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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

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  • fasteaterbetch
    I enjoy but just a tip:
    I love the podcast a lot. I’ve always struggled with my weight and I love the reminders that it’s ok to eat that piece of cake and to not strive to look like models and actors. That being said I do want to talk about this weeks podcast and Rebel Wilson using the Mayr Method. Sami mentioned that counting chews is an eating disorder. I’ve practiced counting chews by recommendations from doctors, I used to inhale food and it wasn’t until I learned to count chews that I learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying my food and listening to my body when it’s full. Granted I don’t know Rebel Wilson and I don’t know her relationship to food, but throwing around “eating disorder” is really harmful. I understand your point and completely understand how if you’ve never experienced it before how it could be a strange and hard concept to grasp, I just recommend maybe a bit more research on topics such as these to avoid creating a stigma.
  • cbern-podlover
    Used to love this podcast
    I used to love this podcast, but I feel like recently Sami has been so..... argumentative. I feel like she talks over Aleen all of the time and feels her perspective and political beliefs are the only right opinions and political beliefs. it’s exhausting
  • katiefalz
    changed my health journey
    DST has helped me change my health journey in such a positive way. When quarantine started I made it a goal to get into a healthier lifestyle and this podcast has influenced my journey so much. Aleen and Sami feel like good friends who I can relate to in so many ways. DST has taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing what I love as well as boosting my self confidence so much. Also as someone who struggles with mental health DST helps me get into a great headspace. 10/10 recommend!
  • Mullatoprincess
    Love it!; but stay relevant to Podcast
    I just started listening to this back in March; and I have been going back to the beginning and listening in order while also listening to newer episodes that peak my interest. At first I was kind of annoyed by Sami and Aleen since some of their experiences with health and weight loss are problematic; but then I realized that’s the point. They’re relatable for those of us who have struggled with health and wellness. I like listening to their rants and I like that they bring guest with opposing viewpoints on the show. I like that’s they explore so many of the emotional aspects of health and fitness; and that is part that is the most eye opening for me. I like Sami’s commentary about therapy and her experiences; I think it helps listeners take the stigma away from therapy and to realize ANYONE can go to therapy regardless of how much they have there lives “together” or no matter how small their problems may be. As a mixed race black woman It was interesting to listen to the most recent episodes concerning BLM movement. I truly don’t mind hearing their opinions; and I think conversation and dialogue should not be censored just because they are white and privileged. On the other hand I think for the topic of this podcast it would be more appropriate to find an expert to talk about health disparities in the black community. I think they should stay on topic about health and fitness; this last episode was barley that. Find guest to talk about the following: Why are blacks experiencing so much CV diseases and health issues compared to other races? What stigmas exists in the black community regarding health and fitness? What is being done to help? Is it genetics or lifestyle? Food desserts in poor block communities? Media representation of black people and role models and how that affects self confidence among the black community? Different body types of black woman/genetics? Genetically better athletes? These are topics that a real expert could provide so much insight that would actually educate your audience and help them understand or encourage change.
  • LindsayF0815
    Gotten off track
    I’ve listened to DST from the beginning and really enjoyed hearing the journey that Aleen and Sami were on. I related to a lot of the content and for a while it seemed they were really learning how to cope with their disordered eating. Once 2020 hit, the vibe completely changed. I still listen but I’m not gaining anything out of these episodes. It’s more so background noise at this point. I’d love for health and fitness to return to the forefront of this podcast, which is the reason why I’m leaving the review. It’s clear that many of us aren’t happy with the current direction it is heading. *disclaimer, I’m all for educating on the BLM movement, but I think there is a smarter way of doing this. This isn’t the only podcast I listen to hosted by two white girls, but they missed the ball here.
  • so rude and argumentative
    Way too argumentative
    I use to love Sami and Aleen’s podcast. Their dynamic was awesome. Now, I can’t stand Sami’s “my perspective is only correct” and barely listens or allows Aleens perspective to be heard. They have these “experts” on the podcast and Sami tends to argue with them. While her intention may not be negative, I truly cannot listen to her anymore. I love Aleens weight loss story leading up to her wedding and I felt like Sami couldn’t just be happy for her. It is disheartening and frustrating so I had to unsubscribe. Make your environment exciting for your listeners especially during this uncertain time.
  • byebetch
    I’m out.
    I used to look forward to a new episode every Sunday, but I’ve been left disappointed as of recently. It has become way too political, and the quality of the content has declined immensely. I understand trying to support the BLM movement, but it’s cringey listening to Sami rant for an hour about how hard it’s been for her being a white woman in the U.S. Use your IG for that. I miss the reputable guests that were knowledgeable in their respective fields, please bring some back! Another thing I’ve noticed across the other Betches podcasts is the constant use of the word LIKE. It’s beyond irritating to hear it every other word.
  • KatC88
    Used to look forward to...
    I have been a listener since the beginning and looked forward to listening on Sunday morning runs, but have been very turned off over the past 4-5 months. They used to have great guests, but there are much fewer guests and so much negativity. It is such a downer now. I officially had to give up on the 6/15 podcast. I love incorporating the black lives matter movement into the podcast but it was just Sami going off the rails.. and honestly making it about herself. They really should have taken the time to find a great black figure in the fitness community and kept it in line with the pod topic while including the guest’s struggles and opinions on race in the industry. Let’s hear their voices instead of a privileged white woman whining about how BLM is so heavy for her.
  • JCJ326
    Too chatty
    I just am not a fan of podcasts that are this unstructured. And my ears can’t take hearing the word “like” so many times, from both the hosts and the guest. This just isn’t for me. I need more solid content delivered more professionally.
  • favebetch
    Favorite Podcast!
    Sami and Aleen are hilarious. Walking and listening to this podcast is the highlight of my day! I told all my friends about it and now they’re hooked too.
  • amleonard95
    Dropped off
    I loved this podcast in the beginning. Now, I literally cringe while listening. It seems like they don’t prepare questions AT ALL and have zero direction to conversations. I’m all for a free flowing podcasts but these girls seem to either not care or be awkward? Sad because I used to love it!
  • Lauryn Elizabeth
    Sami and Aleen feel like my bffs
    I’ve been listening since the start and I cannot believe I’ve never left a review!! This podcast has become my personal favorite self soothing tactic 😂I find myself relistening to my favorite episodes (basically the ones that Jordan Syatt is on) when I need inspiration after feeling low about progress or if I need a mood boost. I feel like Sami and Aleen are my friends, you guys are so funny and I love the episodes where it’s just you two!! Thank you for the gift of this podcast, it’s the BEST.
  • 500daysof_nina
    Consistent Listener
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast every week, some episodes more so than others. I gave a 3/5 star review because the last episode amplified my biggest problem with this podcast, which is Sami bringing up her personal issues in what feels like nearly every episode. The knocking her mom because she was late to Sami’s therapy appointment and Sami never asks her to attend them, coupled with just multiple complexes while they had a guest on (who I wanted to hear more from) is just not what I personally want to hear all the time. Getting vulnerable and intimate is important to engage your audience, but not every episode needs to be a therapy session.
  • betches fan
    5 stars
    Really great, relatable podcast. I’ve been listening since the beginning and both hosts seem to have grown over the life of the podcast. It’s been inspiring to listen along!
  • Chairs yofay
    Wellness for us the average person
    Absolutely love this podcast and feel the content is extremely relatable for the average person that may not know or have a lot of experience in the health, nutrition, fitness, etc world.
  • rachel3415
    “Weird” spices
    Hey girls, love the show but please be more thoughtful about what is a “weird” spice. There are lots of listeners from different backgrounds and what is weird for you is normal for others. Let’s encourage each other to explore new flavors and recipes different from our regulars and let’s do it in a positive way that doesn’t define other flavors or cuisines different from your own as “weird.”
  • SaebrynPeel
    Review specifically for the How Have You Grown This Decade
    Okay, so I loved it at first- I loved the whole episode until the end of it. At the end, they all just started BASHING Hailey Bieber, her relationship, and her as a person? How is this okay? They said some nasty things and even said Hailey and Justin are going to get divorced etc. Said that Hailey would be the bully mean girl in high school? Do they know her? I’m appalled. I never thought they would promote this rude and negative behavior. another note- decided to give another shot and listen to the newest episode on Adele and her weight loss. Why can’t they be positive about something for once?! it always has to be some negative underlying motive that they try to unpack instead of just thinking oh good for her maybe she wanted to make some changes for herself ? maybe she is healthier now and maybe she isn’t? but that’s for her to decide.
  • lmg331
    Exactly what I need to hear
    I am not a podcast listener, but this podcast has changed that. I love Sami and Aleen’s conversations each week. They get great guests, and share so openly about important health and wellness topics in a fun and accessible way. If you’re listening to the first few episodes—keep going! This podcast just gets better and better, and witnessing Sami and Aleen’s growth (alongside the listeners) throughout the episodes is incredible.
  • silvpod
    Rude to guests??
    I just listened back to the Tanya Zuckerbot episode and felt so much secondhand discomfort hearing the host be so defensive toward the guest - clearly due to her own lack of understanding. And the projecting of her own fear of food also took away from getting helpful information. Clearly interviewed before doing real research.
  • Ashhhhhhhhhole
    Bad changes
    I used to love this pod, there was a good balance of people like me, mixed with professionals in the diet and fitness communities. An episode was perfect for a commute or my evening walk. Now, after some changes, there are entire episodes with just Aleen and Sami, who are wonderful hosts, but not an authority in anything this podcast covers. On the flip side, I realized the amount of time spent with the folks who actually know what they’re talking about is hardly anything! It’s disappointing, but I’m going to have to find a better health and wellness podcast.
  • morgankate_1
    Hands down the most ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL dieting podcast I’ve ever followed!! Sami and Aleen are a true joy to listen to- I literally laugh out loud at the gym when listening and I’m sure people think I’m crazy! I cannot get enough of them. No, they’re not professionals but they have great guests if you want to hear the professionals! The episodes with just the two of them are hilarious and totally genuine- worth a listen for sure!
  • pizza is life.
    absolute favorite podcast.
    can i be best friends with sami and aleen???
  • bkernagis
    I love Sami and Aleen — super relatable and funny!
    Sami and Aleen are super relatable and funny!
  • disappointedbetch
    Sami carries this show on her shoulders
    CAN’T take advice from Aleen who literally vacationed to the Bahamas in the midst of all of this chaos for her 30th birthday or whatever while Sami’s out here canceling her wedding. SO incredibly SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE. OH and the fact that Aleen’s hubs is apparently a FREAKING NURSE is just 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯how is that even allowed?!? Totally turned me off from Betches... just read their scathing Kristin Cavallari article and I’m like... didn’t Aleen do the same exact thing?!? Practice what you preach y’all. At the very least, Aleen owes the listeners an explanation/apology (instead of just sweeping it under the rug and hoping no one else notices her complete and utter hypocrisy) if she wants us to EVER take her seriously again. Ugh privilege is so gross. Unsubscribing 🤙🤙
  • Nickii467
    Relevant and relatable light listening for the type A, slightly OCD, and ambitious young profoessiinal female with body image concerns
  • soph.22
    I seriously look forward to a new episode coming out every week! Seriously hearing people talk about all these things that I literally thought were just weird things I do or something wrong with me is so refreshing and calming. I always love that I can always count on this podcast to give me a good laugh and brighten my mood!
  • kjh651
    Weekly does of therapy
    I love how the hosts are so relatable and honest. Each episode I find myself laughing along with their stories and also taking away thoughts of self reflection. Sharing the “non scale wins” each week is so important and love hearing them!
  • Liv13!
    A staple in my weekend ritual
    Have been a religious listener for over a year now. Equal parts insightful and hilarious. With someone who has constantly struggled with her weight I find this podcast relatable. Can also appreciate how they can aren’t afraid to shed light on other topics/struggles many people go through, anxiety, stress, relationship conflicts. One of my favorite podcasts!
  • LMP513
    Thankful betch
    I look forward to this podcast every week. I love the topics, hosts, and Alwen and Sami’s honesty. Thanks for all that you do! Hope you are staying safe xoxo
  • paigemcv
    I love these girls and am so happy to listen every week.
  • CAgirl95
    Too political
    I have listened to this podcast from day 1, but sadly it’s become too political. I listen to a majority of podcasts as an escape from politics, but DST has turned into a continual bashing of our current president and administration. I used to enjoy listening to Sami and Aleen discuss diet and working out, not Sami’s hatred for Trump.
  • Maureen Saur
    Love this podcast
    Sami and Aleen are so relatable it instantly feels like you’ve known them for years! As a girl who has always had body/food issues, this podcast brought them to the forefront and hearing their experiences as well as their guests experiences have served as an opportunity of growth as well as cautionary stories for how slippery of a slope these issues can prove to be. In their discussions with the guests, they ask the sometimes obvious questions we all have when prompted with a new guide on how to navigate food issues. When they don’t have guests, they truly let you in to their lives and struggles with their Q&A. Even during this trying time with Covid-19, they effortlessly have been able to include the real world impacts on our health. I am so happy to find a podcast where I can grow with the hosts.
  • hpittma
    Great take!
    I’m a total fan. You guys provide real insight and interview people that I really gravitate towards! Thank you for keeping media authentic and being true to your podcast values!
  • deidre97
    Stop talking about Trump please
    I get it Sami, you’re super liberal but I thought this was a diet podcast. I like to stay educated on both sides of the political spectrum. And I just don’t believe on shoving my beliefs onto others, so I don’t appreciate hearing it on this podcast. Otherwise I’d go listen to the SUP. Which I used to love but is also very very uneducated. Give people educated info so that they can make the decision for themselves. News flash people with conservative values aren’t evil and neither are those with liberal beliefs. Roughly 50% voted for trump so just take that in mind when you’re saying everyone hates him. I really don’t enjoy hearing about politics in every aspect of my life. This podcast used to be so helpful for me, to hear about others struggling with eating disorders and how they are coping. Now it’s very hate on Trump centered and promoting the next new hit diet. It’s very biased and does not have the same banter. Sami seems very uneducated and gets most of her news from Twitter instead of researched news cycles.
  • mbgraham888
    Sami is an issue - Aleen should host alone
    Sami is impossible to listen to because she has no idea about diet/exercise, so she tries to somehow bring politics into everything. I used to love this podcast, but now I will only listen to episodes that Aleen hosts alone. Sami is terrible.
  • Lizz 96
    Usually Great but Too Political Now
    I am an avid fan of this podcast, it actually is my fav one I look forward to each week! I have given multiple 5 star reviews. However, Sami pushing her political opinions on everyone when she isn’t stating FACTS, but emotional OPINIONS, is too much in the last episode. It’s why I stopped listening to the Sup, and is why I will likely stop listening to this until after the pandemic...maybe after the election year.
  • Kaitlyn_2020
    Great podcast (when politics are avoided)!
    This podcast is great. I think topics covered are super relevant and relatable until politics are brought in. Let’s refrain from putting blame on certain leaders and parties... can we just have a discussion without getting political? That’s why i listen to DST!
  • lalabearzick
    Lately kinda annoying
    Interview a real doctor, not a resident whose sitting home making a mockery of the profession and not in the front lines. Some of us actually work in the ER and can give you relevant information.
  • heyitsrena
    Please do better
    I have for the past few months been enjoying this podcast. But I’m sorry but I could not finish the corona bride episode. What really left a sour taste in my mouth is Aleen mentioning that she’s going to the Bahamas for her birthday. Yes I understand this virus has ruined so many plans and expectations of many; I’m also sorry your birthday falls at a peak point with this virus but that was pretty selfish to go on that trip. Yes, you were assured there were no cases (at the time), but please think of how you are coming from a hotspot in the US, New York. You could possibly have the virus and be asymptomatic, therefore possibly spreading it in the Bahamas. Come on man, think of others! Think of the wonderful people on that island! Can their healthcare system really handle that? Please guys, let’s think globally. Not just me me me. Love your usual content but that episode was a huge HELL NO.
  • thatsnotcoolok
    “This is our 9/11”
    It’s a wedding. You compared your wedding getting pushed to the day I lost the majority of my family and my friend’s families. Do y’all seriously not think before you post?
  • Pandozas
    Thank you!
    The Obe fitness offer is just on time!
  • Mattress 334
    If you have to FaceTime for an episode... just don’t. Audio is horrible
  • Melzmal
    Miss the old format
    This was my favorite podcast when it was Sami and Aleen chatting about topics. I’m honestly not as interested in hearing professional’s pull me in every direction telling me how to diet correctly. I liked those episodes sometimes, but really preferred Sami and Aleen episodes
  • MissKarisaL
    Love Love Love
    So grateful for this podcast! Bringing so much joy into my house every week! I love that Betches is shedding light to some serious issues in our wellness cultures. Love this weeks episode with Max, can’t wait to read his newest book!
  • koreilly112
    Love DST
    I love this podcast and the community it inspires. I identify so much with Sami and Aleen, and feel like I have had similar struggles that no one really talks about before this pod. I have also learned a lot from guests and I think this is just a really grounding way for me to start my week!
  • lauraj15
    I listen religiously!
    Sami and Aleen feel like friends now. I look forward to listening to DST every week. So relatable!
  • nfeels
    The episode with Max
    I usually LOVE every episode! But this episode with Max is DANGEROUS for those who have perfectionist and obsessive tendencies. He makes simple things like not getting enough light seem detrimental to our health and wellness and this is something that no everyone can control!!! as a college student I don’t have the time to stand in the sun to make sure I’m getting enough light (I spend my time studying in the library) so I don’t get sick and die. I also have to wake up with an alarm clock to get to class. I don’t have the luxury of letting my melatonin levels deplete naturally. And while this is extreme thinking, it is something that people deal with. This episode started to cause me to have anxiety and stress while listening and there should be a warning about the content discussed when it can be misconstrued by sensitive audiences. I am working on not feeling guilt when I eat something processed and recovering from an ED from obsessive exercise to burn off “bad foods”. This episode, as I was listening, made me feel those thoughts again and it’s just not practical to avoid all processed foods. Plus it is no way to live. While the intentions were good, remember not everyone is privileged to have therapists, healthy/nutritious food/red light machines, constant sunlight, etc. at their disposal. This was a review and also my form of therapy in knowing that yes this is great research, but my grandparents are 93 years old and they have just been living their life, not overthinking everything they eat, and do. NOT A FAN OF MAX AND HIS PRIVILEGED MINDSET.
  • RinneyD
    Absolute favorite podcast...I can’t get enough
    I began listening to this podcast when the Keto Guido was the guest and I haven’t missed an episode since. I can relate so much to both Sami and Aileen and I have learned and grown so much with them and their guests. So happy I have this podcast to listen to in the car, at the gym and while I’m cooking dinner. I also check the Facebook page daily so inspiration and healthy hacks. LOVE LOVE LOVE DST!
  • Lkeys1
    I love this podcast. It’s helping me keep health and wellness on my mind so I can make better decisions. I haven’t loved all the guests but I’ve always learned something. I really appreciate Betches discussing binging, media, and food... it’s important to discuss this stuff. I love that it’s mostly from a woman’s point of view - I’m always going “Yes that’s how I feel!” Or “that’s what I say!!” Thanks for keeping it real.
  • relfaye
    I love this podcast (most of the time!). Sami and Aleen have a great perspective on things that I am often feeling, and it’s great to know so many others feel the same way. I don’t always love the guests, but most of the time they’re great!
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