Worst Seats in the House w/ Michael Russo & Anthony LaPanta - Minnesota Wild Podcast

Hockey #15

Michael Russo and Anthony LaPanta talk Minnesota Wild and the rest of the NHL

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  • TaylorBrett
    Like the Wild talk, not so much everything else
    I listen to all of Russo’s podcasts for insider info. Really wish he would make more straight from the source episodes instead of us hearing about LaPanta’s cooking.
  • thoaus
    The best wild podcast got better
    I’ve been listening for YEARS now. Russo quite simply is the best at what he does and wild fans are lucky to have him. In a way I miss souhan but the shift to Lepanta was definitely the right and fantastic move. Mike now has a legitimate hockey and wild mind to go back and forth with. Lepanta is around the team just as much and has a different perspective from mike and that’s a great thing. The reality is that dozens of other wild focused media outlets are really just fanlines of what Russo puts out. This is the main show - not to slight other shows.
  • They Marvel
    Love the insight on the wild and also what Russo and LaPanta are up to outside of hockey.
  • sharkie74
    My Wild go-to
    Love the hockey talk. Definitely don’t care about your golf game, though. Sorry.
  • Scott MN
    No hockey talk
    It takes them 12 minutes to start talking about the wild. Then after one minute of wild talk, they going to three minutes of commercials. I’m out.
  • LamerdeB52
    LaPanta is Good Russo Is Not
    As huge Wild fan I can’t consume enough content about the team. I always question why I listen to Russo so much though. On the shows he’s too negative and often just talks about the same topics every week. He’s also just too into name dropping...we get it you’re around a lot of people in hockey. I want to hear insight into how they are playing not just how much you hate Victor Rask for the 50th time. Also I find that he only reads questions from a few select listeners. Anthony on the other hand is great. He offers a solid point of view and often speaks more from a hockey mindset. I say if you’re a fan of the Wild listen to the show, but just realize you might need to fast forward a bit.
  • the trird
    Sam Iii
    Big Russo fan too, we’re lucky to have him as your best writer
  • Shuasolo
    Finally decent sound?!!
    It only took 287 episodes but this finally sounds like a semi-professional podcast. It’s sure nice to have it not sound like Russo isn’t recording in a bathroom with his laptop mic. Neve a good thing when the guests calling in sound better than the hosts. Content is always great, hope this sound quality keeps up.
  • NickasaurusRexx
    Great podcast that will annoy you at in some ways
    Big Russo fan, he has great insight and his hockey knowledge is almost unparalleled among beat writers. His life antics are funny as well. LaPanta has been an awesome addition to the show. Major upgrade from Souhan and far more inside hockey perspective. Covid specific gripes: My knock right now is that 75% of every episode has been covid related and I don’t think the disdain for the NHL’s handling of covid is fair. There’s a lot of complaining about NHL handling of covid vs. nfl. One problem: they’re literally incomparable. Starting with the simple fact the nfl has ONE GAME per week not to mention far larger rosters/flexibility, I really just think it’s nonsense to compare.
  • 200ftgame
    Awesome Wild
    With Russo and LaPanta teaming up, this podcast is fantastic. Insightful, behind the scenes info on the Wild and broader views that cover the league. Love the stories around being on the road and life as a player and as members of media.
  • Xx D Pad xX
    Souhan gone?
    Is Jim Souhan finally off of the show? Guy knows nothing about hockey and just interrupts Michael constantly just to let us know he covered the Vikings. He couldn’t pronounce a hockey players name right to save his life. Oh, and did his wife tell you that they spend their OWN money at twill? It seems like Lapanta is the co host with Michael now. Thank god!! They can actually have an intelligent conversation about hockey.
  • Mmmmmmmmneh
    Omg it’s commercials with occaional hockey
    I really want to hear about hockey (5 minutes of ads) ok here’s 4 minutes of bs (have I told you about these 4 minutes of ads) 4 minutes of wild news everyone already knows (3 minutes of ads) 4 minutes of hockey discussion (btw have I told you about these 4 minutes of ads?) Russo knows the wild souhan is there, and you get literally 10 minutes out of the hour in hockey talk. 30 minutes of ads and 20 minutes of nothing. I’m going to cancel my athletic subscription and stop listening here you’re paying double for russos thoughts, your money and your time.
  • mrloopdigga
    Bracks slacks ad
    I bet souhan isn’t very good at playing guitar but he’ll never miss an opp to tell you about how much gear he owns. Hate to be so negative but it’s corny. Russo is arrogant but love him still
  • zraskovich
    Great show!
    I’m always excited to see a new Russo-Souhan show is available for download. Incredible experience between the two writers and it makes for an awesome story time...especially when Souhan gets Russo to go on an epic rant! Great show guys I really love how you do this with the listeners who are able to attend.
  • chewychupap
    Gay house wife of Starbucks
    If you want to know why coffee shops are stereotyped as a hangout for gay men, this is a podcast for you.
  • derekdmartin
    Want to like but Souhan is bad
    I want to like this podcast so much! Russo is the best but Souhan ruins the show. I can’t take all the ads.
  • Twetz
    Brings me back to Minny
    Great show that is done with quality production. I live out of state now but still follow the team. The hosts are great and the regular people asking questions are starting to become part of the show. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Flying Sioux
    Penultimate Source For All Things Wild
    There is no better source for Wild news than Russo. It’s a must listen for any Wild fan. Yes, there will be some advertising, but it’s not overwhelming and advertising is what keeps great content like this free for the listener.
  • Bored with Souhan
    Souhan spends his OWN money
    40% advertisements, 20% inside jokes, 20% new information. Spend an hour listening for 12 minutes, give or take, of useful information that Russo just hasn’t published on the Athletic yet. Also, Jim Souhan’s wife is happy that Jim shops at Twill. Just listen and they’ll tell you 17 times over.
  • ZG from MN
    Russo is the ultimate insider for all things Wild, but this podcast has way to many plugs/commercials. Do yourself a favor and wait until the NHL season starts to listen.
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