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Tennis #46

Our tennis podcast has six grand slams—does yours? Join hosts Rennae Stubbs and Racquet co-founder Caitlin Thompson as they talk to their friends and favorite tennis players about life, love and sometimes even tennis.
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  • Honestly Ya'll
    Petko Rocks
    Five stars when Petko is there. Please let Caitlyn continue to do her best work behind the scenes not in front of the mike. Too much player bashing and bias from Caitlyn, whereas Petko gives a more empathetic and realistic player perspective. Stubbs is always spot on but needs the right partner to complement her!
  • unclejamo
    incomplete upload… Otherwise great
    This is my favorite tennis podcast bar none- and the technical quality has improved enormously during the past several episodes. This platform only makes two minutes and 52 seconds of the episode available. It would be great if this were corrected. (Ordinarily, you guys get five stars but you need to check up on the delivery, just saying;). Tchűß:) Stubbsie and Petko: you ladies rock- hope Caitlyn is doing OK;).
  • Mhgolden
    Top tennis podcast
    Since Petko joined this has become the top tennis podcast out there - and I listen to them all! Just love the mix of technical analysis and story lines/off court action, it’s spot on. And it is great how thorough Petko is giving each element the right breakdown, not just a glossing over. Love the genuine enthusiasm - keep it up ladies!
  • Grand Junction, Co
    AO. Updates
    I am enjoying the updates. I hope you do all the Majors Thank You Ladies There is an error with the Miami podcast. It is a couple of minutes long with two or three commercial breaks
  • Trazysleepster
    More Petko! ❤️
    This podcast was pretty good before but the addition of Petko has turned it into a must listen!
  • Uhlirach
    It’s been awhile…
    I love your podcast and wish they were certainly more frequent. Enjoy the topics, conversations and especially the candidness. Would like to hear your take always on the women’s tour? I loved the conversation w/Daria Kasatkina. Love it when you are w/Petko too.
  • Artemis 620
    Game Set Match
    Love your doubles team! Stubbs and Petko perfect match . Look fwd to more episodes w both of you🎾
  • DrSook
    Rare candor & savvy insights
    I have relied on Raquet for intelligent commentary, untainted by the clickbait mentality of much sensational, hyped or pandering tennis punditry. Illuminating is not marketing! Stay 100. Thx Sara
  • David Chicagooo
    Awful. Brutal listen
    Petkovic is solid, but everything else about this is brutal. Why is it so hard to find poignant and insightful tennis content? I just want unbiased, technical, and thought provoking tennis breakdown. Everyone in tennis media is full of flagrant bias and childish grudges. No other sport has media that struggles to create engaging and compelling content quite like the tennis community. Pass on this, keep searching.
  • Ciao for now!
    Awesome and upbeat!
    AO Silhouette Test gets my vote for pod o’the year! Well-played ladies. Funny, insightful and incisive. Brava!
  • Phillytennisgirl
    Missing my daily update
    With the end of the Australian Open, I am missing my daily fix of the analysis of the matches from two former professional players and current commentators. I hope you plan on taking this approach for all the Slams and other big tournaments. I loved hearing the advice Renae would give as a coach and the nitty gritty heated discussions of the different players technique. As an American, it was also refreshing to hear more balanced commentary than I find with the American commentators who can’t stop swooning over Coco. Aryna is my girl!
  • piamac
    Not the same as tennis podcast
    Quality of audio is poor. Good content emanating from rennae and Petko from player perspective. Don’t want to compare but I find the tennis podcast all encompassing, covering from various angles and varied topics.
  • Steven Craig Wa
    Great insight!
    The Australian open coverage has been amazing on many levels. They give such good insights on the players beyond just the 1 match. But I also have gleamed tips from their comments about tactics, mentality or stroke execution that I can use in my own game.
  • The Kid 76
    Best Tennis Podcast Out There!
    Hands down the best tennis podcast out there by many miles! Rennae, Caitlin, and now Andrea are so sharp and knowledgeable about both the sport of tennis and the cast of characters involved with it professionally (as they should given their experience playing/coaching at the highest levels for many years), yet have the rare ability to articulate that understanding of complex technique and tactics, what’s going on inside players’ heads, and the business/political side of the sport so that anyone can understand. I appreciate that they take their listeners seriously enough to think we’ll care about all those little details, which we do! On top of all that, I deeply value their opinions on how to deal with the thorniest problems affecting professional tennis—their deep wisdom would help them be *way* better managers than the current professional tennis leadership! As if it couldn’t get better, they’re absolutely hilarious to boot. My only problem with the podcast is that they don’t release episodes more often, although the daily Australian open updates have been my lifeline these past few weeks since many AO matches are way past my bedtime… Keep up the awesome work in 2024 and beyond!
  • SATC wonderer
    Love Petubbsy!!
    I’ve been a long time listener of this podcast and it’s excellent but my favorite episodes by far have been the Petubbsy AP daily reviews! Very informative and funny
  • lpsmythe
    Top notch!
    I’ve been playing and watching tennis for almost 20 years, and never have learned more about the sport or felt more informed than since I started listening to this podcast. It’s easy to understand how Rennae has become so beloved and trusted within the tennis community, and every guest she has is engaging. More daily updates from tournaments, please !
  • dubmillionz
    Excellent podcast!
    I love the direct unfiltered analysis - Rennae’s behind the scenes details and perspectives has helped deepen my love and enjoyment of tennis.
  • Tennis-Lizard
    Loving your Australian Open Coverage
    Renee and Andrea’s insight are great. I am loving the coverage. I can’t wait to listen to the new episode.
  • itsallticketyboo
    Love the game analysis
    Love this pod. Listening to good former players and current coaches about players and their games really adds depth to my tennis watching. Any real tennis fan knows a lot about the game and the mental aspect but that’s not the same thing as having experience at this level, and this pod brings that. For example the recent commentary on how Eastern European players historically haven’t had the luxury to fine tune their game while a young up and comer if they want their state federation’s support (& why the immediate win versus some future win matters) clarifies how a sharp top player can wind up near the top with real weaknesses to their game. There’s no way to know that without listening to commentators of this caliber. Every ep includes valuable nuggets like this.
  • AGourmand
    I love this podcast. Rennae, Caitlin, and Andrea are super entertaining and the level of analysis is off the charts.
  • BlueSnare
    Love this show!
    Rennae and Andrea are a great team: funny, smart, and very insightful as they recap each day’s action. I’ve never followed the AO so closely and I’ve got a much better sense of all the players’ strengths and weaknesses. Their respectful irreverence is a delight.
  • Woofive
    Fun podcast!
    I am really enjoying the daily pods with Rennae and Petko!! Great rapport, and honest, knowledgeable insight on players/matches. Thank you ladies for the fun daily recap!
  • lormjenl
    Outstanding podcast!
    Funny, insightful and great tennis insight! Love it!
  • cwjedi1
    Funny, smart and fabulous!
    PLUS the daily AO episodes are so great- when I wake up in the morning I can get a taste of what happened in Australia during my night! This podcast is such a gem!!
  • Heidi DR
    Best tennis podcast
    Love the Australian Open daily recap with Andrea Petkovic! Awesome detailed coverage of the matches with a few good F-bombs thrown in for emphasis. Thanks guys!
  • superginger1
    Entertaining, Smart and HONEST
    My favorite podcast. Period. I know I can count on Rennae and Caitlin to bring the latest news coupled with their unique perspective and depth of knowledge and experience. I love how open they are and I feel like they’re friends. Hard thing to do on a podcast. Well done! I only wish there were more!
  • jane_20051001
    one great host, one not so great
    in general this podcast is great, and i understand that its affiliation with racquet magazine is why caitlin thompson is a part of it, but it would be a lot better if it were just rennae speaking with the guests or even rennae speaking ALONE to nobody because some episodes are unlistenable when the other host is present. even rennae seems annoyed and bothered by caitlin which is understandable. i love having a sports podcast led by women but, please, more rennae and less of the other host.
  • Coluis
    I love it
    I love your insight and no giving a f… about behaving compared to broadcast tv. All that said, please get better recording equipment especially microphones. I feel that not only me but the whole world is sick with the zoom sound. I am so fed up with it that I find myself not paying attention. Love you two thou ❤️
  • 98000000
    Great podcast!
    Really love the unique insight by people who know the players and their reputation on tour. Rennae and Caitlin are super entertaining and informative!
  • amandaaaaa216
    Candid and entertaining
    I absolutely love this podcast and wish they released episodes more frequently! Highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter as well!
  • DavitaNS
    Honest and engaging
    I really enjoy getting an honest point of view from a former player. These two always tell it like it is, and often provide perspectives that none of the other tennis podcasts do.
  • Cat149c
    Best Tennis Podcast
    Renee and Caitlin have such a great dynamic with one another. Could listen to them all day. Renee is an excellent interviewer and Caitlin always offers an interesting perspective, leaving tennis fans with something to think about. Renee’s experience as a player and coach is greatly valued by this listener. Together, they nailed todays podcast on Serena Williams retirement and provided some insight on some other player’s like Nick, Naomi and Emma and where they might go leading up to the US Open! Keep up the good work! It’s much appreciated! 🎾
  • Sunnyraisn36
    Great Magazine great pod
    I 💚 TENNIS
  • MariaFA
    I would give this a 5, but the sound is terrible
    I love this podcast as much as I love tennis but so many of the episodes have sound issues. Please fix and I’ll give 5+++ stars.
  • 3510yogi
    So great
    I love the interviews, the behind the scenes tea and feeling like I know more about the tennis after I’ve listened. Renee is an fantastic interviewer and Caitlin has a perspective on things that I appreciate. I look forward to this!
  • halligallivalley
    A 21st-century tennis podcast
  • UncleTude
    Stubbs is fabulous! Her rapport with players puts them at ease and leads to real talk. The other lady interjects too much and tries to relate her life to that of the professionals and is worth tuning out. But wow Stubbs!! Excellent interviewer.
  • Rogermaria25
    Vania King
    One of your best interviews with Vania King you got real insight and it was refreshing to hear such honesty! Vania has such a great future ahead of her with the foundation and she has her heart in it! The story about Jusin Gimelstob was so honest
  • Kathykyles
    I have loved Renee Stubbs forever so to hear her and Caitlin talk to players and supporters of tennis is awesome! It feels like you’re sitting with them and you’re lucky to be in their company. The interviews with Venus, Chris Evert, the legend Billy Jean—priceless!
  • ksp1113
    Andy Roddick
    Great interview but the host uses unnecessary foul language which ruins the podcast for kids. Same issue during both Chris Evert interviews.
  • I love Igun
    Really Ladies?
    You finally after 10 years get to interview the great Venus Williams and you don’t mike her up properly? So what you get is Renae screaming and Venus whispering? Impossible to listen to. What a lost opportunity. I stopped after 10 minutes. And Renae’s questions are so banal. You all just lost a listener. There are so many better tennis podcasts out there.
  • SoulSanger
    A great podcast about tennis led with a female voice & perspective, which is always the superior perspective ✨
  • 05121997
    You have to do it more often
    Love listening Rennae Stubbs voice.
  • igopogoSF
    Pandemic tennis
    Simply superb. Openly easy to understand, unrelenting of stupid persons, interesting and informative. Go for it ladies !
  • Tizzie Lish
    One suggestion
    I wish the host would stop yelling her questions and comments. Her needless abrasiveness certainly detracts from the interview.
  • michelle-go-blue
    Stubbsy Caitlin and petko delivers the goods!!
    Each episode is so well thought and entertaining, Stubbs is a great host and conversationalist - awesome work. The lineup of guests have been excellent every week! My favorite sports podcast
  • Janiceisnice
    Great conversation
    Love the raw honesty of this conversation. Very enjoyable getting to know Andy Roddick better.
  • Lesleybh
    Great interviews
    Love this tennis podcast. During the CV tennis shutdown they have presented many fabulous interviews with tennis greats such as the Bryan twins, Andy Roddick and most recently a wonderful pod with Chris Evert, that opens doors into her life people would not imagine.
  • Castilleja45
    Awesome irreverence and analysis; terrible sound quality
    Probably my favorite tennis pod in terms of personality, alas also definitely the worst in terms of sound quality. Still give it a 5 tho.
  • Utelia
    Great podcast , but bad sound quality
    I live this podcast. There must be a way though to improve the sound quality of the conversations . Lots of people do it .
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