Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep


Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time.

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  • ksmetamaid
    I can’t even believe how quickly this podcast puts me to sleep! Sometimes I can hardly get past the commercials. HIGHLY recommend his for anyone who struggles getting to sleep.
  • M. Albright 51
    Just right for easing off into never never land…
    calming & serene, as one who typically has no issues with sleeping, my wife & i tried this last night, whilst on vacation ( i thought it might be nice whether it helped her to sleep or not ) ~ glad i did, lovely new discovery + thank you ☮️
  • hjg76n
    Sticking with this!
    I found this and it had great reviews and I LOVE IT 100% recommend.Sometimes I do need a second story but that knocks me out they are so relaxing and soothing.thank you so much for making this pod wonderful!👏👏👏to Kathryn
  • scwjesuswept
    Instagram @sonnywalters2001
    I like your voice
  • volleyballobsessed
    This aFantastic podcast! I often struggle from sleep insomnia and this helps incredibly well. Thank you so much! This is been a wonder and I’ve never made it through an episode! :)
  • Hella Bothered
    I no longer get anxious before bed! This pod puts me to sleep every time and helps me remain mindful and present in my everyday life too! amazing
  • PDSLiving
    Her voice is so calming. My son and I fall asleep every night listening to her. We tried different podcast and none of those podcasts compared to hers. So we’ll be sticking to this podcast.
  • krossmua
    Love this Podcast
    I stumbled upon this podcast and it has become an essential part of my nightly routine. I look forward to settling into my bed at night and resting well.
  • Syndanne
    So soothing
    Love this program!
  • A Colburn
    Effective Sleep Aid
    Calming. Soothing. Cozy. Just enough of a story to keep your interest while relaxing you enough to fall asleep. I listen most nights.
  • Sukhfddb
    Ambien substitute
    Works like charm EVERYTIME. Thank you!
  • JaneMarie818
    The best
    Never finished an episode! Helps me fall asleep instantly!
  • TLAW817
    I fall asleep so easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏼👍🏼beautiful voice so peaceful
  • mellmonkey247
    Idk I hear her voice and I’m out, it’s amazing!
  • hi dipayers!
    It’s sooo amazing!!!
    Lol I had to write more reverse on how amazingly relaxing this is lol I love you I love this podcast <3 ✌🏻. 🕶 👆🏾
  • themariashow#1
    Effective and wonderful
    It feels so odd to say a show is outstanding because I listen to fall asleep but here we are! This show is so wonderfully soothing and comforting. It’s pure. I highly recommend it!
  • kmurph82
    The best
    This is the best sleep stories podcast and I think I’ve tried every one out there. Repeating the story is a game changer for getting me to sleep and the host’s voice is so calm and relaxing.
  • Faustin01
  • Namashanna
    Wonderfully calming
    I absolutely love this podcast. Helps me relax, visualize happy yet calm things, and her voice brings me comfort. Thank you for making this!
  • 00bird
    Nothing helps me like this does
    I have always struggled with sleep. No every night, but too many for comfort. I discovered NMH recently and have been so thankful. I use it in the mornings when I wake up way too early and can’t fall back to sleep (my biggest problem!) and this has definitely helped. Thank you!!!! 💕🌸🧡💜🦋🌼
  • TDeerSal
    Ahhhh Sleep!
    This podcast really puts me to sleep. I rarely make it to the end. Such a help on those nights when I just can’t seem to shut off my mind. Thank you!
  • SamuellaKay
    Keeps my anxiety in check
    I started listening to this podcast while going through one of the most difficult moments of my life, staying with my partner in the hospital. I always have trouble sleeping but it was so much worse with all the beeping, interruptions, uncomfortable chaira, and the worry. Now we are home but our baby is in the NICU. This podcast has been helping me turn off my racing thoughts so I can be rested to face another day. Eternally grateful for this balm and this gift. 💗
  • Hazel is the best
    Good podcast
    This is a really good podcast and helps me fall asleep, but she sometimes talks about food and makes me feel hungry.
  • sossity1975
    Thank you so much!
    I’m addicted. Your podcasts are exactly as advertised. I have narcolepsy & nighttime is, or was, a long stretch of listening to radio talk shows or reading. My smartwatch verifies my sleep score has improved and this podcast is why. I may need to listen a few times during the night, but it definitely helps me get more hours sleep. Many, many heartfelt thanks!
  • 145Jud
    Perfect bedtime companion
    I could sit down and listen to this podcast all day - the stories are that interesting - but at the same time I’d be asleep before the second reading was done. While Nothing Much Happens I can’t wait to hear what will happen next. The best way to calm my mind and slide into sleep I’ve found
  • Kbartholomew1289
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast and it really helps me fall asleep most of the time however, she often goes into great detail about food and instead of making me sleepy I find myself hungry instead.
  • Hello meditation
    Keep it up!
    You are doing great! Thanks so much for doing this podcast it’s really good and It helps me fall asleep every night. So keep up with the good work!😍
  • bostonme
    I am in love with the simplicity and realness of the stories Were I a writer these would be my best stories Keep me posted keep em coming 5 starz
  • ltlkahuna
    You are my hero!
    Thanks to you I can fall asleep again. I have yet to hear the end of one of your sleep stories, thank you for this podcast, it’s the perfect cure to my insomnia!
  • flower are fun
    thank you
    i have had such bad stress for the past couple months and i have been struggling to sleep because of that and this has helped so much!!! thank you❤️
  • deliaelaine
    Thank you for podcast
    I have really enjoyed listening to your amazing voice and sweet stories! It has helped me sleep much better👏👏 I have shared with many friends as well.
  • Margaux Ervanian
    Sleep well
    I love this so much
  • plsaurino
    Thank Goodness for this Podcast
    Sleep has been allusive for me. I have a lot of problems I am dealing with right now, but this podcast gets me off the hamster wheel and soothes me into a deep sleep. Thank you so much for creating this much needed tool!
  • leah ervanian
    Sleep well
    This works and it is the best
  • erc210
    It works!
    I discovered this podcast shortly after bringing home a baby. It has been a lifesaver for falling back asleep after night wakings. Works every time!
  • LingBling
    ✨ I believe in miracles ✨
    This was heaven sent. My dad passed away a year ago, and I have been losing so much sleep due to grieving. I searched high and low for things to help calm the mind from meditating to consuming sleep gummies. This podcast was the only thing that calmed the busy mind and helps me drift to sleep and stay asleep through the night. Even my 7 year old French Bulldog sleeps peacefully to this.
  • totally tuna
    I never finish an episode
    Katherine is amazing! Her soothing voice relaxes my brain. Usually I’m out after the deep breaths, occasionally I make it through the first read, I have NEVER made it to the end of the second read. Perfect for multitaskers that can’t turn their brain off. Enough to distract you, but not enough to engage you. Thanks for helping me sleep ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 3secondsLeftToUseIt
    ❤️ best podcast for falling asleep
    After years of chronic insomnia and trouble with my brain never shutting off, listening to these stories helps me fall right to sleep. I look forward to going to bed now. Seriously life changing.
  • Sakamcca
    Sweet slumber!!
    I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in literally years. Even sleep meds are hit or miss. I heard about the Nothing Much Happens podcast on the Growing Bolder podcast and tried it that night. Unbelievable!! I fell asleep within minutes and slept almost 6 hours straight! That’s a miracle for me. I use it every night. To be honest - I have a night now and then where it takes a couple of listens before I nod off but I can tell my sleep quality has improved significantly. I love this podcast! I ordered the book, too - I love the stories!
  • kampuskarson
    The Best
    This is truly the best tool I have found my self using while falling asleep. I love this podcast and I am usually asleep before the end of the first telling! The podcast is a great tool for all ages! ❤️thank you!
  • Juls from Ohio
    Nothing Much Happens. Hyacinths
    It works. I Started by listening to March 7th hyacinths. And I am hooked. Usually by the time I get halfway through the first reading of the story I’m asleep. Your voice is so relaxing. And the stories you write yourself are so visual that it just pulls me in. I noticed that you use all of the senses. Maybe that’s part of enticing me to relax? Thank you so much for helping me sleep. Getting a good night sleep has changed my daily life.
  • Fun1894
    Stories good
    Her cadence bugs me. Weird places in mid-sentences where she breaks.
  • percy is better than jason
    I’m barely a teen and this podcast is amazing. I don’t know why you say this is for adults because it works for me just fine. Honesty I never t’embête the stories because I fall asleep right away. Have a great day! ❤️
  • ann.hagenbarth
    This has really helped me improve my sleep habits!
  • nadyawithaY
    Knocks me out😴
    When I listen to this I knock out within minutes. Her voice and the story just has a way of relaxing me like nothing else! This has to be the most wholesome podcast on here!
  • Jademonique85
    I truly don't understand how anyone could give less than 5 stars. This app puts me to sleep like a baby. I also love that she writes these stories herself. Such a creative, helpful podcast. Thank you!!
  • Jadillard3
    Practice make Perfect
    It didn’t take long before i trusted the words and leaned into the journey to help me relax and know I would be kept safe. For me these episodes never disappoint! I do feel rested and never am still awake after the second reading (but more often the first). I am so excited to go on these journeys and to my surprise I not only feel rested but Happy the next morning. For me this is such a bonus as I work for a non-profit health care clinic and struggle sometimes to remember the suffering of our patients is not mine to own but because I care and am invested in our patients the lines get blurred and absorb their pain. This is where these bedtime stories help me reset! Priceless! For this I will forever be grateful! Please keep them coming! Someday I will be in a financial position to be a member but for now I reap the rewards emotionally, physically and yes, even spiritually! Thank You! Julie, Bend Oregon
  • Eliss Rainville
    Beautiful and Effective
    Soft, gentle and calming stories delivered in the most soothing and comforting voice. Remarkably effective at cultivating sound, restorative sleep, even when daytime stressors are high. I’m endlessly grateful to have this podcast in my sleep hygiene routine toolkit.
  • Tinawashspann
    Hits the spot
    I have a tough time shutting off my day and this podcast hits the spot!!! sometimes I get through half the story and I’m out like a baby… dies the trick every time!!! Thank you !!
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