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TV & Film #184

No host, no ads, no rules. From the people behind Midsommar, Uncut Gems, The Farewell, Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Witch, The Lobster, Ex Machina, and more.

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  • henri_striker
    This is how you do a podcast!
    Unfiltered, no frills, excellent conversation with your favorite creators of our generation. You can tell that the producers take a lot of effort into selecting the people to pair with each other to discuss such informative and behind the scenes topics of our favorite media. Started with Don’t Be A Stranger with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.
  • joeytosi
    Pretty good but...
    Vocal fry from the host makes this podcast hard to listen to. Otherwise, the content s great. But three stars due to vocal fry, a chosen affect that gets in the way of a quality podcast.
  • johnnygushers
    It’s informative and fresh.
  • blahbiddyblahIliveintexas
    Really awesome conversations BUT...
    This godawful host’s voice! Oh my god, her vocal fry at the beginning and end of every episode is INSAAAAANNEE. Granted, I may be a tad over critical and/or sensitive about it but it really does bother me lol. Just get a nicer voice to be the “voice” of the podcast. Please. Other than that, love it. Would highly recommend.
  • gfrtccdyh
    I really like Ethan Hawke’s acting, but when he starts going on and on about how you can’t measure your self-worth by how much money you make... Well, first he sounds EXTREMELY spoiled and arrogant: “oh, these poor plebeians have to work to make money! They should just follow their muse!” He sounds completely clueless of his enormous privilege. Kinda sickening, especially during a pandemic.
  • Peter Mack DP
    Give us more
    Guys - we want more podcasts. You got the cinematic cultural cache now find a way to make it happen and give us the magic.
  • Sheephead4786
    Great Discussion
    Unfortunately isn't super consistent in posting, but when it posts, it's my drop everything and listen podcast. Discussions between incredible creatives about a wide range of topics.
  • rylandburns
    Favorite podcast. Thank you. Keep them coming!
  • Pihjkgfytr2
    More You Know
    Sounded more like you know more
  • MarGuyy
    Amazingly and always bliss
    Ari is my idol to writing my short films, and directing them. Such a big inspiration from is short films to midsommar. I’m excited to see more by him , and the whole of A24 films - your biggest fan
  • NerdLife91
    Love it!
    I love films and A24 so this was an obvious one to try out. Have listened to three and love it! I like how there is no host and no agenda. That seems pretty unique for a podcast that hosts well-known people in the film world. I especially liked the one with Fred Armisen and Jason Schwarzman. Keep it up!
  • JPJ0108
    A clear labor of love that offers an exciting and totally inventive approach to podcasts generally and A24 films specifically. The pairings are top notch too.
  • Jdamus
    Whoever is in charge of the social media and this podcast should quit their day job. For the number one independent entertainment company. This podcast lacks structure & creativity. And this is coming from someone that got the sweatshirt when it came out a couple years ago and spreads the word about their films. Just a lot of opportunity.
  • patrickgray_
    this is a great podcast but...
    Let’s get Ari Aster talking some genius on this thang!!!!
  • MoodyJewel
    I 💛 A24
    This is essential listening for the film lover of today!! Gahhh it’s wonderful! My only note would be that the voice of the introductory speaker sounds deeply unenthusiastic and it’s kind of a bummer :/
  • crush_JER
    Top Quality A24
    Much like their films, the podcast from A24 never ceases to deliver interesting and complex content in a fresh and compelling format. Episodes are guided by an incredible matchup of guest hosts, from actresses to musicians to directors and more. The result is a carefully curated and wonderfully pieced together podcast addressing cinema and society today.
  • Anony01
    A magnificent podcast!
  • Chris from Movies with Ron
    Amplify your levels
    This podcast is great, but way too quiet.
  • mcatalino
    okay the conversation between John and Toni was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard
  • Amykathwills
    A Dream
    I am obsessed with Greta Gerwig and I listen to her conversation with Barry on the regular. I listen to it on repeat like it’s a song.
  • T_Thayes96
    Great conversations that show the humanity in some of the best/most underrated people in the movie industry
  • Brandt G.
    Love it but...
    I love it, but would love to have more frequent podcasts
  • that'70sshowaddict1234
    Interesting Filmmakers, Interesting Conversations
    I like hearing filmmakers talk about film. What is particularly great about the A24 podcast is how unstructured it is. These are just conversations between very creative people.
  • defl0w
    Started out incredibly strong with the freeform conversation between Gerwig & Jenkins, but feel it's been on a downward trajectory, expecting the same formula to work again and again. A little more structure might be in the best interest of both the listeners and participants.
  • Griddy Films
    For movie lovers, by movie lovers
    This is a great podcast - definitely for movie lovers, by movie lovers. I wish they posted a little more regularly and maybe edited a tiny bit in a few of the episodes, but I still give it five out of five stars because it won’t let me do 4.5 and 4 would be way too low!
  • Jesse_MaGill
    essential listening
    an absolutely unmissable set of conversations between filmmakers/artists. 10/10 recommended highly ✌🏻
  • CassKean
    Where are you?
    I love this podcast and assume it’s at the beginning of every month? I haven’t seen anything out since late May / early June with Sophia Coppola .. any leads ?
  • Matthew4000
    I absolutely love the Zelda analogy. Thank you so much for this.
  • Awesommmmeeee
    Incredible insights into the minds behind the best film and tv today!
  • supdamian
    A24 does it again!
    This podcast is so absolutely insightful and refreshing. It offers an intimate, closer conversation that seems to be like a private one-on-one discussion that we, as the audience, are hearing through a thin wall. Instead of an interview that hits all the expected questions, this podcast allows creators to dig in deep with one another. I always look forward to the next episode whenever it’s announced.
  • Mark78554
    Great Addition to Film Podcasts.
    Short, succinct, emotional and witty, all of the episodes so far are fantastic. I only wish they were a bit longer, but they're all between 45 minutes and an hour, so they're perfect. I've just really enjoyed them! Highly recommend, along with The Close Up, Shock Waves, and, of course, Pure Cinema Podcast. Kudos, a24!
  • jarthurboyle
    45 minutes of trying to take a compliment
    Has Bo been reading a lot of DFW. Also, can David Lowery do one?
  • margiet
    A Podcast Brought To You By One of The Most Innovative Studios Working Today
    A24 has done to Movies of this era what studios like Mirimax and Fox Searchlight did in the 90s and 2000s. To hear that a studio finally has a podcast, is something of even more innovative. Would love to hear a conversation before Under The Silver Lake is released between David Robert Mitchell and Damien Chazelle.
  • BrklynChic
    Yes! Can’t wait for more.
    This is fantastic! Love John Early (of whom I’m a huge fan) having his dream conversation with Toni Colette. I saw 6th sense and Emma as a kid just for her! Just a few minutes into episode one and you know your ears and mind will be rewarded greatly for investing in these conversations.
  • ErikEleven11
    Skip the intro and go right to the chats.
    The Toni Collette / Johny Early conversation is fantastic. On the merits of their chemistry alone, I would have given this five stars. But I'm hoping someone at A24 will wonder why I'm giving three stars and read this. YOUR INTRODUCTIONS ARE TERRIBLE. I know you're going for "anonymous, bored voice we really don't need because our content is so amazing." So, DON'T have a voice! I have no idea who the woman is, but her vocal fry and mumble-core delivery is extremely irritating. Just let her go back to her desk and put her out of her misery. A cold open with one of your guests simply starting the give-and-take would be much, much better. I will come back and give five stars when I no longer have to fast-forward through the embarrasing "host's" garbledygook.
  • Bird Millman
    Love Love Love
    This podcast was so awesome. I loved hearing the personal stories and inspiration behind two amazing films, while also learning about the technical side. Great for aspiring filmakers who need help finding insparation for their films or want to hear about the technical side of filmmaking. And its great for people who just love the movies!
  • bajajfilm
    First episode is amazing!
    Can’t wait for more!!
  • thisisnelson
    A24 forever
    Amazing first episode as as with anything A24, only more to come. {S/O to Barry (Greta too), Miami always on top}
  • jennalampe
    super güd
    Loved the first podcast!! I mean Barry and Greta are enigmatic, engaging, and inclusive for all listeners. If I could say one not so great thing, the woman who introduces the podcasts sounds like she’s had the worst day of her life. Maybe find someone who’s a little more upbeat or something?? The pretentiousness of her voice almost made me stop listening entirely. I get A24 has that whole “cool kid” brand, but come on, lighten up a lil GRETA AND BARRY ARE ABOUT TO TALK.
  • Edgar Rosas
    Great podcast
    The first episode was awesome! A 40 minute conversation between Greta Gerwig and Barry Jenkins, discussing their A24 feature films, influences, and directing in general. Can’t wait for more episodes!
  • Ever Mar Productions
    My home A24
    I don't know another production company as innovative and new wavey as A24. From not only making movies but branching out in clothing, social media, and now podcasts?! This just takes filmmaking appreciation to a whole new level. I'll be making my next film here soon. Chris Carmona.
  • BIDAjuice
    Ended abruptly
    Gotta smooth out the endings.
  • Spam.Sencer
    Wow. Just. Wow.
    As a young, aspiring filmmaker and student, it meant the world to me to hear Gerwig and Jenkins talk about their experiences directing and the lead up to that. Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you A24!
  • Julmon927
    Please sir, I want some more
    No but seriously I could listen to 5 more hours of this. Nothing better than 2 film geeks sitting down and fangirling out over each other. Ughhhhhhhh 🙌🏻👌🏻
  • donutlmao
    a24 is killing it !!!
    they produce many great films and hearing the process of making an a24 films is a dream come true :)
  • Ck08irl
    The best in the business
    Fantastic discussions that go in depth and avoid the common superficial interview with industry insiders.
  • mr serotonin man
    brilliant ! !!! !!
    i’m in love (please marry me greta)
  • Larry Cameron, Ph.D.,MSW
    Excellent Podcast
    It would be awesome if Barry could host the podcasts.
  • New Reader & Listener
    Great listening for Creators!
    The first episode with Greta Gerwig was FANTASTIC & really motivating for anyone who is a creator in any artistic field! Looking forward to more like this! Only suggestion: it would be nice to have 1 hour episodes.
  • skiphunt
    Good Start
    I enjoyed this podcast, but something about it was lacking. I don't think it was the lack of host either. Kinda liked that there wasn't any host interrupting and guiding the conversation. Just two filmakers who are obviously fans of each other's work.. having a great chat. The part that I found awkward had to do with the constant back and forth in a way that sounded like each director was going overboard trying to politely talk more about the other's work. Maybe there needs a wee bit of structure? Perhaps for a given amount of time one speaker takes the lead with the questions about the other quest's film. Then, they swap and the other takes the lead. Then, maybe leave the last 3rd of the podcast with them just riffing back and forth. One of the several interesting details I got out of this conversation was toward the end when Barry asks something along the lines of "how did you decide you would be the one to direct" Or, something like that. Greta starts describing how she just said it out loud to her agent, that she was going to direct it... knowing she could easily back out... and that she just kept kicking it down the road. Barry disagrees with her own assessment and likens her stated process to more like building a house, first she started with a foundation, then frame, sheetrock, etc. However, I think he's wrong about that. Based on what she said, I think it happened just like she described. There wasn't really a plan for her to direct, though she wanted to... but, she sent forth the intention/idea of her directing... without any committment, then just ket kicking that idea down the road until it started growing on it's own. Hard to describe, but I bet that's pretty much how it happened for her. That's interesting to me because it makes me wonder just how powerful the act of saying you're going to do something without really committing to it internally, can be. She simply said it and didn't take it back immediately... casually kicked it along, until it grew into an actual thing (if that makes any sense). Anyway, I subscribed to this one even though I already have way too many podcasts already. This one might evolve into something special if they don't mess it up with a host. ;)
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