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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

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  • roses191
    its ok but....
    sometimes hard to understand the conversation because they're constantly giggling and talking over each other. Some episdoes are fun listens and others sound like pampered 11 year old girls on sugar highs.
  • annieregstad
    Love the concept, but...
    I was drawn to the concept of this podcast; regular people talking and learning about their health journey, but Sami has turned me away. If you are not an elite rich girl, she has nothing for you. Her response to an email was “discuss that with your therapist.” Not everyone can afford a therapist, and once she allowed Aleen to speak, Aleen actually took time to give insight and advice, which is why the listener emailed YOU. I wish there was more Aleen, who is sweet and thoughtful, and less Sami. Sorry, but the rambling episodes combined with politics has soured me on this one.
  • Elle E. L.
    Great podcast
    Highly entertaining
  • amanda,h
    Easy listen
    Very relatable and easy to listen to. Past episodes have featured some interesting guests and topics. Lately the episodes have been less rich and stray to politics at times which is not what people turn this podcast on to hear. Overall I love the podcast but they could use a refresh with new guests/topics.
  • eem24242
    Favorite podcast
    This is my all time favorite podcast and has seriously been keeping me sane throughout the pandemic. I find it comforting to listen to aleen and Sami’s conversations, like catching up with friends who are funny and honest. I look forward to new episodes every week. Love it!
  • gilf
    Their bias and ignorance when it comes to politics has made me completely get rid of all betches stuff and I’ve followed them from the beginning. It was a huge bummer but I’m sick of them blaming everything on the president esp when it comes to finding a healthy relationship with food. That’s on YOU! Be accountable or shut up.
  • agsjfka
    Really have been loving this podcast. Love the convos the girls have, topics are super relatable to me and nice to know I’m not alone. Keep it up ladies!
  • TICHA72
    Your expert guests are what makes the show
    There used to be knowledgeable, expert guests that I enjoyed listening to and felt I learned something valuable. Lately it’s just endless rambling, obviously unprepared and winging like, well like, okay like. Ugh! It’s painful to listen to. Update 11/11/20...gave it another try and listened to the episode recorded on 10/31. Such a wast of time, I couldn’t even finish. Not an ounce of useful information in the 40 minutes I wasted on this. Unprepared, empty of meaningful’s like eavesdropping on a phone call between 2 immature 30-somethings. Deleting for good.
  • sushinushi
    Mean girls
    Used to love this podcast and listened religiously. I don’t know what happened recently, but Sami and Aleen are so nasty and total mean girls. I can’t even listen because they way they speak upsets me so much. Maybe they were always this mean/rude/catty and I never noticed? Sami has also become very elitist recently...really weird considering how she used to think.
  • Olivia Ariens
    So relatable
    I love how relatable these girls are. It makes me feel a lot less alone! Also the dynamic between them is great, I always look forward to new episodes.
  • Bored16
    Look forward to it each week
    Listen for a good lighthearted conversation on a multitude of relatable topics!
  • Summer96768
    My favorite!!
    Thank you to Sami and Aleen for being candid with their emotions. You make me feel normal and like I am also able to progress beyond worrying about food alllll the time. Five stars!
  • lum318
    Loving this Journey
    I can’t put into words how much I appreciate this podcast and Sami and Aileen’s honest conversations. Yeah..these two aren’t certified health professionals.. this isn’t your typical wellness podcast and I can understand how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But for me and many others it’s exactly the perspective we need to hear from. It’s been exciting to watch the new direction this show has taken and kind of go against the norm. I feel there’s been a great mix of episodes with guests in the wellness/health industry and episodes focused on the hosts’ personal journeys. Seems like there’s some hate on the latter based on previous reviews but I personally love hearing the updates in Sami and Aileens lives , it just makes everything feel all the more relatable than the rest. Keep up the great work!
  • *rAcHiEpOo*
    Very relatable and entertaining
    the hosts are great at giving advice and I enjoy the topics. I have learned.
  • maria_geraghty
    i am totally binging this podcast
    I have been following the DST insta for awhile, but I am a new listener of the podcast. It is everything I needed to hear as a 20 something who has grown up with diet culture, social media, and struggles with self image. It has really helped me with my relationship with food, exercise, and myself! I listen to the podcast everywhere I go, so it’s good that I have so many episodes to catch up on. Keep being great and sharing your valuable and real takes on everything diet related! I feel so seen :)
  • Diets No More
    I’m done.
    As a life long dieter I was thrilled when this podcast started and have listened to almost every episode. A few months back this podcast started becoming really hard to listen to. Aleen and Sami were constantly talking over each other and it was hard to follow a clear thought. Then it became Sami’s wedding show and every conversation always came back to Sami’s wedding. I was hoping it would die down after it was over but she is still talking about it. Aleen seems like she is actually on a meaningful journey and I would love to hear more about it but it is really difficult when Sami is always talking over and making this her personal therapy session. I was on the fence a while ago but after the last few episodes I think it is time for me to move on.
  • Eliz5817
    I was initially into it. I liked their friendship and honest discussions. I had to unsubscribe today. The convos started to feel toxic and stir up any food anxiety I had despite all of the mindful or intuitive eating talk. Pls get a health degree or at least a certification before you speak on this topic. It’s potentially damaging. Listeners, take it with a grain of salt. “It’s a journey.” 🏔. 👋🏼.
  • Courtooooooo
    No clear message
    I had written in a question that was similar to today’s episode topic and I was really excited to listen but I think it went even further off the rails and there was no clear and coherent message. I have listened to every episode of DST. Sami seems super negative lately which I understand given the state of the world but she seems to be against everything, questioning if one of the Facebook commenters had listened to previous episodes to understand the message and I was really surprised on today’s episode when she was mocking planning your meals and calories “salad for lunch, 365 calories.” Aleen is on a personal journey that seems to be working for her but I felt like the message was talking down to the listener with Sami and Aleen being above dieting and that we the listeners were not understanding intuitive eating and fat phobia and had confusion over these ideas. It is time for me to move on from this podcast but thank you for the past few years of episodes!
  • krisw1228
    No longer learning from the episodes
    Seriously, can you please stop talking about intuitive eating and ffactor drama? Not everyone in your audience is anti diet and fitness. Even if I’m not specifically doing diets it’s more interesting to hear experts speak on them and become educated on why they may/may not work. Also at this point Sami just argues with everything which seems counterproductive.
  • Maddie3140
    The best podcast for any health junkie
    Obsessed with Sami and Aleen! So relatable and great. My favorite podcast
  • Louie Lou19872689
    Like I love this podcast but like Sami
    Great podcast, I love how relatable y’all are but, but can Sami chill with saying “like” between every other word 🥴
  • Genohoch
    Just bitter & negative....
    I just don’t like this podcast it seems to me that it’s just two girls constantly complaining about their weight but not really wanting to do much about it. There is a way to live a healthy life without dieting and restricting, they assume anyone who enjoys eating healthy, or working out is unhappy, when it seems like maybe they are the unhappy ones ?
  • keforman
    I listen as soon as I see the new ep!
    Love DST podcast. They are not afraid to be honest and vulnerable and I relate 110%! Appreciate hearing about their transition to intuitive eating
  • AshleyK864
    Binging every episode. So relatable and helpful!
  • Vintage Bliss
    Was informative, now just FA/HAES
    Not saying FA/HAES is bad necessarily, though they did literally have a doctor on once that works specifically with overweight patents that said she has issues with HAES and gave good reasons. Just feels like they brought everyone onto the podcast under the guise of listening to medical experts, workout and fitness professionals, and sometimes the odd fun guest to talk about the industry revolving around health, wellness, and dieting and now that the hosts don’t want to diet anymore the listeners aren’t allowed to either. They only choose questions related to HAES and only speak on topics in their own lives that have to do with not dieting and intentional eating, sometimes even making fun on people who still do. You know, their audience. I like hearing what’s up in Sami and Aleen’s life but I ended up unsubscribing.
  • blonkay
    Stop w the politics
    I love this podcast and listen to it regularly on my walks and in the car... but PLEASE stop talking politics. This is not what I listen to this podcast for. I’m all for speaking on human rights issues with what’s going on in the world today, but discussing what y’all think of RBGs replacement is not what I’m listening to y’all for. I’ll go listen to the news or a political podcast for that.
  • Bex636314
    Improvements made 👏🏼👏🏼
    Hosts getting along better, better content, more realness, super relatable ! Positive vibes
  • mmmmeganray
    I love this podcast and makes my Sunday or Monday more comfortable. Sami and Aleen are so relatable so I def enjoy the eps of just them the most and not a guest (unless its Jared!). Keep the episodes like the one from 9/27 coming!!! xoxo
  • MGodly
    Love the new bonus episodes
    I’ve been a listener from the start and I really enjoy the podcast and most of the guests that are on. There are some here and there that are kind of eh, but for the most part it’s entertaining and positive! The new weekly bonus short episodes are a nice addition as well.
  • Annay234
    Sami needs to chill
    I love the topics and discussions you all have, but it seems like Sami just wants to argue sometimes. Especially with how often she interrupts guests. And it seems like she wants to lose weight but then makes fun of every single diet or people who restrict things. She should be more open minded. The episode that turned me off the most was the one with the expert who was trying to help her with her sugar cravings and Sami had an excuse for every option she came up with for her. If you are anti- diet culture then maybe don’t host this podcast!
  • schultza1558
    I love the DST pod and the community they’ve created. I love the mini episodes with Sami and Aleen, it feels like me talking with my girlfriends. Also love all of the guests, especially Tracy and Jordan! Can’t wait to learn more
  • not so toasty vibes rn
    I feel like I have grown with them!
    If you want an Authentic look at the mind of someone who struggles with body image issues and disordered eating these girls are it! Also the community is awesome. Learn and grow together! ****Also so weird about the f factor lovers reviewing negatively about this podcast is such a shame! Out of touch with the diet starts tomorrow audience! Come as you are and be vulnerable, stop defending yourself so much!!****
  • angelamcm
    Enough with the F Factor
    For the love of God can you please make an episode about ANYTHING else - OVER IT
  • heavmcev
    Love Jared’s “Inside Voice”
    I love the episodes with Jared! And Aleen and Sami’s giggles make it that much better. I just wish he would use his DST podcast voice on U Up? He is always yelling
  • kdunn423
    Love these girls! So relatable!
    When attempting another diet I stumbled upon this podcast and decided that Sami and Aleen are right my precious brain power and energy have much more meaningful things to focus on! These episodes are light and hilarious as well as informative and really make me think ! Thank so much guys ! #brainspo not #thinspo
  • Verjokel
    Love this podcast
    I look forward to this show every week! Thank you for changing the conversations around Diet and our relationship with food.
  • CreevyC
    so real
    I came across this show when there was just one episode out (Kayla Itsines!) and I've stayed subscribed ever since. I listen every week and love hearing Sami and Aleen work through their relationships with food and discuss their personal diet journeys as well as broader diet culture and its ever-changing trends. Not every topic has been super interesting to me personally (period stuff, certain guests' diets) but Sami and Aleen always say something that makes me think and something that makes me laugh. Hearing how much they've grown as they've been doing this show - it's refreshing and relatable and always real. Listen!
  • MAColeman1
    Growing & changing & giving & receiving
    This podcast has been my favorite since the beginning. I feel like Sami & Aleen’s journeys with food/body/diet culture have been my own. I am so happy to support a female-owned company that is so authentic, socially responsible, and relatable. Also hilarious and fun!
  • erin denver
    Love this podcast!
    Funny. Real. Down to earth. You feel like you are listening to your friends chat. Awesome guests. Highly recommend!
  • katie huf
    Giving me the food freedom I didn’t know I needed
    I am genuinely sad everytime I’m caught up because I can’t get enough. Once I listened to the concept of anti-diet and food neutrality my life completely changed. Also the girl’s humor and banter is beyond entertaining. Thank you changing the conversation around dieting!
  • megreil
    I wait all week for it to come out!
    Best podcast ever Sami and Aleen are going through an incredible anti-diet journey and helping all of us who listen along the way! So happy I found this podcast when I did!
  • Margaret000
    Love these gals!
    This podcast is great! I’ve loved listening since day one. The girls have gone from just talking about diets to actually seeing how toxic diet culture is. I love the non-scale win segment and hearing about Aleen’s journey to intuitive eating. The F-Factor ep. was so cringeworthy and I feel horrible that Aleen had to sit through that. I think she did an amazing job of continuing to ask the questions that the listeners want to know. The F Factor woman came on to do a sales pitch which is unfortunate. It’s too bad she was never “educated” on diets and how any form of restriction or rule around food is going to create some sort of disordered eating. Can’t wait to keep listening, girls! Keep up the great work ♥️
  • Jshale
    Can’t get enough!!
    I love this podcast so much!
  • HanBanan423
    Amazing Podcast
    Aleen and Sami are the best! They’re open and vulnerable about their journey through diet culture. The episodes are super inspiring!
  • Jaf_7
    Read this, Tanya Z
    This whole F-Factor fiasco will someday be a Harvard Business Review case study in how NOT to handle a PR crisis. I say this as someone who actually likes Tanya and use the powders but am APPALLED at the handling of this entire situation. She has ignored two important tenets in life and business. 1. The customer is always right. She should have reimbursed everyone who purchased the powder from the first whiff of anonymous complaints. She should have said if these complaints are true, I am so sorry, everyone gets a refund and I am going to investigate the formulation immediately (she could have then done zero “investigating” - we wouldn’t know but the aggrieved would have at least felt heard). 2. Don’t shoot the messenger. How in the world the comment “The girl sells clothes for a living” ever made it into print is unfathomable. It revealed a level of arrogance that turned a lot a people who saw Tanya as a sweet, down to earth person who just happens to be wealthy into ... well, it turned a lot of people. I still give her the benefit of the doubt - she saw her empire crashing and lashed out at the person she saw as the source - but I’m in the minority. What can she do now? Fire the rich white men and listen to the new generation who don’t care about your designer bags and want to love their bodies as they are. Apologize, sincerely. Stop talking about the book. Say you’re looking into the products. Offer refunds on everything (the ship has sailed on getting people to sign that they won’t sue after the refund; you’ve lost too much credibility) and all those refunds will still be a FAR smaller price to pay and best use of your money (rather than legal fees!) It will save your reputation. Step away for awhile and come back with a “refreshed” take on the diet and products and what is considered beautiful (not skinny and rich but healthy and happy; and yes, healthy can equal weight loss, you don’t have to give that up) Good luck, Tanya. And to the victims, turn your anger at not being heard into offering your ear to someone else in pain. That’s some good that can come out of this.
  • Selenuhr
    Good show!
    Good podcast
  • crystaldianee
    Loved being on this journey
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since close to the beginning, and it’s been amazing being apart of Sami & Aleens journeys from being deeply submerged into diet culture to now being anti-diet. It’s also been amazing to have myself go through similar experiences, revelations and changes. I’m very aware some of these personal changes were influenced by being an outsider listening into similar conversations and mind-sets I was having- and was able to realize the toxicity of the diet industry. Their new take on health & wellness is refreshing. Their choice of guests (especially the repeat ones on rotation) are so relevant to their message, and audience and on brand for betches. It’s honestly been a journey listening along to Sami and Aleen, and through the different formats the podcast has taken. I feel like they’re really nailed down their collective voice and space and I thoroughly look forward to each episode each week.
  • hayley renee n
    Really enjoy Sami & Aleen
    Sami & Aleen have really come into their own and have grown so much in their views on dieting and wellness. As a listener I identify with their struggles around diet culture and really appreciate the evolution of their beliefs toward dieting and what it means to be healthy. Listening to the podcast is like listening to a conversation with a friend which I find enjoyable and they are so funny.
  • Alexis C.A.
    You need to listen!
    Love this and the range of guest and info. Love Sami and Aleen! A regular part of my Sunday!
  • ad4718!
    Love this podcast. Sami and Aleen are so real and honest and fun to listen to. Love their friendship and love being a part of their health and dieting journey!
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