Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep


Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time.

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  • JohnsLJ
    Ads to Ending
    This WAS my favorite sleep app and I’ve recommended it to many people. But now jarring ads are added to the end. So just you are completely relaxed and are drifting off to sleep with the wonderful images Kathryn creates with her soothing voice, you are hit with an ad at the ending which ruins the experience. Ads at the beginning are completely acceptable, but inappropriate at the end given this is relaxation sleep app. I have stopped listening and now use Get Sleepy and The Sleepy Bookshelf. It’s a shame as Kathryn’s podcast use to be my favorite.
  • pachtie
    The very best sleep podcast
    I listen to these with my children, who have trouble falling asleep. Kathryn Nicolai is the very best sleepy storyteller — truly — it doesn’t really feel fair to compare. Her voice is extraordinarily soft and soothing (it sounds trained) and the stories are full of cozy images. The narratives flow well enough to be relaxing, but they also gently ramble and circle back in a way that makes the transition to dreaming effortless. It reminds me of methods used by hypnotherapists to bring clients into trance. An extremely pleasant and effective podcast!
  • 1D10T-Proof
    It really works.
    Best podcast for sleep. Love it.
  • Saraharising
    I am a long time listener.
    This podcast is in fact one of my everyday miracles. Thank you Katherine.
  • 1141eaddison
    Wonderful podcast
    Keep the stories coming! I love the imagery she uses. And her voice is sooo soothing and unobtrusive.
  • Stacy Doubleyou
    Ruined Miracle Sleep Remedy
    Sleep for me has been like a great war that has been fought inside my head and my body for decades. When I find something that helps ease the battle of sleep, it's incredible, sacred, and loved. Your podcast was a miracle to me. Your stories and your voice are amazingly relaxing, peaceful, heartwarming, and beautiful. I had listened to all of them, and have recommended it numerous times to other people who struggle with sleep. I think you know exactly what my complaint is going to be, as I've seen it addressed in your reviews. I don't know if you've ever responded to these valid criticisms, but I know I'm not alone in my complaint, and I'm quite sure you have lost a large following because of it. This actually is a painful thing for me, because it worked so well and it brought so much peace to me knowing that I didn't have to worry about falling asleep, that I had your stories to rely on. I've got so many struggles in my life, and tossing and turning at night, mind spinning, is exhausting and draining on many levels. You changed my life with this podcast. But I can't listen to them anymore because of the ads at the end, and I need you to know how disappointing this is that you don't seem to care. Clearly you don't truly want to help people, because your sleep stories are completely pointless with those ads at the end, and you must know this. I wish you the best! Thanks for the sleep for that little bit of time!
  • bubahlicious
    Too Sad to Sleep
    For the past 3 months I’ve been in & continue to be in a sad family situation and have not been able to sleep, I’ve never known sleeplessness or depression before, it’s been almost unbearable, then I found Kathryn…it’s been a miracle to me and my only salvation at night, so thank you so much for having your podcast, I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening…
  • Teeny Aerial Dancer
    The Best Sleep Podcast!!
    I really hope it works for you, because this is an absolute miracle for me. I put the sleep timer on for 30 minutes and I am out in less than 5. Not exaggerating. Her voice is so soothing and relaxing and the stories are constructed in such a way to disengage your mind, while lulling you to sleep. Turn the lights off, breathe, relax your body, and turn this podcast on if you want to say goodbye to insomnia and sleepless nights. Couldn’t recommend more highly!!!! Time after time again she has rescued me from sleepless nights.
  • dreams happier
    Thanks so much for this podcast!! It has really improved my sleep which has improved my overall health!!
  • anonymouscockatiel
    I have tried a ton of sleep podcasts out there, but none of them work as good as this one. It puts me straight to sleep and is a total life changer. My only problem is the ads at the end, which jolt you out of the relaxed state the story put you in. Please fix this. I would much rather have ads at the beginning than at the end.
  • mzemily522
    I’m excited to go to sleep now
    I had a power outage over the weekend and didn’t want to use up all my phone battery by looking at memes to go to sleep so I found this podcast and gave it a try. I’ve been listening every night since! I’m zonked out before the second story is halfway through! So calming and the way the stories are written makes me feel like I’m actually in it. You earned a true fan here 😁 thank you!
  • BananaM.
    Like magic!
    I have come to depend on this podcast to help me go to sleep. Following the oh so comforting stories helps my mind let go of the worries about the future and the past.
  • CMD of PDX
    Ad at the end 🥺
    Disappointed she did this…. I understand needing to make $ But she defeated the purpose and woke me up with a jarring advertisement at the end just as I was dozing off. Bummer. Lol she asks Having trouble sleeping? Well YES now thanks to you lol Lots of great sleepy podcasts out there. I used to like this one, but now I am deleting it. All good things must come to an end
  • annabeth1979
    Thank you!
    This is the only podcast that helps me to fall into a blissful sleep! I have terrible anxiety and ADHD that keeps me from sleeping, but your podcast helps me settle down and get great, long nights of sleep. Thank you!
  • hoorayforsleep
    Best ever
    I love this podcast. Kathryn’s voice is so soothing and her stories are so well written and told. This podcast truly comforts me and puts me to sleep.
  • chdhjfjjb
    Best podcast ever I listen every night I need help falling asleep 😴
  • Ssjn98
    The best sleep aid….
    I have tried so many sleep better podcasts, meditations, sleep stories possible. They either have an annoying voice, or LOUD ADVISEMENTS that startled me. There’s NOTHING better than Nothing much. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety especially at night. Her soothing tones and sweet stories are the perfect place for my mind to sit and rest. Interesting enough to keep me listening but not keeping me awake. I used to get so frustrated when trying to sleep, and can’t, now I don’t. If, I cannot sleep I know there’s plenty of sweet stories to keep me resting quietly while visiting the town of Nothing Much. Reminds me of when my mama would read to me at night. You for preparing a place for my brain to lay.
  • Yo Boi RG
    This was my favorite nighttime app until the ad change 😢
    I would have given this podcast 5 stars a few weeks ago, but I can’t do it now that you’re doing an advertisement at the end after saying “Sweet Dreams”. I find that very jarring and it totally wakes me out of my blissfully sleepy state. Please change that if you can! You go from this slow cadence and beautiful story to a regularly paced commercial - it totally ruins it!! I can’t even listen anymore!!
  • miss led
    Ads at the end ruins everything
    Please stop with the ads at the end. They jolt you awake and defeat the purpose of the whole podcast! His was my go-to podcast till then. It feels like a bad practical joke.
  • Osumcp
    Ads at the end when you’re almost asleep
    This used to be my favorite App, now there are ads at the end of the episode. This has to be the most idiotic design, and literally the only podcast I have ever heard doing this! Put all ads at the beginning, before people are almost asleep…
  • TheDarkMonarch624
    Perfect sleep podcast for me! >1yr of listening!
    In other podcasts, I’m always worried I’m going to miss part of the story. With this one, I don’t need to worry. I’ve tried many podcasts to fall asleep before. This one is by far the best for me. While others have soothing voices OR uneventful but relaxing stories, this one has both. Kathryn’s method is perfect. She tells the story twice, and since I know the story will come around again, I’m much less anxious about missing anything. This allows me to relax more. Do I end up asleep before the first telling is over and missing half the story anyway? Yes. But I’m not worried about it. I can really feel free to let my mind wander and come back, much like the “bird’s nest” metaphor Kathryn often uses to introduce the concept of this podcast. Nothing Much Happens has been my go-to podcast for sleep for over a year now, and will continue as such long into the future.
  • redwards42
    Great stories, now too many ads
    These stories have saved me from insomnia this year. They are so pleasant, with great imagery and a relaxing imagery. I have never minded the ads at the beginning (I want her to make money) but the new ads at the end jerk me out of sleepy town. Please just put more ads at the beginning! That’s when people are most likely to hear them anyway (cause we’re still awake).
  • Addled Pixie
    Sometimes you need to hear you’ve done enough.
    Whenever someone mentions to me they have trouble sleeping or battle anxiety, I now tell them about this podcast. Kathryn Nicolai’s words and voice are like a pillowy comforter that you can sink into - I instantly relax when I hear them. Every tip and tactic she employs to help one train one’s brain to sleep better truly work over time. Most nights I barely make it past her opening remarks about how the podcast works and the first few lines of the story. I have seldom been awake to hear how a story ends, and on the rare occasion that happens, I simply start again. It sounds silly to say that I need someone - let alone a stranger - to tell me at the end of each day that whatever I got done that day was enough, but oh my, do I need to hear it. Kathryn, thank you so much for this pod.
  • Romone Starboard
    The bestist
    Yes yes , amazing sleeps cast. Ads at the start of the episode no problemo, ad at the end: seriously jarring
  • IvoXio
    Life saver!
    I just want you to know that your podcast has saved me. I’ve had terrible insomnia since I was an infant, and as I’ve gotten older getting to sleep has taken longer and longer, sometimes four to six hours of sad misery. Nearing 40 now and living with MS my body can’t handle it. I then have to get up for work after barely a nap and function in a fog. Ever since the very first episode I’ve listened to, barring one worse than usual night, I’ve not been awake even long enough to hear the story repeat. I’ve got more energy, I’m sleeping full nights unmedicated for the first time in my life! Thank you SO MUCH! You’ve really made a difference for me in a profound way!
  • litttyke
    Helpful Sleep Aid
    This is the best sleep aid and there is no side effects! Great podcast. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • fjfdhfthxfbxt
  • Bgal77
    The Best
    I fall asleep easily but am wide awake within 3-4 hours. I have this ready to go before my mind can start racing away with all that I need to do in the day ahead. The voice, the cadence and the lovely little stories are just what I need to relax and let go. I highly recommend
  • abcravas
    So great!
    This podcast has been amazing. I started listening about six months ago and have never slept better. I can count on one hand the times I have not fallen asleep before she reaches the end of the second telling. Those times have been nights before major life events, so they’re definitely the exception. I can’t recommend NMH enough. Even my cat knows the sound of Katherine’s voice and has leaned the routine of settling down for sleep. It’s been wonderful, and I am so grateful.
  • Unhappycustomerstill
    I tried to do the survey but it wouldn’t work
    I want to support your advertising
  • kaemae77
    Helps me fall asleep
    My mind races at night. When I listen to these stories my thoughts quiet down. It took about six months of listening before it really worked. Now I want to listen but I fall asleep within the first few minutes. I’ve been listening since the first season and I look forward to every episode! I recommend to everyone I know.
  • CarolynMHOC
    Trouble sleeping and I realized this worked when I could only remember the first few minutes of the story.
  • Joyce M K
    These are wonderful
    How could you call this podcast “ Nothing Much Happens”? I think so much happens! I love the details; they make me sigh within my 💜happily. I have RLS and this helps me fall asleep. I am looking forward to buying your book. I paint in watercolor; if you ever think about doing another book I think your work & mine would “dream” well together. My art website is Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. God bless. Joyce K
  • Kerbery
    This is a wonderful podcast. The stories are simple but amazing and the host’s voice is perfect. I subscribe to a bunch of sleep story podcasts because of my insomnia and this is my absolute favorite.
  • juliajanemargarethanna
    How do I like this more?
    I can’t express how much I love your voice and your stories more. I’m a new mom, with a busy ( def not as busy as a new mom, but let us let him think that) dad who comes in and out, and to be able to pop a story in my ear and fall asleep within minutes is LIFE CHANGING. Thank you so much for what you do. I don’t introduce my husband to you much cause he might divorce me and try to find you 😂
  • Jordan Draper
    The best bedtime story podcast!
    Her voice is so soothing. I have tried other bedtime story podcasts sparingly because I’ve listened to every episode of "nothing much" multiple times but keep coming back. If I could give this podcast more than five stars, I would. The only thing I’d like to be different is if the ads were all at the end of the episodes.
  • kallymama
    I have tried all sleep story apps. Her voice is heavenly and her stories are divine and simple.
  • theLostLight
    I’ve been meaning to say
    That i am one of the many helped by this podcast. i love the voice, pacing, and stories. i can wait to hear more.
  • Miz Steff
    It really helps
    I struggle to stay asleep due to anxiety, but this app helps. I still wake up, but because the podcast is still playing, I go back to sleep quicker than before. Thank you ❤️
  • Ally6275
    Love it
    I listen at least 4 nights a week and am usually asleep within 15 minutes!
  • MKwritesreviews
    Absolutely Amazing
    I’m not exaggerating when I say this podcast changed my life! I have anxiety and it often interferes with my sleep. During one particularly stressful period, I found it nearly impossible to fall asleep. I happened to find this podcast and thought I’d give it a go. And I’m so happy I did! Kathryn’s voice is just as soothing as the stories themselves. I especially love the fact that they are told twice, so the second time through you feel more free to begin to doze. The world that Kathryn creates through her stories is so gentle, and I feel so safe as I fall asleep. Now I listen every night, and my sleep routine brings so much peace and stability to my life. I can’t recommend this podcast enough! Thank you Kathryn!!
  • jakecruzan
    i’ve been listening to this podcast for about four years now. i find it almost absolutely necessary to fall asleep. i’ll lay in bed for hours watching tv instead of sleeping and then i regret that i didn’t just start the podcast sooner. once i turn it on i know i have about 5 minutes until i’m asleep. it’s perfect for every night use. “afternoon nap” stays in my rotation every time i need a nap i know it will allow me to fall asleep even during the day. thank you kathryn.
  • Mrescaff
    My go to
    Love these calm, cozy stories!
  • tater16225
    Have tried many others. This is amazing
    Best sleep aid ever. Very soothing and peaceful. I don’t like the ones where they read an actual story; then, I feel like I have to pay attention.I don’t go to sleep without this anymore. My go-to was always thinking about being at my grandmothers’ in the woods, but there weren’t enough memories to recall. Wonderful storyteller.
  • w 243
  • Nokes362
    Who’s the old man telling the stories now?
    The first couple of seasons were great but then she changed her voice to low and gravelly. It’s hard to listen to because the cadence is unpredictable The pauses are much too sometimes and then she speaks at a regular pace, then back again to painfully slow and it actually causes me to stay awake. I was just going to listen to the seasons when her voice sounded pleasant instead of a creepy old smoker, but it seems like she re-recorded some of the first episodes. Such a bummer. It’s just too hard to listen to now.
  • avery95369
    great, but recent problem with loud ads at the end
    usually i love this podcast!but recently, there have been loud, jarring ads at the end, after the story is over. They jolt me awake immediately! please fix this, the podcast is so good and helps me sleep usually.
  • Jack SRE
    A wonderful new friend for the end of my day
    The days we are all living now are so supercharged with stress and anxiety. These podcasts are such a treat at night. The “stories” center on pleasant imagery of relaxing, calming scenarios. The storyteller’s voice and tone is wonderful. A perfect way to end my day!
  • Dana Bailey
    This is my absolute favorite sleep podcast.
  • awakened by adverts
    Clorox ad
    I love this podcast but oohwee, that loud ad at the end woke me with a start just after I had been so tenderly lulled to sleep. Please make the shrill Clorox lady go away with her smells and stains.
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