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The Dead Meat Podcast is your horror safe haven. Reviews, film history, and all things that make your skin crawl.

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  • Indifana
    Fan from Indiana! 🌽
    As a fan of film making and horror, I love listening to you guys not only break down the horror genre but the behind the scenes of the films you review! I started listening about a year ago when I came across the Kill Count videos and I was instantly hooked. I have watched almost all of them now and I love seeing the progress you’ve made from the first kill count to most recent! Congrats on getting married and I hope you two enjoy your much deserved break!
  • Hrrjordan
    Nice people talking horror
    I love listening to such kind and thoughtful people talking about their love for horror movies. I especially love the episodes about specific horror topics like final girls and childhood fears. This is a wonderful podcast for any horror fan.
  • Sjsjakdjdjakxsj
    These are good people
    These are people who have a genuine love and vast knowledge of the genre with fun games, in depth deep dives, and thoughtful reviews.
  • kl˙√cvh ckcv
    5 stars
    My absolute favorite podcast of all time
  • ProblemAddictPod
    Absolutely five stars!!
    I’m so glad to have found horror fans like J and C. Freaky was the first episode I listened to and I cannot wait to go back and listen to them all.
  • Karan's flow USB
    My favorite people and podcast
    I listen to James and Chelsea almost everyday! I adore the podcast!
  • scifigi
    The best!
    You guys are my favorite people, I’ve listened to every episode since day one, none of my close friends are into horror like I am and have always been, I saw my bloody valentine when I 7 years old and it paved the way for my obsession with horror, you two in my ear all day at work is the best, watch more sequels!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Rainy Smile Luna
    I typically listen on spotify but wanted to come on here to give a rating! I love this podcast. It has great hosts and great podcast ideas and interviews! <3 My favorite podcast at the moment! Thank you Chelsea for making the pod!
  • nathano2324
    Intersing podcast!!!!!
    I love dead meat his podcast is so entertaining
  • IceNoEarnings
    I love this podcast.
    If you watch the YouTube videos, then you’ll love this podcast!!! Please do a podcast episode on you!!! I agree it’s such a great show!
  • crazystarwarsfanboy
    5 stars.
    Brian Scott. Horror movie fanboy on Twitter loving this podcast. Keep it up y’all and we will keep listening. Great stuff
  • Tmercer2010
    Great If You’re A Fan!
    As a longtime fan of their YouTube show, I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
  • emkay202
    So much fun!
    I could listen to James and Chelsea play “Guess The Kill” all day! These two are such a blast. Love ‘em.
  • suprer still sad
    Love them
    Their yt and podcast is great but I saw a one star for talking about politics I don’t remember them doing that
  • Ikemireland
    Best hosts and horror pod
    They are so genuine and knowledgeable. Took my like for horror and made it a love!
  • Nyan cat amazing
    So good!!!
    James and Chelsea are so much fun to listen to and I enjoy listening even if I haven’t watched the movie they’re talking about!
  • you2aresimps
    To political
    Chelsea and James constantly input there political beliefs about feminism and women being represented poorly I come here to watch movie reviews not to hear how u 2 dislike someone’s views or the past the past is the past let it go the worlds a different place now
  • ZomProof
    Great conversations on horror
    The hosts are delightful! I’ve been enjoying the YouTube channel for a little while and finally decided to give the podcast a chance. Does not disappoint!
  • MargoCalhoun
    The pod that’s to die for 🔪
    I love you guys so much. Never bothered with podcasts before, but you two are such a dynamic duo, I could literally listen to you guys talk for hours. So much so that I listen to the pod and then go watch the pod on YouTube so you guys get double the views from me. I love the game show episodes (aka Chelsea tormenting James) and liveeee for Chelsea’s deep dive big research episodes. Would love for you guys to do more episodes with Patrick! But whatever you guys do, I’ll be here because you guys renewed my love of horror 🖤🔪
  • jboyle0995
    If you’re interested in the topic being talked about in the episode you WILL NOT be disappointed. Every episode here the hosts are genuinely passionate. Their voices distinct, soft and soothing & the podcast is well edited.
  • Calical85
    Loves Their Fans
    Not only do they explain horror movies well, but they do their research before speaking on a subject. (James with kill counts and Chelsea with the podcast) I also appreciate how they find the good in “bad” movies and vice verse. They also get off tangent sometimes, but I enjoy it because it keeps the mood light. They do address political topics embedded in some movies, but I don't mind being educated on those topics.(unlike some people) They’re also very funny. Love the chemistry between this couple. They can joke together and don’t always agree with each other on movie aspects, which leads to (for the most part) unbiased reviews. ;)
  • patreonappsucks
    Hates their fans
    For being a horror centric podcast. They really don’t know much about horror. I can’t tell you how many times one of them brought up a horror movie and the other said “I’ve never seen it.” They only know what they want to know and even that seems forced. And then they make a Billy Madison reference. They are also unappreciated of their fans. James does a live stream of him editing a video and most of the time he just looks at the screen to see how much people are donating and never thanks any of them. These people are greedy jerks. Don’t listen. They also take more breaks than Howard Stern
  • ZenonReviews
    Amazing 11/10
    I love James YT videos and the podcasts are amazing to listen to while doing HW, or chores or even work over listening to a move you can’t watch when your busy. Good Job James & Chelsea
  • shouldve77
    Making a happy family :)
    Alright. My son sent me the Texas chainsaw episode telling me more or less, it was awesome and I’d like it. He’s a 16 year old HS film student and horror fan. And I’m a cultural anthropology guy and sure, dad. I loved it so much and am “pleased as punch” he found it compelling. Here’s how I explained it to my older son: “Now before you shrug it off - it’s a pretty fascinating dissection of the movie from the standpoint of generational worldview, class, “othering” and social science and, even though they don’t use the term, MARXISM. I’m pleased as punch that he finds this kind of dense, to use a dirty word scholarly view of even quotidian culture appealing and if I read his tone right, a bit mindblowing.” So seriously, thank you. TOO MANY COOKS next. I can’t wait.
  • andiejuniperlynn
    Tons of fun
    I love this podcast. I’ve always liked horror but listening to this podcast has led me to get into it in a major way and watch more horror films and appreciate them more. I love hearing about films I missed or saw but decide to revisit after hearing the episode. And then research-heavy episodes where Chelsea dives deep into certain topics/themes/ideas are super interesting and make me think a lot about the genre on a deeper level. Above all though it’s just a ton of fun!!!! Thank you James and Chelsea!
  • EvilBunnySlippers
    Horror movies terrify me in a way that is definitely un-fun. So it says a lot about this podcast that it’s one of my favorites! Excellent film analysis, fascinating deep dives, and reviews of ridiculous movies to balance it all out. Great listen.
  • celestia666
    The best horror podcast, ever!!
  • Smskaka
    Love James and Chelsea! Such educated opinions and research.
  • Steven Hidalgo
    Happy the podcast is back!!
    My absolute favorite podcast, listen to it everyday at work and look forward to every new episode!
  • didyouknowthispotisadrum?
    The only movie review podcast I listen to
    This is the only movie review podcast I listen to. Everything else kind of feels the same and How Did This Get Made hasn’t released a solid episode in a while. If I had to pitch the Dead Meat podcast to someone I would say it’s a movie review podcast but with likable people.
  • conanpodcastlover08
    Yahoooooooooo! They’re back!
  • Shatterstar7385
    personally i just have a wonderful time listening to the show and it always keeps me interested
  • Nafen W
    Quality people, quality podcast
    I love listening to this podcast, James and Chelsea are able to create a fun atmosphere that is entertaining and educational, learning the backstories and facts is extremely enjoyable.
  • Peypig
    one of my favorite podcasts!!
  • WahWah1111
    So fun to listen to and amazing commentary. Really nice to listen to and learn from!
  • Crypto the Protogen
    Soon gona listen
    If I like kill count, I’ll probably like this
  • Anonymous Gaymer
    Wonderful people working a wonderful podcast!
    James and Chelsea are such lovely people, and they do a lot of good with this podcast. When I’m having a rough day, I’ll just give ‘em a listen hear, and my day’s instantly better. Thanks, James and Chelsea! Y’all rock!
  • !The Situation!
    You already know
    They’re not bad to listen to :)
  • ttuckerrr
    James and Chelsea know their stuff and make for a fun listen. I’ve probably listened to most episodes twice.
  • boygoosebumps
    I love this podcast and the YouTube channel are both amazing that tour for so mutxh horror movie content
  • Naomihillman
    Hey there I really love you guys reviews on movies I just started honestly listening to your podcast like months ago but I always watch your kill count on YouTube and I never really noticed that you guys had a podcast and I was really excited about it. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to do the review of the Witch I saw you guys did the kill count of the witch but I will love you guys input in the ending is it a happy or is it there not happy ending?
  • lazerqueen
    One of the Best!
    Not only is this my most favorite horror podcast ever, but I would also say it’s my favorite podcast of all time! Just such a fun experience to hear James and Chelsea talk about horror and all things in between. They’re both funny and just a joy to listen to. Would highly recommend for any horror fans out there.
  • Notgnimer97
    Adding to my list of best podcasts!
    I was led to Dead Meat by the We Hate Movies guys (whose podcast I’ve been listening to for 10 years, and is also my favorite). On that episode (Slenderman), Chelsea and James favorably name-dropped The Dollop and Last Podcast on the Left - which happen to be on my Top 5 never-miss podcast. Needless to say, I was hooked. ❤️. Now that I’m less than 24 hours but 10+ episodes in, I’ll never leave. I was really surprised to not see an episode on the fantastic film The VVitch, seeing as how Chelsea shares my devotion to it - please, please, bring it on! Anyone who shares the Venn diagram of We Hate Movies, The Dollop and Last Podcast on the Left - this will be a perfect fit!
  • Thegreatestquinnever
    This is expanding the horror genre and its community in an amazing way
    I wasn’t really one for podcasts until I decided to start listening to the Dead Meat Podcast. I’ve been a fan of the channel for a couple years now, and when I finally got around to the podcast, I regretted not listening sooner. It helps extend my knowledge of horror beyond the surface in an insightful and humorous way. James and Chelsea are my window into the wonderful world of the horror genre. I’ve recommended the channel and the podcast to friends who are into horror as well and they all love it. We can’t wait for more episodes!
  • brett_990
    The best horror podcast
    This is without a doubt the best horror-related podcast available. It has a nice mixture of facts, theory, and humor. The hosts are very well-informed on both the more causal and academic sides of horror ideology and theory. You can’t go wrong here, regardless of what kind of horror fan you are.
  • spicegirlonposh
    New too this podcast great binge!
    We Hate Movies brought me hear (slender man ep) and you guys are already up there in favorite movie podcasts.
  • ElementalBash
    The best Horror Chanel/Podcast
    I have been watching Dead meat for about 5 years. Finding out they had a podcast a couple years ago was amazing. These people have genuine passion for Horror, And it’s incredible. James and Chelsea are hilarious and they explain everything amazingly (almost) every time. Thank you guys so much for doing this, you’ve introduced me to so much. Keep up the amazing work.
  • FG-tee drink
    I love this
    The best podcast ever
  • Cores 4454
    Dead meat, my favorite horror entertainment
    I honestly love these guys their yt channel as well as their podcast make work worth going through and help me discover new horror movies that I end up absolutely loving. They really know their stuff and are really worth your time. They slay the horror competition in regards to your horror needs. They got the golden chainsaw in my book -Corey Stephens
  • ZenoWould
    Indispensable for horror fans
    James and Chelsea are fun, smart, and knowledgeable. They do their research and their love for the horror genre comes through at every turn. Their slogan, “be good people,” also says what you need to know. They value actual morality and don’t like mean-spirited people or stories. Plus, they make me laugh.
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