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  • realitystrikesback
    Straight up leftist propaganda
    Sad. Truly sad and disgraceful. One sided reporting continues misInformation. Shame on you.
  • ChristianPaul29
    Replace J
    Would be 4 stars if they replaced Julie with Rena. Julie is so cringe at times it makes me not want to listen to this podcast, which is a shame because it gives a pretty good summary of relevant information for recent market activity. Please find a new daily host.
  • DanielBarnes22
    Reena is a great addition
    The weekend/afternoon host has the worst voice for podcasts that I’ve ever heard. Reena is a wonderful guest host and could easily have her own show.
  • Satffffgu
    Short and to the Point
    There is no gimmick or stupid jokes. I get stocks news twice a day and it is always concise with good mic quality.
  • DumbDumbDumbbb
    Love this
    Informative, short, to the point and professional. This show is a must follow.
  • vvhhhvrhhuyd
    The morning show is a must for me.
  • Audioseeker
    Criteria for audio rating: Sonorous, loud, full and rich, projection of voice, crisp & clear. Does the audio quality of the guest on show (if any) also meet this criteria? 5 of 5 meets all criteria. If listener has to strain to hear speaker, 0 out of 5. If guest’s audio is not at least on par with host’s, gets a 0 out of 5. I also consider how effectively speaker makes use of time; i.e., long pauses, lots of uums and uuhs, deviation from point, fluff or superfluous info, and general elocution. About 99% emphasis on audio quality. I use podcast Money Matters with Ken Moraif as 100% standard of AUDIO SOUND QUALITY ONLY, that gets 5 out of 5 rating. Criteria for content: how is this info unique and different from what I can glean from a google search? What advantage can I gain that I can’t from google search? If info is unique & helps elucidate complex and esoteric ideas, gets 5 out of 5. If info is stuff that can be pretty much read off google searches, gets 0 out of 5. I place 1% emphasis on content (good info is useless if can’t be heard or understood). Audio for this podcast is 2⁄5. Lady host’s audio is clear, loud, and sonorous; can be heard while multitasking. Kim Khan or something ruins it. I call him Mumbles. Can’t project his voice loud and clear, sounds unsure, lacks confidence. Sometimes he’s a guest on show and the difference between his audio and the host’s is very apparent. Why should that be with 21st century technology? Shame on them! Indicates to me they’re incompetent, lack integrity, and do not care for listeners; only there to gain profit from sponsors. Content rating: 0 out of 5. Although they share topical info, it’s hard to hear it, so what’s the point? In general: I’d only listen if I had time to set aside and devote to this podcast to hold the phone close to ears like a little transistor radio from Olsen days. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of undecipherable mumbling. Definitely not for multitasking.
  • Supportive listener100
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast if your are more intermediate level. Brief but accurate information source.
  • mantis eats
    Better editing please
    I I love the main host- just do all the speaking Lauren!!!
  • moving on-missu
    Lost its way and a listener
    Show was 6 stars under Pim Fox. Reina was a solid 4 and improving daily. And ever since has gotten worse every day. The program format and commercials and the 1/2 commercials for your other products have ruined the program. I checked back in hopeful things had improved but sadly, worse.
  • blackcatmama
    Unbiased and appreciated
    I really like the impartial unbiased presentation of news on this podcast. News the way it was before newscasters had agendas and just brought you important current events. Thank you for rising above with your podcast.I would like to hear an in-depth report on Sam Bankman Fried.
  • Primarch
    Was once useful.
    The content has become more about the Seeking Alpha site than about market moves and movers you’d care about. Hostess’ inflection makes it necessary to have to repeat segments, which makes me think the editing/production is inattentive.
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    Becoming lazier&slower
    There are tons of important events happening next week! Why don’t you make a catalog for it?
  • SeekingPilgrim
    Great job Lauren !
    Relevant timely news, friendly voice
  • Tony_Fontana
    Poor Pronunciation
    I've been listening to this show for years. It's an informative quick take on the market and front cover news. But no one host has been able to properly pronunce words. For example, why does Lauren Izso always improperly pronounce words and names? Today 8/14/22 she messed up "Deutsche" for Deutsche Bank and she couldn't say "McMoRan" properly when referring to Freeport-McMoRan. This literally happens every day lol....
  • Mayhm66
    Stories tend to be biased and one sided
    I have Been listening to this this show for several months as part of my morning routine but finally taking the time to rate and unfollow. I prefer neutral reporting on topics
  • Ruler 32!
    Clear bias in Musk vs. Twitter
    Why spend most of weekend bites this week talking about Musk vs. Twitter with a seemingly pro-Twitter biased lawyer?
  • gman for equal justice
    How can the guest claim no need to sacrifice returns with silly esg investing?! The returns are lower. Invest your values but your paying more for each investment. Total scam and windfall for the advisors. Stakeholder capitalism Is just socialism. If your business is open, honest, with a product/service the market wants, you will be rewarded. If you advise the environment along the way the market will notice and if people actually care they will not buy the product. Hypocritical how the tech industry to include electric vehicles are actually bad for the environment but i still see the virtue signaling going on. Oh well. Free market Capitalism is the way to prosperity for the most people, look it up, try it, observe it.
  • RichardRaphael
    Good pre-open briefing
  • Niuncentav0
    A little distracting
    Overall content and dialog is good/informative. Poor sound quality is distracting.
  • sluggo_theREAL
    Kim, please stop saying “umm”
    Kim, please stop saying “umm”
  • Lazy Phone People
    How to waste my time
    This episode was the worst and uninformative waste of time sad.
  • J_Ky
    Terrible Format Changes
    I don’t know who is writing this copy, but it’s awful. Genuinely terrible. The rhetorical questions as just awful, pedantic and time wasting - the opposite of what makes this podcast good when it has been good. “X is down 1.” One what?! One dollar, one point, one ton, one VW bus? The announcer herself is fine, but the copy has got to be streamlined and sped up for this to make it back above a one or two for me.
  • fhhcgjbjkk
    Getting worse
    You guys need better content, this new style is not very informative, I just need data and news before I start trading. Looking for a replacement
  • Dakota ΘΧ
    Totally destroyed
    First and only review I have ever left for a podcast. This podcast used to be my go-to every morning, but new host and format has ruined it. Went from a quick paced, information-centric stream to a slow advertisement with some occasional information thrown in.
  • lauriefezz
    Love Julie Morgan
    Julie Morgan is a great narrator! You about lost me with Nathaniel E Baker…🥱 Love the show. Enjoy knowing what is going on in the world first thing every morning.
  • active aum
    The content has changed for the worse. Instead of a clear and concise data presentation with numbers now there is too much unecessary fluff, subjective and sensational language. Real numbers and data are thin if presented at all. Goodbye WSB, thank you for the memories.
  • pandora Rocks!!!
    The Voice Is Not Helping
    Hello Please change the voice. Looks like the voice from a video platform. You need a professional, serious voice; not the one you currently have. There use to be a female voice, after Pim Fox. That voice was great. Professional, fresh and to the point. This is a news outlet not an entartaimnet podcast. Three weeks until unsubscribing if no change is made. Thank you.
  • Davidjschultz
    The new announcer tries way to hard to be animated… super annoying
    Good content
  • SportyCalvin
    Used to like this podcast
    Used to like it. The new reporter is too dramatic and it’s just too difficult to listen to now. Unsubscribing. Plus the ad for the Bloomberg podcast is too over the top. Subscribing to a podcast isn’t world changing, it is just is.
  • Carriew21
    New host
    The new host literally doesn't take any pauses between each story, which gives me anxiety. It's ok to take a breath between long sentences.
  • Hfhen
    Excellent but only Rena Sherbyl (sp?) Please
    I don’t see another way to communicate a suggestion but new voice is far from quality of Rena (sp?) - hard to absorb content from his voice tone. Rena’s was ideal, even above Pimm Fox.
  • Corey Cetto
    New Host
    Love the new host. She has a clear voice, good information and gets the podcast out at a decent time in the morning. Thanks
  • DennisMElledge
    Use a reader that isn’t a high school intern
  • aqedhuj
    Audio quality is bad
    The content is good, but pop filters need to be added to the microphones for the elimination of the irritable pop sounds that are captured by the microphone when speaking closely to them. I’ll give this podcast 5 stars once this issue has been addressed. Please address this issue. Thank you and sorry for the 1 star.
  • tacuazines4
    Poor reading skills
    The information is excellent. Unfortunately the reader makes reading errors every few seconds, making the podcast feel inferior.
  • Avid car podcast listener
    Please change the intro song back, it gives me a burst of anxiety every morning. I can’t turn the volume down quick enough to not hear this terrible song. I am a loyal listener, please please change it back for the love of god.
  • Timwriter
    Really needs a better editor
    Constant issues with editing and repetition of takes that should have been cut that can be quite annoying.
  • market trader1
    Delayed podcast timing
    The daily podcast is posted after 12 noon everyday whereas half the day is already gone. To make this cast more timely it needs to be posted pre market 930am est
  • nmghts
    Sunday host Oct 24
    This episode’s host Matt struggled to pronounce well known company names - listen to how he butchers Anheuser-Busch, Colgate-Palmolive, and Boise Cascade just to name a few. Also any term related to oncology seems foreign to him. Even if he could pronounce decades old company names correctly he is not anywhere close to a good podcast presenter. He seems to have zero ability to translate written sentences to a more traditional and professional broadcast style with proper punctuation pauses, appropriate inflection, and overall not any verbal polish at all. He sounds like he is the recent (slightly hungover) ambivalent college graduate of a SA executive given a position he wouldn’t have otherwise earned if there were real auditions. Please bring back Rena if you can! The content of your podcasts is usually always good - please at least get a mediocre presenter that doesn’t detract from the message.
  • -jam1
    Content & Sound
    4 stars on content and 1.5 on sound quality (or lack of). Rounded up to 3 stars.
  • RTD5
    Music is a bad idea
    I like the podcast for the information, some readers are definitely better than others. The addition of Music however adds to the anxiety of listening and I hope you take it off. It seems like it adds clutter.
  • Pisces-jlg
    Background music is annoying
    Today’s podcast has a background music. It is annoying!
  • stonkeydonkey
    Pay your narrators
    Surely there is somebody with a high school level of reading comprehension that can read the weekend show or at least read it prior to recording the show. I have never heard so many mispronunciations in one five minute show. It really takes away from the credibility of the show when the speaker doesn’t know how to pronounce the names of the companies they are reporting on.
  • jakelukis
    I normally listen on 1.5x to get through my podcasts quicker but whenever Nathaniel is on (which has been frequently recently) I have to turn this off. Pimm is okay but Steve Brown is the OG narrator and this podcast has gone downhill without him. Bring Steve back or get someone who can host an informative and smooth cast EDIT: on Wednesday September 29, Steve Brown returned triumphantly and delivered one of the best WSB segments in weeks
  • Nittanylion14
    Friday host seems to pale comparison to weekday
    Not sure why the change up in hosts but the weekend host seems to always defer to his agenda. In the episode on sept 25, all of his hosts made great points and then despite dipping into the Twitter/blockchain story he turned back to ‘not quite blockchain story but China’. I would rather he let the guests talk more or just a tick to straight reporting like the pod does through the week. Also poor form on the ‘kick them while he’s down take’
  • Sep23
    Pretty good, getting better.
    I’ve made this podcast a part of my morning routine for a few years now. I liked Steve Brown on the weekdays and Rina on the weekends. One thing that I couldn’t get over was the mispronunciation of key econ terms and company names. I mean, this is markets podcast so they should know these things. That aside,I like the episodes but things changed. So, first they replaced Rina with Jason, who I really is hard to listen to; not only for the poor reading and quality but again mispronunciation. Then Steve was replaced by Nathanial, on Mondays. I could listen to him but I found he spoke to slow so I usually 1.5x him. Lately, they brought in a familiar voice in Pimm Fox. Definitely, more professional and a welcome addition. I like the weekend round table so def keep that up. Just please work on the Sunday episodes as Jason isn’t cutting it, sorry Jason. Rina did a great job with they content and length of the episodes. Hope this helps.
  • stu1$
    Hello there
    I’ve listened to many podcasts and this is far and away the best way to start my day. Do yourself a favor and try!
  • JenniferM C
    Bad narration, mixed sound quality
    I started listening to this 6 months ago and at first thought it was a great informative podcast, and I started listening to it each morning. However, the host has changed and it is now unbearable. Whenever Nathaniel E. Baker is on, I immediately stop listening because he is so monotone and boring. Please stop putting him on the air!! Steve Brown was great but now he’s disappeared and the new narrator Pimm Fox is so-so. The podcast seems much shorter since Steve Brown left and is not as informative. I’ll be looking for another financial podcast as this one has lost my interest unfortunately.
  • schafphoto
    Better now with Fox
    WAAAY better now with Fox at the mic. A vast improvement to my morning over the last batch of voices.
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