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goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow and longtime goop collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM, take turns hosting the brightest thinkers and culture changers.

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  • Saanu1
    Lindo Bacon!!!
    I love Lindo and their outlook on Health, I’m so glad to see social justice on this podcast & body liberation. Thank you Lindo!
  • sarah_carter__
    This podcast has been a great inspiration for me as I discover that living a healthy lifestyle is all about the Mind Body & Soul. We too often forget that our mental health AND our spiritual health play a majority of the role in our overall well-being. Goop has been a guiding light for me in a world where we are put in a box and limited to the methods of healing our physical and energetic bodies. I love how Gwyneth is open and committed to trying anything, no matter how many people ridicule or shame. How inspiring to hear all these people with such passion and open mindedness! You never know until you try…
  • fraudpatrol
    So last week the new host had someone on who basically says diet and food intake makes no difference in terms of health—it’s just about shaming. And this week a ‘real’ doctor says the opposite. It’s honestly very confusing and irresponsible how you go about ‘making’ the cases you are trying to make.
  • Missy&Maggie
    Gut Health made easy to understand
    I so enjoyed the interview with Emeran Mayer - he made it so easy to understand how my gut and brain are connected! Fascinating - Thank You.
  • UnicornBaby559
    Health at any size episode is dangerous misinformation
    I’m sure many people CAN be healthy at any size. Some bodies are just built differently. But Dr. Bacon’s claims—that diet and exercise do not lead to weight loss and that nutrition DOES NOT contribute to health in any way—are bizarre, wildly untrue, and frankly dangerous.
  • kbtoeshoe
    Health at any size episode is TERRIBLE info!
    The message working out and eating less will NOT decrease body fat! This is crazy!! This is terrible info to broadcast. You have jumped the woke shark!
  • LMV401
    May 18th episode is reckless
    This episode is uninformed + utterly reckless. Completely bewildered that this is goop vetted content as most other episodes are perspicacious + enlightening. So disappointed they put this nonsense out into the world. Though I agree there’s disparity in the linguistics of drug use within the upper class as consciousness exploration versus more sinister language describing a poorer demographic’s experience the claim that drugs in and of themselves are not addictive as purported by the guest of the episode is absurd.
  • StarLord_365
    Not the real goopcast
    Remember who died and sacrificed their podcast so that this pseudo-science one could live on. RIP Lunch Club
  • daisymaisy
    So Good
    Really enjoy Gwyneth’s interviews. She asks insightful questions with a genuine curiosity that keeps me listening. Big thank you for all your honesty, it helps so much!
  • V.Devyn
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now. I feel compelled to write this review! Love love love the authenticity and power of Erica Chidi! The episode with CHANI was captivating.
  • Amyck8
    I Love Erica
    I’ve always loved this podcast- the content and conversations. I’m just now leaving a review because Erica Chidi makes it even more magical. Thank you!
  • idahoyogi
    Gwyneth and Martha
    I instantly shared this episode with my little sister with whom I share a history of molestation, violence, instability; who was a teen mom, a drug addict, dealer, escort, married and divorced for money, who is always sick and in pain, and who lies incessantly. I pray she travels to the inferno and can one day begin her own ascent back to the stars.
  • lohomom
    Great listen
    I have been enjoying the Goop podcasts. I just finished up the Gabrielle Union episode and you need to reach out to HERMD in Cincinnati. Dr Javaid’s mission is to rebrand the discussions about perimenipause and menopause. She would be an amazing guest and has a podcast HERvoice. Check it out! She is an amazing physician and has helped me and do many with the journey that you and Gabrielle were discussing. Thanks for great content!
  • suzdell
    A psychotherapist review
    This is the best, so informative, and such a service to all us and our well-being. Thank you, thank you Goop for taking risks and providing such needed and healing information.
  • DaliaGuerra
    Life changing
    Life changing!!
  • tracyrossart
    I miss Elise.... love to hear more from authors, and doctors, scientists... don’t care much about famous actors, they’re not as interesting. I’ve been listening to this podcast for awhile and just hope it gets back to what it was before.
  • loladunc
    Rhetoric 101
    I’m so tired of wasting my time listening to this podcast. Guests like Laura Dern touch upon so many ideas and thoughts but really...where are the stories? Where are the real parts of dialogue? None! We learn and connect through stories! Stop the rhetoric.
  • Life Coach Lee
    Hooray! You interviewed Martha Beck
    I adore the conversation you had with Martha Beck. Thank you. She’s a treasure. You’re a treasure. So glad I listened this morning to get my day started right.
  • whatishappeningnow
    I’m back as a listener
    Took a long break due to really not enjoying the previous host, as well as finding some episodes just...too out there, not relatable. But with Gwyneth at the helm I’m back / thank you!
  • 156lma
    Love listening to the interviews by Gwyneth!
  • Gus da Bus282828
    Keep it up
    Great show. Just what I need sometimes. Loved the episode with Martha Beck. <3 Gwyneth.
  • L_Hudson
    Both Elise and Gwyneth are amazing hosts!
    I really love the topics and the thoughtful conversations on the goop podcast. I always learn something new, and there is something great to reflect on. I am so surprised to see the criticism about Elise. I think she’s incredibly insightful and wise, and I love the dialogue she has with the guests. Especially during this pandemic (while we are sheltering in place) it’s wonderful to hear her personal reflections on the topic for the episode. I feel like I’m listening to a friend reflecting on a book that she’s read. I was so sad to hear she’s stepped back from her role, and hope she comes back to the podcast from time to time.
  • yogoes
    Martha Beck speaks joy
    Such a wonderful experience and validating. Truly amazing and legit work Goop!!
  • PacificSwimmer
    I think the breadth & depth of topics discussed is exceptional. Credit most likely goes to E for curating the guest list. I strongly prefer G’s discussions to E’s, however, because G asks shorter questions and then keeps the focus on the guest. I think her interviews reveal and capitalize on G’s curiosity. Unfortunately, in my opinion, E discusses herself way too much and, especially for a regular listener, it’s redundant. This has become a bigger issue for me over time because it’s cumulative. I have repeatedly heard the same information about her marriage, family, parents, schools, style of home, interests, past, and so on ...and I believe it’s at the expense of the interview. I think E is making the mistake of injecting her personal story into almost every question/topic, and I wish she’d reconsider her approach. Long winded, personal interpretations of so many issues and topics is decreasing my interest in the podcast. Personalizing each topic seems to miss the point of letting each listener come at the information from their varied experiences and perspectives (without filtering it through E). This is a stylistic preference; obviously E & G both care very much about this podcast and bring enthusiasm and intelligence to it.
  • Keepn-it-real
    Thank you!
    Enjoying more Gwyneth!!!!
  • THOR694658
    A Life Line
    I feel sorry for those too jealous or too ignorant (or both) to take in the spectacular information GP and Elise bring us each week. The research that goes into Goop’s website and podcast are a gift. Full stop. I have been with Goop since the beginning, and the knowledge I’ve gleaned has absolutely changed my life. Now if I could just get Dr. Sam Harris on board, everything would be right with the world.
  • Evonne Falk
    You know...
    How you felt about Robin Wright as a teen? Well, that’s how I feel about you as a mid life woman!! 🥰 Please keep doing interviews. I need to hear your voice. xoxo
  • Sastephanie
    Not bad but a little self indulgent
    Sometimes they discuss things that are trite in my opinion and show the level of awareness they are actually at despite the high opinion they have themselves for being “so conscious”... but I will say that Elise is a profound thinker and asks great questions. I think Gwyneth’s conversations can be a little fake and she’s too focused on her image to dish out the same level of authenticity that Elise projects.
  • Hoss's delight
    Do you actively listen...
    Hello. I have read reviews both breathlessly complimentary and some not-so-good. My question is, do you listen to the feedback? The content is great, no doubt about it. But the delivery! Gwyneth asks thoughtful questions but the podcasts could embrace more ideas and not just the thoughts and beliefs du jour. There needs to be more scope. I’ve wanted to listen to Elise’s podcasts more but I find her voice, tone, and self focus so annoying that I gave up. I know other listeners have addressed this but her conversations sound exactly the same now as they did when she began. She needs a coach of some sort, to help her learn how to do interviews. Please don’t ask us to “like, rate and review” if you’re not going to listen. This is constructive criticism, and not intended to be personal. Update: what a treat to have several episodes in a row with Gwyneth as host. To keep it positive, please put yourself in the place of Listener before recruiting any more cohosts. If there has to be a cohost, please consider their experience and “listenability” before placing them. Someone who is brilliant in their role may not necessarily be suited to host a podcast. Thank you.
  • lailamitchell174
    Sorry G I miss Elise!
    Although I enjoy the speakers Gwyneth brings on but Elise seems more natural and authentic. Bring her back please!
  • uniquenicknamesareridiculous
    White ethnocentricity in action
    I had to stop listening to the interview of Cathy Park Hong because the questioner could only frame the contents of the book through her personal white experiences instead of focusing on how the Asian experience is unique. You don’t have to have experienced something in order to comprehend it or believe it exists.
  • itsbillybish
    Gwyneth Paltrow still isn’t likable...sigh...
    I try to like her format and style, but she makes it so hard. It’s a shame because she has connections (thx to dad) to the best guests, but her lack of accessibility clashes with her failing desire to be “cool” and “youthful” (Trump narcissism style) approach to interviews. Instead she falls flat and instead borders a sheltered, privileged, un-relatable groupie with no real life experience besides divorce and parenting (if isn’t a nanny reliant parent). Her career peaked in the 90’s and she’s wearing out her welcome. Leave podcasting and business to the extroverted professionals girl. You’re putting us to sleep.
  • Lady who misses Tom
    Missing Eloise
    Such a smart , lucid, inspiring, articulate woman. Can she come back when she finishes her book?
  • jzpatterson
    The Best
    I love Elise’s interviewing style - she is so smart, authentic and empathetic! She will be missed.
  • Nouméakb
    I love Elise
    So sorry that you are moving on. I love your style of interviewing! You always are well informed and authentically interested in the content. Hope to find you again soon. Take care, you must be exhausted.
  • levestana
    Goop love
    I love this podcast so much. It’s really brilliantly well done. I’m sad to hear Elise Loehnen is leaving. She’s an incredible interviewer. Elise’s work is love made visible. This is not a fluff pod. It’s truly intellectually stimulating- thank you for that.
  • ccapone39
    Offended by the sales pitch
    I am a frequent listener and do appreciate a lot of Goop’s content but the episode with Dr. Vasan was nothing more than a lengthy sales pitch for the company she works with (and that GP invested in). It was a huge turn off!
  • Kev's Account
    Love Goop!
    Gotten me through this pandemic somewhat functional! Greetings from Las Vegas/Henderson NV
  • mrskwillis!
    Great covid episode
  • Dr. Jacque
    Very disappointing
    This is very disappointing the direction you have taken your podcast. You allowed for Dr. Otto to lie to your followers over Covid and the vaccine. I hope you choose to take your show in a health driven direction again. No health comes from a toxic rushed vaccine. Health comes from within.
  • haifnaidnak
    GOOP is so interesting!
    I think I take everything discussed on the Netflix series and the podcast with a grain of salt, but all of the conversations and insight with different topics on health and ways of living are so interesting! Can’t wait for the second season of Goop to come back some day!
  • Brentwood Caro
    Elise’s podcast??
    I thought this was Gwenyth’s company podcast, not Elise Loehnan speaking and taking over each and every interview. She cannot help but speak her political views (relevant or not to the podcast topic) and she’s a terribly untalented podcast interviewer. She has an amazing ability to turn whatever the guest is saying back to her. I’ve listened to enough episodes to clearly hear this theme. Poor poor poor.
  • Mamamare
    Lacy Crawford
    I loved hearing from Lacy Crawford. Thank you for having her on. Here is my problem with that podcast. THe interviewer tosses out terms like 'Cook scholar' and 'John Buxton' without telling the listener what the heck she's talking about. The interviewer was way too wrapped up in her own story , talked too much ,and forgot she wasn't on a personal phone call with Lacy - but spoke from a St. Paul's loving bubble where those terms have relavence. She was more concerned with voicing her St. Paul's experince and academic creds of her family.
  • Heather Smolin
    I’m here for it all!
    This review is so long overdue as I’ve been listening since the beginning. To say that this podcast is life changing is a understatement. The content, the guests, and Elise and Gwyneth’s questions are so what we need right now. I can’t count how many introspective “aha” moments I’ve had listening. There is so much diversity and I’ve been subjected to so many things I never would have if it wasn’t for this podcast. It’s really expanded my awareness on so many levels. I laugh, I cry, I take notes. The goop podcast checks off a lot of boxes for me! And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a HUGE shout out to Elise who is now my power animal, she is a boss and I love her humor, humility, concise way of speaking (I mean, can we just talk about her capacity to read all these books and prepare for these interviews?! Legendary.) Also, thanks to Gwyneth and the podcast team for making it all happen. It takes a village! Much love and thanks to Goop! 🙏❤️
  • qqqqz234857
    Would Love to hear Mystic Michaela
    A guest like Mystic Michaela. Her work is ground breaking, authentic and life changing🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Monka31
    Creative Topics
    I love the podcast and the host. I think that she does a great job asking questions and being relatable. Just a thought from our current situation with covid - why is everyone so afraid of death? The lengths we are going through to avoid potential death when the planet is already over populated. Is it possible that it’s ok to die and keep the earth balanced? With the possibility of other viruses in the future, what is the plan for the future? It’s all over the news that this is now the last pandemic. Ideas on how to move forward? Do we embrace death more freely and live life or do we isolate as we currently are?
  • Jhawkev
    Super disappointed
    Super disappointed in the narrative given during the latest Covid interview with Gwyneth. Bringing up the “anti-science movement” put me over the edge. That conversation is divisive, which you claim to be against, but here you are adding to that. I hear you CONSTANTLY using the term “binary”, the anti-science “vs” science is much more than binary and sounded so condescending on your part. I’m so frustrated I spend almost an hour listening to this. Next time I’ll just tune into the mainstream media agenda which you’re obviously a part of.
  • Sam471113
    Used to be my favorite
    Let’s keep it to lifestyle, health, and mindfulness. Not Elise’s political views. The latest episode is so polarizing and offensive it’s not even funny.
  • Adrianag7
    Mark Wolynn interview
    I loved this interview about “how we inherit trauma.” Thanks to this interview I had an aha moment about the pain I was holding from both my grandmothers. I always had a fear and anger toward men. One of my grandmother’s was left widowed and my other grandmother was an abusive relationship. They also had issues around motherhood, and there was always a subconscious fear of pregnancy even though I really wanted to be pregnant. I’m giving my grandmother’s their pain back. Thank you to Mark I was able to discover this.
  • Scl73
    Dr Yang is the bomb!
    I learned more in this podcast about virus’ and our immune system than I have my entire life (and I’m 47!!). Well done, loved it!
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