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  • adhyper
    An important fact based review of Mormonism
    High quality, heavily researched and facts.
  • Lazerwolf07
    Love it
    Love it all. Appreciate all the content over the years!
  • falconboomer
    RFM Follower
    Since I’ve been listening to RFM, I no longer believe the truth claims of the Mormon church and had a lot of questions answered and uncertainty cleared up. Since I’m not an ExMo (yet), or a NeverMo, or a TBM, I consider myself a Free Mormon or in short a FreeMo. Thanks RFM, Mike L.
  • dman😢
    RFM was better on his own
    RFM has done many fantastic podcasts. Maybe I have just lost interest in the topic. However, I feel that the newer episodes are less interesting. Do an episode about the temple square vaccine mandate. Requiring a Covid vaccine for 5 year olds to attend temple square activities this season. That is controversial and worthy of discussion. Bring on some alternative voices. If you want to hold the church to account for their actions make it about topics that people care about.
  • No Hate, Just Love
    Best Exmo Podcast
    I think RFM’s podcast episodes are some of the most well thought out and accurate forms of information on the LDS Church out there. His photographic memory, commitment to fair representation of the facts and his sense of humor are a great combination in my opinion. I like that he’s not afraid to admit when there are decent apologetics, but also not afraid to apply critical thinking to aspects of doctrine some may not dare question. His background as a lawyer and former LDS apologist is extremely insightful. Thanks RFM!
  • Mega Blinky
    RFM is the Mensch!
    I love his detailed, thoughtful, scholarly approach to LDS topics.
  • nfykbv123
    Congrats men & maven! One year anniversary. Great show with Nemo Now I’ve changed my mind…maven is not helping the continuity and I’m puzzled why you keep pausing to find clips that bill used to include promptly and at the right time
  • Jkimhar54
    It’s like hanging out with a fun uncle
    RFM is like that cool relative that you look forward to seeing at the family reunion. He’s funny and full of incredible information that I could sit and listen to for hours at a time.
  • RD8
    Very Insightful
    I am an avid listener to RFM’s podcasts (proudly, I’ve listened to every episode, some multiple times). They have been instrumental to me as I continue to work through the often dark days of religious deconstruction. His wit, intellect and ability to lead profound and salient discussions are amazing. RFM’s podcasts are packed with important information, fun stories and anecdotes, making each podcast entertaining and enlightening. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone going through a faith crisis or anyone trying to better understand those going through the deconstruction process from a high-demand religion.
  • erin640
    RFM does hours of research and also represents the Mormon apologist side in a respectful way, but then logically breaks everything down so you can decide what you want to keep believing. In my case, this podcast opened my eyes to all the stuff I refused to look at when I was an active Mormon.
  • AACM76
    A college course with the most-loved prof
    I like a light-hearted podcast every now and then, but my preference are podcasts that TEACH me. This podcast is so well-done, so informative, so enjoyable that when I found it mid-2021 I started at the beginning and binged every episode up to present. It’s truly like taking the most interesting college course on campus from the prof everyone loves. Thank you for all your time, effort and care with which you prepare and present each episode. (I’ve never been Mormon.)
  • DavidHarvey999
    Thanks for all you do RFM
  • Hoag4720
    Look forward to it every week!!
    Great podcast!
  • Fritz4279
    Very enjoyable
    RFM is a talented performer. The research, subject matter, and delivery are all top notch!
  • nonbelievet
    Not a Mormon but enjoy the friendship of TBM
    Friend from junior high. I went to her church activities and had meetings and young woman activities. I love her and want to see to result.
  • Triptweeze
    Rfm and bill are great! Rfm in particular makes this show really entertaining, funny, and actually inviting to Mormons and ex Mormons. He’s actually really helped me to not have vitriol against the church by his own example. His humor on these subjects is particularly helpful, and his love of good things are insightful. Like studying Shakespeare, dance etc. Bill is great too, and has a level and cool approach to these difficult subjects. He’s also a jp fan which makes me like him more
  • BigLance117
    Funny, smart, cultured
    RFM has a great way of sharing his research academically, while keeping a light tone. Lots of smart insights each episode
  • Brad_Dad
    Intellectually dishonest. Phobic of the LDS church - creating division and divorce through deceit. Jesus brings people together - these guys try to divide.
  • jgoody77
    If only the church had been transparent and honest about it’s history from the very beginning, maybe I could’ve found a way to salvage my belief. Thanks for the podcast and all the great information. Dear brothers of the first presidency and the quorum of the 12 apostles you should all be ashamed of how you’re handling and how you have handled the of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But I believe in repentance. It’s never too late to start doing the right thing.
  • B.rad1977
    Excellent content and very entertaining
    I love to listen to this accurate and comprehensive analysis of the church. Thanks for all the work you do.
  • heetj
    Keeps Me Laughing
    Daddy humor. Love it! Most of all, I get deeply edumacated while being injected with endorphins. How do you that?! My doctor can’t manage that!
  • widdisonmg
    Great stuff
    Two very sharp minds discussing important issues relating to a weird religion.
  • Gordy Roberts
    I love this podcast, it’s thoughtful & entertaining worth a listen
  • juels c
    I love RFM
    just listened to Brian Hauglid episode. nothing but love to him. grateful for his time. this episode is epic. the song at the end is 👌🏻
  • Henriesmash
    RFM is amazing!
    RFM provides great insight into all things LDS. His podcasts are always informative and entertaining.
  • Aojew
    Love the way these two research & present the facts. Animated & interesting to listen to. Has helped me grow so much in learning truth and developing critical thinking skills as I diligently seek the truth ;)
  • abritmix
    RFM is a favorite
    I listen to a lot of podcasts, RFM has been a podcast that has been very beneficial in understanding mormonism better. He does a great job researching and presenting information. Thanks for this valuable content! Keep it up!
  • ♪♫ I ♥ Music ♫♪
    Best podcast for factual Mormon history and doctrinal analysis
    Can’t recommend RFM enough. Having listened to almost every single episode, I highly recommend giving it a listen.
  • Brad___E
    The best Mormon themed podcast
    RFM does a great job finding and presenting interesting Mormon information that Church correlation doesn’t want members to know or think about. If informed consent important to you this is a good place to find more information. I love his sense of humor especially since some things can be hard to hear sometimes. His good taste in music at the end of each episode is also a fun bonus.
  • CamJam123
    RFM Rocks
    Love the deep dives he does. His tangents are great and I laugh at his dumb jokes. He helped me get through a huge faith transition with his honesty and sincerity.
  • abelishere11307
    This podcast has been instrumental in my faith crisis and journey. Incredibly analytical. I enjoy RFM’s expansive working knowledge so much. I love the mormonism live episodes with bill reel. Such an entertaining and effective dynamic. Long time listener, fan for the foreseeable future.
  • sawbrook82
    I look forward to episodes on this podcast each week. They are usually excellent, and that is why I am leaving a five star review. However, please never give kerry shirts A platform again. The way he speaks is so disjointed it makes Donald Trump seem like a great communicator. I found him to be completely unwatchable and unlistenable.
  • Danjor311
    Big fan
    Big fan of your work RFM. Keep it up.
  • jorie6k
    RFM fan club!
    I’m a member!
  • live2laf
    Thanks RFM for all the well-researched information that helped remove the veil (pun intended) from over my eyes!
  • Sister Skeptical
    Very insightful!
    Love it! I have listened to every episode!
  • alybrad723
    It’s obvious that RFM does his homework!
    I’m impressed with the level of research and preparation that goes into everything RFM does. If I see a new episode drop, I’ll stop in the middle of another podcast to listen to him first!
  • anjerz007
    So informative and entertaining
    Love this podcast!
  • YadaYadaYoda
    Insightful and Amazing
    RFM is amazing. His insights and research have helped me in the toughest times of my life as I have navigated my faith crisis. He brings a lot of humor, fun and respect as he delves into some very tough topics within Mormonism. He has become my number 1 source of info and I never miss an episode. Highly recommend. If I could give 100 stars I would.
  • Nicholasgermer
    Further Light and Knowledge
    This podcast consistently brings further light and knowledge to our hearts and minds. Radio Free Mormon gives experience plus a legal POV. Bill Reel sums up stuff into a nicely wrapped package. Jonathan Streeter may be my favorite just for his inserted accents of the Brooklyn tough guy or the nazi officer.
  • leaving_eden
    Binged every episode
    I listened to every episode during my faith transition. When I needed as many answers as I could get, this podcast was one of the best and easiest ways I could find them. RFM presents information in a thorough, easy to understand way. He’s also entertaining, which helped me stay engaged for every episode. He helps you think your way through Mormonism—which is a daunting task. I also want to add that RFM keeps a positive approach, and he doesn’t tell you what conclusions you should draw from his research. If you’re in the middle of a faith crisis or transition, that’s so helpful! It feels like everyone wants to tell you what to believe, but RFM let’s you believe what feels best to you.
  • big big davey
    4 stars for 2 stars
    These guys are both stars and try their best. I’d give it about a B grade, which is well above averagebut mostly because I want people to think the reviews are honest-ish by having something other than 1 and 5 stars.
  • jsle_bel
    The best!
    RFM is by far my favorite LDS/Mormon podcaster. He has a wonderful way of presenting the information, and with personality!❤️
  • Dynoshmyno958
    Thank you for an incredibly well-prepared and brilliant show.
  • BG_80
    The best
    Thank you RFM J.D. for your research, insight, magic, and humor.
  • Mattstertot
    One lens podcast
    This podcast presents answers without referencing other potential answers. I hear things like “president Nelson and president oaks are on different pages. President Nelson says study and president oaks says don’t research.” That is taking advantage of uninformed individuals in a big way. They are not on a different page, but you present it as such. One of a hundred examples. I feel bad for these guys. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS. These guys know nothing.
  • StopBeingGullible
    Rare mix of scholarly genius & comedy!
    RFM is by far my favorite LDS-related podcaster. Brilliant, insightful AND hilarious!
  • HoChiMin87
    Thorough, funny, VERY educational
    RFM is professionally trained to spot and address information gaps. His skill as an attorney, mixed with his personal experience (decades!) with the subject matter means he leaves no stone left unturned in regards to LDS history and contemporary issues. I find this a thorough presentation of the evidence, it removes room for doubt. RFM's self deprecating humor is refreshing and light hearted. His commitment to presenting as complete a picture to the audience is ennobling. Truly insightful and inspired. This podcast offers accurate, balanced commentary on the LDS faith claims, always referring back to the evidence at hand. In a word: trustworthy.
  • Council of 50
  • 84w
    A rough stone, but I think it’s rolling!
    One the best wits in mormondom!
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