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Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

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  • carcaaar
    A favorite
    One of my favorite podcasts. It's well written, researched, and commentary from Sarah and her guests is entertaining. I cherish the early episodes with Michael and enjoy the guests in newer episodes.
  • SpongeBobbyHil589
    Very poorly researched. No surprise from huff post writers. Cat nip for cat ladies. Invite an actual expert on a particular topic and discuss with them on said topic. The host are unable to form an a legitimate question or argument. The back and forth is typical huffy posty takes.
  • rowsmerry
    Masturbatory Wikipedia drivel
    Get over yourself. I imagined you editing the “anniversary” episode of fake crying listeners and nearly puked. You’re no longer the precocious child you claim to be in nearly every episode. It’s time to grow up and stop whining.
  • Love2Dance80
    I listened to several episodes to give it a fair shot, but I barely made it through those. The host comes off as stuck up and elitist. She bashes the police, men, psychologists, etc. and speaks as if she truly believes she knows more than those professionals. When she has guests, it just sounds like a conversation between two high school mean girls talking about how they're so superior to everyone else. No actual substance or accurate information at all.
  • MarseaMarie
    Still fantastic
    The recent negative reviews all have something in common — an aversion to the trans content. We can all read between the lines and tell what these reviewers really mean, and I honestly doubt whether any of them were listeners all along. You’re probably just ending up on some kind of transphobic blog posts or something and it’s bringing out the losers. Keep on keepin on, Sarah and Carolyn. Y’all are fantastic and have made some of my favorite episodes lately. I pay-subscribed specifically for the Fleetwood Mac ep and haven’t been disappointed! Happy to give you my money :)
  • galaboutthehouse
    Bring on the “liberal activism”!
    I never review podcasts. Ever. But the recent low star reviews of YWA made me pause. Why the change? Why is it somehow upsetting to folks that Sarah is delving into topical issues with guests who are part of marginalized communities? I say bring it on! I am a cis white woman and I am excited to learn more about the current attacks on trans folks from actual trans folks. Keep doing good work, Sarah!
  • Woodrow606
    Lack of nuance
    The lack of nuance is intellectually dishonest and isn’t helpful to anyone..
  • -/ellehelle\-
    I kind of like the reviews when Sarah Marshall gets something wrong (or doesn’t, but always blame a woman) and people get mad bc…isn’t that the point? That sometimes you’re wrong about something? Let’s talk about it. And that’s just like, your opinion, man. 🦑👯‍♂️🔥🍇 -current holder of 5 college degrees (the real kind), and current(read: forever)felon. Guess which of these things matter. This show makes me feel like I still matter. Thank you for that.
  • doubledenimdyke
    great new ep!!
    loved the episode with tuck about the NYT! the best breakdown of this issue i’ve seen yet and a great opportunity to give tuck (certifiably an expert) a platform!
  • Matermot
    Anna Nicole Smith
    You need to tackle this. Only you guys can do it justice. Her Netflix doc was repulsive
  • Tom DiChristopher
    Way downhill
    This show used to be pretty great. It’s devolved into an intellectually lazy rap session in which Sarah Marshall and her guest offer half-baked ideas and slag off journalists while casually dropping cringe-inducing logical fallacies. It’s essentially become two teenagers sitting in a basement talking about how superior they are to their classmates, not realizing that no one wants to hang out with them because they’re insufferable and mean-spirited.
  • mmkkkwe'llsee
    Why aren’t physiological “hermaphrodites” or intersexed people ever included in gender justice? I’ve always been curious about that. I feel they are being left behind, completely invisible. Honestly, I’m perplexed by it and can’t seem to get over it😬
  • LoloPDX
    Journalist or activist?
    This show has become nothing more than progressive activism. I feel like Sarah used to make an attempt to be more objective and explore gray areas and nuance. Now she has activist guest hosts on and says that you shouldn’t be allowed to question anyone’s radical ideology. That you shouldn’t even be allowed to ask why so many teens are suddenly identifying as trans, and why they are being rushed into medical interventions and surgery. I am officially done with this podcast.
  • Liz Dubya
    That’s not what an Alford Plea
    Maybe this podcast was better researched in the beginning but I was floored at the inaccurate and bias description of an Alford plea. I had to unfollow. It made me distrust the information shared on topics that I am less knowledgeable on. There’s plenty wrong with the justice system so maybe talk about those things instead of hyping distrust for something that’s simply not a problem?
  • An irritated app user
    Latest episode is incredibly bad. And narrow minded. And. . . full of logical fallacies. I can’t even. Oh my goodness.
  • iamneenee
    Liberal propaganda
    You (hostess) and your ignorance are what is wrong with this world. This podcast used to be somewhat informative. Emphasis on “somewhat” Conservatives and republicans will be annoyed if they listen to this actual trash. Unfollowed
  • candy_lllll
    Thank you!!
    Love this show.
  • Juanito Carnitas
    The power of YWA
    A flight attendant on Southwest gave me free drink tickets because she saw that I was listening to the Princess Diana episodes.
  • susiepwedhsi
    The best
    One of my favorite podcasts. Does not deserve the rude misogynistic bad reviews
  • CaymanIlika
    Excellent podcast.
    Sarah Marshall is the PERFECT host. Enlightening, riveting, funny, and at times, deeply moving conversations.
  • ejr021
    Humanizing and beautiful
    I just love how Sarah focuses on each figure’s humanity, for good and for bad, and in doing so, helps us to appreciate and even embrace how complicated it is to be human.
  • RileyCLE
    Never Happier to be Wrong
    Love this podcast! I started listening years ago and have branched out to become a fan of all the podcasts in the sarah/michael universe. Also I love that the one star reviews on this podcast are from uninformed conservative homophobes. Really a testament to the good content and quality research that goes into the show. Keep up the good work :)
  • 👁💁🏽‍♂️👏🏽
    Bring Michael back
  • My4g
    Sillier and sillier
    Some interesting topics but lots of things that are just too simplistically discussed. Sounds like teenage self righteousness. Not for me.
  • crm2272
    Not quite right
    There is never any objectivity to be had in this podcast. Always deeply slanted with an agenda that the host and her guest hammer on incessantly. In the last episode, the guest was asked to tell the listeners what figure skating is. What does this say about the podcast and who is listening to it?
  • Jdlcjdhsjdk
    My new favorite podcast
    This is great. Sarah Marshall is amazing at digging down deep. This is such a deep dive into the truth of what we’ve experienced. Her laugh is infectious. This podcast is both enlightening, educational, and entertaining!
  • W13n2023
    Fun and smart
    Wonderful topics and great research. Oh, and it’s hilarious too.
  • cmdm
    please…i beg you…
    stop laughing…you’re not funny…and stick to the topic…you choose people/issues that often interest me but you talk more about yourself than the subject…i’ve tried…i’ve really tried…
  • hrkdisbei
    The show has deteriorated
    The research is weak and the views of Sarah and the guests are boring and one dimensional. This week’s episode on Debi Thomas really lost me at “putting athletes together against each other because they share a gender is so backwards”… I’m sorry, what? I know it’s an unpopular view amongst liberals to acknowledge the biological differences between male and female born bodies but come on dude. Pretending there’s no difference in the athletic capabilities of men and women is not just weird it’s stupid.
  • Jackie AL
    Missing Michael :(
    Unsubscribing, the podcast really lost its structure. I used to adore the episodes and thought-provoking frameworks. With just Sarah, the perspectives feel one-dimensional and more recently, uninformed and even careless. Getting some facts wrong is okay but the understanding of the Channel Miller/Brock Turner case was thoughtless and connecting it to the restorative justice model is deeply unconscionable in my mind. I always had a sense Michael researched topics to the best of his ability to unpack them, I’m not getting that any more from Sarah.
  • snooooooooze11
    So annoying
    I wish I could forget Sarah Marshall.
  • SleeplessInBoise
    Love love love
    Absolutely love. Sarah is such a joy to listen to and her insights always hit it on the head for me.
  • Yichen Wang
    The giggling and laughing is uncomfortable on Episode Flight 571
    Listening to the host giggling and laughing countless times during the narrative by the co-host on this tragic accident and the horrific situation the people were suffering makes me sad and really uncomfortable. Sarah claims that this is her self protection behaviour when listening to scary stories. Even that was ture, I think a good host should know what topic or story they are better at discussing. If showing sympathy to others is not your best practise, maybe this kind of stories are not your best choice of making episodes.
  • Bll3
    Sinead Episode
    Boy, I’ll bet you would not think it was funny if a man cut off a part of a woman’s anatomy. Your show is trash.
  • Qrybaby
    Different flavor, same great dish
    I’ve listened for ages, to every episode multiple times, and am a patreon subscriber. I still never bothered to leave a review (sorry Sarah) until I started reading some of the others… and my God! I, too, am a huge Michael Hobbes fan. But he also did the editing as well as cohosting and half the writing. Obviously when he left the show was going to change in a lot of different places. But I still love the show and the cohosts! I may have developed a lil girl crush on Jaimie Loftus even. Also, this is a super liberal podcast. Neither of the hosts (or, Sarah now) make any attempt to hide or mask their proximity to the LGBTQ+ community and other left leaning ideas. If that’s something that will bother you you should probably just skip it. They aren’t ranting about politics like the reviews make it seem, but if you’re going to get upset they dissed Fox News…. Like okay have at I guess. 🙃
  • Blue Huron
    Love it love as a boomer that you guys are reviewing Sinead so I am going to be a Patreon member for now on :-) saw her live in Illinois back in the day, and when she performed a small concert in Chicago playing her reggae music, and she is the greatest singer of all time and inspiration to me at that time she was ahead of her time :-)
  • Beth0404040404
    Changed my world view
    I love hearing how Sarah sees the world and she has changed my world view for the better.
  • Mister Reviewniverse
    You either die a hero
    The OG version of this show with Michael was one of the best podcasts ever. With Sarah only it has really become a pop culture flavor of the month pod that is a crude version of its former self. I still love Sarah but I’ll tell you: My wife and I purchased the live Valentine’s Day A-go-go event and as someone who has listened to basically every episode of this podcast I felt like a huge dumb outsider missing a bunch of inside jokes. Watching that event felt like a slap in the face. As these past few episodes got more and more laborious to take in I’m finally checking out.
  • JohnnyMia1
    Sarah’s just fine. Stop picking on Brittany
    Sarah’s a big Brit Spears’ Fan and vocal when the court case Brit brought , Sara was a vocal early on, before and till the ruling (the public came along late) and Sarah was RIGHT by the way! I loved Sarah & Michael but Sarah will be just fine without him. She is “RIGHT-ON” with her politics and always standing behind those whose voices don’t travel so those against her politics, educate yourself . I know it’s hard to leave the snuggly warmth of a Ronald Reagan/Nixon/Bush-blanket and brave the cold a little just know, minus some social programs, both parties will grift from us. How about instead of blah blah complaining- complain to Congress about their insider shenanigans BANK trading WITH the power of knowledge forthcoming. Or maybe write them and ask if they think it’s fair for Congress to hide $ in offshore banks investigate PANAMA/PANDORA well spent!
  • My Grandmas Name Was Dolores
    Mixed feelings about this pod, but mainly good feelings
    I found this pod about a year ago and have listened to all of the episodes and regularly check for new releases. Overall I like this podcast, but there are times where Sarah or her guests have opinions that don’t seem to be backed up by information or facts and are more based on their gut(s) or the need to be contrarian. The episode on Forensics is a good example of this. I have stopped coming to this podcast for informed story telling or to learn something. What prompted me to write this review was the Justice episode and the discussion about the Chanel Miller/Brock Turner case. They essentially say that because retributive justice is wrong and restorative justice is right that Brock Turners controversially short sentence for rape (which rightfully outraged millions) was actually correct. As a law student who is familiar with the details of that case I was shocked because even if you’re a proponent of restorative justice, an offender who was caught in the act, refused to take accountability for their actions and actively denied doing anything wrong isn’t really a good example of why restorative justice is the goal. Also many advocates for implementing a restorative justice model wouldn’t say serving six months for felony rape is acceptable or the goal. It became clear to me that they weren’t fully informed on what they were speaking about and I’ve noticed this has been a theme as of late for this show.
  • jobseeker2
    If you want to listen to a show bash conservatives while simultaneously not talk about whatever topic the show purports to be about this is the podcast for you! Conservative grand-mom here who just listened to vaccine podcast hoping to get info to pass on to anti-vaxers I know, both left and right folks and got zero info. You must know the what-aboutisms anti-vaxers use- pharmaceutical companies making profit, chemicals in your body, etc. how about do some research and speak to those issues. I’m too busy try to make ends meet in a horrible economy to waste time with this nonsense PS show how brave and fair you are and have Abigail Shrier or dr Debra Soh on to talk about trans issues.
  • bad pods
    Political garbage
    I’m so disappointed in this podcast. Stick to the subject at hand and leave YOUR political views out.
  • MissGlassSir
    When Course-Correction Goes Too Far
    This pod is a great idea and has done a good job of debunking some of society’s false narratives. The hosts do a ton of research for each topic and are thus able to speak with some expertise regarding the chronology and facts of the cases they discuss. It’s important for folks to hear about the inflated statistics and inaccuracies regarding vintage controversies like Stranger Danger and the Satanic Panic, and even pedophiles. Problem is, the hosts often take it too far in the opposite direction — i.e., not every scandal ever was 100% due to universal racism/classism/sexism. The points they made about Monica Lewinsky, for example, while accurate, deemphasized the role played by a depraved GOP, who essentially stalked and hunted Clinton (well, both Clintons) from the moment he took office. The Tonya Harding story, however, is probably what lost me, since there’s compelling evidence she was involved in the attack (which was initially intended to be a murder), and those who know the story best — e.g., Christine Brennan, a very fair and feminist-orientated journalist — have been the most disgusted through the years. Sarah repeated some of Tonya’s more pathetic claims of abuse by US Figure Skating, which don’t even make sense to those who know the sport. When Tonya was winning medals and making World/Olympic teams, as she did throughout most of her long career, she wasn’t being spat on by the USFS and society at large. This past episode discusses Yoko Ono and the ridiculous, unfounded narrative that formed around her and Lennon’s relationship, but they went overboard when they said the era rejected female musicians who “rocked” — there were too many to name! It feels more and more like the hosts are taking their hard-studied materials and fitting them into a pre-constructed narrative that the culprit was sexism and/or racism and/or classism. Often it is, but sometimes it’s not, or sometimes it’s more than that, and that should be discussed, lest we let the pendulum swing to another false narrative.
  • vkasyan
    Sarah’s giggling totally ruined the story
    Just listened the Flight 571 episode. The story itself is amazing and well worth listening. But endless giggling and even laughing of the host makes it unbearable. I must say that Sarah warned that it is just her protective reaction to scary stories, but hearing constant giggling during such dramatic story is absolutely not appropriate. Sorry, but I have a message to Sarah - don’t do such stories yourself please, leave them to your co-host.
  • Riislover
    It’s heartbreaking how something so meaningful has completely fallen apart and become equivalent to all the lazy, meaningless media noise that they criticize.
  • SeekerCons
    Not the same since Michael left
    Unfortunately Sarah just cannot carry this show with the same caliber without Michael. He brought an intelligence and wit that cannot be replaced. The topics, the conversations, the guests are just boring now. Lost interest. Unfollowing and going to Michael’s other show.
  • Raquell26
    Sarah’s Meandering
    I used to love this podcast, but without Michael it’s so hard to follow! Sarah has no structure to the podcast, meanders around the subject and constantly makes annoying incredibly specific metaphors that have nothing to do with anything. “That’s like a dad in the woods looking for cereal.” “It’s like the newsies…” For the love of god, Sarah PLEASE make this podcast easy to follow again!
  • SocratesSeven
    Thank You
    Thank you for your podcast but especially for the episode with Amanda Knox. It’s refreshing to get to know someone beyond the public caricature of them!
  • No1FanofJAWPodcast
    So good 😭
    Sarah is maybe 2 years older than me… if you were a 90s kid this podcast checks especially hard. I miss Michael but honestly, she carries the show just fine on her own. Such a wide range of topics, but each episode is stellar. Great guests. Great story telling. Only complaint is this bi-weekly nonsense!! Two episodes a week please.
  • desperately single
    Sarah’s giggling and downright laughing…
    even about serious topics and death.. is SO annoying!!! And bring back Mike Hobbs (sp)! Along with her constant use of the word “like” Ugh!
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