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For over forty years Jim Ross has been the Voice of Wrestling. From starting as referee in the regional territories to becoming the Executive Vice President for WWE, nobody has a story quite like Jim Ross. From recruiting and hiring some of the biggest superstars in the industry to providing the soundtrack for the most important moments in wrestling history, "Good Ole JR" was there for it all. Join us every Thursday morning as Conrad Thompson grills JR like you've never heard before, uncut and uncensored!

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  • Good God He Killed
    Please use the cough button
  • gsr852
    Jim Ross is a legend. Conrad Thompson Is Podcast Poison
    Jim Ross is still a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate hearing his stories and observations on professional wrestling. Having listened to several episodes, my problem is with his co-host Conrad Thompson. All Conrad does is quote from the same wrestling newsletter writer over and over again to get his information, and then asks Jim Ross to comment. If Thompson is so enamored with the words of this particular dirt sheet writer, give him a podcast of his own. I’m sorry to say that I am just not a fan of Conrad’s personality or what he brings (or better put) doesn’t bring to this podcast. I would much prefer Jim Ross flying solo, or with a decent co-host. Sorry Mr. Ross. Such a waste of a true wrestling treasure! Btw, I know the bills have to be paid, but I have NEVER listened to a podcast with so many ads. It’s a joke!
  • Brian The Flying Squirrel
    Ads Ads Ads
    My complaint is how the ads are spread out. JR might be in the middle of a sentence and just cuts to an ad. You want to use the sponsors of the show, but I tend to avoid the companies because I find the ads and the placement very annoying not to mention, garbage products.
  • Ryan Lucchesi
    WWE Developmental
    The latest episode on WWE Developmental was a good one. Really enjoyed it.
  • Bryce Goddard
    Not sure anymore
    Love JR and Connie but the constant ads combined with JR phoning it in every show as well as at least one megasode per month kinda show where the podcast empire is these days. The only one who seems like he cares anymore is Eric.
  • JcVega101
    Real fun and interesting show hearing some behind the scene stories from good ol JR
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
    So many lies
    Jim is almost as FAT as his lies.
  • TopherJames5
    Used to be enjoyable
    This pod used to be super enjoyable but with Paul’s mediocrity and zero charisma now hosting, combined with JR’s griping, it has made this show a weekly skip
  • JoeyBagofDonuts1991
    Love this pod!
    JR does a great job on this show.
  • AudioConsumer
    Wrestling stories from someone who lived it
    Jim Ross, the man behind the mic, has been in wrestling forever and the podcast proves it. Hundreds or amazing stories from a guy who knows the business like the inside of his signature cowboy hat. Grab a bottle of BBQ sauce and let’s grill JR! Download, listen and enjoy!! @Robert_Negoesco
  • brianjets
    Very entertaining. Current/past wrestling info.
  • caligamer1976
    Can’t stand the constant complaining
    Maybe he thinks it’s entertaining but JR’s constant griping isn’t enjoyable.
  • Valley Skin 818
    Too many adds ruined a home run
    Huge JR fan But too much is too much. Even if you gave this 5 stars would you be happy with an hour of solid commercials and hidden somewhere in the middle is five minutes of a JR story? I know people gotta eat but ads prevent me from listening.
  • Blakpoppa
    Finally a episode of Grilling JR without Paul Bromwell. Thank You Lord!
  • katieisdumpin
    Bischoff + JR = Gold
    Conrad please do more of these episodes. Having both of these guys share similar experiences is top notch. Truly the best episode from the kingdom.
  • Howie Feltersnatch 69
    Skipping this week
    Oh no, Paul is the cohost again this week. See you when Conrad comes back.
  • hoyt man 1
    I really used to enjoy the show but Jr has turned into a grouchy person who can’t go an episode without mentioning something political. I don’t even bothering listening if Paul is a cohost.
  • this show used to be good
    Ole jr is your typical whinny liberal
    Yeah jr how’s your boy brandon doing? FJB and FJR.
  • BIG💶
    Paul is the worst.
    This is a 5 star show with Conrad and JR. But the show with Paul is unbearable. Even JR sounds annoyed with him most of the time. Please find a better fill in for Conrad please!
  • B.. Miller
    Not a fan of Paul
    Nothing personal against Paul, I know he helps Conrad out with a lot of things, and that is great, but in my opinion guest hosting should not be one of them. When I see Paul's name listed as the host in the description, I skip that episode. The show is very difficult to get through when he hosts so I have just given up trying. Conrad,, I know you have 856 shows a week going on (I love them all) and it's hard to be on all of them every single week. I'd rather just miss a week than have to listen to Paul. I appreciate everything Paul and others do for all the shows that we the listeners do not see but please, if a new show is not possible, just repost an old Ask JR or something, or maybe let JR freestyle the way he did on his old podcast. Love the show, just not crazy about the guest host.
  • Jsuits23
    Too many ads every 5 minutes
    All about the money for Conrad
  • puffy0365
    By The Way
    This show give you a real deep in deep look at some of our wrestling moments, wrestlers, and just overall dope perspective into the world of wrestling. Oh by the way this show is dope👍🏾
    Thank you Conrad & JR for giving us a great show every week! Paul when you get tagged in you do a great job! Every cry baby that keeps complaining about “SOOOO MANY ADS” there’s this thing called “Ad Free Shows” Keep Up The Great Work!!!!
  • RickRee11
    Please stop
    If Conrad isn't available stop using the other guy. I've given him a shot twice and had to turn it off both times. He's unbearable.
  • D47483
    More ads than actual show
    The first 6 minutes of the show I listened to was ads. Then they plugged a live show they were going to do in the future for several minutes. Next they spoke about the actual topic for about 5 minutes and then they went into the ads again.
  • Thrillhills3
    I listen for Conrad too
    Conrad and JR have the chemistry that makes the show work. I’ve tried listening to many shows with Paul hosting and it just doesn’t work for me. I remove the download and mark as played each episode Paul hosts. Paul is “channel changer jones” for me.
  • coopmanjones23
    So. Many. Ads.
    Jesus Christ the ads are never ending!!! The podcast is good but my God the ads never end.
  • Old Man Mesa
    Toxic Beta Moneygrab
    Conrad is great. Paul is under-appreciated. Jim Ross is easily the least entertaining, least likeable host on Ad Free Shows. Even when he provides the insight for which we’re listening, he makes sure to bury the insight deep in the steaming turds of product placement, disingenuous virtue signaling, and contempt in every direction except those he can monetize. I found myself having to find a reason to listen after the allure of nostalgia dissipated.
  • Bobby Shags
    Bring Back Conrad
    Paul just doesn’t have the charisma or enthusiasm that Conrad does. If you listen carefully, Paul seems to ask ridiculous questions and JR tends to give sarcastic responses back because I think he realizes they are stupid questions.
  • Oscar818U
    Use to look forward to this show every Thursday but now. It’s no good no more the new guy just don’t work for me. 👎🏻👎🏻
  • signed John Wayne
    I’ve listened to other Podcasts portraying Jim as thinking highly of himself. Now that I’ve listened to him for months, it’s true. Done listening to jim loving and feeling sorry for jim
  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    Remember when WWE advertised the Network on the ring apron? The product felt secondary to the revenue. Kind of like that for my ears.
  • MrMcDingle
    Non stop commercials
    This show was really good. Now it’s nothing but commercials
  • asshat605
    It’s not Paul’s fault...the guys just lack any enthusiasm when it’s not Conrad aka the guy cutting the checks.
  • fiendwith3 Ds
    Stop Paul’s Push
    Paul is not good at hosting , stale uninteresting conversations and just lack of chemistry with all the cohosts(especially JR) make him insufferable
  • @levihasarrived
    This podcast is a solid listen for those that love wrestling and JR. JR has a pretty unbiased recall in most instances and gives pretty honest assessments of events of the past. Where I get lost is when they’ll start the podcast off and JR goes off on people who criticize him online, sometimes fairly. JR comes across as bitter and resentful. And I get it, wrestling fans online are the absolute WORST. But we all know that, so why pay it any attention? Also, JR is extremely horny and is not shy about it, so that’s always awkward and weird, but other than that, love JR and you could just listen to him talk forever.
  • Was free
    Where’s Conrad?
    Love the show and listen regularly but I miss Conrad! That is all
  • KlayD0ugh
    Love Jr. Conrad stop the ads
    Jr is the best and tells it like it is with truth and integrity. I respect Conrad for his vast knowledge of the business but the ads and constant plugs for his mortgage business is so pushy and too much other than that. 5 stars for the best announcer of ALL time and the voice of my childhood. Mr Jim Ross. Heavy on the mister
  • Aaron yox
    I live in Oklahoma City
    Love this podcast my name is Aaron huge wrestling fan also live in oklahoma
  • Quality > Quantity
    5 stars
    Buy Qubits Toy for your kids for the holidays. Made in NC Created by USAF Veteran Better than Lego
  • Giuseppe Campo
    Really good! Please do a Gorilla Monsoon episode or two!
    JR, Can you please do a full episode or two on Gorilla Monsoon? Will you stop!
  • stevedigi
    Change Podcast Name to The AEW Weekly Review
    As a lapsed fan, I enjoy the stories of Mid South/WCW/WWE but please stop shilling AEW. At least Bruce makes it a point not to discuss current content.
  • deadbolt666
    Love this show!
    Always enjoyed JR through out the years…entertaining! Easy listening with just the right amount of ads.
  • BDRecruiter
    Cranky JR
    A slightly more agreeable version of Jim Cornette.
  • Puerto Rican Demon
    Conrad the King of the Ad
    Just like all of Conrad’s podcasts it’s riddled with ads. Instead of having a couple blocks here and there it’s broken up with an ad like every 6 minutes.
  • Quatro44
    History at its best!
    Often times learning about the history of anything can be a taxing affair. Walking through wrestling history with JR and Conrad has been a real treat. Conrad does excellent research and his knowledge about the business really helps bring the right questions to open the doors of JR’s memory. If you’re a fan and you like a little inside baseball about the business this is an excellent listen.
  • anickname777
    Great podcast but…
    Great podcast - but Conrad- give the year about 5 times more than you do! You’ll name dates sometimes without the year and skip thru multiple years without stating it. You’re taking us on a journey back in time - let us know where we are!
  • wickts
    Constant ad breaks
    Too bad since the content might be interesting
  • Rexcranium
    Grilling JR
    Always great listening to Grilling JR. JR has amazing stories and of course Conrad is great as always!
  • phishguts101
    2 white meat baby faces
    Conrad keeping it going with JR. great duo and great insight
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