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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Dreksler and Sami Sage, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

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  • Natalie Di Fran
    Candid, honest conversations about navigating ideas of the health/wellness industry. Great progression from the beginning of the pod until now.
  • kylie harwan
    Not feeling it as much anymore
    I’ve been on the diet —> IE journey along w Sami and Aleen but don’t like the podcast now as much as I did before the IE transition. It feels pretty unstructured now. I have to believe there are enough IE related topics or health related topics that aren’t pushing diet culture on us to fill a weekly podcast. Also I mean this to be constructive — Sami can be pretty negative/whiny. Not really the type of motivating personality you want in your ear.
  • crycree
    Funny & Real
    I’m on my intuitive eating and joyful movement journey. It’s so refreshing to hear Sami and Aleen chat about the same struggles I face, especially since not many of my friends can relate. They’re funny and thoughtful. Overall a really enjoyable listen.
  • eveningstandard
    Sami is making this podcast hard to listen to
    Okay let me start by saying that I’ve been listening to this podcast since it began. And while I really appreciate the philosophical turn towards body positivity, I just don’t think that the hosts should be hosting anymore. Sami in particular is so self centered and unsupportive, and frankly is a terrible interviewer. She will always bring it back to her instead of allowing the interviewee to discuss their points, and it takes away any positivity that could have come through in the interviews. I do enjoy listening to Aleen, but sometimes it just seems like the two of them take their notes and throw them out the window just to talk about their problems. The weird thing is that Sami is a good interviewer on the Sup, so I’m not sure why she becomes this totally different person on this podcast. Anyway, it has just become so cringy to hear her self center and have Aleen have to try to bring an interview back to the interviewee. Please fix this, because the podcast content itself is so important but I just think you need new hosts!!!
  • mmmmeganray
    I love how the pregnancy episode was so non-judgmental (extra snaps for the talk about breast feeding in a super relatable weigh). I love Sami and Aleen, this podcast makes me feel less alone regarding all the crazy emotions us females experience!
  • sydney998
    Inspiring and real!
    They say everything you’re thinking...with inspiration, humor, and positive optimism!
  • Caramel1991
    Amazing women supporting amazing women supporting themselves. It’s inspiring, encouraging, and hilarious. These women have done it again 💗💗💗
  • ashvictoria17
    Not feeling it lately
    Loved DST in the past but frustrated with how rude and judgmental the hosts are.
  • mpike406
    Not informative what so ever. I listened to 3 episodes and didn’t take anything away
  • dats_alexa
    So many better options...
    I used to listen to this podcast weekly when it first came out, I liked the idea of them talking honestly about being a woman and navigating weight loss / societal pressure. Then Sami’s constant complaining and liberal preaching really turned me off. As mentioned in other reviews, she comes across sooo snotty and entitled. As an almost 30 working professional, I have a hard time relating to their NYC lives. Just out of touch and I could do without the political messages... Aleene (sp?) is a great podcast host, Sami should manage the company from behind the podcast curtains. Some people aren’t cut out for podcasts.
  • abcscrabble
    Best podcast ever
    LOVE this pod! Reminds me I am never alone in my struggles.
  • fishergurl17
    Best show eva
    I never thought I would come close to being on this journey of having a healthy relationship with food and my body- literally so thankful for what both Aleen and Sami bring to this anti-diet table!! Thank you ladies keep doing you!!
  • oliviaaaaaaj
    I started listening from the first episode but
    I have to say this podcast changed in the worst way. While I love the community that is in this podcast, it almost came to “we don’t wanna lose weight anymore, we just wanna survive the pandemic” which is fine, but like... some of us wanna stay fit + love sweating. Kelsey Wells is the best guest of all time and the reason I listened in the first place. Please let the guests speak. Also plz stop shaming girls who wanna lose weight/ maintain!
  • hbkrunner
    some of us still want to lose weight
    I really enjoy Sami and Aleen, and look forward to this pod weekly. I’m thrilled for them that they are finding comfort with intuitive eating but it would be nice to still hear about some weight loss/fitness topics. Some of the guests recently, mostly Tracy LB are just really not hitting the mark for me. They seem like they are speaking as if they are experts, but often don’t have the background to speak that way, especially about motherhood etc. As someone who struggled psychologically with pregnancy related weight gain I found her intolerable and had to turn off the pod which I have literally never done.
  • Ashley0290
    Love the topics!
    I love the topics that are covered, it’s light & fun but yet informative. The only negative of the show is the amount of talking over each other (cough cough Aleen), whether it be talking over each other or guests and just a lot of side stories/jokes that can start to get slightly irritating when you are trying to hear the guests’ answers.
  • xG2LoveATLx
    Fresh Air
    As someone who narrowly survived anorexia, I never thought I would be able to listen to a diet podcast, but Sami and Aileen proved me wrong. They expose all the contradictions in diet and wellness and clearly constantly work on their own relationship with food and body image. The conversations they engage in are vulnerable but fun and something that needs to be talked about more. The growth from pod one to now is a breath of fresh air and has actually helped strengthen my recovery through feeling validated and recognizing the laughable nature of our thin obsessed fatphobic society. Thanks for the laughs and empathy ladies. Authentic real ness is refreshing.
  • BowieBassett
    Thank you
    Thank you Sami and Aleen for your vulnerability in sharing on DST. Appreciate being part your journey with intuitive eating. It’s very relatable and helps me get in touch with my own feelings about diet culture and other anxieties that I feel. Feels like I’m talking to two good friends!
  • LMA2021
    More listener submissions & variety
    I really like both Sami & Aleen a lot and think they provide a nice balance for each other...I also love how genuinely their friendship shows in the episodes! I do think most of the guests are really boring and strongly prefer the episodes with just the hosts. I really like the listener submissions because I feel like they add more topics than just the intuitive eating drum that they beat every single episode. That topic definitely gets dull, but not looking for more guests because the only guest I’ve ever liked is Jared Freid!
  • Steve Cohen
    Loved the ep with Jessice Jones!!!
    Loved the ep with Jessica Jones!!!
  • margaretfent
    My Fave Podcast
    I discovered this podcast a year ago and have been going back and listening to ALL of the episodes during quarantine. Listening to Sami and Aleen is like talking with old friends. They’re super relatable and discuss subjects related to diet and wellness that I’ve had my own thoughts/questions about. The podcast is a good mix of useful information and sarcastic comedy, and I greatly appreciate how open the hosts are with their personal lives and sharing their own experiences. I feel like my mindset around diet culture has grown and matured with them through the years. You guys are the best!
  • maddyb27
    Over it
    Lately the episodes have been very lack luster/unrelated to health and wellness. I love hearing about Aleens intuitive eating journey, but I’m confused on what this podcast is about anymore (sometimes long talks about candy bars, sometimes real housewives??). In the latest episode Sami jokes about people having book goals for 2021, which makes no sense to me and I really didn’t see the point. Seems very insecure.
  • ihr17
    My comfort corner
    I love Sami and Aleen’s podcast. I know when I turn it on I can just plug in and relax but still be engaged because their content is funny, inclusive, and engaging. I love their brutal honesty and how much the show has evolved with their own lives instead of trying to force it into any single category.
  • lalabearzick
    Lately kinda annoying
    Sami comes off as an elite liberal know it all. Get rid of her find aleen a new coworker... Samis insecurities reek in this podcast i feel sorry for her husband
  • jenni2115
    Topics: Great! Hosts: Bad
    1st try: “Maybe they are frazzled this episode and saying “like” a lot.” 2nd try: “I learned nothing. No facts, no inspiration, just opinions that contradict themselves” 3rd try: “Wait...I actually think these women are kind of mean ....Why am I drawing inspiration from them or listening to them? Why do they have a podcast?” I wanted to like this. But it did not help serve, grow, or even entertain me. This is an unhealthy podcast.
  • b72w
    Too many ads that are also long af
    Every episode has an unusually high number of ads compared to other podcasts and each ad lasts like 2 min 😩
  • AnnieMelCar
    Sami and Aleen are my favorite hosts, personalities, podcasters! Love the realness and evolution of this show.
  • sssssssssssshelb
    LOVE IT!
    DST is the best! It’s so nice to hear about the journey that is intuitive eating from regular people who are trying to do it. I love the turn it’s taken in the past few months!
  • Busy 1L
    Love Them
    I love listening to Sami and Aleen provide an every girl perspective on dieting. They’re not experts, but it’s so refreshing to hear their real life stories about dieting and body image.
  • KMinCA
    authenticity is key
    Sami and Aleen quickly and easily became two women I truly admire. Their authenticity and perspectives as millennial women are harder to find in a podcast than you’d first think. It’s obvious they aren’t putting on a front here or hawking wellness advice that makes listeners question their own habits or morals. Listening in to their reflective, growth-oriented conversations this past year has sparked my own journey, especially with intuitive eating. I’ve seen this podcast transition from exploring various diets and trends to the two women really internalizing what their own wellness values are, and how they want their relationship with their body to be! I truly feel like I’m in the room with two gal pals chatting, laughing, and being goofy when I listen to DST on walks, in the car, or around the house. Love!!
  • v8857
    Two friends talk about anti-diet culture
    This podcast is sort of a treat for me like watching trashy reality TV. It’s two affluent, privileged white girls in New York talk about how much they struggle and how messed up society can be. That said, it’s sometimes really fun. I started listening years ago when they were still dieting and related a lot, and it’s interesting to now hear them talk about not dieting and accepting their weight at what it is. I’m still dieting, but I appreciate their perspective and the advice of expert guests. It’s also been fun to see them go from two single girls to married and starting families. My tips for the podcast: understand that a lot of your listening are trying to lose weight (for medical or vanity purposes) and that’s not a bad thing. I’d like to hear more episodes about how to diet in a healthy way and when you (medically) need to lose weight. I like the episodes with just the two hosts more than I like guests, but when you do have guests I get more value from hearing doctors’ and dietitians’ opinions instead of Instagram influencers. I also can’t stand the conversations they have when they forget they’re recording and rant about the best Halloween candy or the Real Housewives or whatever. Give it a listen and see if you like it.
  • OllieRuth
    Love the podcast!
    Love this podcast!! I think Aleen and Sami are so funny and relatable. Specially, I like their solo episodes. Their banter is hilarious and makes me feel like I’m listening to my friends talk. Docked one point for Sami — she sometimes gets on my nerves.
  • AnnaMariaAM47
    Same stuff every week
    I’m bored. It’s like the same episode drops each week.
  • km efffff
    Is this real?
    This podcast felt like a caricature of a "women's magazine." I probably should have guessed based on the cringe-y name, but I listened to an episode anyway and regret it.
  • kc__45
    My fave pod
    Love listening to these gals every week. I feel like I’ve grown with them since I started listening over a year and half ago! Some real talk about body issues, getting over food insecurities, and learning how to forget everything we were trained to believe on these subjects so that we can truly live our best lives! Couldn’t recommend more!
  • moscasenlacasa
    The Mindy Kaling episode was a let down. It seemed to be an ad for Walgreens and it super short and very superficial. They hyped it up so much!
  • favebetch
    Hilarious and down to earth
    Sami and Aleen are hilarious and incredibly down to earth. DST is my favorite podcast and always brightens up my day!
  • Mariamariaaa90
    Loosing steam
    I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning, but it’s gotten harder to listen to. This podcast was my escape from all the seriousness going on right now but has really pivoted. I have really enjoyed the episodes with the guests , especially the last one regarding bra shopping. I can’t handle Sami’s takes anymore. She can come off very elitist and it’s off putting. Going to continue listening but may be unsubscribing soon 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • laurynsmith0807
    DST is truly my favorite podcast and my mom and i have been tuning in every single week for as long as i can remember. sami and aleen are incredibly down to earth and relatable. i feel like i have gone on this journey with them. they always say exactly what i’m thinking and i love them for that! i appreciate all they’ve done to help me and how much they brighten up my week!
  • femimemi
    Sami is so insecure
    I like this podcast, but god Sami is so insecure. The amount of small digs she’ll make towards Aleen screams insecurity mean girl vibe.
  • roses191
    its ok but....
    sometimes hard to understand the conversation because they're constantly giggling and talking over each other. Some episdoes are fun listens and others sound like pampered 11 year old girls on sugar highs.
  • annieregstad
    Love the concept, but...
    I was drawn to the concept of this podcast; regular people talking and learning about their health journey, but Sami has turned me away. If you are not an elite rich girl, she has nothing for you. Her response to an email was “discuss that with your therapist.” Not everyone can afford a therapist, and once she allowed Aleen to speak, Aleen actually took time to give insight and advice, which is why the listener emailed YOU. I wish there was more Aleen, who is sweet and thoughtful, and less Sami. Sorry, but the rambling episodes combined with politics has soured me on this one.
  • Elle E. L.
    Great podcast
    Highly entertaining
  • amanda,h
    Easy listen
    Very relatable and easy to listen to. Past episodes have featured some interesting guests and topics. Lately the episodes have been less rich and stray to politics at times which is not what people turn this podcast on to hear. Overall I love the podcast but they could use a refresh with new guests/topics.
  • eem24242
    Favorite podcast
    This is my all time favorite podcast and has seriously been keeping me sane throughout the pandemic. I find it comforting to listen to aleen and Sami’s conversations, like catching up with friends who are funny and honest. I look forward to new episodes every week. Love it!
  • gilf
    Their bias and ignorance when it comes to politics has made me completely get rid of all betches stuff and I’ve followed them from the beginning. It was a huge bummer but I’m sick of them blaming everything on the president esp when it comes to finding a healthy relationship with food. That’s on YOU! Be accountable or shut up.
  • agsjfka
    Really have been loving this podcast. Love the convos the girls have, topics are super relatable to me and nice to know I’m not alone. Keep it up ladies!
  • TICHA72
    Your expert guests are what makes the show
    There used to be knowledgeable, expert guests that I enjoyed listening to and felt I learned something valuable. Lately it’s just endless rambling, obviously unprepared and winging like, well like, okay like. Ugh! It’s painful to listen to. Update 11/11/20...gave it another try and listened to the episode recorded on 10/31. Such a wast of time, I couldn’t even finish. Not an ounce of useful information in the 40 minutes I wasted on this. Unprepared, empty of meaningful’s like eavesdropping on a phone call between 2 immature 30-somethings. Deleting for good.
  • sushinushi
    Mean girls
    Used to love this podcast and listened religiously. I don’t know what happened recently, but Sami and Aleen are so nasty and total mean girls. I can’t even listen because they way they speak upsets me so much. Maybe they were always this mean/rude/catty and I never noticed? Sami has also become very elitist recently...really weird considering how she used to think.
  • Olivia Ariens
    So relatable
    I love how relatable these girls are. It makes me feel a lot less alone! Also the dynamic between them is great, I always look forward to new episodes.
  • Bored16
    Look forward to it each week
    Listen for a good lighthearted conversation on a multitude of relatable topics!
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