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We are seeing an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease, primarily driven by our food and food system. This is perpetuated by agricultural, food, and health care policies that don’t support health. We need to rethink disease and reimagine a food system and a health care system the protects health, unburdens the economy from the weight of obesity and chronic disease, protects the environment, helps reverse climate change, and creates a nation of healthy children and citizens. This podcast is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food, and politics. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I hope you'll join me.
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  • PaulaHens
    “Depressed or Anxious…you may never eat sugar again…”
    Great info…easy to see why we should all be reducing (even eliminating) sugar from our diet. Love your podcast. Thx!!
  • aca_christy
    Good info, inconsistent sound quality
    Dr Hyman, get yourself some better AV equipment! Otherwise, thank you for all of the insights and information.
  • simpleingredients
    ground breaking
    Thank you so much for validating what many of us already know, but we keep getting shut down from every direction. If we try something, and we get healthier, then it is valid for us, and we should keep doing it. Randomized controlled trials are great, but the absence of one should never invalidate the real lived experience of one human being.
  • ukulelemaven
    My improved health
    This is probably not the best way to communicate with you but I’m going to try to reach you on this forum. I started listening to you about a year ago. I’m 76 and I have started eating more protein because of you, and I’ve eliminated sugar and flour…mostly. I’ve also begun lifting light weights regularly, along with my daily walking routine. I’ve noticed that my hair has stopped falling out, my eyesight has improved, I’ve lost weight, and I’m stronger. My normal weight was about 137 at 5’5”but since I’ve stopped eating sugar and flour, I now weigh 124! I look and feel great. I still have some bad habits, (wine), but I’ve cut back and I did sober January, for the second year in a row, and that felt good. I’m working on drinking less. I’ve eaten whole food for many years, no fast food or overly processed food. Because of you I just purchased organic coffee and have begun eating grass fed beef, and more organic fruits and vegetables. Thank you for helping me. I listen to you! Judy Brown Metairie La.
  • Platmom
    I’m having a lot of trouble losing belly fat and just getting my weight back. Your ability to convey concepts & practical methods for the layman to use/study/ follow is just superb! Thank you for the help you provide for all listeners to improve their health. It’s truly a Godsend of hope and inspiration. I have passed your podcast site and many individual podcasts on to family members. Chris B, North Carolina
  • annasbear
    Good Content
    I love the quality of the content in this podcast but I’m having a very difficult time with how often Dr. Hyman interrupts the people he is interviewing. It is unfortunately taking away from the joy of listening and learning. Hopefully that’s something that can be improved over time because the information being shared is so vital.
  • Tashi Awesome
    Abrupt ads break the flow of conversation!
    So basic, podcasters. Please respect your listeners with some kind of clue that an advertisement is about to happen!
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    Dr. Hyman shouldn’t shame paraplegics!
    The podcast is helpful in many ways, but it broke my heart that Dr. Hyman talked about the embarrassment of obesity and how he was amazed that people who have paraplegia and use wheelchairs are “surprisingly” considered less embarrassing than being obese. Neither obesity nor paraplegia should be shamed! As a wheelchair user due to paralysis after a bad reaction to a flu shot, I don’t appreciate being told I should be embarrassed to be in a wheelchair! It is difficult to get around and I shouldn’t be ashamed of my disability. I understand he was trying to be motivational, but it was immature to belittle people in this manner.
  • Yahoo Personals, lol
    Spreading the word!
    Saw Dr. Hyman on Take Back Your Mind Podcast ( Micheal Beckwith) it was so impactful! I can’t stop talking about “Brain inflammation” caused by the toxins in our food in USA. So informative Thank you and yes, I’m now following your podcast.
  • kylogin
    I am extremely disappointed in your guest Jason. I listen to learn about how to improve my health. Often my children listen with me. I do not want to hear a nasty mouth man cursing when trying to tell me about how to keep my body healthy. He needs to get his heart and mouth healthy! Yuck!
  • Simone31243
    Truth about Ozempic
    I’m a bit confused. As a physician (MD) myself I’m wondering what kind of physican has a naturopath (Tyna Moore), who mascarades asa physician on her own website, discussing these matters with an MBA? 🤯 I was excited to listen until I checked the credentials of these folks. Important topic, but can we have some real experts please!? It’s my absolute pet peeve to see how many providers are deceiving the public into thinking they are working with a board certified physician when they aren’t!
  • AZ Greason
    America needs more leaders like Dr Mark Hyman. Thank you!
    I’ve listen to the Doctor’s Farmacy for many years and recommended individual podcasts from it to so many friends and family that I’ve lost count and yet never left a review. But today’s podcast blew me away. I in no way consider myself a candidate for Ozempic today. I’m probably in the metabolic healthy minority category, but I was enthralled to listen to Mark navigate a heated yet mature conversation with two passionate, well-informed people and get them to understand one another’s perspective enough to agree on multiple points. We need more people in the world, not only with Dr. Hyman’s deep health knowledge, but also with the ability to help us as a society to entertain conflicting points of view, think critically, and resolve in a civil way so that everyone leaves smarter and more thoughtful about complex subjects. Thank you hosting a truly healthy and educational debate — beautiful to hear that long lost skillset used on such a popular topic today.
  • Big fan of functional medicine
    Not my favorite episode
    Ease up on the sarcasm and the critique of Neurologists.
  • mbpav
    Mark talks about attending the World Economic Forum with CEO of the Cleveland Clinic..hmmm...
  • Ljames10
    Thank you!
    The latest episode of Ozempic with Dr Tyna Moore an Callie was absolutely incredible and probably my favourite episode of all time. I listen to all these different podcasts on Ozempic and everyone is on an extreme team. Its refreshing to hear such opposing views with dignity and respect towards each other. Everyone has an amazing point and their passion stems from wanting to do the right thing. Why can’t we all be like this?
  • Zoeyqzy
    Normally a big fan, until the 4/17/24 Ozempic/GLP-1 discussion
    In one corner we have the cynical post-pharma flamethrower pointing out all the (truly) dastardly deeds of big pharma and the inexcusable rollout of these meds in the US that have created a supply chain frenzy among the haves and the have nots to get their hands on them. And in the other you have your almost N of 1 naturopath who is clearly in awe of their potential to manage everything from hangnails to psoriatic arthritis. And Mark in between trying to seem like the moderate in the discussion. In the end, many listeners (who don't have access to functional med docs and naturopaths to help them) will be googling compound pharmacies to self medicate on lower dose GLP-1s since it's "not a drug, but a peptide." I'm normally a big fan, but I'm not sure you helped listeners with this one, Mark. I'd remove this episode.
  • Nitrox28
    Interesting at first but then..
    I subscribed when I liked a specific podcast he made but as a trained PhD scientist, I started feeling like the views offered lacked scientific rigor. He then interviewed RFK Jr, a known anti-vaxxer, and didn’t even question any of his unfounded theories as an MD doctor?!?!? This was extremely concerning and the last straw, making it all seem like a political propaganda driven podcast rather than health and science driven one.
  • Melissabethu
    So good I need more!
    The latest show regarding recovering from IBD without medicine and surgery was the best podcast I have heard and I need more! As someone suffering with colitis, this podcast gave me hope! I sincerely want a part II and a part III! I have shared this episode with everyone I know! THANK YOU!
  • Dawn.m.
    Best out there!!
    I never miss one of his podcasts… Dr. Mark has such a wonderful way of teaching, he breaks things down so that they’re understandable. He has compassion… But his knowledge knows no bounds. He does a lot of research. Everything he teaches applicable. I’ve learned so much and made so many positive changes because of Dr. Mark!
  • AndreaC87
    Fear mongering at its best
    It really concerns me that this guy has such a large presence in the media. I am a registered dietitian and I see often in patients how fear mongering doctors like this can mislead them into buying expensive products that they don’t need, following elimination diets that there’s no solid evidence behind, etc. Not everyone needs to eliminate dairy and gluten! Please stop or do better!
  • carlee4657
    I feel as if I have learned so much from this podcast show, interesting stuff!
  • Rolo72forman
    Interrupts often and podcast sound quality is lacking
    We used to follow this doctor on tv and podcasts. This podcast has gone downhill and is hard to follow. The doctor asks a guest a question and interrupts the guest with an answer of his own. For some reason, he does not introduce the guest when changing guests in mid stream of a podcast. If you are not familiar with the medical guests and their topics, you have to look the guests up in the show notes. This is not safe to do if you are driving. The sound quality of the podcast is terrible. Hoping Doctor Hyman is not sick. He always sounds like he has just finished a meal or is eating and constantly burping. Maybe this is why he talks so low and fast. Lastly, it is hard to believe that Dr Hyman takes all these products he promotes on his podcast. How can this be healthy for him? Also, is Doctor Hyman setting the stage for his listeners to think that all of these products are safe for them to take as well? Again, we always listened in the past but the quality of his advice is changing. It is a shame considering that he is an influential doctor in the media.
  • Sockmonkey28
    Great info but…
    Love your research and information. It’s very insightful and balanced. The only thing is that for me, as a someone that English is not my first language, you speak too fast and it hard to follow and retain the information. I’m not just dealing with the English language but also the medical terms. I have to press the rewind button many times during the podcast. Again, thank you for your hard work and your research! Ps: Also, I cringe when you interrupt your guests when they haven’t finish talking. Just sounds disrespectful and rude. I’m sure you don’t mean it though!
  • Rawick_123
    Like the content but Mark talks too much
    This is a really helpful podcast overall and I appreciate the content. One criticism I have is that I don’t like the way Dr Hyman talks over all his guests and goes on long monologues. Save those for the solo episodes Dr Hyman!
  • Mbrohms
    Helpful information
    I love this evidence-based podcast! I enjoy tuning in because I always learn a lot.
  • abroughm
    Love Dr Hyman’s show! So helpful, informative and still enjoyable!
  • PeanutButterExpressWest
    Content Good. But needs work.
    There are so many professionally produced podcasts out there, so I’m confused why the quality of this always sounds like it was recorded by a 3rd grader. They interview multiple guests per topic, but the interviews all have varying quality. And there is no transition between guests to introduce us to them, so it is very confusing when they switch to someone new without warning. And as many other have said in the reviews, what is up with the burping? For a doc that seems to know so much, why isn’t he trying to fix his dyspepsia? It’s maddening.
  • bluespirits
    Good content but …
    Good content, have enjoyed your show! But please speak slower, and to the microphone, sometimes it is hard to understand you. Also when you interview guests, please let them finish their story before you start to talk. Like recent show “gut health”, you interrupted Dr. Elizabeth Boham so many times before she can finish her story.
  • CJM4444444
    Too much burping
    He burps so much on this podcast and it’s hard to listen
  • fbdsjdidjsnwwnsldo
    The only wellness-type podcast I can stand. Dr Hyman is much better informed than lots of other popular figures, and is much more likable. I love the podcast and appreciate the scientific, non-judgemental tone. Still trying to get my parents to listen lol
  • cdavishu
    … thoughts on recent Oprah special
    I loved this episode and Lustig is so wise. I am so curious to hear what Dr. Mark thinks about the … recent Oprah special. It was so confusing for me. Big Pharma push… I am eating disorder therapist and this topic is hot with my patients I need some clarity of this obesity Disease model that only Pharma is the only cure for many? Hmmmm feels wrong
  • john and Elizabeth
    Saved my life
    If it wasn’t for Dr. Hyman i would be living a very different, difficult, unsatisfying life. Through gradual exposure to functional medicine and learning what I should be doing to increase my heath through these podcasts I have been able to turn my Hashinotos thyroid disease around, and get back to sleeping soundly. I am profoundly grateful to this doctor and his podcast. Thanks Dr. Hyman.
  • I_Work_in_IT
    Excellent Content (& a request to Dr Hyman)
    Review: This content is excellent! Inspired by this podcast and recent deaths of 2 friends my age (66), I changed my lifestyle two months ago. A recent blood panel shows that my fasting glucose is now within normal range and I’ve lost 8 lbs — among other improvements. (I stopped eating sweets or added sugar, I went from drinking about 18 glasses of wine/week to just 2, I stopped eating wheat, starting walking and doing some weights regularly.) Request to Dr Hyman: Please make an effort to enunciate more clearly, especially when you get into technical or medical details. And/or improve your Show Notes so I can read the details. I am already playing the podcast at .75 of normal speed because you speak pretty quickly. Recommendations for similar content: * Podcast by Zoe Science and Nutrition * Podcast by Peter Attia, MD (“The Drive”)
  • vandyhouse
    Stop interrupting your guests!
    I like your content- but you interrupt your guests, especially women, far too often! Let your guests speak!
  • ChrissyfromSC
    Great Info but Slow Down
    I love love love this podcast but he talks sooooo fast! He also keeps burping and it's probably from gulping all the air from talking at warp speed. Great information but make sure you are not distracted in the least when listening because you will miss a lot.
  • CristaAK
    Good information, hard to follow
    I really appreciate so much of what Mark Hyman has to say, but he speaks so quickly, with such poor diction, that I find myself having to go back and replay sections to understand what he is saying. Also, he burps and gulps throughout his podcasts, and I find it distracting.
  • Paulina2024
    Vegan vs Omnivore experiment-THANK YOU!
    Dr. Hyman, thank you tons for breaking down all the absurds from “you are what you eat” propaganda movie. It infuriated me while watching and you gave me WHY (it did) plus wise explanation to all the issues that matter for our health, planet health, climate and wellbeing of animals. Great episode!
  • Amy-n-ok
    Always interesting and helpful information
    I really enjoy this podcast because the info is based on good studies, not opinions or popular beliefs. It is always presented in a positive way, and I’m always learning helpful, actionable stuff. I crack up though, because I think this is recorded after the doc eats a big lunch… he gets the belly bubbles and sounds like he’s holding back burps all the time 😄 hey - we’re all human, and the info is worth it. Much appreciated!
  • Annie Pichan
    Brilliant, wise, brave.
    THANK YOU, Dr. Hyman for your honesty and wisdom regarding health, medicine, and how it affects our world. I am so saddened to see so many people giving negative reviews because of the interview with RFK. Whether you like him or not, it’s not fair (or even mentally sound - these individuals need psychotherapy) to completely cancel Dr. Hyman (or any host) for hosting someone with another view than your own. Also, I wonder if these people have read the years of science behind RFK’s work? Probably not. We need to come together and let all voices speak if we are going to heal ourselves and our world. It’s called being in the ventral vagal branch of our nervous system (connecting/conversing) - not the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). If you want to heal your body, start by listening to others and debating, not canceling them because it’s the easy, reactive and impulsive thing to do. If you care about your health and our world, you’ll not cancel Dr. Hyman. You’ll do more work - like reading his efforts in “Food Fix” - and realize how hard this guy works to help others. Shame on you folks. Dr. Hyman is a saint and brilliant man.
  • loboroth
    Questionable: Stephen Gundry
    I like Dr. Hyman quite a bit, but his episode with Stephen Gundry was way off base. I tried to have my friend — a cell scientist of 40 years — listen to it, and we couldn’t get through it because he was so infuriated with Dr. Gundry’s misinformation. Gundry doesn’t understand “mitochondrial uncoupling” and mischaracterizes what is actually going on. My friend had me stop it every few minutes to explain what is actually true, and after 30 minutes he couldn’t take it anymore. I like Dr. Hyman but this guest was ridiculous.
  • Asmalo222
    RFK, really??
    As soon as I saw the episode with RFK in the feed I unfollowed and will no longer be reading or listening to anything from Mark Hyman. Anybody who takes RFK seriously enough to give him airtime, must also be a fraudulent kook. RFK pushes dangerous lies and scientifically unfounded conspiracy theories that have serious real world consequences. Shame on you.
  • Jen, NJ
    I really appreciated your honest, thorough and expert explanation of the COVID vaccine and vaccines in general. Thank you. Millions of people are owed a very serious apology.
    So grateful
    So very grateful for this podcast and information - I’ve learned so much -. Dr. Hyman is a gift to us all. Thanks for your work.
  • speakslowlyplz
    One of my favorite podcasts, please talk slower!
    The information Dr. Mark shares has helped me greatly. But can you please ask him to slow down his speech. Sometimes he’s speaking so frenetically it’s distracting and I have to turn the podcast off.
  • varademango
    i’m so happy i found your podcast 👍🙏
  • Hemi.powered
    Vitamin D, 12/15/23 question
    How quickly does the body deplete/expel Vitamin D on a daily basis, for those that get adequate, natural Vitamin D daily versus those that are deficient and those that supplement? Great pod, loved the info. Apple Podcast needs a way to search for info because now I want to find out if you’ve done a podcast for Magnesium.
  • ENFYoung
    Done with Dr. Hyman
    Sponsored by Apeel and gaslights listeners about it. Supports people injecting themselves with poison. He has either been bought or blackmailed it seems. So disappointing as he was once a health hero of mine. Now I look to true heroes like Dr. Barre Lando.
  • AgnesM1009
    Constructive criticism
    I love this podcast and am learning a lot from it. I cringe, however, when I hear criticism of folks who do not follow lifestyle recommendations. There is a comment from the guest in episode 283 (I think- the longevity episode) stating how 70 to 80% of factors that affect our health and longevity are within our control and that no one has any excuse (to be unhealthy, apparently). Please be mindful that comments like this are coming from a place of privilege and adequate resources. It’s not so easy for the millions that are struggling and working 2 to 3 jobs just to put any food on the table.
  • sarrosesmith
    Surprisingly Disappointing
    I’ve really appreciated Dr. Hyman’s work and insight which is why I find this show so surprisingly disappointing. I find his communication on this podcast rude and insincere. He interrupts his guests constantly going on tangents on related to what they have to share. He misses opportunities to actively listen and appropriately converse on dynamic points the guests make. It sounds like he’s only trying to get his points out there and over with the conversation. If I'm distracted I can’t imagine how the person being interviewed feels. I want to know the info being shared but I cant handle the lack of couth anymore.
  • Arc6717
    Evidence based Science!
    Dr. Hyman gets THE best evidence-based doctors to interview. They explain these complicated science concepts very well for laypeople! This is key. This leads to actionable things all of us can do to improve our health! Great Podcast!
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