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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founder Aleen Dreksler, featuring all things wellness, body image, mental health, nutrition and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of people who totally understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of health and wellbeing as a whole. Listen as we figure out what it means to achieve balance and live healthfully while also enjoying life, featuring our own experience with weight loss (and gain), staying active when it's literally the last thing you want to do, and how to *actually* like your body. Gasp. No matter your mindset, DST is always with you through thicc and thin.

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  • xG2LoveATLx
    Amazing other than cheer
    Obsessed with this podcast and subscribe to back for seconds!It is absolutely incredible I especially love when they have Jordan syatt and experts like him! There has only been one unbearably terrible episode which is significant for a podcast that’s been on this long,And that episode was the cheer interview it was so cringey and offbrand -in the future if an episode is that bad we honestly would rather there be no episode at all. Again that was the only terrible episode though, all of the other episodes are so fine it has been amazing to follow their growth over the years and Aleen is incredible solo even though I love Sami !
  • jfjm1118
    Reviewers, your fat phobia is showing.
    Sami and Aleen are helping dismantle diet culture (and by extension, the patriarchy) one podcast episode at a time. Diet culture is toxic and it felt good to extricate myself from it in the company of these two. Devastated Sami is leaving the main episodes but grateful she will join us for back for seconds! Aleen, you got this, girl! Reviewers who keep commenting on Sami’s weight, shame on you! These ladies talk about not commenting on peoples’ bodies and you clearly aren’t listening with these awful comments. Can’t change the ugly on the inside I suppose. No diet will cure that, honeys.
  • qwe2000
    Not what it used to be
    Started listening a couple years ago, but the last few months this podcast has really gone downhill unfortunately. Their interview skills need improvement- it’s like they’re really not listening/no follow up questions, and Sami is just too negative lately. I also think they both need to be a bit more aware of their privilege. They also make it seem like if someone is trying to lose weight that they have an eating disorder. So tired of hearing about intuitive eating. After the last episode with Sean kilby I’m done with this podcast. They basically shamed people for wanting to get healthy and workout. This podcast needs to re-examine what their objective is.
    My favorite podcast
    Devastated by the news that Sami is leaving. She has helped me so much in self acceptance, while I feel sometimes Aileen is body-hating. These comments about Sami’s weight are despicable and people should be ashamed. Regardless, this podcast is such a breath of fresh air in the wellness space that focuses almost exclusively on unhealthy habits
  • jring1
    Amazing podcast!
    Absolutely love this podcast. I always come back to it when I am feeling out of whack with how I am eating. Will definitely miss Sami but respect her decision to leave. Aleen is awesome too! They also have great guests. I have recommended this pod to so many friends! Thank you Sami and Aleen!
  • MaceFace13!
    Sami you are perfect
    All these reviews talking about sami’s weight are just gross…
  • ang819
    Hope for the future
    I absolutely adore this podcast but have been so annoyed that it seemed to take a turn towards “anti diet” lately. I always loved that the pod was about vulnerability and acceptance. Wanting to lose weight and look great but also talk about how hard It is to resist rounds of drinks and ordering take out. I think a bit of a rebrand is what it needs to get back to what the audience is here for. Why bother even having this podcast if it’s just to shame people who want to look their best?
  • leamichw
    Favorite “wellness” pod!
    I have been a long time listener and I love this podcast!! I loved hearing about Sami and Aleena intuitive eating journeys and I also love how the pod covers such a wide range of topics! It’s like a breath of fresh air when it comes to wellness podcasts! So easy to listen to, it feels like chatting with your friends. I will be so sad to Sami go, I loved her input and it was really refreshing to hear about an intuitive eating journey from someone who did go through a weight gain when they got away from dieting, as i don’t think we always hear that perspective in the “intuitive eating influencer” space.
  • smprice26
    Love dst
    Love this show and the transformation both the hosts have gone through! So relatable.
  • Katherine B 1987
    My absolute favorite podcast, go Sami!
    This has been my favorite podcast for years. Sami does a great job interviewing and also on solo episodes. This podcast has helped me heal so much and think about wellness in an authentic, relatable way. Also I love when Jared joins. I’m excited for Aleen to be back!
  • IMG519
    Speaking the truth here…
    Love Aleens attitude, she handles everything beautifully. I will say that back in 2019, Sami brought a lot more to the table. With Sami’s weight gain, there has been a lot of negativity geared towards anyone that’s looking to better themselves. Sami’s frustrations bleed into the overall vibe of this pod. I’m looking to lose 20-30 lbs, but I’m not into being constantly negative about it. I would be much more interested in seeing Sami being more open to loving her body as it is while making meaningful effort and lifestyle changes. I mean, that’s what we are here for. So, paying for a subscription now seems out of alignment. I have hope this podcast will improve, it’s just going to take a lot of work and changes to get there.
  • Julienyc007
    Best way to adjust my body image mindset
    Not sure why so many recent neg reviews. Perhaps envious competitors? DST has truly been my go to this past year in trying to fix body image issues, ending as #1 on Spotify podcasts. Finally, a healthy “binge”. I especially like lightning round episodes, and Jared+Jordana episodes about social ramifications/anxieties. Just signed up for bonus subscription. Thanks ladies for all you do.
  • mffipai
    I have been listening for years now! I love how it feels like Sami and Aleen are some of my friends giving advice to me! Love this podcast and listen religiously and have a subscription! This podcast has inspired me with my intuitive eating journey after years of struggling with anorexia and an extremely restrictive diet. Thank you Sami and Aleen!!!!!
  • agsjfka
    Frustrating but love Aleen
    I used to really love Sami but my has she become sooo out of touch & just cringe :( The denial about her massive weight gain and blaming “diet culture” for everything is becoming unbearable to listen to. Movement and healthy eating is not “diet culture” & judging women for it is not a good look… I can only hope she changes her perspective. On another note, big fan of Aleen and look forward to hearing more about her postpartum journey!
  • tfox0806
    Used to like this podcast
    I used to like this podcast but after today, I’m going to stop listening. They both show their privilege too much. Alene’s “you just do X-rays” comment is diminishing to the a large majority of people who work in healthcare. You might be able to excuse some peoples behavior but negatively talking about someone’s career choice just screams “white girl privilege” to me. Not everyone is from a family of physicians. This could have been a big step out of generational curses for someone. This podcast isn’t about nutrition anymore even!
  • bph14
    Mental Health Starts Tomorrow?
    This is a diet/eating podcast why are we constantly subjected to a bunch of annoying rich influencers whine about their “mental health struggles”? Toxic people? Closure? Burnout??? Also Sami you used to be my favorite and it brings me no pleasure to say this so I’m sorry but not everything is the fault of the patriarchy. Losing control of your life and health is not anyone’s fault but your own. Walking 10k steps a day is only like four miles and it should be the bare minimum. You live in NY and own a media empire. You have every resource at your disposal. Stop trying to blame straw-men and take accountability. I’m all for intuitive eating but true IE is about listening to your body and finding a healthy balance at whatever your natural weight should be. Gaining 8 clothing sizes worth of weight in a year and being unable to get out of bed or stand for long periods of time is probably not where your natural weight should be. You can literally hear Aleen and Jordana getting so fed up with the excuses.
  • EBD77
    Mixed Feelings
    This used to be my go to podcast as it related to getting a great perspective of intuitive eating and maintaining a healthy relationship with food. While some episodes still are great, I personally am getting frustrated with Sami as a host. She is constantly radiating negativity and complaining about everything and anything— seems like she’s airing out her personal insecurities about her unhealthy weight gain into this podcast which makes me not want to listen. I am SO happy Aleen is back from maternity leave- she is like a breath of fresh air and actually enjoyable to listen to! Much more relatable and way less wining about everything. Fingers crossed her return will bring this podcast back to where it was!
  • Christina! Marie
    Welcome Back Aleen
    During Aleen’s maternity leave, I found myself listening less so I am really glad shes back! But oh man. Sami makes a lot of assumptions about pregnancy/motherhood/returning to work and seems to completely miss the mark each time. Aleen seems annoyed having to explain herself when Sami assumes incorrectly. Or, Sami takes what Aleen says and projects and adds on incorrectly. The first episode back seemed like they just argued/disagreed, and Aleen is constantly clarifying. I hope they find their groove again and Sami does more listening than interrupting.
  • dominiquecheylise
    Uncomfortable with the self destructive anti health rhetoric
    I used to love this podcast but lately have been really uncomfortable with how the “intuitive eating” thing has turned almost self destructive and anti health. I think it’s fine if people don’t want to diet, but Sami has admittedly gained a ton of weight and it almost seems like most of the content of the podcast is her trying to justify it and just learn to live in a “bigger body”. It is OKAY to want to lose weight and get healthier. She has stated that her joints are in pain and she’s out of breath just doing normal things like walking - why are we pretending this is okay???
  • Sej8339
    Love Aleen
    Listening to Sami explain to Aleen how Aleen’s rib cage won’t contract post pregnancy made me want to flip a table. I also can’t help but feel that all this podcast does now is rip on people for wanting to be healthy and have a good relationship with food. Sami is not healthy, she’s admitted it. It’s unfair and childish to pretend she is and to put so many people down for wanting to be healthy. Sami needs to take a step away and evaluate everything.
  • ellie_b_m
    Used to like this…now I don’t
    Sami and Aleen’s first episode back together was a hard pass. It felt like there was no plan and they were actively “arguing” the whole episode It got exhausting when it was only Sami…I was excited for Aleen to come back, but now I’m not convinced it’s going to better
  • chi_engineer
    Audio issues GALORE
    I like the pod but I’m having such a hard time listening with all the audio issues 😑
  • AlyssaSuarez
    I really wish Aleen would have gotten to actually talk about her post partum body experience. Sami kept interjecting with her own experience. As a post partum mom I’ve been waiting to hear from aleen and so many times she’s trying to get to a point that I really wanted to hear and Sami interrupts and rambles on and on and on missing the point. At one point Sami is rambling and finally aleen asks “are you asking me?” Sami please. Just listen and hear and person, don’t listen to relate it back to yourself.
  • l_vanabel
    Not Sami making it about herself AGAIN!
    So so relieved to have Aleen back on the pod, but my goodness... is Sami capable of listening to her?! I was looking forward to hearing about Aleen’s experience with her self-image and body post-pregnancy, but all we got was Sami being combative and making every topic about herself. Please please please get back to the good stuff, ladies!
  • t e b c
    Really uncomfortable episode…
    Sami should allow Aleen speak and not make assumptions about experiences that she has not yet gone through. Very uncomfortable to listen to…
  • jessfromboston
    Great topics, not the best delivery
    I really love this show, the topics, and the guests. Lately though, I’ve noticed that Sami interrupts people speaking SO much and turns every conversation back to her. I was so frustrated listening to her constantly interrupt Aleen during the post baby bod episode. I wanted to hear Aleen’s perspective about just giving birth, but then Sami started talking about her body image at Jordana’s wedding. This wasn’t about her pandemic weight gain! I felt like the conversation about privacy around fertility and sharing news on being pregnant was also just Sami over speaking and interrupting Aleen (who actually knows what she’s talking about, as she just gave birth…). I’ve noticed this interrupting the past few episodes and just had to write a review in the hopes maybe the team will read this and try to work on correcting. Like I said originally though, I do love the show and it’s doing great things for female confidence. Xo
  • Jane675
    Stop putting words on Aleena’s mouth
  • Ickums
    So glad Aleen is back
    I didn’t realize how much Aleen carries this podcast until her maternity leave. The only episode I could listen to in entirety was Katie Sturino, who herself is a fantastic interviewer. TBD on the future of the podcast, listening to the first episode with Aleen back it’s so frustrating that Sami won’t let her talk about anything without interrupting to talk about herself.
  • kellymhayes729
    Love the pod, but really happy Aleen is back
    I have listened to this podcast from day one. Just listened to the post-baby body episode. Really wish Sami would let Aleen talk about HER experience more, and not make everything about Sami. Sometimes it’s better to just listen.
  • k- loc
    say “like” every other word 🤨
    I was like this podcast a lot more if they didn’t use the word “like” every other word… so like ladies if you can like fix this..It would like sound so much better-because like you’re trying to be professional podcaster. I like the content however (The word like not used as a filler word). how about you give a dollar to your favorite charity every time you use the word like on one of your podcasts- I will match your donation -no actually I won’t but it sounds good
  • shelba096
    Go Sami!
    Have really enjoyed the solo Sami episodes, she’s real and honest. You go girl!!!
  • intuitiveal
    Love this podcast!
    As someone who has recently started intuitive eating I love this podcast and how real the girls are about diet culture and the topics they talk about. I listen every week and look forward to new episodes.
  • Selenuhr
    Love this show!!!
    Sami and Aleen are so honest and funny!! I really appreciate their perspectives and I love the guests that they bring on
  • queer1234567
    Thankful for this pod
    Love this pod, so comforting and real.
  • Fun1894
    More of same…
    …women laughing over themselves. Just awful.
  • katiemitch711
    Honesty Hour
    I really enjoy this pod when … 1) They have diverse hosts with unique approaches to health and well-being 2) Guests or Guest Hosts like Jared come on who are funny and relatable 3) Theres an element of positivity to the discussion I don’t know what’s with all the negativity lately. I still listen but do agree with some of the criticism - there is a sense of angst and anti wellness/wellbeing culture rhetoric. I was a former elite and dual sport division 1 college athlete. Through that I’ve become very in tuned with my body and agree with a lot of principles around clean eating or certain practices (sleep!). I’ve also been privy to some really unhealthy habits in the world. I think the point is that there is balance and nuance everywhere. We can better inclusive of all journeys and approaches without shaming some because they’ve caused us uniquely trauma in the past. I’d love more athletes on the pod, folks who do look at nutrition or diet through a constructive lens.
  • BeatriceRichardson
    Honest and Vulnerable
    I’ve loved listening to the diet/fitness/life journey these girls have taken because it very much mirrors my own. I appreciate and respect their honesty and willingness to put their lives out there for others to learn from. Even if you don’t agree with everything they say, I think it takes courage to start these conversations and to be willing to grow and evolve in a public forum. Recently I’ve really enjoyed the Back for Seconds episodes and Sami’s solo episodes! Keep up the good work ladies!
  • Papertossnic
    Love but needs some new content
    I’ve listened to this pod since it came out several years ago and I have found it interesting and important as the girls discovered intuitive eating and how messed up diet culture and narratives around health are and how harmful that is to women etc. however, as a person who loves fitness, fitness content and the science behind nutrition and a healthy lifestyle I think the last 6 months to a year of content has gotten a little bit repetitive at times and occasionally lacks clear direction, advice or a POV. When Aleen returns it would be really interesting to watch the girls with their new found understanding around diet culture take on health based goals around fitness or nutrition (less about pounds on the scale) in 2022 and talk with guests about science backed ways to achieve these and then how they feel incorporating these into their lives. If the girls no longer feel comfortable talking about fitness and nutrition in this way at all it might be time to bring on new hosts who feel they can have these conversations!
  • YourRealNameIsHilaryNotHilaria
    Don’t click play
    You’ll regret it the minute you start listening. These girls need to listen to themselves, the sound of their valley-girl voices is cringeworthy. They have zero real advice, it’s just mumbling and throwing a curse word here and there. I’m embarrassed for them.
  • harley0809
    No longer a listener
    I agree with all the other reviewers. I used to LOVE this podcast but lately it feels unorganized and irrelevant. Sami is so negative and she just keeps talking about the same thing over and over. I really wish they would bring back some sort of structure instead of just talking in circles.
  • NickHeitman
    A round of applause for Sami
    Sami has been crushing it during the last couple weeks of Aleen’s maternity leave. (Still love Aleen, though! Come back soon.) I have to admit, throughout the pandemic it was hard to listen to Sami—she was clearly going through a mental health crisis that the entire DST community was witnessing in real time. Listeners wrote scathing reviews that felt unnecessary and short-sighted. My favorite part about the Betches brand is that it grows and changes as we (millennial women) move through life and grow and change ourselves. Yeah, “the podcast isn’t want it used to be,” but that’s the point. The hosts gain new perspectives and insights based on their own lived experiences. I really feel like Sami is on the up-and-up, like she’s out of her slump, back and better than ever. Her rhetoric has been honest and healing lately, and her most recent ep with Katie Sturino felt like a real breakthrough on body acceptance. Stay true to yourselves, S, J, and A — your content is wonderful, dynamic, and helpful for an entire generation of women! We love growing with you. xo
  • Jess_M_E
    Not what it used to be
    This used to be my very favorite podcast and I couldn’t wait for the next episode to come out. Unfortunately it has changed in a lot of ways and has really gone downhill. It is far too negative and I often feel worse after listening to it. I hope these reviews will be seen and something may be done to make a change, as I miss my formerly favorite podcast so bad!
  • Huntzz user
    Has gone so far downhill, I used to really enjoy it. I think it needs new hosts who are aligned with the original vibe.
  • Ana726
    Hoping it Improves
    This podcast has declined and I really hope it picks back up because this used to be my FAVORITE podcast. What Aleen and Sami say resonates with me but it's become scatterbrained, off topic and repetitive. It feels like while Aleen has been on maternity leave, there wasn't much thought put into the podcast and there have been back to back episodes with the same guests and recycled content. I cancelled my back for seconds subscription but am open to renewing if the podcast content picks back up.
  • lexidoodle
    Beyond Frustrating
    I have been a dedicated listener to the Pod for a long time, and at one point even recommended it to a lot of friends as it was focused on facts and gave a safe place to the struggles of dieting. In the last months, the podcast has had a steady decline in not only content but depth and quality. There are episodes with ZERO relevance to diet culture or health, as well as when they do discuss those topics time is spent bashing the desire to be health focused. The podcast has lost its touch and the magic that made it so special previously. It needs a shake up in a BIG way. It’s a true shame, but I will be taking my ears to other podcasts that fit the needs I had when I started listening to this pod years ago.
  • serranoPeps
    Dead air?
    I’m only listening for the Jared episode, but what’s with the weird pauses ? I thought my headphones were disconnected every time, but is it the editing ? At one point there is a 7 second long silence…
  • katiemelrose
    Good Podcasts, Hosts Don’t Give Room for Guests
    The podcast overall is great - the hosts are so fun and is a great addition to the Betches universe. The podcast can be frustrating when there are guests on the show. I get the impression that Sami and Aleen only ask questions that they would want to answer themselves. This results in them asking a question, answering it immediately, and interjecting/speaking over the guests when they get a chance to speak. They bring in guests that are experts in topics that they want to talk about and have opinions about, and that’s great because it makes for a good podcast. The issue is that they use the guests’ time to share their ioo pop onions and thoughts, so by the end of the episode, you haven’t heard from an expert - you are just more familiar with Sami and Aleen’s thoughts. Potentially they could have a pre-interview episode to share their thoughts so they don’t take air time from the guests?
  • Melzmal
    Short episodes feel like they’re half ads
    Some episodes are so short but have the same ad length, feels like half the episode is ads. I also get annoyed at how I get constant notifications about subscription only episodes. Wish the subscription would be off the main feed or they would just do away with it.
  • Gmc5478
    Gone downhill
    Used to love the podcast when it was fitness/diet related but lately seems like it’s just an excuse to talk down on those who still want to try to lose weight and be healthier.
  • Julie Conca
    This pod is awesome!
    This pod is awesome! It was the first place I heard intuitive eating discussed, and I’m grateful they helped me discover this way of approaching food!
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