The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.


We are seeing an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease, primarily driven by our food and food system. This is perpetuated by agricultural, food and health care policies that don’t support health. We need to rethink disease and reimagine a food system and a health care system the protects health, unburdens the economy from the weight of obesity and chronic disease, protects the environment, helps reverse climate change and creates a nation of healthy children and citizens. This podcast is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics. New episodes are released every Wednesday morning. I hope you'll join me.
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Recent Reviews
  • sillychild!
    Let the guest talk!
    Why does he even have a guest? He talks over, and interrupts them. Hard to listen...
  • Amresse
    Best Health Podcast
    This podcast has helped change my life! Thank you so much!
  • wildoneforever
    Let Dr. Papanicolaou speak
    Dr. Hyman- I love your podcast & I’ve learned a lot from you, but why bother having a guest if you’re going to keep cutting him off? Just don’t invite a guest, it’s less distracting.
  • loganwinkerdin
    One of the best podcasts to listen to
    I love Dr. Mark Hyman. He's one of the best around today in educating people on health and food choices
  • Wellness Enthusiast
    Extreme Political Bias
    I like to listen to Dr. Hyman and he has some great content to share. There are three MAJOR problems with listening to his podcasts….1) He has a major political bias and he isn’t afraid to make it known. He will call those he doesn’t agree with extremest and say information about his “opponent” that just aren’t factual. PLEASE stop trying to promote your agenda Dr. Hyman and stick to health topics. You have to decide if you are a doctor or a politician. We want you to be a doctor. 2) He talks over his guests and 3) get ready for a sales pitch on whatever products he is pedaling.
  • Jenucdavis
    Stop with the sales pitch
    I began listening to this podcast about six months ago. I started with the earliest podcasts and worked my way to the most recent episodes. In the beginning, I loved the shows, and got a lot of solid health information from them that I could use to improve my diet. As I continued to listen to the more recent podcasts, however, I noticed a sharp turn in content. It seemed like every episode had a hidden agenda to sell some product. And the products became more and more “crackpot” and outlandish with each episode. I lost respect for Dr. Hyman. Additionally, I agree with other reviewers....Dr. Hyman does interrupt often.
  • Humhoney
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    So, the Cleveland Clinic , hi Doctor. The Cleveland Clinic will not even accept ANY candidates or surgery that look like it will make them look bad. CCF in Cleveland. The reputation for those in the know look for The Rainbow. Sugar is crack. Ok. So is music, and sex, amd..yeah those parts of your brain light up too. Heard you speak with a doctor calling out crack = sugar. Go hit up Coventry & Lee. You are the Western Model. Peace
  • Real Patriot
    Thank you Dr. Hyman!
    Thank you Dr. Hyman for your podcast highlighting the devastating impact of our current food crisis in relation to the class and racial disparity in the US. I can see the impact across many western countries but it appears to be so much more crippling in America. You have shown yourself to be a much needed leader in the movement toward food and health equality among your peers. If only we had more doctors in the world like you who truly want to heal the wounds of society. Please keep doing your fine work making the world a better place. Thank you!
  • stellafae50
    Acne and food
    Dr Hyman has great content and is obviously an expert in functional medicine. However, his interviews are frustrating to listen to because he talks over his guest. He will not allow them to finish their though. It seems like he had to prove he is smarter than they are. He seems condescending when he asks a question like he does not know the answer and then interrupts with a full explanation. In this episode he would not let his doctor tell about her own case study he just took over. As much as I live the topics and content, And have to limit my listen because his behavior is so distracting and frustrating.
  • carmskrab
    Doctor needs to let his guests talk more and he needs to ask more questions and talk less.
  • merringerv
    A perfect podcast!
    After dealing with some health issues the last few years, I have found the BEST podcast for all things wellness. I love Dr. Hyman’s approach to health and that his guests also believe the body should be healed as an entire entity. The podcasts are clear and easy to understand and just really fun to listen to! So happy I found this!! Thank you thank you!
  • Elmusico22
    Favorite Podcast
    This is my favorite podcast hands down! Dr. Hyman is super passionate about his mission to provide insightful knowledge and heal the world through food. This podcast outlines the discrimination within the global food system, the impact diet has on overall health and wellbeing, how food impacts climate destruction, and how we can FIX all these issues including REVERSING the deterioration of our planet. Highly recommend, there’s something here for every one.
  • Katy R texas
    So great!
    I really appreciate how you interpret what your guests are saying. They talk in a different jargon so thank you for adding in the laymen’s terms!
  • Radiishes
    Stop the adds and stop interrupting guests
    Why are there over 3 minutes of adds in the beginning? Keep it short. Also, what’s with the need to keep interrupting the guest? It’s frustrating.
  • awwmom
    Ads without a heads up
    I agree with the other post about these lod casts. Love Dr H. The ad though: yup, I thought I accidentally switched to another podcast when the ad came in. Didn’t realize it was an ad for a bit. Weaving ins transition statement about an ad right before playing it would be helpful to the listener. Thanks.
  • jen_07101218
    Stop interrupting your guests
    This podcast offers helpful topics and is informative but it’s hard to get through the episodes when he constantly interrupts the guests. Let them finish their statement.
  • KathrynDB
    I love the content of this podcast, but the ads are getting frustrating. I was listening to the episode about “is anxiety all in your head” and mid thought the podcast switches to an ad from Dr. Hyman about air filters. There was no warning so at first I thought I accidentally skipped to another episode. It was complete unrelated to the subject at hand.
  • CShaw1971
    Jim Kwik’s Interview
    Dr. Hyman continues to bring innovative interviews with actionable knowledge and insight. Jim Kwik’s interview offers tremendous insight into the art and importance of learning. Thank you for the reset on the definition of motivation. Thank you!
  • K80fab
    Title cracked me up
    I love this podcast. I learn a ton. Today’s podcast title is hilarious, though. “Why you have trouble sleeping with Todd LePine?” I thought, I don’t remember sleeping with him! What? Does he hog the covers? Kick? Snore?” 😁
  • talietadpole
    Excellent interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra
    Excellent interview - it makes me happy that doctors are finally seeing the dangers of junk food and high carbohydrate diets. I am sad that it has take a pandemic to make that happen. Hopefully we will all come out more informed in our new world. I pray that governments and health systems will get on board sooner rather than later. T hanks for being on the “front line”!
  • M in CT
    Let the guest speak!!!
    I love this podcast and the content but I just have one pet peeve. I don’t think there’s a single show that goes by without me saying out loud - “will you let the guest speak Dr. Hyman??? We get it, you went to medical school”. Please Dr. Hyman, can you step back a little and jet us hear the guest? Otherwise, you’re pretty good. Ooops - one more thing is I would love if you kept it professional and kept out the expletives
  • jduithrbfb
    Teen health compliance
    I love listening to Dr Hyman’s podcast. They’re so informative. I would love to hear a podcast where he talks about teen health compliance. Meaning, how to help a teen when they don’t want to change their diet, exercise etc. , but it’s clear they need to. Thank you so much!!
  • locarbo
    Oh no-No politics please
    Your podcast ensures me and fills me with comfort and guidance but please don’t bring Katie Couric on to bash Trump. There was NOT straight reporting when Obama was dividing the country. We cherish your accurate truth. The Media isn’t truthful so hopefully we don’t have to hear from them on your well respected podcast.
  • Melinda112
    Let the Guests Talk!
    I have been following you for many years and have been an avid consumer of your books and podcasts. Lately I’ve tuned out and have been turned off by the continued interruption of the guests often tooting your own horn. I understand that perhaps new listeners need more background on you for examples and that terms may need more detailed explanation but after being a longtime listener, it’s become irritating. I feel like you often patronize your guests. I would love to hear the guests talk without your interruption to their train of thought and momentum. Perhaps you need more prep with the guests so they can present at the level of detail you expect. The recent interview the nutritionist at your Ultrawellness center just one example. I love what you are doing and how you are spreading the truth about food as medicine but I worry you may be turning people off with the choppy and sometimes self-focused interview style that happens in many cases.
  • KWCaroline
    Katie Couric
    Great interview with Katie Couric! I signed up for her Wake Up Call newsletter, and I’m looking forward to reading her memoir.
  • Kevise0302
    I love this podcast
    My husband is dealing with body aches and really bad headaches. His MD has not been able to help pinpointing the cause and just wants to give him antibiotics and antidepressant medication that he doesn’t need. (He won’t take them) This podcast is so helpful, and informative. We are currently on day 2 of a lectin free diet. We are hoping it will help him regain his health back as he feels like an 80 year old man but he is only in his 30’s. We are also following Dr. Gundry and his advice on the lectin free diet.
  • amylpoe
    Great podcast
    Have loved listening to this podcast for years. I have leaned a lot from Dr. Hymen and all his guests and will continue to listen, however it feels lately as though he talks over his guests. I know he is passionate about the topic so it might be that he’s excited to contribute, but lately he says more than his guests. They don’t appear to get much air-time and he will often cutoff their sentences to get his own comment heard. Again, I believe he is well intentioned and knowledgeable, just something that is starting to be a pattern. Otherwise, a great show and I’ll continue to listen.
  • lorib104
    Used to be much better
    This used to be one of my favorite podcasts but like so many others have commented, we don’t want Dr. hyndman’s interruptions and personal story telling every single episode. I can’t listen anymore because it’s just annoying to tune in because the topic and guest are interesting but then he spends the whole episode trying to dominate the conversation and share his own viewpoint. A lot of what you are saying as “fact” is also highly questionable. Presenting an unbiased conversation and different viewpoints is still something that many people are interested in.
  • Pjbrown915
    I’ve Lost My Trust In Dr. Hyman
    I can no longer trust Dr. Hyman and this podcast. I think you have damaged your podcast, your brand, and worst of all your word. At one time I would put your information and opinions at the top of my list. Now I will no longer even consider the products you are selling. To present this to people means you’ve abandoned principles and are now living for celebrity. There will be no way to know what else you will compromise and now I no longer believe in your genuine desire to fix our food system.
  • Heather Danley
    Going downhill
    I have listened to your podcast for several months now and have caught up on all the past episodes. I was a big fan, and I felt I learned a lot about functional medicine options and alternative health care. The content was informative and interesting. However, after being disappointed with several episodes lately I will be unsubscribing. I started to get the feeling I am being sold on something, rather than simply educated. And while I appreciate the role this topic needs to play in politics in order to make a change, it is hard to hear you speak with certain guests and “tow the line”. For example, how can you know so much about natural and integrative medicine, which I know you do, but ignore the issues with/dangers of vaccinations, even to the point of eluding to what the mainstream media is portraying - that we wont be back to normal until we have a vaccine for COVID-19? Are you worried about who you will upset, or do you truly think they are a good thing? I bought your food book and enjoyed it immensely, but I’m sorry to say I just cant listen anymore.
  • L Cramer
    Disappointing that what was once my “go to” resource for reliable health care information due to Dr. Hymans medical credentials in functional medicine, and his close affiliation with the highly respected Cleveland clinic, has now converted more to being a pulpit for Hyman and his celebrity pals or non medical media darlings (as he put it) like Katie Couric who simply spend time bashing the President of the U.S. and his administration. Many of us who have welcomed your fact and research based medical information, are NOT interested in yours or your guests personal political openions. It’s your podcast so run it as you like, but by continuing to make it a political show rather than medical is a sad situation and is helping to further divide us as a nation. Lastly, if The CLEVELAND CLINIC shareds your political views and approves of your voicing it in the manner you’ve chosen, then they should step down from the President’s recent appointment to the Nation COVID-19 virus.
  • Jess30000000000
    The host of this show constantly makes sweeping generalization, uses buzz words, and seems to have a very clear agenda. Look, I agree that proper nutrition is critical to treating a myriad of conditions. Promoting nutrition as the end all be all (even for mental illnesses, etc) is wildly irresponsible. He frequently talks over guests, also. Dude, I’m sure you’re a great guy in real life. I’m just a little disappointed in this podcast.
  • Mark Flanders
    Required listening if you have a body
    This podcast, I am happy to say, is my number one favorite!! Favorite because I am 71 years old and fully realize how proactive I have to be to continue to enjoy health and vitality. This little podcast is the truest compass in my hand to get on the road to health and longevity...and get MOVING on that road! It keeps me up to the minute on everything that is current and helpful and insightful regarding health. And what is more important that THAT? Uh...NOTHING. Hop aboard! Plenty of good seats on this train.
  • nicolec
    Thank you!
    You have opened my eyes and taught me so much about food/gut health and I often reference things I’ve learned from you when speaking with friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for your service, you have had a huge impact on my own health journey as I manage my health condition with food. Thank you.
  • Stephanie_missfit
    My FAVORITE Podcast
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I found this after reading Dr. Hyman’s “Eat Fat, Get Thin” as a required reading for a class I am taking and I am so thankful to have found it! I am in the process of becoming a holistic wellness coach and everything that I am learning in that certification follows SO MANY of the practices Dr. Hyman and his guests discuss. If you care about your health as a whole, I would high recommend this podcast!! Thank you to everyone on this podcast for such amazing content!
  • Nutrition is Medicine
    Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner
    I love every episode and learn something new from each one. Keep up the good work Dr. Hyman! “Let food be thy medicine!”
  • Asimon100
    Live and Learn
    I love this podcast. I have learn so much how to be more health and what I can do to help the environment. Thank you!!
  • asdhjlvcfyuh
    Editing is so important
    Holy crow - never realized how difficult it is to listen to with all the mouth smacking - stay healthy. Dear God...start editing ASAP!!!
  • AJ🤷‍♀️
    Forever grateful
    I can’t imagine my life had I not found this podcast. I’ve learned so much about life, health, and myself and for that I will forever be grateful. Keep doing what your doing!
    I listen to all your podcasts, and love and learn from them, but in these extraordinary times, this podcast was food for our souls. What a gift. Thank you! And thank you for introducing me to IN-Q!
  • kerrymeaway
    Let the guests talk!
    I love Dr. Hyman. Don't get me wrong, but every time I listen, I find myself wanting to tell him to JUST STOP TALKING and just let THE GUEST answer the questions! It's almost like he says everything for them! A good interviewer is not after the spotlight.
  • LexTheGal
    Love the content
    I love the content of this podcast! So much so that it has inspired me to help people by pursuing functional medicine. The reason I give this podcast a 4/5 stars is because the host is such an interruptor of his guests. I find myself yelling out in frustration because I want to hear these highly educated guests finish their thoughts and stories but Mark always has to chime in with his own experience. It’s rather annoying. Please practice active listening and let the people you invited on the show speak!
  • PattiMayo21
    Informational and Entertaining
    Dr. Hyman and all his guests approach these health topics with curiosity, knowledge, and regard to what has happened to our bodies through unhealthy food choices and medication. I appreciate it so much. Dr. Hyman, there’s a growing disease in adults called EoE (or EGID in general). Would you mind looking into it and seeing if a podcast could be done?
  • CZ H
    Let your guests shine!
    Dr Hyman, I am very grateful for the wisdom you so freely share online. As a first time podcast listener, I chose the episode on Leaky Gut with Dr Elizabeth Boham. Unfortunately, I found it very distressing how often you interrupted her. The majority of the conversation was of you talking while Dr Boham was barely able to get a word in edgewise. We love you Dr Hyman but we come to your podcast to hear from other experts. Your role as host is to be still, be curious, ask clarifying questions and allow your guests to share their wisdom. It was painful trying to hear the details of her first case with you continually derailing the conversation or acting like you know more than she does. I gave up! Still I am hopeful that future podcasts with featured guests will be more balanced.
  • praisr
    Correction of Harriet Washington
    I’ve learned a lot from this show about health. But Harriett Washington kept referring to red-lining & racist lending practices in current mortgage lending. Red-lining & making lending decisions based on race, religion, or other factors has been illegal for at least 20 years. I understand Dr. Hyman is not an expert in the mortgage world so thought I should offer up this fact.
  • Sess W
    Tune in to live a longer and more fulfilling life
    Simply put, Dr. Hyman offers up incredible insights of his own wealth of knowledge surrounding nutrition and gathers some of the best minds on health and wellness in the world. Give it a listen to gain tips on being healthier, happier, more energetic, and feeling your best!
  • llkkllmmll
    This was very informative. The pesticides are a huge issue. Great talk
  • nbkoiww
    Too much yapping
    Great topics get to the point ..
  • Chick in SC
    You should start a cooking show
    Love the podcast. When listening I thought it would be a great idea if Mark would create a cooking show for mainstream TV that shows people how to cook in a healthy way since many are not aware of how to do it or where to start. Think of how many people could be reached and helped in this way! Podcasts educate many listeners but there are so many who don’t tune in. I think Mark is the perfect teacher to take this on. (Just my two cents). Thanks for all you do!!
  • Nnnnname
    Mind blown
    I first heard Dr Hyman on another podcast I regularly listen to. The School of Greatness. I am so thankful!!! I have been suffering with gut issues my whole life. I recently had breast cancer. This particular podcast is so chock full of info. I have already requested more info to come visit the Ultra Wellness Center and become a new patient. I honestly want to just cry with so much joyful anticipation knowing I have found the doctors that will have the answers to my health issues. Thank you so much for all that your Center does!
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