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Wrestling #93

The Flagship Wrestling Podcast features light-hearted and passionate discussion, analysis and reviews of professional wrestling from across the world including AEW (All Elite Wrestling), NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), WWE, Impact Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, AJPW, Dragongate, Indies & retro wrestling and everything in-between.

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  • TheRealClassic
    Quality stuff
    Dipping in and out for a few months at a time on their podcast and Patreon for the last 3-4 years, VOW has become my go-to weekly podcast and I look forward to their takes each week.
  • JPopp10
    Great Wrestling Podcast
    If you’re looking for a wrestling podcast where the hosts are afraid of their own shadow, then hit the bricks because this one won’t be for you. However if you are looking for some sometime hot takes and a non sugar coated look at the pro wrestling landscape than this bad boy is for you
    I’ve been in radio w/my own wrestling shows going all the way back to the late 90s BOOM PERIOD and I basically BC of work stay on podcasts ALL DAY. On a FANTASTIC Accident I stumbled on you guys last week. What a Blessing. Analysis and COMMENTARY, NOT Editorial posing as Facts. BOTH GUYS are fair and give honest, unbiased opinion then backed up w/fact. It’s simple, But NOT Easy. I’ve been LOOKING for years for someone to break down NJPW History and how that promotion ‘runs’ throughout the calendar year. I’ve been going back to 2016 before NJPW Hot period w/OMEGA/OKADA ETC. I wonder have YOU Guys ever talked about the RIKI CHOSU angles or his booking ? I’ve ALSO supported you guys by buying the NJPW Year in Reviews. Therefore when I wrote this REVIEW, I wanted to make SURE I gave you an official rating that ‘BROKE’ the STAR RATINGS !!! 💯KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!! FRANKIE Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • dtujgfd
    Good show.
    These guys are funny and cover a lot of stuff, so it's mostly good to listen to. However, they are workrate nerds, so that leads to some rather stupid takes, like for the Taichi - Okada match, Yano, Fiend, etc. Nobody is perfect. When they crack jokes and get off topic it's really good though.
  • Ligerxbomb
    Great stuff.
    This has been my favorite wrestling podcast for years. Great audio content.
  • bzwat
    My favorite podcast
    My favorite podcast listen to every week and its a most listen to keep me updated on my favorite subject.
  • TG 'FN O
    I like ‘em long
    This is my go to podcast for wrestling talk. I drive a delivery truck for a living and can’t get enough of 3hr podcasts. ...well I can, some are crap filled ostrich noodles, however, this one is really good and worth the time.
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