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  • stixnstonez
    Has become too SEC focused
    I listened originally for the variety of teams focused on over the years in recruiting and everyday CFB world updates. I’ve been skipping recently due to these guys really just focusing on the SEC, which is ok. I’d rebrand it SEC Daily or southern daily - just don’t mislead the listener. I’ll listen to other podcasts that focus on the breadth of the sport, not just the southern portion that everyone has bias for.
  • BiggieBry
    Longhorn Trash
    It’s been 6 days (after a loss)?and the starstruck host still won’t stop saying how great TU is… Hard pass on this show.
  • MD Hemby
    Bonus Ad
    Waste of time, 90% commercials without Mark saying anything interesting!!
  • NDChamps2022
    Great podcast!
    Can’t beat this show when it comes to honest and accurate analysis. Go Irish!
  • cjstammmm
    Boiler UP
    Thank you for talking about Purdue! Boiler up!
  • KordR
    USC show 3/14/22
    I like the host, he asked great questions. Unfortunately the guest didn’t answer the questions very well, and didn’t give much insight into USC.
  • Tdon195
    UM HC Mario Crystal Meth is a joke, man!
    The tropical storms can spend as much as they want, and they’ll still be no better than mediocre. Gattis is totally overrated using a run dominate offense that was last successful in… 1990! UGA showed you the effectiveness of Gattis’s offense. Not impressed! Kevin Steele you’ve got to be kidding me! He can’t stay in one place long enough to know if he’s any good or just lucky! Mario, did less with more at Oregon than any coach in resent history, including Willie Taggart! LOl!!! CBS just trying to make Miami relevant! They haven’t been relevant for over 20 years. Pick another team CBS! Guess you’re prepping for your lose of the SEC TV contract. But, Miami! That’s really weak.
  • Heels in the Sand
    Coach Lake’s decision isn’t as bad as you stated. Advanced analytics suggest punting versus 4th down play in that situation is a toss-up.
  • dariggs
    Blake Brockermeyer
    I’m replacing my sound machine with Blake’s voice. G’night.
  • Dog Money
    Love this show
    On point info. I appreciate the daily updates.
  • Clark Harris III
    247 sports and CBS are the leaders in CFB pod content.
    Thanks for the hard work.
  • hmn1101
    Great Variety
    Really enjoy that they cover not only various teams, but they they also look at college football overall.
  • highkeyBlue
    Get Lance off the mic
    This show is a good daily listen, especially now that football is back! However they seem to be transitioning Lance from producer to host. He is terrible. It is hard to listen to Lance, mostly because he is uninformed. His opinions are worthless, so what is the point of listening to episodes when Lance is on the mic? He’s literally the difference between being a great CFB pod and insta-skipped.
  • Just_25
    Going to a preseason NFL game over week 0 encapsulates this pod
    If you’re looking for a super uninformed and equally dry podcast, this is the one for you. You can tell pretty easily this is just a job for Trey Scott
  • Dw7760
    Great podcast!
    Listen to the show every morning headed to work! Would love to hear something on Southern Miss. New coach with the determination to get USM battling back in the top of the group of 5 and not a gimme game for a power 5. Keep up the great work guys!
  • rcs109
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast, but stop bringing Brad Crawford on the show, he is hard to listen too
  • Joe in VA
    Knowledgeable and insightful!
    Thank you for being informative, enjoyable, on-topic and clean! As an alumni of both PSU (junior year student in 1982 with a national championship! Thanks for their update!) and Liberty…I would like to put a plug in for LU: #17 finish last year, beat VT, #30 preseason rank this year, potential first round pick in quarterback Willis, arguably one of the top twenty coaches in Freeze, Tennessee quarterback transfer Salter, etc. I appreciate your efforts!
  • elijah3895
    The bias is palpable
    Decent show, but the SEC and ACC bias is becoming a bit much. Try spreading the love fellas. You have listeners that like a lot of different conferences.
  • EMAWrica
    Awesome Pod
    Thanks for doing the pod, I listen to this one and all the other 247 college football pods as often as I can. Im a huge Kstate fan and rarely hear us mentioned nationally (on this pod or others). Since the late 90s, Kstate has had a #1 ranking in the BCS and has had seven 11 win seasons. In the wake of the OU/ UT conversation, and in light of you guys wanting to have an episode on all the P5 programs, I was hoping you could put together a Kstate episode and get us some national publicity. Thanks again for the pod!
  • Sam2U8E4L
    Get the names right please
    Decent podcast but they consistently get highly ranked players names wrong. Especially from conferences that aren’t sec. it’s literally their job and it’s not hard with their recourses to figure out the player names. I don’t know if they are lazy or incompetent. Why would people care about what they have to say when they don’t even know player names or even basic depth chart positions. Overall they cover a breadth okay enough but if you are looking for quality takes on specific teams or conferences check out someone else. Josh pate for example.
  • Ricky_The_Gator_Guy
    Florida Will Beat Bama in Week 3
    Call me crazy but this is the year of the homefield advantage. Florida will be better this year than last year. instagram @thatonerickykid if you feel the need to dispute or bet on it. But I am 1000% positive that Florida will beat Alabama in the swamp. No doubt
  • NateBene
    Keep your vaccination opinions to yourselves.
  • Emilio239
    Conference Projected Order of Finish
    One of the best college football pods! Super in depth content and always accurate. Would love to hear the 2021 projected order of finish per conference with Brandon Marcello again.
  • Professor Football (JGNC)
    12 Team Playoff and Notre Dame???
    You can thank me for the content. Doesn’t look like Notre Dame can ever qualify for a first round with the new proposal. #Professor_Football
  • 5_0_3
    Listen to every episode! Love the PAC 12 talk. Hopefully they can recreate some of this magic in football and finally get some respect in both sports! Pay attention y’all! Love the show!
  • Stamps23
    Boo to Cinderella’s
    I’m totally with Trey. It’s fun to see a couple early but once we get to the real rounds I want all the blue bloods. Complete same mindset with football. Great pod guys!! Love the content!
  • cfb11111111111
    Consistently filling in the blanks
    The real scoop on college football. Used a lot of experts from 247
  • Cryptonbarton
    Only podcast putting content put like this rain or shine
  • Grant TAMU CO 2022
    Great Podcast
    Covers breaking news and stories within college football accurately and is enjoyable to listen too. As with a lot of things college football, it can have a tendency to focus on the current (and seemingly perennial) powers but nevertheless a great listen. Trey if you’re reading this you guys should do a podcast in what Jimbo is doing with the Aggies after the championship news settles down. Thanks for the great work. I look forward to it every day.
  • richieb812
    Gone down hill
    This show was good. But over the last 2 seasons this show has really fallen. They have become extremely bias. Super unfortunate and It’s time to stop listening.
  • statedept1515
    Trey does a very solid job with this podcast and they deserve 5 stars, but not until the tech boys can figure out the audio levels. The shows are very quiet with the exception of intro music and commercials which blow your ears off.
  • 11 warriors Steve
    Should be called SEC daily
    This show is ok, but the bias for the South, especially the SEC invalidates the show as a national show about CFB. It would be better if they just focused on the SEC and ACC. Those are 2 conferences they care about
  • granitefamily
    Pod Topic
    With Illinois and Wisconsin kicking off the B1G season next Friday night, you should do an episode previewing that game maybe on Thursday.
  • doober 05
    Big 12 Homer
    At least FSU beat their FCS opponent! Lol big 12 couldn’t beat theirs, then proceed to beat the big 12 favorites. This pod has a real problem with homerism.
  • NCND82
    Cotton Bowl
    The Cotton Bowl hasn’t been a SEC/Big 12 bowl since 2014. It’s a NY6 bowl! Come on 247! Don’t y’all get paid to know this?!?!
  • Tylo 12
    Good job
    Love the show. Thank you for your politically unbiased coverage of sports
  • stevo5398
    Good content that keeps you up to date. Not too long and straight to the point
  • JohnZarrilli
    Thank you!
    Concise and to the point.
  • Cdsneak
    Just an Opinion
    “Great reporting bringing this (controversial and not entirely vetted) story to light” - (from the CSU episode from today) The COVID “coverage” on this podcast has been incessant, reactionary, and wearying.
  • dachosn1
    Great Pod
    I listen daily.. I love the insight.. Keep up the good work!!!
  • hi025
    Awesome show
    Really enjoy the quick snapshots of college football each day. Could we get some Arizona State talk? Thoughts on their 2021 class so far and who are going to be the main targets in the 2022 class? Thanks guys!
  • Vanmorrissey
    Quit crying
    Every time an unprofessional cry baby asks, give us your 5 star review, we need it for visibility, I will automatically give one star, at most. Cry about someone posting 4 stars due to audio quality in a pandemic, but telling listeners we need 5 stars is dishonest and unprofessional. Listeners give what they feel is deserved, period, we don’t need anyone such as a host to beg so they can increase ratings. Grow up. If you deserve it willing to give it but don’t tell me how to rate it.
  • VandyFan87
    Great CFB Pod
    Would love to hear a pod on the state of Vanderbilt football. What does it take to get the program back to the level James Franklin built it to?
  • NegativeNegative
    Content: fine... Knowledge: very good... Sound quality: If the ‘s’ gets any sharper when you guys speak dogs are gonna revolt in any neighborhood the pod is played.
  • JRs BBQ
    Scratching the CFB itch
    Good source for news from around the country
  • peytonjwils
    Thanks trey
    Thanks for keeping the pods coming in a daily basis love all the topics. Go Dawgs
  • Krismbla
    Thank you
    My name is Dr. Kristian Black, I’m a recent graduate from medical school and this was amazing. I’m also a 27 year old black man and former athlete. In my field, one that revolves around the daily conversation of life and death, discussing the death of George Floyd, can be paradoxically difficult. I would assume there’s no paradox that discussing black human rights would not being popular on a college football podcast—and regardless you dedicated a pod to it. Thank you ❤️. I listen everyday and other than the amazing succinct, college football content, your awareness and commitment to justice is now on the list.
  • Tee C 1
    Who are the Innovators?
    I recently listened to a podcast that you and Chris Hummer recorded last year about Matt Rhule and his numbers based/analytics approach which allowed his team to be competitive. I was fascinated with that episode because it transcends sports and his approach could also be applied in business regardless of the industry. It would be great to know: 1. Who else in coaching/recruiting is moving the profession forward with some sort of innovation?(scheme, analytics, sports science, recruiting etc) 2. What are these individuals or programs doing that is outside the box? 3. How is it going to payoff in the future? This has become the podcast that I look forward to daily. You and your guest do an amazing job!!!
  • just ket me post a review
    Love the show
    And I love the idea of taking story suggestions in the reviews, so here’s one LSU won a national championship in 2019 largely in part because of the work of two innovative up-and-coming young assistants in Dave Aranda and Joe Brady, after both coaches moved on to bigger positions in other places LSU replaces them with two older guys with former head coaching experience How do the relative merits of experience and knowledge compare to those of youth and creativity when you’re talking about coaches? Teams often succeed by riding the wave of a young coach with a creative new scheme, but is success more sustainable when it can rely on a wealth of experience to guide it instead? Thanks, again I love the podcast, keep up the good work
  • MrBelvedereFan
    Excellent CFB Podcast
    Very measured, intelligent discussion about any subject you can think of in the world of college football. Feels more journalistic and less about excitability and emotion than almost every other podcast covering the sport. Has an NPR quality to it, and I mean that in the best way.
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