Green Dreamer: Sustainability and Regeneration From Ideas to Life

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If we're headed down a path that's leading us to environmental degradation, dehumanization, and disconnection from the things that matter most, simultaneously endangering our Earth's clean water, clean air, and biodiversity, then we must ask: What for?

Green Dreamer with Kamea Chayne is a podcast that curiously and critically explores our paths to collective healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all.

Subscribe now and get inspired by conversations featuring The Sioux Chef Sean Sherman, Cultural Survival's Galina Angarova, SeaLegacy's Cristina Mittermeier, environmental justice advocate Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, 1% For the Planet's Kate Williams, NYT bestselling authors Rutger Bregman and Dr. Christopher Ryan, and more.

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Recent Reviews
  • NoyCrazyReally
    Always Learning!!
    It is so amazing to see so many diverse perspectives and cover all aspects of sustainability and abundance for all.
  • Amanda 💙🇹🇼
    So smart
    This podcast is so smart and well-done! I’m incredibly impressed with the questions and the experts. It’s beautiful.
  • Brouny Best
    Favourite podcast of all time
    Every two episodes I find myself mind blown. There are so many things that must be analyzed and deconstructed. Kamea leads the way in a warm and non judgmental but efficient manner. It’s always a delight to hear. Thankyou so much for everyone’s participation in this show! You are truly making a mark on the world. Well done <3
  • ThenaGO
    Kamea Chayne is an amazing interviewer
    This podcast is essential listening to decolonize your mind. It is a truly intersectional, creative & radical podcast. Kamea is a great host/interviewer because she asks the right questions & allows you to get the most you could from the many brilliant people featured on this show. I’ve learned so many things from this podcast & proud to support them on Patreon!
  • Mdesan33
    I thought I knew...but there is so much more
    I consider myself pretty into the sustainability movement and for the most part felt pretty competent in a wide variety of environmental issues. However, this podcast has taught me so much and how I really was only aware of a fraction of the issues at hand. I highly, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  • juliaaahall
    feels like talking to a friend
    I love this podcast because of it’s informative nature and the scope and breath of knowledge I gain from each person interviewed, certainly, but I also love this podcast because I think Kamea is an amazing human being. Critical yet empathetic, extremely intelligent yet humble. Thank you Kamea ♥️
  • Arlie K
    A catalyst for turning dreams into reality!
    It’s obvious Kamea puts extraordinary effort into every single Gren Dreamer episode. But what resonates with me most is that she finds guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world. It's an absolutely amazing resource!
  • KaylaBlaze33098
    Great podcast!
    Green Dreamer is a great resource and is perfect for people in all stages of their paths to a healthier future where we are ALL thriving!
  • jo (she/they)
    An AMAZING resource!
    This podcast is absolutely profound. I LOVE that it is so candid, so honest, so educational. I am learning so much from listening to Green Dreamer on a regular basis. Thank you so much Green Dreamer for being such an inspiration in my journey as an environmental activist.
  • Aaron Conr
    Honestly, very quickly became my fave pod!
    I stumbled upon this podcast randomly one day last summer 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. And since I had not heard of it I came in with a unbiased view. The more I listened the more educated and invited I felt. Kamea (the host) is incredibly inclusive, warm, intelligent, and always wanting to dig deeper on issues of social/environmental justice within the big-picture activism scene. She’s a very involved advocate herself and truly “practices what she preaches”. This podcast covers sooo many topics and even the early episodes Kamea has check-ins with the listeners to feel more welcomed and encouraged! Absolutely recommend this podcast to literally everyone! 10/10
  • Elle E. Oh
    My favorite podcast right now
    I always learn something new. Thanks for the insightful conversations !
  • beckbecks1
    Awesome interviews
    She knows all the right questions to ask. Great interviewer. Deep dives into so many interesting and complex subjects. Very eye-opening.
  • h193747
    so much learning
    This podcast provides so much learning and perspective. Love it!
  • MaryLovesTravel
    Overall informative but episode 294 was a dud!
    I have listened to almost all of her episodes and although I don’t always agree with the guest’s point of view, I do respect what they have to say. Brandon Running Bear Harrell was an exception. He appeared very incoherent - jumping from side to side in his arguments - in the process offending pretty much anyone who wasn’t just like him. Again - overall I like the podcast but it is the outlier nature of this episode which forced me to comment.
  • Heatherannh
    It’s fine, just not realistic.
    Host seems to not understand how certain things work and instead voices a bias that’s unrealistic sometimes. I wanted to like it and listened for weeks trying but just got annoyed.
  • mitrruth89
    Unbelievably broad and inspirational
    Kamea is unlike any other eco-influencer. Period. Her knowledge and obvious research of the vast array of global environmental issues is honestly unparalleled. Her unique cultural vantage point includes indigenous communities and solutions in a way that is empowering and largely missing in this conversation space. Kamea for climate czar ASAP.
  • assata56🦥🌲🐾
    I don’t like it
    By cat
  • Chauface
    Needed and Grateful
    I am so upset that I have only just found this podcast. It expertly ties all of our human issues as problems that also affect the environment. The overall impact of the way we live our human lives politically, socially, culturally affects the environment. Which of course ties into the very basics of Indigenous life, that we are a part of nature and we belong and are accountable to the land.
  • Emma Michelle B
    Necessary and relevant
    If I could give this podcast a higher rating, I would. As someone who works for a federal land agency, it has been incredibly enlightening to learn about the history of environmentalism through the lens of diverse and unapologetic perspectives. Even if you aren’t an environmentalist, this podcast challenges the ways in which we think and relate to the natural world. I am always left wondering how much I don’t know after each episode.
  • Zazou111
    The most amazing podcast not only inspiring but also HUMAN
    My favorite English speaking podcast by far So inspiring that will shake you and help you become a better person and create a better community around you Continue the amazing work
  • grand street
    Just getting started
    and excited tor what’s to come! Especially trash talk.
  • Andre Mirzaian
    Best Environmental Podcast!
    Recently started listening to Greenpeace Podcast and I’m loving it! The quality is top notch and the topics are captivating and very informative. I would recommend this podcast to everyone and feel that anyone could benefit from this information. Our future depends on it! Peace ✌🏼🌱🌏
  • JeffD04
    Dan, you rock!
    Count me in as an advocate and subscriber. Can’t wait to listen in on the adventures and knowledge exchange Dan has in store for us. #OptOutside
  • mallo_mar
    My favorite podcast 🤯
    The episodes of this podcast cycle through such a diverse, interesting and passionate group of experts and individuals. Green Dreamer never fails to blow my mind and widen my perspective. I want to share with every one I know!
  • baileym153
    Favorite podcast!!
    I ALWAYS learn something from listening to Green Dreamer. Kamea asks the best questions—well researched and well thought out, to the point, and hard hitting. I love how intersectional the dialogue is and know that I can always come here for an informational lesson on sustainability. Thank you for all you do Green Dreamer!
  • miss_ashleyn
    Inclusive, beyond your basic sustainability podcast
    Looking to broaden my understanding of what it a more sustainable world can be, this podcast pushed me to consider so many perspectives that would not have been on my horizon before. The guests on this podcast are insightful, informative, and incredibly diverse! I always come away with new thoughts, deep questions swirling in my mind, and a expansion beyond what I’ve already heard in the sustainable land ape. Kamea and her guests allow for exploration on intersectionality, inclusivity, and regenerative thinking. I hope you feel empowered to change the world after listening!!
  • Annábla
    This podcast provides an all inclusive space for beginners to experts in sustainability to come together and discuss realistic goals, notable achievements, and in detail, the steps we can take as individuals, corporations, and world leaders to heal the planet and it’s inhabitants. Could not recommend it enough!! I literally went back to the first episode to start from the beginning and follow the journey. Love it love it love it!
  • tatumpryor
    so good !!
    as someone who is consistently looking for ways to broaden my scope of information regarding environmental sustainability, this podcast has been EXTREMELY helpful and enlightening. the guests and conversations are insightful, interesting, and multidimensional. the topics covered also expand beyond the basic and over-hyped (minuscule) methods of environmental conciscousswness spat at us by the media. discussions are honest, but always take place in an optimistic environment. the podcast opens many schools of thought and opportunities to learn, and i would recommend it to anyone !!
  • asana_al
    Much needed perspective on sustainability
    A much needed perspective on sustainability. This podcast is informative, it challenges popular beliefs, and makes you think about the world in a new light, in everything you do. Kamea asks the tough questions and has knowledgeable people as guests. A must listen to anyone hoping to make a change in our environment and world.
  • gabivergara
    If you love all things sustainable, educational, and intersectional this is the podcast for you!! All of her podcasts are very educational and informational. Always sharing with friends and family because she speaks her truth!!! Brings in so many amazing and influential guest speakers and after I listen to the podcast I immediately search them up and read their work! I’m currently majoring in textile science and sustainability at my university and listening to this podcast makes me want to add on so much more. 10 stars without a doubt. Always sparks a good conversation to have with friends and family :-)
    Exactly what we all need 🌍
    I think I stumbled onto this podcast as I was looking for gardening podcasts. As I read through the titles of episodes, I realized this was special. Its an isolating time right now, especially if you are someone who views the worlds problems from a big picture standpoint. These episodes not only talk about these big problems and puts them into a manageable context but they also help make these ideas actionable. I am grateful to have found this amazing podcast that combines my desire to learn about indigenous knowledge and practices, but also how to incorporate these teachings into our lives with the goal of healing (healing this planet and healing ourselves). I haven’t listened to an episode yet that hasnt called out to my soul/core beliefs and drawn tears - tears of relief, tears of hope, tears of finally being seen and understood. Thank you Kamea and thanks to your team. This is just what the world needs to hear 💛
  • Hippie from Indiana
    A space for meaningful and critical thought
    Kamea creates an environment that allows for deep, meaningful, critical, and digestible discussions and conversations. The platform provided for the guests (which are all so incredible) allows for vulnerability and honesty in the topics presented that does not diminish, but enhance, the importance and seriousness of the discussions. The spectrum of professionals, researchers and artists that speak on this platform, engage with Kamea is such natural ways that allows the listener to feel like they are a part of the conversation. I can truly say I always finish a podcast with increased knowledge and questions that drive me to explore and learn more. I highly highly recommend this podcast!!
  • Jeanina07268
    Just what I’ve been looking for
    I have had a deep yearning for sustainable living, but have trouble finding well rounded resources on how to step it up. Now a nurse with children, I’m trying to get back to simplicity and unplugging from the spiritually impoverished way we go about neglecting Mother Earth. This podcasts highlights all the subjects and brings the fresh air needed to revamp my journey into sustainability. Thank you!
  • lizsux
    Mindful learning
    Incredibly digestible, calming, mindful and giving me new perspectives to explore and consider. I’ve wanted to expand my knowledge and advocacy for sustainability beyond veganism and low waste alternatives and looking at bigger picture things as the episodes I’ve listened to so far has been really really insightful. Thank you’
  • gardenking757
    Building community
    That Lonny Grafman guy is interesting. His concepts on community and sustainability are so interesting. Please bring him on again
  • Strip4Chip
    Inspirational. Moving. Thought provoking.
    This has swiftly become my favorite podcast to tune in and listen to. I first discovered her channel from Rob Greenfield’s instagram. Prior to subscribing to this podcast NPR Ted Radio Hour was my go-to. As great as Ted Radio Hour is, Green Dreamer offers a more niche based platform dedicated to environmental conservation and conversation. Kamea’s interview questions delve deep into fundamental issues and offer thought provoking questions to audience members as well as simple solutions individuals can take to enact and create change. I have yet to listen to all, but there’s so much to learn just from listening in. Kamea’s delivery and tone is calming. She also provides fantastic takeaways and resources on her website and Instagram if you want to revisit topics discussed on the show. So grateful to have discovered this podcast and so incredibly grateful for a dedicated podcast host that clearly takes a lot of time and effort to curate a phenomenal show. Please consider supporting her on Patreon if you would like her to continue to produce great content-it’s incredibly affordable to do, and it keeps the show going.
  • scam reporter 12506
    Wonderful collection of uplifting interviews
    Please join the change of perspective and support this podcast!
  • PatriciaNYC
    Food for thought
    One of the most interesting and engaging podcasts on sustainability. Every episode is fully packed with quality interviews and plenty of food for thought. Keep up the good work Kamea!
  • riverthacia
    Sooo Good!!
    This podcast is amazing and I have learned so much. Thank you so much for all the work that you do!!
  • selldirt
    You are making a difference
    I wanted to start off by saying you are one of the, if not the most talented podcasters I listen to. Your insightful questioning and grasp of the the often nuanced topics is incredible. You are making a huge difference as you spread important, often hard to find, data to your listeners. I hope and am sure the listeners, pass this incredibly important information along to their sphere of influence. I truly appreciate your work, support you and hope that others will recognize your contribution to the world’s overall health. Thank you
  • revewing gal
    I’ve listened to half of one episode and I can tell this is a top class, best of its Genre kinda podcast. More in depth knowledge being shared and interesting guest! Thank you
  • Maria-Rose727
    Informative & Inspiring!
    I love this podcast! Kamea chooses excellent guests, and this show is very imformative and inspiring! Definitely one of my favorite sustainability podcasts :)
  • mcgardens
    Love it
    Well run podcast with many notable speakers and a wide variety of topics. Something for everyone
  • ALEC2386
    Helping me help others
    I love this podcast and all the great information it brings to listeners. I own an edible landscaping company and help a nonprofit group working in sustainability and the insights I’ve gained from listening to this show have helped me so much in helping others.
  • Rob Greenfield
    Excellent Podcast!
    I absolutely love Kamea Chayne and her podcast. She is so well thought out and brings on the voices we need heard today. In a movement that is so full of greenwashing and misinformation, this is exactly the podcast that needs to be heard far and wide.
  • Lucy MC 1983
    Kamea’s interviews are on point, her guests are relevant and thought provoking and the episodes truly inspire. This is one of two podcasts I listen to regularly, great listens!
  • SophieSSH
    Up and down
    I like a lot of the interviews but some are lack luster. I especially like when she has interviews with people who are building a business in sustainability. My only gripe with the host is that she asks her interviewees questions that they are not qualified to answer like “what is the one thing that we need to do as a society to ...”. If we actually knew the answers to those questions then we would not be in the place we are now. Other than that I can applaud anyone who is trying to make a difference by educating people on this topic
  • hannahsmith66
    Thought-provoking and accessible
    A diverse range of topics, high-quality hosting.
  • maryinoregon
    A Gem!
    My favorite podcast. Kamea asks smart and deep questions and listens intently to her guests. I have learned a lot about practices that harm- and practices that help - our planet. Inspirational.
  • zell-lee
    Actionable and uplifting, what a relief!
    When people ask what my favorite podcast is, this is it. Being educated about sustainability topics is extremely important to me. Kamea interviews a variety of people that increases my knowledge and empowers me. The world needs so much more of this, thank you Kamea for this wonderful podcast you provide. There was a time when I considered starting my own podcast along the same lines, and then I found Green Dreamer and realized how Kamea is already providing what the world needs in this area. You go girl!!
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