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  • PDXNative in Portland
    Curated Tech News Done Right!
    The amount of time this podcast saves is hard for me to calculate. I love tech news but have grown tired of all the fluff. Brian does a great job of staying on top of what is important but still dipping into trends and popular culture when it’s noteworthy. Kudos!🙏
  • Mark Mac Man
    How we “keep up”
    Thanks to Brian’s research, I know what is going on in the technology world.
  • AragonJJ
    Interest But Odd
    The boys discuss a wide range of tech topics. As a non tech person who enjoys knowing. They really open the door to the world of tech with extra emphasis on startup ecosystems and cultural transformations led by tech. They can get a bit clumsy and out of their element when stretching outside of tech. And for a tech podcast, they have the worse possible audio connections. Audio drops, feedback, and hot mic eating noises abound. I’ll keep listening to know more, but they have work to do.
  • jkg47
    Top tech news distracted by crypto
    I’m a longtime subscriber. Brian puts together a top-notch daily recap to let you know what’s happening right now in tech — when he’s not distracted by the latest crypto/NFT financial whatnot.
  • SkellySkelly
    Not really a tech podcast anymore
    As of late I'm fatigued by this podcast's constant spam stories about NFTs, "investing," VCs, startups, and tech-bro culture. This is not what a tech podcast should be all about. Please reign it in and discuss real objective tech news as opposed to the "Silicon Valley culture" side-stories.
  • P-blizzle$$$
    My favorite tech podcast
    I work in the tech industry and it’s my job to stay up with the tech industry, so Brian is doing his part in making me look good at me job.
  • The Real Zen Boy
    This is for you if you want someone to say BORED APE a hundred times an episode
    This guy gets fixated on some phrase BORED APE and just repeats it BORED APE over and over BORED APE again. BORED APE. He will do this for weeks BORED APE on end BORED APE and will just keep saying the phrase BORED APE even when it is unnecessary BORED APE. His sentences BORED APE don’t even make sense anymore BORED APE. Additionally, BORED APE, the thing he glams onto is invariably some new form of jackassery BORED APE that everyone will have forgotten about a month from now, like BORED APE. Then he makes it the BORED APE lead story, while everyone else is laughing at the fools who fall for this BORED APE scam. It kill’s me that a grown man falls for this kind nonsense over and over. Get medicated, dude.
    Seems like the podcast is just an ad
    I initially enjoyed this podcast. However, within a week a feel like this 20 minute podcast is actually full of ads with only 3 mins of content.
  • itoonsrevyoos
    Sadly no longer worth the listen
    As a long time ride home listener, it’s pretty sad to see what’s become of the podcast. Instead of reporting actual tech news, it’s daily updates on sideshow Twitter disputes buffeted by a massive amount of advertisements. The podcast now misses both the forest and the trees by, when not consumed by the most recent inane personality driven non-event, by devoting most coverage to the perpetual next big thing, from clubhouse to venture capital to crypto and NFTs, with copious and extremely blinkered and Ill informed editorializing. I can’t help but notice that the precipitous decline in quality happened around the same time as Brian started tinkering with new show formats, monetization schemes, and finally a VC fund. On the lookout for a decent replacement now.
  • Travis024
    A Great Tech Round-Up
    Brian does a fantastic job of keeping me up-to-date with the essential tech news. Don’t know how I’d be keeping up with it all without this show!
  • blast0h
    Short and Sweet :-)
    Well written and informative, I could not imagine staying in the know without it.
  • Pcunix
    Far too many ads and ads are way too long
    I’ve enjoyed TRH since soon after it started but recently the number of length of ads are really becoming annoying. I’m seriously considering removing it from my playlist.
  • Joshill:)
    Thanks Brian!
    This host does a great job at bringing the show’s audience all the latest tech news. Quality production, keep it up!
  • Werdy
    Used to Be Good
    This podcast used to be so good. It was a great summary of “what you missed today in the world of tech.” Now they litter the feed with long rambling recordings of Twitter Spaces (complete with technical difficulties and terrible audio quality) and schill investment opportunities. It’s not just a lack of focus. They polled their listeners to see if people wanted this other content in a separate feed, which of course the overwhelming majority did. They then went ahead and continued to dump this crap in the main feed anyway. This blatant disrespect for their listeners’ preferences and time has me looking for another source for tech news.
  • Sojouner
    Pronouncing Chinese names correctly, please!!!
    I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts daily, for many years. Enjoy it all, except when you mentioned any Chinese tech companies or executives’ name, that is. It’s excruciatingly incorrect and appalling whenever you confront ‘X’ or ‘Y’. Xiaomi, Xi Jinping, Eric Yuan, Jerry Yang, and numerous examples. Please please please, if you can’t quiet master mandarine, how about just saying it in the most simplified (but close) way by pronouncing ‘x’ as ‘s’ in ‘sea’ and ‘y’ as in ‘yellow’? Thank you for all your other relentless, complete research for a daily comprehensive, enjoyable coverage!
  • Speak_into_the_Microphone
    Do a show on how the investment fund works
  • JohnwesleyA
    Best tech show
    Easily the best tech news podcast
  • Jackhowa
    Personable and informative, great daily pod
    Thanks Brian for doing this! Also go English soccer!
  • Andronicals
    Best source for tech news
    If you can only listen to one podcast forever, listen to this! Endless insights for devs, users, entrepreneurs, investors etc.
  • randomlogik
    My Daily Update
    I try to avoid the morning news browsing cycle I have always ends up in procrastination. This podcast is a fantastic summary of the previous days tech news I can consume on my morning walk. Highly recommended.
  • Ronacla
    Technology news best podcast
    I listen to this podcast everyday. Is the best way to know more about what is going on in the tech word in general. Perfect for tech lovers and also for investors who want to know their next move.
  • Jasandeep
    Precise tech news without any bias
    I have been following the podcast for last 2 years and it keeps me related to tech news and somehow confirm my tech stocks buying strategies. I like its length as i can listen it everyday, any longer would kill my daily listening skill.
  • slankton
    Great news.
    I listen daily and am a premium subscriber. I’ve even advertised. Great show!
  • KrazyKrause
    Great Daily Tech Shiw
    I listen to this everyday One of my primary resources for tech news
  • swrobel
    Never miss an episode!
    I’ve been listening to Brian since the beginning and can’t live without my daily dose of tech news. His ability to curate exactly what’s relevant with just the right amount of commentary is priceless, which is why it’s amazing that we get this for free! 🙏🏼
  • Limonic316
    Ad experience makes it a terrible podcast
    I would have definitely rated it higher because I like the content, but the ads running for 3 mins straight in the middle of a podcast is annoying. If smaller ads were spread out or all ads moved to the end which could easily be skipped, the experience would be better. Plus the guy hates apple too. Quite evident from his podcasts.
  • Librarydad
    Neutral and Enthusiastic
    Use this to introduce students to podcasting in the community college where I teach.
  • Dren60
    Just want tech news
    I hear enough Critical race theory in the news. From you, I just wanted tech news but you just can’t do it. So, I’m unsubscribed. Bye.
  • saltytype
    Good shower radio
  • Dan O'Leary
    I almost never miss an episode
    This podcast is entertaining and informative with a great cadence. It’s not too short and not too long. A must subscribe for any tech enthusiast.
  • #allin
    Great info everyday!! Keep it up!
  • palo235344
    Stop breathing directly into the microphone
    Otherwise very informative
  • archchaos
    Highly recommend!
    Short, insightful, and information-rich!
  • Chris who wrote a review
    Pay for play podcast
    Do not subscribe unless you like nickel n diming
    Best tech news show out there
    What else can I say? Hits the right stories, very thoughtful analysis, perfect tech news show.
  • fishfly
    Top source for Tech News
    If you need a concise breakdown of the day's technology news, this is it! While there are some excellent daily tech news podcasts out there that explore stories in more detail, usually with lots of opinions...this podcast gets right to the stories that matter most. And the host (Brian) will pull in different points of view to each story, bringing more context and though, versus opinions and rants. In the 16 years of listening to various podcasts, I never skip this one.
  • tlifenuggets
    An open door to tech news
    Brian does an excellent job of whipping up fresh content you can’t find elsewhere. The unique blend he publishes is interesting for newbies, wannabes, and weathered Silicon Valley types alike - and he’s easy to listen to too! Tech Meme Ride Home is not overly complex, overly long, or overly fluffy. I don’t like to waste my time so this has been the tech industry podcast for me. I’m really excited to see Brian expand into other formats of conversation and deep dives so I’m now a premium member. I highly recommend it!
  • cmtx12
    Great host, guests, content... everything
    I love this podcast. I have listened from day one and cannot imagine it not being a part of my afternoon. I have been a daily Techmeme reader for almost 15 years, and I know if I am out of the “river” that day, Brian will have me covered.
  • EmmyL28
    Great podcast
    Great daily listen.
  • ZuniThor
    My Top Daily Priority
    Been listening for about 6-months. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but Techmeme Ride Home is my top daily priority. Informative, unbiased, and to the point. Keep up the excellent work!
  • sikerr
    Compelling Current and Cogent
    As a technology executive and tech enthusiast just, Techmeme Ride Home is the one podcast I make sure I listen to every single weekday every week. There are a variety of tech podcasts out there but I find this one to really be one of the absolute best. Technology has integrated into all aspects of our life and I think Brian does an excellent job of communicating that in the right context. Sure he’s got gadgets reviews but he’s also got the aspect of companies and their strategies and how they are transforming marketplaces and how those transformations drift over from just a tech business to the broader world because they’re having increasing impact on our daily life as well as the political climate we find ourselves in. Making sense of all of that in a cogent and concise manner is not an easy thing to do and Brian has done an excellent job of it. Highly recommend and well worth listening to.
  • bobslackers
    Daily comfort
    Brian is a great host. He’s completely politically impartial, which is difficult to find these days. He also has a great podcasting voice: if there is a stand-in, I literally get disconcerted because I don’t hear Brian. He’s also a master at distilling down the important stuff and giving you a concise, smart 20 mins of tech news. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • HeyAndy1st
    So for over a year I have listened as this show has been a good quick recap of tech news. But today ended that.. I’m out.
  • AlexBballFan
    Great Tech Podcast
    Listen daily and really enjoy it
  • Kfir Shay
    Please stop the AI generated readings
    See title
  • macfixer
    Best Podcast to Listen on Your Commute
    Nuff said.
  • jerry catherwood
    Great Tech Info
    Definitely a must listen for anyone that wants a regular update of the broad tech sector.
  • Jason Swart
    #1 Tech News Podcast
    Really awesome daily podcast. Best tech news podcast. Srsly worth a listen. I love it! Great host, great content :)!
  • MWMiller
    Perfect Tech Wrapup Podcast
    Love the content Love your editorial voice Love your personality Love your speaking voice Love that you stick to 20 minutes Keep on keeping’ on!
  • BootstrapCoin
    Always on top of the news cycle
    I first found out about this podcast when I was searching for news about Grubhub, since I was considering the role at the company. Bryan’s breaking news about the company helped me make a final call. I may not be working at mentioned company, but I’m listening Ridehome every day since.
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