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Each week Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE explain the science behind a new subject. Using studies, anecdotes and interviews to keep you entertained while *BAM* simultaneously LEARNING!

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  • Hrshykiss99
    Love it!
    This podcast brings me so much joy while also learning. Joy and learning…my favorite things!
  • Molly with a Y not IE
    this brings joy back into my life
    Are you low in dopamine like me? Okay, give this podcast a listen!! The diversity in topics keeps episodes educational and interesting, and the chaotic humor leaves me giggling to myself and feeling like I’m chatting with my two best friends. Feeling like crying at work? This podcast will stop the stress response and tears the second you hear the jingle. Having a great week? Awesome, here’s something you can channel that energy into to make a positive difference. I tell everyone I know about this podcast (and YouTube) & it’s a highlight of my week listening to a new episode.
  • Aireanne
    So happy to have found this
    I’m a former high school science teacher turned stay-at-home-parent and I love listening to you both. I used to show your videos in lessons when I taught and now I have a way to stay connected to science. It’s hard when you’re a mom to three girls to stay up to date or have any adult conversation and I feel like I’m in the room with you while I listen (or watch on YouTube). Also, when are we gonna get that episode on cuddle aggression? It’s an interesting topic that so many parents don’t know is a concept!
  • Jaxloveshorses
    Hands down the best podcast out there!
    I’ve been listening to Side Note since 2019 and haven’t missed an episode! Greg and Mitch have such a fun way of delivering information on a wide array of subjects - both science-related and really anything else. I’ve found they can discuss such impactful topics in a sensitive and approachable way, making information accessible to a wide audience and still managing to keep the content engaging and lighthearted. Side Note is an incredibly smart and brilliantly entertaining podcast. Thank you so much Greg and Mitch for never failing to put a smile on my face!
  • Spartan058962
    Love This Podcast!!!
    Never listened to podcasts before but this channel makes it so interesting and I highly recommend just giving it a listen you won’t regret it 😊
  • MalpalForever 21
    Funny and interesting
    Ive been listening to this pod for 3 years now and i love tuning into it. greg and mitch are so funeeeeee
  • gamer 4🤖
    I am a big fan of you guys
    Hi Mitch hi hi greg I am a big fan of you guys whenever I I see of your video’s my face looks like this 😁
  • Deet's tea
    Thank you guys for bringing me to tears from laughter multiple times. I learn so much and have such a great time doing it. Keep on keepin on 💋😁
  • cycjg
    10/10 podcast
    hey mitch and greg! i’ve been subscribed to ur youtube channel for years now and started seriously listening to ur podcast since february while working as a research assistant for a bee lab at uc berkeley. u guys are so funny, informative, and have made me fall in love with science again. tysm!!
  • R2-d2 better-8
  • TorontoTimS
    Great podcast!
    Hey Mitch and Greg! I’m a huge fan of your various channels and hope you can do some episodes on space stuff like the ISS, space colonization and Space Force. Also it would be amazing to hear you two chatting with Madeline Sofia from NPRs shortwave science podcast, I think it would be super interesting to hear my favorite science communicators nerding out together. Shortwave did a whole podcast on sea cucumber anuses haha which seems like it could be a good jumping off point for your interview. Keep up the amazing work guys, it’s always a dose of sunshine listening to your new episodes.
  • Fly water lily
    Thank you!!
    You are the best!
  • randallarolla
    History Channel
    Love love love you two and everything you do. Just wanted to leave a little note about a History Channel podcast called History This Week. All of their programming should be like the podcast. In fact, on their most recent episode, the host acknowledged some info the channel and its website got wrong. I think you should check it out. Take care! Randall in Chicago.
  • Jazzihello
    Great laughs & facts through my workday!
    I have been following Greg and Mitch and ASAPscience since my college days and I am so happy they now have a podcast that I can listen to as I go through my day job! It’s as if you’re listening and having a conversation with two of your best buddies, Greg and Mitch never fail to make a witty comments and intriguing conversations that make me stop what I’m doing and think as well. Definitely make sure to check out their YouTube channel and support their work! They are wonderful beings and I dearly hope to meet them in person someday!
  • Jsksksjksjsjd
    Great Podcast
    This podcast is great. Thank you for making learning fun ! Never a boring moment listening to you two. Definitely recommending this podcast.
  • Angy Rose
    My best friend who is a science teacher recommended this podcast to me and I am literally obsessed! Such interesting information delivered in an easy to understand way. I want to be best friends with these guys! They are hilarious and so smart and articulate. I love their creativity and commitment to teaching others about such important topics. Greg - I feel you on climate change. Why are not not more people freaking out about this??!! Thanks for doing what you do!
  • jimmyp3000
    Love every minute
    I found these guys on YouTube when I was searching for fun science stuff, cause I like to learn stuff when I’m wasting time watching tv. Love the loose convo approach to “the pod”. It’s really like hanging with friends... and I learned during the Pet Peeve episode that Mitch and I share the same “hey why is this trash always in the sink” PP, and our boyfriends hate when we play loudly with our dogs. 😂😂 Anyway, they are AWESOME. They are vegetarian. They love dogs. They laugh, they cry... they drink. They swear then apologize (because they are Canadian 😉). They even respond on Twitter. They are real people. What did we learn this week is my favorite part. So glad they are finally sponsored and now I get awesome discounts on cool stuff 👍🏻👍🏻
  • French-Ish Toast
    Love these dudes
    I have always loved their channel and I decided to listen to their podcasts during doing work. It helped a lot. They are really funny and incorporate one of my favorites things ever (science!) in it. You guys are the best.
  • Anxiety Subscriber
    LOVE the chaotic energy!!!
    Dear Mitch and Greg - I check your podcast playlist every day to see if you've dropped a new episode. No pressure, but I wish this could be a morning radio program. I don't listen to the radio but I'd start lol. This is so good! The chaotic energy of your show is my personal brand of humor with my friends. And since I haven't seen them in over a year (pandemic), this show has been a friend to me. This podcast brightens my day, makes me laugh, and teaches me so much. As a straight cis gen milenial man, I didn't know the extend of the challenges associated with entering the science community as lgbtq member - or any other cis hetero dominated space. Thank you for educating me and making me a better person. Also appreciate all of your episodes on race and racism. As a Black man in the States, it's nice to know allies in Canada have my back. Would love for you guys to do a podcase on the science of mass-incarceration. So much to unpack there. Ps. first time ever leaving a review on the internet or subscribging to a podcase. The thought of subscribing literally gives me anxiety because I worry that I'll get spamming messages notifying me every two seconds of new content. But seeing how this (sadly) isn't the case, I've subscribed! In solidarity, Anxiety subscriber
  • Planthoe🪴
    They teach you that you’re never alone
    Ever since I was a child I would always have to poop when I went to the library. Now I learned I have pooping pals all over the world. 💫
  • Shiloh B.
    So good!
    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for SOOO long, and your podcast is just as good! I like how it’s unedited conversation, rather then a script of facts.
  • Lily_Galaxy5300
    Podcast Review
    I love the podcast not only do I listen to the podcast I also watch their videos and have their music on Apple Music
  • Courtneycrs19
    Give a listen!!
    This couple makes science fun!! Really interesting topics!!
  • Crissy92385
    So awesome!
    I came across ASAPScience because I am a science teacher and your videos are so informative! I then found this Podcast and I’m obsessed. You give such well researched scientific information without making it long winded. Thank you for the doing the research for us and providing great facts.
  • oliviabaker13
    Mitch and Greg are SO funny and engaging. They are able to break down complex and sometimes controversial topics in a super entertaining way. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you are learning things! Definitely recommend listening and subscribing!
  • n1(kn4m3!
    BEST THING EVER. You guys are so funny!
    My first encounter with you guys was the pi song in math class, and I was looked you up and now love all of your channels! You are such an inspiration to me. I want to be a chemist when I grow up, and you have helped fuel that! This podcast is so hilarious and entertaining while being informative. I wouldn’t survive all of those down days or that hard work without you guys because your energy is amazing! Keep up the fabulous work!!!!! 💖💖💖
  • tiarnanaine
    my new obsession
    truly love this podcast. Just found it a few days ago and i think it’s the perfect blend of being structured but not over-produced (like many science podcasts are, imo). It feels like your smart friends telling you about the cool study they just read. Also really really appreciate how open they are talking about their personal experiences in every episode. fantastic
  • megsmccatch
    I’ve been listening for about a year now and I have to say, this is my favorite podcast! It’s the perfect mix of science education, laughs, entertainment, and feeling like I’m right there talking with them. When I see a new episode drop, I stop what I’m doing and listen immediately - I just love it that much! Plus, it brought me to another loved podcast - Can I speak to the manager!
  • Aaron from San Diego
    Fairly new to the pod but quickly became obsessed with you guys. Love Greg’s voice and his laugh. I also watch the YouTube channel and find Mitch so handsome, 100% the trade of the channel. Greg don’t get me wrong, your handsome too. Now that I have picked up doing app based food delivery services I have found so much joy listening to the pod while working. Your pod seriously makes delivering food so much better. From one queen to another, keep doing what you are doing. Love you guys Aaron from San Diego
  • WapGoblin
    Wonderful :)
    I can’t recommend this podcast enough, these two carry wonderful energy and teach me so much simultaneously. I’m currently in college studying psychology and queer/identity studies, and I can confidently say that these two led me to being a queer person in STEM. Listening within this space that provides information while normalizing that for me and others is something I can’t fully express my gratitude for. You two are hilarious, intelligent, and a strong catalyst for this future queer-specialized psychologist. Keep doing what you’re doing :)
  • Kater is running
    My new favorite podcast
    I’ve been into AsapScience since I first found them on YouTube years ago. After finally giving their podcast a listen, I’ve quickly began to love it. Nothing like laughing and learning.
  • bel2424
    Found y'all for YouTube, but I'm more of a pod-head. Thanks for the podcast and all the stuff you do. I enjoying listening whilst stretching at the end of my workouts. 💕✨
  • ALJLeCroy
    These guys are my favorite
    I cannot believe I just found this- I used to be obsessed with both of you in middle school. You helped me understand science and greatly contributed to my love of it. The podcast is hilarious, and only makes me love you guys more. As a kid it helped me to see you guys as a couple doing such awesome things and leading such a cool life, and it helped build the confidence I now have. You guys do seriously important work.
  • Philllip1111111
    Makes my day every time I listen
    During the pandemic I started to listen to several podcasts and this was by far the funniest and yet the most intriguing podcast that I found. I have watched Asapscience’s YouTube videos before, however this was my first time listening to them on their podcast. It makes my walks so enjoyable, and I burst out laughing in the middle of my neighborhood. It gives me something to look forward to every Wednesday night. It is a mix between science and a chill funny podcast that sometime gives you an existential crisis. I Would love to meet Greg and Mitch someday they are truly my role models in life(of course when the pandemic is over).
  • Zerrington
    Kinda late to the podcast but it’s my husband and I’s new obsession, we’re loving sitting and relaxing and learning at the same time, thanks for all the stuff you’ve taught us! (Love you Thomas if you creep the reviews)
  • mlow17
    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I’m screaming. I just listening to the Among Us episode and I’ve been trying to explain to everyone that it’s basically werewolf and nobody understands!!! I feel so heard. Love you guys long time listener and look forward to every episode.
  • Sa-rahh
    Love it! Feels like I’m hanging out with my friends chatting about science!
    What a great podcast! Listening to this honestly makes me feel like I am hanging out with my friends chatting around while in reality I’m at work in a lab mostly alone thanks to COVID. Anyway, thanks for the weekly treat for my ears!
  • qa😚
  • MitchisCute
    Great Podcast to lift your spirit about science
    I love watching the podcast on Youtube to see Mitches surprised face or confused face when Greg says something omg literally healing my boredom. I do not think I have actually smiled at watching something like this podcast is hilarious! Listen to it, Watch it, Tweet it! I wish they would flert more I think it would be really funny If they flerted on the podcast. Greg and Mitch are the cutest duo ever. Mitch especially is adorable.
  • cjcorbs
    Entertaining and educational
    I look forward to this podcast every Wednesday. It’s the perfect combination of learning and and laughter. Greg and Mitch’s passion make it all the better!
  • armadillo121
    Educational and Light Hearted
    I listen to the podcast in the mornings and it absolutely makes my day. I love the discussion, and the delightful banter. I love listening to the conversation and that’s how podcasts should be. The conversations very relevant and I learn so much every time I tune in. They’re so unapologetically themselves and it makes it so much more better and real.
  • jasondai6207
    One of My Favorite Podcasts!
    I normally don’t leave reviews on podcasts, but I wanted to leave one to let y’all know what a GREAT job you’re doing! I’m a 9th grade math teacher who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Your podcast gets me thru the hours of grading and lesson planning I do each day for distance learning. Not only do you make the information digestible, but also extremely entertaining. Love you too and hope that you continue making more! Side-note: The new format vs. the old format; it doesn’t matter to me. You’re both a joy to listen to.
  • rgid34
    I <3 SCIENCE
    I love science and I love this podcast
  • Janelllovesu
    Please keep making podcasts
    Love you guys and the science !! Please include more new research and cool hot topics :) thank you :)
  • Frozenwolf66
    I don’t understand...
    How can people rate this one star 🤣 Keep it up, pleaseeee!
    Educational and fun
    Love this podcast. When an episode ends I’m laughing and also have some new information in my pocket to share with my friends.
  • BaconInDistress
    Fun and educational
    They are the cutest couple I know and the podcast is fun and educational to listen to.
  • jenepst
    Love love love this podcast
    I absolutely adore this podcast!! I’ve had some bad experiences with science in school in the past but this has rekindled my love for the subject and reminded me of how much I love to learn about science and in general as well. Such an awesome podcast!!! :)
  • PrincessTiff92
    First I’ve been fallowing these two beautiful people for years now. They will teach you not only science but also about the fantastic blue dot you live on. Second they give you both sides of the topics/ issue, even if it’s something they are uncomfortable with. When you can show both sides to an issue regardless of how you feel shows how amazing and far you have come in life. Greg is the best teacher I’ve ever heard. And Match is an amazing science educator. If you think you don’t need this podcast in your life...well hunnytea your wrong 😉 Please fallow and spread the love and knowledge of this podcast to the world 💕 - Love Tiff P.S. ignore the haters they don’t know what’s good 😉😉
  • AishaKapoor
    I have learned so much.
    I have watched ASAPSCIENCE since I was probably 13 years old. I am almost 19 now, and I still love them both so much. I listen to this podcast while I drive, get ready for work and school, and before I sleep. I accredit so much of the information I know to Greg and Mitch’s videos and now this podcast. I love the energy they consistently bring, and I love the stability of it. I know the structure of each episode so well, I know exactly how to prepare myself to take in new information. I even started listening to Greg’s new podcast because I am just such of fan of theirs. So much love from a Californian who wishes so much that they were too in Canada!!! Thank you so much Greg and Mitch for my nerdy childhood and now adulthood :)) - Aisha Kapoor
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