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The Bulletproof Screenwriting® Podcast shows you how to make your screenplays bulletproof by interviewing the top screenwriters, story consultants & authors in the film industry. They discuss the craft and business of screenwriting. This is the screenwriting podcast for the rest of us. No fluff. No BS. Just straight talk that will help you on your screenwriting journey.

Some of the past guests include 3X Oscar® Winning Writer/Director Oliver Stone, James V. Hart (Dracula, Hook), John August (Big Fish, Aladdin), Jim Uhls ( Fight Club), Peter Rader (Waterworld), Diane Drake (What Women Want), Daniel Knauf (Carnival, Blacklist), Derek Kolstad (John Wick) and Pen Densham (Robin Hood, Backdraft) to name a few.

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  • jfarr151
    W/ Paul Chitlik
    A must listen to episode. New listener. Alex’s discussion with Paul was exceptional. Think of a semester class easily cut down this. Alex lets Paul share these smart lessons of experience to the new and not so new screenwriter. I listened and knew I wanted to go back and take some notes. This is time well spent.
  • Sarah loves to write
    Energetic, Entertaining and Educational
    Just listened to my first episode with Paul Chitlik. Great takeaways for rewrites. Also loved Alex’s tip on writing 3 screenplays and wait until you’re finished with the third before you start revising the first one. The key is you’ll be a better writer by that time. Well done. 👏
  • Beach Dog Writing
    Bulletproof Screenwriting Review: Thank Alex When You Accept the Oscar
    I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information about screenwriting from this podcast. It has helped me understand and avoid many pitfalls in writing and in the business. It is evident that Alex cares deeply about distributing quality work. When it came time for me to have a screenplay covered I chose Bulletproof Script Coverage because of this podcast. I’m thrilled with that part of Alex’s business as well.
  • Blorpal
    Fix your audio
    Keep your mouth close to your microphone
  • kaise4927
    Sound quality issues
    Really enjoyed the podcast but the sound kept dropping out especially when the host was talking.
  • Ddort
    Lots of different POV
    Diverse ways of considering what is important and how to understand it.
    yet another screenwriting podcast...
    jumps the shark. Howsabout you talk writing, not politics. I don't need to be lectured by hypocritical libtards. Tell your guests to save it. I've lived and worked amongst these people, frauds. Sad really, there's potential here... moving on.
  • Dan_6_16
    A bit self indulgent... and lackluster
  • BrownieSamson
    Alex is great but...
    ...he needs to learn when to shut up. His wisdom and experience are invaluable but I unsubscribed because he often cuts off and talks over guests. I stopped back by to listen and sure enough, the episode with Greg Gertmanian, he cuts off Greg throughout, rambling on and on. I understand it’s his show, but there’s a balance. Alex never allows guests to flow. Maybe he’s not listening. Or maybe he’s too much in his own head, racing ahead to his next thought. Very often you will hear guests starting to make a point, only to be cut off by Alex, never to return to the point. Still, the podcast is a good resource.
  • Hingrydude
    You’re awesome Alex Ferrari
    Thanks for this great podcast. You even has on my former UCLA instructor Peter Russell! This podcast is a treasure. Hope to meet you in person someday.
  • Silverback Storyteller
    The giving gift
    IFH is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Real world truths in a friendly, educational, entertaining & inspiring package. Alex comes from a sincere place of service to all who have the bug & live with the dream! Career & life changing!
  • farthoy
    Has Potential to be Great
    IMHO: This podcast will be a 5 when the hosts learns that interviewing your guests is to ask pertinent questions and then stop talking and let them speak.
  • Bothered1289
    So much valuable information for anyone in the business or anyone looking to get into the business. Great advice from some heavy hitters in the industry, I’m so glad I found this pod.
  • Thayne01
    Great Info!
    Always there's great information!
  • jimhensoninla
    Ferrari Does It Again!!
    Alex gets it... He has this uncanny knack of giving people exactly what filmmaking/screenwriting what they really need. There are so many “knowledge bombs” in each episode. A must listen! I have to give a specific shout out to Heather Hale and Pilar Alessandra (nice rolling of the r’s, Alex. ) Along with Alex, these are two vets who have been in the trenches for a long time who don’t pull punches about the insanity and inanity that is Hollywood. If you think you know everything about screenwriting THINK AGAIN AND LISTEN!
  • Poodidit
    Get rid of Sebastian Twardos.
    I’m listening to podcast BPS #16. Alex and Matthew were great. Good questions. Good flow. Informative. THEN. Sebastian Twardos flubs in with dump adversarial questions that totally ruined the flow. Be sure to scan the show description to make sure he’s not co-hosting.
  • loverofsound
    Great information
    The interviews are entertaining and educational.
  • e6028r
    Totally committed
    Alex is totally committed to the screen writing community with this pod cast. The guests he has on the show are timely and relevant. Alex blends the funny side of the business with the nitty gritty, giving us a realistic view of the industry. The 'knowledge bombs' he and his guests drop each episode are so very helpful to those of us just starting in the screenwriting world. I learn something in each episode! I even started meditating! Keep up the great work Alex!
  • LiLiLemons86
    My weekly Writing Bible
    I really love when Alex tells you how it is. No BS!! If you want to make it in the film industry, then you have to hustle!! No one cares about your problems. Hustle or quit. The film Industry doesn’t care. Thank you Alex for finding all these great guests. I’ve been learning so much from this pod. I listen to it at work, driving, while doing chores at home. I’ve been in the military for 13 years now, and I still feel the call to write!! Thank you for all you do. Keep on hustling, sir!!
  • HJ Sage
    So informative and inspiring!
    Love hearing from the writers who have accomplished so much. I’m only on episode 9, but I already want to go back and listen to them all again. So rich.
  • Henna1987
    How Bad Do You Want It?
    This podcast is a shot worth for that episode alone! Thank you, Alex :) It’s what I needed to hear.
  • Matt Javit
    Really appreciate all of the insight you are providing on this podcast. As a complete outsider to the industry, this podcast has given me a chance to understand it more clearly and take notes that might help me break in. Your guests give valuable insight and you do a very good job in pulling out critical information.
  • Fandole44
    Great pod!
    Alex does a great and sincere job of getting great interviews with great professionals that help people get the best out of their craft. My only beef is that this guy is such a Tarantino stan, I almost hate hearing his name now. Of course, he’s a great contemporary auteur director that’s birthed in writing (so I get the connection), but I’ll be damned if you’re not going to hear a tangent about Pulp Fiction every other ep. To Alex: The five stars is legit, and please don’t stop nerding out over movies and the people that make them, just ease up on the Tarantino worship (when possible). :-)
  • GregWillybiro
    Thanks so much for bringing us soooo much value!!! Just discovered it and its honestly GOLD for anybody trying to learn best practices in screenwriting , keep it up! :)
  • Mapy_
    All the info you need
    ALEX has packed this podcast with so much great information. I’m currently re-listening to every episode- it’s that good!
  • Mister Bill 8675309
    Drive Time is Podcast Time
    I loved the snapshot of the television market. Good stuff.
  • carolyncrantz
    Great screenwriting podcast
    I love the film courage YouTube series, and had been looking for a podcast version of those interviews for a while. This is the best I’ve come across so far! Really good interviewees with great advice.
  • Cstroman1
    Great Podcast with good info.
    Knowledge Bombs, Shawshank Redemption and lots of people writing screenplays in every Starbucks in L.A. Alex interviews a good variety of people in the filmmaking industry about topics that any aspiring screenwriter should become knowledgable with. Aside from episode 11 (shut up and let the guy talk! Not Alex's fault.) each episode allows the person being interviewed to share their experience and knowledge. Highly recommended!
  • Filmmaker76
    Don’t miss this screenwriting and filmmaking podcast!
    Alex Ferrari is not only providing his listeners a service but an education in filmmaking by interviewing expert filmmakers. He goes one better by talking about his own failures and successes as an independent filmmaker. With so many technological and methodological advances happening every six months, this podcast informs students and professional filmmakers about new changes in the industry. Don’t miss it, subscribe to Bulletproof Screenplay Podcast and the Indie Film Hustle Podcast! @mariojnovoa
  • Nolanstrat7
    Great new podcast
    Thanks Alex for putting more on your plate! As a beginner screenwriter I’ve been listening to IFH podcasts because your interaction with the guests is entertaining and informative. But this BPS podcast is blowing me away. So much to learn! Keep up the good work!
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