You Can’t Make This Up

by Netflix

Want to know more about the biggest documentaries & films on Netflix? Join host Rebecca Lavoie as she engages and breaks news with the filmmakers, actors, and contributors who brought these incredible stories to life. New episodes every Wednesday.

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Recent Reviews
  • Clyatville
    Netflix is Riding WOKE to the bottom
    This trend is getting ridiculous
  • freshair listener
    Bad Vegan
    Narrator is trying to channel Werner Herzog but is just plain bad. Great story but couldn’t stand to hear the whole episode or any other one if this drone narrates.
  • scottandmin2
    Love the show
    Love it but The Vegan episode has a bad robot for a reviewer. Just stick with Rebecca.
  • TigerLawyer
    Tiger King 2
    Softball questions with no follow-up for Tiger King makers to fluff their feathers rather than give substantive insights that people are really interested in. Real documentary filmmakers want to educate and make an impact - Goode and Chaiklin are reality show peddlers who obviously don't care about helping to end the exotic pet trade or they would join us in lobbying for the Big Cat Public Safety Act and would never drive a false narrative that helps prop up Joe Exotic as a folk hero. It says a lot that Goode and Chaiklin apparently won't do any media interviews except for this Netflix podcast. What substantive questions are they afraid of having to answer?
  • sukecee
    Love it!
    I love Netflix’s doc series and of course I adore anything Rebecca Lavoie does, so this is a win win. The conversations are engaging, pulling the curtain so we can see what really happened in some of these docs. Rebecca’s energy is so approachable and engaging, so all of the interviews feel like an enjoyable conversation between creatives.
  • drhackenbush1
    This is good!!!
    Honestly, I’m new here, therefore most of the Netflix shows discussed I’ve already seen. However, now that I know this podcast exist I’ll be dropping by regularly😀
  • Max.and.Drake
    Can’t wait to talk about Motive
    Please review Motive soon! What a frustrating documentary.
  • woiufpovzcn
    Disconcerting speaking style
    I love the premise and content, but the host has a speaking style that is disconcertingly chirpy and cheerful, often at odds with the content being discussed. She speaks as if presenting an infomercial. I wish she would talk more normally I would give this podcast five stars.
  • CJJosell
    Britney v Spears
    Fantastic documentary and this is a fascinating interview. Rebecca always asks all the questions I want to ask, and many many more. I feel like listening to her interviews has made me more inquisitive overall. I am in agreement with the documentarian, this is the type of film that exposes the underbelly of a case with a victim in plain sight to the world. EVERYONE should be questioning how forced conservatorships are happening to all kinds of people. I appreciate her passion, her film and this interview has struck a real chord with me. Rebecca, keep up the fantastic work.
  • 1GrumpyGal
    Thanks for the “woke garbage”!😀
  • emfkdbxjfhs
    Woke garbage
    Somehow the Bundy episode becomes a discussion of “whiteness”, Republicans and intersectionality. These people are so tiresome.
  • Ahdawnis
    Love How The Pod Has Aged
    I’ve been listening to this pod since the beginning and I love how the format has changed. The current rendition is much more favorable than when the podcast was first released and l love it. Keep it up!
  • amsmith131
    The Ripper
    I enjoyed The Ripper but it’s clear Ellena Wood should have directed all 4 episodes. It also would have been nice to hear Rebecca ask Jesse Vile more questions about why the sexism and misogyny from the police wasn't more prevalent in the episodes he directed.
  • Jaclyn June
    Unsolved Mysteries
    Really enjoyed the breakdowns of Unsolved Mysteries. Rebecca does a great job deep diving into theories from each episode of season 1 and 2. You should binge both seasons and then give this a listen!
  • Nanfw
    Intelligent, insightful
    Rebecca Lavoie is a gifted interviewer. She knows her subject, and does not insert herself into the narrative. Brava! why isn’t her name on the credits?
  • iiamnao
    I just found out this podcast on twitter, an I AL-REA-DY LOVE-IT!, i’m listening RN the chapter about WILD WILD COUNTRY and is sooo goood!
  • Choppermb
    The host is too cheerful & upbeat while discussing very sad & serious subjucts.
  • annieupstate
    Great podcast!
    I love this podcast! Rebecca is great - entertaining, smart, funny & easy to listen to, as is her husband. I watch a lot of Netflix shows & love hearing their take on them!
  • LSSchweiger
    Love it!
    Love the interviews with directors and hearing behind the scenes info on these documentaries. Great new host. More please!
  • Singing Dog Ranch
    Loving this podcast!
    The perfect companion to my favorite Netflix shows. Rebecca Lavoie is a terrific host. Love the discussions with her real life partner in crime, Kevin Flynn. A must listen!
  • Angeka B
    Quality Interviews
    Rebecca Lavoie is one of the best interviewers out there. Hands down. The initial breakdown and diagnosis with Kevin Flynn is just gravy. When she interviews the directors it really gets into so much about what you want to know about all of these episodes. Sometimes i listen first to set the stage and sometimes again afterwards. I really liked the “Lady of the Lake”episode.
  • Desidero
    Viva Rebecca Lavoie!
    If Rebecca Lavoie had been hosting the podcast from the beginning, it would be rated 5 stars not 4 stars. She’s absolutely fantastic and a major improvement from the jokers who were hosting when the podcast first launched.
  • Hanz-on
    Great Interview!
    I’m a long time fan of Rebecca Lavoi from Crime Writers On and only recently discovered You Can’t Make This Up. It’s so satisfying to listen as a follow up to shows on Netflix! Rebecca does a great job asking her insightful questions. I’m not such a creative thinker and appreciate the deeper dive. I highly recommend this podcast, especially for the new Unsolved Mysteries episodes.
  • Marcerella1121
    Insider Info
    I’m a big fan of this podcast, and especially episodes hosted by Rebecca Lavoie.She’s great at asking the questions that we as listeners have. Whether you liked the documentary discussed or not, it’s always interesting to hear the makers discuss the behind the scenes take on the subject.
  • Psychitsu
    Wonderful interviews
    As a long time fan of Rebecca’s, I am so impressed by her interviewing skills in this podcast. Listening is an intellectual & emotional satisfying experience after watching these shows on Netflix.
  • Danniepants
    Rebecca is the best!
    Love everything she does and this is no exception!
  • joijoi
    Found this after recent Unsolved Mysteries
    After binge watching all of the first release of Unsolved Mysteries, I was looking for a podcast for further discussion and found this. I was excited to hear it was hosted by Rebecca Lavoie, who I’ve been listening to since 2014 when Serial happened. She is a great host, always produces a high quality product. I’ve learned a lot about her work since 2014 and I absolutely endorse anything that she is involved in.
  • Common Problem
    Great host, great insights
    Thanks to host Rebecca Lavoie this podcast has become a great podcast. Thoughtful discussions about your favorite Netflix content with the actual creatives behind the projects.
  • Faithe1979
    Great podcast!!
    I started listening because of Rebeccas other podcast CWO. I’ve enjoy the behind the scenes information and I’ve watched many things recommended from the podcast.
  • Stanley potato
    Great listen!
    Love this show, and love Rebecca!
  • KarenJudeK
    Make Rebecca a permanent host!
    I really, really enjoy this companion podcast, most particularly when Rebecca Lavoie hosts. She is a seasoned professional, most adept at presenting and facilitating. A True Crime aficionado who’s background in journalism teases out the journey behind the TV experience and asks the very questions you are dying to know the answer to. When I enjoy an excellent Netflix documentary, I squeal for joy when I have an opportunity to savour more content via this podcast. Oh and don’t forget to check out her other podcast Crime Writers On which provides recommendations on must watch and listens. You won’t regret it.
  • forthelovewhatnameisnttaken
    Best Host Ever
    I love the host Rebecca Lavoie, and I like that her husband Kevin pops in from time to time to discuss. I love getting more details from the interviewees, and Rebecca asks really good insightful questions. It’s a must listen on my playlist.
  • Javachik2016
    Please keep Rebecca Lavoie as host forever
    This podcast was mediocre when the hosts changed often and took the interviews too lightly and/or did not take the requisite time to research the subject beforehand and provide context. Lavoie has taken it to a different level, with her polished interview style combined with a pop-culture sense of what audiences really want to learn from the filmmakers. You really scored when you hired her as host.
  • Terri Carpe
    Love this Podcast!
    I love listening to Rebecca Lavoie’s podcasts. So when I heard she was hosting this one, I had to give it a try. I started with the Unsolved Mysteries episodes and I was hooked (with the podcast and the show). She asks great questions of people I’m interested in hearing from. I can’t recommend this more!
  • scopejock
    Love Rebecca
    The recent episode on American Murder was so good. Rebecca asks such insightful questions.
  • trm110
    The host does an awesome job guiding us through some fantastic Netflix programming. I love the thoughtful deep dives!
  • mydogsnamewastaken
    Love it!
    Great reviews of all things crime related on Netflix.
  • TI Slc
    Rebecca Lavoie is a great host!
    I love the Netflix shows that are featured on this podcast. Hearing from the directors is so interesting. I even enjoy the podcast when I haven’t watched the show. I love all of Rebecca’s podcasts. Crime Writers On is a must listen every week.
  • meagsmelgares
    Enjoy listening! I especially like it now that Rebecca Lavoie is hosting, she brings a good vibe to the interviews.
  • RhetoricallyBrunette0781
    Rebecca is amazing
    Rebecca is amazing and her voice is so welcoming and recognizable. This podcast is great and quickly becoming a favorite.
  • Laura__03
    Great podcast, well worth a listen
    I love this podcast! It provides really great insight and behind the scenes details. I find that Rebecca asks all the questions I find myself wanting to ask while watching these shows. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
  • johncalvin
    Great host
    Rebecca Lavoie is an excellent host and I enjoy listening to this podcast. I only wish there were more of them!
  • AUChica26
    I really enjoy this podcast!
    This podcast is a great companion to the Netflix documentaries. There is always great inside info! Please keep making them.
  • Sip Sip!
    Great Podcast
    I love the host Rebecca Lavoie. I came here from another podcast of hers I love and was not disappointed. It’s inspired me to watch some of these Netflix shows I never would have before
  • SD7N34
    Uuuuug The Ted Bundt interview, his white priveledge!!!! That reporter being interviewed was fascinating her constant interjecting race and whiteness ruined the story.
  • LBLBLB1996
    Different Hosts
    The episodes depend entirely on who is hosting it. Some hosts are professional and ask interesting provocative questions. Others are annoying, try to be funny and just make the episodes about themselves
  • Dpointted
    Pretty good, but the host says “like” and “mmm” so often that I might have to stop listening.
  • Mattsky Pink Pants
    Hire a New Host
    Sorry but Rebecca Lavoie has no credibility due to views on Adnan Syed and her alignment with Arabia Chaudry
  • jimslade1972
    If Netflix True Crime Is The Chocolate, Ms. Lavoie-Flynn & Co. Bring the Peanut Butter
    I've never been a big podcast fan until relatively recently, but have always enjoyed Netflix's true crime documentaries and docu-seires; plus, being a fan of another Rebecca Lavoie-Flynn hosted podcast, I figured I'd give this one a try. It's now a staple of my few favorite pods, and I love it. In short: You Can't Make This Up is a wonderfully produced, deliciously engaging, and insighful accompanyment to the Netflix produitions they cover. Brilliantly crafted "behind-the-scenes" interviews with people like Jeffrey Toobin, Joe Berlinger, Kevin Flynn, and Jimmy Goldblum give some valuable extra depth and color to the Netflix productions. It's a big beautiful audio cherry on Netflix's rich true crime cake. A must listen for any Netflix true crime fan. My ears are hungry for more.
  • EBell30
    Awesome Show!
    Great show! I love how the host Rebecca interviews the subjects and asks both the questions we were thinking about as well as the questions that get you to think about whatever show the episode is about.
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