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Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

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  • D.Gonz89
    My “Get Out of Debt” support group
    I started listening to Jen and Jill a few months ago and they instantly became part of my “get out of debt” support group. They are funny, practical and motivating. I look forward to their episode each week! Can’t wait to pay off some debt and submit my bill of the week lol
  • Ofytina
    Should be called Fabulous Frugal Friends
    Jen and Jill are absolutely fabulous! I love their witty and insightful comments on the worthwhile pursuit of simple, frugal living. They aren’t encouraging anyone to be cheap, they are encouraging us to live our best life while practicing mindful and frugal spending. I can’t get enough of this podcast!
  • Christielig
    I'm a long-term listener, and just love the show! Im also a proud member of Club BFF. Jen & Jill make frugality attainable and fun in the best way. Mostly, I love knowing that there are such lovely kindred spirits out there! Thank you for all you do!
  • Cakebread3
    Jen and Jill want you to succeed!
    Not only for Jen and Jill provide meaningful content in their podcast, they have many free resources for their listeners be successful with personal finances. There is also a Facebook community so that listeners help each other with frugal tips and home finances. Delivered in a light hearted manner, the podcast is entertaining and educational. Highly recommend!
  • ClassyD83
    Look forward to Fridays
    From budgeting to investing and smart shopping to thinking outside the box, these ladies cover it all. I really look forward to Fridays when I can hear a new episode. Thanks Jen and Jill for being down to earth, knowledgable, and relatable!
  • girlquick
    Must listen!
    I absolutely love these ladies. I look forward to all of their new episodes. My husband and I found ourselves in $37,000 of credit card debt. We have since been able to pay it off in a year, and listening to these podcasts have encouraged me to try and keep going forward with paying off our other debt as well. So many great ideas from them and their guests.
  • Cass_Zimm
    Amazing Relatable Podcast
    I love love love this podcast and look forward to every new podcast released. It brings me a sense of relief that I can tackle my financial health and that I am not alone. I have been learning so much through the podcasts and have been binging past episodes!
  • Vglen1417
    BEST podcast for values based living !
    Jen and Jill are fantastic hosts for this amazing podcast they highlights the best things about frugal living! The word “frugal” can have a bad connotation to it, but as someone who is naturally frugal and prefers simpler living, finding this podcast and this community has helped me solidify my values and has helped me live my life and embrace my frugality! The personal finance aspect also has helped me tremendously. Thanks Jen and Jill!
  • yearone829
    Very Helpful & valuable
    You ladies are a Godsend! I’m in my 50s and came up in the school of Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. I could never live by their rules. I’ve had mini depression bouts and self esteem battles from being unable to stick to a budget, pay off debt and save. It’s been a journey of successes and failure and lots of mental anguish. But listening to you two; especially your value based budget episode, I now have the language, the words that fit who I am! I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you. I just want to say thank you & keep it coming… I’m a huge fan! - - Be Well!
  • whitm085
    Ups and Downs
    From what I’ve listened to, this podcast has some great tips and some basic ones that are widely accessible on multiple platforms. I like the variety of topics. I dislike their mentioning of using Ramsey Solutions (there are way better, less shamey methods out there), disparaging/lamenting having to pay taxes (taxes are important), and not tipping service staff for to go orders (please, do not order out in any capacity if you don’t plan to tip). But overall, this is an informative and helpful podcast.
  • Allison 🤓
    Frugal Friends are my fav
    I have listened to every episode, and Jen & Jill consistently deliver quality ideas, inspiration, and motivation. They have great chemistry and offer real-life suggestions and share their authentic experiences without shame or judgment. This podcast helped me pay off thousands in credit card debt, reframe my money mindset, and set me on a path of mindful frugality and financial security. I look forward to listening to new episodes every Friday. These are the frugal friends you need in your life.
  • Taterbug on the Rug
    Fun, informative, and thought-provoking
    I love listening to Jen and Jill! Their chemistry is great, dialogue is thoughtful but not stiff, and I really just enjoy spending time with them. Great, approachable, thought-provoking content!
  • RyanEganLion
    Listen. Learn. Repeat.
    I love it. I do. Jen and Jill’s podcast is informative and fun. I can’t say for sure how I found them in this overpacked media hyped world but I did. I listen in the morning while walking my dog and I’m here to tell you I’ve never removed my headphones angry or sad. I’m far from a well muscled financial person so I appreciate their clarity, guest selection, and relevant episodes that matter to those of us surviving this experiment in capitalism. I haven’t only grown my financial literacy listening to these two, but I’m a better human too.
  • Ko2012
    Love it!
    Listening is like sitting down for lunch with your best girl friends and talking about frugal living! Love how you all discuss debt from different perspectives instead of just one method!
  • melindapjb
    Inspirational Money Podcast
    There’s a lot of good advice on lifestyle adjustments that I would not have come up on my own. The variety of topics always keeps me engaged.
  • marierv15
    Jen and Jill have taught me so much about finances through this podcast. They run the show and content in fun and digestible bites. I never get tired of listening to them.
  • bonjour_it's_me_charlotte
    Jen and Jill are frugal queens
    I’ve been listening to Jen and Jill for over a year and should have posted this review a long time ago. As a grad student on limited income, the golden nuggets of information in this podcast have been life changing over the past year. Also, most of my (real life) frugal friends are men so it is such a breath of fresh air to feel like I have frugal lady friends by listening to this podcast. Bravo ladies, and thank you for all the hard work that goes into making this podcast!
  • Melissa Wladischkin
    Relatable, Hilarious, and Informative
    Frugal Friends is more of a podcast, it’s a community. Jen and Jill have brought together so many like-minded individuals who all have similar goals. The podcast has motivated me to become a better person and has positively impacted my family and our future. I recommend Jen and Jill’s podcast to anyone looking for more tips on leading a frugal lifestyle and a brighter financial future!
  • Rebekoval
    A Long Time Coming...
    I've been listening to the Frugal Friends Podcast for over a year now. In that time I've learned myriad tips and tricks to save money and spend intentionally, and I've delved into topics I didn't immediately associate with living frugally, like developing a minimalist capsule wardrobe and regifting with purpose. When I start an episode with these women, I know I'm in capable and kind hands. Every insight is delivered with the compassion only experience can teach you, and I never feel like an idiot when it's clear I've made some huge mistakes. Instead of feeling defeated at the end of a show, I am energized and ready to take on my financial challenges. Thank you, Jen and Jill-- you've changed my life in some of the best ways possible.
  • Fkacita
    Self care episode
    I am running from one to do item to another. I feel like I need to get housework done before I can paint or go outside to enjoy the sun. Some weeks when I am busy I skip my golf league. I need to schedule and keep the time devoted to self care!
  • AnneRenee84
    Best advice ever
    This podcast is phenomenal! It is great for real life put to action tips! Love love love it! Check it out!
  • Jaymi Nelinson
    Amazing podcast!!!
    Jen & Jill are so inspiring and I learn so much from them both. They feel like close friends I’ve known for a long time and I look forward to when I have new episodes to listen to!!
  • BestBeYou
    Inspirational Podcast
    Jen and Jill has inspired me to take charge of my finances. I love all the frugal real life tips along with the community they have built to encourage and support all of our wins and fails.
  • Joni Hamera
    Casual personal finance conversations
    I like the flow and feel of the podcast. It’s educational with ease 💚
  • Drafthaus
    Content that Incan use in real life.
    I love listening to this podcast as they talk about topics that are relevant to my life. Keep on doing a great job!
  • Hoff456
    Great, informative podcast
    I love this podcast! The hosts are friendly and down to earth. I love their belief that being frugal should be fun! - Candace
  • Ahejeiiwiahed
    New listener and Loving It!
    I very recently started listening and so far the best thing I’ve learned about was the Frugal Friends Summit. I’m so glad I signed up because not only do I get to discover new people to be inspired by but watching Jill and Jen and interacting on line has increased my enjoyment of listening to their podcasts! Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Manateefriend
    Inspiring, Motivating, and fun to listen to!
    I started listening to Jen and Jill on the Frugal Friends podcast about 3 months ago. In that time, I have learned so much. Between debt payoff stories and guest speakers, I learn something new or get inspired by someone’s journey every time I listen. Fortunately, I don’t have student loan debt but I still felt like I was living paycheck to paycheck. Now I’m evaluating where all of my hard earned dollars go and I’m starting to make smart financial decisions for my future. Thank you for working so hard to make such a great resource available to all of us who listen!
  • LauraZurro
    Inspiring podcast!
    Jen and Jill do a fabulous job of inspiring new ways to look at debt, budgeting, and embracing frugality. If you haven’t checked it out yet what are you waiting for?!
  • Life of a Bay Area fan
    Great way to learn basics
    I don’t remember how I heard or found the podcast but I’m so happy I did. They put everything they talk about in simple terms that are easy to understand and are a great way to see that what works for you might not be what others are doing and that you can make it your own for what you need in the moment. I love that it’s an easy going podcast yet serious at the same time showing you can have fun on the journey
  • Hemmnes
    I love this podcast so much! Jen and Jill have given me great ideas and tidbits to apply to my own life and situation in every episode. I look forward to new episodes every week!
  • jbodtravels
    Running Out of Content
    I enjoyed the podcast at first but they are running out of content and keep replaying old episodes. This podcast is also mostly relevant to young married couples. They don’t do a great job talking about finances across the lifespan or topics specific to single people. The Facebook group has recently gone downhill and isn’t moderated well. Too many negative Nancies have joined.
  • Ogrejoel
    Motivational and fun!
    I love the accessible, fun way these ladies teach about finance and frugality. I laugh out loud during each episode and have learned so much. A new episode every Friday keeps me motivated and on-track with my financial goals.
  • alpine_emmy
    These ladies got me motivated!
    Thanks for the great podcast! I have been listening to all the episodes and trying to take action or at least notes on how to apply to my own debt free journey! I am ski instructor/Rec center instructor so I have to learn about irregular income, side hustling’, budging ect. Whilst I was already minimalist (by force of living in an expensive area) Jen & Jill have encouraged me to pursue creative new avenues to make sure I am financially advancing myself! Great energy and fun! Thanks again!
  • mmckale
    Frugal Friends is my favorite podcast - I love the range of subjects Jen and Jill cover and how they tie them all back to frugality. Even when I don’t think a particular subject is of interest to me, I end up getting something out of the episode. It’s smart, useful, and so much fun to listen to.
  • schubelc
    I love how accessible Jen and Jill make frugality. They have great tips and I feel like I’m hanging out with friends while listening. Thank you!
  • gdujdbbd
    So helpful!
    Love these ladies and the knowledge they provide listeners. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Five Stars!
  • Shejenneododbejdodneneo
    Changed my life!
    This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. I liked the IDEA of Dave Ramsey, but being that I am human, those ideals were admittedly hard to pull off. I needed the “happy medium” outlook. Now, I’m a work in progress, and I’m loving it! Doesn’t mean labeling myself a failure if I spend money, but surprisingly, this more lax look on life has made me MUCH less likely to splurge unnecessarily. My family is living a more affordable and eco friendly life that’s fueled by common sense and the love for healthy living. Thank you, ladies, for helping to improve the mindset of my entire household. God bless!
  • Karis.Lynn
    Good Information and Tips
    I always enjoy listening to the newest episode each week. Even if I think something doesn’t pertain to me, I still learn useful information and good tips.
  • megan@podcastingyou
    Valuable Content!
  • hudsonvalleymomif4
    Love them
    Thank you for your easy to listen to and encouraging podcast. I’m a wife and mom of 4 kids, ages 21-13. We have a lot of unplanned expenses with college and sports programs, but you help me to find ways to think ahead and plan better for these unexpected bills. Your fun and easy ideas help me to keep moving forward. Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the frugal summit!
  • PremedDiva
    I was terrified to open my eyes to finances in general. I am so thankful to you gals for opening my eyes and showing me it doesn’t have to be so scary. Prior to you guys I was blundering around blind to my mistakes and places to make gains. The episode in student debt actually relieved me of shame I had about my own debt. Thank you!
  • mkhelm
    Favorite podcast by far
    If you’re looking for all of the lessons in frugality and also want to laugh out loud, this is the podcast for you. I just joined the Frugal Friends Facebook community, too, and so far it seems great! Highly recommend this as chore time listening to make doing the dishes feel like a treat.
  • mcChicsgo
    Love Jen and Jill
    Wow this podcast accomplishes the impossible: talking about finances and making me feel motivated! I always love Jen and Jill’s content and their friendship is so lovely to listen to as well. Already can’t wait for the next episode!
  • teachingovertherainbow41
    Chatting with friends
    Quality information delivered in simple, digestible chunks. Perfect for anyone with a frugal mindset in finance, consumerism and environmental sustainability. These ladies bring it full circle. Jen’s finance background and Jill’s mental health background make this the perfect blend of actionable steps you can take to bring frugality into your life. Jen and Jill are relatable in a way that feels like my friends are chatting on our carpool to work in our paid off used car, drinking coffee we brought from home.
  • ckfvnfv
    The BEST!
    These women are great. They make a podcast that is smart, funny, authentic, relatable, helpful and kind. I work alone in my pottery studio and I look forward to my “Friday meeting” with Jen and Jill when the podcast drops. Even if the topic appears to be something that doesn’t pertain to me, I listen and learn something and absolutely enjoy the banter. Thanks!
  • Fashiongurl983
    I have enjoyed almost every single one of your episodes since i started listening to you. However i was going through some oldies and the eating out at restruants while still saving money episode made me loose all disrespect and admiration i had for you two ladies and any advice you give. SKIP THE TIP???!?! I am in this industry and when you order take out someone still had to plug in your order. Check it was correct. Box it up. Put it in a bag. Think to include any and all condiments necessary. Include utensils and napkins. Some restaurants make their employees pay for the cc usage fees. Some tax their servers sales. Some to go order takers have to tip out the kitchen or expo that helped your order come to life. So in these cases when you simply as you say SKIP THE TIP sometimes the employees actually pay for you to eat there. Some states people make less than 5.00 per hour. What is wrong with you? You cant afford to tip. You cant afford a restaurant. Togo or dine in. You dont need to do 20 percent but something! I hope this reaches you and you rethink these statements.
  • mikaylwjanelle3
    Frugal Community 💕
    Loads of good topics, energy and resources. I love listening to the Frugal Friends Podcast! I am 20 years old and still always connect with each episodes. Not only is it a great podcast but a great community, I have met and connected with so many people in their Facebook group and love being accompanied on my frugal journey.
  • ycrue
    Not good advice
    I teach financial strategies to people but I disagree with most of advice they gave about building credit scores. Under no circumstances people should not loan money just to build credit score. That’s how many people fall into debts that they can’t get out of. Don’t fall into the trap that’s set up by big banks! It makes me cringe! Agh!!! I was so excited to see women giving financial advice but I’m so disappointed!
  • Widgeon537190
    One of my favorite pods!
    Lots of good info in each podcast. They’ll take articles and give you the high points. I learned that you can negotiate bills (or use Billcutterz), buy food in season to save money, take used cars to a mechanic before you buy, and that you can save money at pawn shops by negotiating and paying cash. Also inspired me to finally get rid of most of the crap in my house including the 80% of clothes I never wear. Have made some nice profits on Facebook Marketplace.
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