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Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast brings you all the news you need to know for your market day. Released by 800am ET each morning, it is a quick listen that you can put on as you get ready to start your working day. We also publish a weekend Stocks to Watch podcast to prepare you for the week ahead.

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  • acethethird
    Shockingly bad
    Could not be more boring or poorly presented. Sounds like the host has never sat in front of a microphone before. Would literally be better if it was read by a robot. Wow
  • Homebrew guru
    Used to be great now it is good
    I loved it when it first came out and found it to be a good start to the trading day. I always find it funny when they sounded like robots and swore for a long time they were. Now I realize that it is only certain people. I refuse to listen to Monday’s and the weekend as I can’t handle the cadence. I am sure they are all great people but to be honest I find myself more angry listening during these days then educated.
  • Taytaywayway121245
    Consider a new Monday host
    Nate is hard to listen to.
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    Weak at predicting and lack of confidence
    How funny this podcast! When they predicted the market wrong, they deleted all episodes! Since last week sell-off, they turned to be bearish over the weekend! But market is up huge this Monday morning! Then they are too embarrassed to keep them! Come on! Be confident and just leave them here!
  • CarterTK69
    Good info, boring announcer
    Good info, boring announcer, puts me to sleep, lack of enthusiasm
  • Boogi388
    No energy
    Episodes are definitely ones I want to hear but the host needs more energy. Painful to listen too.
  • Gdfffhhvdhdbebdbbxsb
    Inconsistent posting time plus host.
    Seems like the podcast is posted at random times and also N. Baker doesn’t seem excited when doing his Monday bit. Do better.
  • omgenteranickname
    Nathaniel, one of the hosts, sounds like he hates his job. Other than that there is some good catch up info on the market but I don’t make it a point to listen everyday.
  • ah1549bd
    Change Your Monday Speaker
    I’ve listened to the podcast for a longtime. Steve Brown and Rena Sherbill do a great job of being informative and efficient. The new Monday speaker, Nathaniel Baker, is the exact opposite. It takes him twice as long to read the same time of material. I’ve switched podcasts for Mondays because of this new speaker. On a podcast, your voice is the only thing that matters, and this new Monday speaker just doesn’t have the voice.
  • Create Nuckname
    Depends on host
    Steve is great. Nathaniel makes it difficult to enjoy. He needs to get off of Mondays.
  • J.TylerL
    Great podcast, new guy is super monotone
    This podcast is a great for the news I need in the mornings. The new guy is super boring and monotone. He doesn’t seem like he wants to be there.
  • high3456
    They lie
    Today’s podcast on the GameStop short squeeze they stated that the short shift covered by 11 AM on Friday which is an out right falsehood. Who do they represent? I’m deleting your app for lying
  • The Test Strip Loco
    Great!!!! A three day weekend... Mr Baker does Mondays
    I like the freshness that Nathaniel Baker brings to the weekend additions of the show. And with him now doing Monday mornings, it’s like a three day weekend.
  • conansirishpotatosack
    Change your tone. Are you a robot?
    Don't have a problem with the content, but the way it's delivered. Listen to the reviews and fix it
  • outofafrica123
    Get Back On-Time
    Please get back to putting this out by 8:00 am. I really like the podcast, but I need to listen to it during my drive in, and if it comes too late, I miss the window. Often it comes out late, like today when it wasn't out until 8:20.
  • Delta Brooks
    Steve Brown - I love the show
    First I listen to in the mornings EVERYDAY!
  • atlantis74
    Let’s leave politics aside
    The podcast is becoming too political lately. Trying to present the two sides of an argument in cases where one side can’t be justified at all from a pure ethical standpoint is highly misleading. As an example, the behavior of senator Hawley is morally reprehensible, period. Let’s stick to economic and investing news, which is the sole reason why people listen to this podcast anyway.
  • robertchen1992
    Get rid of Steve Brown as narrator
    Usually once or twice an episode, he manages to mispronounce a company or person's name, which is incredibly jarring.
  • marquis2307g
    Nathaniel is good on the Saturday podcast but the daily shows are a hard listen with him
  • it is okay not bad not amazing
    Slow and bland for the most part.
    I am a younger investor (20s). I listen to multiple investment podcasts. This one is informative but it lacks creativity and insight. Nathanal Baker is pretty slow and boring, I do not enjoy hearing his monotone voice in the morning. Steve brown is good fast and up paced and so is the female Rena Sherbal (sorry if I spelt it wrong). With so many other options of in-depth news this one is definitely in the top of best information but I just hate listening to it sometimes. Need to make it a-little less boring and monotonous times are changing. Check out Snacks and Pounding the table
  • #nbcfail
    I could do a better job reading it
    The guy reading the brief needs work. He just reads without any inflection in his voice. Seems like he’s just barely keeping up with the text. To be able to read out aloud well, you have to be well ahead of what you are saying so that you can add the proper inflections to your voice. I can’t listen to it for too long. It is annoying and not at all engaging.
  • Renee102881
    It’s alright
    It had good information, but sounds like a robot is reading a news article. They mispronounce company names which makes me question the speaker’s knowledge of the stock market. The Saturday sessions sound the most authentic.
  • ccalhoun@desmondgv
    5 stars but the Thanksgiving fill in needs practice ! Haha
  • Ekdave
    This is the Gold Standard
    I think this financial pod is the best out there. No screwing around with politics, but mindful of it all and concise.
  • Lancer biz
    Was excited at its potential
    This was suggested to me by my app. I was excited at its potential - brief, informative, reputable. It sounds like a robot broadcasting on am radio.
  • whatsaliju
    Agree with all the posts referring to the narrator
    The content is good; however, it lacks everything it needs to for a podcast. There is no character, no emotion, no touch. I rather read an email version than listen to this; it’s almost as if this is TTS (text-to-speech).
  • MIA737CA
    Amateur and misleading
    I could almost understand the mis-read content, (Rina Sherble saying “600 Euro billion” instead of “600 billion euros”, several times and today again the content was read as “retail brothers”, when I think he might have meant “retail brokers”. ). Not huge but come on. Sound credible. Proof read. Try. But what I cannot tolerate is today’s podcast, that repeated a political poll, put out by a Russian pollster, that the 2020 Presidential race was dead even, and to position your portfolio accordingly. I looked at pages and pages of polls and NONE show it dead even. Or even close. Spreading this misinformation is unforgivable.
  • john B spelth
    Short & Sweet
    Love it. No lollygagging here.
  • AYG64
    Why such a rush
    It a good collection of news- events but why is is ‘read’ without any emotional connection, they are reading a script with such a pace, it’s almost impossible to connect to the story. Slow down - put some personal touch please ...
  • you hurt my ears
    Great content but please please please change how this is narrated.
  • just one guy's take
    Mostly good
    As the name indicates, it’s a quick listen to some upcoming events to keep an eye on, and I like the pod However, (and I’ve only been listening about a week) today’s episode was 11 minutes and half the episode was talking about some penny stock pot company that no one has ever heard of. That’s a waste of time for most of us. Perhaps a separate pod for that stuff.
  • shackraj
    Indexing lost?!?!
    Guys, you are not dating the episodes correctly! If I miss yesterday’s now I can’t find it. please fix!
  • Nathanhb123
    Good information that is synthesized well, but need to change the way the info is being read. Want to hear what he’s saying but it is not listener friendly
  • nzmanabvx
    If your hosts could work on better accentuation in reading, it would make the podcast way more ear friendly and bearable to listen to. Too often it sounds like a machine reading, making pauses in the middle of the sentence or not separating sentences at all.
  • T_G_S
    Who is Reading these?
    Great content, but I can’t handle how the content is narrated and conveyed. It’s so painful to listen to, while the choppiness makes it altogether confusing to follow at times.
  • Tobie is cool
    A good wake up to the markets -
    I believe the best aspect of the coffee news is that it aims to cover facts — about highlights in the world marketplace —not opinion. That can be covered elsewhere in the news area. Thank you -
  • Johncoruna
    Nice morning breaker
    Get the market info really quick from your market GPS!!! ;)
  • HPCJ021305241015
    Please speak normally hosts
    Please, do not pretend to be robots. Please talk as usual. Thank you
  • TG5588
    The host needs to find a new day job
    Poor guy - I’m sure he tries his best
  • MyCelestial
    Never managed to finish once
    I wanted to listen to this podcast, but the way the host read the news made me exit every time. I haven’t been able to manage to finish one episode since the day 1 I subscribed to it.
  • unw0rld
    Awful quality
    Probably the worst quality of podcasts ever. They use some kind of a robot to read their articles aloud. And not the best one. Bad. Bad. Bad. Don’t waste your time on this one.
  • RK8287
    Delivery reminds me of high school news show
    Delivery of the show host reminds me of high school news show reading the headlines. It is really hard to listen to despite the decent content.
  • amccormack
    Strange robo voice narrator
    The speaker’s cadence is so robotic and unnatural. It’s not fun to listen to. It feels like a long “made for TV” infomercial
  • Lynn236
    Is this a robot speaking?
    It would be more pleasing to listen to if the voice sounded more realistic, thanks!
  • krZyND
    Desperately need a new host
    Is the host just doing a bad reading from a paper that was written for him?? Sure sounds like it. Love the contents, hate the voice. Not very pleasant to listen to first thing in the morning.
  • newyearsresolution
    PLEASE get a better narrator
    I can not listen to this. This is supposed to be information about intelligent investing but it's delivered by a voice that sounds like a bad informercial for a lawn mower.
  • Susan Anne Soo
    Great topics horrible voice
    Please please please get someone with a more welcoming voice + with a personality to do this podcast. I really want to listen but I physically can’t.
  • JC9303
    Great content, subpar readers
    Great way to get quick update on the markets and major events, but some of the ways that certain terms, companies, proper names are pronounced shows the lack of understanding the readers have.
  • Mid lava
    today’s show
    What was up with today’s show Kinda funny with some extra sound effects!
  • EdB1972
    11/12/2019 Ahow
    It was unedited with commentator belching, coughing, and starting over and over again. GROSS!!!!
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