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The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith, alongside co-hosts JackMac and Katie Stats, pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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  • UtahTrojan
    Five stars
    Brandon has the best opinion of college football! Thanks for keeping me entertained and informed.
  • TK ATL
    Love this show
    This show is freaking hilarious, there needs to be more college football content like this
  • quinncy5
    All caps is desperate click bait……………….@Brandon I know you love/know college football. Please please pleaseeeeee distance yourself from the others on this podcast.
  • Jags156
    Walker is soft
    I messaged Walker “you don’t know football if you think Milroe is good” and he blocked me. Been listening since episode 1. Officially unsubscribing. Tell your guy Brandon he shouldn’t treat loyal fans like that. Bad look.
  • CoachO5010
    I get there was a show on Sunday, but feel like it’s been a little inconsistent past few weeks, also understand things happen. Used to be Tuesday and Thursday, is that still the case now or did we change up times? Appreciate yall.
  • Rmb84
    Walker has knowledge but none of them are likable
    Two stars only because of Walker and Jack Mac (kind of). I have nothing against women talking ball but they better be elite if you’re going to have them, much less two of them. They do have a good dynamic and chemistry between them but it’s such an unserious show. Also, none of them have much inside knowledge.
  • slm94_
    It’s an Umkaay
    Clearly nobody on this podcast has a clue what they’re talking about, but it’s a fun listen on occasion. Stay adorable kids.
  • Buckeye from Indy
    Not good
    The woman on the show likes to act like she has some sort of insight to give but her opinions on college football tend to be generic and with little substance. Also she somehow will bring any discussion back to Texas AM. The loud guys opinions have at least some thought put behind them a majority of the time. Not sure why the other guy (Jack I believe) is there. He doesn’t seem to contribute anything of value. The audio is also weird and not the same level which needs to be fixed by someone who knows what they are doing.
  • AJustice70
    Great show
    Have listened from the beginning! Brandon, Kayce, Jack and Katie know their stuff and very informative and entertaining.
  • AUIH22
    1st Time Listener
    I listened to this podcast for the first time today as I was podcast surfing reaction shows to Jimbo Fisher getting fired…………What a ridiculously low rent show with hosts who know little about the sport and what a low class show!! You clearly have young children in near proximity to one of the podcast host’s since you hear them screaming close by. Additionally, the child’s mother is screaming the f-bomb out loud along with other curse words! Just unprofessional all around.
  • daddymonstercock
    Brandon is my favorite Clemson hater. Jack Mac knows ball and the ladies are the glue of the show.
  • a nickname.............
    They don’t stop
    No one is better at beating a dead horse than Brandon. If you try and refute Kayce she has to say “No” 20 times before she can say another word. Jack thinks this is a political podcast. Katie is depressing to listen to when talking about her own team. Live a little
  • SingleHighisDead
    No More Chances
    I’m a very avid college football fan and I can’t understand how Barstool hasn’t figured this market out. I give this show a chance every month or two and every time I decide to listen, I just get reminded how ill-informed this group is on college football. It’s just tough to listen to when you compare to other CFB podcasts
  • 123321123321467
    Kayce and Jack Don’t Know Anything
    Left when Kayce called Catholicism a cult. Gave them a second chance and man are Kayce and Jack uninformed about anything involving football. Specifically dismissing Michigan’s actions. If everyone’s doing it please present an iota of evidence, please. Otherwise you are fools fighting windmills.
  • TonyB507
    “Creda” bility
    It’s accountability Kayce. ❤️
  • Deven Jackson
    the “heart and soul” of this podcast, brandon walker, spends most of his time calling people p***y. he’s not funny or interesting, but will waste no time in letting the audience know he’s right. what else would one expect from barstool
  • Curtisvalero
    Jack is horrible
    Get rid of him and I’ll start listening again. If you want to have a different opinion than everyone at least make a cogent argument. Saying ND lost the game shows it perfectly. Not even an Ohio state fan but that take is so bad and the explanation was even dumber. You’re not edgy, you are just terrible. Brandon is good.
  • heiwjdbsjsiebe
    No likable personalities
    Brandon — steam rolls and dominates the show, heavy SEC bias. Kayce — can tell she loves college football but doesn’t really know ball Jackmack — negative energy cloud. Saying anything positive sounds like it’s paining him. Katie — nice girl, not a podcast personality
  • chipwood
    Good podcast
    Been listening for three years now and love to listen to the podcast every time a new episode comes out listen to it during work or before I go to bed really insightful and gives a look into the sides of college football. I don’t see because I’m completely biased towards my own team. Keep up the good work and go cyclones.
  • jbbolton23
    You’re letting the emotional hillbilly drive the show?
    The girl has better takes than the Proud Boy spraying his feelings all over all his analysis. 2⭐️’s, one for simply talking about CFB, one for the girl .
  • gggjjjksjdhhs
    All the semantics discussion is just so exhausting.
  • FatzMcGillicutty
    You retired “don’t know ball?”
    I retired from listening to sanctimony from sports pods.
  • LoserwithSocks
    Utah in the PNW
    I want to believe Utah is physically located in the Pacific Northwest. Only because the experts told me so.
  • Not a tween girl
    Get Brandon a real cohost
    Love Brandon, he clearly cares a lot. But Kayce reminds me of the kid in class who didn’t do the reading, so they just rephrase other peoples answers when they’re called on. I don’t think Kayce watches college football because she just parrots EVERYTHING Brandon says. It’s become unlistenable
  • Lead and conquer
    First off love the show. Only problem I have is how much emphasis is placed off of roster talent. I get it you want great athletes, but what makes football so good is the underdog always has a legitimate chance to win. If it weee all about roster TCU does not beat Michigan last year. Everyone assumes OSU would have beat TCU but they were beat by Michigan. Talent sure but team wise TCU was simply better. Nobody was stepping on the field with Georgia and staying within 20 points last year on that particular day. Great coaches identify great leaders that is why the best QBs we’re not on the field on that game. One was a walk-in the other didn’t even win the job to start the year. What they could do is motivate their teammates.
  • Fitbit returned
    More football
    The show is mid. They spend so much time talking about nothing. We are here to listen about sports.
  • Joseph.achilles
    Did Not Meet Expectations
    I heard this podcast was great so I decided to give it a chance. I listened to the beginning of several episodes. I say the beginning because the first 20-25m of each episode was cringe-worthy and I had to just stop the episode completely. There’s a dude with some strong southern accent that seems to yell at everyone and complains about everything. He threatened to completely end this podcast altogether if one of the other hosts admitted the movie, The Blindside, was a good movie. The other hosts quickly quieted down when that threat was made. I’m assuming the strong southern accent guy that complains about things is the boss? It seems like they discuss everything but football. The sound is dreadful as some other reviewers pointed out. I often had to adjust the volume levels. The female host and other males were good. The strong southern accent guy seems easily offended and easily triggered and weighs this show down. Late Kick AND ESPN Gameday are great college football podcasts. There is also a new one called, Until Saturday, that is decent.
  • Ls2552021
    Meh 🫤
    Meh podcast not terrible no good not worth listening
  • Dojiwoma
    You’ll get blocked on Twitter for being a fan of the show & hosts
    The one host Brandon Walker will randomly block you on Twitter after you’ve followed him and interact non negatively with him and the show. Won’t listen if the hosts (BFW) sit on that kind of high horse, he might have a thinner skin than Darren Rovell.
  • jarty121135
    Poor quality and little football talk
    Just talk about football and speak into microphone.
  • hailmari1
    The only thing keeping the show from five stars is that I’m constantly having to adjust the volume. They’ll randomly be whispering to each other or talking away from the mic and I can’t hear crap. And Jack. He can kill conversation momentum so fast. Cut his mic time in half.
  • NatalieM11
    Fun listen
    I don’t know why but I always enjoy this podcast so felt compelled to write a review out of support. It’s been great and entertaining even in the off season! Love having Kayce back on too!
  • WarEagle8911
    So much unfunny fluff
    Tried this show for a few episodes. One took over 20 minutes just to get to anything college football related. Every time it’s a bunch of garbage with a few nuggets buried in there.
  • AWL42069
    Loved the mystery guest and miss high noon as a presenting sponsor
  • Cbass1533
    Can’t support someone who is so soft. Blocks everyone on Twitter for no reason. Worst to ever do it
  • kammybeturnt
    before today I honestly liked this show. You guys are not the smartest about football but I’m faithful to barstool so I like to listen, but after today I just can’t! Literally said OHIO STATE isn’t a blue blood?!! They have 8 national titles. 953 wins. .739 winning percentage. 39 conference titles. 966 weeks in AP poll. 479 draft picks. 7 heisman winners. 54 bowl games. 92 all-Americans. 30 10+ win seasons. You’re an idiot plain and simple. Do more research before running your mouth.
  • SkaryCarry
    Great Takes and a Jackass
    Brandon and Kayce are great. Always entertaining to hear their takes. Even if you disagree they present why they think they way they do in a detailed way. Jack for the love of god please just stop being such an incel on air. I just wanna listen to CFB not your politics
  • Joe Wass
    Excellent Pod for College Football!
    The podcast gives you 4 unique perspectives, all of which I enjoy and each bringing something different to the podcast.  I'm a college football fan, but don't watch games all day Saturday, but listening to this podcast keeps me in the loop on what is happening and also gives ideas for betting on games.  Not necessarily from the picks they give directly but based off of the 4 opinions you'll get while listening to the show.  Awesome job- Kayce, Jack Mac, Katie Stats and BFW.  Can't wait until next season.  
  • Braves Stoolie
    Avoid barstool podcasts if you’re from the south
    Especially this one. Instead of talking about Stetson, putting up almost 200 yards and two touchdowns in the 4Q to send his team to the natty, they talk about how much he’s hated by all their NYC friends because he’s not performing choreographed dances on TikTok like a nine-year-old girl. And how does Brandon Walker have a job at Barstool Sports? The man has the personality of a carrot. This is a northern podcast. If you’re from the south, avoid it like the plague.
  • RingRustRater
    Great show but…
    Jack Mac is unbearable
  • 〽️ichigan
    Best College Football Pod!!
    Go Blue 〽️
  • Mjelinek
    You guy are the best and most fair college football pod across the land . Listen from Michigan daily and thank you ! Michigan 28-24 over Georgia for title
  • sharkbrain5
    Long time listener
    Brandon’s the man and kacey is foxy
  • nonpoint44
    My only problem with this podcast is that they’re becoming a the type of talking heads I can’t stand.. throwing 1st year head coaches under the bus or writing them off as a bad hire for a bad game or rough season( lsu ,Miami etc) 1st year head coaches are usually walking into a mess behind the scenes with boosters and depleted rosters or with massive depth issues
  • TheJaxFishingGod
    Brandon Walker asked the crew to never use an outkick article on his show again. I liked both, but will always unfollow the one actually asking for divisiveness. Kayce smith good luck with your pregnancy.
  • lopez918
    Katie should be co host over Kayce.
    Leaving a 5 star review every time A&M loses
  • RedSoxFanatic4Life
    The best!
    Unnecessary Roughness is my favorite podcast, and if you love college football it will be your favorite, too. Brandon and Kayce are great co-hosts and their genuine passion for the sport and their schools comes through every time. This is an immediate must-listen for me every time a new episode is released.
  • Caeesch
    Brandon has many issues to sort through. He blocks anyone on twitter that may slightly disagree with him. BFW is a BFC
  • mj87Oz
    Running on 2nd & short
    Easy assignment, didn’t do a lot with it. When analysis is thin and there is no insight from the personalities you’re left with workman like inter personal banter. Unfortunately these hosts have sensed the structural problem and lean too waving on awkward arguments and passions of convenience. This was a hard unfollow because I would like to listen to college football content from BSS.
  • flickrphot
    I’m sorry.
    Guys, I’m sorry but this is the most immature, petulant, groveling, non-sensical group of talking heads in the pod sphere. I just don’t understand how an actual CFB fan can listen to this? It’s like overhearing a middle school lunch table. Like hearing 6th graders talk about play calling and bad coaching, and their favorite team: MSU & A&M. Lol. Awful—-sorry. kacie, you’re hot.
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