Inside Jaws

by Wondery

From the creators of Inside Psycho and Inside the Exorcist comes a new story about a classic movie and its inspirations. A tale of a modest thriller that became an ordeal and then a disaster and then a phenomenon and then a classic. A story of one man, a fresh-faced, inexperienced director who nearly wrecked his promising career and became the most important filmmaker of our era. This is Inside JAWS.

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  • Bijtop
    Great format
    And storytelling!
  • DinaJacobson
    I love behind the scenes stories. I consider Jaws a masterpiece & of course am familiar with the on set difficulties so was eagerly looking forward to a deeper discussion ve. Unfortunately there was very little about Jaws. Most of this was padding leading up to Jaws. When we finally get to it there was very little I hadn’t read before. No first person accounts by production staff. Very little about day by day accounts. Just “the production ran over because the shark didn’t work. “ The podcast did get me interested in the movie again & watched several scenes on YouTube. Outstanding. The movie wouldn’t have been nearly as good with a green screen and CGI shark. It’s still a masterpiece. Unfortunately this podcast isn’t.
  • Vaultimate
    Content great/ ads awful
    I know that they want to make the ads just intrusive enough to make you want to upgrade to Wondery’s premium service but this was too much. Series itself may be five stars but I’ll never know and I am okay with that.
  • Ed Whibley
    Big fan of the “Inside … “ series but.
    Love these pods, Inside Psycho, Inside Star Wars so was really looking forward to Inside Jaws. As usual well told. My criticism is it takes until episode 4 of 7 to really get into the movie. Way, way too much background on famous shark attacks. Would love to hear more about the movie, the sets, the animatronics, the actors etc. Getting ready to listen to Inside The Exorcist :)
  • lynna22
    Not much about Jaws
    Aside from the fact that there were WAY too many ads per episode for a 25 minute podcast, it didn’t focus very much on the actual movie. Was a bit disappointed.
  • pdazzo
    Awesome podcast!
    i loved every minute of the behind the scenes of JAWS! one of my Fav movies of all time! i saw it in the theater in 1975 ! i was 15 yrs old :)
  • K-Rud
    Wonderful Storytelling
    I wish this story could go on forever. The host does a great job of telling the story of Steven Spielberg and Jaws. Wish they would have made many more of these!
  • jjhuis
    A mess
    This podcast had a lot of promise, but wound up being a mess of jumbled stories disconnected ideas, and the jumpiest timeline of the telling of a story I’ve ever listen to.
  • EpicEdit
    Great but needed more Jaws
    As a huge fan of the film Jaws I was very excited for this podcast. It was well done and I enjoyed the format. The only criticism I have is that it seemed to focus more on Steven Spielberg and his career rather than the film Jaws. I love that as well but I feel like Spielberg’s career should be an entire podcast of itself, one I would gladly like to hear. It took a couple of episodes until we really got to the filming of Jaws. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great listen and I really enjoyed it but it could have been more focused on the film itself.
  • see spot
    way too much fiction
    too much made up story not enough facts. if you are looking for a podcast about the making of jaws… this isn’t it
  • Impanema
    Well researched AND very interesting!
    I remember us passing the book Jaws around in 6th grade. We LOVED it though really it was an adult book. When the film came out I had an epic battle convincing my parents to let me see it. But I won! And saw it I think 8 times that summer-no VCRs then! What a great trip down memory lane and a wonderful story about the 1916 shark attacks and Speilberg. Heartwarming, humorous with great details. I recommend this podcast to all Jaws fans and Speilberg fans!
  • Booda Near
    Scary but awesome podcast
  • ccbaxter818
    Interesting and entertaining! Please make more, so many great movies out there!
  • Bobby Hul
    An Entertaining Work of Art
    Listening to this is like reading a real page turner. It helps define the term “Binge-worthy.” I hope to hear more of these for other monumental films!
  • Trimblenator
    Warning! Shark-Attack-Exploitation
    I was excited for what I thought was going to be a behind-the-scenes show about Jaws! Excitement very quickly turned to a sickening feeling listening to an explicit cold-open shark attack story not directly related to Jaws. With no heads up for the listener or follow up after the fact, it felt like irresponsible storytelling going for a quick and dirty scare without telling the audience they were signing on for such a thing. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
  • Stitchin Christin
    Great podcast! Told so interestingly and love the additional stories told that tie to Jaws.
  • craized cruise guy
    Love it
    Very interesting Like the story of Steven growing up .
  • hitrayaledi
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this podcast, and it definitely was different than I imagined, but I loved it. Mark’s a great story teller and easy to listen to. If you love Jaws, definitely listen.
  • MNHouseMouse
    Inside Jaws Review.
    If you have to endure some torturous event like a kids soccer game or a car ride across Wisconsin, put this on. You’re welcome.
  • wildcoho
    Very poorly done
    I was really disappointed with this podcast, after throughly enjoying "Inside Star Wars". Interesting history of Steven Spielberg, but very light on actual Jaws production, and not very cohesive. Nice basic Hollywood connections history, but disappointing.
  • fleur0112
    Not really about Jaws
    Some interesting content, but mostly padding. One whole episode worth is about the Indianapolis. Another 2 episodes worth is Spielberg as a kid.
  • Reaperthewolf
    Well produced but not really about jaws
    This is a very well produced podcast but less than a single episode is dedicated to just jaws. Not to mention the part that focuses on jaws basically just goes “Spielberg wakes up, goes to set, shark doesn’t work, repeat” and I don’t mean they explain the problem, it quite literally says nothing about the problems on set other than the fact that their were problems. A someone else said it should be called inside speilburg because that’s basically what it is.
  • hills7511
    Inside Jaws
    This is such a well done and interesting podcast. Every part of it was enjoyable! Highly recommend!!
  • love dogs 58
    I wish I could give more Thank you 5 stars
    So incredibly interesting, I learned so much. I had no idea that some of the story in jaws were based on real events in history. The stories were woven in amazing tales that are captivating. Please continue this podcast maybe with Animal House 😃
  • MereBear11
    Should be called “Inside Spielberg” instead
    Very little of this podcast was actually about the movie Jaws. The first 3 episodes were about Spielberg’s past and the last about his career after Jaws. Did not learn very much about Jaws itself. The shark attack portions that inspired the book were interesting.
  • awtoy
    Very Professional
    I bet Spielberg himself is proud of this podcast gem.
  • Tallowyck
    You. Can’t. Write. And you’re awful at narration. I got half-way through the first episode before frustration forced me to stop. How did you manage to make such fascinating subject intolerable?
  • J dawd
    Great job guys. It’s nice to have a Wondery podcast that’s not about true crime. I love this show! P.S Inside Indiana Jones would make me wish that every day was Wednesday.
  • g2gmama
    Like a good book you can’t put down!
    I binged this series in two days. The back and forth between the true life stories that inspired jaws and the story of the making of jaws were interwoven to constantly leave the listening wanting more. The story telling was great, can’t recommend enough if you love the movie!
  • H. Walker
    Really Disappointing!
    This was the most disjointed series podcasts I have ever listened to! There are so many questions raised (Lady of the Dunes... just to name one) that were never fully explored and answered.
  • Hesley elena alvarez
    Not Good AT ALL.
    All I Can say it is terrible. Don’t do it again.
  • Ryan the Movie Lover
    Love This Podcast
    This was the first Wondrey Podcast, I ever listened to. Started listening on a whim, and I was hooked. I burned through it over a long weekend. Please com back soon with the next series.
  • Hypernoid
    Jaws? You mean the George Lucas story? Why???? This was simply a mess.
  • Delighted to be here
    A must for all creatives
  • elisjordan1219
    this show is amazing. hope more “insides” happen
  • Pooh-head
    Inside Jaws
    Loved it. Great job. Thank you!
  • metallifan1138
    Jaws is My Favorite Film
    This is a wonderful companion piece to Carl Gottlieb’s The Jaws Log. At times though, I found the structure of this show took some getting used to, but it’s very insightful.
  • z3bos
    He made me feel like I was there during the filming.
  • oldfilmless
    Too many side stories
    33 minute pod cast - 3 or 4 minutes worth of credits, at least 10 minutes of commercials that are more annoying than usual because the narrator reads them right in the middle of the story. The 1st 10 minutes are devoted to a side story or backing story that does not always enhance the actual story about the movie Jaws. Infact there is not enough about the movie, what IS there is very good but it works out to be about 13 /14 minutes per pod cast.
  • sinoscuba
    Interesting, but could use more voices
    This series is well done, Jaws fans will love it, but like “Inside Psycho,” the creator should realize that more voices would improve the entire presentation. Wondery should certainly be able to provide enough budget to do that.
  • Elsa B.
    Good story well told; many threads
    This is good well known story brought to life with much unknown, additional detail. Also very well produced.
  • Di McC
    Short and to the point
    Yeah maybe it had “fillers” but it gives us an inside of what Stevens life was like in the beginning until now. Plus “fillers” were pretty informative. Amazing director who will go down in history as one of the best.
  • TN_Zak_08
    Podcast about shark attacks and a little about Jaws
    Every episode starts with a gruesomely depicted shark attack story that feels like fluff and a time filler. The ads are ridiculous long. In a 30 minute podcast, you might actually get 10-12 minutes about the movie Jaws. Could have been a great podcast but fell flat.
  • Mylakeside21
    Many details of Spielberg’s life that I learned. This is a thoughtful piece to highlight his brilliance and kind soul. I would not have the respect to subscribe to this podcast without his eventual support of environmental support for sharks.
  • Ramonablu
    Enjoyable Topic; Semi-Poorly Presented
    •The frequent hangs of partly stated antic-dotes, which being half-way through the series, I await full explanations of a few things, such as what the hell does Spielberg’s mom’s “note” say?!? •The background sounds are often too loud in relationship to the read text. •Why not use some real people to speak for themselves - where possible, reasonable. If done well, why wouldn’t the subject-Spielberg in this specific podcast-be willing to participate. Although a project which is monetized, surely the subject’s of the few similar types stories would be interested in the telling (partial at least?) of their own story... using their own voice snippets (I realize the entire story must be narrated). •Also, linking the shark stories (partly) shared, could be tied to the subject in some sort of way - which I imagine is coming (hope), but its way too long to wait to provide listeners some of the information which helps to give more insight, draw them into the characters (real people) and the story. •This is a forum focused on the telling of a story in parts, which is frustratingly amidst a commercial (2, 3, etc) and although that itself is fine (we listen for free), but we’d appreciate them being positioned in expected places. I know that strategic ads is smart, which makes my request is silly, but if you are going to tie them into the actual story - make it more appealing and less “I just got taken by the narrator, not realizing he was leading me into a freaking commercial... gosh he could have made me feel a part of this necessary element, instead of a victim of it”. Be creative, but have some humor-and respect, maybe be a bit predictable to show this in delivery-when using your story to fool listeners into an ad. Making listeners feel foolish doesn’t make us inspired to try the very products which, we respect, brought the free content... and CELERY in pillow cases? •Honestly, don’t make us have to google (if that even returns any insight I have YET to find out) things to understand what the hell your trying to say. •Most of us are listening, guess when??? You got it-while DRIVING. •We are already focused on the primary (or perhaps “instinctive” task of not killing anyone at high speeds, so don’t artsy up the story so much that one must hear this or that late in the episode list to really get what this or that we found taunting early on (assuming it was a taunt - or “foreshadowing-type” of moment to tie some of the poignant points and bow-off the story experience at the end). •Also, when doing voices which represent others, when not the subject at hand, maybe explain who both/all voices are more clearly up-front so as not to cause confusion listening to some interaction, assuming one must be our main guy (eg: “Tom SoAndSuch” speaking to Peter, the writer of Jaws - as Tom’s identity wasn’t stated near the outset of that specific conversation [or maybe ever, but I’ll re-listen to that convo for the 3rd time to see what is my fault for missing], but “Tom” in-convo or any other qualifier pre-convo is lacking so much so that listeners may easily assume that character-voice must be our main guy Steven). •OK-addition to review as I start final episode, #7. Perhaps its being saved for this finale, but such a SHAME NOT TO PLAY ANY of John Williams’s JAWS THEME during the end of epi#6, when it was presented and discussed!!! Literally, how can one add so much un-related (directly to the film) content throughout the series, then when given a clear opportunity to shine by PLAYING the theme (or even just one run of “THE Notes”), it is somehow ridiculously missing!!! If the choice to hold out until this final episode to play any of the same was made, that was a bad decision, and I don’t expect I’ll hear it at all. For whatever reason, surely financial, it is inexcusable not to play the JAWS THEME (pay whatever you needed, even if playing the notes on a Casio for the show!?!? Shameful wait this late, but I think I can confidentially say the theme won’t show up in the final epi#7. I am/did ENJOY some of this story, but when frustrating issues exist, I believe its human nature to tend to focus on those - so kudos for the majority of work, but please try to ensure your facts are accurate and clearly presented, while realizing people need-want podcasts to be enjoyable and full while, often, driving and listened to over time (meaning definitely share any linkages to antic-dotes/elements, but don’t drag out presenting them).
  • followerofthefigtreekiller
    Love these podcasts
    I have listened to inside Jaws, Psycho, and The Exorcist. I love them. They are my favorite podcasts so far. Mark Ramsey is a very talented creator and story teller. Wondery has the best podcasts by far. My only complaint is there are not enough of these.
  • LastOstrogoth
    Binge worthy!
    Very hard to stop listening to. Extremely well researched and written. This is really good!
  • Jazzhead69
    Wonderful really enjoyed it! Vivid and entertaining.
  • Jarosny
  • Head soccer = awesome
    This could’ve been really good.
    There’s very little about Jaws and of that, if you’re a fan, there’s really nothing new. It’s mostly non-sequiturs. Unfortunate waste given the promise of the premise.
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