Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep


Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time.

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  • kjhgfddw
    This is SUCH a great podcast. I listen every night and it puts me right to sleep, sometimes I wish I could stay up longer to listen to the stories. My only request is more marmalade and crumb episodes! Thank you so much for this amazing podcast!
  • Justarandomreviewer158
    Love this!
    I have struggled with insomnia for over five years, and nothing ever seemed to work. then, one day I stumbled across this podcast and for the sake of it, tried it. I was out cold within 10 minutes, with a full nights rest. I have never finished an episode, because I always fall asleep before it ending. absolutely love this!!!!!
  • ssfriday
    Thank you so much! This is the best sleep tool I’ve found.
    The best review I can give this podcast is that I very rarely make it to the end of an episode. Hence, I listen to the same episode’s multiple times. I barely make it through the calming introduction before falling asleep. It’s eases my mind and let’s me doze off without effort. I have ADHD and often have trouble quieting my brain. This has been such a blessing, even when I wake up in the middle of the night. I just restart the episode and go right back to sleep.
  • FrustratedWithNa
    Puts me to sleep even on nights when I can’t seem to shut down my brain. It’s some kind of magic. Thank you so much!
  • Jaimie Butterfly
    Cozy, wholesome, and sweet!
    I love your stories in the village of nothing much!! One of my favorite podcasts!!
  • Crikito
    I fall asleep every time
    Love this podcast - soothing and puts me to sleep. Really appreciate that it’s available ad-free. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking to wind down and relax.
  • nature flame
    So many episodes!! I think there are like 185!! And I love getting into my bed and putting on the podcast and falling asleep. It is so amazing just falling asleep and thinks to the podcast it is not hard to!!! Love the method to it works so well love this podcast and sleep.
  • asdflaura
    Works for me!
    Sometimes I wish I could stay awake a little longer to listen to the story. I’m usually asleep right after getting comfy, taking 2 deep breaths and hearing the intro.
  • projectplanet
    Good podcast
  • Me24794
    Thank you for this gift of a podcast!
    This is the only thing that has calmed my 9 year old’s anxiety at night time. It’s amazing!
  • Jes W from texas
    Life changing
    I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t have access to this podcast.
  • Dfnaglhamm
    Really something special.
    This podcast works to send me to sleep without fail. Bonus: even thinking about it during the day helps me notice the small, beautiful details in everyday life that are so often overlooked.
  • coriandererrr
    Absolutely delightful.
    A wonderful way to fall asleep. I love settling into sleep with a cozy reflection on the season.
  • slaycat12
    Nothing Much Happens
    I love this method of sleep 😴
  • Datrandombobakid1234
    Your voice is very calming!! Every time I’m up at night and can’t fall asleep I can count on you to make me fall asleep!!!!
  • TKD Kim
    It works!
    Kathryn, you are an absolute God send. I am a lifelong insomniac and I will attest that you are far more effective than Ambien or Lunesta. Thank you thank you thank you
  • SarayuMeraki
    Brings you back to a nostalgic heart space. 🙏🏼
    Just discovered and I fell into the windmill story. It touched a part of my heart in a way that I’d forgotten. Like an old friend come to visit and just drifted away into memories and safe times. Thank you so much. 💜
  • Lakita Lover
    Very Relaxing
    I have bipolar disorder and some nights my insomnia is too much. I don’t listen to this as much since I started taking sleeping pills, but when I need to relax this podcast is very pleasant. Not every story suits me, but the titles and intros are enough to help me pick the right ones. The host’s voice is wonderfully soothing and the imagery is beautiful. This show rarely puts me to sleep, but it fills me with good thoughts when I lie restlessly in bed.
  • PamelaCara
    A gem of a podcast that works like a charm
    I’m don’t often fan-girl about stuff, but I’m such a huge fan of this podcast, the town of Nothing Much, and Kathryn’s whole … well … kathryn-ness! The love and whole-hearted kindness she pours into thus podcast are apparent and appreciated. The perfect way to get tucked in every night. I’m so grateful for this podcast!
  • Nongreenthumb
    Simply the best !
    The best sleep podcast out there ! So very grateful for you Kathryn. Thank you for sleep!
  • hellisafrozenipad
    I allow these stories to run all night as I sleep. I notice I feel more joy as I wake up.
  • H_K_Roll
    Haven’t Finished One Yet
    I have struggled with sleep for a very long time - and I’m married to a person who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. My nights were full of melatonin, ear plugs, eye masks, sleepy time lotion and other sleep gizmos. I found this podcast on a whim one day and even though I listen every night, I couldn’t tell you what the stories are about. I set a timer to stop playing when the episode is over and I’m long asleep by then. I haven’t touched my melatonin in over a month. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!!
  • Grizz22121
    Look forward to this every night
    I love going to sleep with Kathryn. It has become such a part of my routine and my awake time In bed before slumber has drastically decreased. A must try!
  • Brittxoxoxo
    Truly such a positive impact on my mind. In many ways, not just sleep. My husband and 8 year old request “the lady” to fall asleep. You’re amazing, Kathryn!!
  • honesty____
    Nothing has helped me more
    I’ve always struggled with sleep but Kathryn gave me a calm cozy space to turn to when I needed it most. Most of the time I don’t even know what the story is actually about because it puts me to sleep so fast, but it’s also helped me in other ways. When I was working through some trauma a couple years ago, I struggled a lot with invasive thoughts I couldn’t control. They invaded my sleep and nearly every waking moment throughout the day, but the cozy world of Nothing Much turned into my number one safe space. I would listen to the stories even in the middle of the day to get my mind off the negative thoughts. Kathryn’s stories literally changed my life. Give her a chance to change your life. Everyone is welcome in the world of nothing much.
  • Donz52
    My new favorite thing
    I just discovered the world of podcasts and am now having trouble deciding how to fill what used to be my end of the day TV time. I’ve found that I now crave a good podcast over television to help me clear my head and send me off to sleep in a calm, peaceful state. I will admit that I’ve only listened to this podcast once but I never heard the end of the story because it accomplished its goal. Looking forward to listening to many, many more. Thank you so much for this simple gift❤️
  • Wildirishredrose
    Nothing Much Happens
    I am not sure HOW, but I have yet to hear a whole story the first time. I have always had the “hamster on the wheel” brain. Ruminating, always thinking to the past or “solving” something for the future have dominated my try-to-fall-asleep pattern as an adult. These stories are perfect for me—-soothing and just interesting enough…. Thank you.
  • Ali.brarian
    Helps so much
    I have trouble sleeping a lot and used to just have Netflix or something playing in the background while I try to sleep. I found this podcast looking for a different option. This is now my go to whenever I am having trouble sleeping. In fact… my boyfriend and I call her Sleepy Time Lady. “Can you turn on Sleepy Time Lady?” I turn on the sleep timer for 30 minutes and I’m usually asleep far before that timer. I replay episodes I’ve fallen asleep quickly to since I can’t recall anything that happens in the story anyway. Can’t recommend it enough. This podcast has saved my sleep many times.
  • ARP9682
    The biggest compliment …
    … to the efficacy of this podcast is that I have been listening for a month of sleeps and have no clue what any of the stories are about. Kathryn starts talking and it’s lights out for me!
  • loniwilson11
    Love love
  • dbrrv
    Beautifully done
    Kathryn and Bob, you’ve created a lovely podcast. All aspects are wonderfully executed, the writing is so refreshing. It’s so nice to hear a podcast where the writer has a decent knowledge of the English language. The sound is great. The subjects are light and easy. Kathryn’s vocals are modulated and well paced, perfect. Thank you.
  • Wishingstr56
    Peace and Rest
    Thank you for the cozy nights and the peace your stories bring! I appreciate your story telling and your wisdom. ❤️
  • Ashlie_xx
    My nightly routine
    The episodes with Marmalade and the dogs are my favorite!!
  • jocy-flocy
    Love this pod
    I’ve been using this pod when I can’t fall asleep for a while now. It gives me the most peaceful sleep. I fall asleep before I get 5 minutes in. I just used it on my toddler and it worked for her too! Amazing, thank you!
  • 30irtysomething
    I’ve been listening this podcast for bedtime, for quite some time, and now I’ve been playing it for my 1yr old son at his bedtime (I have to be careful I don’t fall asleep at that time!) or those tough baby nights. Works like a charm. PS- MORE MARMALADE! ♥️
  • chairyoh
    Reassuring in a totally unique way
    This is the podcast that I have needed for so long. I found myself listening to audio of familiar TV shows at one point- because i couldn’t really rest with my own thoughts. But Arrested Development isn’t healing. Or wonderful. Or cozy. This is all of those things. I find myself reaching for these stories every night with calm delight. I think you’ve really got something special here. Will def become a paid subscriber.
  • Duana??
    Cancel subscription please
    Cancel subscription
  • randomrodeochick
    Life changing!!!
    This podcast has slowed my very busy brain and I can finally sleep! I’ve never been able to fall asleep this fast. If it doesn’t work for you at first, stay the course and keep at it to train your brain. It really does work!
  • Disappointed2457990954
    Marmalade and crumb story’s
    They are interested and Makes me tiered would like more about her and the person that she loves I love love love the stories
  • Tons her
    Sticks and Stones
    I am a great fan of these podcasts. They have helped me immensely and allow me to have quality sleep. However, in this one you have two spots you need to edit out. About three quarters through you are making personal comments in your normal voice about a sound booth and external noise.
  • ravenclaw_queen2048
    my mom found this but i love it 🥥🌺
    my mom found it but i like it and i forgot abt it but now i remember it now lol. there’s nothing else i could find that made me feel tired like this podcast 🌺🥥
  • Lairalou
    It’s so helpful
    I have no idea what the stories are about. I fall asleep before I get there. I have so much trouble falling asleep so that’s saying what this podcast can do!
  • Original awerm
    Highly recommend!!
    I’ve been listening for a little over a year, the story and narration are equally mesmerizing. On days that i find myself especially wound up, I fast forward straight to the story, and listen while I get ready for bed. It slows my thoughts down and then I jump into bed and start it over so she can “tuck me and help me completely relax and fall asleep.
  • bobcat6977
    Skeptical insomniac
    I have insomnia and this podcast helps so much. Only once have I needed to listen to two different episodes to fall asleep. I didn’t think any podcast could be this good at me fall asleep I was sooo wrong!🌹Zzzzzzzzzz
  • Gaweenjane
    So beautifully written.
    Wish there were enough for every night! Her beautiful little stories give my mind a calm, soothing resting place. Her thoughtful word selection maintains a wonderful positivity without being at all cloying. That’s a gift! And her delivery has improved over the years from being really good to really great. (Thank you!)
  • krollielynne
    What is this magic???
    Nothing puts me to sleep quite like this podcast. An incredible tool for those looking to improve their quality and length of sleep!
  • Black Kellev
    The best I’ve found - reliable and quick sleep
    Katherine writes her own stories and they are the perfect balance - enough detail and events to keep my mind engaged but nothing stressful or jarring. I have a few podcasts I use to fall asleep but this one is my reliable first choice when I wake in the middle of the night. And she is right about the brain training part. After a few weeks, it was working so well Most times I fall asleep so fast that I can’t remember anything beyond the introduction.
  • Joebobnormandy
    Reliable truck to fall asleep.
    I have an insane number of hours listening. Play it to fall asleep and let it play all night long every night for almost 3 years now. Thanks for the help! -adhd/insomnia sufferer
  • lucyturley
    Absolutely fabulous!
    This app is a must! Love💚
  • lrhj13
    Asleep in a flash
    I don’t quite understand it, but I fall asleep incredibly quickly listening to this. And the next day, I couldn’t tell you a single thing the episode was about. It’s become my nightly routine to turn this on!
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