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An NBA podcast featuring a rotating lineup of the best insiders, writers, and reporters at The Athletic. The latest news, analysis, and ongoings across the Association. Daily, Monday thru Friday. Monday: Basketball Buds with Zach Harper and FriendsTuesday: Tampering with Sam Amick Wednesday: Hoops Adjacent with David Aldridge and Wosny Lambre Thursday: Point of Contention with Ethan Strauss and Marcus ThompsonFriday: Nerder She Wrote with Dave DuFour, Seth Partnow, and Mo Dakhil

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  • benn 31
    C lister podcast
    Listen to Nate Duncan’s “Dunc’d on” for much better overall insight... a few of these guests are great like John Hollinger, Seth, a few other but the majority of the hosts are awful.. listen to Dunc’d on for a MUCH more detailed and daily nba podcast
  • woodollerdessen
    One feed
  • theo2g
    im here
    been a fan if jade productions forevaa, glad to have his best stuff in one feed now. keep it up yall <3
  • Casey Stahl
    Hard Pass
    I wish I could give this pod 1 star every day. The hosts don’t put effort into what they are talking about and it shows in every episode.
  • ADSamaniego
    This is a great all-in-one NBA podcast
    I love this podcast, a few of my favorites from earlier in the NBA year now all wrapped up into one! Each weekday you get a different show covering the NBA, each with their own personalities and unique perspectives on anything basketball or adjacent culture related.
  • docjkm
    What more could you want? Weekly cycle of excellent content. I commend this construct, and look forward to the evolution. A winner.
  • Malik Logan
    Great shoes
    Hoops Adjacent is my favorite. DA and Big Wos have interesting guests and bring great thoughts to each topic
  • Hoopertrue22
    Haters gonna hate
  • Hoops Fan
    I am on the pod
    And I think it's great. Especially Monday’s
  • Mama31012
    Just terrible
    Recycled garbage
  • thejetliao
    I will follow every single one of these fine people to the depths of hell
  • Goaccimane
    Why are people giving this 1 star. At worst it’s a 3. It’s really good.
  • Rico_Montega
    Dave DuFour is insufferable
    I remember when I used to enjoy this podcast. I long for the days of Coach Thorpe.
  • tiredgrl
    May none of them suffer from the coronavirus.
  • N3tW3rK
    Impossible to listen to
    All they is ramble and continually talk over each other. Worst basketball pod ever.
  • tylermiami
    So boring nowhere as funny as they think,their basketball talk is so same ol same ol hackney “win a championship at cost of long term success”listen to roundball rock podcast
  • Brettyoder1234
    Basketball content is okay but my goodness the overproducing on it is unbearable.
  • milt_palacio
    Hate Cast Changes to Nerder
    Bush league analysis compared to what we used to get from Coach Thorpe et al. Also extremely biased and hack-ey. Please try to clean that up?
  • Foshizzyl Himself
    The hell is going on
    I’m listening to the latest basketball buds pod, and there’s so many people talking and sound effects and music and I do not have the faintest idea what’s going on.
  • StainlesSteelRat
    New Basketball Buds?
    Great show & cast! The question is will that cast be changing with the move to The Athletic? Will Hoye still have artistic control or will the his artistic vision be compromised. Listened to some new cast members (Athletic Staffers?) and the energy and vibe of the show was different then any show I can remember.
  • Spencer Gump
    The athletic made the right choice
    The athletic now has the best in written content as well as audio content for basketball coverage. Listen to everything except mailbag (that’s not really that great)
  • Jim booo
    More and more behind the paywall; now the whole pod smh.
  • Antone24
    UPDATED: Would be 5 but...
    UPDATE 3/19/19: Jade read my complaint on the mailbag so I changed it to 5 Stars 😂 “...Jade cutting off the good conversations with his corny east-coast-dad humor that he thinks people want to hear, ruins it. Mute Jade and it’s 5-star.”
  • Bangbang juice
    Drop in quality
    this show really fell off, Friday mailbags are unlistenable and have turned into circle jerks and beating the same subjects into the ground. It’s just not as fresh or as interesting as it used to be.
  • KO aka dabald aka puff
    Some of the most self-indulgent rubes in sports whose primary objective is to force their terrible politics down your throat. They loudly virtue-signal their profound wokeness whilst backhandedly degrading women. Hanerstroh is insightful - glad he got his own pod and can disassociate from these dorks. Harper is the lowest form of beta - the type who, IF he could ever find a woman, would derive pleasure from Wos (or Wuss or Big Coward or whatever his name is) plowing her while he tugs in a corner, forced to hold eye contact the until black supremacist Wos (Wuss?) is spent. A cuckold, if you will. Big Wuss is a race baiter of the worst sort, seeking to make everything about race. Look for him to be the next Jussie Smollet. You heard it here first. Other guys are whatever. I just think it’s funny they got their pod taken from them by ESPN who staffed it with more insightful, professional, and responsible journalists (these guys aren’t anything close to journalists - just pretend-woke sheep) and all Zach does is throw shade at windhorst on Twitter. Don’t support this brand of hogwash. Republicans buy sneakers too. (And watch NBA). Eat a whole one, clowns.
  • janayaioi
    Not funny anymore
    This used to be a really funny podcast, but for some reason Jade got rid of the people who made it that way.
  • Chill9455
    Nerder She Wrote Thursday!!!
    More Coach Thorpe!!! Less Amin & especially, especially wos!!! Jade make it happen and your pod would be off the zipper!! Amin Elhassan is terrible!! Thanks for keeping him off the pod!!!!! That alone has me raising the rating!! Now let’s do something about keeping Drunk a s s Wos off the pod. makes my ears bleed Please keep Wos off nerder she wrote!!!!!
  • spanish swag
    Part of my heavy rotation
    Live, laugh, love with this pod. Up there wit TMBS, BOMM, and NBA Daily Ding 🛎
  • kb1042
    Anthony Mayes has the worst basketball takes of all time.
  • Yelants
    The Best
    Simply, this is the best podcast out there. It’s the perfect blend of commentary, analysis and authentic conversation. Plus some humor. Any basketball should be listening to this podcast. From the TrueHoop days, the content is gold.
  • yanksUK31
    Great NBA Coverage
    Simply put this is the best NBA podcast out there. Whether it’s the Basketball Buds or Nerder She Wrote you will get well informed and entertaining NBA insight.
  • KrIs DaGrEaT
    Outside of Lebatard it’s the best pod in the game. Jade is amazing and has found the best talent in the game.
  • jblawton78
    Something for everyone, everything for the fans
    CTD knows their listeners and they deliver a product that is nearly impossible to replicate. High-quality NBA analysis? Check. Funny jokes while delivering hot takes? Check. A diverse cast that can make you laugh and think? Check. Relatable people that sound like they’re in your living room while recording the pod? Check. A word of advice: If you’re looking for a good podcast to listen to, your search stops here... this is the best out there.
  • Ughthisisterrinble
    The B2B pods and CTD network bring something to the table for everyone. Nowhere else offers insight into black culture one day, life lessons through basketball the next, followed by stat heavy nerdom and a family round table of perfect nonsense to end the week. As with every community, some people in it may not for you. Others may say and do things you disagree but in the end it’s like family; except you can skip Easter with no repercussions if your Red Hat uncle is gonna be there. And one more thing... I’m here.
  • R-$$$
    I’m here
  • Brooklynight
    Best Podcast Around
    Not only is this the best basketball podcast around — it’s also the best podcast around. The diversity of thoughts and opinions on basketball and society from everyone who participates is awesome and very appreciated (though more female voices are always needed). I’ve been following this pod through all of its iterations and you should too.
  • Rayjon
    I’ve been following Dave now for awhile so anytime he recommends a listen I’m all in. Dave is consistently providing followers with great content and in depth analysis of players/teams and the league as whole as so does this podcast. Recommended to any passionate NBA fan. Take my word for it.
  • davedu4
    The Pied Piper of Podcasting
    Another wonderful Jade Hoye production. The best buddies, the best jokes, the best analysis, the best guests. The best podcasting experience your earholes will ever have.
  • Pat Garnett
    A review
    Only person less funny than Harper is Nitz. They switched up. Listen to them only talk about the varying degrees of how funny they are to themselves. And if there is a live show be prepared to listen about it for the next two weeks.
  • lawless-ho
    What happened to Monday’s
  • jeremiahj97
    Come back to the Bay Area
    We need another live show in the Bay Area, CA!!!! I wasn’t a fan when you guys were in Oakland but now that I know you guys did a show here I really really want you guys to come back desperately.
  • Cheato7
    Best basketball and culture podcast
    Jade produces and finds the best personalities to combine together on every pod. Friday mailbag is a must every week!
  • Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy007
    Great Content
    They have a whole range of characters, from expert NBA writers to social media darlings. Each show is super entertaining, they provide great content even during the NBA offseason. If you're new the Friday mailbag may take awhile to get used to because there is a lot of inside jokes, but is super funny. Each podcast feels more like a conversation with friends at a nice bar than a lecture or some expert talking down to you. Also just the quality of the producing is very good, S/O Jade the Evil Producer
  • Mike Fron Detroit
    Are we doing this again?
    Best Pod I’ve ever listened too hands down. Been a fan since the beginning of the basketball friends show... lost the show for over a month because of the change of Names.. again. A socially aware, intelligent, hilarious group of people having real conversations about life, love, comedy basketball.. Ps. Next live show in Detroit I’ll be there. LOL... maybe I’ll see y’all New York or something..
  • favorite pig control podcast
    Favorite Podcast
    Favorite people in podcasting
  • Ansoni-San
    More Eden please
    Eden does not seem to be getting any words in lately. A shame in my opinion, because her voice and delivery are so much smoother than the ones of the newest, aggressive loudmouth arrivals. She was cut off very rudely more than once.
  • machinedude
    Why invite a dork like Dave Schilling on the show? You know that asinine troll is going to make a sick, insensitive joke like he did on the latest podcast. The actual body count in Puerto Rico was announced this week, THIS WEEK, so here comes Schilling to make a joke about what happened there, in the same week. Unbelieveable.
  • Drakesax
    Fargo’s Heeerrre
    Glad the shows are still here. Can’t wait for more ear biscuits. I’m here
  • Tomotomotomotomoto
    Jade’s a genius like everyone that’s heard the pod knows. When they first came on, the expectation for sports pods was this banal old man breakdown. I was annoyed at first when Jade used to interject but it became clear he had a vision of a funny, free-flowing pod and that’s what’s it has become. Shout out to Wos, Ethan, Harper, & the rest of the crew
  • asnyder1
    To much junk in the feed
    I like the Nerder She Wrote guys. I love Zach Harper when he has his own show. I don’t like the rest of the basketball friends. Since they’re always invading Zach’s show now, that makes less than 1 episode a week that I will definitely listen to. For the first time since I heard him on CBS, I’ll be unsubscribing from a Zach Harper pod.
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