sharing your Church! Thanks be to God!
  • Bea Arroyo
    Gods sent
    I just started the relationship goals podcast part 1 and at the end I got on my knees and cried. I felt the presence of God in my home like never before; this is what I needed. Thank you pastor Michael for letting God use you to write this book and share this podcast.
  • KyaCarter
    Giving Thanks!
    You’ve allowed God to use you, to speak into hearts like mine so that we are able to understand how important it is to allow God to use us.. Thank you.❤️
  • Smiley The Stallion
    Thoughts on the Relationship Goals Series
    I remember getting out of my Business class and rushing to get to my favorite sitting area just to listen to the Relationship Goals series and I absolutely loved it! Now that he has the “Reloaded” series I thought I should listen to it because I thought it would be something new! Highly disappointed I feel like he’s saying the same thing in different wording. He slacked off 😭🥺 He became a motivational speaker just like Joel and T.D. nothing new! Now I don’t watch/listen to anything new just his old stuff! Really hope Micheal isn’t conforming to the things of this world!
  • heavank
    Everyday I’m blessed and I love God more ... thank you 🙏
  • sharrenda
    God knew just what I needed!
    I love listening to these sermons. I haven’t heard not one that I cannot relate to. These sermons were/are definitely for me!
  • Elizerate
    I listen to this podcast on Sabbath afternoons. I look forward to it every Saturday.
  • Hello__or
    Worth Watching
    Listen to these sermons more than once! It hits better when it’s repeated, like it’s worth it y’all !!
  • italian-mexican
    Strength in obedience
    My wife sometimes feel that when I discuss about protecting our relationship by not putting myself out there in situations that can turn ugly is because I am weak and would fall into disobedience. Yet I distinctly heard Pastor Mike discuss through relationship Goals that it is not weakness but in strength that we stand in obedience to God but mot giving the devil a chance to destroy what God has given to us. Pastor Mike Todd Is someone who is HOT, obedient and loving without judging. We need more Pastors like him. I listen to other Podcasts including a very good Pastor in California. But when it came tole to stand up for George Floyd and what happened, he said one sentence about racism and didn’t educate me or his flock about what really has been going on. He is white and hasn’t been affected. We need to be affected for us to change the way we have disrespected people who didn’t deserve it. Pastor Mike does exactly that. That I want to thank you!!!
  • Makenna Williams
    10/10 RECOMMEND
    Pastor Michael Todd breaks things down for me to better understand. I listen to these over and over every night and every morning. Absolutely LOVE them. I also recommend his book Relationship Goals. Absolutely AMAZING.
  • InfinitelyMore
    Life giving
    Awesome Word. Humble, open and transparent. Gives lots of life, Word, and application and is hilarious along the way!
  • MorgPorg12
    Relationship Goals
    These series were how I found Pastor Mike a year ago! He's doing great work REpresenting God to those that have been belittled by the church goers. Pastor Mike I know you get excited & I love that you get so passionate but screaming clips the mic & takes away from your message.
  • ßizzo
    REAL & RAW
    In all my years of living, I’ve never seen someone truly dedicated to god . Someone who is a child of god himself embraces the people around him . This has really changed my life . I would never look at a church the same way .
  • Lolagranola7909
    Illuminate Uncommon Stories
    I love this podcast because it uses smaller biblical stories to make points hit home. It’s a perspective that I’ve not heard before, so it keeps my attention. I also like how the format of services changes- like having panels. :)) love!!
  • TyraBoo
    Just bought my book
    I absolute love that he has series. Such a great church.
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