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Listen as Shaun explores the sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, and always hilarious world of Anime. And Remington tries to understand any of it.

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  • 878645210
    This podcast is so good!
    Totally recommend! :D
  • Arequipa2228899
    Trying to be funny but are lame!!
    Both host are stupidly behaved, trying to even pretend and force laughs, choking awkwardly . They are better podcasters in the anime world. Don’t follow those anime voice actors wannabe
  • Blazers Al
    My Comfort Show
    The new episode with Luke is probably their best work. It’s balanced with Luke providing the best thought out discussion responses to REM’s points I’ve ever heard. Really great discussion and honestly I hope they have Luke on again soon. He was a great collab!
  • The Waldog
    First of all, love your show. I listen to your show every week (or at least the beginning if I haven’t seen the anime you talk about) and hearing Rem and Shaun talk dirty and threaten each other remind me of my friends. I would like to recommend 3 different anime that I love, but I doubt Rem will like. 1) Record of Ragnarok 2) Bakuman 3) Fire Force Keep up the good work guys! -Wallace
  • Nicknamewhatsthat
    It’s great
    Love to stumble across the rare anime podcast that has a fresh set of eyes that isn’t afraid to be critical of any and every show. Hearing the highs and lows and other ends about shows from the eyes of a non-fan is sooo refreshing. Highly recommend
  • Desmond-the-MoonBear
    Perfect Trio of Anime Comedy
    Rem is hilarious and brutally honest in his surprisingly in-depth reviews. Shaun has to put up with both Rem and the listeners as he does his best to either defend an anime or to get the listeners to understand the valid criticisms Rem brings up Dylan’s editing skills are amazing and his voice is iconic. My only complaint is that another February has passed without a Boondocks Review, cowards 🤣
  • Og B-Pop
    Surprised that I both hate and love this podcast.
  • gvgghsjshsvgeuxis
    I think y’all should watch jjba part 4
    It’s a really good and popular anime I will give it 5/5 stars Ty for the content From fans
  • long holloweeni
    Awesome pod
    Y’all should do a Madoka revisit pls Also I really love the podcast. I avidly consume many podcasts and this is one of my favorites. P.S. you guys are amazing and brighten my day every time I listen.
  • Monokuma53
    Yesterday at 11:32 PM Shaun suggested that I leave a good review.
    Consider this my unmalicious compliance, as the podcast reaches its 300th episode I would like to give my 100% genuine thoughts on the podcast. It is very clear that Dylan, Remington, and even Shaun have put a ridiculous amount of effort in to create high quality content every week for 6 years, each of them adding something important to the recipe. Dylan is excellent at erasing dead air from the podcast and improving the comedic timing of the back and forth between Remington and Shaun. Remington is ultimately the star of the show, he formulates well thought out opinions and nitpicks for each show even when the show is so trashy that most people would have nothing to say other than “the show is trash”, and he manages to still insert his signature goofs into the genuine review. Finally that Shaun guy I was talking about earlier, the curator behind every episodes subject matter. Shaun’s deep knowledge of both the culture around anime and of the selection of seasonal anime presented to the masses four times a year allows him to sift through the low hanging fruit and give us gems of episodes like Forest Fairy Five. Shaun ruined my happy sugar life when he made my favorite podcast, and I thank him for it.
  • jo b0b
    Spoon man. Just listen to the pod and you'll find out who that is :3 I've listened to every episode at least 3 times, definitely worth it for the comedy. The reviews? Pretty solid as well, it's exactly what it says on the tin. Keep up the good work boys!
  • dimeythecat
    A+ ULTRA!
    A Weeb subjects a halfway decent Emo Phillips impersonator to Japanese cartoons.
  • Yes,You.,.,.,.,......
    The spoon man is coming
    Spoon man lore goes hard ngl
  • braprap
    5/10 = exceptional
    A man who doesn’t like anime very much reviews only anime forever. What could go wrong? Your enjoyment of this podcast will depend on how funny you find someone repeatedly behaving like having to watch 5 episodes of anime for a podcast is tantamount to torture under the Geneva conventions.
  • waluigis.basment6669
    The dreams
    There coming there coming their coming there coming there coming there coming their coming (“spice and wolf recommendation”) help there coming there here my walls help they want my kidney there here there here there here their here their here help me please release me from this plane of existence. Thank you Remington, you helped me get out of a bad relationship situation. Thank you Shawn for always making things enjoyable, thank you Dylan for being the star of my favorite dojin. And thank you for the many shows. Threw the years, welcome to the start of the end
  • GoldJedi
    Anime… Out of Order?!?!
    I just want to say that whether Shaun is pampering or punishing Remington, this podcast is an absolute delight to listen to. I haven’t exactly been listening to the episodes in order, but that’s okay! I have been skipping around from anime that I’ve been fond of to anime that are referred to frequently and it is an experience like no other. Some might think that it creates continuity errors this way, but sometimes it’s hilarious to listen to one episode and hear about inconsistent feelings between two episodes! I hope these guys got my email about my suggestions!
  • WATCH it’s good
    You should watch
    Demon Slayer
  • Sphynxluv14
    This Anime is Why I Can Tolerate my Job
    I listen to this podcast everyday, all day, at work. I went through and listened to all of your episodes on anime I’ve seen and now I have gone back to the beginning and am watching or rewatching every single episode. Wow is it a rollercoaster, but a good one. This podcast is phenomenal, even when my love for some anime is challenged. Keep up the good work!
  • Nekomancer4216
    Sk8 review
    Hello, I enjoyed your episode on Sk8 but I hope you finished the show so you can properly understand some of the stuff behind it and that it’s not just “pretty boys”. Also one of you was mispronouncing Lange’s name and it was driving me crazy. Thanks for the episode!
    It’s a good show and they have good takes
    Nen (念ネン or ネン—lit. "Sense";[1]* "Mind Force" in the Viz translation)[2] is one of the defining features of the Hunter × Hunter manga by Yoshihiro Togashi. It's a technique that allows a living being to use and manipulate their own life energy (known as aura);[3] the term "Nen" can also be used in conversation to refer to aura. A person capable of utilizing Nen is colloquially referred to as a "Nen user" (能のう力りょく者しゃ, nōryokusha—lit. "ability person"), while those who cannot go by the designation "non-users" (一いっ般ぱん人じん, ippanjin—lit. "ordinary person").[4]
  • nothingworksforanickname
    The podcasts as a whole
    My previous few ratings were as I was listening through the podcast this review will be my over all view because I have listened to all episodes and to be honest it’s a great show of you like there humor get the jokes that the Patreon users are making etc if a die hard otaku(someone whose an anime nerd ) watched this for the first few times I don’t think they would have enough mental development to stick with it. As a person who started listening without even watching anime first it was hilarious and fun and when I started watching anime I decided to replay the episodes I had already listened to and Remington makes some fantastic recommendations and Shawn usually does to. over all give it 2 episodes before quitting and go in with a positive attitude
  • knubster09
    Great job guys!
    This podcast is the best I’ve ever listened to! Note to Shaun: Shaun please do a revisit to Full Metal Alchemist it is a show that didn’t cause Rem to suffer. Never show Rem mushigo Tensai the horny (may I note horny for minors) will kill him and it’s an isekai. Also Rem don’t lose faith in the weebs not all of us like trash like Attack on titan. Stay safe and healthy y’all!
  • GreenBayWarrior
    Rem uses the drums of liberation to free all weebs from hentai
    And if you do want to be free from hentai yourself check out . It will make being free from hentai (and any other kind of porn) surprisingly easy and effortless. There is zero willpower in this method and it is completely free.
  • rainbowgirl27
    Nice podcast! Couple recommendations
    It’s always fun with these 2. You should watch Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun and revisit Kaguya-sama Love is war too. I think it’ll be fun seeing what Remington says about it!
  • TheMysteriousMysteryOfMystery
    Love y’all always have
    Could y’all do a revisit of Sakamoto to honor the mangakas passing?
  • fogd he
    The show is called “Anime out of context”. The point is having a dude who hates anime watch anime. There isn’t supposed to be full context. Goddamn
  • A_Bunnie
    Just stupid fun
    Currently trying to listen to every single episode, and I’m about halfway through. I just put you guys on as I’m working and it helps me get through my shifts. I genuinely never get bored listening to the endless pain and suffering of Rem, you guys are awesome and keep up the amazing work.
  • SSJ 19
    Great anime content
    Just happened to stumble across this show and listen to the review episode of Gate. And now I am hooked on the show, the back and forth banter is spot on and love the honest review of the anime that is the focus. I’m hooked
  • Keleynal
    Needs more gun
    For an anime that features guns being OP in a land of sword and sorcery, see Gate. Which is a fantastic anime and has a shot at being an isekai that even Rem can tolerate.
  • T03_t0uch3r
    Review Mushoku Tensei
    One star till MT review
  • Rent-a-gf-revisit-guy
    W Podcast
    Both Shaun and Rem have very good opinions that i can agree with most of the time. I love listening to anime that i have never heard of that they review because it allows me to find anime that i enjoy from the bottom of my heart. P.S. Shaun if you’re reading this, i need a rent a girlfriend revisit because it is amazing and to celebrate that the anime is in the progress of a third season.
  • yffcgdsx
    Great show
  • ArtistLover1
    Funniest Anime Podcast About Hating Anime (Sometimes)
    As someone who went started off hating anime for its fan service for the longest tkme, and gone on my own anime enjoying journey the past few years now, I love the critiques (whether joking or serious) on anime Remington makes, especially for the popular anime! I personally grow overly skeptical that the more popular something is, the more likely there might be something wrong with it thats being overtly ignored by the fanbase and thus I don’t tend to trust the majority on their opinions when it comes to “good” anime versus “bad” anime. This has been a really fun podcast to listen to and I think anyone who hates anime would love this podcast!
  • harry potter 162
    I gotta say
    This podcast is the probably my favorite. What annoys me is scrolling through reviews and seeing how many people are hating on Remington for sharing his HONEST OPINION WHAT THE WHOLE PODCAST IS CENTERED AROUND. I can’t say I haven’t been annoyed by any of his reviews but come on guys. A great podcast and am looking forward to more :) Also please do happy sugar life and erased and gintama thank you very much (and death parade)
  • Roskopp73
    My Favorite Podcast
    Best Podcast by far. Please review Mongolian Chop Squad, it has the most interesting anime dog!
  • [:Chris_Cat:]
    Love it
    I’ve been listen for a while and I listen to this when I’m bored and need a laugh and this succeeds every fricken time 😂!
  • Blueberry Fathead
    The real way to learn about shows.
    Great podcast! I wish Remmington and NoI’mJory from the We Are podcast would colab, that would be chaos.
  • 🫨 I just got off my d$#k
    Word 🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨
  • ThumpingMice
    Pui pui molcar
    Great podcast! Some vegetables do have meat and brains. Like Stephan hawking.
  • majorLEMONHEAD
    I really liked this episode but I feel like you
  • SharkFujishiro
    Very funny
    Those guys are very funny
  • DemiboyDisaster
    Most of the one star reviews I’m seeing is people complaining that all Remington does is trash anime…..that’s what he’s there to do. That’s like what he does. I adore this show, and I even loved the AOT episodes even though it is one of my favorite anime, Remington made some really good points.
  • wolf43567993
    These guys are great!
    10/10 love you guys I’m a trucker working 12+ hrs daily and y’all make my week keep up the great work
  • papi rocksolid
    The fake laughter is just too cringe.
  • TurtleMan7230
    Dynamic is good. Show Is entertaining.
    Having someone who is familiar with anime and someone who is not makes for a good dynamic in this podcast. Although Remington will completely trash your favorite show, he is entertaining enough that you will keep watching. It’s also nice to see what they come up with every week. I’m interested to see what is said with every new show, and I hope they review newer shows like oshi no ko soon.
  • fhcgxjxj
    Tokyo ghoul
    Do Tokyo ghoul plz but good job keep up the work btw I’m 11 lol 😂
  • Avery Vogelgesang
    W Podcast
    Such a good, entertaining show! Both hosts have well-articulated and informed opinions, and although I may not agree with every single one, it doesn't take away from the fact that they always have valid criticisms to back them up. Not only that, but they are also just fun to listen to and there's a sense of community. They also upload consistently with a wide variety of shows and genres, which is always nice and gives me something to look forward to each week. (Side note: I don't understand how people can get so worked up over a difference of opinions like these, Shaun and Remington are also just people and everyone thinks and interprets things differently.) Anyways, very good podcast, would recommend :) Also automatic 5/5 because they liked Wonder Egg Priority (I try not to think about the special.)
  • Eternalfather92
    Pui pui
    Highly recommended. Don’t sleep on this one. Very uncultured, pretty racist, definitely antis, lots of awful takes. I love it. Audio quality the first 50 episodes is rather abysmal, but still fun. Once they upgrade to HD audio, it’s beautiful. I get excited every week when I get the notification they uploaded a new episode. Almost as good as some of the other shows I listen to, but sometimes better. Longer episodes are the better ones but the weird short ones are gold too. Shaun is an excellent host. Remington is an excellent co host. Dillon is the real hero though. 6/5 stars fellas.
    Suggestion and Rating
    Found this podcast this year and started listening from episode one just got to episode 45 and really enjoy it. I am not sure if I can suggest an anime on a review but I kinda want to do one. There is one show that I believe Shaun would love but Remington would despise and that is Yu Yu Hakusho is an older anime but for me it has survived the test of time and it has by far one of the best tournament arcs there are. Thanks for making me laugh.
  • Rem in a maid dress
    I love this
    It is super funny and makes my laugh fr
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