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The Tim Pool Daily Show brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in The Culture War, Politics, And Global Conflict

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  • BigDaddyKapow
    Just a trump shill
    Can’t listen anymore.
  • Bluedoggie
    Toxic Trash
    No productive contribution to the issues just demeaning and ridiculing others because it’s is all you got. You’re not very good at concealing the racism, misogyny and bigotry.
  • ipapamore5B
    Pride advertising
    Haha! Cascade put pride advertising on your June 5th show. But I think just leave it. Now I know to not buy cascade dishwashing or laundry soap and I need to look at their parent company. No shame month needs to die. Gay inc. is the biggest gang in the works. They play the oppression Olympics.
  • Rubbercity Timmy
    A Good Listen
    Keeps me young - a good interviewer. Tim and his team respect my time and are improving everyday. The show is fun and informative. Can’t wait to sip coffee in one of his cafés. I have very little in common with them other than we love freedom and respect those who deserve respect. Tim embodies an American success story because of a work ethic, humility, decency, and honesty. Entertaining and informative. I should plunk down some cash and become a member but I am cheap.
  • Nakeddude
    I wish I had your tenacity
    I work in construction and am a foreman. I get through my day by listening to you and losing myself while I do the daily grind. I wish I could do what you do and talk about the issues and be as coherent as you can. We don’t agree on everything but everything you talk about is so important. Love what you do!
  • Donny Krane
    Because of that stupid add that runs at the start of every episode, like a parasite in my ear, I can't even make it to the actual podcast before I skip the whole thing.
  • Lalj
    Top 5
    I have to listen to Tim on both shows . His solo and the pod with the crew. He’s very good at staying real and brings a different angle than most
  • wval35
    White supremacy and misogyny
    I wish I could rate it minus 10
  • Max&me1
    Good stuff
    Thank you
  • ajhan_6
    I swear Tim didn’t used to be like this!
    I’m a long time fan of Timcast. I’ve enjoyed all their shows, IRL, PCC, CastCastle, all of them. I can’t bring myself to sit through a Tim Pool Daily show anymore. Tim has always been an outspoken and enthusiastic guy, but now in every episode he comes across as angry and vengeful. Maybe it’s because he’s now gone all aboard the Trump train (most of these recent episodes have been all about Trump). I’ll continue to enjoy the other Timcast shows, but to this one, I say adieux.
  • LibertyRagRdr
    Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki
    Tim, I wasn’t a fan of Obama, however the strike in 2011 in Yemen gets authorized through Congress by the 2011 NDAA. Specifically the sections outlining Overseas Contingency Operations supporting GWOT. Love the show man, keep doing what you’re doing.
  • ahdbdjcn
    Declining quality content
    I am a long time listener. It is sad to see content is becoming repetitive and lazy. Read headline for a minute and then goes back to same old 3-4 personal stories. It wasn’t this bad when Tim was doing commentary 7 days a week. I keep finding myself pressing skip on his content and crazy amount ads.
  • Aleksandr S T
    Too many ad reads
    It’s becoming difficult to listen to the podcast with an ad read every five minutes. On an 1hr+ podcast it becomes untenable
  • Crystal doodaloo
    Timothy Infinity Pool has got to take off that beanie if he wants to get more stars from me. I want to know what he’s hiding.
  • DFriday
    Worth listening to, but be warned…
    I disagree with him a decent amount of topics, but I respect his ability to articulate his opinions. I think he’s a very intelligent person and I think he’s worth listening to. About the only time I shut him off is when he starts doing this really annoying popping with his mouth with words that end in a “T”. This is unbearable. It’s a kin to somebody chewing with their mouth open while there looking at you. Although, I’ve only noticed he does this on this particular podcast, not the IRL. I am aware this is my own flaw. Regardless of that, this podcast definitely deserves a spot in your line up.
  • DogOfTheUniverse
    I find Tim’s show to be quite good. At times he gets a little loud with his opinions or just my own headphone volume but I like his show and I don’t always have the same opinions but the overall information is good. 👍🏼🙂
  • devz6
    Real disappointment
    I dont believe this you guys are really an op… can’t decide if it’s more gross that your a con con or your spooks… I really wanna believe your mole producer is misleading you or something, everything getting too real though to be blissfully ignorant…. Really Hope Luke’s clean, but ….. :(
  • Noel Wanna b
    This guy is a weirdo!
    Not smart enough to be remotely compelling / too stupid to be unintentionally funny.
  • thndrbrd3
    At times Tim gets a little preachy, however his views are consistent and digs into stories that mainstream media either skips or buries. I really love this fact and if I look up the story I find the in-depth look Tim provides helpful. I found him on Joe Rogan’s podcast interviewing Jack Dorsey and Tim was correct on every point as revealed later in the Twitter files. I generally like his Timcast IRL content the best, here he brings on all guests, people that most shy away from. Then if you go to his website the show ‘Tales from the Inverted World’ is great! If you believe the government I in your corner or CNN is actually the most trusted name in news, it’s probably not for you. You should listen, then start digging and find out the above is untrue.
  • wnsoneurtser
    Based liberal
    Tim is the only classic liberal left out there. And the only liberal I agree with (some times)
  • TBled91
    Tim’s opinions aren’t always the same as mine but I enjoy the commentary.
  • Kasslea
    Too Extreme
    I’m in the more conservative side and enjoy listening to both left and right podcasts to get a full picture. However this podcast is even too extreme and conservative for me. These views are causing me to become more independent or even (gasp) liberal.
    Tim I love the show but I don’t think you mention the billboards enough .do it at least 4 more times per show .that should be good
  • dtdrummr
    Nothing to see here
    Just another privileged coward hiding behind a microphone!
  • cleopatriot
    Enjoy your candid visceral reaction
    I’m especially touched w mr bokus.. , your love … I found u through Steve bannon , I knew you must meet the criteria!
  • mgadl
    You made me cry
    Talking about Mr. Bokus and his last moments on Earth made me cry, and I don’t even know your cat, but the way you described your relationship with him was very moving. As a cat lover, I can only imagine the pain of losing a beloved pet. This segment of the show was the best part. Politics and all the other evils in the world pale in comparison and significance. Well done!
  • DanRadTech
    Just another nerd talking behind a microphone who needs to mind his business.
  • dylanator247
    Tim Pool is totally okay with ethnostate politics and collective identity for jews, but thrusts individualism on Whites, and rejects any notion of a positive group identity for Whites. Hypocrisy much?
  • I don't need anything
    Life at 1.5x
    It’s no secret, Tim talks too fast. He’s got a lot to say! Some charisma and charm would go a long way
  • Horton kids
    If apple pulls twitter, my family is done with apple products
    For apple to fabricate a reason to pull twitter is just insane. If they choose to do that we will no longer use apple products and I’m sure millions of families will do the same. Sick and tired of big tech trying to censor free speech. Big tech is overstepping and has been for years now! Enough is enough.
  • PAyscue
    Modern day Father Coughlin
    Yeah he was an anti-democratic race-baiting Hitler-lover too. The sooner Pool's pedophilia fetish is prosecuted, the better
  • kash4phones
    I WAS a follower of Tim. Untill the Kanye west interview . Come on bro you CLEARLY know that he is talking about the Jews that run the world , Hollywood etc. why do you people continue to think he means ALL. Is it not obvious ? Do you people not see it ? Why would he be talking about a poor Jew on the street? It’s common sense bro. You’ve seen his interviews . You’ve seen him talking about Hollywood . You should your true colors and ignorance . Your a moron .
  • papa & tab
    Carhartt commercial? Really?
    Kind of weird hearing a Carhartt commercial open the show. Remember when you guys announced that they were in camp mandate? Not sure they’re the kind of sponsor for Timcast. But hey, Ben Shapiro was all for it too so…
  • Samuel.l.ipsom
    This guy thinks he’s smart. Fantasy land.
  • Indelicate drunkard
    How about that red wave..
    More like a red wedding
  • The Old LT
    Great Podcast
    Wonderful recap of current events
  • CEDLO74
    Mr Pool Thank You for defending ACTUAL Truth!
  • swavy00
    The best
    Best podcast out there. Tim brings his A game everyday.
  • Arete1977
    Pro choice?!
    Fake republican.
  • 1a368hjk
    pool idiot
    I am leaving your show, any moron who believes Cory Bush’s story, it’s truly that an idiot fool that I still not waste my time with
  • Lalalalalalakitty oh baby
    Gorilla for sale
    Love Tim pool. One of my favorites. Chicken king. Great job Tim on your research. Oil and gas worker. South western PA
  • kevin9793
    Real news
    I don’t always agree with Tim’s opinions but the news he reports is real and accurate. On the rare occasion when he makes a mistake he is up front and quick to correct it which is more than I can say for any main stream media source. Also the left hates him so you know he’s doing something right.
  • YA BOI, ME
    Nice show
    Beanie man nice. Hippy man scary sometimes, but loving. Sourpatchkids. Buck buck
  • BoogerBarbieDoll
  • Doggfartz85864:
    Narcissist Fearmonger.
    1. 1 1/2 min Ad 2. Civil war blah blah WW3 3. Donate Donate Donate 4. Me! Me! Me! 5. Another Ad that derails his convo 6. Terrible impression and whining 7. Another Ad 8. Same story as yesterday and last month 9. Tim has seen it all and he’s been everywhere 10. More Ads. This show has become hilariously terrible. Unsubscrib!
  • didjmaster
    Take it with a grain of salt
    Have been listening to Tim Pool for about a year and half now, almost every episode Monday-Friday. At first his perspective was refreshing because it looks at issues from a different standpoint than the usual talking points found in the MMS. While that is true, I think he could improve in the breadth of content he covers, rather than sticking to one or two topics for weeks. He repeats the same stuff over and over. He misses quite a few big stories, which I would love to hear his thoughts on. He repeats a lot of his opinions/topics, and it gets a bit tiresome. I also don’t really like how theatrical he makes stuff sound, raising his voice in a way than makes you think something is absolutely true, and then saying “but maybe not” or “but I could be wrong.” Listen to his thoughts (some of which are quite good) and meld them in with other views (which he urges people to do) to build a bigger picture of what’s happening, but don’t take him simply at his word (like most sources). Also, he LOVES ads, keep your device close by to skip through them.
  • Haleigh1014
    Instead of pitting Desantis and Trump against each other, what are the chances they’ll run together?? Then we get 12 years of Desantis.
  • yaBoiChoco
    Love the show.
    Tim and crew, please put all of the ads at the beginning of the show. That would improve the flow of your show.
  • Seefereemuz
    Don’t listen
    As a proud right winger, Tim Pool is mind numbingly stupid. Don’t listen
  • nkay33476
    Get the word out
    I discovered IRL about a year ago and have enjoyed it as my 1st morning podcast. I had no idea you had another podcast until you mentioned it a couple nights ago.
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