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Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. Hungry Girl, is obsessed with food––how wonderful it is, and how much of it she can eat and still fit into her pants! Through bestselling cookbooks, a daily email with 1 million+ subscribers, a magazine, and more, her Hungry Girl empire delivers healthy recipes that are easy & delicious, tips & tricks, smart food finds, and real-world survival strategies. And now she’s reaching fellow food lovers like never before! Each food-themed episode is packed with personal stories, taste tests of better-for-you finds, foodie pop culture & news, Q&A with fans, fun food facts, and special surprises.

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  • shannygirl03
    Love this podcast!
    I look forward to this podcast every week since a good friend told me about it! Lisa, Dana and Mikey provide great tips for staying on track with eating and stepping!! I love Lisa’s ideas on how to eat more for less calories. Wonderful Trader Joe’s and Amazon finds are revealed here, rated and discussed. I usually listen while walking around my neighborhood and I learn something every time. Thank you!!!
  • Michelle G0313
    Topic idea
    Hi Lisa, Jamie and Michael, Love listening to your show while working and walking. I’m fortunate, I’m able to work from home during these times. Do you have any good crockpot or fast air fryer recipes for week night dinners?? When i can get done early i enjoy cooking but these days I’ve been very busy, I’m accountant and still preparing taxes!! What quick dinner ideas do you have for us? Love the show!!
  • woodcec2
    I Love hungry girl 💕
    I discovered Lisa through Weight Watchers in 2004. I’ve been following her since then. I have her cookbooks, magazines, watched her TV show, and listen to her podcasts. I tell everyone about he and have given away many of her cookbooks to friends and family and they then become a fan. The content is very informational and helpful in my weight loss journey. I love her positive attitude. During this difficult time I am enjoying her Facebook videos. Thank you Lisa!!💕
  • Real Betch
    Loving it
    I had listened to the podcast before but then it got lost in the Apple Podcast Land somewhere. I thought maybe they didn’t do them anymore. I found it again and I’m so happy. I’m catching back up and loving it. The 100 Calorie Episode was so informative. I didn’t think about the EVOO adding so many extra calories.
  • Bonniebrussell
    Good Finds!
    Love all the great tips! I’ve been a WW member for 40 years and been maintaining a 90 lb weight loss! Love how I can take your great ideas and live my lifestyle! Earth Fare is a neat grocery store with lots of healthy options! Thanks for doing the legwork! Love all your tips and ideas! You continue to help me be successful! Bonnie R.
  • zee915
    Complete Garbage
    They should relabel this podcast “How to Have an Eating Disorder”. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to this that has issues with food/body.
  • otter0322
    Love the positive vibe!
    I listened to this podcast when it first started and honestly wasn’t a fan. So glad I decided to give it another try. It’s so positive and I love the chemistry between the hosts. I’ve also picked up some great food finds/recipes from listening. A great companion to Hungry Girl emails.
  • 56rick
    Hungry Girl Podcast
    Just found show. So happy to get the info!!!
  • mbfred70
    Yay for Hungry Girl
    Been a fan forever so the podcast is a great way for me to keep up with all the new things at HG HQ - I definitely keep a pen with me because there’s always some great finds and hacks that come up! Keep up the great work!
  • Hilldill11181984
    Weekly listener
    I love listening to all your new ideas and recipes!! Recently made your All About Adorbo Turkey Chili and it was great!! Keep ‘em comin’
  • Brooks2107
    Listen weekly
    I binged probably 20 straight podcasts and now listen to the newest podcast each week. Love Mike’s commentary 😂
  • Tkd_Gal
    I’m always hungry! I stumbled upon this podcast last week and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been binging on a ton of episodes and love that they are applicable for real life, every day people. The healthier swaps, snacks, comfort foods, frozen foods, what to buy at Starbucks, any supermarket etc... You guys ROCK!
  • Tak and violet
    Love it!
    I signed up for HG emails 10+ years ago and I LOVE the podcast. Great work ya’ll. Lisa, you’re a queen.
  • Iss444
    Hungry Girl 4 Life
    I started WW with my mom because she wanted a diet buddy. Though I didn’t have a ton of weight to loose, I knew this would be a good opportunity to try and break my bad eating habits. I have one of those abnormal stomachs that never wants to get full, and I can consume more food than probably 12 grown men combined.. Doesn’t seem right for a 27 year old, 140lb girl does it? My mom mentioned Hungry Girl to me when I expressed my desire to learn how to cook. I was actually familiar with HG from years ago when I was the manager for the Nutrition department at Kroger. One moment HG didn’t seem to exist, and the suddenly out of the blue I recall a wave of people came crashing through the doors that day as if they were on the hunt for the last thanksgiving turkey. They all had the HG newsletter open on their phones desperately searching for these ‘food finds’. We never sold most of those items and I remember being super naive and thinking these people were the over obsessed health nuts who couldn’t be happy with a simple protein bar. Meanwhile on my lunch break.. I’m chowing down on the most unimaginable foods without a single care. The majority of my life revolved around fast food which realistically was consuming me not the other way around. I would ‘grab’ something 2-3 times a day, followed by sweet sweets sweets and more sweets. I was one of those people who asked for the highest calorie menu item and then replaced my drink with a milkshake. My favorite sauce for chicken nuggets was not honey mustard or bbq... no, it was strawberry jelly. I couldn’t walk into a gas station without leaving behind the Boston cream donut or jumbo hot dogs. Oh and the whole ‘serving size’ thing... didn’t even exist in my mind. An hour long car ride was a great excuse to devour an entire bag of candy corn or smart foods white cheddar popcorn. And don’t even get me started on cookies. That is my all time trigger food. I could care less if Santa left me a lump of coal for stealing his cookies. Thank goodness for HG PB Surprise cookies. My puppies love them too. BUT ANYWAYS this leads me back to my mom mentioning HG. I went online and purchased all of the HG cookbooks and downloaded all the podcasts. Since then, I’ve learned to cook!!!!!! THANK YOU LISA and shout out to Jamie and Mikey for giving me encouragement too. This has been a MAJOR accomplishment for someone like me who has managed to burn Kraft mac n cheese in the microwave on multiple occasions (forgot to add water..oops). My favorite HG recipe so far is the Blender Banana Bread. I started adding blueberries to it for a little extra something and dipping the bread in sugar free banana cream pudding with a dollop of fat free reddi whip on top. Takes me back to the banana/nilla wafer puddings I used to tear into on the restaurant buffets. Also, a huge thumbs up for the Crazy for Corn Muffins recipe. I love using my Nutri Ninja to make food.. it’s so cool and easy. I’m by no means an expert YET, but HG inspires me to get creative in the kitchen. My mom can’t believe that I’d rather go to a grocery store and gather ingredients for dinner, rather than make a quick stop at the nearest Cookout for a double bacon burger and side of cheesy hush puppies. All in all HG has completely revamped my life and helped me break my fast food/sugar addiction (WHICH IS UNDENIABLY REAL)!!! It was not easy but it gets easier every day. The food no longer controls me, I control the food. HG helps keep me on the right path and I will admit that WW has been quite the eye opener as well. Fun side note: My mom and I took the train up to NYC last weekend to see a musical and caught an Uber after the show to Moonstruck Diner. We both ordered the Veggie Omelettes with a side of fruit. It was so hard passing up pizza for dinner, but I was very satisfied nonetheless. Also, quest bars and turkey jerky made great snacks that day! SENDING ALL THE LOVE I HAVE TO EVERYONE AT HUNGRY GIRL! ps Lisa just a thought ... HG restaurant chain in the States ... would be phenomenal, just saying :)
  • GettingFitinWA
    Fun and Lively
    I have enjoyed every episode. I have actually tried many new products because of the recommendations. The conversations between the three hosts are fun and entertaining too. I feel like I’m chatting with friends and getting hints and tips about healthy eating each time I listen. I’m a big fan!
  • Always trying to eat right'
    Love this podcast!
    I so look forward every week to listening to this podcast and getting all of the great tips from Lisa and her crew!
  • k.misencik
    Love learning something new
    Found this podcast after listening to Nutrition Diva (highly recommend too). I enjoy listening to Lisa and her fabulous accent and Mike and Jamie are your favorite friends you get dinner with. I am fairly new (less than a year) listening and love going back to listen to older episodes. I always learn something new and love the recipes.
  • readyfortherow
    I’m a Fan!
    I’ve been a a Hungry Girl fan from the beginning, and Lisa, Jamie and Mikey never fail to entertain and enlighten. I learn something new with each episode. Thanks for an awesome podcast!
  • mstclair28
    Great podcast!
    I love listening to all of these guys! I love the new recipes and shortcuts to eat delicious food..
  • Teacher195835
    Informative and entertaining
    I just found these guys and have binged listened.. love them!! It is so practical and informative with humor thrown in. Highly recommend!
  • Suanne and Rick
    Have listened from the beginning. Such great tips!!! Love Lisa, Jamie and Mikey! They make me feel like I’m hanging out with friends.
    Look forward to listening every Friday!
    Love the podcast! I look forward to pushing play every Friday as I get ready. I do like the occasional inspirational guests as well. Keep it up and thank you for all you do.
  • Jennistein762
    I ❤️ HG!
    So I’m a little late to the podcast, so many podcasts, so little time! I have been catching up on my workouts (Lisa is right, people listen on their workout!) I have been a fan of Lisa’s since 2004, I seriously love her! She has so many great tips and tricks that I have been using. I really enjoy the podcast and love Jamie and Mikey too! They are a great team that make the show interesting and fun! I seriously can’t get enough, I even go on longer walks just so I can keep listening! Definitely my new obsession!
  • SneakerMom02
    On every this podcast! I’ve been a Hungry Girl fan for a good 7 years now. It is the perfect Friday morning commute podcast and keeps me in the right mindset heading into the weekend. Food prep, new products, inspiration, funny and real. Thank you guys!
  • pms1104
    Great source of ideas, strategies & products
    This podcast (while a little cheesy and very repetitive) is a great tool to help if you are trying to eat smart and healthy. No preaching, no judging and real products are tried and reviewed. I also encourage you to sign up for the daily emails.
  • BrandiNicoleRouse
    LOVE hungrygirl! So informative and funny at the same time. I binged the entire podcast in no time. If you love healthy finds and fun people, check this podcast out!
  • coloradograndma
    Worth a try
    Once a week I get a kick in the butt to be aware of food habits. This gives you ideas to try. I don’t like everything they like but I give some a try. I’ve received the email for years and this gives me a live reference
  • Hungry Hannah from Atlanta
    An Absolute Godsend
    Chew the Right Thing has quickly risen to become my favorite podcast of all. I started listening about a month ago when someone at my WW meeting recommended it, and I am so grateful I found out about it. Lisa, Jamie and Mike do a phenomenal job of keeping things informative but also fun, which is totally on-brand for Hungry Girl. I’ve started using countless tips from the podcast and even more food items. I don’t know how I lived before Palmini Pasta, and thank you thank you thank you, Hungry Girl, because I am never going back. I listen to this podcast all the time, when I’m commuting, when I’m cooking, and my personal favorite, when I’m at the grocery store. Listening to Chew the Right Thing while shopping for my food each week has definitely kept me on track food wise because I think, “Hmmm would Jamie and Lisa approve of this?”, and if the answer is no, then I leave it (I would include Mike in that “would you approve list, but I feel like Mike would be more likely to side with the part of me that just really wants those chocolate peanut butter candies). I love love love this podcast, and I can’t wait for the next episode!!!!
  • bwileaver
    SO FUN!
    Gang, I’m not a big podcast girl. People live ‘em—I know. But so often podcasts just ramble and go off on side tangents and I want to pull my hair out because they are impossible to follow. HG does it right! These episodes are well organized and clearly have a lot of thought and planning before they are ever recorded. They are timely and the topics are actually USABLE. I’ve had big takeaways from every episode. Lisa, Jamie, and Mike are entertaining and fun and never talk over each other. They are great to listen to. You guys ROCK! 🤘
  • WeekendGirl805
    Just started to listen and I’m addicted! Thank you for all the ideas!
  • Lisav863
    So fun and informative
    I love this podcast! I feel like I’m in the kitchen with my friends discussing my favorite subject-FOOD!! Shopping for it, prepping it, cooking and eating healthy. It’s fun listening to the friendly banter! I was listening to something else unrelated and they were discussing peanut butter and I thought, Mikey loves PB. Omg!!! I’ve been listening to this for too long!!! All joking aside this is a keeper in my favorite podcast lineup.👍🏻
  • veruca1278
    Great information!
    I’ve been a Hungry Girl follower for a long time. I love her approach to nutrition. She doesn’t eliminate any foods, so you are not following an extreme unsustainable diet. This podcast provides so much valuable information! They have pretty much covered every topic regarding nutrition, and then some. Not only are these podcasts informative, but they are also fun. HG’s 2 co-hosts are great as well. Highly recommended.
  • Heather BL
    This Podcast is the BEST!
    I can’t say enough about this podcast. I have been a loyal follower of Hungry Girl for about 10 years, and a podcast was just what I needed. Lisa is so great, and Mike and Jamie are the perfect complement to her! All the tips, tricks, recipes, “Chew and tell” - it’s all so helpful and encouraging. Not only is this podcast teaching me so much, it’s also just comforting to listen to them! I love all of you guys, it feels like I know you so well 💜
  • Stipflwr
    LOVE!! Hungry-Girl podcast!
    So much fun to hear Lisa, Jamie & Mike talk about Hungry-Girl’s food finds that are WW friendly! I especially love when you taste the foods, it’s so good when you like them. Mmmm. Thank you for all the great info.
  • mvbetc
    Love Your Podcast!
    I’ve been a listener from your very first show! I look forward to getting new episodes, and usually enjoy listening more than once to my favorites. I love listening to your interactions and conversations, I love hearing from Lolly, I love when you try new foods, I love the games, I love the news.... you are the best! Thanks for your positivity 😀!
  • nmGreyhound
    Love these podcasts
    I just listened to the one about what is in Lisa's shopping cart. I want to try 'Tru Grill' chicken, but I can't find it where I shop. Where do you find it? Thanks!
  • LibraLady68
    Hungry for more!
    ❤️Hungry Girl podcast! I just found it in Jan 2019 and and got caught up! I look forward to my drive to work every Friday listening to the new episode! Love the hacks, recipes, food finds, knowledge from The Healthy Skeptic, Lolly reviews, news and updates. You guys are fun! Dream job! Are you hiring 😂 Keep being awesome! Thanks!! ❤️
  • Pamelee
    Informative Podcast
    This is my favorite weight loss/food podcast. Not only is it entertaining, it is also informative. I take away some new piece of knowledge from each episode (often several!) and it is a boon for someone who wants to maintain a loss without giving up foods they love forever. I use many of the recipes (especially the margarita one in the summer, and the swaps for higher calorie items). This show is a winner.
  • san10559
    Just found you
    I have followed you for awhile but didn’t know you had a podcast started listening to day and listen to a bunch Loved the Trader Joe’s one ❤️❤️
  • oh you might know me as yogi bear
    It’s gross to hear people eat over the microphone. Listen to yourself. Otherwise it’s good. Also, Mike yelling mmmm...., I instantly delete. Yuck!
  • Sspassion
    Hungry Girl
    Love your podcasts, great information and product reviews. I have changed up my menu!
  • leftLou
    Great podcast!!
    Good information and keeps me on track. Thank you!!!!
  • &ww
    Great Podcasts
    Very informative and fun to listen to.
  • tfhill
    Good info
    I like the question “are you hungry enough to eat raw broccoli?” If not your eating for wrong reason
  • Zebra11133
    Hungry for more podcasts!!
    This is the best podcast! Full of great information and so positive! I look forward to many more!
  • Dcreapeau
    Great Tips
    Loving all the great tips and suggestions to get healthier ☺️
  • ThirstyLady
    Great podcast
    I just did a binge listen to all of the hungry girl podcasts. They are so fun and full of great info. I love that I can go back and relisten if I need to. Great advice from someone who actually follows the things she suggests!
  • hillaryvsfood
    LOVE IT!!
    I found this podcast about 3 months ago and i just love it! I could listen to the episodes over and over again. I can not wait during the week for a new episode to come out. It has helped me get energized to healthy eating! Thanks for the advice!!
  • lyngib
    Love love the podcast. Do not stop them. I get so excited when I see a new one posted. thank you for all you do to keep us on track and to be mindful of what we put in our mouth !!! Keep them coming!!!! Lyn G
  • WWer@1234
    Love the podcast!!
    Absolutely love the podcast! I get so excited every Friday for a new episode, it feels like a group of friends getting together! Love it and all the segments- keep it up!!
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