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Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast brings you all the news you need to know for your market day. Released by 800am ET each morning, it is a quick listen that you can put on as you get ready to start your working day. We also publish a weekend Stocks to Watch podcast to prepare you for the week ahead.

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Recent Reviews
  • you hurt my ears
    Great content but please please please change how this is narrated.
  • just one guy's take
    Mostly good
    As the name indicates, it’s a quick listen to some upcoming events to keep an eye on, and I like the pod However, (and I’ve only been listening about a week) today’s episode was 11 minutes and half the episode was talking about some penny stock pot company that no one has ever heard of. That’s a waste of time for most of us. Perhaps a separate pod for that stuff.
  • shackraj
    Indexing lost?!?!
    Guys, you are not dating the episodes correctly! If I miss yesterday’s now I can’t find it. please fix!
  • Nathanhb123
    Good information that is synthesized well, but need to change the way the info is being read. Want to hear what he’s saying but it is not listener friendly
  • nzmanabvx
    If your hosts could work on better accentuation in reading, it would make the podcast way more ear friendly and bearable to listen to. Too often it sounds like a machine reading, making pauses in the middle of the sentence or not separating sentences at all.
  • T_G_S
    Who is Reading these?
    Great content, but I can’t handle how the content is narrated and conveyed. It’s so painful to listen to, while the choppiness makes it altogether confusing to follow at times.
  • ORD 767 FO
    Live it
    Good first news option
  • Tobie is cool
    A good wake up to the markets -
    I believe the best aspect of the coffee news is that it aims to cover facts — about highlights in the world marketplace —not opinion. That can be covered elsewhere in the news area. Thank you -
  • Johncoruna
    Nice morning breaker
    Get the market info really quick from your market GPS!!! ;)
  • HPCJ021305241015
    Please speak normally hosts
    Please, do not pretend to be robots. Please talk as usual. Thank you
  • TG5588
    The host needs to find a new day job
    Poor guy - I’m sure he tries his best
  • MyCelestial
    Never managed to finish once
    I wanted to listen to this podcast, but the way the host read the news made me exit every time. I haven’t been able to manage to finish one episode since the day 1 I subscribed to it.
  • unw0rld
    Awful quality
    Probably the worst quality of podcasts ever. They use some kind of a robot to read their articles aloud. And not the best one. Bad. Bad. Bad. Don’t waste your time on this one.
  • RK8287
    Delivery reminds me of high school news show
    Delivery of the show host reminds me of high school news show reading the headlines. It is really hard to listen to despite the decent content.
  • amccormack
    Strange robo voice narrator
    The speaker’s cadence is so robotic and unnatural. It’s not fun to listen to. It feels like a long “made for TV” infomercial
  • Lynn236
    Is this a robot speaking?
    It would be more pleasing to listen to if the voice sounded more realistic, thanks!
  • krZyND
    Desperately need a new host
    Is the host just doing a bad reading from a paper that was written for him?? Sure sounds like it. Love the contents, hate the voice. Not very pleasant to listen to first thing in the morning.
  • newyearsresolution
    PLEASE get a better narrator
    I can not listen to this. This is supposed to be information about intelligent investing but it's delivered by a voice that sounds like a bad informercial for a lawn mower.
  • Susan Anne Soo
    Great topics horrible voice
    Please please please get someone with a more welcoming voice + with a personality to do this podcast. I really want to listen but I physically can’t.
  • JC9303
    Great content, subpar readers
    Great way to get quick update on the markets and major events, but some of the ways that certain terms, companies, proper names are pronounced shows the lack of understanding the readers have.
  • Mid lava
    today’s show
    What was up with today’s show Kinda funny with some extra sound effects!
  • EdB1972
    11/12/2019 Ahow
    It was unedited with commentator belching, coughing, and starting over and over again. GROSS!!!!
  • Mr.SliCC
    11/12/2019 Not Edited
    This episode includes the guy coughing, clearing his throat, repeating the headlines, and burping several times. He sounds sick with a cold.
  • longtime on linkedin
    Helpful, unrefined
    I got introduced through the email list—I’m someone who plays a lot of email newsletters through my phone’s TTY so the pod adds some character to the experience. I see that the team is trying to get more creative with the content but the super hero intro music is so unnecessary and intrusive. The younger pair of hosts seem *so* disengaged and unprepared. They don’t seem interested, they are unfamiliar with the well established companies they cover, and the impassioned stutter-ridden reading is so annoying as a listener. But the breakfast is great, Steve Brown is a gift, thank you SA. Addendum to my rating: it was so hilarious (but comfortingly human) to hear Steve Brown unedited, sighing, sipping coffee, clearing his throat, belching. Thanks for that
  • Poi untreated
    Good - concise update
    Good way to get a quick overview of the day’s business news
  • qooltest
    Cannot digest info because of the robotic voice
    The content is honestly great, but the speed, pauses, cadence of the news delivery is just way out of a natural pace and makes it hard to understand. Unsubscribing until WSJ uses a real person to voice over the content.
  • Meetfarm
    The best way to catchup on summary for the day.
    Love to start my morning commute with a quick and concise summary of the Wall Street for the day.
  • AllisonEhrhart
    Use a real persons voice
    A robot are you serious? Impossible to listen to on a regular cadence.
  • 300west
    Great information, terrible delivery.
    I can appreciate the content as it is very informative but I cannot get over how it is delivered. Very difficult to listen to, unsubscribing for now. I will opt to reading the transcript in seekingalpha app until the robotic voice over is solved.
  • FragrantBodyOilz
    Love the info - hate the voice
    Just get a reader I’d be here everyday
  • John Queee
    Trusty and Reliable
    Love the reliable market updates. Highly recommend!! Can even listen while traveling on the other side of the planet.
  • monay monay monay
    Nailed the news, butchered the presentation.
    Facts are on point and what you need to know. Presentation and robotic voice really ruins this for me though.
  • neetothis
    Informational but hard to tune in
    Very informative from what I see but you guys would be worlds better if you just used a person speaking vs a script being read by a robot. Appreciate the info a lot but very hard to listen to.
  • SierraDelts
    Just the facts
    Just the facts, brief and to the point. Not meant to be all inclusive or entertaining. Works for me.
  • PapaPowna9e
    Informative, But Missing Soul
    Painfully Robotic
  • cwilliams87
    Is that a computer voice reading the podcasts? The content is good but listening to the reader is very hard. He sounds so wooden. My suggestion, stop trying to read like a robot or find another reader.
  • REOExpress
    Disturbing background noise during entire podcast
    Lack of quality assurance with podcast production. Quality is good, but presentation is unprofessional.
  • nm137
    Listening to the robotic monotone presentation is simply too painful and distract from an otherwide good content. Just can't do it.
  • justanotherbanker
    Good content horrible presentation
    I’m almost convinced this podcast is presented by an autobot, like Siri or Alexa. If not this needs to change, the content means nothing if the presentation is this bad.
  • sharno3
    Very monotonous
    The narrator is very monotonous to the extent of almost being robotic.
  • MaxGitt
    Fantastic Content, Robotic Delivery
    The content itself is informative for starting my day but the monotone of this guy typically has me dozing off just listening. Someone needs to teach him how to present.
  • nennifer
    Thank you seeking alpha!
    First, Steve is an amazing host. He’s engaging, well spoken, and easy to listen to. Second, the content in this podcast is great. It’s interesting, insightful, and not at all mundane. I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes!
  • cosygolf
    No paper
    I enjoy listening to this podcast ( his voice is assertive) All the important facts concerning the financial industry are communicated clearly and precisely.
  • bigwin1
    SA Wall Street
    I find this podcast extremely informative it highlights and summarizes the important news to start my trading day. I listen to it while driving to the office. Steve has a very commanding voice and it holds my attention from start to finish.
  • djdjjxjdjdj
    Tell this dude to not be so monotone
    Great content but with this audio i can’t keep listening. It’s painful
  • Blah22020202020
    Great idea. Good info. But the audio is so awful. It’s like a male Siri is reading you the financial newspaper headlines.
  • Jajaganja4/20
    Sounds robotic
    Please stop using robots! Human Podcasts pleaaassse. Snacks Daily is infinitely better despite not being as informational.
  • Chiviak
    Why the fast speaking?
    My friend told me about this podcast a couple months ago and I’ve been loving it since! I listen to it daily. The headlines, analysis, and market updates are always concise and informative. Recently however, the speech speed has been increased for some reason and it’s made listening to this REALLY hard. Please change this back to regular speech speed. The podcast app has a 1.5x and 2x speed adapter for those that want fast speech. Unfortunately if this continues I’ll have to look for my news elsewhere. If it weren’t for the fast speech I’d be giving this review 5 stars.
  • Avid car podcast listener
    Terrible audio quality and robotic voices
    Please make some upgrades to the audio quality of your podcast and try to sound less robotic when speaking. It is impossibly terrible to try and understand either of the speakers talk as there is no normal flow in the way they speak. It reminds me of a 1996 version of a Siri robot. I constantly have to rewind to hear what they’re actually saying. PLEASE IMPROVE Info is good.
  • Connor90254
    Great show
    I appreciate the differing viewpoints from the experts.
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