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An NBA podcast featuring a rotating lineup of the best insiders, writers, and reporters from The Athletic. Daily, Monday thru Saturday. Monday: Basketball Buds with Zach Harper and Friends | Tuesday: Tampering with Sam Amick | Wednesday: Hoops Adjacent with David Aldridge and Marcus Thompson | Thursday: Point of Contention with Ethan Strauss, Zach Harper and Special Guests | Friday: Nerder She Wrote with Dave DuFour, Seth Partnow, and Mo Dakhil | And the Saturday Slam & Jam with Andrew Schlecht and Alex Spears.

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  • Dan W from Tampa
    Slam and Jam
    The Saturday Slam and Jam has become my favorite podcast. The combination of Andrew losing in an impossible game and getting to learn about the worst teams in the league has me strangely hooked. Keep up the good work!
  • VeganTrey
    Love the Saturday Show
    The Saturday Slam & Jam is my new favorite show. Such a fun format, great guests, and good humor. Thank you for making my Saturday morning house choirs and coffee something I look forward to while I get to listen to this show.
  • jmsprtlnlsn
    Big mad
    The Trae Young hate on the Nerd show is a bit too much. Almost thought I was listening to a Ringer podcast.
  • daveabbott0
    I’ve listened to Andrew and Alex on Down to Dunk for a while now and always enjoy their coverage of the Thunder but these guys have taken NBA podcasting to the next level with the Saturday Slam and Jam. Dare I say it’s one of the best things to happen to the NBA since NBA JAM. Birthday celebrations, trivia, and all the NBA news of the week in one podcast. It’s a must for any NBA fan.
  • Berman iTunes
    Saturday slam and jam
    Alex and Andrew and great on down to dunk and there especially great on Saturday slam and jam. Very impressed with them. Great show
  • Dan Meyen
    Saturday Slam and Jam
    This show is just the best! Alex and Andrew do an amazing job they have great insight and the show is entertaining and funny! Andrew I got faith you will win trivia one time
  • 65Jim
    Best NBA podcast!
    Love all the different shows! Love listening on my way to work in the morning. It makes you laugh and keeps you updated on all the NBA news going on. Especially, like point of contention.
  • Sports Rabbi
    Sports Rabbi Josh Halickman
    Love the show guys all the way from the Holy Land of Israel! Best podcast to get me up to date on the NBA every week and I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE the beat writer segment and hope and pray from the Western Wall that one day soon Andrew will win the weekly trivia contest!
  • TimHedg18
    Saturday Slam and Jam
    I love all of The Athletic shows, across all sports. But no show brings me more joy than the Saturday Slam and Jam. Andrew and Alex provide great insight while keeping things goofy. I always look forward to my Saturday morning runs while listening to SSaJ.
  • Timothy Ballinger
    James Edwards III
    James Edwards III, Should be a staple to this podcast! JE3 Is taking podcasts by storm! If you want more viewers you need to get this guy on your podcast! By far the best episode thus far!
  • CJwithEJ
    Ignorant, Lazy, LA-Focused Bromancers
    I expect much more from any media flying “The Athletic” banner. Listening to Zach Harper, Jay King and Wos Lambre discuss Jrue Holiday’s extension with the Milwaukee Bucks was brutal. None of the hosts had the contract details nor did they discuss Jrue’s potential value on the open market this offseason. Instead, they ignorantly and lazily trashed another small market team, devalued a star and spent much of the segment debating whether or not Jrue could be claimed as an LA native. The only reasonable, researched voice was Tray Edwards. Plenty of sports media features coastal-flavored and big market favored hot takes; I thought The Athletic, with quality team-embedded reporters and in-depth analysis was above, and better than that this...
  • Marsh787878
    Love it
    Love it
  • ThatGuyIsLA
    Saturday Slam and Jam Listener
    Love the Saturday show with Andrew and Alex! I’ve been listening to them for years on Down to Dunk and have really enjoyed hearing them talk about the NBA as a whole. Keep it up!
  • ReformedOkie
    Slam (and Jam) Dunk Poscasting
    Have followed Andrew and Al from DtD for many years and am enjoying what they’re doing with the athletic now, keep it up!
  • timbo slyce
    Saturday Slam and Jam
    This podcast has it all. Recurring segments, knowledgeable basketball discussion, a bathtub filled with Whataburger spicy ketchup. IT. HAS. IT. ALL. If this podcast was a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there would be no shrimp tails inside. If this podcast was a boat traveling through the Suez Canal, it would pass safely through without incident. If this podcast was a podcast about the NBA, it would be my favorite one because it is entertaining AND informative. Xoxo, Timmy
  • Obi1Kenob1
    Editing Issues
    Normally love this podcast, Zach Harper is awesome, but there is very inconsistent editing in some episodes (like this latest one) where people are just talking over each other and it’s unlistenable
  • Soupman369
    who edits this?
    i just had to jump out of the shower to turn off the latest trade deadline episode. somehow the editing was messed up; 2 or 3 of the guys were talking over each other, and it wasn’t on purpose. it dropped in and out multiple times during the episode. do better.
  • heartbrokenhornetsfan
    Bro can we please get Hoops Adjacent on a separate feed? And twice a week? It’s by far the best episode, I don’t listen to any other episodes. Please.
  • kurt in nz
    Try the new Saturday show.
    Saturday Slam and Jam is the best by far. Keep it up Andrew and Alex! Lots of fun, and consistently good takes.
  • NahLolNoNickname
    Saturday Slam and Jam
    I started listening to DTD looking for a Thunder podcast and it’s been awesome listening to Andrew ever since. He and Alex were always my favorite DTD weekly episode so having a second show with them every week is awesome! Thanks for the great content!
  • addyer12
    Saturday Slam and Jam
    Love the DTD crew bringing the same energy national. Great content and always make me feel interested in teams other than my own.
  • vaginal fluids
    Saturday Slam and Jam -> Best New Pod Series
    Andrew and Alex have delivered another great gem with their new show. The Athletic is lucky to have these guys pumping out content around the clock!
  • albfuxinrvti
    Entertaining but not informative
    I think that this pod is entertaining however it’s more just talk than reporting. If you listen to Zach Lowe or the ringers basketball pod they have informed takes rather than regurgitating the what espn or social media’s is saying. For example the bucks on their time in the bubble. I don’t think it can be understated the struggles outside of basketball that the team had to navigate. Yes they underperformed, but who could blame them when the season was stopped and thrown into complete chaos in the middle of a pandemic and the largest social unrest since the 60s. Yes every team struggled, but it would be naive to think that the bubble created an even playing field. Clearly the bubble affected every team different and I think it’s poor journalism to just throw them under the bus when they were an integral part in the social movements we are seeing today
  • BeijingWolf
    Great Pod
    These guys are consistently smart and entertaining but today’s Fraud or Not was too good 😜. Free the Tiger King! Jail Spencer Hawes!
  • Jill gilmore
    legit racist and lazy
  • Hash_d(-_-)b_Brown
    Come for the basketball, stay for the jokes...’ll also get puns, great production, laughs & insight 💯
  • Skeeps
    Great show
    But I unsubscribed due to the insufferable Sunday Scaries ad read.
  • dlawpoke
    New Sat slam & Jam
    Love the new show! Refreshing takes! Great job DTD guys!
  • Onebigholiday42
    Zach Harper is unlistenable
    You know those guys you went to high school or college with that loved to dominate the conversation with these long winded jokes or stories whose punchlines were never worth waiting through the rambling. Zach Harper. He just comes off as really proud of himself and is unlistenable. Lot of other talents at the Athletic, but just cringe when he comes on.
  • Walmartshoper
    I was starting to enjoy your podcast until I realized that some of you are racist.
  • Bounce Rusty
    Not great
    They normally talk basketball pretty well, but the political talk is too much, I come to listen to the NBA not politics
  • Base 1
    Lazy reporting
    Wow...I had to turn it off during the Nuggets commentary. Point one, Murray has been hurt for a while. You immediately went into inconsistencies without weighing the injuries. They inhaled 7 new players and critiquing management’s inability to hold onto players is fair. Joker is playing at an MVP level and pulled them out of a 1 and 3 start. Since that time they have one of the best records. You also didn’t mention the way they have played during the last week to pull into 4th place. I agree Utah has passed the Nuggets. But the answers that you provide are excuses instead of the real deserves an F for their off season. And I’m a Laker fan.
  • The harrison ford
    Basketball Buds ripped off Air Buds
    Sup with that??
  • johnny walker orange
    These dudes really can’t quit Amin. Can’t listen to any pod that supports that man.
  • Cam de Silva
    Horrible reporting
    These writers, “journalists”, whatever you want to call them, don’t actually do their job well, they just feed into whatever the media wants and they run with it. They hate on certain teams and player and find any way to slam them, just to look good to the majority, while at the same time, praising certain players that are most popular. Like a high schooler that just wants any attention they can get. Subscribing to the Athletic isn’t even worth the $1 they are so desperately begging for
  • packersfanski
    The shows vary from top shelf to really weak dependent on who is on the panel on a given day. Generally, if Wos is on, it’s going to be in the lower tier and if Dave Dufour is on, it’ll have sharper takes.
  • Adam B. in Boston
    Annoying, Useless
    "Awards Roundtable" is one of the worst sports podcasts I've ever heard. All these dudes do is laugh at their own jokes and say generic, thoughtless crap. I can't believe a reputable brand like The Athletic allowed this stuff to air.
  • big queens
    What a crew
    The cast of characters on this show are beyond amazing. Truly a hilarious and smart crew. Turned into POC because I thought it would be a show about people or color, but was pleased to hear Turkish look alike Ethan Strauss and Marcus Thompson’s hilarious rapport combined with Zach “Moose” Harper’s commentating. Dave DuFour is amazing and something about him is very comforting. And Wos is the best. Jade Hoye does it again! Take that ESPN
  • Jesus Thong
  • physicsisgroovy
    Simplistic analysis
    Generally these guys love a hot take with very little thought as to what happens on the Court. It’s like they’re trying out for the ESPN junior varsity team.
  • giannisante
    All they do is whine and complain
  • Pecan Pie is the best
    Great podcast
  • Bias cuz I'm from the burgh
    They’re mad Lebron wants respect then literally disrespects him for 5 min straight 😂
  • KrIs DaGrEaT
    Outside of Lebatard it’s the best pod in the game. Jade is amazing and has found the best talent in the game. Shoutout to Wos and #Harperhive
  • nbamartman
    Without Wos, this might be 5 stars
    That’s how terrible he is... no analysis, all front runner storylines.
  • benn 31
    C lister podcast
    Listen to Nate Duncan’s “Dunc’d on” for much better overall insight... a few of these guests are great like John Hollinger, Seth, a few other but the majority of the hosts are awful.. listen to Dunc’d on for a MUCH more detailed and daily nba podcast
  • woodollerdessen
    One feed
  • theo2g
    im here
    been a fan if jade productions forevaa, glad to have his best stuff in one feed now. keep it up yall <3
  • Casey Stahl
    Hard Pass
    I wish I could give this pod 1 star every day. The hosts don’t put effort into what they are talking about and it shows in every episode.
  • ADSamaniego
    This is a great all-in-one NBA podcast
    I love this podcast, a few of my favorites from earlier in the NBA year now all wrapped up into one! Each weekday you get a different show covering the NBA, each with their own personalities and unique perspectives on anything basketball or adjacent culture related.
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