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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Remy Kassimir and Emily Lubin. In a world where wellness can make you unwell and beauty standards feel anything but standard, Betches Media presents a podcast that digs into the emotional side of well-being. Listen as we shed our former beliefs that made us feel bad about ourselves — we’re looking at you, toxic diet culture — and laugh while doing it. We’re here to amuse your bouche. For more DST, follow us on Instagram @dietstartstomorrow.

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  • Mama AlexS
    Missing the relatability
    Aileen was very real and relatable. I think she leaned into health and joy in a wag that was relatable to me as a mom and woman navigating this world. She also had a warmth and kindness that came through in every episode. This new version of the show actually feels like it leans into “wellness culture “ and at times, defends what I feel are what this podcast is supposed to question.
  • Margaret000
    Liking new guests!
    I’m liking the new topics and guests! I really enjoyed the latest ep family therapy sesh and the ep with Chrissy King. I think things are looking up for the pod. I hope to never hear one more episode on ozempic. It’s boring.
  • Ellabee2
    Uhhh gross
    You wash your gym clothes after every use. Sick.
  • Lodog45
    Stopped listening to the new hosts
    I literally only have a subscription to listen to Sami & Aleen. I cannot stand the new hosts’ personalities, buzz words, and incessant obsession with self love. It’s ok to want to change things about yourself sometimes or better yourself! And honestly, I forget which host but one of them sounds dirty. Like she says she doesn’t shower for days and the. I see an episode title about how often do you wash your workout clothes? Um, after every use? Is this what we’ve devolved to? Sami & Aleen, come back! And if not, just scrap this podcast. I was sad when Betches moms disappeared. Now this one has gone down the toilet.
  • lauren and lola
  • kate vog
    Just… Why
    There is absolutely nothing relatable about the new hosts. I’m so tired of them trying to shove self love and body positivity down our throats, yes it’s a good thing but be realistic! It makes me cringe so hard. Maybe in the past some of the episodes could be deemed “problematic” but at least they were funny, relatable and a reflection of what the listeners actually think/feel. Especially the episodes with Jared were always so funny but he’s probably not coming back because the new hosts will just attack him for being speaking his truth cause it’s not PC😭 They just feel so fake and obsessed with being politically correct it’s obnoxious
  • slawdawgggg
    This used to be my favorite podcast, but sadly I had to unsubscribe. I just don’t enjoy listening any more and don’t related to the new hosts. While Sami and Alden weren’t always, PC, I could always relate to what they discussed and enjoyed their dialogues. I also can’t get behind forcing body positivity at all costs. It’s unrealistic.
  • ZoeZenon23
    Bring back Sami and Allen
    New hosts are not good - no longer a listener. Loved Sami and Aileen
  • KikiLynn26
    This isn’t working…
    I am a back for seconds subscriber and LOVE the eps with Sami and Aleen… but I almost want to unsubscribe all together to send a message that it’s just not working with these two new hosts… they are not relatable nor great interviewers, and really not funny. I love sex and I think it’s a great topic to discuss and no one should be shamed for speaking about it but when EVERY podcast somehow segways to a sex convo or a weird sex joke that’s not funny at all it’s just annoying and cringy… the 2023 trends and especially the recent skin care episode really sealed the deal for me… I hope the Betches team realizes that these two don’t really have what it takes to carry this podcast and they cut their losses and either cancel the show or get new hosts… It makes me sad that my fave pod is now awful
  • meggozaggo
    This podcast has become completely awful. These girls are terrible hosts and also bad people. definitely won’t be listening again. Betches, plzzzz give us new hosts. This pod needs Jared
  • ms.northdakota
    This is why I hate Emily’s solo pod too
    Just doing the same nonsense- making claims of authority about a topic without knowing ANYTHING. I didn’t know this pod existed but came bc Tracey Carnazzo plugged it. But yeah, these hosts are just actively harming people by spreading their uninformed opinions.
  • Tarelle42
    New hosts are TERRIBLE
    Someone needs to say it! Very poor content from out of touch, privileged women who use buzzword after buzzword as a replacement for actual insight. So, so cringe. And stop trying to make “journ” happen!! I’ve never had a visceral reaction to hearing a word before but every time they say journ it triggers my gag reflex 🤮
  • Dani2212
    Relatable and entertaining
    Some of you are SO pressed about what’s ultimately free and entertaining content. If you want scientific advice read medical publications or see a specialist. The hosts never claim to give out medical advice or be experts. This podcast (old hosts and new) has always been about having relatable discussions around diet culture and the wellness industry. Of course Remy and Emily aren’t going to be a carbon copy of Sami and Aleen, but I still enjoy tuning in and hearing their takes/convos. Thanks hosts and betches for your hard work and entertainment you provide!
  • Kelly Anne Palladino
    Does Remy not like Emily?
    Yikes. Not in love with the way Remy speaks to Emily. The show is decent, but Remy is very condescending, gives me the ick. Also… Emily… You are pronouncing Rihanna’s name properly so props to you. 👏🏼
  • hdani8
    Not into the new hosts
    New hosts are hopelessly boring. Tried to stick it out but unsubscribing
  • Jenn121687
    Don’t love it
    I started listening to the podcast when it was Sami and Aleen and although it wasn’t my top favorite I still enjoyed it. I just can’t get into it with the new hosts. I don’t agree with a lot of their takes. For example in the representation in TV episode they had “This is Us” on the list but then took it off because there was only one fat character who has a love story with another fat character who met at a weight watchers meeting. So? That’s also where she met her best friend who was “skinny” but also had disordered eating issues. Did y’all even watch the show? I think the show did portray some real life occurrences and did it well.
  • Lexington1780
    It’s better than ever
    I love love love Sami and Aleen and I was so nervous when I heard we were getting new hosts, buuuut I have to say the new hosts (Emily and Remi) are better than I ever could have imagined and now this show is actually my favorite podcast! I love that I know they are never going to be triggering, and they are so funny and their vibe is just so good, I feel like I’m with friends who GET it. I just can’t express enough what a great show this is with Emily and Remi as they talk about body image and intuitive eating and dealing with their own relationships with food and triggering people in their lives. It’s so relatable, if you’ve ever struggled with food this is a great podcast for you!
  • lindsop
    Uninformed and dumb
    I listened to a couple episodes and was truly shocked by the ignorant and blatantly wrong things they talk about. The worst one example was in the “2023 health trends forecast”dismissing ayurvedic medicine without understanding even surface level knowledge, not even identifying the correct doshas. These girls need to do some research if they want to discuss such topics because they honestly just sound dumb.
  • Mar09c
    Super disappointed
    I really gave the new hosts a try but after the last episode it just seems like they’re shooting off the hip for every episode. There doesn’t seem to be any research or thought process behind the topics and a lot of their comments are making me cringe (like when talking about body diversity in shows they hadn’t even seen). Hoping this will change as this was once my favorite podcast that made such a difference in my personal journey.
  • hannnahh1995
    Needs more interviews with people with real life headships and experience. Bring someone on who is just a normal Person who can talk openly about things they’ve been through in diet culture not in the public’s eye to relate to
  • Magicallyzesty
    Used to be a fan. This ain’t it anymore
    We get it. You’re liberal. Honestly it’s boring. Everyone is. Stick to the diet/food content and stop trying to convince us what good people you are because you vote blue. No one gives a f*k
  • 38582674822349
    Not as god with the new hosts
    I’ve loved the show for a while. When the new hosts came on, I did like it at first but after a few episodes it seems like the new hosts talk in an authoritative way about things they don’t know much about. I wish they would bring on guests who are actually credible or educated in these areas. It’s feels like they are pushing an opinion rooted in no evidence but rather a few articles they read online.
  • aileenandsami4ever
    I’m soo sad because this used to be my favorite podcast!! The new hosts are TERRIBLE. I practically fall asleep listening to them. Aileen and Sami were so real and smart and funny. These girls are whiney and annoying. Nothing they say sounds smart or thought provoking. At one point I thought I was listening to sex podcast?? They finally had one guest on and asked the most basic questions.. I enjoyed all of the experts Aileen and Sami had on and how they asked such amazing and unique questions!! Where is Jared Freid??? Obviously he is not an expert lol but he brought so much to the pod!! My guess is that he doesn’t listen anymore and does not want to talk to these girls.. I hate to sound so mean but I looked forward to this pod every week and now it’s ruined. I miss Aileen and Sami so much.
  • jennnndawg
    5 Stars for Sami & Aleen
    Love the back for seconds episodes and will gladly continue paying for that content! Enough negativity already said about new hosts... I gave up on listening. Maybe they will take the feedback and switch it up!
  • jestabr
    Love it!
    I loved it before with Sami and Aileen and I love it now with Remy and Emily! Yes they are different, because they are not clones of Sami/Aileen. I find it interesting to have two fresh perspectives on the wellness and diet culture. I also find their personal stories very relatable. These two have good podcast chemistry and are a joy to listen to!
  • vrelrod12
    I’ve turned off most of the newest episodes..
    I enjoy the new hosts a lot when they speak on their personal journeys but it makes me cringe when they start speaking on nutrition and wellness as two people with no credibility in those spaces. It would be better if they just stuck to opinions and their personal stories the way the old hosts used to. I love back for seconds and have enjoyed some of the new episodes as well when they don’t venture too far into the nutrition/wellness advice area.
  • rms0622
    I liked the idea of this show but do these 2 girls even like each other?!
  • ginjo
    Long time fan
    Long time fan of the pod but the new hosts have been making MAJORLY concerning and inaccurate blanket statements about health. They are doing the anti diet/body positive movement such a disservice with their incredibility and lack of research. It’s very alarming, the “we aren’t doctors” disclosure at the beginning just emphasizes the fact that you shouldn’t be making statements about health and nutrition without the proper credentials. Very disappointed in Betches for letting it get as far as it has the last few episode. I’m not sure who these people think they are helping..
  • Sheena.Marie.B
    Yes 🙌
    Absolutely in love with the new hosts!!! I never miss an episode. 🥰🥰🥰
  • Rachel 2205
    I really enjoyed DST with Aleen and Sami. So terrible with the new hosts. I couldn’t even justify keeping my subscription to still hear Back For Seconds.
  • samideservesbetter
    new hosts are so negative
    I thought the new hosts were funny at first but after a few episodes I don’t think I can listen to them anymore. They’re so negative about everything in an attempt to call out “toxicity” but it’s way too much and it’s hard to listen to. The 2023 wellness trends was the final straw for me. Listening to 2 privileged white girls hate on Ayurveda didn’t feel right. Like yeah we know in the last century or 2 modern medicine has been a new but important discovery for humanity but Ayurveda originated in India over 3000 years ago! We shouldn’t be talking down on other cultures and their histories, it sounds so snobby. In their attempt to be “woke” and hate on anything lifestyle related or natural for health, they were actually kind of offensive. I don’t even know much about Ayurveda but their conversation really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since they barely knew anything about it either! But apparently they knew enough to talk badly about it. Also they hated on gut health “trend.” There are recent scientific studies showing that gut health is important for our overall health. Do they only believe in science if it comes in a pill form and profits billion dollars industries? They’re so privileged and out of touch. Not everyone has health insurance or can afford to go to a doctor and then afford to be on medication for the rest of their lives. Some people want to try their best to make healthy choices and take care of themselves because it can actually be cheaper. It’s not “toxic” to live that way. And they were negative about superfoods too! Instead of having a nuanced conversation about some foods being more nutrient dense than others and the marketing tactics in the industry, they just complained. I’m not sure what value these hosts bring to the conversation because they aren’t knowledgeable about the topics they discuss and they don’t even put in the bare minimum effort to even do like a quick google search before. I really miss Aleen’s intelligent, nuanced, funny, and respectful insight on all of these kinda of topics :(
  • kejrbvi
    Longtime listener no more.
    I am not one to write negative reviews, but I feel like I have to. I’ve been listening to DST for years and looked forward to it every week. I’m a back for seconds subscriber, but I just can’t get into the new hosts. Emily sounds like she’s your judgey friend if you don’t feel the exact same way as her. I appreciated her sharing her journey, but we all have different journeys and it seems like she lacks empathy for those who have different perspectives. I feel like the new podcast kind of perpetuates toxicity and they speak as if they are expects on topics they know nothing about. I like Remy, but I feel like they lack chemistry together. I’m really sad to be unsubscribing.
  • jcn10688
    Only here for the back to seconds..
    I gave up this week after trying with the new hosts.. just not the same!
  • Casey of Wellspring Designs
    Used to love it….
    but the new hosts are just the worst😳.
  • jen-bunny
    Can’t stand new hosts
    These new hosts are just too obnoxious for me. I loved Sami and Aleen - who have such a presence. These two are trying to millennial-gen-z speechify everything they sound like an out of touch aunt trying to relate. And they seem to not understand the depth of a single topic they are talking about. It’s painful. Loyal listener AND paid subscribed fully unsubscribing
  • _/jenny
    Used to be my favorite podcast
    This used to be my favorite podcast. I never miss an episode. I finally had to unsubscribe. I think betches made a mistake by switching out a lot of their podcast hosts.
  • bph14
    Update - unsubscribed
    After that 2023 Wellness Trends ep I’ve hit my limit and am finally unsubscribing. Writing off the importance of gut health and superfoods because you don’t “vibe with” them is just so unnecessarily narrow-minded and snarky. The gut microbiome affects digestion, immune system, mental health, etc., and superfoods are just fish, nuts, leafy greens, berries, whole grains. You can dislike the viral marketing around them but how can you mock the idea of people caring about helping their bodies function more effectively? The hosts brag about being on SSRIs and benzos but turn their noses up at any suggestion of healing and improving the body holistically through lifestyle and diet changes. Very harmful messaging. I wish them well✌🏻
  • KLWinston14
    Lack of credibility
    Podcast is difficult to listen to, the hosts speak with such authority on so many medical/health topics that they have little to no education or expertise in. It definitely has potential, and could be a great place for nuanced conversation about body image/diet culture, but I wish they would bring in more experts or cite credible sources for some of the claims they make.
  • SarahOhh
    New version isn’t for me
    Tried to give the new hosts a shot, but they sound uneducated on many topics that they CHOOSE to discuss and are just giving their opinions, which is cool if that’s what you’re into, I guess. Without guests/interviews with experts, there’s very little value to gain by listening anymore. I’d have preferred the podcast be ended and maybe let the new hosts have their own thing rather than handing it over at a lower quality.
  • ohilovethis123
    New hosts!!
    I absolutely am loving these new hosts, though I loved Sami and aleen (and I say this with love) by the end they seemed burnt out. The Thursday episodes were getting sporadic with just aleen as the host, and the advice felt more and more like the same thing over and over again. I am so excited about a team of refreshing new hosts who have such a fun chemistry together. I also love that betches is getting a little bit more vulnerable, sharing some more “raw” content and checking all of the right boxes. I’m listening twice a week &&& super EXCITED to do so again! - edit: at first, I loved them. Then I was turned off to them by a few eps inbetween…. Still gave them a listen but usually just got bored. NOW with the recent episode about sex and body image…. I almost want this to become more of a sex positivity combined with body things podcast! I loved remy telling us about her experience so transparently. If you haven’t given this episode a listen, please do. I don’t personally love remy on eps of other podcasts I’ve listened to (I’m sorry remy it’s not you it’s me and my podcast preferences)… but this episode was honest, intimate, & vulnerable. I loved this open honest discussion and would encourage anyone who’s ever felt insecure about their body during sexual or even general intimacy to give it a listen. It made me feel normal.
  • PodcastListener31
    No credibility
    Loved this podcast from Day 1 growing with Sami and Aileen. New hosts are terrible. They speak with no credibility and a very narrow viewpoint. There is little to no organization through the shows and even the ads for the show now are including ways to lose weight. Glad the medical disclaimer was added because the “cover” topics with little to no knowledge. If this is supposed to be an educational podcast, it should include some diversity of though from credible backgrounds.
  • Avt12589
    Please get new hosts
    I am a longtime listener and used to impatiently wait for new episodes to drop. Since the new hosts R&E I have given it a fair chance and truly cringe every time I listen. The hosts seem to have no direction and sound like they are whining the entire time. There is nothing to relate to, please please bring back Aleen or find better hosts!
  • sandal1002
    love the new hosts
    always loved this show but the new hosts are bringing great energy! very thoughtful perspectives and entertaining convo
  • rubytuesday520
    Didn’t know it could get worse
    Sami really turned me off DST for a while but I came back to give it a chance. These new hosts are incredibly uneducated on the topics they talk about. I’m a Registered Dietitian and they got almost nothing right about our field. Do a little research before you talk about something as important as health and wellness… or better yet, ask a qualified expert!
  • Hssvsvahhshsjjx
    my fav!
    Long time listener! Absolutely love this podcast and everything that has to offer. 🤍
    No no no no
    Staying for Back for Seconds. But I guess I’m just confused about these new hosts and what the show is even about anymore. If you want to evolve it into something new great- but I, a thin white woman, don’t really have much interest in hearing thin white women talk this way. There is a way to do a nuanced discussion even from a point of thin privilege but this ain’t it.
  • arby’s
    I dig the personal stories and anecdotes, but in addition to the host, it was be nice to have more industry professionals included in these conversations.
  • Didra D
    Recommendations for other pods
    Maintenance phase and food psych
  • HollyRivard
    Haven’t been able to get into the 2.0 version
    Sticking around for the bonus episodes for now, but haven’t been able to get into the new hosts.
  • nerdtak
    Emily and Remy are awesome
    I am so impressed with these new hosts. I love the honesty and the selection of topics. Kudos to Aleen et al for letting the show evolve in this direction!
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