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The Dead Meat Podcast is your horror safe haven. Reviews, film history, and all things that make your skin crawl.

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  • Notgnimer97
    Adding to my list of best podcasts!
    I was led to Dead Meat by the We Hate Movies guys (whose podcast I’ve been listening to for 10 years, and is also my favorite). On that episode (Slenderman), Chelsea and James favorably name-dropped The Dollop and Last Podcast on the Left - which happen to be on my Top 5 never-miss podcast. Needless to say, I was hooked. ❤️. Now that I’m less than 24 hours but 10+ episodes in, I’ll never leave. I was really surprised to not see an episode on the fantastic film The VVitch, seeing as how Chelsea shares my devotion to it - please, please, bring it on! Anyone who shares the Venn diagram of We Hate Movies, The Dollop and Last Podcast on the Left - this will be a perfect fit!
  • Thegreatestquinnever
    This is expanding the horror genre and its community in an amazing way
    I wasn’t really one for podcasts until I decided to start listening to the Dead Meat Podcast. I’ve been a fan of the channel for a couple years now, and when I finally got around to the podcast, I regretted not listening sooner. It helps extend my knowledge of horror beyond the surface in an insightful and humorous way. James and Chelsea are my window into the wonderful world of the horror genre. I’ve recommended the channel and the podcast to friends who are into horror as well and they all love it. We can’t wait for more episodes!
  • brett_990
    The best horror podcast
    This is without a doubt the best horror-related podcast available. It has a nice mixture of facts, theory, and humor. The hosts are very well-informed on both the more causal and academic sides of horror ideology and theory. You can’t go wrong here, regardless of what kind of horror fan you are.
  • spicegirlonposh
    New too this podcast great binge!
    We Hate Movies brought me hear (slender man ep) and you guys are already up there in favorite movie podcasts.
  • ElementalBash
    The best Horror Chanel/Podcast
    I have been watching Dead meat for about 5 years. Finding out they had a podcast a couple years ago was amazing. These people have genuine passion for Horror, And it’s incredible. James and Chelsea are hilarious and they explain everything amazingly (almost) every time. Thank you guys so much for doing this, you’ve introduced me to so much. Keep up the amazing work.
  • FG-tee drink
    I love this
    The best podcast ever
  • Cores 4454
    Dead meat, my favorite horror entertainment
    I honestly love these guys their yt channel as well as their podcast make work worth going through and help me discover new horror movies that I end up absolutely loving. They really know their stuff and are really worth your time. They slay the horror competition in regards to your horror needs. They got the golden chainsaw in my book -Corey Stephens
  • ZenoWould
    Indispensable for horror fans
    James and Chelsea are fun, smart, and knowledgeable. They do their research and their love for the horror genre comes through at every turn. Their slogan, “be good people,” also says what you need to know. They value actual morality and don’t like mean-spirited people or stories. Plus, they make me laugh.
  • Ktbug879
    Love the podcast as well as the YouTube channel
    I watch James and Chelsea all the time on YouTube along with other carnage count channels with my BF and best friend
  • madelinecrow
    LISTEN !!
    such a great show. i’m kinda just getting into horror and james and chelsea are my favorite! could (and have) listen for hours. no regrets. maybe my favorite podcast EVER.
  • Hoodies on George
    Good quality but too many editing issues.
    I love the podcast but it’s a pain when I’m listening to a podcast and mid way through it it just restarts and is never corrected so I don’t have half the podcast. First time it was fine but the 4th time it happened to me while listening to the back log I got pretty annoyed and went to another podcast. Hosts are really likable and when it’s edited fine it’s enjoyable from start to finish.
  • dk++
    I love James YouTube channel but I don’t like horror podcasts so it’s really nice that I found this
  • RC-Sev07
    Could you do an episode on the piranha franchise?
  • Hella Horror
    I love horror, they love horror, and we all can’t get enuff
    I’ve been following them for the past year or so. 1st I discovered the Kill Count on YouTube, then the podcast and I was hooked! They have a great chemistry, well obviously since they’re getting married, but it’s the humor and knowledge they bring to the show. James’ enthusiasm and humor is infectious and Rebecca’s research is impeccable. They both have a passion that helped fuel my own podcast, they were a huge influence on me! If you love horror, you’ll love them.
  • Bryson Reivews
    I have been watching the Kill Count since it first came out. I am a forever fan of Dead Meat! Great podcast
  • hicksjt
    Have been listening to the podcast and watching kill counts for about a year now and there are a great way to pass the time. I love the research heavy episodes, like the review of the Texas chainsaw massacre and the final girl episode, and also the reviews. Chelsea has gone out of her way to make some of the episodes almost like lectures on horror movies, which I appreciate, as I would’ve loved to take a class like that in college. Great work!!!
  • faith ??
    i love experiencing horror without the consequences of experiencing horror
    I love horror in theory but I can't handle horror movies. This podcast is a way better alternative to reading the wikipedia pages of horror movies im curious about
  • Marshmellowact
    😩🥳🤩 Please Please read James
    I love love this podcast just the way it was made. It sheds a light on horror that is sorta funny in how they describe the kills and how the actors were and in all these different movies. If you live this podcast then you will love the YouTube channel I consider subscribing to his channel it is so cool, funny, and James reviews lots of movies that I thought were just the best. And James and Chelsea if you ever read this please please please can you you give me and people shout outs in the beginning after the intro if you want. I mean there are a lot of comments wanting shout outs and that would help your channel if you asked them to subscribe to be shout outs in your video. And if you don’t shout me out say shout out to Kk on the channel. Please Please!!!!
  • Oakithebear
    Great Insightful Podcast
    I’ve only listened to a few episodes but I’m already hooked. Chelsea is so brilliant and I love how much insight and research she’s clearly put into every topic, and you can feel how much pure love the hosts have for the horror genre. The chemistry as hosts between her and James makes the podcast such a wonderful listen. Keep up the great work guys!
  • TheCrimsonSky
    Hunt a Killer Mystery
    Hey y’all, love the podcast and the Kill Counts! If you want a fun and head scratching game you should definitely check out They have several mysteries to choose from, including Blair Witch now, and you have to solve the mystery of what happened, who did it, and why.
  • Knaak Attack
    Just sharing some love
    I love this show! I watch all the videos y’all post. But I had to write a review about episode 17 cause y’all used my name Keegan and that rarely happens and I love y’all even more for that!
  • yeah.... no
    I listen to this A LOT
    Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just listen to this podcast and think of James and Chelsea (sorry if I spelled that wrong) sitting together when they’re like 78 just watching a horror movie and I find that really funny for some reason. It makes me feel a bit better when I’m sad. Basically, I love this podcast with my entire heart and I’m so glad I found it :)
  • CrystalAaron
    Great, Amazing, Wonderful
    Chelsea does an amazing job, and James is always great
  • Pou990
    if you are a horror fan you need this podcast. Most of the episodes go deep into the research of different subjects and it is really fascinating. Also they have movies reviews and episodes where they just play horror themed games and talk about fun things. In my opinion it’s better then anything else made by dead meat. (Mostly because it’s run by and stars Chelsea ). FIVE STARS.
  • comments321
    Great podcast - even if you're not a horror fan
    I'm not a horror fan (too much anxiety for that!), but listening to James and Chelsea (and all their wonderful guests) has given me a greater appreciation for the genre. There's so much going on behind the scenes and that you can read into these films that I would not have gotten a glimpse at otherwise. The research-based episodes are my favorites.
  • IndyN
    Awesome pod!
    I adore this podcast! I had seen a couple kill counts previously, but now I am first and foremost a fan of the pod! I especially love the game type episodes and the research episodes Chelsea puts so much time into. Also special shout out to the Super Boos-day episode, might be my favorite episode.
  • pockle416
    Love it
    I always watch your Chanel it is amazing I watch your kill count Siri’s it’s awesome always has ben and I love your podcasts to By subscriber
  • 666sixsixsix911
    Nicely done
    I like the podcast it’s funny and it gives me great insight to your horror movie preferences and likes I personally like the kill count more but that’s just me Ps: anyone who hasn’t seen the kill count, your missing out, also they do the podcasts but with cams, it’s a ton of fun and I highly recommend
  • N. Arcocorrido
    Stop interrupting
    Chelsea starts to talk. Says two words, too many of which are “like.” Is interrupted. Repeat the cycle.
  • kgh91
    Changed my opinion on the weirdest movie ever
    An enjoyable podcast for horror fans. The I’m Thinking of Ending Things episode was especially good. I didn’t “get” the movie and was hoping to hear some critique about how it was just weird for weirdness’ sake, but instead I heard intelligent commentary that actually made me like the movie more. Thanks for enlightening me, Chelsea!
  • weezerchick
    Love ❤️
    So I already occasionally listened to the dead meat podcast , but then my brother sent me the kill count for Mandy and now I’m addicted!! I love your comments and your banter. Cute couple and you make me laugh! I wish I could give you 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Clay Toven
    Kill Count Convert
    Came here from watching kill counts, loved your jokes, and to hear you both go in-depth on some of your favorites and some of mine that wouldn’t make the best kill counts is awesome. 🔥🔥
  • havyanna2023
    This podcast reignited my love for film analysis and horror in general.
  • phil swift2
    Favorite podcast and YouTube would recommend
    Very good
  • brandon ewart
    Great podcast
    Great pod cast funny and has some great information about any topic they cover ha ha ha cho cho cho
  • malka finn
    I used to love them but they have slowly become more and more pretentious and less funny. I don’t care that they are political but I wish they would stop complaining about how people view them and stop tip toeing around their political views. Either be political or don’t be but don’t complain that someone is going to get mad every single time you make a comment. It’s also gotten harder to care about the movies they review because it kind of seems like they are doing favors for people by reviewing things they got early screenings for. I am not going to spend $20 to rent a movie so I can listen to a podcast episode. I also don’t care about youtube I listen because it is a podcast and it’s irritating that they prioritize the Kill Count over the podcast. They took so many breaks that I forgot about their show. Hopefully someday they will realize there are people outside of LA.
  • Alan Smithee III
    Can’t believe it took me this long!
    I’ve been a huge fan of the kill count channel on YouTube forever, and just realized James and Chelsea had a podcast! It’s great! You two have great fan-based insights, not to mention that you two are absolutely adorable together. Best of luck to you both. I know one more subscriber doesn’t mean a whole lot, but you now have a long-term fan. Keep it up!!!
  • Epic Report
    I am kinda new to this podcast but it is amazing. I went to visit my family in Michigan and listened to this podcast while i was traveling and learned a lot from this podcast about horror. If you are on the fence I really recommend you listen to this.
  • Alex 373
    Great Podcast
    It was my New Years resolution to write some reviews and support some of my favorite people so here goes: I’m a big horror fan and have seen many podcasts and YouTube channels alike dedicated to horror fanatics and film lovers, but this is by far one of the best ones out there. Love the Channel and the podcast. James and Chelsea have helped build such a great community and you can really tell they give it their all. Chelsea’s research and James’s passion for film never fails to bring joy to my little horror lover heart. I really can’t say enough good things about all the work they put in. If you love horror, special effects, kills, gore and everything in between I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Look no further, this is your future five star Podcast. Thank you James, and Chelsea for all of your hard work. It really shows and I hope you see what a beautiful community you have helped foster. Keep being you. Happy New Year Everyone!
  • random fan 4146
    👍 ✌️
  • chillbagel
    Best Horror Podcast!
    I love James and Chelsea, they always bring so much insight into whatever movie or topic they’re discussing. Big thank you to Chelsea in particular since she does all the research for this podcast all on her own!
  • Armymama25
    Must listen
    Definitely recommend! These two are adorable, fun to listen to, informative, and are hilarious!
  • Me20017089
    Just discovered this
    I love horror movies and I’m interested in some of the lore of these films. This podcast not only breaks down films of the genre, it takes a step back and asks why are these things we associate with films in this genre and that’s something I find highly enjoyable. So any can of horror should check this out 100%
  • Conner Vondracek
    I have been watching the Chanel since day one. I was one of his first subscribers. This is the best for road trips. And is just in general the best. I would love to meet James. And this is just soooooooooooo amazing. Last year I was super sad and didn’t want to do anything and this just helped me out a lot. So thanks to James for helping me. I would love if this got a shoutout in his video. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. This is just the best. This is the only podcast you will ever need it is just sooooooooooo good. So let’s hope James notices this. With warm regards your number one fan. P.S. you should do a kill count on the movie the host it is a Korean horror movie it is really slept apon but it is super good and has a lot of kills and some really good ones to. So I hope you do that movie.
  • @b_lemo23
    For anyone even remotely passionate about all things related to scary movies, if you want honest reviews, to learn about behind the scenes horror stuff, and some good humor from 2 good people, you came looking in the right place. This is the podcast for you. I would also like to add that anyone complaining about the occasional talks about misrepresentation, it’s not political. It’s a social thing that needs to be mentioned. If you can’t comprehend such a thing, you’re not listening to James when he says “be good people” would rate 6 stars if I could.
  • Billaby-kun-sama-desu
    Great people
    Chelsea and James seem like such decent people. I love The Kill Count, and Chelsea is a delight.
  • Shazamtastic827
    10 out of 10 podcast
    My best friend and his fiancée introduced me to this channel knowing my love and appreciation for the horror genre. After watching Kill Count video after Kill Count video, I found my way to this podcast and oh man I was instantly hooked. Just hearing the passion behind James and Chelsea talking about horror films and how in depth they go analyzing and pointing things out that me that as a fan haven’t noticed or even considered just gives a nice perspective. It has also opened up a new world of movies I have never seen and would’ve never even considered watching. It’s just a breath of fresh air all around and if you’re a fan of the genre, you would definitely appreciate this.
  • BelzoraHollow3
    Such a fun pod to listen to!
    I’ve been listening to this pod for about a year and I love it, especially the research episodes! James and Chelsea are also hilarious and you can tell they put a lot of love into what they do. This podcast is truly the highlight of my Tuesdays!
  • Drainzoop
    Love it
    One of my favorites it’s amazing I’m a huge horror fan and u guys r my idols
  • Roadtripsareforpodcasts
    Favorite Podcast
    I love how they link common horror movie tropes to events that went on in history. I find it fascinating to learn about how people connect to movies based on what they have experienced. My favorite for road trips. 10/10
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