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Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

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  • Shirdlu
    This show is Stupid !!!!!!!!!!!
  • K9XJT
    Very anti male
    Look, I get you might not like the opposite sex, but you assume way too much about reality based on your childhood or something. Nobody except you two call certain instruments “feminine” (sad by the way) You also were incorrect on so much in the carpenter story. You again assumed the male privilege played a huge part. You have no idea how many more opportunities women have JUST based on their gender (it should be based on talent, not race or sex) You said there were few female drummers (lol I don’t have time to make a list) so much was wrong and I wish I could give negative stars.
  • ndjsifndikandiiff
    Too much politics
    Unfortunately couldn’t listen to this podcast because they can’t keep their politics to themselves. This isn’t the place for that. People just want to listen to something to distract themselves from their everyday lives and not your political opinion:
  • Only Sane Floridian
    The Karen ep
    I’ve listened to every single thing you’ve put out and this is just magnificent. It made me so deeply sad knowing what will be coming. Thanks so much for doing subjects like this right and for making me, and a lot of other people, feel less alone. You’re really good at this. Never stop. ❤️
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve
    Great conversations and guests
    Long time listener and really enjoy so many of the guests Sarah brings on. The earlier episodes with Mike got me hooked. And I look forward to finishing the OJ story - one of my favorite groups of episodes. In case anyone from show reads these, a little more discussion of the structure of the episode would really help. Helps our / my brain to better follow along and hear the details instead of trying to also piece together the larger theme/ story.
  • Flikspot
    Movies placed precisely in their time and place
    Thank you so much for this podcast. It offers a warm, forgiving, protective and wise weltanschauung. Sarah Marshall is a mensch! Love you guys!
  • S.Easaw
    This pod can expand your universe
    I've listened to several episodes, and they've expanded my view of the world and human beings. Thank you!
  • rebekahwithak
    This podcast is my favorite way to learn
    Please please please make an episode about FAME!!!
  • Banana5050
    Not the same
    I used to love this show but it has not been the same since Michael left. I love Sarah but the last few months have been a snore fest. Some have been about music that I don’t really care about. Not that I think they are catering to all individuals- I just don’t know where the “wrong about” comes in to play. Wish they would do more investigating like before.
  • rtyghtyjbntybver
    Best podcast hands down + brief feedback
    I LOVE this podcast and I’m not someone who enjoys podcasts generally. I love that it takes such a humanistic approach to topics that sadly have not been treated that way. Funny, engaging & informed. I was listening to the preppy murder episode (really well done), and as an eating disorder therapist just want to address the misconception that eating disorders are more prevalent amongst white, upper class women. Research on eating disorders has historically only involved that population without regard to other genders, people of different socioeconomic backgrounds, and people of color. More recent research has shed light on the reality that eating disorders are not more prevalent in white, upper class women than other populations. I hope this feedback isn’t as annoying as it probably is (haha), but just want to share as it’s a super common misconception due to outdated info that we’re all inundated with out there! Thank you so much for all the thought you put into each episode — always excited to hear more (:
  • lovedit!!
    Finish OJ!!
    Hi guys! I’m a king time listener!!! I’m re listening to the oj series and you guys have to finish it please!!!!! So good! I think my favorite episode is the ed gein one/super episode spooktacular! You’re Wrong About Forever!! ✨💜😗
  • AubMR20
    Bright Light
    This podcast is so well researched, and feels like brain food in a sea of nonsense. I love learning new things and many episodes have led me to fact check (they were correct) and then further research topics. The homelessness episode was phenomenal, such a solid explanation of the pitfalls in our own systems. This is one of my favorite listens & I recommend it to everyone!
  • katielook
    YWA is the podcast that made me like podcasts
  • lina janas
    My imaginary friends…
    Sarah (, Mike), and guests are my imaginary friends, where I get to have enriched conversations (well, I’m silent 98% of the time, except for the occasional vocalization or giggle) throughout the pandemic while raising a toddler. Been trying to get my journalist friends to befriend them in real life, but apparently that’s weird…
  • Madeleine Claire
    Well Researched
    This podcast is compelling, thoughtful, compassionate, and so well researched! I’ve binged 8 episodes since I found out about it just a few days ago and already feel like I’ve learned so much - but also had a great time!
  • trumpisafascist
    Brilliant, Well-Informed, & Comical
    Let me just say, I’m quite critical with reviews— especially with podcasts. Nonetheless, I’ve absolutely loved listening to this one. Sarah is so intelligent, insightful, and witty, and Mike offers entertainingly truthful surprises about things I genuinely was wrong about…I’ve learned so much about history, media, and politicization from their show. I appreciate that the hosts take a nonpartisan, yet humanitarian approach to the concepts discussed. Hands-down my favorite podcast!
  • LA YMCA user
    love the topics - hard to follow
    I find myself feeling impatient with the pace of this show - love the topics and the intelligence and humor - but in one episode, the host gets up to answer the door and then has us wait as she talks about the magazine article she just published on another topic and we all just sit there…I guess that’s the art of podcasting but I’m keen for tighter editing.
  • iGreeley
    Great Potential, but...
    Really was getting into this...loved the potential. They then did a topic in which I have expertise, and they were terribly misinformed and clearly one sided. No attempt to deconstruct appropriately, but they wanted to simply say "you're wrong" and present their narrative. Worried about what other things are not being presented objectively. Pity. Time to delete.
  • Aerorun
    Compassion Muscle
    If you need lessons in showing compassion to yourself and others, Sarah is an active example of sitting with truths and bringing compassion to them.
  • -racer-
    Rain Legs
    Great podcast. Funny, compassionate, well-researched, and politically informed. Are you ever going to finish the OJ series? I do miss the co-host spark with Mike, but when you have good guests on (like the Martha Stewart episode) it provides a really nice variety!
  • leannwestin
    Needs structure
    I generally enjoy the show, but I think that Michael brought a lot of structure to the older episodes. Sarah’s strength is her compassion and her analysis on what this means about us as people, but I think she sometimes abandons the structure of linear storytelling to make these points. By the end of the episode, I’m left wondering “but what happened??” like she forgets that some of her listeners weren’t alive in the eighties. When the guest leads the story, they tend to bring tighter narratives to the stage.
  • sgc845
    Disrespectful, uninformed, & annoying
    The host & many guests have no reverence for the seriousness of the topics they are discussing. They seems more interested in personal anecdotes and comparing their 2022 upper class mundane lives to the extraordinary events they’re discussing. Also, don’t just invite your friends on the podcast who happened to watch a documentary or do their own podcast episode about something, invite actual historians and experts! Sad that Michael left because I think he has more journalistic integrity than this.
  • tired of dumb millennials
    Host is unprofessional and unbearable
    The actual content of this podcast is interesting and well organized, however, the hosts are utterly unprofessional in their discussion of historical events. The Donner party episode was filled with moments of gravity when discussing the sad and gruesome death of dozen of individuals, yet the hosts couldn’t stop going off topic to make irrelevant jokes and seemed to be obsessed with belittling the characters they are discussing. Every character’s decision was described as “cute” or “adorable--” they are starving in the snow on the Oregon trail!! I think they would be very upset to be described as cute as if they are 8 year olds!!!!! The Donner party was a tragic event yet the host and guest seemed more concerned with comparing the choices of the Donner party to their own personal lives, choosing to tell us what they would have done or making an utterly irrelevant joke. Overall the hosts seem to be holding themselves to an unbearably low standard of journalism and professionalism. Also we are Gen-Z we’re not even pissy old people .
  • keytt123
    You’re Wrong About
    I like most of the shows but was appalled when I got to the October 17 show Your Abortion Stories. It still astonishes me that women don’t see the problem in killing their little ones. If I were an alien that came down to earth & saw that humans killed their unborn babies instead of protecting them at all costs I would think we were so cruel. And that we’re normalizing it & treating it like birth control is also appalling. Early pro choice advocates were not for more abortions, but wanted it to be rare. Unfortunately I am going to unfollow the show because of this episode. I’m so grieved we women have gotten to this place. It’s very selfish for women to be all about themselves & not their children.
  • madtopp
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been listening to the true crime/junk science episodes and, as someone who has loved true crime for essentially their entire life, I felt that I truly learned valuable information and I can’t thank y’all enough for educating all of us for free. On a side note— maybe Sinéad o Connor would be a fun series in the future?? Justice for Sinéad
  • Chaositi
    What would Marcia Clark say?
    She’d give it 5 stars too. Miss Michael, but love Sara and glad she is keeping the show going. Great listen to reprogram biased thought processes!
  • PessimisticSteve
    Great subjects but can’t stay on topic
    The host likes to jump off topic on tangents that are somewhat relevant but not the actually story.
  • nernst76
    Always a Delight
    Thank you Sarah for making every week a bit brighter with your entertaining & informative pod.
  • PrincePercyPoole
    My Favorite Podcast
    I discovered Sarah and Michael at the beginning of the pandemic. They soon felt like the friends I needed to get me through such an isolated and difficult time. I’ve learned so much - not just factually, but my analytical skills have improved by having my preconceived notions of history, journalism, power, pop culture, etc. consistently challenged. It’s a great mix of cultural analysis, humor, and pop history with folks that feel like my buddies. Am I sad Michael left? YES. But I’m also excited about his other projects - his diligent research skills are excellent for the other podcasts he’s creating. And it’s great to have new podcasts to explore via the guest hosts that Sarah brings on.
  • Kiblet22
    The Best Podcast I’ve Ever Listened To
    I quite literally cannot stop listening to You’re Wrong About. The wit, compassion and gentleness of the hosts, coupled with the intrigue they inspire, is simply unmatched, and it’s what keeps me coming back.
  • miss dannon
    Soothing and interesting
    Covers a lot of topics I was vaguely aware of but oblivious to as a 90s child. I loved the episodes with Mike, I loved the episodes without him, and I love hearing Sarah’s opinions and interpretations of events.
  • AkShlee
    Big fan of the Sarah and Blair chemistry
    Love all the episodes, but my favorite are the ones with Blair
  • christy gauthier
    So good!
    I fell in love with this show so fast. I love the intelligent thoroughness of the storytelling. I adore Sarah’s voice and cadence and Michael has the best laugh, the best sighs, and the the best “oh noooo’s”.
  • kwink8880
    Good show, not always well researched
    This is such a fun show but occasionally the host will speculate about things that are easily researched. For example, on the recent Fleetwood Mac episode, the conversation turned to the relationship between Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie.. the host and producer basically speculate about how the two women couldn’t have genuinely liked one another (because two women sharing a creative space simply can’t help but compete!) when they were in fact deeply close friends and collaborators. They apparently only read one single source for their entire episode.. that’s happens often on this show.
  • Annizée
    Too Much Marge Simpson
    I really like this podcast with or without Michael despite sometimes feeling a little put off by the host’s tendency to joke and laugh in the middle of sad/tragic real life stories (even when children are involved… eek). The only thing I’d change is Sarah’s constant Marge Simpson “mmmm” effects interjected repeatedly throughout each episode. It’s okay to be silent while your guest is completing a sentence. I promise!
  • Bunny Cub
    Beanie Rehash of a documentary
    I can watch a documentary, take notes, and recite them on a podcast.
  • Meghan021
    One of my fav shows
    Great show! Always entertaining and funny! Sidenote bc I don’t see an email to reach YWA: Was the Beanie Babies episode fact checked lol? Ty Warner is very much alive and at the end Jamie Loftus says he died and his trust was given to his sister…. might be worth revisiting but otherwise funny episode!
  • sarahald
    I’m Hooked
    I downloaded a few episodes to listen to on a 5+ hour flight a few weeks ago having never heard of the show before and have been hooked ever since. Well researched and fact-based, but also deeply human and empathetic, it’s been such a joy to listen to and learn from! And I even managed to get my husband, who is notoriously picky about his podcasts, hooked with the Amityville series of episodes!
  • meganjay666
    My most recommended podcast!
    I recommend to everyone! Great stories, superb banter in early episodes with Mike- AND it continues with her many wonderful guests. I cannot recommend enough
  • omg ricky martin
    They are wrong about almost everything just do your on research and you will see
  • w312dd
    Fleetwood Mac
    Sarah, help! I can’t access my subscription!!
  • BeaSoot
    Only one emotion?
    I love your podcast. I think it’s actually my favorite. There was a something about the Rumors episode though. As a man, and a former song writer, I found the claim that men are only capable of writing songs with a single emotion kinda mean, and also not true.
  • Middletree
    Morally problematic
    I only listened to one episode, the one about movie ratings. All throughout the episode, the two participants bashed Christians for believing that sex outside of marriage is wrong. I had been looking forward to this podcast, and was expecting it to be full of interesting trivia, but their anti-Christian sentiments ruined the experience. I won’t be listening to a second episode.
  • hayleyrk
    My current favorite
    Sarah has maintained a great podcast even without her former cohost. It’s the only podcast that I pay for bonus content! Look forward to my weekly episode
  • snowihte16
    Can’t listen anymore
    The episode quality went downhill after Mike left. Sarah even before that seemed to be coasting and adding little to the show. Biggest disappointment was hearing they planned a live show with Covid still raging. Just nothing about masks or testing at all. I think Sarah is super dismissive of any criticism as well. Seems a little high on her own supply. It’s just an eyeroll all around.
  • StarSharon
    Good episodes depend on the guests
    This podcast is a mixture of good and not so good episodes. I notice that the episodes with guests that have been involved with research in the subject of the episode are good. Episodes where only the hosts provide information leave a lot to be desired. One episode about older people and their belief in misinformation never provided any substantial evidence about the topic, was full of over generalizations about age groups and seemed very ageist. This was one episode with no expert guest and only perfunctory information from the host, Michael. I finished listening without learning anything. In my opinion, the episodes have been hit or miss.
  • Chrystal324
    Trouble listening
    I’ve been listening for awhile. I am currently on the free trial and none of the bonus subscription episodes are playing. Not sure what actions to take. Btw- I Love your podcast.
  • Jabber1256
    Love it, I’m illiterate
    This show is great. I feel like I learn something every time I listen and almost always broaden or complicate my opinions on the subject which is very welcome! I do have to say that I listened to the episode about preppies and was confused for a solid five minutes how polo shirts were going to tie into people planning for the apocalypse before I realized my error.
  • GabrielleM
    Gold Dust Woman
    I have been a fan and subscriber for a while now, but Rumours episode moved me to write a review. I love YWA SO MUCH!! Sarah is brilliant, thoughtful and kind, as are her guests. YWA put me back in touch with real journalism, which one actively needs to seek these days. This episode inspired me to listen to Rumors (obvs) and it had been a while. Because of Sarah and Carolyn’s round of FMK at the end, I paid particular attention to Songbird, which left me crying into my washer. Thank you for your amazing work 💙
  • CRR1988
    Thank God for YWA…
    …just kidding, there is no God. But for real, this is easily the most valuable podcast I’ve ever listened to. I have never thought more critically or challenged my own biases like I have listening to YWA. I also genuinely like all the people in this podcast network. Wine & Crime will always be my #1 guilty pleasure, but I will listen and re-listen to every YWA episode with zero guilt. I also love Sarah’s laugh. If her laugh puts you off and that’s all you have to criticize, I hate to inform you, but that just makes you a misogynistic douche. If a voice or laugh is all you have to engage with, then you had nothing interesting to say in the first place.
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