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  • dclzsa
    Too many infomercials
    Not on this episode specifically, but on all of them.
  • Cote Creative
    Inspiring, innovative and resourceful!
    Dhru’s podcast has been a go-to listen for me for years. The information he shares is hugely beneficial. I love the down-to-earth approach to the show. It encourages me to take initiative in my health and wellbeing. I highly recommend! Each week there are great nuggets of advice and thoughts!
  • Red wing runner
    Excellent interview! Such a clear and well-rounded conversation. Keep up the great work. It took a while to find out how to leave a comment but worth it. Just want to say thank you!
  • JC2481516342
    Love his interview style
    Dhru is such an excellent interviewer and always stays humble and is so personable. I jump between this and Mark Hyman’s Doctor’s Pharmacy, but lately I’ve been spending more time on this one since I love and admire his interview style. You also learn so much. Thank you for what you do, Dhru!
  • GA:RN
    Rich topics for improving health
    I love Dhru’s podcast. I listen while I walk or drive to work. The information is always so informative yet offers practical things we can do to change our health today. I’ve been listening for over a year and I continue to be drawn in by the next podcast. Dhru has a way of rephrasing complicated topics and making them relatable and understandable. He knows the right questions to ask. It’s almost as if he’s reading the listeners mind. Thank Dhru. I’ve learned a lot and I’m continuing to learn.
  • bluesky1280
    This is the worst podcast on "health" I've ever heard. The episodes are way too long, mostly because the host doesn't know when to stop talking. He brings on guests that either don't cite the research that supports their claims or are simply unable to distinguish flawed studies from good ones. Episode 253 with Simon Hill is a perfect example. Two and a half hours of nonsense based on flawed studies such as ones that make inferences from self-reported dietary surveys to claim that seed oils are not inflammatory, animal products are unhealthy, etc. Rather than continuing to mislead the public, Dhru should shut the podcast down.
  • JayV69
    Always adding value
    Dhru consistently shows me the way just in the nick of time. This program adds so much value to me continuing to grow. Thanks brother!
  • Brett Voorhees
    Episode 83
    This episode hit home for me. Great viewpoints I didn’t think about previously.
  • sunny@921
    Great show
    Glad I found this podcast there is so much great info I look forward to new episodes.
    My spontaneous coronary artery multiple heart attacks
    I absolutely love your show and I feel like I have learned so much! I am a five time spontaneous coronary artery dissection heart attack survivor! I have four stents, and had emergency triple bypass. I would love to see somebody talk about SCAD. It is a frustrating disease as I am very fit, extremely healthy, and struggling and scared for my next heart attack as it happens every time of the month. Please help! I would love to get some insight.
  • Melissa's honey bee
    So addicting
    I love love love listening to Dhru! I walk longer so I can listen longer. I play it while I work and makes work fly by! The hours I have just absorbed like a sponge are priceless. Thank you for your knowledge and easy to listen to voice! I’ve had to quit others because I just can’t handle the sound of there voice. The many products I have purchased thanks to your recommendations. Makes it much easier then trying to figure out what’s legit and what’s not. Thank you again!
  • Karen Val
    Always great contact
    Dhru’s podcast is one of my regular podcasts. The guest he has keep me plugged in and inspired about my overall health. Easy to listen to, I feel like Dhru is a friend!
  • sshheerrii b
    Dhru the best
    I love listening to Dhru’s interviews! His insightfulness, knowledge and open minded interviewing style leaves me constantly saying “Dhru you the best!!!”
  • This game is beast mode
    Excellent Health podcast
    I’ve learned a lot. Dhru does an excellent job and keeps you up to date on all kinds of health related information.
  • claulau17
    Episode with Jessie Inchauspe
    Thank you so much for this episode! I’m so glad I found this podcast. I’m a 57 year old Argentinian “girl”. We came to USA together with my husband now, parents and brother 35 years ago. And I relate so much with the stories from your family. Dhru, you and your team and guests are amazing. So much good information I’m grateful to my son who introduced me to podcasts! Thank you and best wishes to you all!!!❤️ Claudia from Delaware.
  • Mlvbva
    86. Hormonal Imbalance with Dr. Gottfried
    Absolutely loved this podcast and your entire series of podcasts. Every episode leads me to new pathways for my journey. My only critique is many times when specific brands are discussed and you mention that they will be listed in the show notes, they are not. This episode is an example. Dr. Gottfried went over specific CGMs, tracking groups, etc and you said they’d be in the show notes and they aren’t that I can see. Which leaves me to take time to go back to the podcast and FF/RW to find the segment with the information and make a list. I guess I’m saying either make sure what you say are going to be in the show notes actually are in the show notes, or don’t say it at all in which case I can take notes myself during the podcast rather than relying on show notes and relax while I take in the interview. Thank you for all that you’re doing ~
  • hemymax2
    Dr Lustig
    Love the podcast with Dr Lustig! I wish he got more specific with foods (eg plant based, low carb, etc)eating beans and grains for microbiome, TRE, IF fasting and extended fasting. Very knowledgeable and funny guy.
  • Miss_Violet_Marie
    This is my favorite podcast! It is insightful, informative, and engaging. Dhru is an excellent and thoughtful interviewer!
  • Mimi3722
    Dr Dhru
    Dr Dhru’s Unintelligible rapid “Daffy Duck “ speech is super annoying!
  • olliepaw
    Incredibly informative
    The knowledge you have with him all things related to making our cells better healthy in mind is absolutely incredible. These podcasts are my university for knowledge at the highest degree pertaining to my body and mind. Thank you for sharing yourself and your guest to all of us. I am incredibly grateful.
  • marthamkester
    Balance blood sugars
    Just listened to this episode and loved it. I’m a board certified health coach and always take away so much info from your podcast. Thank you. I wasn’t sure how to comment on the episode but you mentioned CGM. I would love to have one myself. How and where do I find one? Thank you.
  • jgarri#60
    Please do a deep dive on osteoporosis. The medications are so scary!
    Your podcast and masterclasses with Dr Hyman are so important. Keep up the good work.
  • Cheering for you
    Informative and life changing
    You are so easy to listen to and have a brilliant way of educating us. PLEASE DO A DEEP DIVE INTO TYPE 1 diabetes.
  • NotSure_
    Place ad much...
    Wow, this feels like way too many comercials for the amount of content. I havn't actully unsubscribed from any podcast in a long time but this is rediculous. I'm out!
  • when is food ready?
    Love the Podcast!
    Dhru, love the podcast. Great guests, nice variety of health/science/longevity topics, excellent deep dives, and what a fantastic radio voice you have.
  • purnima H
    Big pharma and deception
    Dhru - I listen to your episodes regularly. They are getting more powerful each year. But this one … you hit a home run. Fantastic discussions, such relevant questions and genuine answers. If I had an Emmy for Podcasts, I would give it to you . Thank you so much - Purnima Hernandez
  • Gigem95
    Episode 262 broccoli sprouts
    Great episode. However, I don’t see any mention or link of the trusted companies which sell sulflourifane (sp?) supplements. I thought I heard you both say you would add that. Thanks for some really interesting information!!
  • Cmor86
    Let us listen
    Love the guests and info but am annoyed by Dhru constantly interrupting them mid sentence to give his two cents.
  • Mallocup18
    Amazing discussions, little less ego please
    Something about the conversations, anecdotes and additives that Dhru throws in are cringe worthy because they have a narcissistic feel. I absolutely love the guests and their message, their books and what they have taught me. I’ve been listening to this podcast on and off for several years since it was called the Broken Brain podcast. The only reason it can be hard for me to listen at times is that it feels like Dhru loves to throw in his own story and hear himself talk. Sometimes it has an argumentative feel to it and I can tell the guests are annoyed with the amount of interruptions. It seems like he try’s to drive the conversation a little too much, rather than let them discuss what they want to discuss in a natural way. I could be wrong, but I’m just sharing an honest point about why sometimes it is too much to finish an episode. The hardest episode so far to listen to was the one with Simon Hill. Another thing is that these interviews could easily be shortened too If he would stop doing this!! They are already very long. I will continue to listen but this is my only gripe!! I don’t think I’m the only one either, friends and family I’ve mentioned the show to have told me the same things. Thank you for what you do in bringing all these guests on.
  • Liz Doonan
    Applicable, pertinent, impactful.
    I love and have listened to Dhru P’s podcast regularly for at least a year now. His compassion, eloquence, dignity and humor make listening a pleasure, while also enriching my day to day quality of life in many areas. He and his guests effectively untangle health mysteries that so many of us suffer for lack of knowing about in a way that the lay person can truly grasp and make better decisions based on. Grateful for his work and passion he shares so well here.
  • 40beest
    I don’t usually write reviews. This is such a great pod cast I had to let you know how much I enjoy it. The information is so amazing. I have read so many of the books from the authors you have had on. Thanks you for such good work on interviewing your guests. Keep them coming, please.
  • 234@&$
    Fantastic podcast
    Dhru is an incredibly skilled and insightful interviewer and conversationalist. His topics and guests are fascinating! I always learn something to promote living a healthier and more meaningful life.
  • Seh62894
    Lots of Sponsored Info
    He is easy to listen to but so much sponsored product placement that it becomes really annoying. Seriously just skip the first five minutes of every podcast. Good information but sometimes it drags on when the podcast is really long.
  • Kseniya mece
    What an amazing podcast!
    This podcast changed my life! Dhru is such a great communicator, he is a pleasure to listen to! Thank you for all your hard work and wisdom!!!
  • Rileyx8
    Truly Love This Podcast
    I listen to so many health podcasts and I have to say, I am the most impressed with the content on the broken brain podcast. Dhru is an amazing host and always has wonderful guests that are up to date with the current research. He seems to be very intentional about who he interviews so he isn’t contributing to the spread of mis-information and I deeply appreciate that. I love that this podcast is focused on the brain and goes into both diet, lifestyle and spiritual topics. I also enjoy Dhru’s insightful solo episodes. Bonus, he has a very grounding and calm way of communicating. So all around an absolute, valuable pleasure. Thank you Dhru
  • TBR14
    Too many commercials at the start!
    It takes like 5 minutes to get to the podcast! Super annoying. I’d rather hear a few in the middle or at the end or in the notes.
  • manisha1465
    Favorite channel
    Absolutely love Dhru’s podcast. He has such interesting speakers and every topic is eye-opening and practical in some way to my life.
  • Rach_Kidd-88
    Insightful Listen
    I love this podcast, it’s informative and insightful.
  • RobynS811
    Could be a spectacular podcast if only
    This podcast has such outstanding potential unfortunately the host is especially fond of hearing himself talk, and genuinely believes himself to be an expert on all all subjects healthcare related. Dhru’s opening monologues are way too long, tedious and frankly boring and self-promotional. He doesn’t seem to realize that listeners tune in to hear his guests and their considered perspectives. Dhru interrupts constantly and rudely talks over his guests, and his “contributions” are pointless and dull. Get over yourself, Dhru, and let your professional, trained guests discuss timely topics that listeners are eager to learn more about. As for me, I’ve started listening to the same guests on other podcasts, where the hosts are not annoying and desperate for attention. I suggest you do the same.
  • itzyyyyyyyyyyy
    The only podcast I listen to religiously
  • SensSci
    Shawn Stevenson…really?
    I used to like this show until you interviewed Shawn Stevenson, an anti-vaxer, anti-mask propagandist in the time of a global pandemic.
  • Truth about COVID vaccines
    Physicians rights
    Let’s address the fact that physicians rights in calling the shots on whether autistic children, children with ADHD and learning difficulties, children with autoimmune conditions should be told that all vaccines are contraindicated in those cases. Doctors who have stepped up to dispute the safety of these vaccines have lost their licenses. The same occurred in the 90’s when bright integrative doctors stated that Lyme Disease was chronic and had lifelong neurological deficits. These doctors ordered IV rocephin in patients homes, were sued by insurance companies, the AMA and the FDA, and ultimately lost their licenses. Some were imprisoned. The same is occurring with the COVID vaccines, data is being hidden by pharmaceutical companies, especially the possibility of mRNA through reverse transcriptase, having the potential to turn iff cancer suppressing genes. We treat patients with children who have had vaccine related injuries. It is expensive, the average parent CANNOT afford IV Vit C, ozone, hyperthermia, etc etc. let’s tell the truth to parents about what can happen and the extraordinary expense in trying to normalize these children. Why are the top integrative docs not telling the truth? There is only one internationally known integrative doctor, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, WHO SHOULD BE INTERVIEWED ON THESE PODCASTS. He is not because doctors are dominated by the government and Big Pharma—our medical education in jaded by Pharma, and we are afraid to tell the truth. Or brain washed. One listens to Doctors radio on Sirius and every doctor sounds robotic in their support of Fauci and inability to research for themselves. We’ve even heard cardiologists say that Omega 3s show no benefit in CV health!!! Imagine the audacity and stupidity. Why? There studies are often funded by Big Pharma. The average elderly person can receive as many as 70 vaccines in their lifetimes. The adjuvants can kill us, esp aluminum and thimersol. Infants vaccines can be administered knowing they have gentamicin in them, destroying the microbiome of a new life. Dr Zach Bush and Dr Dietrich Klinghardt are masterful healers and not afraid to tell the truth. Same for Dr Stephanie Seneff, PhD from MIT. I encourage parents to watch their YouTube videos, if they haven’t already been deleted by non-medical professionals. At stake here is that the pharmaceutical companies are making hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, ordered by the government, and most integrative doctors are afraid to tell the truth as it may cost them their licenses. If a child incurs a lifetime autoimmune/neurodegenerative/cognitive adverse reaction, the cost is shouldered by parents as the manufacturers of vaccines cannot be sued. All of our integrative therapies are too expensive for the average person. Dr Hyman yourself have probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to be cured of chronic Lyme Dz and mold toxicity. Do you think your path is affordable to the general public? My wish is that you would interview those brilliant doctors who are not afraid to tell the truth and have done ample research.
  • Nallepoo
    Functional medicine
    Love this podcast and the informative interviews with knowledge functional medicine intellectuals! But, have been disappointed lately with the increase of F bombs!
  • Bollywood Fanatic
    Informative podcast!
    Love this podcast and rate it a 10++ Must listen Dhru has the most informative podcast out there! Thank you Dhru keep up the great work!
  • danmaniel
    Incorrect plant based information
    Incorrect plant based information “plant based diet kills more animals than animal based diet”
  • Cstan73
    Love this podcast
    I’ve recommended this podcast to all my friends. Each episode is packed with so much value and delivered in an engaging, entertaining way. Dhru is an incredible listener, which makes him an amazing interviewer. The depth and level of his questions is bar none.
  • Arlie K
    Empowering + Insightful!
    This is the podcast that I tell all my friends about! With incredible guests, high-quality information, and captivating conversations, every single episode is an A+!
  • AP4fit
    Jaime Wheal
    Wow! One of the best interviews I have ever heard!
  • retrieverbuddy
    Uh, no. This podcast doesn’t appeal to “my shiniest self.” My “duality” doesn’t use my in-utero self to blame my mothers poor breathing...blah, blah, blah. Besides “family enmeshment” isn’t a thing! Ugh!
  • LaurenReeseYoga
    Best healthy lifestyle podcast!
    I love this podcast! It’s hands down my favorite podcast and I listen to it every single week! So much great info here to help people live better and feel better in their bodies and their lives
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