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Harvard Business School professors discuss and debate current events that sit at the crossroads of business and culture. Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee engage in a spirited discussion on a range of topics torn from the headlines — from Facebook, to free trade, to the #MeToo movement. Informed by their unique expertise as professors at one of the world’s leading business schools, their takes are always surprising, unconventional, and insightful.

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  • Tmerk
    Two words: ECHO CHAMBER
    I appreciate the discussion and willingness to dive in on tough and touchy topics, but wow. A few recent episodes have shown what an echo chamber the podcast and hosts are. Specifically, the episode about new weight loss drugs was incredibly narrow and fear-mongering; presenting a very one-sided view about the dangers of extra weight. Instead of coming across as sincerely caring, they continued present a one-sided view and their tendency for confirmation bias. Not to mention the increase in prevalent of eating disorders and disordered eating, in people of every size. As a person recovering from such things, this episode was massively out of touch, dangerous, and triggering.
  • Gtbmed
    Great business insight, but I finally had to drop it
    I had enjoyed the show and how the hosts would have some excellent insights into business and markets. However, the narrowness of their understanding finally got to me with how they approached other topics. The following examples stood out to me. The inability to understand the chip blockade of China and using the dumb Iranian drones as an example of why we should keep selling advanced chips to China because it wouldn’t affect security concerns made me actually yell “that’s not how that works you idiot” out loud while driving to work. Then a later discussion about demographics and suggested policies showed a complete lack of awareness of the current realities. Affordable child care will not matter if you don’t have enough people of the right age to have children. Also, no talk of how industrialization led to lower birth rates. I mean they even had Ravi on for these discussions. I guess this kind of shortsightedness explains why MBAs have been great for cutting company costs in the short term, but failing to be ready long term. C’mon HBS.
  • Filly Bu$ter
    Very Interesting
    When is Youngme coming back? I appreciate the guest hosts esp the ones who are on the younger side.
  • smolpepe
    highlight of my work week
    i’m a big fan of after hours and have been listening for years. the discussions on this podcast tend to walk that fine line of being accessible without sacrificing depth or circumspection. i do have one quibble: the lineup often has a guest spot post-youngme’s departure, and these guests are quite hit or miss. for fewer misses, i would ask that the hosts vary their choice of guest more and lean away from repeat guests that dilute the discussion with more frivolous contributions. (e.g., the discussion of LDIs being met with “ew the bond market!” from the bloomberg opinion fact, that guest’s frequent silly takes and clear discomfort with any topics more substantial than elon-mania or lean in make me consciously skip episodes that feature her) anyway, keep up the good work!
  • bflock
    Love the show, but…
    Found the final comments on the most recent episode about OpenAI a little out of touch. The idea that ChatGPT was not born of the biggest players in tech is a bit revisionist. The AI transformer model was originally developed by Google, and Microsoft has made a significant investment in the company. So, it’s not quite the scrappy upstart without access to big resources.
  • sarahrrrrrrr
    Brilliant, brilliant brilliant!!
    Thank you so much for keeping our minds working and your intelligent and witty banter that I look forward to every week!
  • yvonneguyihonh
    Awesome podcast
    One of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to listening to it every Wednesday going into work. Topics are all over the board, which is interesting, even touch upon some areas I have very little knowledge about. For the topics I am familiar with, I found myself talking along as if I am joining the conversation! And I love all the picks at the end of the show.
  • Rzaryan
    Great show but stop featuring Adam grant
    Love the show and enjoy the fun vibe they add to business topics. But they need to cut out the Adam Grant advertisements in the intro. After hours is fun because it feels unscripted and authentic. Adam Grant is the opposite — rehearsed and synthetic.
  • Gabrieldeo
    Great podcast, bad long ads
    What’s up with a 3 min ad for a new podcast? No thank you.
  • notAfan98
    Bring back Youngme Moon
    Is it just me or has the quality of the discussion declined without YM? This used to be a must listen show for me where YM’s provocative questions or framing could turn any subject on his head. Now the discussion has become very conventional and the subjects uninteresting. Would love to hear about what the team thinks about how Twitter can be revitalized or how the McKinsey culture lead to it marketing dangerous drugs for Purdue pharmaceuticals. Bring YM back and do some real and rigorous analysis.
  • Glleee
    Consistently Great Pod
    Love the banter and informative info. My favorite part is the recommendations at the end. The personal finance episode was fantastic, I’d love to see more content like that! Actionable advice for your average consumer.
  • 暴躁到想打人
    Can more details be added in description?
    I love every episode of After Hours. I found it very helpful to have a more detailed description of the recommendations. It’s easier to check out those fantastic recommendations. Previous you can even find links to those books, musics, websites…could you add that feature back? Thanks a lot!
  • Brigitta P
    Thought provoking!
    An exceptional cast who bring the listener to the table. This podcast offers an in depth analysis within the exciting world of business. The topics are thought provoking and keep you thinking long after post credits of the podcast. Thank you so much to Felix, Mihir and Youngme. You inspire us!
  • grclala
    The show needs Youngme
    Felix is great with offering an unique angle on opinions or topics, however, without Youngme, the show lacks balance in practicality vs. textbook; the latter is more obtainable while Youngme brings in the former. I would rate 5 with Youngme and 3 without.
  • acajoeBabyO
    Takis Fuego!
    5 stars for recommending takis, best shout out in the last 3 years as listener! Keep up the good work
  • BTO205
    Where is YoungMe?
    I love the show and the substitutes are fine but I miss YMM.
  • texasfan11
    Bring back Youngme!
    Loved this podcast when Youngme was a host. Without her, the show seems to lack knowledge on products that the other hosts should know but don’t. She brought the most valuable insight to the table.
  • Jill C
    Glad to see that the podcast has resumed. Love the show, just wish that the episodes were longer! Interesting conversations, very likable hosts with a great chemistry.
  • This Ken
    Pretend business professors
    What kind of a business professor would have a fantasy about taking control of a business and then shrinking or eliminating it. Any business that would allow such an idiot control deserves to go under and be replaced with competent competition. Any business professor who thinks business drives demand for long established products instead of demand driving business decisions to produce is not fit to call himself a business professor or to be hired by any credible business school.
  • ypt2022
    Fantastic 3
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and profound insights not only on business, but also on everything, including your recommendations! I love how you interact with each other. Listening to your podcast is always uplifting in every way. This is my most favorite podcast! I very much appreciate the precious time you spent on this podcast given your demanding teaching and research schedules. With greatest appreciation!
  • Jonathan JM
    What happened?
    Do you guys know what happened to the podcast? Was it cancelled? 😟
  • Deanster1394!
    New Favorite Podcast!
    I found out about this podcast just a week ago and I’ve binged the majority of 2021s episodes. I love the banter between the three hosts and how they mix interesting business topics with humor and culture. I also appreciate the recommendations at the end. My favorite episode has of course been the predictions for 2022.
  • anniesy
    Love this podcast!
    This is one of only a few podcasts that I listen to every week and I look forward to each new episode. The conversations Youngme, Mihir and Felix have are timely, educational, thoughtful and fun! Great topics and I absolutely love the picks!!
  • KaiserBeck
    The smartest 30 min of my week
    A brilliant show made by brilliant people. I love the chemistry between the hosts as much as I appreciate their insights into the topics they discuss. Without fail, their comments will expand my perspective and work their way into my conversations with friends.
  • reviewernamedjo
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast! The hosts have such great chemistry and make potentially boring topics fun and easy to understand. Their picks are great. I look forward to it every week.
  • 04Ry
    What fun!
  • jfvfhkbsebb
    Why is no one talking about this show???!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts but came upon this one very randomly when I searched “Peleton”. I not only listened to the episode that the search provided, but ended up bingeing severe episodes in one night. The banter between the hosts, the wit, the insight, the culture…I love it all!! Please keep it up!
  • elgodsey
    Hands down the best podcast streaming.
    Hands down the best podcast streaming. My whole family enjoys listening.
  • Quolorado
    Pure tinned fish!!!!
    I look forward to the thoughtful discussion every week and have listened for years without disappointment. The analysis is first rate but stay tuned for the recommendations! Youngme’s new love of F1, Mihir’s hack of reselling Legos on eBay, and Felix’s love of obscure music deeply enrich my life - polka excluded. Keep up the great work After Hours!
  • Dimate
    Good fun but one sided
    I enjoy most of the discussion by the intelligent and knowledgeable hosts but sometime the dialog strikes me as superficial. For instance, today’s conversation about threat of a long term inflation failed to mention a very key element of the situation: that unlike in the 70s the Fed would be hesitant to raise rates aggressively because US national debt is so much higher now and with higher rates a much higher share of federal spend (up to 30%) would have to go to the debt service.
  • rbongni
    Love it
    My favorite podcast. Very informative, entertaining and the hosts have a great dynamic together.
  • Simon25579
    One of the best!
    It's always fun, thought-provoking and up to date. Each episode is as if you were next to your best friends, discussing interesting topics. Thanks for the show, it helped me a lot to stay connected to the world during the pandemic.
  • ap1983ilovepodcast
    Best podcast!
    Love this show!
  • applesd111
    Fantastic podcast
    Informative, entertaining and with a global perspective.
  • Bamboo Breeze
    One of the best podcasts
    Informative and fun. Please keep up the great work.
  • jzmv11
    I never write reviews
    But they’re that good. Worth it.
  • savan fan
    Best for info and entertainment
    Love the style of this show. Fast moving, always makes me think. I find I recommend it to someone every week. Great variety of topics
  • solangesss
    Love this show
    Relevant conversations, smart and light hearted. The recommendations segment is so great as well. Always looking forward to new episodes.
  • Angad NYC
    Smart, interesting, funny. Nice balance of substance and entertainment.
  • drdileepunni
    Fantastic show
    I have been a regular listener for one season.. fantastic show so far..
  • MYOL
    We missed the three of you!
    At long last, you are back! Still so observant, analytical, insightful with a good dose of wit and never-take-yourself-too-seriously. Do keep going. Your podcast was my few minutes of sanity and intelligent conversation. We have not had much of that in the last four years from the loudmouths out there. Love the other socio-cultural aspects of our lives.
  • Eric Jude
    Great conversation
    This show makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with friends. Such a relaxed and informative format that allows me to understand their perspective on a wide range of important topics. Love listening. Also, I love the recommendations!
  • Sshef
    China insights but not track fans
    Great start to new season. The dual perspective on China was insightful. Closing private schools is a long term solution to slow out migration of talent Disappointed that no one appreciated the generation setting performances in track and field. A great history continued at the core event
  • W Bezzy
    Top Five Podcast for me
    The explanation of the subjects just draw you in. I feel like we all grow better one nod at a time because after this conversation, action happens.
  • howehill
    Thoughtful discussion
    Is it possible today to hear a diversity of views about important business topics? Yes. This podcast offers intelligent discussion where one can agree and disagree but always learn. Refreshing.
  • Apacheguy64
    Best Podcast Out There
    If you like current events and some very knowledgeable, thoughtful dialogue around it, you’ll love this podcast!
  • savvy_entrepreneur
    Bringing great energy to current events
    Great podcast... I love the energy of the hosts and the way they build a great rapport with their guests. There are great business lessons as well, and I learn a lot with each and every episode.
  • Chasedone
    So interesting!
    I love that the topics are so diverse! I don’t know a podcast where I just listen and learn or am exposed to stuff I didn’t know about!!!!
  • Former fan of show
    Asian hate
    Why haven’t you covered this topic given your ancestry?
  • Kanarpski
    Terrifying Out if Touch
    Considering the power these people have to shape the business world, they are terrifyingly out of touch with the powerlessness and desperation of so many ordinary workers. I listened to this for a long time because I like hearing different perspectives. But the “unions are failing because companies like Amazon just treat their workers *really* well” episode was a step to far. That’s just delusion and dangerous. I’m not listening to propaganda.
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