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Welcome to the Joel Osteen Daily Podcast. Joel & Victoria Osteen inspire people to reach their dreams, find fresh beginnings and live their best life. Both he and Victoria live in Houston, TX. Visit Joel’s website at 

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  • houndje
    Thank you! 🙏🏾
    Growing up my mom used to tell me and my siblings that salvation is personal and at first I didn’t understand but I do now. People will say what they want to say about this Man but only God knows he does behind closed doors. So I am not here to judge him but I’m here because the words that he speaks bring me comfort. I’m not doing this because anyone forced me but I’m doing it at my own volition. So those of you who feel the same way don’t let don’t negative comments chase you away. People will be people but at the end of the day, what matters is the personal relationship you have with God.
  • Franklin_Graham
    Joel Osteen is a FALSE teacher. Closer to a new spiritualist than a Christian. Watch American Gospel before listening to his false teachings. Or better yet, watch American Gospel and don’t listen to him at all.
  • kimquiat
    Listening to Joel and Victoria brings peace. And a good slap upside the head for those of us who have gotten so cynical in this self-centered world we live I.
  • Tjkusmc
    Another charlatan duping people and making millions off of his imaginary friend.
  • CoolBreeze2021
    This word is on fire🔥
    This word is on 🔥 This is so speaking to me on family issues. This was no coincidence that I found this episode. God is good.
  • Jenmks
    Life saving
    Thank you for what you do♥️
  • irinanikole
    A lamp in the darkness.
    Don’t stay in darkness.
  • bubezleeb
    I just came across this and I’m not very religious, but this is exactly what I needed. I heard the ad for it and its such a positive message that vibe with how I think. I need more of this in my life to balance out the rest of the noise. It’s so nice to have this at no cost, Thank you so much!
  • gdsgrce
    Truth is truth
    I was brought back to my father in heaven and my savior Jesus Christ! Through Joel Osteen! He may not preach like this preacher or that preacher! But he’s not supposed to! God ordained him to speak in the way he does so he reaches out to the people that he has and will! Just like God has made each of us uniquely different and he approved each one of us! God made Pastor Joel to spread the GOOD WORD AND GOSPEL And Souls are being saved! And that’s what Jesus Christ wanted for his disciples to do! His messages are always positive and encouraging to live a positive attitude towards a Christian life and have a personal relationship with Christ! What he quotes from the Bible is correct! I actually find it quite hard to follow a sermon that is constantly being read from the Bible! I need to hear some scripture to parallel things to today’s living but I need to hear how to live in today’s society with the mind that Christ Jesus had and that God’s word is still working today like back before. Thank you for Joel Osteen ministry
  • Yes🙏🏽
    only Joel please this channel
    Can’t Victoria have her own podcast I just don’t like her voice tune and the way she preach she just don’t sounds like a preacher more like a demanding teacher hehe I just like Joel lateen motivational preach not Victoria and it’s mix up on the play list I have to next if it’s he’s wife please change the channel can’t mix them both some people only wanna listen one of them not both of them together just my opinion.
  • brandon - 1:27
    Go elsewhere
    The Gospel Coalition podcast would be a much better use of your time than this guy.
  • PodHost1
    A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
    Mr. Osteen is leading people away from God. Stay away
  • Megann120
    Simple man
    Joel’s podcast is a simple man with simpler platitudes. If you’re listening to it, you can do better for yourself. Be better than contributing to this sad mans media empire.
  • mifapa
    Encouraging Messages of Hope
    God bless Joel Osteen! Everytime I listen to a message from Joel I feel an encouragement and refreshement in my soul. Throughout the Bible we read stories about God moving in extrordinary ways in peoples lives who had great faith. People who reached the fullness of their destiny and the promises God had in store for them with faith and hope. That is precisely what Joel preaches about: God's faithfulness and how we have to trust God that He is the only one who can make our dreams come true and give us the desires of our heart. As it is beautifully writen in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Joel, keep inspiring people to reach the fullness of their dreams and destiny and to dare to believe and hope in God to help them achieve it.
  • Libb11
    I will no longer be supporting nor listening to this greedy family.
    So disappointed in this family.
  • BryanjBlock
    Misleading people
    I have no idea how you sleep at night.
  • Infern08
    The other half is missing.
    I don’t know what his approach to the gospel is exactly, because I haven’t heard him very much, so I won’t even mention that. He and people like him say that God will always bring his followers good things (pointing, of course to their mansions, Lamborghinis, and yachts to prove it). However, the other half is missing. They love to quote Philippians 4:13, but ignore 4:12: “I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.”
  • Busy NYC mom
    Get rid of the ads...especially Bud Light
    I love the podcast and listen to it several times a week for inspiration and connection to the word of God. I am however incredibly annoyed at the addition of sponsored ads. When trying to connect to the word of God, I don’t want JCPenny interrupting my connection and indefinitely don’t want to conclude with a message from Bud Light.
  • England Jewelers
    Amazing messages
    I have been listening since 2012. I have a half hour drive to work each day. I arrive at work a better person and come home as a better husband. I listen to two podcasts a day. I wish one day I could thank Joel in person. He has opened my eyes on how amazing or God is. I have some amazing stories I wish to share with Joel one day. We all have gatekeepers in our life that puts us back on the right path Joel Osteen is one of mine.
  • ᗰᖇᔕᗰᗩKIᑎᗰOᐯEᘔ
    I was at my dark place n my soul wen I turned to Joel’s podcast
    I am 40 years old and I have 2 kids .. so be 23... one 15 who beat brain cancer. Amen.. I am now caring for my grandma who’s 86 an on hospice. She has 3 kids.. but she chose me to ask.. Will care for me till hod brings me home... I was so flattered that my granny’s who taught ME MY LIFE SKILLS and slept on tha living room flor for her kids to sleep n bed rooms ... CHOOSE ME, I realized that I have a strength that is Devine , that I was chosen , not her boyfriend of 30 yrs or any of her 3 kids . Me Thank you Joel for everything you do 🙏🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼🛐
  • brollers757
    What a cool guy
    Joel does not follow proto he does not try it out and he definitely does not feather it Joel has the lowest hanging jeans of all time he is how ever a super cool guy!
  • The Lord is God 7
    Come on!!
    It’s not real Christianity but fake. He is out for you money, so watch out
  • @paralyzedcop
    “EASY” Mr. Osteen is just easy on my ears, heart and mind. Mr. Osteen is always clear and easy to listen to. I love his stories and how he says them. He reminds me of James Stewart so much! Thanks for everything sir, Bill
  • kettlemann
    So grateful for daily instead of weekly! 😃
  • kang_kang95
    I love this podcast! I listen to every single episode! This is how I start my days off and these messages really help me out a lot and help me look at life differently! Thank you Joel, Victoria, and Jonathan!
  • ABug😬
    Thank you Joel and Victoria
    Your messages help my mind and spirit come together. I am encouraged by the powerful positive words, tools suggested. Reminders of the unlimited blessings that await us, if our hearts are truly for God. I have always felt our lords presence over my life, I am late to practicing my faith. It’s been a long journey of many seasons of healing, believing, actively showing gratitude and worshiping God. I am so grateful these podcast allow me to Shift my negative mindset to positive. As quickly as drive home/work or while completing a task. Joel Osteen May not do it for everyone, I Thank God that he does it for me...... my spirit , light, and hope burn brighter because of you!!! ❤️
  • helto78
    I’ve listened 2 Joel for 10years, Jesus uses Joel to speak a positive message to those that need encouragement, life isn’t perfect all the time, walking in turmoil everyone need a encouraging voice backing them. My mother just died in may 2020 my father died February 2006. My Heavenly Father Jesus is always my biggest encouragement to stay faithful. I’ve drawn close to Jesus lately. Stay in faith and love hard.
  • cold ed
    Thanks to Joel and the word
    Jesus and Joel have picked me up off the floor again and again.chance after chance ,loss after loss. I see Joel as a translator and friend.he has made it lots more easy to walk down these “challenging “ roads we call life. Peace to you all from Dallas Texas.
  • Bull_4
    Have Faith
    I’m a True Christian for many years, and each time I have a hard time for many years Joel’s messages have helped me out. This is for real Born Again Christian and everyone else too. God Bless Joel and his whole family forever. Amen. (PSS... For all those Christians that say he is not a good preacher or to read your bible more. I do and Joel never says anything that not from the Bible your just not willing to see how the Bible can be used in a way to motivate people more than just knowing the Bible. Yes Joel not a typical “hell and brim fire preacher, but nothing he says isn’t taught in the Bible.)
  • okclancy
    Thank You
    I was driving a while back and felt something was missing in my life and the I ran across Joel osteen on my sirusxm I stopped and listened What a positive and uplifting message. It has been three months now and I can’t stop listening. Thank You Pastor Joel.
  • james-kelley
    Probably don’t listen to this
    May I recommend RC Sproul though
  • owen severne
    I am charismatic
    I’m a charismatic who’s shocked at the lack of biblical or evangelical content. Please try to stop preaching the prosperity gospel leading people astray, and REPENT.
  • khump3
    Prosperity gospel
    This is Garbage. Don’t fall for this, read your bibles and see what he teaches is a false gospel.
  • TyMannJ
    Great Inspiration for Todays Day
    Although I grew up and still attend LDS church, I find great inspiration and motivation thru Joels messages. Listen to him daily and find real solutions to fixing my modern day short comings.
  • Martina Campbell
    Thank you!
    I have had my whole mindset changed, my heart encouraged and hope reinstilled in my spirit. I grew up Christian but very negative. Thank you Osteens for continuing to lead us in following the God who is for us and not against us!
  • Softball dadeo
    With God All Things Are Possible
    I LOVE Joel’s podcasts! I listen at night when I can’t get my mind to rest. Listening to Joel brings me closer to GOD! I would give a 5 ⭐️ review but now they play ads and I can’t stand that as it breaks my meditation. Take away the ads.
  • Malama C
    Thank you for simplifying God’s Word
    As a new Christian many years ago, the simplicity of the messages inspired, motivated, and encouraged me. Thank you, I also found a Bible-based church and Bible Study Fellowship. May God continue to protect and bless you.
  • The desire of One
    I listen every morning
    I love Pastor Joel. After meeting him personally for dinner at his gathering for leaders, I seen He has a real heart for people and a heart for the local church. Not to mention his hope based, bible centered messages are the most encouraging teachings out there. I start my mornings after meditation with a message from Joel.
  • LilyRose80
    Applicable & Encouraging
    Pastor Osteen’s podcast gives you relevant Bible based truths that can be readily applied in your everyday life. It’s a jam packed 25-30 minutes of encouragement for new and veteran Christians.
  • AM@R!3
    You ALWAYS hit the topic I’m going through on Sunday Tv or Facebook live and podcast. Thank you so much Joel and Victoria and most of all Jesus Christ in the name of the Lord Amen!
  • Nelwyn T
    Grass in the Desert
    Joel always encourages me to be my best. We all go through difficulties but he inspires me every day to do Gods work and Keep the joy that only comes from knowing Jesus. Thank you Lord for Joel’s ministry.
  • Heydo616
    God is beautiful amazing
    Thanks to Joel Osteen I decide to follow God and became a Christian. I want to thank Joel Osteen for showing the path to God. God is beautiful amazing.
  • Max DeMarco
    A load of Hogwash
    God will not make your life easier if you are a Christian. That is the objective truth that is blatantly stated in the Gospel
  • Jeremiah Nichols
    A fake
    How can this man bring people to God if he does not first know the Lord or preach from His word?
  • TheBible1517
    The ‘cotton candy’ / prosperity gospel at its finest. God is for HIS glory. Not your riches.
  • Bigval109
    Focus on the word
    God will send who God will send . Let us focus on the word on the message that is being delivered not necessarily the messenger. God will send who God will send to deliver his word that we all need all the time. During these difficult and troubled times we need God to send us his word by whoever he choose. Let’s just focus on the word, the message, God’s teaching. You won’t have time to focus on the Messenger.
  • El_dorado_48
  • DenLMartin
    Motivational Speaker- Not a Pastor
    Joel is the most shallow pastor I have ever listened to. You listen to one of his podcasts you have basically heard them all. Every podcast is a repackaged version of assuring people of God’s imminent blessing and that their best days are right in front of them and everything is about to turn out amazing. What a quack!! Good motivational speaker but an absolute fraud as a pastor.
  • mama boone
    Joel Osteen has changed my life!!
    I first started listening to Joel several years back when my husband was a long haul truck driver. He was in the snowy mountains up in Canada and his truck broke down... I didn’t know when I would see him again or how he was going to get back to the states and I was lost. So I randomly bought Everyday’s a Friday. And I listened to it all the way through, then started it over. It got me through the 3 days I didn’t hear from my husband and suddenly when he walked in the door minutes before midnight on New Years Eve I was over the moon. And I kept listening to Joel, buying more books and just feeling my heart lighten. Right now I’m sitting in the NICU with my twin girls that were born at 30 weeks and I’m listening to Joel. Praying over my girls and I feel the room being filled with love and spirit! I know that God, through Joel will get me and my family through this hurdle too! 💕
  • AdamNo Eve
    This Man Saved My Life!
    Joel’s inspirational story telling is very digestible for the layman listener. Connects very well with my soul. Thank you Lord! God is good! He is a prophet!
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