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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Dreksler and Sami Sage, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

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  • NYUgirl112288
    Episode 251
    I was really looking forward to this episode which was part 4 of talking about how media and movies and things have affected our life when it comes to food but then listening to Annie Weisman speak was absolutely painful!!! I could barely even listen to the episode and basically learned nothing because she’s horrible at speaking. Just spit it out! So many times I’m thinking can she just say it and get to the point and not go on and on with the and umm and ummm well um you know umm.
  • Valdyabara
    I understand the concept… but
    Why do I feel like I’m shamed for wanting to workout, to be active, to eat healthy, so that I will look good (even only for myself), I will feel healthy and strong and just generally feel good??? I understand the toxic diet culture, the importance of having a good and healthy relationship with your food, and not putting your look/looking fit on the pedestal. But, I have to say, this is borderline shaming people who strive to be healthy and look great.
  • TABH23
    Subscriber - but I’m hearing ads
    Totally annoyed; I’m hearing ads even though I’m a subscriber. I’m so glad I don’t recall the ads so they clearly don’t work anyway. Please correct this issue as I will gladly cancel if I hear another podcast with ads.
  • chelly**24
    Out of touch
    Ladies… you are loosing touch. Stoppppp judging people for their plastic surgery. Sami was beyond annoying talking about how people shouldn’t get work done to look like specific people because it doesn’t fit their face. You just sound like an angry judgmental person. I think you will regret saying these things.
  • charlotteHJJ
    Quality and effort are declining - they do not fact check…
    Have been a regular listener for over a year and episodes seem to be getting worse. There’s no real conversation or back and forth, just hosts ticking through their questions or pre-prepared remarks. Doesn’t seem like they’re doing much prep research - shown in latest episode on dieting and pop culture where they made major mistakes describing shows they were talking about - and the sound quality was off with Aleen sounding like she was yelling from far away. I don’t feel like they’re digging deep and find the constant plugs for the paid subscription irritating. They are not doing basic fact checking and keep misquoting tv shows and movies… shows zero effort
  • It_I
    Can’t listen unless subscribed
    I thought they said subscriber benefits meant extra episodes, but apparently you have to subscribe to listen to ANY episodes. Is this on purpose? I also listen to U Up as a non-subscriber and that pod does not have this problem; I am still able to listen to episodes there.
  • Palmer2857374
    Missing topics/intentions
    I’ve been a DSTer for a while, and I understand and respect Sami and Aleen’s journey to IE and their development of resistance to diet culture. What I don’t like is that the episodes now seemingly have no direction, actual topic, or meaningful discussion. I love listening to the girls talk, but that’s sort of what I listen to @Betches for. I’d start listening again if they had more intentional episode topic prep, but I think I need to take a bit of a break.
  • VMaHL!
    How many times can you say “like”
    I was super excited to listen, and i first off i feel like their voices are very radio voice super nasal trying too hard. But mostly my issue was the AMOUNT OF TIMES THEY USE THE WORD LIKE. I can’t manage to listen because all i can pay attention to is the amount of times they say “like”, if you’re going to be the age you are and hosting a podcast… you gotta come up with better ways to transition your sentences. Lastly, your facts were wrong on Blair wardolf and her bulimia they brought it up many times in the show and referenced it many times before and after that scene.
  • LMA2021
    Subscriber benefits don’t work
    I had previously written a pretty bad review but it honestly seems like they really look at and listen to feedback. They have pumped the brakes on every episode being about intuitive eating and have become super real and raw with the audience - especially in the back for seconds episodes. The candid nature of their conversations is back to where it once was and I find it really enjoyable and relatable. I love the Thursday dear DST episodes and I definitely prefer the episodes where it’s just Aleen and Sami. Seems like the podcast is back on track!
  • ckabekwbalc
    Love this podcast. So many different topics
  • Blittle914
    Heard about this podcast through the U Upod pod with J&J and thought I would give it a listen. Listened to the latest episode but felt a little lost so I started from the beginning. Two episodes in and I’m already done. Their talks about keto, paleo, whole 30, and the chat with Vinny was unbearable. How many times could you ask what Whole 30 is?? Zero knowledge of diets that the episode is supposedly about. So boring, dull, and giggly. Vinny is very passionate and knowledgeable of keto and the constant jokes and snickering during the convo made me annoyed for him. Try respecting your guests and doing a little research before bringing them on.
  • bph14
    Have they been lobotomized?
    I’ve been following Betches since they began in 2011-12. I was in college, and their observations about friendship, boys, diets, and the world were cool, sharp, witty, and hilariously ruthless. I don’t know what has changed but over the years they’ve transformed into the basic, boring girls they used to mercilessly mock. I listen to this podcast out of habit and from time to time they’ll have some smart insight (I like when Sami gets worked up about the Kardashian’s influence on body image) but for the most part it’s become truly unbearable. The jokes they make and the things they giggle at now are just.. so cringeworthy I find myself having secondhand embarrassment through the phone. Their company instagram accounts have gone in the same direction too so it seems to be a company-wide shift to appeal to a more basic audience? Jordana is the only one who has retained any of their original edge. Also, that one guest who responded with deflection and obstinacy to Sami’s literal cry for help (about being so uncomfortable in her newly obese body that she has trouble standing up or getting out of bed in the morning) is a danger to society. Probably unsubscribing soon.
  • pol3767
    Finally unsubscribed
    I finally had to unsubscribe. Can’t stand the hypocritical nature of this podcast - they have multiple thoughtful guests talking about various wellness changes (such as their relationship with alcohol or binge eating disorder) and then their Instagram is completely the opposite - boring jokes about alcohol/getting drunk constantly or binge eating pizza late at night.
  • thick2fit
    Love it
    Never seem to disappoint
  • brittany.brown7996
    Who you promote MATTERS
    Decided to give this a try, this weeks topic on why you should throw out the scale caught my eye. I clicked on play and the first words of the podcast were an advertisement for Sofia Franklyns podcast ‘Sofia with an F’. Call Her Daddy drama aside, which I am sure we are all well aware of, Sofia played a big role in promoting a misogynistic narrative on that podcast, putting down women and teaching them how to best please and serve men.. all wrapped in a pretty bow and packaged as raunchy pro-sex humor. The last people I want carrying a conversation with about diet culture is women who would support that. I immediately clicked off before any more damage could be done.
  • Sej8339
    Love Aleen
    But really struggling to feel any connection to Sami. The chemistry used to be amazing but it’s become odd and stuttered and Sami is so aggressive with her opinions it’s not even fun to listen to anymore.
  • Brianna1287
    Chemistry is off
    It seems like the hosts don’t get along ever, which is interesting considering they’re long time friends apparently. A lot of the podcast is just listening to them talking around each other and making the same point and getting annoyed, while the listener can tell what each one is trying to say the whole time. It’s very frustrating to be honest because otherwise I think it could be interesting subject matter.
  • ChandaSu
    I like the concept
    I stumbled upon this podcast and loved the title. When I find a new podcast I like to start at the beginning and in the first two episodes their giggling and inside jokes with each other made me want to rip out my hair. I couldn’t get beyond the 2nd episode because they sound like a couple of teenagers in the mall thinking each other has just said the funniest thing in the world. It’s more annoying than anything.
  • peterrpander69
    Sami is toxic to the public
    I’ve been love hate listening to this podcast for about a year. Originally I thought Aleen was annoying but she’s now grown on me and I can’t wait to see her family grow! Now Sami…I used to think she was level headed and I related to her a lot as someone who formerly hated working out and loved food, especially carbs. But now she’s out of control and is sending a dangerous message to women. She has turned into a totally anxiety ridden, self absorbed, sugar addict who spends way too much of her free time obsessing about her image, especially pics on Instagram. She almost seems to laugh her severe sugar addiction off, which isn’t a good platform to be portraying to the women who listen. It’s disturbing when she talks about how many desserts she eats and then almost throws her hands up and says I have anxiety, oh well! as her excuse
  • mags 34.
    Great pod!
    I live betches but was hesitant to listen to this pod cause I’ve always had a rough relationship with my body/eating habits! This pod has been really helpful and a joy to listen to! It’s great to hear from other and that you are not in this alone!
  • bridegirl02192021
    Down Hill
    This podcast used to be insightful and fun to listen to. However, the last few months it has really gone down hill. I understand the concept but nothing is wrong with wanting to be healthy and take care of yourself. I feel like it is being shamed now. What makes Allen & Sami know best? I don’t mean that rude bc I understand it’s your opinion and what you go through but sometimes it comes off way to “know-it-all” and a little full of themselves.
  • Maia52
    Sami Say Like One More Time….
    A for content but unsubscribed because if I heard Sami say like one more time I was going to scream. I never noticed it before but the latest episode was too much. Can’t listen again without honing in on that filler word. It’s constant and I hate that.
  • emily_allthenamesaretaken
    Love this podcast!
    Episode 225 “Is it normal to lose friends as we get older?” really resonated with my experiences. It felt really good to hear that other people my age are feeling a similar way. Love this podcast always!
  • Jaf_7
    I owe TZ an apology
    When the F-Factor drama started last year, I was fascinated for a few reasons: For one, I had been a FF powder user, fan of TZ and there was a certain palace intrigue to what was being brought up about her shiny, glittery life. Then, from a business perspective, I couldn’t believe how poorly it was being handled (isn’t the customer always right?) Then, from a cultural shift perspective, it felt like it was high time TZ and the rest of the world learned the flawed thinking of “You can never be too rich or too thin.” I so appreciated that you covered this story, even doing an impromptu episode to discuss a live TZ did. I was a listener even before that and became a bigger fan. However, as the story developed over the months that followed, one main lesson became crystal clear for me: don’t listen to the loudest voice, listen to the educated voice and the researched voice. Social media is wonderful for a lot of reasons but dangerous for exactly this reason. There was a time when news could only reach us via TV, newspaper, radio, and if facts were stated, they were fact checked. Now, anyone can say anything on the internet, and like a wildfire, it can catch on and people just believe it. Terrifying. Destructive. Horrifically damaging. Yes, maybe the powders made some sick, maybe TZ’s messaging was flawed, maybe FF is triggering. But I’ve gone back to using the powders. No issues. I tried intuitive eating and I gained weight and despite loving myself and not placing my value in my size, I was just plain uncomfortable. The fact remains diets are what works for me if I want to lose weight and feel comfortable again and also for health reasons. And there is no arguing fiber is healthy. The main takeaway: If I see it on IG, I won’t trust it and won’t listen to it unless it’s coming from the mouth of a credentialed person. Too many idiots are hyped up on IG and using their platforms to muddy the waters and flip facts on their face. And it’s terrifying how many people just follow along. I used to be one of them. The way I used to trust influencers is the way some Q people trust the nonsense they read on the internet. No discernment. No critical thinking. My eyes are opened and I regret that I was swayed by the nonsense last summer regarding the FF drama. Thank you DST for covering it. I appreciate your intelligence and the way you analyze things. I’d say the mark of the truly wise though is to admit when and where you’ve been wrong or misled. Yes, I do count myself as wise :) I was wrong. Plain and simple.
  • Shmalanaz
  • morgzkh
    I love this podcast and have been listening since the very beginning. I feel like I have been through a similar journey and it feels nice knowing Sami and Aleen are going through it as well. People grow and evolve with time, and I am glad to see that happening with Sami and Aleen. Plus they are hilarious and I feel like we are besties lol This is the only podcast I listen to regularly and I can’t wait for more! 💕
    It’s very annoying that when I try to listen to the new episode, all I get is a pop up that won’t go away asking for money 🙄
  • meggozaggo
    What happened to this podcast
    I genuinely love Aleen and enjoy her perspective. However, at this point, I don’t understand what’s happened to this podcast. Sami going in detail about smoking weed and her obvious struggles and then saying she doesn’t think she wants to quit? Um people who have a healthy relationship with pot aren’t making entire podcast episodes trying to prove it. The last several episodes have been a major yikes. You guys know you’re adults, right?
  • tyforadvise
    It seems like the girls are always talking about very “triggering” and “traumatic” events in their childhood that has had such an impact on so many things in their current day life. I’m wondering if they could share what it was that has made them feel this way, I often wonder if they really had a challenging upbringing or if they’re over dramatic millennials. Why has our society become so sensitive? one of the episodes even mentioned the possibility of it being against work policy to talk about diets because they’re “triggering”. Can we do an episode on why everything is considered to be so triggering and traumatic?
  • Emac187
    Smoking weed episode
    I was so happy to hear Sami’s struggles with smoking Pot. I think its something a lot of people have a complicated relationship with and it’s nice to hear her speaking candidly about her experiences. I love this show so much and appreciate their honest every episode!!
  • marienickname
    What is happening?
    What happened to our smart, self-aware hosts?? I used to enjoy this podcast a lot. Hearing Sami and Aleen openly talk about their messed up relationship with food was refreshing, hilarious and it really opens your eyes to the fact that so many of us share the same struggles. Lately Sami has been really down on herself and seemed stuck in a rut. I honestly felt badly that she’s going through that right now. Now she reveals that her weed consumption has skyrocketed and it just so happens to align with the loss of motivation, weight gain, etc etc. Stop smoking weed! How can you say you’re not having a negative reaction to it when it’s literally derailing everything you’ve been working towards. I’m not anti-weed at all, but it’s obviously a problem. These conversations are becoming maddening to listen to. Didn’t think it could get any worse after suffering through the Christy Harrington episode. I can appreciate trying to get to place of eating intuitively but at this point it seems like an excuse to just throw in the towel.
  • samideservesbetter
    Losing interest
    I love Sami and Aleen and I listen to most of the betches podcasts. This used to be my favorite of their podcasts but as someone who enjoys being fit and excelling at my exercises of choice (running & backpacking), I think the intuitive eating / HAES has gone a little too far. I have nothing against people who “self identify as fat” but I genuinely enjoy healthy foods and certain exercises. I physically feel better when I eat healthy, am active, and weight less. I like feeling good, which apparently is fatphobic now, so I don’t think this podcast is for me anymore. Maybe I just smoked too much weed while listening to the most recent episode, but it made me think we’re all eventually gonna look like the people in WALL-E lol.
  • lastreghina
    I can’t with some of these guests
    5 stars for Sami and Aleen, but the guest spots are so frustrating sometimes. Christy Harrison’s word salad about how she can’t think of a single reason why anyone would ever actually want/need to lose weight, even after Sami brought up pandemic weight gain that feels physically uncomfortable (relatable), was baffling. Her suggestion that every pound we ever gain is meant to be kept on forever, and that any bodily pain from extra weight is probably imaginary, sounds just as ridiculous as the idea that we should only ever be our thinnest no matter what. One thing I’ve learned from eating intuitively (and from listening to Aleen and Sami share their journeys) is that it’s normal for your size to fluctuate in both directions, since life fluctuates.
  • agsjfka
    Love this podcast BUT Christy Harrison was a horrible guest! The way she was trying to discourage Sami from wanting to get healthier and lose weight! And people in general.. it’s not always about diet culture, some people DO want to lose weight, workout and get healthier. Horrible advice and opinion.
  • Heatherannh
    Tread lightly...
    I used to enjoy this podcast, and I still do at times. However as of late, it feels like I’m judged and unwelcome in this community because I genuinely enjoy healthy foods and working out. Not every form of taking care of your body and cleaning up your diet is harmful or dangerous. Some of us genuinely need it for our health.
  • jrk2019
    Used to love
    I used to really enjoy this podcast but now I pick and choose episodes. I respect Sami and Aleen’s vulnerability discussing their weight, fitness, and overall health. However, sometimes Sami can get too negative on herself and judgemental if someone wants to lose weight. I think IE is really beneficial, but it doesn’t always suit everyone so the mutual respect has to go both ways. Also, I would prefer to have actual experts such as doctors, nutritionists, or dieticians as guests instead of Instagram influencers who preach whatever they preach because sometimes those episodes seem totally unrelated to the overall pod’s goal. Basically, I think the evolution of this podcast has hit a wall and it feels like they’re trying to figure out it’s identity.
  • qwe2000
    Not what is used to be
    Started listening a couple years ago, but the last few months this podcast has really gone downhill unfortunately. Their interview skills need improvement- it’s like they’re really not listening/no follow up questions, and Sami is just too negative lately. I also think they both need to be a bit more aware of their privilege. They also make it seem like if someone is trying to lose weight that they have an eating disorder. So tired of hearing about intuitive eating.
  • jdimitro
    Love this pod
    I love this podcast and the journey the girls have taken us all on ! Highly recommend l, it is so raw and real. It feels very authentic and vulnerable and I applaud these ladies!
  • MammaRocky
    Love this!
    These ladies nail it with this podcast. They breakdown diet culture and have the conversations we all need to have! It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends.
  • Tuytviyygiyyuyjutyh
    I love how vulnerable Sami and Aleen are on this podcast. Honest and open to talking about things most of us are way to scared to open up about. I highly recommend they both listen to @juliealedbetter. She has helped heal my diet issues but also allows for loving yourself and at the same time being open to change in the most positive way. Health, nutrition, and movement.
  • TLee3456
    Love this podcast!! Great stuff 😍
  • Roxanne Junior
    Be careful
    I’m sorry I know they both have the best of intentions sharing their real experience with body acceptance and it’s very challenging, but a lot of things Sami particularly say are still very steeped in diet culture and damaging when it comes to conclusions around weight health effects. I do not recommend for someone in recovery from EDs, they do share information and some of it is very misguided.
  • JennaLuisa
    Not what it used to be
    Lately the pod had lacked structure and substance. Would like to hear less complaining from Sami and overall focused/purposeful conversations. I used to be a loyal listener and now I pick and choose. Still love Betches but this pod has really lacked heart lately.
  • talloaksbandee
    This is great
    Okay I just started listening and was shocked by how much I love this podcast (I expected it to be very pro diet culture, “wellness” etc). If you’re upset that they’re not promoting “healthy living” you should read look into the racist origins of BMI, modern weight loss, etc...
  • OllieRuth
    Love the podcast!
    Update: I agree with the other recent comments. Sami has been so hard to listen to lately and is really tanking the whole show. It’s clear she’s insecure about how much weight she gained, but then she can’t be bothered to go for a walk? I don’t get it. I love Aleen and truly think she promotes such a good balance if intuitive eating and exercise, but Sami is really killing the vibe lately. Also, Sami seems to really be snappy towards Aleen lately and it’s getting annoying to listen to because Aleen makes great points and is so relatable! Hope they/Sami can fix this issue...would love to have the old pod back. Love this podcast!! I think Aleen and Sami are so funny and relatable. Specially, I like their solo episodes. Their banter is hilarious and makes me feel like I’m listening to my friends talk. Docked one point for Sami — she sometimes gets on my nerves.
  • sarah_pearce
    Favorite podcast of all time
    Listening to these two talk feels like sitting in a room with two of my best friends. Ive been a listener for years, through all the phases of life and diet culture that the show has explored. While the content of every episode isn’t necessarily relevant to me (I am actively pursuing sustainable weight loss at the moment), I still take away some great info from every episode. I hope they never end DST.
  • sophbee
    Like a convo w your two friends
    I love how vulnerable and honest Sami and Aleen always are. I feel like they say what I’m thinking or feeling
  • purlycurly
    Used to be so it’s toxic
    I loved how this podcast used to be a lighthearted but truthful discussion about dieting and fitness. It felt like chatting with a friend. Now Sami and Aleen are both on intuitive eating journeys, which is fine for them, but they have this attitude that diets are toxic, only weight gain should be celebrated, and there is something wrong with you (and with society) if you want to lose weight. How about celebrating every body, no matter what journey they’re on?
  • sunnyb937
    This pod has changed in a weird way
    I agree with other reviewers that the pod lacks substance and structure now, and there is too much self-centered and negative talk from Sami. I feel Ike even when they do have guests on the show now, Sami is always interrupting or arguing with the guest rather than interviewing them for information. So then what do you get out of the show? I used to love the guests and constructive discussions between Sami and Aleen, but now I feel the podcast is about Sami’s problems. I guess now I’m also hyper-aware of the fact that the hosts are two (middle class? Upper middle class?) white women talking/complaining about the problems in their world with no real structure to a story or anecdote whenever it’s an episode without a guest. Not that they're not allowed to have problems or talk about whatever they want on their show. It’s just that as a woman of color, I’m even more disconnected from what they have to say in those episodes lacking structure. I have body image issues, I’ve been on and off diets, I tried intuitive eating, so I was loving a podcast where women talked about those challenges, explored their feelings about different approaches, and interviewed professionals. I just don’t think this is the podcast for me anymore.
  • brit12345abc123abc123
    They need to wrap it up
    I feel like their hearts just aren’t in this anymore and they have been phoning it in. The girls get very combative around a simple premise: if you eat more calories than you burn for long enough, you will gain weight. This entire podcast used to be them trying to find a “loophole” that makes this not true, or how to magically loose weight easier without having to change any of their eating habits. As they have not been able to find it (because science) they have now moved on to villifying the “diet industry”. They just seem very angry lately and claim to be “over it” regarding constantly feeling like they need to be dieting. Ok? So don’t! Just go live your life then and learn to be content with whatever body that brings. We are the product of our choices and their constant search for someone to blame for their issues is just old at this point. I used to love this podcast so I’m very sad to have to let it go.
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