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Your new internet besties give you a weekly dose of books, banter, and folks you should be following. Join 30-something reading enthusiasts and real-life best friends Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman every month for a book club featuring a read they promise you won’t be able to put down. In between, they’re joined by guests for conversations on careers, dating, fashion, and more.

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  • BarAddict
    Fun, but Sometimes Frustrating
    I absolutely loved this podcast for a long time and was an OG listener when it was all/mostly books. I’ve loved how it’s evolved over the years and the guest episodes are especially phenomenal.I find the book recommendations to always be on point! I hesitate to leave my feedback though because, although the two women are always asking for reviews, Grace does not seem to take criticism well. Unfortunately I’m close to unsubscribing because I’m often frustrated by how little Grace seems to actually listen to/interact genuinely with the others involved—whether that’s her cohost Becca, or their guests. She either interrupts a speaker to go on her own tangent or simply responds with a lackluster, “Yes,” “Mmmm,” or “Okay.” I’m bummed about this because I’d love to keep listening to the guests and Becca in particular is a spectacular interviewer and conversationalist! This will probably be dismissed or explained away, but thought I’d leave the review in case others might find it helpful!
  • mlenormand
    The perfect cup of tea
    Grace and Becca manage to bring warm and fuzzy feelings of comfort, coziness, friendship and being true to yourself in every episode, whether it be just them chatting together (which are definitely my favorite) or dissecting their monthly bookclub pick. As an American Expat, this podcast is like sipping a warm cup of tea from home, I wish they had more than one episode per week!
  • sashaker123
    One of my faves
    Great podcast. They always manage to be upbeat and fun even when talking about pandemic life. I love the range of topics they cover most of all.
  • Bria Ryma
    Virtual Besties??
    I love feeling like I’m hanging out with these two. I have had the BEST book recommendations, and every day products. I’m currently rocking the Bombas compression socks per Grace’s recommendation. Love these two, and look forward to every episode!
  • lizzies35
    Love them
    This is my absolute favorite podcast! Becca and Grace have provided so many fantastic book recs, as well as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and professional tips and tricks. All while feeling like I’m chatting with my bffs. I love their dynamic and their humor. I wish we were real life friends!
  • Tristan Summerfield
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I love this podcast! I feel like Becca and Grace are my internet friends and I wish I could hang out with them! 😂 They are such authentic, fun hosts and I enjoy the variety of topics they cover.
  • Llollbdjdevkoyefkppkmvdhb
    This podcast is my weekly obsession
    Love this podcast. Grace and Becca are wonderful hosts and even with the great guests they bring on the podcast, my favorite episodes are still just the two of them chatting! I appreciate all of the book recs and I feel like I’m just listening to my best friends chat.
  • joe skapchat
    My daily WFH listen!
    I love reading but I think I would enjoy this podcast even if I didn’t! These women are such a joy to listen to - they are down to earth and not obnoxious the way some people can come across on podcasts. I love their advice episodes and listen to multiple episodes a day while I work, they’re basically my coworkers. Love ya Becca & Grace!
  • MT61290
    New listener!
    I recently discovered Grace and Becca when they were guests on a different podcast and I’m now hooked! I’ve gone back and listened to so many old episodes and just love the topics they cover. I love how they appreciate and respect each other’s different tastes in books/movies/shows!
  • betulovethis
    Everything I’ve been looking for ❤️
    I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and it’s perfect. I feel like I’m hanging out with my best girlfriends. Great reading recommendations!
  • mkloller
    Feels like catching up with girlfriends
    Love getting my fix of Becca and Grace! I recommend them to all my girlfriends.
  • ajn161
    I was really excited to listen to this, I’d gotten a bunch of recommendations for it and usually love a good besties podcast. But they speak in these voices that are like a cross between Paris Hilton baby voice and Kim K vocal fry, and I kept getting totally distracted by how deeply grating the cadence was. Such a bummer because I really enjoyed their content otherwise, but in a podcast, the voice really matters!
  • jessi1724
    Great Podcast!
    I love the variety and keep finding great book recommendations!
  • dc_bun
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast because it reminds me that I’m not just my job, I have a life, and hobbies and things that make me happy. Grace & Becca are gems and I love listening to this podcast every week!
  • eem24242
    My favorite podcast
    I LOVE this podcast - my sister recommended it and now we talk about it all of the time. I have listened to almost every episode over the last month or so because it feels like hanging out with your two best friends and I just can’t stop. I also love their obsessions and keep buying what they recommend because it’s just so fun.couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thank you! 💗
  • Wow good bro
    Love these two!
    I love listening to Grace and Becca; they feel like my best friends are in the room with me! Such a solace during this lonely year.
  • Jlm2z
    Great chemistry and good information!
    Update: I look forward to listening to Becca and Grace every week. I love the projects they are involved in and share with their audience. I like how they respect their differences and how they have grown over the past few years. It’s a delight to listen to this pod especially over the long term. It’s like a date with my girlfriends every week. Thank you! I love listening to these lovely ladies. They have great insights, know what are the must read books, and great guests and natural conversations.
  • peepsfan
    Up and down
    Some episodes are pretty interesting and others are so painful. The most recent on what they were watching etc was a train wreck. Listening to Grace talk about a past sponsor (coke freestyle machine)and yet unable recall the name or truly describe it, made me delete BOP from my podcast lib.
  • Hb0974
    Books and good conversation
    Becca and grace have introduced me to some of my new favorite books. And the non book club conversations are fun too.
  • strove44
    Will no longer listen
    I used to love this podcast but I can’t listen anymore after Grace and Becca irresponsibly gave Jackie, Grace’s “life coach,” a platform. The content was so shocking - negating therapy, speaking in complete woo woo, empty terms. I am training to be a LICENSED therapist and found the episode so problematic. Everyone can benefit from therapy, but the episode only further stigmatized it. I don’t understand how two women in their 30’s wouldn’t realize that this was not only unhelpful but potentially damaging to those listening. You are both better informed than that, or at least I thought you were. I’m glad the episode has been removed but I no longer want to support this pod.
  • MauraWalters
    Offensive and dangerous language re therapy
    I have enjoyed this podcast in the past, but the most recent interview with a “life coach” who said that therapy was for people who were in a dark place and that life coaching was for “functioning people” was not only offensive, but also dangerous. Completely irresponsible to give this woman a platform. The hosts should have known better.
  • shellpoole
    Such a chill, feel good podcast. Can’t get enough!
  • Tessnp
    Disappointed in latest episode
    I love this podcast, but I am incredibly disappointed in the latest episode. The way that the guest described therapy as for when you are in a very dark place and you need someone to pull you out while coaching is for “fully functioning humans” is incredibly inaccurate and further stigmatizes seeking help for mental health. Therapy is not just for when you are in a “very dark place” and fully functioning humans seek mental health services from therapists. So out of touch, truely unbelievable. I hope that this is not an indication of the direction the podcast is going.
  • boeseh12345
    Grace spends 25k on a life coach 🤮
    Jackie charges $25,000 for 6 months of working with her. This episode is so privileged and out of touch with reality, I’m shocked how much Grace thinks this is at all relatable for her followers.
  • SA_Cobble Hill
    A lovely listen
    Every now and then I listen to BOP episodes, whether it’s in the background when I’m getting ready, or taking a walk and they always leave me feeling chill and relaxed. Thank you for creating content every week and for letting us join your chats! Cheers ✨
  • amd12345678
    My Podcast BFFs
    Every episode feels like a conversation with my new best friends - catching up on their week and getting great recommendations for books, products, recipes, etc. Bad on Paper is one of my favorite quarantine finds!
  • Mads365!
    Love them!
    Love Grace and Becca. Great book/TV recommendations and I really enjoyed hearing general life/work advice from them too. Absolutely devoured The Court of Thorns and Roses AND The Selection series because of them
  • Tshirazi
    love you guys
    thank you! love hearing about your favorites and would love to hear more about how you're trying to stay sane and happy during this dark and gloomy winter! (what i hope is) constructive criticism: I think speaking time should be spread more equally between you both so that we can enjoy you both equally! Becca sometimes interrupts Grace which can be frustrating, as a podcast listener. five stars!!
  • Kait M.
    Makes working from home way better!
    I’ve been working from home for almost a year because of COVID. While I enjoy the flexibility of being at home and working remote, I miss having conversations with or even just the presence of my coworkers throughout the day. I went back to the beginning of this podcast and have been listening to every episode throughout my day and I am obsessed! I love their energy, the wide range of topics they cover, the guests they have on the pod and how genuine they are! Even when the topics aren’t the most relatable to me, I like to hear different perspectives and feel like I learn something new every episode. I also feel like listening to them makes it feel like I’ve got girlfriends around chatting while I work so working from home doesn’t feel so lonely. I love this podcast and can’t wait for COVID to be over so they do more live shows!
  • RunAndBooks
    Go Listen!!!!
    Such a great podcast. Becca and Grace have become a staple of my week. I love listening to them talk and their book discussions. Just listen to this podcast. It’s so good!
  • Cat Felle
    It’s More Than A Bookclub!
    I have listened to a dozen podcasts a week for years and I have never left a single review until now, because I have no constructive criticism and nothing but nice things to say about this podcast and its hosts (Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman). Both women are considerate, thoughtful, and well-spoken (no chaotic energy or off-the-cuff remarks) on a variety of topics. In addition to listening to every week’s episode and every month’s book club episode (without always reading the book), I follow both women on Instagram and they are extremely responsive to their comments and direct messages, which I extremely appreciate! Plus there is a reasonable number of ad breaks and I never feel the need to skip through the ads. Although age is somewhat irrelevant when listening to podcasts, I consider these two women to be older sisters or mentors who are pursuing their careers and meaningful female friendships. I suggest you start listening now!
  • tingroo
    Your new favorite podcast
    No really, this feel likes your best friend on the go. I really love the dynamic between Becca and Grace. Not only do you gain valuable professional wisdom from their guests and their own experiences, there’s a ton of great ideas for your next read, watch, IG follow, etc. my favorite discovery of 2020
  • SlainteSKR
    Feel Good Authentic Conversation
    I absolutely love Becca and Grace! I am not sure how I would be surviving pandemic without their witty and wise weekly chats on all things books and beyond! I truly appreciate you and cannot recommend their podcast enough if you are missing out on visits with friends, need a good pep talk, or excellent book recs and guest chats! This will make your weeks brighter!
  • mcs6797
    Excellent review of Big Magic
    Becca and Grace delivered a true review of this creative book. Biggest take away for me is we are all creative in some way. Do the thing that brings you joy! Also, FEAR - the dreaded four letter word that holds us back. Looking forward to hearing the conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert. An excellent bonus!!
  • apk0730
    Best friends
    It’s like chatting with your best friends!
  • freckeledfoodiefan
    Great books recs
    I absolutely love this podcast! As an avid reader, I trust Becca and Grace to give me the best books recs and they always deliver. These women are fun, honest and relatable. If you like to read, this podcast is a must.
  • Jgm1208
    It’s like talking to your friends! Both Becca and Grace are honest, funny, and relatable. They make a great team together. I love listening to them!! I highly recommend this podcast.
    I love Bad on Paper so much, I decided I should probably write my first podcast review EVER to confess this and support them... Grace and Becca are so smart and give the best perspective on books, life, current events, products, etc. Please please don’t stop the podcast ever (kidding, but please at least get us through the pandemic)!
  • alex@reed
    Like hanging out with friends who have the best recommendations
    I love this podcast! Becca and Grace are wonderful! I love that I can get book recommendations, beauty product reviews, fashion, Instagram follows and great interviews all in one podcast.
  • fenny_benny
    Love Grace and Becca!
    I found this podcast over the holiday break and love them. I could not stop binging episodes and their friendship/banter and convos are part of why they rock.
  • gplazz
    Favorite Podcast
    This is hands down my favorite hanging-with-your-friends podcast. It’s a great mix of books, inspiring interviews, product recs and chit chat. Highly recommend 👏🏼
  • N1ck19
    Favorite podcast
    This is the one podcast that I look forward to every week. It’s like hanging out with my best friends! You two are so funny and relatable. You have inspired me to get back to my love of reading! I enjoy the makeup, skincare, fashion, travel, and cooking ideas too. And the Romcom episodes were fantastic! Xoxo MH
  • annehnert
    An extension of our friend group
    My friends and I enjoy this podcast so much. Book inspiration but we also find quick tips and advice we never knew we needed. 5/5!
  • lpb211
    Just what I needed for the new year!
    This podcast is fun and relatable and just what I needed for the new year, and a new routine! I have been in a podcast slump so I’m excited for a refresher.
  • LRH9405
    Love Grace and Becca’s podcast and it is such a bright spot in my week! I look forward to each episode every Wednesday!
  • SammyKAkins
    smart, interesting & funny
    I found BOP because of a specific episode on salary and negotiation (which I highly recommend- very informative), since then i've been hooked and really look forward to listening each week. Becca and Grace are smart, funny, and interesting. They talk about relatable topics and always have a great book recommendation. They have definitely been keeping me sane through this pandemic!
  • Nysjoy
    This show is one of my absolute faves! It’s so unique and I love being a part of a book club!!
  • LL Cool J 91
    Love this podcast
    I’m so glad I found this podcast! These girls are amazing and I love the books 😍🙌🏼
  • rachelsg731
    Like friends
    I love Becca and grace and listening to them feels like listening to two dear friends. Love their book pics too!
  • LvB47
    Book recs, Career Dev, lifestyle and more!
    I was never a big reader, because I’m slow and didn’t know what genres I’d like. Since I started listening to Bap on Paper I read a couple books a month! Then I discovered audiobooks through the library and listen to them while pruning the garden or as something to enjoy while working. My favorite genre now is thriller like Guest List and rom coms like One to Watch. Thank you for all your recommendations on books, career development, and lifestyle products. I love you Bad on Politics episodes and one of my favorites I revisit during performance reviews is how to negotiate wages. Thank your for sharing your recommendations and insight!
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