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Updates on the latest cybersecurity threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

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  • hippie bippie
    Cyber security today
    The brilliant mr Solomon brings hard intelligence on computer exploits and computer development….intelligence agencies only wished they had the brilliant Solomon as moderator in their vaults.
  • CyberMEWoods
    Required Daily for Cyber Security
    This is a must listen Pod cast that I have been following for years and I hate to miss a single day. The summary presentation is quick and the back end links and research are excellent.
  • kans2002
    Love It
    As a cybersecurity major, listening to this is really cool. Crazy learning about things that aren’t regularly on the news.
  • Marc601
    November 4, 2022 episode
    Stay away from politics. Your discussion on Twitter was totally one sided. Stick to security and privacy.
  • Lance V 1969
    One-of-a-kind useful go-to source for the latest cybersecurity news.
  • landshark zx
    Great podcast
    Thank you for sharing.information is king in a world scammers
  • Ray Sunny
    This podcast is more like reading a great spy novel while it’s being written (except it’s real!) Excellent show- thank you for your work Howard. Well done
  • RED NATION \\\o
    As a person who somehow stumbled upon the industry of cyber security, I find these podcasts to be informative as they exist in real time and in the simplest terms; the most convenient definitions, the listener can easily make links and better understand the purpose and ideological perspectives.
  • skipperalborgi
    I’m English student and I like this topic because I will study cyber security in College and the accent is brilliant I learned a lot from it , I like it.
  • Phil the IT Guy
    This podcast is amazing and I listen to it all the time. You learn a lot from it.
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