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At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!

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  • annmys.
    Used to be good - no sooooo meh/ boring
    This podcast used to be good, now it’s so boring. I can’t even sit through an episode. 🥴
  • brandyrosita
    Always rooting for her but so disappointing to see episodes about her engaging in premarital sex, having mediums as guests, etc, when she is also promoting being a Christian. I hope she learns about her faith and learns that life is not about finding your happiness/doing whatever makes you happy - not at all. If you’re a Christian it’s about loving Christ enough to SUBMIT to Him and follow Him and His teachings - even when they are inconvenient, difficult, or unpopular. She has such a platform and could do so much good, but she is leading her loyal fans astray and into sin, and I can’t support that but I always support the person - so pulling for you Jana to find your way. Xo
  • Telray90
    I’ve been a fan of you Jana for a long time, since I was a senior in HS (I’m 34 now). You always preach to be nice and you never know what someone is going through. You say you hate to be judged and all the mean comments people make get to you because these people don’t know you….but then you turn around and just make some downright awful, devastating and disgusting comments about people you don’t know. I don’t understand why it’s wrong for others but ok for you to do. I hope one day for find TRUE happiness and no longer feel the need to tear others down.
  • karenwang178
    Really Jana
    This is so bad. I never leave reviews. You literally never do research about these people who are Huge to get on your show! Seriously like this is so cringe and. The Ads are so bad your whole ep with the Macys gift exchange was so bad! And you are rude about people. Be nice.
  • every nickname is taken 438
    too gossipy
    for women who claim to love jesus
  • GordonAngel24
    I would give zero stars if I could. Nothing but a D-List “actress” who is trying to become relevant by name dropping and dissing actual celebrities.
  • ToriNicole12
    Travis and Taylor
    The recent comment about them on your podcast wasn’t needed. At all! Just let them be happy and leave them alone!!!
  • GiC6
    Don’t throw rocks when you live in glass house Jana
    Shows her true character when she is speaking so negatively about a relationship of 2 very successful and beloved people whom she knows nothing about. Jana should know better than to be so hateful and she claims to promote positivity but her podcast is filled with the same old “I was cheated on, poor me” and gossipy 15 year old talk. Please be advised you will lose brain cells listening to this nonsense.
  • ALbiology
    Travis and Taylor
    Should have kept your mouth shut
  • Jojo2289:
    One star is being nice lol
    Big yikes to this woman.
  • KdMag0228
    Love the pod
    I love you girls and look forward to listening every week! I was just listening to the May 2nd episode though and think the wrong podcast is on it. I’m thinking it’s an error so wanted to let y’all know
  • max Shirley
    You’re mean
    Watch out the Swifties are coming. Can’t be lame with your words so publicly and I don’t like how you treated Taylor and Travis. Shame on you.
  • peteswarden
    It’s absolutely disgusting the things you say for attention. Maybe stay in your lane.
  • User78877890
    Awful host, awful takes, awful podcast.
  • Yiqian
    Horrible podcast and host
    Jana has to be one of the most shallow and unintelligent people to ever host a podcast. I could barely get through one episode.
  • thepastisthelast
    Do your research??
    I do not understand how she has guests on and knows zerooooo about them? She doesn’t know anything about Monica but is going to interview her.. it makes listening hard bc she doesn’t know what she’s even talking about or going to ask.
  • CaroleAnn2014
    Do better Jana
    You’re a Christian bringing a medium onto your podcast! Major disappointment!
  • Jake?$
    The worst
    Literally the worst. Boring conversations that go on forever.
  • SGreen flo-rider
    Need shorter questions
    Love this podcast and the guests. However this last episode, the friend co-host had very long questions that were hard to follow and the guest had a hard time answering. She also interrupted or did not allow the guest to answer.
  • Laurennbl
    So bad
    After Mike left this podcast went so downhill. Jana has no interviewing skills and just is so bad at what she does.
  • Aubsjack
    Im invested in the itchy scalp
    Having the same issue. Thought it was extentions as well. What shampoo are u using? Here for the journey and follow up ♥️
  • Nico J 11
    Find myself skipping more and more
    From her friends political comments quite often mocking some out of the blue while “their guy” has actually been accused of rape/antisemitism to ridiculous/hypocritical comments I’d really love a podcast with Jana and others hosting. I’ve gone from listening to every podcast to skipping most weeks because I cringe at the content. I’m sure one less subscriber wont make an impact but I’m officially tired of supporting after the bike comment. Very immature on your platform from a grown woman.
  • mah.xoxo
    This podcast is nothing but Ads anymore. So boring
  • jordan.griff
    The best!
    My favorite podcast to listen to every week!!! Love the Queendom girls!
  • this app sucks300
    Sooooo many commercials
    That’s it.
  • Karlie Grant
    Such a great podcast
    I love listening to you ladies, I love how real everyone is. ONLY complaint, why so many ads lol. ♥️
  • K Payne27
    Thank you Kristen
    I heard Kristen say ‘I think God made us that way for a reason, so we know when we need to slow down’ (or something like that 😉) and it was an eye opener for me. I just had an ‘it’s not my fault’ , ‘it’s for me not against me’ moment. I stopped and replayed the episode a couple of times to make sure I wrote down everything Jana said about people going to other people to control their narrative about you etc. This episode really helped me. Thank you.
  • courtney1518
    Kristen, i love you but this is not YOUR podcast. Ya gotta chill out or get your own. I mean this in the nicest way possible! I think a lot of people are feeling it based on the other reviews.
  • Zoie Canapo
    I’ve listened to the podcast since before the split and was gutted then and am so grateful to see the peace between the two of you! Honestly so inspiring and such a good example for people struggling in a relationship to see the light at the end of the tunnel! & for people in a good relationship as well to see advocates of great communication even though it didn’t always seem that way. Wishing the best for the both of you! 🥂🫶🏼
  • emiliealicep
    Love the pod but!
    I love this podcast. I wish there was less of the 5 minute ads every ten-20 minutes. It’s hard to listen to. As many have said, does Kristen really need to be on every episode? Her questions often make no sense.
  • JulieMae4
    Love this Group
    I love listening to these 3 ladies talk every week. Very real and don’t hold back on how things are. I love Jana, even though I can’t relate to her, there are a lot of things I learn from her that I keep in mind with my own marriage ❤️. I also love Kat and Kristin, they fit perfectly in the show! I do love Kristin’s voice, something about it I could just listen to all day as well. I do love how she talks, she somehow makes you feel everything she says. All in all love these ladies!!
  • Tabsipants
    Love Jana
    I’ve been a listener since day one. I hate to admit I love the sound of Mike’s voice 😂 I love the way Jana and Kathryn banter and talk with guests.
  • gigi12121212
    Manny mike
    Ugh I love Mike and Jana together. Still. I think Mike should move in with Jana and Allan and he can be the new kids Manny 😂 one big happy family!
  • tihetzel
    worst pod ever victim mentality using an ex to sell a book shame!
    Jana trashes every ex shes ever had and mind you there have been many! She never mentions she’s narcissistic demanding suffocating in a relationship. shes a ViCTIM ya’ll!! When w Ian she couldn’t get enough talking about his body talking about his private parts yuck! The moment he decided to leave she trashes him. She used Mike to sell her first book make herself relevant then trashes him when she decides she’s had enough of him doing the thing he always had done. Now he’s back and being used to push this awful book. She has learned nothing same Jana huge surprise! She’s toxic.
  • Colleen GW
    OG listener
    Been listening to the podcast since 2018, love Jana and so happy for her and love how the podcast has changed over the years. Only thing I have to say is thank God you got out of the marriage with Mike. His lack of remorse on the reunion episode is frightening. Keep doing you Jana!
  • Mgwynes
    The first part of the episode with Mike is POWERFUL! I cannot say enough about it. This is such a testimony for them both of the work they have done and how they have put their kids first. If only all divorced parent could grow this way our world would be a better place!
  • SOADrocksit
    Get rid of ladies
    Don’t at all enjoy the two ladies on the show. Constant interruptions and comments from them are irrelevant. It takes away from guests. Don’t like the format anymore.
  • lovefromCO
    Mike Podcast
    Just came to say, so proud of you both and how you handled this episode. As a long-time listener and longer-time Jana fan, for some reason I smiled so big when he came on despite everything he’s done. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the growth was so clear and respect for each other was so beautiful to witness, and we got a little closure as listeners, too. When he said “I love Alan” I CRIED. Everyone truly wins. So happy all of you are happy and prioritized your kids. ❤️
  • Xenial78
    Mike is back
    5 out of 5 loved having Mike back. First time listening since Mike left. Mike get your own podcast! We miss you!!
  • RUteach2
    Just boring
    I enjoy following Jana. I get second hand embarrassment listening to Kristen talk to guests…if she had said one more, “sis” to Jada, I was going to have to turn it off. I just don’t vibe with her energy.
  • baby70&
    Love Jana
    I love Jana and Kat but I can’t stand listening to Kristen when she talks to the guest. Does she need to be on every episode?
  • fddtwwueuduws
    love these girls !
    i love how real they are ! they aren’t afraid to state how they feel but also are so open to hearing other peoples side of things. i love jana ofcourse but Kathryn is my favorite ❤️ I relate to her marriage and family and how reserved she is .
  • Tiffers356777
    Great podcast
    I love Jana's podcast, I just love how she talks about self growth, friendships,relationships, how to heal from things, self talk, money because that's a big thing people struggle or fight over with...living by yourself it's hard trying to save money
  • catieball
    getting stale
    I have listened to this podcast from day one (when the logo was purple!) and it was so fun and engaging, and now it feels like it’s just inside jokes between Jana, Kathryn, and Kristin. I think the girls a fun addition to the show, but the constant ‘we’ll talk about that off air’ and little private stories and jokes no one else can understand makes it so much less fun to listen to. I think if they changed it up and had more serious and deep discussions like they’re used to be on the pod it could help liven it up.
  • mvp in va
    Please delete the laughing
    On the most recent episode I had to fast forward through all the laughter about the thumbs up emoji. The first few laughs were fine, but then listening to it go on and on was like being on the outside of an inside joke. Devote your time to what you all do best which oils honest talk and worthwhile interviews.
  • hsjekjew
    I really enjoy this podcast and following along with Jana’s life. But we definitely need some new guests and topics. I don’t know any of the guests it feels like and I’m kind of over everyone having a book that’s being promoted. We just want real conversation on difficult topics.
  • MP839
    Advertising with pfizer??
    I really love your podcast but SOOO disappointed you have pfizer as one of your advertisers.
  • kalin bell
    Jana Kramer
    I heard Jana Kramer talking about viral on TikTok because the sides on the time
  • Sabrina SC
    Great show!!
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a few years and I love the podcast. There are always interesting topics and I enjoy how open Jana is about her life. I’m responding to the question an having Mike on the show ahead of the release of Jana’s new book. I think this would be a good idea and enough time has passed for there to be room for forgiveness. Jana and Mike are great co-parents, acting in the best interest of their two children. I respect both of them for that. I also respect the way they have moved forward and think it would be great to finalize hear from Mike. We all have things we have to work on in life and I am sad for the hurt he caused in the past, but ultimately he is a good person. I enjoyed hearing both of them on the podcast. God bless you all.
  • kristen_sarahxo
    Hi, just listened to the podcast of Jana talking about her c-sections. So I have severe scoliosis. My spine is a literal S. I told all doctors my whole pregnancy about this concern and giving birth, they had said “it’ll be trial and error, we won’t know what works til we’re there.” I had two failed epidurals and lots more challenges until we finally were able to get a c section. They asked if I wanted the spinal tap or to be put under. They said because the epidural didn’t work with my scoliosis that the spinal tap will most likely be the same way so I ended up being put under. While it’s anxiety filling that I didn’t get to see my son being born. I had to do what was best for me to make sure he was healthy. You got this Jana! ❤️
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