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ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.

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  • Baseballdog07
    Do they listen to show before they drop it?
    I never had a podcast where they repeat recordings of the show they already played. If it happens in one episode, understood, but this happens in multiple episodes and happened twice on today’s. Might want to edit & listen to episode before you drop it.
  • VIP Baller
    Awesome Podcast for this Rays fan
    Rays fan here. Been listening for years love all the hard work Buster does with great interviews and insightful analysis. Taylor’s a great producer too. Also love that Busters heart is in the right place. I really admire his sign-off. The call to action to fight racism is a great note to end on. Really a class act. I haven’t been able to discern any political commentary that other reviews reference but maybe those episodes were before I started listening? Also, love Sarah Langs’ research and the good natured teasing Buster and Tim give her for being the biggest baseball fan in the world. Sarah Abbott is also super funny I appreciate her perspective and the degree of normalcy she adds to the conversation. Definitely a great baseball podcast.
  • yoga.aha
    Best batted ball sound around, but….
    Buster and Hembo’s take on the Hall of Fame is weak, and frankly not worth listening to. Just because there already are some horrible people in the hall does not mean we should let more horrible people in. Get a moral compass guys! Did you know these ESPN broadcasters and podcasters are under orders from their ESPN billionaire deep state owners to only very rarely mention the lower salaried, small market teams such as the Reds, Guardians and Brewers. This becomes very obvious if you listen to more than a few episodes and pay attention to it.
  • fezpi
    Hard to listen to Sarah. Deleting it from my list of pods.
  • MikaWhy
    Please fix Buster’s Audio!!!
    Guys, what is up? You guys work for ESPN and Buster’s audio sounds horrible! The producers that hop in sound great, but Buster sounds like he’s calling in from a walkie talkie straight out of the 80’s! The podcast would sound 100 x’s more professional if you just had a nice mic set up for Buster - I don’t get it!!
  • pnagel2
    Episodes are getting way too long!!! Todays is over 90 minutes and they are regularly over an hour since the switch to 3 days a week. That is ridiculous! Great content but please get these back down to 30-45min.
  • another expat user
    I want to give a shout out to Sarah and recommend a book for her to enjoy.
    Moe Berg Athlete, Scholar, Spy by Kaufman, Fitzgerald and Sewell. Your last episode dated Monday April 24 was screwed up. While it was listed and titled for Monday. April 24, what actually played was your last podcast from Friday. April 21. When will you fix this?
  • jrosey24
    Baseball tonight sadly isn’t what it used to be
    Too many guests that offer nothing and way to many appearances and conversations that dumb down the baseball talk. The uniform quizzes, Sarah Lang’s #s games etc., all terrible. I think everyone on the staff needs to read Keith law’s “smart baseball”. Maybe then buster won’t pick the Mariners to make the playoffs......again lol. The baseball talk had gotten so bad and it’s no wonder when you look at the guests.... none of them actually Played baseball......... Karl ravech, Sarah Lang’s, Mendoza, schoenfield etc. Get some people who actually played the game..... When Karl ravech, who has zero baseball credentials, is your daily guest, you know the show sucks….. he brings nothing to the table cause he didn’t play baseball, he didn’t coach baseball, he didn’t work as a scout or even a beat writer….. just a clown with a horrible toupee
  • Blake_The_Steak
    ESPN Decline
    This show, like most at ESPN, has really fallen off for various reasons. Some of the guests are great (Tim, Hembo, Passan) but beyond that it is hard to listen to. Buster and Ravich make it sound like the WBC is more important than the World Series - reducing the Regular Season, fans are “too attached to their MLB teams”, all of the stars need to play, etc. I don’t know if Buster is towing the company line or he doesn’t enjoy the sport as it is, but it’s hard to listen to this podcast as a baseball lover. But, ESPN is cutting shows (like Fantasy Focus) so this is one of the few limited options available, even it’s not great quality content.
  • Leakey3
    I started listening to this pre-lockout..
    And the enthusiasm and genuine love of baseballexuding from every pore of Buster has fully brought me back into the game; even as a Pirates fan. I went from completely removing myself from the game at the time of the most recent pirates rebuild (it hurt too broke me) to bring a daily follower of MLB watching not just the pirates but multiple teams. These are good people. Listen . Also Buster please talk more about KeBryan Hayes :)
  • MrMuggle
    Love the show but!
    Some guests just talk to talk.. You get tired of hearing them go on and on about the same thing over and over. When you do hear someone like Greeny you want to tear your hair out and toss the phone. But then you remember the phone cost $1200 and you can just go and review the show and give it one star. Please do better moderating your pontificating guests.
  • maddestlad
    corporate ESPN talk about baseball, you know what you’re getting really
  • Mets_Lover
    This show is great
    At night I listen to this to catch me up on what is going on in the league and am excited to listen each night when I have an episode. This is a great show and i am looking forward to more. Also don’t hate on them for doing their job, which not to mention they are really good at and I love all their guests and porsonalities
  • Wretched Man 63
    Appreciate you!
    Thankful you are all back, good chats, gets me excited for baseball. Fun that Buster lives 5 hours up the road from me, I live in Pocatello, ID. From LA, bleed Dodger Blue but love the cold country! Baseball talk always is a great escape from the stresses in this world. Thank you!
  • Golf chiro
    Love this show
    Baseball tonight was my favorite nightly show to get my baseball fix. Love all the stats and guests. The only reason why this rating isn’t a 5 is the number of ads.
  • Schomaster
    Good discussions…about the big-market teams
    Love Buster, Timmy and Sarah Langs’ takes and banter but there’s a consistent and frustrating focus on the biggest-market teams in SoCal and NYC/BOS/PHI. I get that this focus is just part of the deal with ESPN content in general, but there are a couple dozen other MLB teams out there with interesting stories and players - and many thousands (millions?) of fans following those teams.
  • sfcarlt
    Informative, insightful, and shallow.
    I was a loyal listener for a few years and found it to be an informative and entertaining podcast. Over the past couple of years the overall quality and content has steadily declined. While I don’t care about Buster’s “wokeness” or his “east coast bias,” I do get tired of his whiny tone and his speculations and recommendations about what teams and players should do. He puts forth his “ideas” that are made from whole cloth and that make zero sense, unless you are trying to create conversation and drive ratings up.
  • Aaron46530
    Most entertaining show in sports
    I love baseball tonight. Buster does cover the entire league. They cover the latest in the league and who is hot.
  • Chemdude242
    espn makes this awful
    Too bad buster agrees with espn wokeism. Cannot listen
  • Travis Houston Texas
    The bias slant from tv…. Just on your mobile device
  • Tvsnow
    Great baseball podcast
    I discovered this podcast during the post-season this year and I am loving this one. I look forward to its continuing coverage of the World Series and keeping my subscription to this podcast for future seasons. Keep up the great work.
  • davidu406
    Great pod
    I love Buster and love all the guests he has on. Best daily baseball pod I have found by far!
  • The Garbs
    Big fan of the pod. However, Buster, you’ve got to spread the love man. Talk more about the other teams in the league. There’s stories everywhere worthy of the pod.
  • Brian Halliburton
    Can’t listen to Buster
    Tim Kurkjian is the only reason to listen. Once he signs off, not worth continuing. Dodgers fan here, Buster spends 90% of the time talking big markets. I hope to get insight into other teams, not hear more about the Dodgers & Yankees.
  • lafan32
    2 stars…
    This broadcast should be called the YANKEES/RED SOX… and since they are finally doing something METS TONIGHT show. … East coast bias… rename the show… be honest . The Dodgers have the BEST record this season, yet you wouldn’t know it. It’s a waste of time
  • MidwestBaseball
    Length of Show
    I love the show and love Jeff Passan, but not for 90 minutes. There was a lot of wasted time and conversation that was not value-added to a baseball podcast. I had to stop listening.
  • Reviewer JJR
    Ruined baseball tonight
    Buster and his smug demeanor have ruined this show. Time to hand off to a new generation old man.
  • Djdashing
    Buster thinks he’s a genius
    Had to write a new review after todays pod. His take that Jeter should have went to the bottom of the lineup shows that he has never excelled at anything athletic besides milking cows. Then he doubles down that Red Sox ownership should sell because they don’t “care as much”. Not how business works when you build a global empire.
  • ChristopherLRobinson7
    OK show, annoying producers
    I think Buster is a curmudgeon and his guests are really solid but I don’t listen to a podcast to hear what producers have to say the producer.
  • writetobryce
    Can we put Karl Ravech on the clock?
    Jeff Passan just did an outstanding segment where he answered questions about various players in fewer than 30 seconds while being timed. It was phenomenal. Now, can we do the same thing to ge the human filibuster, Karl Ravech, from his rambling, repetitive answers?
  • J Palumbo
    Tim Kurkjian: Hall of Famer!
    Any baseball podcast that has the great Tim Kurkjian as a regular guest is worth listening to. Todd Radom’s weekly appearances are always entertaining and informative but no one can match Tim’s obvious passion and love for the game. Huge congrats on the well deserved honor that he will be receiving in Cooperstown on July 24.
  • bradgrady
    Leave politics out of sports
    This a great show that lets me catch up with the sport of baseball. Just please leave everything of politics out of the show. It doesn’t belong in sports.
  • Feshbach
    Mainline Mundane
    The big limitation to this pod is that Buster and the gang really are really prone to covering and hyping large market teams and superstars to the exclusion of what is often going on around the league. Part of it is the ESPN media machine, other part is the hosts’ own choices. I listened to this podcast for a while. It’s very well-produced and can be insightful, but does not give a thorough, or really fair take on what goes around the league. Buster is a large and opinionated personality and has weird grudges he has been holding online for years against certain teams. So that gets a bit old, and there are definitely better pods.
  • krance_stl
    Bring this back to TV!
    More Hembo! More Tim! More Revy!
  • Whaskey719
    How bout them O’s
    Who’s bad for baseball now buster. King of bad tales here
  • Vick07341998
    Buster Olney is soft
    Dude can’t take a joke. On Twitter he asked where Ohtani would land and I replied your mom and got blocked right away. Also the dude is obsessed with Aaron judge and prob would do things to him. 1 star
  • Captain yum yum
    The guests on this show are normally excellent. The host Buster Olney? Not so much. He’s constantly whining in a high pitched voice how baseball has made changes from the old timey days….Or he’s a schill for players using fake outrage over matters such as service time manipulation etc…in order to stay in their good graces to gain access
  • mischief4182
    Long time fan
    Been listening everyday for years. Great insight, analysis, and lots of fun from the hosts. Player interviews, Bleacher Tweets, and other special content is also priceless. Keep it up!
  • nickanderhoey
    It’s about baseball!
    They discuss it!
  • gbgenius
    Keep doing your thing
    Was genuinely shocked to see so many low ratings for this podcast. Came for Buster Olney but loving Sarah Langs segments, this maths teacher loves the statistics behind the games that are provided. Keep up the great work team!
  • 61Drew
    Tim Kurkjian is a national treasure
    “Standard stupid for you Buster” may be my favorite thing Tim has ever said.
  • 6-4-3 guy
    Say the days correctly
    Taylor- why do you have to say every day of the week wrong? It’s Fri-day not Fri-dee. Unbelievable.
  • Kevin Loontjens
    Good baseball talk, bad political talk
    This crew will drag out anything political for several episodes, while always taking the progressive left side. Gabe Kapler doesn’t want to stand for national anthem - personal choice, admirable personal conviction. Players don’t want to wear a rainbow patch … they should make it mandatory for players.
  • cj6706
    Done with woke Buster
    How about just baseball.
  • Great Squats
    Enough with the political opinions
    It’s a great baseball podcast, but Buster really needs to quit interjecting his political opinion into topics
  • Spooky Butt
    Used to love it
    Loved this show until the Tampa Bay uniform thing yesterday. The Pride flag was optional, some optioned out…however the hosts seem to think it should be mandatory and I’m just done with the forced support of ideologies you don’t believe in just so one group doesn’t feel “excluded” or “not supported.” Players are not responsible for the general publics feelings. They’re ball players.
  • Steel City Diamond.
    Typical espn.
    Red Sox/Yankees focus with a touch of wokeness on the side. So on brand for espn.
  • Reds win 77
    Aboustely phenomenal! Thank you!
  • Abel Corona
    There’s a reason why
    This podcast has the reviews it does. I promise it’s not because fans go out of their way to write negative things when buster says something bad about their squad. It is because buster is completely out of touch with reality. His takes on teams, individual players, ideas to make baseball better are almost unbearable to listen to. Please save your time and listen to informed sports talk on The Ringer’s sports podcast network.
  • rowjoand
    Good but could be better
    I always fast forward the segments with Sarah Langs and Todd Radom
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