Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep


Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time.

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  • Auntie robbie 7
    Finally ….
    I’ve tried many different apps to help me go to sleep. This one works. Somehow I never finish hearing the entire story and I don’t remember them either. I’m ecstatic!!! Keep them coming. Thanks.
  • allthenicknamesaregone¥
    Adhd Adult Approved!
    I’ve never been able to go to sleep to any podcast, or even music, too distracting for an adhd mind. But this podcast has the perfect combo of voice, interest, repetition, and length for me to fall asleep almost every time. Which for an adhd brain, is a lifesaver! Thank you so much!
  • Nappin' Nana
    Any one of the stories
    This is an exceptional app. For anyone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. If I wake up I just hit play again and I’m back to sleep in minutes love Kathryn’s voice.
  • Emily33113
    Save yourself from ruminating!
    Listen to this every night and it has worked wonders. I now typically pass out within the first 5 mins. It’s definitely brain training as she states at the beginning of the episodes but I make it part of my nightly routine and even when I’m stressed and anxious it helps me let go a bit and fall asleep faster than laying there ruminating. Highly recommend!
  • Heisvajgds
    It works!
    Wonderful concept. Beautiful stories, soothing voice. This absolutely works to cure my insomnia. Thank you!!
  • Plyr71
    The Best Podcast I’ve never listened to ‘til the end.
    I’ve listened to many podcasts to help me sleep. I have chronic insomnia. This is by far the best. Thank for this gift!
  • themariashow#1
    Effective and wonderful
    It feels so odd to say a show is wonderful because I listen to fall asleep but here we are! This show is so wonderfully soothing and comforting. It’s pure. I highly recommend it!
  • rowkris
    The ads kill this for me
  • madison.safer
    I’ve never finished an episode
    … and for this show, that’s a huge compliment! Love the narration style and voice. Would definitely recommend to other insomniacs out there.
  • Lilithstar387
    I Can Finely Fall Asleep !
    I’ve never been able to get good sleep until my friend introduced me to this podcast now I fall asleep in a few minutes
  • NancieH
    My cozy safe space
    This podcast has changed my sleep—and my life, for the better. I’ve listened to the full library pretty much and it’s all just as good when you revisit. I heard about you from my favorite murder a few months ago and I’m here to stay! Thank you Kathryn for your soothing voice and words!!
  • lucky7173
    Finally sleep!
    I’ve tried every kind of sleep story, meditations nothing worked. This WORKS! And quickly. So soothing. Thank you!!!
  • tabasco Tobias
    Works like Witchcraft
    Scrolling and scrolling… it says I’ve listened to all these, but I couldn’t tell you what even one of them is about… I was asleep. I’ve memorized the intro though 📜📜👍
  • essentially_haley
    The way to go
    Ran out of episodes of Nothing Much Happens and tried other sleep casts. Nothing else compares!
  • SheDrivesZ
    Instant Sleep Aide and Soothes The Soul
    I listen to tons of Sleep type Podcasts and nothing even comes close to this one:) The narrator/author is incredibly gifted in delivering the most amazing, cozy, snug, safe, warm and fuzzy stories with such simplicity. She injects sensory description that brings each word to life! I hang onto each word and relish it. I literally fall asleep during the first paragraph and actually sleep through the entire night, which is rare for me. I just had to buy her book so I can read how the stories end:) She has a gifted technique that I have never heard before. How does she do that? It’s hypnotic! The stories are shaped beautifully and make me feel so warm and cozy when I snuggle in my bed:) I actually look forward to going to bed now:)
  • jojimurph
    Simply the best
    Don’t waste your time with other sleep podcasts.
  • Goddessx3
    Better than drugs!
    I had been alternating between NyQuil and other sleep aids which would leave me useless and hung over the next day. After a couple weeks of listening, I am sleeping so well! I pass out so quickly that I sometimes wake up thinking “doggone it! I wanted to know what she did with all that zucchini!” LOL!!!
  • Tara Marie*
    I’m addicted
    You know when you wake up at 3AM and every worry or problem you have seems 100 times worse and your brain won’t shut off? Here is the solution. Totally gives my mind a different direction to go in.
  • EggieOlive
    Basically chloroform
    This podcast made me fall asleep the night before my wedding when I was too excited to sleep and my thoughts were racing. That’s how good it is.
  • MySkepticalSisterBeliver
    Best sleep podcast!
    I can barely get through the intro before I’m fast asleep!! I love it!
  • Andronickus
    It really works
    Drift off to sleep with these stories instead of layingIb bed with your thoughts racing. I changed my podcast settings to turn off continuous play so I don’t miss a story.
  • dylanator247
    She’s the female version of Otis Gray
    Her voice is so relaxing...I’d been searching for a female-voiced sleep podcast that could sooth me to sleep, and now I’ve found it! 😴 💤 🛏
  • FrustratedWithNa
    Puts me to sleep even on nights when I can’t seem to shut down my brain. It’s some kind of magic lol.
  • eniiolaa
    Can’t believe this is free
    Unbelievably amazing quality stories.
  • marceldav92
    Highly recommend
    I have battled life-long sleep issues and this really helps me relax and fall asleep. I’ve noticed consistently better sleep since I began listening to this podcast each night. And the stories are great (added bonus)
  • doggo🐥🦁🐽🦋
    I am a almost 9year old kid but this is just awesome and I always love her story’s she has a soft gentle voice and when you have had a very busy day this just puts you to sleep I LOVE HER she makes sleep super fun but still relaxing I usually fall asleep like in the first minute it is so boring that it puts you to sleep The best one that helps me is the innkeeper try that one if you haven’t it is a life changer 😴
  • akglitterqueen
    Because of you I actually sleep
    I’ve ALWAYS been a 4 hours or less sleeper ...Iam a MORNING PERSON.. but now I work late shift and I can’t shut my brain down .... I would go days with out sleep.... but this podcast has done the trick‼️one day last week I slept 9 hours 😱... all the STARS
  • dalisalvador1944
    I have severe insomnia and this gets me right to sleep. The only nights I have trouble sleeping are when I don’t listen to this podcast. Her voice is very soothing she tells the story twice the second time, slower. Though it works so well that I’ve never made it through a entire story.
  • ttgbbjńk
    I am a kid but I love this
  • Amie Cairo
    Insanely amazing writer so helpful!!!
    I am floored this worked and while I still woke up repeatedly I just played again and fell back and then imagined certain parts of the story and was able to do it alone. I am seriously struggling and literally wanted to celebrate last night for just 3 hrs of sleep. Doing it again right now and I’ll report again tomorrow. Amazingly surprised and thankful. No sleep is f-in torture. Torture. And I cannot believe you have so many episodes how are you able to come up with so many detailed amazing stories?????
  • madi amd blue
    Love ❤️ it
    I love it it helpes me go to sleep fast
  • SamIAm21
    Thank you.
    I’ve been going through a lot of medical issues, mostly waiting on test results, and it’s so stressful. Thank you for helping me sleep. I’m not sure what I’d do without you.
  • baseball boi511
    I love this podcast and it has never took me more than two stories to fall asleep
  • SueFishChick
    Thank you, Kathryn and Bob!
    Sleep! Marvelous sleep! This podcast has significantly improved the quality and quantity of my sleep.
  • gay_slytherin94
    Absolutely LOVE this podcast! I listen to it every night as a fall asleep! I set a timer for 30 minutes, and pick up where I left of the next night. Thank you for helping me sleep!
  • _princess_peachie_
    Is it just me?
    Lately when I listen, it almost sounds like someone hit the fast forward button on you. Where your speech is normally very slow and intentional, it sounds very urgent and anxious. Is it just me? Is it maybe my phone? Or have you started recording differently? Either way, I love this podcast. It’s been putting me to sleep for quite some time.
  • Ginny Freyer
    Everyone of the podcasts is an ad for Storyworth?? This is my first attempt to listen.
  • Krissyferrari
    Lose the instructions
    Is it necessary to explain how the podcast works? I wouldn’t be listening to it if I didn’t know how it worked. It’s almost as distracting as. And both are too lengthy. The distraction is counterproductive to the purpose.
  • femcedinbackyard
    Works too well
    I must comment on your podcast Nothing Much Happens. I love your writing! You are eloquent and unique and I want to stay awake to hear your stories but I can’t. I tell myself that I can do this, I can stay with your entire story...and then I wake up the next morning with barely a recollection from the night before. Thanks. A. Lot. Truly
  • marge713
    Episodes are getting slower and slower
    This is my favorite podcast, and I listen to it almost every night to fall asleep. BUT in the newer episodes, the narration keeps getting slower and slower, to the point where it’s becoming distracting and annoying to listen to. I understand speaking in a calm, soothing voice, but I think it has been taken too far. Please adjust.
  • The Zoop
    I love these calm, soothing stories
    And they really help me fall asleep. Thank you!
  • heidiclaire69
    Sleep magic
    How did you do that? Really grateful. Thanks.
  • xtine510
    I was having trouble sleeping a few months back. I took sleeping pills, meditation, melatonin, working out you name it I tried it, nothing worked! Until I found this podcast... give it a chance it really works!! Im literally asleep within the first two sentences of the story lol! Kathryns voice is so soothing and her advice in the beginning of the story really works! Thank you so much for your amazing simple stories, you truly have a gift!!
  • Jannykaykay
    Every single night
    I have listened to your sleep stories every night for the past two weeks. Only a couple of times did I hear “sweet dreams” because I just wasn’t sleepy enough when I started the story. I agree that “nothing much happens” but you tell your stories with such great detailI feel like I’m watching it on a screen. The ads don’t bother me because they are at the beginning. If they were in the middle or the end that would be an issue. And they are done in your soothing voice. I have listened to a couple other sleep podcasts and they play music or nature sounds in the background and those don’t work for me. I remember as a kid listening to my parents talking to each other or other adults outside my bedroom door as I was falling asleep and it was so soothing and comforting. This takes me back to that safe place. Thank you thank you thank you. Your style is perfect!
  • pompeyboy1965
    Nothing much happens
    Fantastic.. you have your hooks in me, and my wife.. we love your podcast ❤️.
  • kodyminou
    Nothing much happens
    Your podcast is superior to all others. Your voice. Your stories. Your affirmations for life, love and everyday magic come across as genuine.This is calming and reassuring and allows me to fall asleep peacefully and for this I am grateful to you.
  • jenn2birds
    Thank you
    I love your stories and your storytelling. This podcast is a beautiful gift that I really need right now. Thank you 😊🙏💕
  • _savwashere_
    Love so much
    I listen to “the other innkeeper” and others a lot and can never get through the story. So, this podcast really works well if you are struggling to sleep. The stories are very cute and creative too. Can’t thank you enough for this podcast!!
  • licorice.messiah
    Saving My Own Life
    Hi Kathryn, your podcast has helped me save my own life. I escaped an abusive 4-year relationship in April of 2020 and, among many things, I could not sleep for months. I was having nightmares every night where I’d wake with dizzying panic attacks and confuse reality with dream. Since I couldn’t sleep, I started drinking coffee (I’d gone 29 years without ever touching it) to get through my day as a mental health therapist, which was suddenly harder than ever before. The coffee suppressed my already low appetite so I was jittery, anxious, starving, and riddled with terror. Somewhere in there Georgia Hardstark, of the My Favorite Murder podcast, mentioned Nothing Much Happens and I began to listen. I felt so calm I cried. I’ve listened nearly every night from whenever ‘then’ was to whenever ‘now’ is. I still have nightmares sometimes but I don’t need coffee anymore, I’m eating, and I’m re-discovering, or maybe discovering for the first time, what “safe” feels like in my body. The combination of intense therapy, my own writing practice, the company of good friends, and your storytelling voice have helped me save my own life. Thank you. I’m @jinx.messiah on IG if you ever wish to take a peak. -Alissa
  • KatersO8
    Love this! I try to listen but drift off.
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