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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

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  • beachdream tunes
    Always great reporting Hostages?
    Seems so wrong how republicans identify January 6 insurrectionists with patriots like the 1776 revolutionists who were fighting against a king and monarchy. It is the democrats who are against a king like autocracy like trump wants to be. Don’t people see that? These insurrectionists are not patriots they are exactly the opposite
  • midwestBlue
    btw, bolton will write his own name in when he votes & i would put a money bet on that. he thinks he knows all the answers and did hint at one time about running for the presidency ugh! thank you nicolle for pushing back on that dirt ball narcissist bolton. bolton is a liar and should clean off his glasses because he obviously can’t see clearly. he hates dems period just like the magas. i loathe you too bolton for many reasons, here’s one, insinuating biden won’t leave office either like trump wouldn’t...bolton is in his fantasy land.
  • JeReynAZ
    Trump’s psychosis has infected minds
    One thing that needs a lot more attention in media reporting is the psychological damage of Trump’s psychosis on a large amount people in our society. Please bring in Psychiatrists like Dr.Brandi X Lee to help people understand how to deal with the impact of mass social psychosis. It is massive and dangerous. This is how Hitler came to power fueled by drugs and madness.
  • Ms Tree
    Good show
    I love the show but somebody is scratching away—- presumably taking notes—- and it drives me crazy so much I often have to pause and take deep breaths. Somebody please deal with this.
  • postamaradulcia
    No mention of GAZA….ever
    Almost every commentator represents the tribe and assiduously avoids ever mentioning Gaza and Israeli war crimes. It’s just Trump all the time, and has been since Jan 6. They are obsessed and unable to offer any insight except to prop up Biden and pimp abortion
  • 11dalya
    Judge Luttig is a national treasure
    Loved listening to Judge Luttig this afternoon. Nicolle has such wonderful guests. Judge Luttig and I probably have different takes on various subjects but he's so great at pinpointing the actual subject in question. Good talk with Glenn Kirschner and Lisa Rubin too. Thank you Nicolle.
  • mic-drop
    I do not need Charlie Sykes mansplaining Liz Cheney to me.
  • SacTownGrandma
    Ronna, McDaniel hiring
    I don’t know how to contact NBC, so I’m putting this here in the hope that you will pass it along. Ronna Romney McDaniel had her lips fastened to the Trump Train teat until Trump cast her off.l, then along comes NBC to scoop that bit of chum out of the water and tell us it is choice. NBC, that person has no credibility – she is a known liar and gaslighter and manipulator – and you have just lost half of yours.
  • AmandaMHD
    Alicia is a lovely person
    But I don’t feel she has the bandwidth for this particular moment, Ali Velshi clearly has the chops to fill in for Nicole. Again I love Alicia!! but she’s in over her head.
  • /:;()&@$(:-
    I find your show, and every other show like yours, tracking the ups and downs of Donald Trump‘s trials a total waste of time. And you have taught me that by surmising Donald Trump will never come to trial before the election. It’s very clear to me. It’s up to the voter because no one, the Congress, or the judiciary, is willing to take him on. so what’s the point of listening to your show, I already know how I’m going to vote.
  • gybuse
    Nicole missed you!
    I just watched Ken Burns on your show and tears were running down my face…I am so scared for our county’s survival. Please have him back on to rebalance our North Star. We love you! B
  • B02@
    Robin Hood
    Often times when you and others are trying to rationalize Trump’s behavior with his followers, I think of Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde or Gotti. Remember the media likened Dillinger to a modern day Robin Hood. The media is the tool that is bolstering Trump among the un and ill informed in the country. I don’t know why they do it because his first act will be to shut them down. They’re stupider than his followers.
  • MartainOregon
    Intelligent. Discerning. Articulate. Unafraid.
    And she has a former Republican insider’s understanding of the party and the presidency. What more do you want?
  • kat477456
    Where the Truth is Happening!
    As was always true, Nicole’s show is where the truth is happening. So glad to have a friend back with us to face the year ahead! Thanks to Alice and Ari for getting us through a tough time and giving Nicole a chance to bond with her family as newly constituted. Now it’s time to show up, buckle up and do the work!
  • kathleen320
    Love this show!!!
    This is my go to show — I never miss it! I am so happy Nicolle is back. Love her wit, wisdom, and compassion.
  • kathieg
    We've missed you Nicole!!
    Everyone did an excellent job while you were home but man were glad you are back!!!💕
  • JudeRanch
    Nicolle is BACK!!!!
    All I really want to say is … 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • AZ VJ
    Nicole Wallace
    She’s back and so deserving of a 5 star review. Love the show when Ali Velshi subs but could NOT listen to A Menendez!
  • brenace.rn
    Thank You so much for coming back, 🫶🏻
  • Awesome Great Pod 👍
    Welcome back!
    So happy you’re back. :)
  • e-cooling
    This has become so bad in NW’s absence…the host is guided to ask the right qs by her guests. Alicia seems clueless…this cable news will continue to lose viewers with all of their hosts continued absence and most working 1-3 days a week or not all!
  • In the Hart of Texas
    Where is She ?
    Nichol .
  • LaraGen
    Alicia is Awesome
    Alicia Menendez is doing a fantastic job. She should have her own show everyday.
  • Bevlh
    Sorry, just can’t endure any more Alicia Menendez
    Is there no one else you can find to fill in for Nicole until she returns? I have tried to stick it out, but Alicia Menendez just doesn’t strike the right tone . Listening to Nicole is so relaxing; she talks with guests like they are discussing politics over dessert. Alicia is just too over-the-top; she tries too hard. I’m sorry to have to say this because I’m sure she has worked hard to keep the show going for all of us, but it’s not even close.
  • Contessa delle Sciolle
    Nicole Wallace
    Is she coming back or not? Why is she off the air?
  • cancellathon
    What the heck?
    February 15, 2024. I miss Nicolle, but I’ve gotten used to the various people who are subbing for her, and I’m grateful the show has been running with substitutes. I’m a American, living in South America, and I can’t access the show on TV, so I depend on the podcast. I’ve been waiting patiently for Nicolle to return, and her substitutes have been doing a great job, but yesterday, once again the show was cancelled. It’s bad enough that you NEVER announce when you decide to cancel the show randomly,. That’s just plain rude. Or is it that you think nobody cares about the podcast version of the show. Well the millions of us who live abroad certainly do. I waited well into the night for last night’s show, but it never dropped. Now this morning, I see that you have replaced every other MSNBC podcast that I regularly watch, when you cancel Deadline Whitehouse, with a “bonus”. I’m very sure that the bonus is worthwhile, and I might even watch it. But unless you remove the bonus later in the day, and run the usual programs including Deadline, what you have done is to make it impossible for me and every other expat to tune in to ANY of the regular news shows. I don’t know what your policy is, but if the bonus is on all the shows I watch, I won’t get any current events at all today, unless I leave MSNBC and seek the news at some other provider, like CNN, or - God Forbid - Fox. Have a HEART, MSNBC! You are being too mean to all of us who love you, but live and work outside the US!
  • cfpnh
    Where is the latest podcast? Need my Deadline Whitehouse!
    The show has been off the air for hours now and still not posted! I’m traveling abroad and can’t listen live. Been refreshing constantly to get my updates. Love the show but don’t leave me hanging like this!!!! Also please give everyone an update on when Nicole is returning. We all appreciate her time with her new baby…but we’d love to have her back asap.
  • Nicole093
    Maternity leave needs to be over
    This is my favorite show, I won’t take any stars away, and Alicia and Ali are amazing reporters. BUT, I have not listened in the last few weeks when I originally listened everyday. Im honestly interested in how many viewers and podcast listeners they may have lost. Again Ali and Alicia are wonderful. But not Nicole, also no descriptions of the episodes anymore? Just three line subjects? I get the new baby and needing to spend time but seriously it’s time to get back to work. It’s been months. So now Lawrence is my go to. Patiently waiting for Nicole’s return. Probably won’t listen until then. You’re screwing up. Come back Nicole we miss you!!!!!
  • Eviews
    Where is NW???
  • Leo XIII
    Political Comedy
    Hopefully trump gets re-elected and goes after everyone on this show. The absolute hatred of president Trump from Alicia and the gang is astounding and palpable. Line up the barges….Donald J Trump 2024 !!!
  • Boris&Gleb
    Missing Nicole!
    Alicia is great and I’m glad she has her own show, and I love Ali Velshi and Michael Steel , but Nicole has unique style and a lot of people miss her.
  • loveforthewin
    When is Nichole coming back?
    I love this show but it’s just not the same without Nichole unfortunately.
  • sc-biker
    Is Nicole *Ever* Returning?
    Miss her unique style and sarcasm. ##
  • Richnomore
    Great job.
    Love and miss Nicole. Alicia M. and others are doing just great!!!!!
  • Lucky8Luca
    National Treasure
    This country needs a lot more of Nicole and level-headed political leaders like her. People that look at all sides of an argument in an open minded and intelligent manner. Nicole is truly a treasure!
  • ApperUzr
    Not as enjoyable without the women
    Alicia Menendez is excellent and engaging. She listens to her guests and responds appropriately (as though she is thoroughly listening in order to properly interact, unlike some of the male anchors). I listen to the podcast every evening to catch up on the daily political news and the last thing I need as I’m trying to relax is some gruff, loud male hosting the show. It’s off putting. The days of Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite hard hitting the news are over. Nicole Wallace was THE BEST host. The show isn’t the same without her but if she can’t be there, please ditch the guys. The only reason I gave the show 4 stars is because Nicole Wallace is not hosting and you keep having gruff males, who don’t interact with the guests well, hosting. I miss Nicole but I understand why she must be on family leave. I truly hope she comes back because, I believe, a strong, authoritative woman better represents today’s demographic—Nicole Wallace and Alicia Menendez are better representatives. There are a plethora of men out there in the News arena, please give the women a chance. Nothing personal against the males, but there’s no reason to follow in the footsteps of Republicans and give the good spots to men. When women get the opportunities, they shine. Looking forward to having Nicole Wallace back. Perhaps you can let Alicia Menendez be her permanent fill-in until Nicole returns and when she must be out occasionally.
  • Dragonwings121
    Where's Nicole??
    Bring Charlie Sykes in until Nicole returns!
  • Loganfool
    Is Nicole coming back?
    Is Nicole coming back from maternity leave or is she going to stay home with that baby? Everybody’s standing in for her is excellent but it’s her show and I miss her.
  • jimmeek55
    Please bring back show notes
    I love the podcast but have limited time to listen. The show notes help me prioritize my MSNBC listening and having one word or one sentence in the show description is not helpful. Please bring back better show notes
  • G-Man Seattle
    I wish I had as much vacation time as Nicole…is she ever coming back? The show isn’t the same with the guest hosts
  • pacific eddie
    A real pro
    Alicia is wonderful! Enunciates every word, highly understandable and really understands the issues. A real pro, keep it up and one day, we’ll see you weekdays in one of these slots!
    Longtime follower. Thank you and your team Nicole for this show and being so brave. This country needs you to stand up and shout for us all. One bit of feedback: Please get a vocal coach to help Symone Sanders. Its very hard to ignore her raspy inhale. She needs to work on her technique. She is a good substitute for Nicole as her general vocal tone is pleasing and strong, but her repetitive harsh inhalation is awful. Her loud raspy air intake is very distracting and immediately makes me want to listen to something else. Thank you
  • gumbobaker
    Please Nicole
    We need Nicolle back. Just not the same show. Imagine watching the Merv Griffin Show with no Merv Griffin. How about sub host Bill Clinton.
  • mos dug
    Heilman: STOP TERRIFYING POTENTIAL JURORS! One can say “Be alert, be aware, keep the jury summons to yourself” but stop guaranteeing that jurors will be put in physical danger. You don’t need to prove how knowledgeable you are, or prove your predictive skills, you’ve heard the sound of your voice ad infinitum - terrifying jurors is by now interfering in the judicial process.
  • ElizaCost
    One sided reporting
    Listening to a man railing against Hamas for taking 10 month old child and rightly so. But where is the outrage for attacking hospitals and leaving NICU babies to die. Having worked in a hospital many years, I find the attacks by USA and proxy Israeli government against hospitals and ambulances to be despicable. Both sides do horrible things. But a war is being fought by one side who has the most powerful military in the world against a city smaller in size than Raleigh NC, where half the “combatants” are babies and children under 18. Gaza has been an occupied land for many years and Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Former President Carter and others have mentioned the apartheid. UNICEF has said 96% of all water in Gaza has not been fit for human consumption for years. In essence the people are being poisoned. There are 2 sides but Democracy Now! seems to be one of the few true press who tell the whole truth, not just one side for political reasons. I like the program usually, but do not like propaganda. Giving only one side is exactly that.
  • Hopfen und Malz
    Echo Chamber
    It could be worse but I just can’t stand to listen to this MSNBC borefest any longer. The head nodding and kowtow attitude toward israel is unacceptable. Such a shame.
  • Gerard0728
    Nicole Wallace
    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for your new addition to your wonderful family!
  • mert 08
    New baby !
    Congratulations Nicole and family!!! How beautiful!
  • Pseudotsuga
    Horrible commercials ruin an excellent program
    I really enjoy Nicole Wallace and her excellent guests. I always learn something. The program seems aimed at intelligent people. Why are the commercials targeted at morons? I try to skip them as fast as I can, but sometimes my hands are full. No program is worth enduring that much stupid.
  • Chichitex12
    My favorite podcast
    I watch Nicolle’s podcast everyday! Thank you for this platform.
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