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Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

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  • ahkwjx
    Love this
    Thanks lady for being the best frugal friends I have!!
  • breben0101
    Back by on track
    Thank you ladies for giving me the strength to get back on track this year
  • Auntie Isha
    Love Love Love these ladies!
    I love this podcast because it is as informative as it is fun to listen to. I have a lot of repetitive work during the day thankfully the frugal friends keep me laughing during their episodes! Jen and Jill are the friends everyone wants to have, so kind and helpful. I am learning so much about how to improve my financial situation. Thanks Jen and Jill!
  • timmy1968😳
    I’ve never heard so much passive aggressiveness in a podcast. I do a Ramsey hybrid with the Money Guys. These two are sickening. The constant reference to Ramsey as an “elderly white man”. He’s 63. These two really offer next to nothing as far as any insightful information for personal financial planning. They’ve obviously been shunned by most of the financial community and the constant digs about “guilt and shame” are exhausting. Not sure who follows these two chicks, but most episodes are a waste of time.
  • Kjsalmon
    Lots of helpful nuggets!
    I really enjoy listening to Jen and Jill’s ideas on budgeting, saving, and spending. Not everything pertains to my financial life, but I find it interesting all the same. I also like that they cover a wide range of topics from buying a home or a car to starting your own freelance business.
  • haleybdubs
    Love Frugal Friends
    This show inspires me to be my best frugal self. Jen and Jill are hilarious and have great banter. Definitely recommend.
  • Beck22532
    Super fave!
    I count down the days until each episode is released, not only because of the quality entertainment, but also because I always come away with awesome tips for living more frugally! It is clear that these ladies have solid values to ground them, which creates a genuine, wholesome listening experience. Love it!
  • Kazmierski
    Helpful but…
    So far, I have gleaned some motivation and ideas from your topics, but you miss the mark on car buying. The suggestion to use AAA is great. But your knowledge of car buying is weak and based on your boyfriend/husband’s ability to support your ownership and purchasing choices. Your reaction to the single woman and feelings of safety are uninformed.
  • BGA9489
    New listener
    I just recently found the Frugal Friends podcast and love it! I went back and binged old episodes and I am truly impressed with their evolution over the years. Their old episodes definitely have good tips, but their new episodes are not only informative, but also very entertaining. Thank you!
  • Acflitton
    A little all over the place, doesn’t seem grounded in research or facts. But I appreciate what they’re trying to talk about
  • NBH2124
    Love this pod!
    Grounded and practical, yet inspiring. Thanks, Frugal Friends!
  • whitm085
    Lots of Growth!
    I wrote a review a couple of years ago and would like to update! The Frugal Friends have shifted their tone to focus on grace, personal, financial, and environmental sustainability, and values-based spending. I love this approach and that the content is presented with levity and humor!
  • Poison Blackberries
    Great tips from great chicks!
    This is a wonderful podcast with helpful finance tips! Jen and Jill are so genuine and helpful and I love hearing their open and honest personal perspective. They have a wide variety of topics and their concept of the radical middle is so valuable and should be applied in all areas of life! So happy I found this podcast and I enjoy the fun banter between the hosts. I loved the recent story of Jen's pans and how she fixed them and returned the new set. Excited for your upcoming book!
  • jmhughes3
    Jen Smith is sharp, unique, and approachable. A great take on how to be stewards of your money with Grace.
  • AnHan11
    Not the Carrabba’s of podcasts
    We all know Carrabba’s is for the elite, or for a very special occasion. Well, this podcast is quite the opposite: it’s for everyONE every day! The article review format brings a lot of good tips, and I am loving the new format of occasional episodes in which the hosts share their expertise without articles. I have learned a lot but more importantly, gained motivation from this supportive and radically middlish approach to personal finance.
  • Tookidooki
    Does not seem very well researched
    Information does not sound very researched. Sounds like they are looking up articles right on the spot and not doing thorough research to make sure everything is 100% factual.
  • Kvictoriashel
    Enjoyable to stay motivated
    I listen to stay motivated on my financial journey but often don’t hear knew information or ideas.
  • Jessy2389
    I like this show… I think?
    I think I like this show? I continue to listen because I’m hoping for great information, but I do have to say I really don’t like how they just read articles. Not my favorite financial podcast.
  • JalissaBT
    Lots of room for improvement
    Could barely get through one episode. The first 10 mins or so of a minimalist episode was fluff, “Ums” and “likes”. Super basic info, it sounds like the hosts don’t practice minimalism or if they do, are not very educated on the subject. I think the main pain point was the tone / diction used - it sounds like 2 college girls giggling and rambling.
  • Cammie Sue
    Didn’t meet expectations
    Gave it a listen for a few months and got some good tips, but the episode on single women was disappointing and didn’t make me feel like that lived experience was actually understood or valued. They kept saying “this is basically the same for all people” without acknowledging the systemic issues that do impact women, which magnify if you’re single. Each small piece collectively can make a big impact, like the wage gap, the pink tax and cost of female appearance expectations, predominantly female helping professions being undervalued, etc… and while we can certainly change our behaviors, some acknowledgement of the system was needed for me to stay on board. This felt dismissive :(
  • urmomcalled
    Love this show and the advice!
    I love listening to two friends talk about finances and general life tips.
  • zimms zoo
    I have listened to a couple of podcasts. I learned nothing and it was ridiculous. I was hoping for so much more.
  • the20XX
    Listened to a 40 minute podcast and I’m not sure anything was actually said.
  • Hermanut
    April 14, 3023 show
    1) Yes! Read The Little House books! Classics. The big woods were in Wisconsin, the first in the series. MUCH better than tv show. 2) check out The More with Less Cookbook. Spiral bound ✅can get on eBay ✅ uses frugal principles to make tasty recipes Love your show and will call in soon with my bill of the week.
  • Andieo1997
    Love This Show!
    This show is a must-listen for any woman looking to take control of her finances. With practical tips and engaging guests, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone seeking financial freedom. Jen and Jill make every episode approachable, enjoyable and informative. Highly recommend - five stars!
  • merley melsey
    Love you guys
    You’ve made topics I thought I could never understand, accessible. You’ve made frugality , personal finance and investing feel attainable. I enjoy you two so much. I love the banter and the thoughtfully given information. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. You have completely inspired me to take control of my finances….. and Jill’s possessed voice saying “lighting round” is a highlight for every episode. Thank you for clearly pouring so much love and care into this podcast. Mel
  • ACBoise
    Needs improvement
    I used to binge this show but there’s hardly any new information. I don’t like when they just read articles and re-release old episodes as new episodes. I want to hear practical tips that come from other voices in the community, not just an article they’re reading to us. Hope they improve so I can start listening again!!
  • erikka31
    Who knew financial advice could be so fun!!! I LOVE “The Bill of the Week”!
  • Dr Cindy Lou Who
    Nonjudgmental Financial Advice
    I love how affirming the hosts are. So many personal finance spaces rely on shame to motivate their audience but Jen and Jill focus on learning about yourself and your values. I appreciate when they talk about “seasons” of life and acknowledge that priorities change over time.
  • Molly Arnold
    Pretty good
    I like this podcast quite a bit, find value in all aspects of it, but the bill of the week/lightning round intros are absurdly corny. Update em!
  • Allie 0826
    Please beware!!!
    I have twice reported the abusive business practices of Leslie Tayne and her company Tayne Law group. They have not taken down the episode. This either means they were paid to have her on as a guest or do not take reports from listeners seriously. Take what you learn here with a grain of salt.
  • @NicknameTaken
    Ads don’t align
    I really wanted to love this podcast to get ways to save money and be a little more frugal. But I can’t take it seriously seeing that their ads are the complete opposite of what they’re trying to teach. Credit cards, grub hub, and pre ordering cars??
  • Sadie Marie 175
    Practical and relatable insights!
    I love this podcast! The hosts give practical and relatable insights and advice. Listening each weeks also keeps me motivated to keep my financial goals! Thanks for the great listen :)
  • Cc12347
    The Radical Middle
    I love the thoughtful and balanced conversations on this podcast. It is so rare to find people who can acknowledge that life is complicated, there is no one size fits all approach to finance, and ultimately the right choice for most of us will be somewhere in the middle. The fact that these ladies are also funny and entertaining is the icing on the cake.
  • HaleyyyBuggg
    Thank you🤍
    I’m diving into budgeting and working on being debt free. Im learning that just listening to podcasts ABOUT these topics is really helpful - even if I don’t take much from it. Episode 222 really impacted me. I’ve been scared to budget because I used to be NUTS about counting calories and dieting. I restricted and said “I can’t because Im on a diet.” Now, I have a healthy diet that is balanced and like second nature. It took about 5 years to get the hang of it. I don’t restrict but I am conscious! I never thought about budgeting like this! It will take time, I’ll purge, I’ll restrict too much, I’ll fall off track. But with slow, steady, intentional action it will become second nature. Thank you for the great podcasts!! I also loved “breaking the cycle of poverty” - it was my first listen and I felt immediately seen and related. I’m breaking A LOT of cycles. I also appreciated when you firstly mentioned your own privileges in that episode - something we should always consider when giving financial advice. Thank you ladies!!
  • Jordyn Bridge
    A different voice in finance
    I listen to this podcast when I need motivation to stay committed to my budget and financial planning! They have some fun tips and conversation. Not super involved in their online finance challenges outside the podcast. Some people have a problem with them saying anything negative about Dave Ramsay’s methods. I feel like they were quite fair in the podcast discussing DR’s methods they did not agree with. I still appreciate Dave Ramsey and what he’s done to help people. It’s okay to listen to a variety of views. Let’s be kind to one another! Jen and Jill encourage people to decide on their own. I respect that. I can listen to a variety of financial advice and take what applies to my situation. It’s not a competition. There’s room for several voices in the finance world. And Jen and Jill are good ones that work quite well for me.
  • Poodlecrab
    Helpful podcast
    I had read a book by Dave Ramsey a few years ago and was all fired up about budgeting and getting out of debt. Then COVID hit and I completely fell off the bandwagon. I kept hearing commercials for this podcast on the other podcasts I listen to and finally decided to give it a try. After a few episodes I was still in denial about how bad my finances were and wasn’t really considering taking their advice, but kept listening. After a few more episodes I realized the hosts felt like my friends and I began to open my heart up to their advice. Now I’m back on my debt payoff journey and feeling so much better about my life choices. I’m still quite a ways behind on episodes so you ladies will keep me company for months to come before I’m caught up. Who knows maybe then I’ll go back and start over again to keep myself motivated. ❤️
  • AnneofUpstateNY
    Went downhill when they joined iHeart
    They used to be my favorite podcast but I can’t stand all the commercials which don’t align with their content. They are making compromises that are degrading their brand.
  • amAliceHannie7
    Thank you!!! 💛💸💰🤑
    Episode 236 I can so relate! Thank you so much for this episode! 💛💛💛
  • sumthyme
    I used to be such a fan
    I loved this show, but I have grown frustrated with them rereleasing episodes and the poor editing since they joined I heart Podcast. If I wanted to listen to an episode twice I would just go back to it.
  • Tiggety Fluff
    I find this podcast to be so fun and approachable- I liked it initially but it grew on me fast, and now I look forward to every new episode and have gone back and listened to past episodes as well. Jill and Jen are informative, fun, practical and smart- they project a warmth that make you feel like you’re sitting down and chatting over coffee. The fun structure changes it up, so it isn’t just one big long interview, which I love. Keep it up, ladies!
  • Lindsey Stanley
    Informative and fun
    Jen and Jill are a couple of my favorite humans. This podcast has provided immense value to my financial life!! These ladies are inspiring and empowering. They rock at explaining different topics in a way that is understandable and fun. Thanks for being my favorite podcast!!!
  • Ren17493016
    So, I stumbled upon this podcast just a few weeks ago due in part to my love for budgeting podcasts, and man, I wish I found it sooner! I’m binge-listening (is that a thing?) to these episodes like crazy and I can’t say enough good things! To add to the fun, I’m right down the road outside of Tampa! What are the odds?! It’s meant to be, right?! Thanks for such a great podcast, gals!
  • #Mamacita67
    You’re right. I can choose NOT to listen.
    You had me until your review of Dave Ramsey… Seriously, an “old, white man?” OMG. Why can’t we we even listen to a finance podcast without having to subjected to this kind of crap!!
  • JulNyh
    So encouraging in a real way!
    I really like the tips and the way this podcast makes frugality feel actually doable. The discussions are very applicable to every walk of life and the realness is refreshing. I come to this podcast when I need a little push to keep going on the minimalist path and then I don’t feel alone in the journey.
  • Ed-Prof
    Tried to like this…
    But like another reviewer mentioned, gory aren’t really sharing anything substantial. It is a lot of just comparing their lives to others. I listened to a couple of episodes and when they bring on guests, they always interject their own experiences rather than just letting the guest share their story. Example quotes: “that totally describes me! I do ….” And “when I was in your situation, I did this and felt like that…” Just wish they’d let the guest share their story without constantly interjecting it with their own. After a while, I just shut off the episode because I found this annoying. I tuned in to hear the guest, not so much the hosts during the guest podcasts!
  • Jnd41211
    Game changing, no shame approach to Personal Finances
    I am a podcast binger and this podcast is worth the binge! Jen and Jill encourages their community to choose frugality as a lifestyle rather than a temporary tool to save money; focusing on a balanced approach to financial freedom rather than sacrificing everything (time, family and friends, mental health etc) just to make that debt payoff date one year sooner. Bravo! I feel like I can finally say I have found “friends” that have the same mindset of stewardship as I do!
  • mmjjpainter
    Love Jen and Jill!
    I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and this is in my top three! I love the camaraderie between Jen and Jill, and it spills over to the audience— I feel like I’m a frugal friend, too!
  • Sexy_Beasty_Angel
    Frugal Fun
    Love listening to Jen and Jill! Practical advice that anyone can apply, plus lots of laughs and grace.
  • JampsJample
    Practical and encouraging
    I listen to every episode of this podcast and really enjoy these ladies. I find it encouraging and full of practical tips for helping me stay on course with my financial goals. Thanks Jen and Jill!
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