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Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

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  • amAliceHannie7
    Thank you!!! 💛💸💰🤑
    Episode 236 I can so relate! Thank you so much for this episode! 💛💛💛
  • sumthyme
    I used to be such a fan
    I loved this show, but I have grown frustrated with them rereleasing episodes and the poor editing since they joined I heart Podcast. If I wanted to listen to an episode twice I would just go back to it.
  • Tiggety Fluff
    I find this podcast to be so fun and approachable- I liked it initially but it grew on me fast, and now I look forward to every new episode and have gone back and listened to past episodes as well. Jill and Jen are informative, fun, practical and smart- they project a warmth that make you feel like you’re sitting down and chatting over coffee. The fun structure changes it up, so it isn’t just one big long interview, which I love. Keep it up, ladies!
  • Lindsey Stanley
    Informative and fun
    Jen and Jill are a couple of my favorite humans. This podcast has provided immense value to my financial life!! These ladies are inspiring and empowering. They rock at explaining different topics in a way that is understandable and fun. Thanks for being my favorite podcast!!!
  • Ren17493016
    So, I stumbled upon this podcast just a few weeks ago due in part to my love for budgeting podcasts, and man, I wish I found it sooner! I’m binge-listening (is that a thing?) to these episodes like crazy and I can’t say enough good things! To add to the fun, I’m right down the road outside of Tampa! What are the odds?! It’s meant to be, right?! Thanks for such a great podcast, gals!
  • #Mamacita67
    You’re right. I can choose NOT to listen.
    You had me until your review of Dave Ramsey… Seriously, an “old, white man?” OMG. Why can’t we we even listen to a finance podcast without having to subjected to this kind of crap!!
  • JulNyh
    So encouraging in a real way!
    I really like the tips and the way this podcast makes frugality feel actually doable. The discussions are very applicable to every walk of life and the realness is refreshing. I come to this podcast when I need a little push to keep going on the minimalist path and then I don’t feel alone in the journey.
  • Ed-Prof
    Tried to like this…
    But like another reviewer mentioned, gory aren’t really sharing anything substantial. It is a lot of just comparing their lives to others. I listened to a couple of episodes and when they bring on guests, they always interject their own experiences rather than just letting the guest share their story. Example quotes: “that totally describes me! I do ….” And “when I was in your situation, I did this and felt like that…” Just wish they’d let the guest share their story without constantly interjecting it with their own. After a while, I just shut off the episode because I found this annoying. I tuned in to hear the guest, not so much the hosts during the guest podcasts!
  • Jnd41211
    Game changing, no shame approach to Personal Finances
    I am a podcast binger and this podcast is worth the binge! Jen and Jill encourages their community to choose frugality as a lifestyle rather than a temporary tool to save money; focusing on a balanced approach to financial freedom rather than sacrificing everything (time, family and friends, mental health etc) just to make that debt payoff date one year sooner. Bravo! I feel like I can finally say I have found “friends” that have the same mindset of stewardship as I do!
  • mmjjpainter
    Love Jen and Jill!
    I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and this is in my top three! I love the camaraderie between Jen and Jill, and it spills over to the audience— I feel like I’m a frugal friend, too!
  • Sexy_Beasty_Angel
    Frugal Fun
    Love listening to Jen and Jill! Practical advice that anyone can apply, plus lots of laughs and grace.
  • JampsJample
    Practical and encouraging
    I listen to every episode of this podcast and really enjoy these ladies. I find it encouraging and full of practical tips for helping me stay on course with my financial goals. Thanks Jen and Jill!
  • pflaumenguste
    Learning every day
    I found out about this delightful podcast from an invitation to join the Spending Symposium. The enthusiasm and knowledge of Jill and Jen encourages this middle-aged woman to change her ways! I’m addicted!
  • Tina652
    New listener
    Hi Friends, Just started listening love the podcast! Thank you! If you do home visits. Count me in! That’ll take care! Tina
  • ilovetheatre4
    Such a fun and informative podcast
    I love listening to all of the wisdom given in this show. The hosts are relatable and they keep it real. I love their yearly virtual conferences, too!
  • pinkluvr13
    Love Frugal Friends!
    Jen & Jill are such a dynamic and fun duo that make learning about frugality, money, and living life a lot more fun! I have learned so much from them and this is one of the only podcasts I listen to weekly and recommend to anyone looking for this type of content.
  • AnciGonz
    Love, love, love Frugal Friends
    I just started following Frugal Friends a couple of weeks ago, and I am hooked!! I love and appreciate all the information that is offered, and I am actively trying to adapt the habits of frugality that will allow me to live my best life. Thank you, Jen & Jill. So happy that you’ll be offering two podcasts a week!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • jSteaches
    Excellent advice!
    Practical tips for being frugal without feeling deprived.
  • IwannagotoHogwarts
    Totally relatable
    I truly love listening to this podcast. It’s sensible doable not-radical ways of thinking about money. It has rejuvenated my appreciation for what I have and the potential of what I can have.
  • keilitahh
    Learning galore!
    Love learning from Jen and Jill. Their realistic nonjudgmental approach is so relatable and empowering!
  • Ljohnt55
    I thought I’ve heard it all
    But I am loving the tips and new frugality tips I’m learning. I especially love the food and meal planning tips, which is my hardest. Also the resell and eBay’s tips, thank you! Great distinction between cheap and frugal. Keep going!
  • KariHybb
    Wow I’m obsessed!
    I discovered your podcast last week, and I can’t stop listening! Not only is your content and advice amazing, but you ladies are both so personable and have such life-giving personalities. I can tell you both have such a passion for the podcast, and it feels like having a conversation with friends whenever I listen. I am currently a college student and your advice is so fitting for my season in life. Thank you and God bless!
  • Truecrime Christie
    Thank you!
  • Alvinisagooddog
    Creativity over consumerism with Miranda Anderson
    I like this podcast in total but this episode felt tone deaf. Miranda seems to come from a very privileged life position: rich housewife with a husband and who works full time and a house in the suburbs. She says that “most people have enough” as if every person has the same budget to buy $500 worth of containers or has pantries full of supplies. She references Pinterest as if every mom or person points to that as the ideal. In general, she talks about creativity over consumerism from a highly privileged upper middle class white mom perspective. My recommendation: take some time to reflect on your own privilege and wealth. Why was it so easy for you to not spend $ for a year? Do other people have the excess you have? Do other moms have the luxury to stay home? In general I found this content pretty inaccessible.
  • Belleniente
    The life coaches I’m too cheap to pay for
    Jen and Jill’s podcast is helpful for everyday life, making finances down to earth. I appreciate the very easy to implement ideas, from inexpensive plants to spruce up your yard to grocery ideas. So often, their frugal ideas from swapping to skimping are also the *sustainable* choice, and I love that!!!
  • lbryant1
    A great way to start the day
    Love learning from The Frugal Friends. They have great wisdom and advice at the crossroads of frugality, minimalism, and person finance.
  • letmereviewit
    Can’t get enough!
    I listen to a TON of personal finance podcasts, but I have been binging Frugal Friends for a couple weeks now and is currently my favorite personal finance podcast. Just can’t get enough of these fun, frugal, finance ladies! And every time they go “pew, pew, pew” it brightens my whole day and puts a smile on my face. Such good advice and amazing guests.
  • Nancygaye
    I’m so happy I found a frugal podcast that is more than “make coffee at home” or bring your lunch to work”. So many things they suggest I have been doing for years which totally endears them to me. But I have learned a lot from them as well. Their chemistry is great and they’re really funny. I listen on the way to work. Keep the frugal tips coming!
  • Radio junkie IV
    Giggles and Nonsense
    I’ve listened to two podcasts of these two and won’t make time to listen to the third. They don’t offer any solid foundations on how to build wealth. They give opinions which they can do but it’s like taking advice from Girl Scouts. I listened to their bashing of Dave Ramsey and they made me realize that I need to listen to Dave instead of them. They laughed and joked that he is an old white man. Wow, there would be an outrage if the two made a similar statement about “an old black man.” Well, maybe there wouldn’t be an outage as these two girls our not relevant. They bashed Dave and said how he makes money from his endorsements and ELP’s, yet immediately after that they said that, they were trying to sell Capitalize. They said they provide facts, not opinions then a minute later they gave their opinions. Stay away from these girls from Glee Club.
  • Jessicat848739924793
    Upbeat Advice
    Jen and Jill are the perfect duo to not only pull you from your debt ridden slump, but they give you tons of advice to really start fighting your way out of whatever over spending you’ve been doing! Especially if you weren't aware of it. A treat to listen to every week!
  • KSnomad
    Frugal friends
    I enjoy this podcast so much! They make budgeting fun. I enjoy their guests too, learning lots from them.
  • jenyanoelle
    Funny AND frugal- a winning combo!
    Thank you Jen and Jill for so many episodes of practical, inspiring guidance on becoming and staying frugal. At its heart is the reminder that being frugal is not being cheap- it is about making conscientious and intentional financial decisions. Jill’s perspective as a social worker is a bonus for me as I try to convince my social worker husband that we could change our finances for the better, even on his salary. The other bonus? Laughing out loud as these two good friends crack jokes and get a little silly. Thanks ladies!
  • tori Delgado
    Audio issue
    The Dave Ramsey episode has really spotty audio as though it was chopped and priced back together.
  • Jaclynblair17
    Awesome non-judgmental, middle ground stance for finances!
    I have been into finance podcasts for the past 3 years or so. I’m an avid listener to Dave Ramsey because it keeps me motivated toward my goals. However, I randomly stumbled upon Frugal Friends episode “should you still be listening to Dave Ramsey?” I LOVED it! I loved their logical and mathematical approach to analyzing the baby steps. I felt that it was informational without bashing. And then they sold me at the “radical middle”. I have always found myself to not fit in with the sides and I felt right at home. They have gained a new follower. Highly recommend.
  • tired grad student
    Very Informative
    Great show. I’ve learned a ton on my binge listen journey. And a side note… I picked up the difference between the two immediately because Jen sounds just like Jenna Fischer. I’ve watched enough The Office to know that voice haha.
  • xwoz
    Waste of time
    They aren’t funny or fun. Give advice like ‘have freedom.’ They ramble on and on with no real content. Give a listen if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • cheez189
    Love this show!
    I recently stumbled on this show and have been bingeing it nonstop! Jen and Jill are fun, funny, and super informative. Really enjoying — and saving money!!
  • An upset yogi
    Jen and Jill are amazing (and the podcast is catchy)
    Love Jill and Jen. Their theme song is super catchy as is the bill of the week, the lighting round and the lovely ads. I frequently find myself singing along. Their message is also great and straightforward. Episode 201 (How to get identify manipulative advertising and marketing) also helped me identify that I fall prey to the nostalgia messaging in ads and products. Keep up the good work ladies!
  • Pilotswife94
    Great podcast!
    These girls are so informative and fun to listen to.. keep up the great tips! God Bless
  • Mary Ella :)
    So many great tips!
    Love this show :)
  • Jo Beth from Accouting
    Stop listening to these girls and listen to Dave Ramsey.
    Stop listening to these podcasters and listen to Dave Ramsey if you want true financial freedom.
  • jbone1125
    Decent listen
    Good show for women and beta males. Definitely a liberal bias. Not the show for me.
  • tmendell
    Realistic advice to help take on personal financial
    Great podcast for understanding and getting finances under control. Love Jill and Jen’s banter and humor!
  • Rosy journalism
    Relatable, informative, well-edited
    It's real talk about all the finance and frugality trends that cycle through our culture. I love the balanced conversation and the open-minded support of everyone wherever they are in their financial journey. These podcast episodes have a few different formats. Some are interviews, others are views of articles on a certain topic. I enjoy them all, as they are well-edited and hosted by two people with professional exchanges and voices. No useless banter, just fun, informative conversation.
  • chrisforChrist
    Bad Criticism On Ramsey
    Just a very strange way to critique Ramsey’s methodology. Came across biased and subjective. Tons of personal opinions and no evidence or time-proven strategy/ research to support their advice. I feel like podcast episodes like this do more harm than good for your platform.
  • Lindsey Ruiz
    Obsessed in 2022
    I LOVE this podcast. I’ve just recently started listening while on my journey to save money to buy a home as a single mom. I’ve learned so many things while creating my identity as a “frugal friend.” This is not just a podcast, it’s a supportive community! The structure of the show is genius. I can pick and choose what I want to learn more about, and feel connected by the specifics of that particular journey. Thanks so much ladies! ♥️ EDIT TO MY REVIEW: The negative comments here are insanely similar. If you don’t want a friendly, fun podcast, look elsewhere! One of the reasons I love this podcast IS because of the fun back-and-forth! Feels like I’m hanging out with a couple of friends…ya know, like the title of the podcasts predicts… 😎
  • hp33nyc
    Helpful Financial Tips
    Lots of great financial tips presented in a non-judgmental way!
  • Brittanny7991
    Real Discussions!
    I’m so mad I just found this podcast a few days ago, wish I would have found it sooner!! I thought I was the only person who obsesses with money every day all day, every purchase, every bill. The episode “paying off debt and mental health with Melanie is AMAZING!!! She’s so vulnerable and shared her anxiety related around money, OCD, anxiety and I felt ALL of her thoughts. I appreciate this podcast very much!!!
  • Kladda8
    Great, informative podcast!
    I love listening to this podcast. Jen and Jill are so fun to listen to. They always have great frugal tips and ideas. This podcast has great value!
  • TiffanyERD
    My favorite podcast
    This is one of my favorite frugal podcasts. Jen and Jill make you feel like you’re having a personal conversation with them in their living room. Their podcast is very encouraging, uplifting, and relevant. I’ve listened to many frugal podcasts over the years and I keep coming back to this one over and over. No matter where you are on your financial journey, you will walk away encouraged.
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