Straight from the Horse Doctor's Mouth


Equine veterinarian Dr. Erica Lacher and show host Justin Long discuss horse healthcare, and proper care and maintenance. Whether your horse is an athlete or a lawn ornament, you'll learn something that will help you be a better horse parent!

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  • MiaKess
    So much info!
    This is one of the most informative podcast I’ve ever listened to! The greatest part about it is that they put it in terms where you don’t have to be a vet to understand what they’re talking about. And they also happen to be funny and have good voices that won’t annoy you L O L.
  • dirtfarmin
    Holy Horse!
    I have learned so much and enjoyed every episode. Thank you so much for helping horses and their owners!!! You guys are amazing.
  • Bekki E.
    Outstanding Horse-related Podcast
    This is truly an outstanding horse-related podcast. Dr. Lacher is such a great resource. She is clear, thorough, concise and clearly knows what she is talking about. I learn so much from every episode. I can’t say enough!
  • kimlavin7
    This is a great resource for us. Can you do one on shivers with your horse?
  • MaileKitten
    The most valuable time I have ever spent!
    This podcast is so full of information - I have taken many notes while listening and immediately chose to become a paid Patron. We all spend a lot of money on our horses and this is the best money I have ever spent. I would pay 10x more to continue supporting Dr. Lacher and Justin so they can continue to share their knowledge, support and humor. I have been involved in horses for 40 years and have owned four of them. I learn something every time I listen to one of their podcasts, read one of their blogs, or watch one of their YouTube videos. You are missing out if you do not subscribe and spend time with these two incredible humans!
  • 24681TD
    Best podcast
    I was not a podcast listener until I found this podcast!!! Insanely informative, fun to listen to, and easy to find episodes. They are so kind and explain the stressful and confusing aspects of vet care in a very understanding way! If I could give them a higher rating above 5 stars I would! Your horse will thank you for listening!!
  • Allergic Kiger Mom
    I am 60 years old. I have had horses most of my life. I have learned SO much from this Pod cast. I live in the NW, so her stuff does not always apply. But, wow. Such a great straight forward open and not sponsored by ANYONE informed Podcast. Enjoy!
  • Mary Murphy Jensen
    This is the Absolute Best Equine Veterinary Podcast
    Dr. Lacher and Justin Long entertain while they educate. This is an outstanding podcast all about horses and their people. Be sure to listen! You are in for a big treat!
  • animsl crazy
    Love learning
    This is a great podcast and all that it includes I can listen over and over to remember all that I can
  • ghekman
    Simply the best.
    There isn’t a better equine podcast available. I so appreciate what I’ve learned and how it is presented. Happy to be a patron!
  • Leslie,MS,RD,LDN
    Absolutely devouring these episodes as fast as I can! So much useful information.
  • forever ago
    I love how simple this is but it still has a so much information . Please make more. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • CMS1414
    This has been VERY helpful. And tons of information! I love it!!! I’d really love to hear one about horses with PSSM!
  • stillpoint equine
    Good Information!
    While I don’t agree with everything discussed, I appreciate the information and perspective. I love the dynamic between Justin and Erica! It’s an entertaining and informative listen for horse owners wanting to learn more.
  • DHCon
    Must Listen!
    This is such an informational podcast! If you have horses this is a must. Thank you Dr Lacher and Justin for putting this information out there in a very understandable format.
  • Jackie MM.
    A Must Listen!
    I “found” this podcast through an interview the hosts did on Horse People podcast, and I’m so glad I did! Excellent hosts with excellent information in an entertaining and easy to understand format. Highly recommend- I’ve learned so much already!
  • K810lea
    A horse owner must!
    Love this podcast. It is very informative and also easy to listen to while working! I’ve listened to every episode. Thanks so much for doing this podcast!
  • CC Howlett
    Love it so much
    I love this podcast. Not a ton of ads and promos, just real information in a straightforward delivery with a little humor (but not fluff) thrown in. Feels like I’m talking to my actual vet, not sitting in a seminar. I just wish there was more, more, more! I know it’s a vet, but riding tips from a vet’s perspective would be amazing too. Like warm-up/cool-down tips, footing thoughts, jumping/riding frequency, using boots/other extraneous tack, bits/saddles, everything!
  • MTAmber
    Useful Topics
    A lot of the topics they cover in this podcast are super helpful! I’m about halfway through the first season and have already found a lot of the stuff covered to be very useful. Personally I feel like some topics are dove into with too much detail so I tend to try to concentrate on and remember the details and the message seems to escape me. I do wish there was a way to submit episode ideas… I would love an episode on recommended supplements, maintaining the easy keepers that can get fat off air, preparing your horse for (and) breeding, barn/buddy sourness, etc. All in all though I do enjoy listening to this podcast on my hour drive to work every day!
  • ShogunShoNuff
    Highly recommend!
    A lot of information delivered in a succinct and understandable/usable format. Every horse owner should listen!
  • Lheinrich
    Great show
    Dr Latcher is great. I learn a lot. The show is interesting and entertaining. They cover basics and in depth veterinary information.
  • mule life
    Great for the horse person always wanting to learn
    I found this to be a very informative podcast as a horse owner I like learning the opinions of different vets of different ages all over the USA her husband also has a couple of very good books along the same lines of this podcast.
  • Kaylee_schelonka
    Such good information! I’m so glad that this podcast exists. It is a great resource that I use to be a better horse owner and expand my knowledge!
  • Cali Coast Equestrian
    Cali Coast Equestrian- Denya Fanelli
    Fabulous resource for me, as a trainer. I find myself forwarding specific episodes to my clients that need or want information on certain topics. I love the ideal amount of scientific detail along with an easy to understand format. Great for professionals as well as new horse owners. My Boyfriend, an exotic animal veterinarian, also highly commends this podcast on their ‘usable’ education. Well done Dr. LatcherLacher
  • drbw888
    Clear, easily understood, so helpful
    As a veterinarian myself starting to work with horses more, this podcast has helped me refresh on all the horsey knowledge! Best podcast I’ve ever found.
  • horsegirl 5
    Love it
    I love your podcast! I feel like I’m learning so much! The information is practical and has made me a better horse owner I will share it with all of my horse friends!!!
  • Cindy/Fly/Flash
    I love this podcast
    I just found these podcasts. I am hoping to turn in to a veterinarian. So this is a good podcast for me!
  • galloping horses 10
    Great information
    Make more episodes!!!
  • kayleenrn
    Always excited to see a new episode has dropped! Would love to hear your take on medical maggots & abscess treatment
  • kcam111
    Amazing but we need more episodes!
  • Mary Lou - P.Paso owner
    So informative!
    I love their podcast. Dr. Lacher is very informative and she and her husband are very funny and interesting to listen to. I have two kids out in California and this podcast makes me a better horse owner. I have learned tons and I highly recommend this podcast:)
  • SmoothSlidenSpin
    The BEST!
    I learn soooo much! I love the way Dr. L explains things. I started listening to this podcast one year before becoming a horse owner and now I’m going back to re-listen. Worming time is coming, so I will revisit that one. Oh and Laminae - I can totally see what you described. Thank you! And Justin isn’t too shabby either. 😉 Keep asking the questions like a Noob for noobs like me.
  • itsfunnycauseitstrue
    Love love love the information
    I really appreciate your discussions on topics that effect me and my horses. The way you explain these topics is great as anyone with a basic understanding of horses can easily understand what you are discussing and learn so much. As a horse owner I want to make sure I have a good handle on current medical trends and can provide the best for my guys. So thanks.
  • mateo_chips
    Thank you!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. As a new horse owner, I find this information invaluable and reliable. Please don’t stop this podcast!!!
  • A M B 13
    Highly Engaging
    This podcast has been a tremendous asset to my personal private farm as well as the Equine Assisted Learning facility I manage. Each podcast has provided me new or updated information from what I had previously learned and in some circumstances welcomed me into topics that were completely uncharted territory. It has given me countless opportunities to make changes to my management practices to enhance the overall well being of the Equine’s under my care- from detailed emergency procedure plans to fly management and beyond. In the future I would love to hear about the topics of: track systems, DSLD, alternative therapies, as well as gauging and supporting mental health in Equine’s. Thank you for your dedication to this podcast and the ripple effect it has on equine lives.
  • Tahoedee
    Very useful information- 10 stars
    Who would know.....? I’ve already used information from about 6 episodes in the past month. For instance, today was wound bandaging and ordering Sox For Horses. And since I was a young girl in the horse world, I have seen much of what you talk about. I love that I now learn new things, probiotics for instance, and that it reinforces practices I already know and use. I look forward to a podcast on horse insurance, arthritis (ringbone), pasture management and effects of high elevation on unacclimated horses. Thank you both for your time and hard work for the benefit horses and their people.
  • SirSeals
    Thank You!
    Thank you for providing clear and pertinent horse care information. Thank you for taking the time to create and share. What you provide is extremely valuable.
  • cindymae80
    Love this podcast!
    So much information in a way that is easy to understand & remember!! Would love to hear a podcast on topical options for wound care (scrapes & such) abc which types of wounds your vet wants to know about & which types you should just handle on your own. Thanks again for a fantastic podcast!
  • Jackieben
    Love this podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to! I love listening, they are interesting and informative. My only request would be MORE episodes!
  • Cassie Schultz
    Very Educational
    I have learned so much from the show!
  • beckyanne1
    I love this podcast!
    Thank you so much for taking time to offer free equine health education. I've learned a great deal so far and I hope you'll keep them coming.
  • MikeWTX
    Best podcast in the market!
    After searching for a podcast concerning horse care and ownership I’ve found this to be the best in the market. The information is presented in a very professional and informative manner. As a “mature” rider and first time horse owner I’ve learned something from every single episode. Thank you Justin and Dr Lacher for a wonderfully presented podcast. I’m telling all my riding buddies to download your podcast. It’s a must!!
  • Nallllll
    Incredibly Helpful!
    I have owned my horse for almost 3 years but am moving her somewhere new where I will be more involved and responsible for her care. This podcast is great! I learned a ton and feel more confident going into the move!
  • Shanbeach
    Amazing information!
    I can’t say enough great things about the information that Dr. Lacher shares. It is great to have a horse vet that truly cares not only about horses but that the owners are educated on what is best for their horse. Plus, she’s just down right funny too!
  • cng8tr
    You guys ROCK!
    I love this podcast. You guys have a great rapport and the podcast is both educational and entertaining. Keep it up!!
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