Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

History #20

From the creator of the hit podcast Lore comes a new, bite-sized storytelling experience. Each twice-weekly episode features two short tales that take listeners on a guided tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and the bizarre.

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Recent Reviews
  • ETC 2958
    EXCELLENT! Hi Aaron
  • Milwkeesbest
    Curious indeed
    Such a great perspective on many different events in history. Can’t even imagine where you find these obscure stories from history.
  • arcticporsche
    This is a great show all ages!
    I really like his voice.
  • Kevinr5
    Have listed to 100+ episodes so far a+
  • Cryzteena
    Love it
    Started listening to one of Aaron’s other podcasts called Lore a good while back, once I listened to all those episodes I and this one. I love all the information and so does my 11 year old son, plus he has a great voice!
  • johnny highwall
    Great stuff
    This should be standard teaching in grade schools. So very interesting .
  • sammiefineapple
    My attention span can actually handle this
    I love your voice and stories. I tried to watch lore… but this is way more my speed. ♥️
  • sk1885
    Love it
    So interesting lots of things I had never heard about and intriguing! Love hearing all of these curiosities!! Highly recommended can’t wait to hear each new episode!! Also the the host is very entertaining and well informed.
  • Michael Flayhart
    Aaron has a secret
    He is deceiving all of you! This podcast is actually a ruse for him to slip in two dad jokes every 10 minutes. Wake up sheeple.
  • BeardedPython
    Soooo Good!
    The mystery, the story telling. It’s all great! He presents it in a very captivating and interesting way.
  • MartaB.
    Bite size perfection.
    I love this podcast, highly recommend 🤌🏻.
  • elle5163
    Stop stealing from material from Noble Blood
    Stop stealing Dana Schwartz’s material from noble blood! This is the second time you’ve done it. You “produce” her show so it’s not like it’s a coincidence.
  • king your mom
    The. Best
  • Imagination fun
    Superbly done
    My new favorite!
  • KayBry19
    Pick me up in between
    In between my other podcasts while waiting on updates I’ll listen to this one. It’s enough to keep me sated until longer episodes drop. I listen to Lore and other podcasts by Aaron Mahnke. Pretty great
  • KingDariuz
    Love it
    One of my favorite podcast. Love the music and stories that are a part of the history that our ancestors and we live in.
  • cjl2441
    Poor attempt
    What is even the point of this podcast? To tell stories that everyone’s heard in a spooky manner…..sandwiched in between endless ads?
  • MargueritaMcP
    If you love history, story telling and have a curious mind? This is for you! I love all of Grim and Mild’s podcasts!!!
  • dxf5(
    L O V E The show
  • sk8rfiend13
    Hi my friend! Beautiful podcast!
  • AllieGillard2012
    Yet another Aaron Mehnke gem
    Love anything this man is involved in and this podcast is no exception. Great short stories about interesting items in history.
  • Zzzż
    Mr. Mehnke comes up with many fascinating gems of history! Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Sshlick
    The rest of the story
    This podcast is reminiscent of Paul Harvey’s radio show from the 90s and before- interesting factoids and trivia with a twist. Highly recommend.
  • misses sassafrass
    Great podcast the jokes could be better sometimes.
  • SeanSimons1
    What happened to the boat that sat on the muddy lake bed? Is it still there? Were they able to walk it out of the lake? Did the water refill the lake and never see the boat again?
  • littlest frost giant
    This is one of my favorite podcast.
  • All of us3!
    Superb Story Teller
    You really can tell a story! The topic is always fascinating but the way you lead the listener into the topic is luring. Keep telling the historical stories.
  • I.don't.like.this.app
    I am ten years old and love your show and I am not a bot
  • someone?!?!?!?!?!?
  • ecerybodyloveuct
    This show got me hooked.
    This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and I was hooked. Eventually I wound up trying out Lore and Aaron’s other shows, and then branched off into other genres as well. Now I listen to more podcasts than can possibly be reasonable, some are better than others, but this show is where it all began for me. I love the way these little stories are structured and the way they’re told. You could easily convey the same info in a much less interesting way, but they way the stories are weaved and approached is wonderful.
  • Yesbutwhy
    Very interesting
    You can tell some of the stories are set up for a twist like “the person I’m talking about wasn’t a human it was a cat the whole time!” And that’s a bit kitschy for me and not to my taste. Like trying to put a twist in where there really isn’t one. But for the most part it’s bite sized bits of trivia and I do enjoy that
  • Vampirefetish1
    I love all of Aaron’s shows.
  • tlcaldwelljr
    Short, sweet, to the point, but still full of awesome details. I also love his other podcast, Lore, which are longer episodes and equally awesome.
  • Libusen
    Solid stories but
    Great stories but each one is like 8-10 min long with a million ads in between?? So I’m spending 8 min listening to one story with a good 15 min of it being ads. I don’t even care about the stories anymore because the insane amount of ads ruins it. You don’t need 10 ads in a freakin 8 min episode.
  • TrishyxLou
    I wish he had just stuck to Lore
    Aaron is getting a big ego if he really thinks this shows good. This show is boring as paint drying..
  • Trg lover
    This guy is horrible
  • Dex721
    Fun Listen
    Great short stories/snippets from history. Really enjoy!
  • Alabama Wirly
    I just love love love this podcast! I get so excited when I can figure out who’s who in the end. I’ve listened from the very beginning and fell in love and have not stopped yet. Best mental relaxation during this time. Stay safe and keep on keepin on❤️
  • yankEb
    Great short story
    Keeping it short but interesting
  • 98765432112344667
    Some one so closed minded that uses the phrase “problematic literature”…
  • ashenol
    This podcast is a cash grab by the creator. 50% of what you will hear is ads. The other 50% are stories stolen from Ripleys.
  • katymaye
    Captivating short stories & snippets of history
    I can’t get enough of these beautifully written short stories that are so eloquently told by Aaron Manhnke. I love random historical facts and tales, so this podcast is the perfect short break that leaves you with a new fascinating snippet of history with each episode.
  • CoolCrafterZ
    I love this podcast!
  • Cocoafix
    I started this podcast after finding LORE! Love both of them! Great stories!
  • ilovechickennuggets82
    I love this!
    This is a amazing podcast if you like scary stop 5 star’s
  • Jeff&judy1
    Quality of stories are dropping off just like lore !
  • shaunajarvis
    Best storyteller ever
    Cabinet of Curiosities and Lore = best podcasts ever for real stories and real interest.
  • truecrime052585
    Love this podcast
    Aaron has an soothing voice and his stories and so interesting. The two short stories are well written, precise and amusing. I love the use of the puns. Keep up the wonderful work! My other favorite podcast is Lore! If you haven’t listened to Lore, please do. You will enjoy it immensely!
  • Edesius
    Pretty good
    Enjoyable and interesting Paul Harvey type stories. Well written and presented. Aaron Manke tends to read and I wish it were more conversational. Also, sometimes the stories are not related to each other or to the title. Just saying.
  • StarSharon
    This is a great little podcast. The content is very interesting and the narrator has a soothing voice. Great for listening to before sleeping.
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