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Intended to inspire and entertain, best friends Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade talk candidly about health, business, relationships, life, etc. You can expect the girls to be joined by occasional guests, reading friends' & fans' stories, & offering unsolicited but heartfelt advice. | Introduction music by Lowercase Committee | Cover art by Chloe Bruderer.

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  • aleb070888
    Y’all make me happy
    Jaci and Chelsea… I am in a weird phase of life right now. I recently lost my 2 best friends(pretty much my only friends” because they got in a big fight. My parents and sister are spending the year in Mexico, they all work remotely, so I couldn’t join them. So I’ve definitely been feeling lonely. I’ve listened To the podcast since it started, and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to every single episode twice now. In the car, at the gym, my daily walks and even at work. It makes me feel like I have some sort of community, which is so vital to me right now, so thank you times a bajillion. Xoxo I wanna share some of my fav moments from the pod: 1. When Jaci smelled her belly button king 2. The last 10 mins of Chelsea’s gender reveal episode, I relisten to that specific part any time I’m feeling reallly down, it slays, you both just spat facts lol Anyways I love you guys, you’re helping me through a hard period of my life and I’m beyond grateful.
  • tiamarie8
    Favorite podcast and bestie power couple
    Truly my favorite podcast!!! I feel like Jaci and Chelsey are my besties and I look forward to listening and laughing with them every week. VVG forever 🫶🏼✨ P.S. please come to Florida on your next tour.
  • AbBy13925012
    side eye
    mean girl energy
  • Alohanui1
    Tiger Queens
    As a fellow GHS Tiger (‘98), I found this podcast by accident and have been listening for a few years now. I also live in Southern California, with family still in Gilbert. I loved my experience in both the school and the town and enjoy hearing your perspectives. Your insights on life, what your learning, and reflections are wonderful. I wish I had this as a resource in my 20’s and 30’s. I wouldn’t have felt so alone in these everyday common struggles. Keep up the good work!
  • emilymarteen
    love them, but out of touch!
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I truly believe that the girls don’t mean any wrongdoing, but lately I’ve been noticing that the things they say are very out of touch with the reality of many people. The girls live a very privileged life with lots of flexibility and prosperity which isn’t a bad thing, but they need to recognize this! Things like trying out new workout classes, finding time to go to the gym, eating clean, going on daily walks, etc., are things much of the country simply don’t have access or ability to do. Things in life become a lot simpler with money and it’s important for the girls to recognize this on the podcast!
  • Anonymous MD
    wws slays
    i just love these people!!! i've listened weekly ever since I listened to my first episode of theirs. 10/10 recommend
  • Ebony Dark'ness Raven
    i love the podcast, the best thing to listen too. i couldn’t even tell you girls how many times I started dying of laughter bc of how funny it is - and then i have my AirPods in so people be looking at me like im crazy and you know what i am but this podcast keeps me sane, i love the confessions episodes those get out of hand every time you all never let us down 💗✨also if you could do any episode pop culture
  • Whaddupgurl
    Self improvement episodes…
    Like many others have said, the “advice” and self improvement episodes are getting SO repetitive. I find myself almost confused when listening because it’s like they’re talking in circles about nothing. Walks, a self care routine, changing up your wardrobe, and elevating your daily tasks and routines is apparently the answer for everything. I actually agree with that, those are great tips for most things in life. But we’re sick of hearing it over and over and over!!!
  • Kallie Nelson
    The best pod ever
    This is truly my favorite podcast. I always find myself laughing out loud while listening to these two chat and love hearing the reactions to stories. I could listen to this every day.
  • mdqqqq
    One L after another
    Honestly, I tried to look past the privileged, white girl, Mormon mentality for soo long but honestly it’s been one disappointing episode after another. They are full of ‘conspiracies’ until it’s about celebrities that they worship then they ‘can’t be sure’. It’s not just that example but 100’s of others. I can already hear them say “if you don’t like us then don’t listen” - well, here’s to hoping you grow like you said you would and this is a warning to any potential new listeners!!
  • srsmith92
    Hard to enjoy anymore
    Podcast topics have been become very repetitive. Coming up with a different way to title the subject at hand doesn’t change that the meat of the episodes are generally the same. Low energy from Jaci and how many times can Chelsey say “ya know?” in one episode. Just not very good anymore and hard to listen to.
  • mady !
    literally my favorite podcast to listen to with my airpods in while cleaning , studying , and even just throughout school. i listened to this durring my track meet and when it came time to run , i was confident and uplifted and got 1st place in my event 😻 !
  • meganndaley
    Getting tired of it
    I’m an OG listener and used to LOVE this podcast. I used to listen to every episode because listening to it felt like hanging out with friends, but the pod has gone very downhill. I see a lot of complaints about the ads, but I can handle the ads, I’m all about getting that bag. What I can’t stand is the repetitive topics and life updates that take up half the episode. I’ve shifted to only listening to the story episodes and I’m not sure I can take it much longer. I’m so sorry, but I don’t want to listen to 6 minutes of Jaci talking about how she thinks Uber has gone downhill. Vapid is definitely a good description.
  • gracelund411
    I love all of their takes and even when I disagree they make me laugh so hard. They are both so genuine and give their all in everything they do. Do not listen to the haters, these two have the most sincere friendship and I love the pod!!!!!
  • Brynli Nixon
    Love this pod & the girls!
    I have been a listener for a solid 2 years now, I absolutely love What We Said & look forward to listening weekly! The online show y’all did back in the fall of 2021 got me through a TDY (temporary duty) my husband had with the Army! 🫶🏼 The story episodes are my! fav! Love you guys thank you for the joy you bring!!!
  • Massiekur352
    Definitely entertaining, for sure…
    Very entertaining and an easy listen while cooking and multitasking. BUT… I chose the “are you smarter than a 5th grader” episode as my first, and I just gotta say this episode has me seriously worried for human kind… I really never knew people could be this dumb!
  • 99fcev
    Bffr jaci
    Jaci just say you’re on the side of the white nepo baby. It’s so obvious and disappointing. I thought you were both smarter than that. White women stick together before anything.
  • susie gal
    Jaci has turned into a mean girl :(
    I’ve always loved this podcast, but I feel like Jaci has changed over the last year and has turned into a mean girl. I used to think she was so relatable and fun, but now she seems disconnected from reality and really disingenuous. I feel like she’s even rude to Chelsey at times. I saw them live, and it made it seem even more like Jaci is insincere. :( I still love listening to and following Chelsey because it seems like she has stayed authentic and kind-hearted. Maybe it’s just me that feels like this, but I did stop listening because of it. :/
  • Savanah Jane
    Great podcast!
    I love the topics they discuss, they have great chemistry! Their guests are interesting and so are their messages. Some people I would love to see on the podcast -@remibader -@notyourmanicpixiedreamcurl
  • Chick nugg
    Love these queens
    They feel like my actual friends. Best thing to start my day with when I’m getting ready in the morning! Thanks for the laughs, cries, and the trauma from ur Halloween episodes🤍
  • Jewel.Is.Cool
    just listened to the are you smarter than a fifth grader and WAS LAUGHING SO HARD I LOVE YALL HAHAHA <3333 never change and maybe more trivia episodes sprinkled in ??
  • madsosad
    The Scream
    Edvard Munch painted the scream not Van Gogh hahaha
  • Princess Ander
    OG Listener
    Been listening for YEARS and still look forward to it every Tuesday. Jaci and Chelsey are naturally entertaining. Really love this pod.
  • revaughn21
    New listener
    Started listening last summer after they collaborated with Pretty Basic and I’ve been binge listening since then. Just caught up. I would love to listen to an episode with Beth and James. Beth is hysterical anytime she’s been on the pod and so I bet their dynamic would be entertaining. Congrats to them on the precious baby girl, too!
  • wavey~~
    Jaci and Chelsea are my long lost best friends
    since first listening to this podcast 2019, I have to say I have found no better two women to give me advice, laugh with, entertain, and be influenced by. Thank you for being so genuine, well spoken, and having the most inspiring outlook on life. You have helped shape my own understanding of life and relationships, this is the BEST PODCAST!
  • Aysia Lanae
    5 stars only always
    To give these two any less than 5 stars is truly an abomination. The humor, the convos, the relatability is 5+/5. I love listening every week and if I ever forget (which is rare) then I’m stoked the next week when I get to listen to two instead of one. It’s not their job to tiptoe around topics that some people might have strong opinions on or sensitivity to. It’s a listener’s personal choice whether to tune in or not, but to give them less than 5 stars based on reasons totally unrelated to Chelsey and Jaci, seems like a personal problem… VVGs get 5 stars from me always 🤌🏽😘
  • ahinaaaa
    Full of contradictions?
    Edit: I officially stopped listening in January as it was becoming extremely materialistic and not meaningful at all. I even stopped watching vlog uploads which I used to love but drew the line when it was said that “I got my spray tan and now all my problems have gone away..” that was the tipping point. I hope you girls are truly living fulfilled lives deep down and not distracting yourself with the insignificant and superficial aspects of society. —— I don’t understand…you girls encourage young women to be confident and to love themselves but then you guys self-criticize your own looks and aesthetics physically? How are girls supposed to feel confident and beautiful when you are looking to fix everything on your face and what essentially makes you, YOU? I am not shaming Jaci for the plastic surgery but there are so many inconsistencies in your content and what you girls encourage vs what your actions say. Also you are encouraging this new standard of beauty that has been set where girls with waxed/threaded eyebrows, lip fillers, and voluptuous hair etc is what is seen as true beauty. Again, I am not saying these things aren’t ok. We should feel every right as women to be pampered and take care of ourselves…but not be dependent on it to make us happy and feel whole. Please understand that to a certain extent you are directly contributing to an unrealistic and saddening standard of beauty that makes other young women and girls feel extremely insecure.
  • izziegl
    The Best Mood Booster
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple years and absolutely love it!! It is the highlight of my Tuesdays and always boosts my mood. It’s refreshing, funny, and encouraging. I wish the episodes were hours long!
  • jerjerbinks2015
    Best podcast
    Love you girls so much. You two are hilarious and I love how you always share your honest opinions about things. It’s refreshing and I hope you never change. ❤️❤️
  • meecch
    Stopped Listening
    I was a listener since day 1. I think Jaci and Chelsey are great girls and probably people I would be friends with in real life. Around a year ago, I found myself getting bored and stopping episodes halfway through. That continued week after week, and then a couple months ago, I just stopped listening. I still download the episodes in case I run out of content to listen to, but that hasn’t happened yet. I can’t really pinpoint what happened, but it felt like they were just talking about the same thing every week. You can only give tips on how to live your life so many times. I think we all probably know what we SHOULD do to be our best selves. It’s just a matter of whether or not we do it. I’m just tired of hearing about it from two people whose lives are so dramatically different from mine. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I work in social media for a business, so I understand and appreciate its value.
  • SadieB.
    Such a fun listen!
    I LOVE What We Said! I’ve been listening from the beginning and recently have been really loving their episodes lately! They are the perfect thing to put on while taking my kids for a walk, doing laundry and while going for a drive! I highly recommend listening! Jaci and Chelsey have great chemistry and make listening enjoyable and fun!
  • hannahag21322
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    can’t wait to listen every tuesday, these ladies are really the best!
  • :)🌺
    Slay Vally Girls!
    My sister introduced this podcast to me and I am obsessed! This podcast is so entertaining and fun! My favorite episodes are their spooky story episodes! 💗💙
  • cassidyjoysalazaf
    Fun & Entertaining
    Whenever I turn on this podcast I feel like I am talking with my friends. I love the different perspectives not only that Chelsea and Jaci give, but also the guests they have on. I always am so entertained when listening and feel like I also get something new out of each episode. Love listening every week and enjoy them both so much! I love how real Jaci and Chelsea are, and it makes me feel like I’m not the only one thinking the things they are thinking! Cannot recommend enough ❤️
  • -Your Top Fan!
    Let Jacie talk :)
    I feel like with these last few weeks I’ve noticed chelsey does not give jacie some time to talk lol. Once chelsey starts, it’s almost like she has to explain every single sentence, meaning, etc into another paragraph and never ends. Love the podcast, but it’s making it feel more like jaci is more distant from the podcast in a way.
  • gabi0922
    Go off lil philosophers
    Went into this with low expectations and kicking myself for it. These girls are dope and so philosophically intune with reality, love and magic. Also they are cute 😚☺️💗
  • Jade4444
    I love Chelsey so much. She is the realest most authentic human and I wish I was friends with her in real life because I could use someone like her being a supportive friend. She is not afraid of sharing the struggles of life which can be hard to come by- influencers who are super real. I could listen to her talk about the female experience and so many other things for hours. We love you chels!!!
  • gracemg_
    could not listen to TSC episode
    i love this podcast and relisten daily but i had to turn off the collab episode with TSC. i tried to come back to it later but had to turn it off a second time because it was so insensitive. the sentiment that one has to “rally” to be intimate with their partner was really offputting. i don’t think that’s a healthy idea to be putting into the minds of young women. i’m still giving 5 stars because i love jaci and chelsey but i would prefer if TSC didn’t come back on
  • MyLoveCookies!!!
    Two Unseasoned Influencers Stuck in Plato’s Allegorical Cave
    Most bland, dull-witted podcast I have ever listened to. They managed to ramble for hours straight without making a single point or clear articulation because they are too afraid to unsettle their audience with nuanced thoughts and complex ideas. This unfortunate duo is reminiscent of oblivious “white women feminism” and a tiktok comment section.
  • 13ekah
    Hear Me Out: Live Saving!
    I’ve been listening to (and loving) this podcast since day one! - and this is my first time leaving a review, I’m the worst, I know. - A few weeks ago I was in the hospital recovering from a c-section when my blood pressure sky rocketed. I was immediately given tons of different medicine through an IV to bring it down until the doctors could put me on a few medications I could take at home. During this time my blood pressure had to be under a certain level for me to be considered safe to go home. Nurses came in multiple times a day to see where my blood pressure was, and to help me relax/bring it down I would pop in my earbuds and listen to the WWS podcast. It worked and I am now safely at home with my new baby boy, all thanks to the familiar voices of my girls Jaci and Chelsey. Much love always! <3
  • Missmargaret13
    Love these girls
    I’ve been listening for years!! Love Chelsey and Jaci- they’re so funny and kind. Please do stalker stories!! And no hate, but please choose your guests wisely🙏🏻As a long time listener, TSC spoke so negatively that it really turned me off from the episode. Definitely wasn’t the same uplifting and positive energy that comes with every episode. Extremely triggering
  • nfife
    I seriously adore these girls and the podcast! I have been listening since the beginning and don’t plan to stop!!
  • Mywizzle
    Love Chelsey & Jaci but disappointed by TSC
    First off, I just want to say I LOVE you girls and I love the pod. You always have me laughing and really brighten up my workdays, hence the 5 stars for the pod overall. I was a little thrown off by the 2/14/23 episode with the TSC, particularly when they were talking about being intimate with partners. Obviously, everyone is different and people should do what they prefer to/what makes them feel appreciated and safe in a relationship, but the conversation around “holding out“ really was offputting and quite triggering as someone who has dealt with sexual assault & harassment that I had to turn off the episode at that point. I know other people aren’t responsible for my individual triggers, but I also know that many women have gone though similar things, unfortunately. Those comments that women should just “rally“ to please their partners and that sex is something that can be withheld contributes to the narrative that men are owed sex from women (when speaking in a binary sense) whenever they want it, which can be very harmful.
  • KMGolden
    love them!!
    this is my favorite podcast!! it makes me laugh and has become my go-to comfort podcast❤️❤️
  • saran235
    No stalker stories please
    Y’all mentioned wanting to do stalker stories and how it would be interesting to talk about - please don’t do that! Lots of people have traumatic experiences with stalkers (even from “small” stalkers to restraining order stalkers). It falls in the same camp as domestic and relationship violence, sexual harassment/assault, etc. so plz don’t do it! Love the podcast but just wanted to say that!❤️
  • food lover han
    Keep Reading submissions!
    I love when you guys ask for listeners to submit their stories!! Keep them coming!!!
  • sauceyslife
    I love them
  • 13Camm13
    my favvvv podcast! ✨
  • mm432168
    Let me start off by saying I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. It was the only podcast I ever enjoyed unfortunately I have caught myself yawning more and more everytime I listen to them. Jaci seems to be bored as well she yawns very much. I do not feel a connection to them anymore, it’s always reading off questions never actual personal experiences or any stories of them and it’s veryyyyy repetitive. I wish y’all the best truly! Definitely my last time listening. If anyone is looking for another podcast to listen to I’ve been listening to mean girl pod! 💗
  • wka940
    Thanks for inspiring.
    I’ve listened to this podcast for a long time, mainly for the pretty content and laughs. That being said, I’ve also learned a lot from the topics and how they’re discussed. This week, Madi did an episode swap with What We Said. When they talked about online culture and things like positive/negative comments, people that hate follow, etc it kinda blew my mind. I realized they are deeply aware of dynamics that aren’t often talked about. How we criticize/cancel/comment negatively on people online and where that comes from. I realized I want to be more kind and positive and supportive like they encouraged. I realized too that my sometimes negative attitude towards creators comes from jealousy and projection. I feel badly for being like that. Thanks Madi, Jacie, and Chelsey for the encouragement and inspiration to do better. - Kate W in slc
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